ByPraveen Sidola Turner test Prep Co.

Situation Analysis Case is related with a “Resource based View entrepreneurship”, Jessica a significant good student but discarded by corporate fortunately found that she is good in teaching. So with this input, a business plan & with the help of local venture capital firm she started coaching institute. Turner test Prep Co. helps students to prepare for CPA exam which gives competitive advantage, even though the institute in doing well but only able to capture 10% of the market share. Primary Problem No prior Market research- she was not focussed on being an entrepreneur, thus she had no knowledge about the market and she did not go for market research also which lacked the basic advantages to be more competitive than her competitors. Secondary Problem Even though 3 years have been completed, the institute is not able to achieve its breakeven point Small market share SWOT Analysis of organization Strength excellent performance Weakness Higher fees Structure High operational cost Opportunity Huge market Threat High competition Substitute methodology

so as a new entrance either fees should be less or equal to the competitor is proposed. the institute is not able to achieve breakeven point Option Control operational cost Solution Use the sheared resources Have a partnership plan with faculty on the basis of profit loss sharing Small market share Option Fees reduction Solution A fee is slightly higher then competitor. even though it is the 3rd year there is a need of identify the customer need perception Solution Feed back from existing student Survey in other institution as well as corporate Even though 3 years have been completed.Character analysis Strength of Jessica.Poor to prove her capability • Generation of alternatives Market research Achieve breakeven point Increment in market share Suggestions from the options generated No prior Market research It is clear from the case that there is no prior market research connected before establish the institute Option So.A good student / teacher Weakness . .

Reduction of fees will increase the strength of student so revenue issue will resolve • • best solution Market research Learning from the case My understanding from the case is. . even though you have good resource but there is a need of market research before its commercialisation.

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