. Ia on sale at the following places: West Side. Pontiac Hotel . . A > Hort's , ,W. First and Utica Young's . . W. Second and Utica E. Saycr k. Son..W. First and Murray William Mahancy Fifth and Krie J. Healey 4 Son W. Eighth and Mohawk J . Reid W, Bridge, near Eighth F. A. Glynn . ...W. Eighth and Bridge M. F. Casey ......W. First and Bridge Brail David 194 W. First Trolley Station W. First SL KaitSlde. E. H. Farrcll E. First and Bridge .Weiner's . . . .East Bridge, near Fourth Mrs. Bough.East Third and Lawrence \1rs. Colbert. . E . Fifth and Lawrence jtfrs. Pettor.. .•'. «-." •-'."..Ninth and One-Hal! and Oneida Barnes & O'Connor ....Arcade Block . — acovllle's East Bridge, near Sixth A. Garry's . . . E . First and Utica Houlihan's E. Fifth and Bridge ' F. Schubothe . ...K. Second and Utica Trolley Station E. First St. Local Weather Report For twenty-four hours end ng at 8 a. m. December 12th. 1918: Time, 8 p. m.—Thermometer, 1918, 35, 1917, 11; wind, direction S., velocity 13; weather, cloudy. Time, 8 a. -m.—Thermometer. 1918, 33. 1917. 4; wind, direction 8., velocity, . 9; weather, clear. Highest temperature 39. Lowest temperature, 27. Highest velocity of wind, 22 miles Southeast at 2:65 a. m. Tojal precipitation,MJ^3 of an inch * of rain and melted snow during the day and evening. *•" Mean daily temperature for December . 11th was 28, and mean relative humidity, 95. The average cloudiness was 10.

Home Economic Bureaa, With Aid From tbe County, to Enlarge Scope of It* Work.
Through the appropriation today by the Oswego County Board of Supervisors, the establishment of a permanent Home Bureau for Oswego county has been made possible. A Home Bureau is a permanent eo-opeialive organization of women to work together upon things of interest to women. This association stands for the best in home-making, taking up the study of food, clothing, shelter, sanitation, civics, nutrition and all nrobiems connected with the making •of better and happier homes. The Home Bureau is a national association supported by Federal, State and County governments. In supporting this association, Oswego county is taking :t,3 stand beside twentv-flve other counties in New York State, which hAxc ^perfected, or are working out like organizations.' A membership campaign has been launched for M-curing members among all women of the county for thLs organization, for at least 300 county wqihen mujst pledge themselves to rapport this work before January 1st in order to avail themselves of the $2,£><X) set aside in this county for this impor'ant work. ltlUTES OX PEAfE DAY.


Santa Glaus Is On His Way

Headquarters For Christmas Footwear Here
NEVER BEFORE have we shown SO MANY PLEASING and PRACTICAL XMAS GIFTS; NEYER BEFORE were we SO WELL PREPARED to take care of your Xmas needs and NEVER BEFORE could we give you so much value for your money.

We've a Merry Christmas For Everybody]
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•House SJipp;^- 5 „

KdHio Campbell Say* If Hans Do Xnf j '"Lady Rrsent" ^5hoes Behave They'll Make Thftn Vet. Lr;irtiii!j DJVKS Arctics Harry P. Gallagher, of the Maltby Com fort Arcfcs Campbell Store, has received a letter School Shoes from Edward Campbell, from France, I.resins . ...Drcsrn Slippers dated November** 11th, trllins of red;vy Hoots ceiving r the news of the armistice. Skating Shoes 'Indian Moccasins" ' , "Eddie' would' he willing to start "Jockey"- Boot:; Tan Boots FtoM List. nghtrng again if the kaiser rti submit. Following is the letter: Fancy Shoes Skating Boots The following names were omitted France, November 11. l'H8. from the liRt of Thanksgiving donaDear Harry: I received your Utter tions at St. Francis' Home: A Friena. $10; Peter Raby. $5; William H. of early OctoKer date and was pleaded to hear of your good health. It would Quigley, $2. be impossible for me to write and express my full appreciation for all yon Ralpb Gardner Promoted, have done for me in the line of busiRalph E. Gardner, who left this city ness and also personal affair*, while T September 13th for Camp J^pJcson, lave heon in service, but you know > k J / L/ L/ A has been promoted to sergeant in the how I feel about it. I am sure. Some Field Artillery, Battery B, Thirteenth lay in the near future I hope tq^be regiment. home and thank you fully in person. We just received word here about 1 WHAT RKD ( B O S S DOES. FEUKKAL AI1> FOR .SCHOOLS. OB1TCARY. i'OMiRFUATIONAL ( HVIU H Scallops at Nacey Hotel. Germany signing tbe armistice, which 1 0 - - will atop the fighting for the present, APPROYKU 12d3t 173 . . Cupl.'iin Jaxon Rrothcrtun. and I believe for good, iu>vself. But (o;iv nf Nciv Kill Now in Congress Exhibition « > f Hospital -Supplies and if that hyena does not come "n to *"•• Writes from Blols. , Garments in Window at -lasi mrnt to Tie Fi*t<d 1'p for Boys Captain Jason Brotherton. aj;c(f •vms QI peace, we cap s^art tj t rir Major Du-P . ^Wilh. ti) ui. an_d jBuwllug Alle^. - Headquarters. , Mrs. J , fe.'-Afrnttrr > rtiJ oHcts JronTBloii. Fraribe, damn war iofhg -'again iirtst say liaro tional bill now before Contrross. has most prominent citizens of North visiting Lieut, and Mrs. A. G. Kef-sl- r At Red'Cross headquarters i t .the A'meeting of th.-» trustees of th<> ,s when we quit and possibly a great . been received at the Normal school. saying that be rs well. / Meyer building. West First street, is in Washington. D. C . has returned Sciiba. died yesterday at Bath. N. Y.. ongregational church* was held yes4cal more <U»astr<ui»ly for him. Well. ' For rh* Tpmnva! of "illiteracy, $7,* exhibited some of the,.Jb.05pitaJjtUEP_Uea_ after a lingering illness. Captain rrday afternoon,to acfDn a recoui- and we are at present resting after a hard c CiiMinJis Promoted. refugee garment*, made -bjt/the loo O . O O Q annually. Louis Cohen and Fred Algiev, travel- nendation o( a committee of the men Brotherton^ - was born in Jefferson stretch of fish tins during which we C A mix-up in the types last night re- lost four ORWCJ?O boys killed and some For the Americanization of foreign- county and came to live in 'North ing representative*.- for Markson )f tiie church. The recommendation cal Red Cross. The window is at-, Bros', chain-of stores, are in the c ty was that the sum of $5,000 be raised at tractively decoratcdrjyth^tod,. Cross -porting t i e promotion to Sergeant wounded in our company alone. I ers, $7.r»00,O0O annually. Scriba when a very young man 'and today preparing another big almunum once to care for improvements in the posters, which are t a T R f W f ^ l n the of George Crimmins, of this* city, made sure think that our God was'on aiy Foi the equalization of educational had lived there practically all hre life. coming "Christmas Roll Call" mem"the name appear Cummin*. —•— siHe during the scrap because I sure opprvrtunitir? within the sale at their local store. c several When the Civil War broke out he enGeorge E. Bullis, of Central Square, ::a. emcnt. including basketbell court bership drive. While each'J>ets§o that tad some narrow escapes. When I States, particularly in rural and vil- listed, and went.,out from this city. formerly of Oswego, is in the city to- and the installation of bowling alleys; pays into the War Chest Is-entitled to A Snceesgfc] Sale. set back toil my friends I have a lot lage schools, $50,000,000 annually. also to pay off any building indebted- a Red Cross membership, many thouAfter returning from the war he day^ w of new ideas and believe me, boy. the LaureLTwig Sale yesterday at To co-oporaie with the States in the bought anri sailed a large boat on ness on the church at the close of the sands of our citizens take out a Red Superintendent William J . HarHgan. they're pood. I hope soon to be on the PontUc was a great success, over promotion of physical and health edu- the chain of lakes for many years, of the O &. W. Divis on at Norwicbjcft -urrtrrt year. The~tru&tee», after full Cross membership independently. The ny way homr?! Well..old top. I -will $300 being netted. catiou^ and recreation, $20,000,000 an- and upon returning from the lake for his home today, having been in this cl;scussion,-voted to accept the report fee for annual membership is but $1.00 ••^lose for today, with best wishes, I nually. many people feel that the work service on account of ill 'health, he city to attend the funeral of his sister, and gave authority to the committee and am, S'our Pal, , ' Weekly Dance Friday Sight. To extench jrnd improve the facilities went South to Georgia, where he con- Miss Anna Isabelle Hartigan. to raise the $5,000 and upon the secur- done- by the Red Cross is deserving of J . EDWARD CAMPBELL. for the preparation of teachers for ducted a wholesale and retail produce ing" of that amount that ffce-work be the additional dollar. It 1s to-be ^ o p The weekly dance for the Soldiers ed that Oswego, during the Christmas wiil be hold at the Soldiers' Club Colonel John B. Tack Sailing for public schools, and particularly the business for about four years. Gradu- Goodyear Glove, Straight Line Rubber* proceeded with under the direction of Roll Call, will -resistor many new rural schools. $15,000,000 annually. the committee, which is as follows: rooiM. 117 West Third street, on Frially failing health caused him to reof. . Home. "A nev.- pair if they break." Dr. W. B. Switzer- M. S. Lowell, A. £ memberships, as well. as renewals day evening from seven to ten o'clock. The creation of an^Executive De- tire from active business and he re> '. , . Frank C. Reed, Sec. Nat. Bank Bldg H»M !•>•»» Sfensnn A. D. Mclntvre, all now expiring. An enjoyable time is pro»laea all who Turk, nf partment known as TWI Department attend. W. W. M.^catf and Kirk*H. White. The Syracuse, second in command of the if Education, with a secretary in the gaining health. Cpon the death of President's cabinet. Thi.s department WhKe fisfr. porch, trout and pike, committee reports that already there his wife about twenty-two years ago. 108th Infantry, sailed from a French is to administer the educational work Plenty "of ice creepers at Heed's at Nacey Hotel. 174 12d3t are pledged and on hand for the work (AN NOW ENLIST IN . l>ort yesterday for home, still suffer- of the Government which is assigned ho mado his home with his daughter. Shoe Store the sum of $3,780. . Mrs. Russell Quonce, of North Sciiba. NAV.Y AT SETENTEKN ing slightly froni the effects of the to it. -— • Captain Brotherton was a member of Remains of Priratp Famari Arrite. • • Live lobsters and deep sea shell nolscn gas that caught him on October the Free Will Baptist church of North VETERANS TO MEET. oysters at Nacey-HotcL The remains oT*-PBivate*Sam FurLowerrt From 1st, but on the road to complete re- New Issne of War StYliiff* Certificate Sciiba, and of the G. A. R.. of Scriba. Ac?pLimit Has ^iari. who died at Camp Hancock. 17Q 12d3t He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. covery. Authorized agents for the sale of Expected That Plans for Memorial Georgia, on Friday last, were brought A cablegram from the unnamed port, War Savings Certificates, it was an- Gr;orgr L. Wright, of this city, and The "minimum age for enlisting in to thie city this morning and taken Will B< Considered. LAST OF ARMY TRAIK1X& probably Brest, where President Wil- nounced yesterday may exchange un- Mrs. Quonce; two grand-daughters, the United States S'a^T n a s ! to <h< home -of ^»«-brotlier. John •MxsJEkflS.»c_KLnSof Scriba and Miss »on lands tomorrow*, was received by _ MEN LJSATE TOMORROW. s e t f <M?rltfieat»» of the -ouf real year's orod from fightfon tn gnvnntooa ynar|-, Mrs. Tuck yesterday, in Tt^fcS notfned" .ssue for the 191J) iSBue from January Mattie Quonce. of New York, and one according to announcement made by ; Vc'erans" will be he'd next Wednesday nari. No. 105 West Utica sttecL Private Furnari was born in Flaly twenWith the close of tomorrow all the her that he was embarking on the 1st to^40th of next year. They will grandson, George Quonce. of New Lieutenant-Commander Charles F. i evening and the G. A. R. will ho!d its ty-four years ago. the son of Mr. and men in (be Training Detachment at Zelandic and was in aood health. York. Funeral will be held at the L'lrich, recruUing officer for Central : r.nnual Meeting next Friday niaht. taken back at $4.24, and new certiflMrs. Joseph Furnari. He came to this the Normal school will have been dis1 Colonel Tuck, if he reaches borne of the 1919 series issued at $4.12. Quonce home, time to tie announced and Wcsern New York, at the Buffalo Plans for a memori.il to the soldiers c.itv about eight vears ago and waff in chargei nrrth the cxccyiiim of six uun- 3eTo7e~XnTlstma8, wttf ilm flist of navy bttire, No. 22b Federal bUllflHig, will probably be" aiscuss«l at boih the employ or the New York Central commisfiioned officers, who will remain tbe Syracuse officers who wenj away Thousands of druggists, department txmrr yesterday. Seveenteen-year-old lads : meetings. to clean up th* "work. Today serenty- with the old Third Regiment to come stores and merchants who bold authuntil last May. wh?n he went from Oscar L, Leslie. desirous of enlisting must have their i ' *ve of the men were discharged, and back. Major Cheater H. King and orizations of the first-class bearing here with the l»2d Machine Gun ComI>arents' consent in writing. Oscar L. LesHe, aged sixty years, returned to their homes. pany. Besides his brother he i3 suri Rftawed From Service. Captain Harry 8. Farmer are expected the signature of Secretary McAdoo died at his home- in West Monroe this It may be several weeks before subvived by his parent*, who live in Italy. to follow fltta, however, within a few are now advised that the 1918 issue of nuch'certilcatcs And stamps is about morning after a short illness. He was r.tations for recruiting are opened in i Fred Jibson. of Bast Eighth street. Funeral will be held from St. Joseph's weeks. Card of Tfeaaks. ^ * born in and had been a lifelong resi- the cities and towns of the Westerf! \ for the past month at the Officers' church on Saturday morning. to~be recalled. S Training Camp at Camp Lee, has been We wisb to thank all those who were dent ftf Scriba, to where his remains Now York district- Until they are esHotes. so kind to us during the death oFWir li.mai will be'taken for burial. Surviving him tablished it will be necessary for moni discharged and arrived borne this Taken ta HespHaU beloved husband and son. also the sol- Dr. J . O. Rigg*. Mr. ran den Berg. PBIVATE BICHARD BEED . ' are his wife, Louisa Leslie, and three who would enlist to apply in person ] morning. Harold Bond, of East Second*^reel, Dr. M. M. Poucher was taken to the diers who acted * s bearers and honor J . C. Park. Bliss Otis and Mr. Tether, at. Buffalo. ^ daughters, Lilly Leslie, of Scriba. and KILLED IN ACTION Mrs. William Dally and Mrs. John of the Aviation Corps, arrived home hosp/tal Tuesday for treatment. guard. Mrs. Albert J . Kn'ght, Mr. and of tbe Oswego Normal school, left toMrs, Joseph- Knight and family, Mr. day for Albany, where they will atthis morning, having been discharged Uubbard, both of West Monroe. Howdy Karl's Brother and Mrs, Lewis Sehnltskie. ' from the service. Another Hannibal Man. Frank' Ken-* tend a teachers' convocation. ' r TOWN. Harold Dewcy Earl. 125th Infantry. .170 . ' Seaman Clarence Bough, of Bast n«ly, Wounded on Sam*'Day. Mlaa Edith M. Walater, head of the Mrs. Emily Cee. Ordnance Department Supply Com- Sixth street, has been released from SOUTH WEST OSWEGO. Dec. 12.— health department of tire school, wfll Private Richard Henry Reed, son of Mrs. Emily Coe. aged eighty-two pany/ A K$F., and a step-brother of the Navy and arrived home this morn- On Friday, December 13th. at Orange speak* at a businesa men's meeting in Henry Reed, of Hannibal, was killed years, died this morning at her home he late "Howdy" Earl, the famous DIM). Hall, a free will oftendB JbtfcW beneSyracuse th'a evening. Her subject in actioa October 27th, according to in Lycoraing after a lingering illness. hftseball manager, is reported as 1U of the M. K. church will Tw held. will be, "What New York State is DoBtlTLKH—In tite^itr. D*€*mb«r 1OU. 1918. lag tor H+alth rcittt^t|k*p " After £er official information received fcy his Mrs. Coe haa* been a lifelong resident cillcd in "action during the last ba»- Take* Position Inder Boh A supper will be given. . t fainer. HC/wwr a ttwmber of Ooro- of Scriba and was a raeraper of 4he i<s He had fecen* i a Frapoft -*auxt •I UM h*m« of hit MB. FrW M. B«U«r, »©. 1S6 KMI Tomnk ttrmt, TIIOBM H. talk Miss Walker will leave for Al- pany K, Sllth Infantry, of which four Baptlsh church. Surviving her are September 10th, 1917. and was severe- { ^Joseph A. Keneflc. of the Students' bany for the conference. Balk*. %t«4 91 rcan. Peaee ly wounded la.«t February. Mr. VAT\ i Army Training Unit, of Niagara UniPriMd<r *r* imrtttd to «tt«a4 th» f«n«r*l Miss StevenB. of Fifth avenue, bead Oswepo boys wore killed. He.is sur- two daughters, Mrs. Jennie Rose and ! versity, has been discharged from Sergeant Toot Glynn»jBt the Mnrlo* at Ht« mMtae* Friday, P*«emb«r of the primary department at ttte vived by his parents and three sisters. Mrs. Frances Upcraft, and one son. wan born in Natick. Mass.. in 1S9S. -nd for several years lived at Nor:h ! service and -has accepted a position In Heavy Field Artillery, in a letter re13tl. at 2 p. m Private Franis. Kennedy, al«o of Clarence Coe, all of Scriba. SPENCER—In New Hav«a. X. Y.. Dvcam- school, who has been ill for the past Hannibal, was wounded in battle that !>ay. where he has many friends. A i the P<yt Office, at Niagara Falls with ceived yesterdty tells of a- reunion of b*r ICHh. 1918. Au4ra. danjbter H A H i week, has recovered and resumed her brother, Joseph, of North Bay, and a t Postmaster Robert Git tins, formerly Oawegoniana at Verdun on | day and is in a hospital in France. Mrs. Catherine Gaffwy. - and tk* late Ckloe 8peae«r. ac«4 44 jraart. work today. . * stater, of Utica, survives. ^ 'of Oswego. In the party which mefiat t He was a member of the Ninth MsPrimds art iavi«*4i to attend tk* fanermi •Mrs. Catherine Gaffney died last i at k*r U u boa* Friday at t p. m. tore spot and celebrated the en chino Gun Company and writes that night at her home. No. 53 West Van t viU »• ia N*w Hum. 0. * W. Official* Here. war were besides Sergeas^ ^ , he is getting-' well." Buren street, after a lingering illness. Syracuse. K Y, D*c*nb* t : Bob Griffin. Ed. Kelly and Adam^TUck•A party of New York. Ontario & lit*. 191«. Prirat« J M M P. C*aa)*y. voa She was born in Canada and tad lived er. *•" *•'*'•'•»"• «f ik» Ut. MkdtM) u d Mary C«*kley. Western railroad officials is Inspecting In this city most of her life. She -was y r fO CLASS • ***4 24 yt*r».' the company's property in thjs city toa member of St; Mary's church and the Rrmaias win ht brovftit U this rity and Live lobsters and deep sea> ^. _ _ ^ /AS ARMY DESERTERS societies connected with the church. rtmifd to ta« family ktnt, H*. 54 Eatt day. oysters at Nacey Hotel. b*v«nta attvel. Irtm. wkm Ua> Iwaayial vill amMite» a member of the L? O. B.-A., tak« ptar*. M«tt«« of tt«# ItUr — 17S ~~ Jary Drawing. * Mrs Who DM Xot Hie Their Qa<*tio«. Branch No. 700r Surviving Are two. BROTHERTON—la Baik, N. Y, Dumber daughters. Mrs. Katherine Reidy and 11th. 1918, Captala J i m BraikMtam. e« to be Indaeted late Service. Notice Is hereby given that twentyNorth Berik*. (24) grand jurors and fifty-six - Men who registered in the draft and Miss Margaret Gaffney. and two brothrtiwnl will b« Wdd at tk* resitoaet of kis four ers, Daniel McGovern. of California, MINETTO. Dec. 12 —Sunday daafhter. Mra. Rvaacfl Qvoace. Nortk Scriba. (56) trial jurors to serve at a* Trial are between eighteen and thirty-seven and James McGororn, <tf Kemptvillcs Term of tbe Supreme Court, apnointed Notice of tirao later. Red Crows Sunday and ev< COB—Jn Lremniaf. N. Y, Dtmmbt 12th. to be held aT the Courthouse in the and who failed to nle their question- Ont. The funeral will be held Saturesteil ia this movement for 4 a 1« lC Batty CM. wt*»w ef tki U(* Rvtibe* city of Oswego, commencing oil Mon- naires are to be prosecuted rigorous- day from St. Mary's church. ?d membership ia aafced i* ' Cei'. tfe<! 97 yean ly. F«a«ra) will h* k«ld 6aa4ay at 11 a. m day. January «th. 181*; will be drawn at the M. R ch«reh% F S. Hntchinson. of tbe State Se- Gft«4vear <n*v*t 8rr*4rht Ume Better* at tkv Baptist eknrtt ia N*rtk Srrtba. la- at the Oaweco County Clerk's office on has 1>een arransed aa aa adM'1 Thursday, December 26th. 1918. at ten lective Service. beadquarters,ha8 eo in- MA new pair if they break," Urmit win b« av»d« In Nortk Seriba. tioa. *"" V*<F. LK»UE—Ia West Maawa*. S. Y.. o'ctock forenoon. 1 formed draft officials here. Frank C. Reed. Sec. Nat Bank Bldg. Friday nifcht at 7:M The officials are ordered to forward Ilia. 19U. O»«ar L Laall*. and «O rears. bated December 12th. M18. t Leave Your Order NOW novtttff* wUI be a meeting at • wlU W krovfftt ta faftk Scrtka. ZOPHER D. -8TANTON, j the names of ail delinquents and it is l wfij W k«M imur. rooms in connection likely Uray will become "deserters" County Clerk. < without the meaning of the selective | TO LATB TO CLASSIFY. Biatatk. ^ Aa#a*<a, Croae Christina* r e ^ e i ttk. Ml9. a « a V*r- decltdft . I be b«ld •ervieejrules and subject to immediate , TO RE XT—A KKAT r9B*I8HRD TLAT Or minute into tbe military service up- I light hoas*kr«|>iak rpo«i; both ?«•! rang* (M pl»le M9#*r» iqa|amiiinjii and c«nTw lire fa Gladys

FOK BOYS AM) (^IKLS Storm Shoes House Slippers Moccasins High Cut Shoes Arctics Dress Shoes

If Itou Guess Wrong, We'll Make It Right, After Christmas

••"raaafetS E L L E C K ' S
shoe jstore 'S -' -M ^ ^ >»

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Christmas Wreathes and Roping.
Plants x)f All Kinds Special Cemetery Wreathes

Bechstedt's GREENHOUSE
La wrepoi .Street

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