Thirty-four Bodies Recovered Thus In Accounting of the Estate of F a r — E n t i r e Families Wiped Out. Frank's Adopted Daughter. Palos, Ala., May 7.—Rescue par­ Former Senator Benn Conger of Cortland Boy Struck Child Shocking Death of Mist Grace Qroton who preferred the chargse For $5,000 by Maynard Col- ties in t h e ill-fated mine No. 3 of the Palos Coal & Coke Company are of bribery which drove Jotham P. vin of Syracuse. D. Knox of Auburn. With Motor Cycle. today gradually working their way AUds out of the Senate and also toward t h e 2,300 foot level where it forced Conger himself to rosign, ap­ is believed the largest number of peared in Monroe county Surrogates bodies will be found. court at Rochester yesterday after­ noon as the petitioner for a decree Thirty-four bodies already have of judicial settlement in the estate I been found in the mine where be­ of his brother Frank Conger. An ac-1 tween 100 and 150 lost their lives in Not Far from San Antonio counting in the estate was asked by Is Recalled by a Civil Action Wednesday's explosion. And Wat Captured by Auburn Armourjndicted Packer, May Mrs. Oressa Stewart Wilcox of Syra­ AU. t h e bodies are horribly man­ by One of the Men Once When Her Boat Capsized Police and Is Now Charged Not Have to Go to Jersey. cuse who was the adopted daughter gled and c a n only be identified from of Frank Conger. Accused of Crime. . Mill Race. brass checks which they carried in With Manslaughter. in With Senator Conger yesterday their pockets. were his counsel, Charles H. Blood, Iu several instances entire families Supervisor Charles ^Higglns of the were wij>ed out by th<> explosion. Henry Kaox of No. 14 Chestnut former surrogate of Tompkins oounA sad tragedy in which a Cortland youth and a four year old acquaint­ street and the members of his family ty and former Attorney General The- town of Montezuma is not througn i A miner named Pennington and three sons are among the dead, ance figured, the latter being killed will have the sincere sympathy of > odore E. tHancock of Syracuse, who with litigation as a result of being ' bis while all t h e male members of the by his older friend, ended here last the community in the sudden death I represented Mrs. Wilcox. Mr. Blood shot in the forehead and nearly kill­ Stanisberry family, four brothers, Executive Refuses to Issue Re* night in the arrest of Roger Bell, the of his beautiful and accomplished I told Surrogate Brown that the ac- ed while on his way home from Mon- j were kilJed. quisilion for Extradition and 17 year old son of William Bell, on daughter, Miss Grace D. Knox, byU-ounting had been examined by him- tezuma village on the early morning j Many women have not elept since a technical charge of truancy and to­ drowning while attending an outing self and Mr. Hancock and the parties of May 27, 1908. Mr. Higglns was | the disaster and a few are still wait­ Gives His Reasons. ing for n e w s .from the entombed. day he will be araigned at Cortland extremely anxious to have soma one j in the aotion, and everything had of teachers and pupils of St. Mary's After vainly waiting for her son to on the charge of manslaughter. Bell been found satisfactory. The account­ punished for shooting and he suspect­ r college of San Antonio, Texas, held -be rescued, o n e woman became in­ ing was given strictly, the fees for ed several persons of doing the job, has been greatly interested in a mo­ Trenton, N. J., May 7.—Governor sane. at a small suburb of that city yester­ the attorneys, he said, not being in­ but so far has been unable to trace torcycle for the past three weeks and Representatives of the Red Cross Fort today refused the request of day afternoon. The deceased was a cluded. The decree, however, was two days ago obtained a big Excel­ and other societies are on the scene Prosecutor Garvin of Hudson county down the person who fired the chunk not issued yesterday afternoon, as sior motorcycle. Dolan Squelched a Fire in Plant of teacher at St. Mary's college, a posi­ the attorneys did not come into court of lead into his forehead with nearly and have taken steps for the relief for a requisition upon the governor tion which ahe had filled with great the families of t h e victims, some of Illinois for the extradition of J. I. H. Company. until after 3 o'clock. fatal results. After a sensational trial of He was out on the Main street of whom are penniless. cred.it for the past two school years. Ogden Armour, a director of the The pluck of Watchman James P. road yesterday afternoon trying his Jake Kern of Buffalo was acquitted On March 6, 1890. Rev. Edward According to the telegraphic let­ E. Stewart and his wife were travel­ National Packing Company, who is new machine and when about a mile Dolan late last-night prevented what of the charge. under indictment in Hudson county south, of Cortland was- speeding might have been a costly fire in the ter received by Mr Knox this morn­ ing on the Lake Shore railroad with Now Maynard Colvin of Syracuse, ing the entering school teachers and iheir daughter, Oressa. On the with other officers and directors of plant of the International Harvester along the roadway when little four one of the men whom Mr. Higglns same train was Frank Conger. The students of St. Mary's college went Company. ' Dolan, in his usual in­ was positive was one of the pair who Failed to File His Election Expenses packing companies on a charge of year old Elmer Niver, eon of Mr. and train was wrecked and everybody in yesterday to> Newbraunfels, a neigh­ conspiracy to unlawfully enhance the spection, was making a tour through held him up and shot him in Monte­ Mrs. Clayton Niver of No, 250 South Within Prescribed 10 Days. the car killed with the exception of zuma has brought an action against cost of meat through the creation of the paint shop near some dip tubs in boring town, for a day's outing. At Main street, who was a favorite of Mr. Conger and the little girl. Mr. Mr. HLggins in the sum of $5,000. Washington, May 7.—Representa­ an artificial scarcity of the same. No. 1 plant and (holding his lantern noon all had luncheon together. Conger later adopted her with the con­ the motorist,- ran out to greet him. tive James S. Havens, the recently Colvin was brought before Justice of over to throw Slight on the other side Governor Fort, in refusing to After luncheon Miss Knox and an­ sent of her grandparents and' was The intent toddled directly into the elected Democratic member of the the Peace Harry V. Clements in this grant the requisition, gave out a of some barrels of paint the fumes other teacher, Miss Nelson, went appointed guardian in Monroe Sur­ path of the motorcycle and although lengthy opinion in^ which, he sets city for examination on the charge House from the Rochester, N. Y., rising from an open barrel ignited the rider tooted his horn and endeav­ rowing on the mill pond nearby. rogate's court. She inherited $4,000 of shooting Higglns, in company with forth his reasons, The governor district, said today that he had fail­ ored to steer out of the way the from the lantern flames above and in After mwlns about a . * * 3 * ^ ^ ^ & ^ » S V « * one John Cosselman. There was no points out that in order to issue the ed to ale a statement of his election extradition papers em instant the barrel was a roaring passed from the pond into the. swift youngster became confused. asked for, it is evidence to substantiate the charge * expenses within. Che legal limit of necessary that the person for whom waters of a mill race where the boat covered S-10r8DO. A miscalculation resulted and mass of flames. and both men were discharged. Some few years ago Frank Conger Dolan Instantly grabbed 'a bag of capsized. Both ladies managed to died and Benn Conger, Jennie ConBell ran full force into the little 10 days because it was ihis under-«f«extradition is asked, be a fugitive; The Post-Standard says: boy, both swerving to one side of sand that is kept on hand to fight get hold of bridge timbers and hung ger and Jay Conger were appointed from justice and. further, that it wasi "For being arrested on a charge of standing that the limit was 20 days. essential the road in efforts to escape the col­ paint fires and although he received on. Unfortunately the plank which executors. Before the Allds investi­ that the accused person was' lision-.- The impact of the heavy mot­ bad burns on the face and hands he supported' Miss Knox broke, letting gate Mrs. Stewart Wilcox, Just re-' shooting a man, for being marched A dispatch from Rochester last night in fact in the State of New Jersey ati orcycle- threw the dhild for e dist­ stuck to the job, pouring sand stead­ her into the waters of the mill race. cently come of age, asked for an ac­ through the streets handcuffed to aa stated that because of the omission the time of the commission of the s > ' ance of several yards. Bell had by ily Into the burning barrel and shout­ Workmen labored faithfully for 20 counting of her guardian's estate and officer, for being given the, 'third de­ he had forfeited his office. leged offense. 'x' gree* by the police of two cities and this time succeeded In stopping (his ing at the same time to others in the minutes before her body was drawn the moneys due her, as investments Embarrassment is felt by Mr. Hav­ The governor -say* -the only evi-, „ . - ' ' had Increased her property im­ for other indignities/—ttayttard Col­ ens about the matter, but tie said his dence before him of the press*ce in; machine and he ran to the child's plant. He succeeded in extinguishing out of the mill race. side, ^picking up the body which 'was the fire by his quick work and did not Doctors and teachers worked hard mensely. The matter was dropped vin of this city has—brought suit New Jersey of Mr. Armour tt or, apparently lifeless. He carried the give the fire a chance to spread. After for several hours without avail as during the Senate investigation. against Charles Higglns ..of Monte-., good intentions could not be ques­ about the time of the commission of tioned. Hie expenses totalled $3,700, the alleged offense was his presevce boy into ihis home where it was seen the fire was put out he was taken life was extinct before She was taken About a month ag$j_Surrogate Brown cuma. -He asks $5,000 damages. "Mr. Higglns, 60 years old, claimed borne In a hack and was attended by tot wfaich amount $500 was donated that the victim was unconscious. from the water. v ordered the matter settled on or be­ Hoboken in March, 190«, to take, that he had been held up by "two-men to the County Committee and the in Word was sent at once tor Dr. F. Dr. David F. Armstrong, who said The body of the deceased' was fore May 6. passage from that city to Europe antii near Montezuina between 12 and 1 D. Reese and Bell was despatched on today that bis burns are not deep and brought to San Antonio by special again in June, 1909, -upon hl» return remainder he spent for postage. He When Mr. Blood appeared in court his motorcycle to get the child's fa­ his complete recovery Is expected in train and placed in St. Mary's hall yesterday he said he was. prepared o'clock on the morning of May 27, jutplained-that it cost $1,750 to mail from Europe. 1908, and that one of the men shot ther 'who was working on the Ran­ a few days. surrounded by sorrowing friends and to submit his report to Mrs. Wilcox him. Governor Fort also says that the; He showed a scar on his fore­ a__ain*ls_letter to every voter in his dall farm, of which Bell's father is pupils of the school. Her companion, in Mr. Conger's estate and also in the head, caused, proof offered as to the presence of he said, by the bul­ district and that he had sent two manager. But the terrible realisa­ Miss Nelson, was rescued. The news estates of Rev. Edwad E. a*nd Mrs. let. Mr. Armour in New Jersey does not tion tflxat Oie had killed the child of the drowning was sent here by Stewart. The money which came in­ coincide with the days set out la the; "In the complaint, which was Buch letters. came upon him as he mounted his President A. E. Bourgeoughs of St. to Frank Conger's hands consisted served Mr. Havens said he did not in­ indictment as the time of the com-' by Attorneys Costello, Bur­ motorcycle and in a panic of fear the" One Director of Note Sends in His Mary's college who in conclusion of two estates, he said, of which Mr. tend to take any further action in mission of the alleged conspiracy. Cooney & Walters, it is alleged slender youth fled. Hie one idea was said: "We mourn her loss and. min­ Conger was appointed administrator den, There are other applications the matter and if other persons made Resignation. that Mr. HLggins laid inforamtion be­ to get as far ejway from the scene gle ourr tears wdtih yours." pending before Governor Fort for the and guardian. No money had actual­ fore Justice of the Peace Harry V. any move tie would be prepared to The publication of the plans of of the tragedy as he could and at extradition of other* connected with MIBS Grace D. Knox was 28 years ly been paid Benn Conger, he saldr Elements of Auburn and had a war­ meet them. top speed he shot across the coun­ the United Shoe Shining Company of age last January. She was educated the meat packing companies. was only one of three executors, rant issued on November 17, 1908, try highways as mile after mile was im the New York (papers yesterday in the Auburn schools and graduated He Unless some new point can be whose accounting would now be ren­ charging Mr. Colvin with the at­ put behind him. raised by the prosecutor the applicafrom the Auburn High school in the dered. and the mention of several promi­ tack. r ■ ■ i /uin - itt - isi ******* 4W1XJ F £ 1 1 — nfcw^ y**f*iiTyJ t tVrtlB, I 1* O OIU W T v t t t B C u BSTT V* Meanwhile Doctor Reese had ~ar^ nent (names as directors caused sev­ class of T&tW.—She then entered "In the" presehcfTof a number oT Wellesley college from which insti­ the governor. rived but b i s services 'were useless as eral resignations today. John M. persons at the station of the Auburn IN NEARBY TOWNS. Cartago Probably Not Only Oosta tution she graduated with the class the Infant had received spinal frac­ & Syracuse railroad, Mr. Colvin al­ Adler, one director, sent in his res­ Rican City Destroyed by 'Quake. of 1905. After graduation from that tures in several places near the neck leges, he was arrested on the same MORAVIA. and had died in a f e w minutes. The ignation, his connection with the institution she spent one year teach­ day at the request of the defendant New York, May 7.—Dr. Juan J. Moravia, May 7.—A regulai*-meet- by t h e Syracuse police and marched Lullo, the Oosta Rican consul gen­ father, still Ignorant o f the boy's scheme being explained as with B. ing in Kentucky and one year on death, w a s some time away from h i s A C Wilcox of this city who declared Mackinaw Island. For thd past two ing of Moravia Encampment No. 161 through the streets to the police sta­ Probably No Meeting of State Com­ home before lie learned of the trage­ he went on the directorate to please years she had been teaching at St. was held in the Odd Fellows' Temple tion. Mr. Higglns, it is alleged, at eral In this city, said) today that he mittee Until Legislature Adjourns. Mary's college, San Antonio, Texas, dy. Tie mother, who gave birth to s that time publicly announced that had received unofficial advices from evening. "" New York, May 7.—William J. child a few days ago, was at first a friend Neil Warde. Mr. Adler said where her services were held in 4he last the defendant 'had shot and attempt­ his country informing him that the Miss Florence Hubbard of Cort­ ed to kept in ignorance of the truth but fi­ in part: "t sent In my resignation highest esteem. She was home last land Oonners, chairman of the Democra­ kill him at Montezuma.' He was the guest of Miss Jessie M. says h e remained at the police sta­ city of Paraiso had been practically tic State. Committee nally learned of her son's death and this morning and here and- now I'll summer for a visit with relatives and Brown was still in town destroyed by the earthquake which Thursday and yesterday. fainted! and is in a serious condition swear to be taken in no more friends. tion until November 19, that he was today in conference with prominent The first degree wes conferred by compelled to submit to numerous demolished Cartago and that this The deceased had contemplated due to the Shock. Coroner W. J. <tfhrough soft-iheaded good nature." Democrats, but in accordance wish; Sylvan Lodge. 'No. 41, F. and A. M., examinations, restrained of his lib­ had led to the estimate that the lose starting a private school of her own Moore was notified and he at once no­ his announcement last night, no ac­ Lordi, an Italian hanker said: in Austin, Texas, this fall. In fact it Thursday evening. erty, 'subjected to a humiliation and of life in the earthquake might reach tion by Mm regarding a call for a* tified the police at Cortland and tele­ "I G. going to resign this morning was 'beyond contemplative stage as Four Town Grange will hold its disgrace as a common criminal' phone messages were sent to many butwas 1,000, rwitb 10,000 persons rendered meeting of the committee was ex-; Mr.. Ferguson telephoned that regular meeting with -Grange Master threatened and coerced. she and another teacher, Miss Webb, cities advising search for the fugi­ homeless and a property loss pos­ pected. It was learned that in alii Albert Mosher this evening. he would hand out a statement re­ had completed all arrangements and tive who was then making his mad "Again handcuffed to a policeman, sibly aggregating $25,000,000. Para­ probability the call for the moertnc futing the .publication and I will Arbor Day exercises were held the catalogue of their school was to flight across Central New York. MrTColvin-alleges, he was taken from would not be issued uctfl the7 worto Miss the High School yesterday afternoon. the'Syracuse police station through iso had a population of 3,500. The search was at first confined in wait to see what he says. That is have been Issued next week.. of the State Legislature was com-! Webb, has started for Auburn with A fine programme was rendered. the vicinity of (Homer, Fabius and only polite." the streets and on a public convey­ 1 Dieted for the session, as Mr. ConOwasco Vadley X>hapter, O. E. S., The prospectus of the shoe shin­ the remains of the deceased which Syracuse and a clue was obtained at ance taken to Auburn on t h e after­ ners deems it probable tfcat sDnm held annual memorial services at the Syracuse soon after 6 o'clock. This ing- -trust-starts out thus: "A cele­ are expected to arrive some time noon o f November 19. There h e was regular meeting last evening. sort of direct nominations legiahv brated artist was once asked by a Tuesday next. was oomunicated to Cortland and a arraigned and held under $ 1 , 5 0 0 bail. Oon will be passed at sals message sent here atbout seven student: 'What do. you mix yonr The deceased was a kindly, af­ After further examination he was Illinois Democratic Legislator Had and that action to meet new GENOA. o'clock resulted in the hurried dis­ paints w+thT He replied: 'With fectionate young woman of many and honorably discharged January 2. Been Indicted. conditions as to partyi patch of several bluecoats to the city brains, sir.' We propose to mix our varied accomplishments, and was Genoa, May 7.—Mrs. D. E. Hunter "The proceedings, it is alleged, Chicago, May 7.—Democratic might have to be taken by the shoe polish wiVix brains^' limits to be on the lookout for the loved by all with whom she came in and Miss" Edith Hunter attended the were set o n foot by Mr. Higglns, un­ fugitive. "Contact. She was a lover of outdoor Mosher-Stamp wedding at Aurora lawfully, maliciously and without Representative (Michael S. Link, in­ mittee. Officer Randall had barely reach­ NEW TRIAL GRANTED. sports and' was an expert horsewo­ probable cause. Mr. Colvin claims he dicted on a charge of ferjury yester­ last Wednesday. ed the Fire Corners when he saw man. has b e e n unable to secure employ­ day in connection with the Senator a dust covered motorist coming west By Jadge Greenfield in Action of Louis Williamson of Syracuse is ment, that h e has suffered great pain Lorimer bribery charges, confessed Her father, Henry Knox two sisters on Franklin street and he promptly Miss Bessie M. Knox and Mrs. Wil­ spending a few days with his cous­ in mind and body, that h e has been to the grand jury today. Stone vs. Coats. stopped him. The rider, choked with liam B. Patterson, and three bfoth- ins Russell and Evans Norman. - ' held up to scorn and ridicule and Plans There Win Be Altered County Judge Greenfield has . ers.-rArtfrw-R-dust, dazed wish fear and exhausted1 „ . 4£nox, Elmore H. made t h e subject of contempt and no­ This announcement was made in Mrs. William Loomis spent a few count of King Edward's from his continuous race across the granted a motion allowing a new^ YJXOT. and Seymour H. Knox, survive. toriety in the public press and else­ court by State's Attorney Wayman days with Auburn friends this week. Stockholm, May 7.—The Boosecountry admitted his identify and trial of the action brought by Wil and they have the sincere sympathy where. He charges that his arrest in requesting that the Indictment Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Tifft spent a was wiliful. The suit is brought in against Link cte quashed. with a sigh of relief at some definite lard D. Stone against Benjamin of the whole city in their bereave­ velts arrived here today and were TS-4 few days with D. W. Gower this the Supreme court of this county." turn to <his predicament wearily ac­ Coats for alleged breach of contract. ment. ceived at the railway station by* week. companied the bhieco&t to the City The action was tried at the Novem­ Supervisor Higglns h a s retained Prince WflheHn, who drove witw THREE INDICTED. D. W. Rayner spent a few days in the services of the firm of Dayton & Hall. There he answered indifferent­ ber 1909 term of County court and rhem to the palace where they bs-j FOR THE CENTRAL LEAGUE. New York thie week. ly the few questions put t o him by a verdict secured by the plaintiff. Clark to defend to the last ditch the Result of Grand Jndy's Investigation came the guests of the Prince a n a Louis Sullivan returned to Syra­ suit instituted by Colvin. Captain Blrdsall and was taken into Frederick S. Reigle was attorney for Oswego Manager Says He Believes Princess in the absence of King Ous» of Illinois Scandal. cuse Tuesday morning. a cell in the unoccupied women's the plaintiff and Amasa J, Parker for Farrell Will Give Protection. Miss Edith Bancroft returned Chicago. May 7.—Lee O^Nefl tav V., who is in South France. Unit­ prison, wfoere (he threw himself in the defendant. A motion for a new ARBOR DAY. Wilbur Patterson of Syracuse, home Wednesday from a visit with utter exhaustion and despair on a Browne of Ottawa, I{1., Democratic ed States Minister Grarwea, the sta« trial on the ground of newly discov­ of the American legation, the j a e Auburn friends. cot, still garbed In his dirty cloth­ who has the Oswego franchise in Was Appropriately Observed by Pu­ minority leader of the Illinois House" mier and other members of the Swed­ ered evidence was made by Mr. Par­ Charles Warren left Wednesday ing, and fell into a sleep. He was in the Central New York Baseball of Representatives, was indicted ish cabinet were also at the station! pils of TfaxoopsviUe School. custody 16 minutes after the .local ker and opposed by Mr. Reigle for league, is hustling about getting morning for a few days' visit with the plaintiff. Judge Greenfield now friends in Syracuse and Rochester, Arbor day was observed with ap­ yesterday on a charge of bribery, to receive the American guests. An* police were notified to be on the players for his Starch City aggrega­ balds that the evidence is sufficient after which he will return to New ieokout (or him. propriate exercises by the pupils of and Representative Robert E. Wil­ immense crowd surrounded the re-' tion. He is also desirous of securing York. to warrant the granting of a new To a Citizen reporter he said: "I the Throopsvile public school yester­ son of Chicago and Representative celving party and cheered as the truing protection. The Post Standard says: A. L. Loomis spent Wednesday in trial. don't know how it (happened. I tried A choir stationed on the* day afternoon. Each number on the Michael fl. Link of Citchell, 111., were drew in. "Wilbur Patterson of the Oswego Auburn. my best to steer out of the way font indicted on charges of perjury by the platform sang My Country 'Tis of5 programme was admirablyrendered Miss Anna Breen was the guest he went the same way I did. I don't baseball team of the newly organ­ The Late Henry E. Wheeler. of Miss Hazel-Brogan, a few days and reflected great credit on —both special grand juTy which for a week The, and the Swedish National An­ know how fast I was going, maybe Henry B. Wheeler, a former citi- ized Central New York league, was this week. has been investigating the election, them. teachers and pupils. . ' ~" 20, maybe 30 miles;* and it seemed in the city yesterday in conference sen of Auburn, died of acute dysenThe death of King EUward wlU on May 26, I909.of William Lori­ Benjamin Arnold Jr. of Seneca The programme was as follows: as If I Just couldn't get out of the with AJ C. Buckenberger, Jerry Hur­ Falls was in town yesterday. serve to modify greatly the pro­ I don^t know why I ran-away-f*ery Tuesday night, May 3, at hl8 mer of Chicago .to the United States way Singing, America, school^ recitation, ley and others interested in the na­ Miss Florence Norman is home We Have Come, Maud Hardenbrook; Senate.and other alleged doings of gramme of festivities planned for except that I was frightened and bad home in Charlotte, N. C , where he tional game. Mr. Roosevelt. The Swedish governfrom Groton for a few days. to go. I picked him up and took had been a resident for the past five recitation. Our Three Favorites, the Illinois Legislature. me"ht has., not as yet beeo_J^anallyL —"To a Post-Standard reporter MT him into—tbe—souse—anil—stopped years, aged 66 years and 10 months. The evidence on which the indict^ notified of His Majesty's demise and, Leah Whitehead; song. The Birds Patterson confided uhat he had sign around until I saw how serious it Ball, Primary department; recita­ ments were returned was supplied by accordingly Mr. Roosevelt and Prince was and then I got so frigthened He was the youngest son of Aurelius ed some Syracuse players of promin­ tion The Crow's Children, Edward Representative Charles A. White of Wilhelm are .putting in a rather busjt that I could not stay near the place. Wheeler who was the first male child ence for his Oswego team. He has Then I Jumped on my cycle and went born in the township of Aurelius. secured Lew Elmore and Jack Be- , And Former Auburnian Also Gets McKay; recitation, Lake Champlain, O'Fallon and Representative H. C. day. However, tomorrow's State din­ Agnes Edwards; violin solo, Ardis ner in honor of the former President, to Syracuse. There I decided to He is survived by two sons, Thomas han for the outfield and is negotiat­ McCarty; recitation, Washington. Beckemeyer of Carlyle. Wilson and which was to ha—? been held at the $1,000 for Baring Girl's Life. come on to Auburn sod would have E. Wheeler, a resident of New Yorx ing with Marty Hollihan, an lnfielder ,_ „ . . . . _ gone to Rochester if they had not city, and F. Raymond Wheeler, a* res­ and with Eugene O'Donnel. of the Word comes from WilHarosport. ClarSTMtfKay; exercise, Washington, Link, as well as White and Becke-, , ident of Charlotte, N. C., and a sec­ Wells-Coverly team, also an inflelder. ten pupils; recitation, Smile When­ stopped me/' ' Pa., to the effect that Clarence A. meyer. are Democratic members of jPalace, has been cancelled and ths Chief Bowker of Cortland was no­ ond wife,- Mrs. H. E. Wheeler, a The boys hereabouts seem to look j Lyons, formerly of this city and son ever You Can. William Cowan;duett. the Legislature. Speclflcially the i c < m r t w i n K° I n i o mourning tomorJack and Jill. Eldred and Marjorie The Prince and Princess accompan­ tified last night of the capture and former resident of Tully, N. Y. His good to him. he gavecharge Representative Whiteis |850 TOw j of Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Lyons also Marchant; recitation. What the Rob­ brlbery againBt Brown that! morning ied the Rosevelts this afternoon to this morning (he arrived here and son from New York arrived in Char­ "Mr. Patterson made this signi­ at a hotel In Chicago, late in May, j formerly of this city, has been pre- ins Know, William Dowden; Alpha­ 1909. fer White's vote for Lorimer the Northern museum, the Btotogicai left with the prisoner on the 9:10 lotte Thursday night. Funeral serv­ ficant statement: bet of Summer, the school; recita­ for senator, when a long deadlock museum and the Open Air museum, Lehigh train southbound. With htm ices were held at the residence in " 'Our league today filed withisented 1th a Carnegie medal for after which the party had luncheon was William Bell, the youth's fath­ Charlotte yesterday afternoon at John H. Farrell. secretary of the bravery and 11.000 from the Car- tion. The Palmetto and the Pine, was broken. Ardis McCarty: organ solo, Agnes at the palace. This afternoon Mr. er, and their meeting was most un­ 2:30. Burial was made at Elmwood National Association of Baseball negie fund which, is to go towards Edwards; recitation, At the Top, Rooseveftt will see a horse Jumping happy. The father tried to cheer up cemetery, Charlotte, N. C. A S u i t a b l e Career. b8 a a cA I a r p Irwin Ridley; Arbor Day Queen, ex­ military drill and tonight he will be fA" ^ ?> J^" ^ Lf _ 2l?_ T?!^" building a home. The honor comes the boy, who feels his terrible predic­ tfcon given other leagues. The neces­ ercise, nine pupils; recitation. How The Hou«ekocpor. Wooden Overcoats. i the guest of honor at a citisens' din­ ament keenly. The motorcycle was sary fund* have been forwarded and to Lyons for his bravery in saving the Chipmunk Got His Strlpps.'Lola "What kind of a career have you ner. Cleveland Leader. left here and will be shipped .to (Margaret K. Hartman from drown­ Bailey; recitation. May, T. Cuff; mapped out for your boy. Josh?" The Cashier—What's the matter? we look for the protection desired.' Cortland. Mr. Roosevelt has not heard from ing in the Susquehanan river on Jan­ song. Busy Bee, primary depart­ | "I'm going to make a lawyer of Berlin but he presumes that the ar­ The Stenog—I'm mixed up in my uary 22, 1909, when she broke ment; The recitation, Strange to Say, Ed­ ! him," answered Farmer Corntasse!. rangements made for his entertain­ ThankfnL shorthand notes. I don't know througb the ice. His many friends ward Houghtallng; To Summer as Fair Haven. recitation. Before j "He's got an unconquerable fancy ment at the German capital wkll be Boston T r a n s c r i p t whether toe boss meant this letter in this city will hasten to congratu­ Fredericksburg, Agnes Mobbs; reci­ j for tending to other folks' business, much changed owing to the court Surrogate Walter E. Woodln Is for Coffin &. Co., Tailors, or Taylor Clerk—I'd like to get off early, sir, late him on his good fortune as a re­ tation, Springtime, Ruth Clark; flag ; an' he might as well git paid fur i t " mourning and the near kinship of going to occupy a cottage at Pair & Co., Coffins. as my wife want* me to beat some sult of his well known bravery. exercise, the school. Haven for some time. 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County Superintendent of High­ ways Dayton returned last night from an inspection of the roads in the town of Conquest and vicinity. He found Town Superintendent Charles Tyler of Conquest doing ex­ cellent work on the roads. Contractor Haines has received a shipment of approved cement for the South street road and a force of workmen will commence laying con­ crete next week. The road was graded for a considerable distance this week. A stretch/of about a mile and a quarter ha* been declared legally closed by Mr. Dayton under the Highway law. The closing of the stretch of road will cause little inconvenience to residents of Flem­ ing. On Monday Mr. Dayton in company with a State engineer and other of­ ficials will make an inspection of the river road in the town of Aurelius which runs parallel with the canal and determine just how work shall be done on that road.




RESCUE WORK AT PALOS MINE OR- " S t t i i ' S u r a W i s
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