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In This Issue ...
APRIL 1978
The World: What Lies Ahead? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Central Point . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Who Are Of God? ...... .. . . .. . .. .. .. . , . . .. .. . . , . .. 3
What The Catholic Priests Say About
The Church of Christ ..... ... ... . . .. ... . . .. .. . ... 4
New Converts:
' Through Searching I Found The Real Church' .. . . .. 8
How I Found The True God And The True Church. . .. 10
The Only Way Out . . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. . .. . . . .. . ... .. 12
A Searching Analysis of Catholic Apologetics:
Whence Came The Teaching That Christ
Is True God? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Time. .. . . .. ...... .. ... . . . . . ... . .. .. . .. ... . . .. . .. 7
Neglect Not The Gift You Have. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H
Ang Sanlibutan: Saan Ito Hahantong? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Nalalaman Ba Ninyo? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Daan Ng Buhay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 20
Ang Maling Pagkakalagay Ng Kuwit (Koma)
Na Nagbunga Ng Maling Pananampalataya .. . . .. . . .
Ang Pangingilin Ng Sabbath Ay Utos Na
Ukol Lamang Sa Israel .. .. ......... . . ...... . . ... .
Panawagan Ng Isang Dating Espiritista .. . ... .. . ... . .
Ang Ikinatatangi Ng Bahay-Sambahan Na Ang Diyos
Ang Nag-utos Ng Pagtatayo . . .. . ... ... .. . . . .. . . . .
Walang Pag-asa Ang Taong Hindi Kaanib Sa
Iglesia ni Cristo . .... . . ......... . .. . ... .... ... .
Ako ' y Mang-aawit
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EOPLE nowadays like to talk about happen-
ings in this beautiful world created by the
Lord God for us to live in. Sometimes we hear
the news about strong earthquakes and tidal waves,
floods. droughts, typhoons, and the like. The specter
of hunger and disease has found victims in many,
parts of the world. Here and there we hear human
groans under tpe weight of economic and moral ;.
crises. The prices of commodities go high, as money
becomes scarce and unemployment becomes wide-
spread. Greed reigns in the hearts of some people,
while poverty makes other people sigh for relief.
Moral deterioration has been the object of civic as
well as religious endeavors tQward the upliftment of
mankind. There has been no end to wars, peace talks
and conferences among nations. What do _all th.ese
things mean for this world of ours? Do these happen-
ings presage lies ahead?
. For elucidation, let us have recourse to the words
_of Almighty God written in the ' Bible "And as he sa
upon the mo'unt of Olives, the disciples came unto
him privately, saying, Tell us, wlfen shall
tl;zings be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming,
and of the end of the world?' (Mt. 24:3, KJV) These
happenings serve as the sign of the coming of our
Lord Jesus Christ on Judgment Day, and of the end
of the world. In reply to the question of His disciples,
Christ said: "And you will hear of wars and rumors
of wars; see that you are not alarmed; for this must
take place, ' but the end is not yet. For nation will
rise against nation, and kzngdom against kingdom,
and there will be famines and earthquakes in various
places: all this is but the beginning of the suffer-
ings . .. (Mt. 24:6-8, RSV)
The Apostles also foretold the moral and reli-
gious decadence in the last days. "But understand
this. that in the last days there will come times of
stress. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of
money, proud. arrogant, abusive, disobedient to
their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, im-
placable, slanderers, profligates, fierce. haters of
good. treacherous. reckless. swollen with . conceit.
-lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, hold-
ing the form of religion but denying the power of it.
Avoid such people. "(II Tim. 3:1-5, RSV) People will
seek peace, but the Bible says there shall be none.
, 'When anguish comes, they will seek peace, but
there shall be none . .. (Ezek. 7:25, R"SV) When peo-
ple say there is peace, then sudden destruction will
come upon them. "When people say, 'There is
peace and security, ' then sudden destruction
':ome upon them . .. "(I Th.ess.5:3,RSV) The sudden
destruction is the SUdden end of the world by tire,
and people cannot be saved by their silver or gold.
"Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to
deliver them on the day of the wrath of the Lord. In
the fire of his jealous wrath, all the earth shall be
consumed; for a full, yea. sudden end he will make
of all the inhabitants of the earth." (Zeph. 1:18,
RSV) The day of the wrath of the Lord is called
Judgment Day. "But by the same word the heavens
and earth that now exist have been stored up for
fire, being kept until the day of judgment and des-
truction of ungodly men . .. (II Pet. 3:7, RSV) (
The end of the world is fast approaching, for all
the signs already been fulfilled. But the Bible
tells us that scoffers will come in the last days (II Pet.
3:3), just as there were scoffers during the time of
Noah, before the world was deluged with water. The
only refuge during that deluge was the ark, wherein
only Noah and seven other persons were saved (II
Pet. 2:5).
Is there no refuge ' froin the impending destruc-
tion ofthe world by fire on Judgment Day? There is,
and that is the Church of Christ I Iglesia IIi Cnsto . . It
is this Church that Christ will save, for this is the
Church which is Christ's body, and the head of
which is Christ ' Himself (Eph. 5:23; Col 1:18).
Hence,let us join this Church as members, in order
to be saved.
We cannot circumvent the words of God written
. in the Bible. We cannot refute, much less, impugn,
the truth, that the world is coming to an end. Do we
now cower in fear before these facts? Or do we num-
ber ourselves among the scoffers? "The Lord. the
God of their fathers, sent persistently' to them by his '
messengers. because he had compassion on his
people and on his dwelling place; but they kept
mocking the messengers of God. despising his'
words. and scoffing at his prophets. till the wrath of .
the Lord rose against his peop.le. till there was no
remedy . .. (II Chron. 36:15-16. RSV) - 0
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P Sandoval
EOPLE WHO ARE acquaint-
ed with the followers of our
Lord Jesus Christ, namely,
the Christians, also want to be in
Christ. Sucn people think that to be
in Christ, one must join the follow-
ers of Christ, just for the sake of
companionship here on earth. In
other words, they want to be in
Christ just for earthly motives.
Little do they know that to be . in
Christ entails a great spiritual
What is .the great spiritual for-
tune of a man who is in Christ
Jesus? In Romans 8:1, this is
stated: "There is therefore now no
condemnation for those who are in
Christ Jesus. (RSV) The great
spiritual fortune of a man who is in
Christ Jesus is that there is no more
condemnation for him . . Which con-
demnation is that which is taken
away from those who are in Christ
Jesus? In Romans 3:19, this is
written: "Now we know that what-
ever the law says it speaks to those
who are under the law, so that every
mouth may be stopped, and ' the
whole world may be held 'account-
able to God . .. (Ibid.) The condemn-
ation of the whole world which is
taken away from those who are in
Christ Jesus, is the condemnation of
the whole world which is held ac-
countable to God.
Why is the whole world con-
demned and ' held accountabie to
God? In Romans 3:23, this is writ-
" Since all have sinned and fall
short of the glory of God . .. (Ibid.)
The whole world is condemned and
held accountable to God because all
men have sinned, and fall short of
the glory of God. Since when did
man learn to commit sin? What
danger crept in man's life because
of sin? In Romans 5:12, this is
stated: "Therefore as sin oame Into
the world through one man arid
death through sin, and so death
spread to all men because all men
sinned." (Ibid.) Man learned to
commit sin since the first man,
Adam, in the garden of Eden. Be-
cause of sin, death crept into man's
Therefore, all men are held ac-
countable before God, and the first
impact of sin is death, which cut
short man's life, depriving him of
the right of enjoying it perpetually,
which was God's purpose in creat-
ing man, as evidenced by the fact
that He placed the first couple in
the garden of Eden wherein God
gave them that prohibitive com-
mand, the observance of which
meant the perpetuity of their life,
and its violation or transgression
meant death, as pronounced by
God (Gen. 2:17). f
What'is God's pronouncement re-
garding sin? In Romans 6:23, this is
stated: . the 'wages of sin is
death . .... (Ibid.) God says that the
wages or penalty for sin is death.
Which is the full payment 'of sin? In
Rev. 20:14, we find the bibJica/(elu-
cidation, thus: "Then Death and
Hades were thrown into the. lake .of
firt:. This is. the second death, the
Jake of fire . .. (Ibid.) The full pay-
ment for sin is the second death in
the lake of fire. Sinners, therefore,
must pay for their sins in the lake of
fire. As a realization of this divine
verdict, what been appointed by
God for all men? In Heb.9:27, this
is written: ''And just as it is ap-
pointed for men to die .once, and
after that comes judgment. .. God
appointed death or the termination
of man's breath, then comes judg-
ment. When will the judgment be,
and who will judge the world? In
Ac.ts 17:31, this is recorded:" ... be-
cause he has fixed a day on which
he willjudge the world in righteous-
ness by a man whom he has .ap-
pointed. 'and of this he has given
assurance to all men by raising him
from the dead . .. The judgment will
be on a day fixed by' God, and
judge appointed by Him is our Lord
Jesus Christ.
o (Contznued on page 7)
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T IS EASY to make people be-
lieve that ' all men are of God
and have the right to deify
God because all are created by God.
It would re,ally be unpopular to go
against this widespread line ' of
thinking because it would be vir-
tually waging war against the whole
mankind. People could tell us:,
"Would a small portion of the
world's population, like the Church
of Christ Iglesia ni Cristo, dare
,oppose a concept whicl1 . is sub-
scribed to by uncountable number
We are aware of the enormity of
the opposition against the principle
we are now articulating, but we
want the whole world to know that it
is only our Lord Jesus Christ who
can shed light on this timeless con-
According to the Bible, is God the
God of all men? In Mt. 22:31-32, our
Lord Jesus Christ told the Saddu-
cees , thus: "And as for the resur-
'rection of the dead, have you not
read what was said to you by God,
'/ am the God of Abraham, and the
God of Isaac, and the ,God of
Jacob '? He is not God of the dead,
but of the living. " (RSV) Our Lord
Jesus Christ said that God is not
God of the dead but of the living.
People are therefore classified into
two categories, according ,to our
Lord Jesus , namely, those who are
considered dead, and those who are
living, or prepared for eternal ,life .
Who are counted as dead in the
sight of God? In Eph. 2:1, this is
stated: "And you he made alive,
when you were dead through the ,
trespasses and sins . . ,. " (RSV)
They who are counted as dead in the
APRIL 1978
sight of God, are those who are
dead by reason of sin. How many
have sinned? The Bible says that all
men have sinned (Rom. 5:12) " ex-
cept our Lord Jesus Christ (I Pet.
2:21-22). Because of sin, man was
separated from God (Is. 59:2), and
he became God's enemy (Col. 1:21).
Such was the damage done by sin to
the relationship of God and man.
Moreover, the sinner has to pay the
wage,s of sin which is ' death (Rom.
6:23), and this death, as full pay-
ment, is the second death in the
lake of fire (Rev. 20:14).
Hence, because of this sad and
pitiful state of man, the all-merciful
God had to come to his rescue. God
is not 'God of the dead, but of the
living or those who are holy. What
then does God do to those who are
holy or godly? God sets apart the
godly for Himself, as testified to in
Ps'alms 4:,3, thus : "But know that
the Lord has set apart the godly for
himself; the Lord hears when /
call to him. " (RSV) This is a biblical
truth that all men should know,
namely, the people who are of God
are ,set apart by God for Himself.
Does the Bible prove to us that
there were people in the 'early days
who were set apart by God for Him-
self? Yes, because as' we have
learned above, God is the God of
Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob.
Isaac was the son of Abraham, and
Jacob was the son of Isaac. From
J acob or Israel , came the Israelites
who werc;; God's people of old, the
descendants of Abraham.
But why were the Israelites the
only chosen people of God then? Be-
cause God loved them, and because
God kept the oat h which He swore
to their fathers (Deut. 1.:7-8). What
was this oath? This was God's ever-
lasting covenant with Abraham and
his descendants or offspring (Gen.
Does God' s purpose of election or
setting apart of people for Himself,
continued even in the Christian era?
Yes, the setting apart of people who
are of God, transcends even in the
Christian era (Rom. 9:11). What is
the proof? God's everlasting cove-
nant with Abraham was not only for
Abraham and his descendants in
the flesh , but also for Christ, Who is '
referred to as Abraham's offspring'-
r:Now the promises were made to
Abraham (lnd to his offspring. It
does not say, :And to offsprings, '
referring to many; but, referring to
one, 'And to your offspring, ' which
is Christ.' (Gal. 3:16, RSV)
In the Christian era, how then,
could we be linked to Abraham? To
be linked to Abraham, 'we have ,to
be of Christ. "And if you are
Christ 's, then you are Abraham's
offspring, heirs according to pro-
mise. " (Gal. 3:29, RSV) In the
Christian era, those who are of
Christ, are the people w h o ~ are
Abraham's offspring and heirs
according to promise.
Who are the people. who belong
to Christ? They are the people who
are members of Christ's body (I
Cor. 12:27); that body is the Church
the head of which is Christ Himself '
(Col. 1:18). Christ calls this Church,
" My Church" (Mt. 16:18), and the
Apostles call it, the Church of Christ
(Acts 20:28, LAMSA). ' Therefore, in
the Christian era, the people Who
ate of God are the members of the
Church of Christ - 0
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that they were born Catho-
lics , so they will also die as
Catholics. To them, the only Church
that matters , as far as worship and '
service to God, salvation and eter-
nallife are concerned, is the Roman
Catholic .Church.- Hence, they are
not interested in all the other
Churches , especially the Church of
Christ - Iglesia ni Cristo.
The Catholics believe and do
what .their mentors, the Catholic
priests , teach theIl\ . So, let us quote
what the Catholic priests say about
the Church of Christ, which to many
people is of little religious value. so
, that our fellowmen , especially .the
Catholics, may know or know more
about this Church, the Church of
Christ .
l.Q. What do the Catholic. priests
say about the Church of
A.-This Church was founded and
organized by Christ and
preached by the Apostles. It is
the only. true Church, and the (
one which God orders all men
to join . . . RELIGION: DOC-
Rev. Francis B. CassiIIy, S.J.,
. p.444.
' This Church. founded and
organized by Christ and
preached by the Apostles. is
the Church of Christ . . .. It is
the O1ily true Church. and
, the one which God orders all
men tojoin. , .
2.Q. Why do we, Church of Christ
members , believe this testi-
mony of the Catholic priests
on the value and importance of
the Church of Christ? Is it be-
cause it is the testimony of
the Catholic priests?
A. No. It is because this testi-
mony of the Catholic priests is . ,
supported by all history, both
secular and profane, and be-
cause the Catholic priests
lea.rned all these from the
Bible considered as a human
document . . . Ibid. pp.442-443
"'5. Did J esus Christ es.tablish
a Ch urch?
. Yes. from all history. both
secular and profane. as well as
from the Bible considered as a
human document. we learn
that Jesus Christ established a
Church. which from the ear-
liest times has been called
after Him the Christian
Churcf/. or the Church of
Christ . . ,
3.Q. Does the Bible prove, indeed,
that Christ established a
A. Yes, Christ said, "Ana I tell
you, you are Peter. and on this
rock I will build my church . . . "
. .. ' ... ; ... Mt. 16:}8 (RSV)
4.Q. How did the Apostles call the
Church which Christ called
" My Church?"
A. The Apostles called it
"Church of' Christ" . , . Acts
20:28 .
, 'Take heed therefore to
yourselves and to all the' flock
over which the Holy Spirit
has . appointed you over-
seers. to feed the church of
Christ whic'h,lJ,e has purchased
with his blood." (LAMSA)
Therefore, the Catholic
priests are telling the truth
when they say that Christ
established a Church, that is,
only ' one Church, and that
Church is called Church of
'11. . " ' ..
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S.Q. Does God, Christ,
really order all men to join the
Church of Christ in order to be

A. Yes, inoeed. Christ commands
everyone to enter by Him in
order to be saved .. . In. 10:9
'/ am the door, if anyone
enters by me, he will be
saved . .. .. (RSV)
6.Q. Is the commandment of
Christ, the commandment of
A. Yes, it is. Not because Christ
is the true God, but because
the commandment of Christ
comes from God ... In. 12:49
"For / have not spoken on
my own authority; the Father
who sent me has' himselfgiven
me commandment what to say
and what to speak." (RSV)
7.Q. How should we enter by
Christ in order to be saved?
A. We should enter as members
of Christ's body .. .I Cor.12:27
"No'w you are the body of
, Christ and individually mem-
bers of it. " (RSV)
8.Q. Which body of Christ is te- ,
ferred to, wherein we should
enter as members?
A. The Church, the head of which
is Christ . . . Col. 1: 18
"He is the head of the body,
the church: .... , (RSV) ,
9.Q What is the name of this
A.Church of Christ . . . Acts 20:28
. 'Take heed therefore to
yourselves and to all' the flock
Ol 'er. which the Holy Spirit has
\ . appointed you overseers. to
feed the church of Christ
which he has purchased with
his blood . .. (LAMSA)
Thus . . the . Catholic priests
are not hiding the truth when
they say that the Church of
Christ is the only trueChurcb
and the one which God
orders all men to join.
lO.Q.According to testimony of
the Popes . of the Roman
Catholic Church, why was the
Church of Christ instituted or
A. It was instituted for the sake of
souls and of eternal salva-
tion ... THE PAPAL EN-
CYCLICALS - by Anne Fre-
mantle, p: 153.
" ... the Church of Christ.
which has been divinely it/sti-
tutcd/or the sake o.f'souls and
o.f' cternal salvation . .... This
is written in one of the encycli-
cals of the Popes. An encycli-
cal is a letter addressed by
the Pope to all the Catholic
bishops of the world who are
under his jurisdiction (Ameri-'
can Dictionary).
11.Q.Are all me{l responsible and
obliged to join the Church of
Christ in order to be saved?
A. Yes, they are ... FATHER
SON - by Most Rev. John
Francis Noll, D. O., LL.D., pp.
35-36: -
". . . the Church of Christ
today must be in nature, in
power, in teaching, what it
was when it served men
through the twelve Apostles.
It is to this Church that all are
obliged to belong in order to
be saved. Those people who,
through th.eir own grave fault
do not know the true Church,
or, kno,wing'it, refuse to join-
it , cannot be saved. '.
12.Q. Are the Catholic priests telling
the truth when they say that
those who know the Church of
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Christ but refuse to join it,
cannot be saved?
A. Yes, they are. Why? Because
it is Christ's body, which
Christ will save ... Eph. 5:23
"For h1Jsband is the
head of the wife as Christ is
the head of the church, his
body, and is himself , its
Savior . . , (RSV)
13.Q. Which is that body that
Christ will save?
A., It is the Church, the head of
which is Christ, namely, the
Church of Christ . ' : .' Col. 1:18
"He is the head of the
body, the church; . , . " (RSV)
Hence, those who refuse to
join the Church of Christ, can-
not be saved:
14.Q. Where does God bring or add
those people who are to be
A. The Lord God adds them to
the Church, the Church of
Christ .......... Acts 2:47
. 'Praising God, and having
favor with all the \ people.
And the Lord added to the
church daily such as should be
saved, ., (KJV)
15.Q.According to another teaching
of. the Popes, is it good for
anybody not to be in the
Church of Christ?
A. No, it is not good. Why? Be-
cause he who is not ' in the
Church of Christ, is not a
Christian , . . THE PAPAL
Fremantle, p. 39
"Whoever he is and' what-
ever,he is, he who is not in the
Church of Christ is not a
Christian . ..
:16.Q. Why is it that he who is not in
the Church of Christ is not a
' A. Because a Christian is either a
follower or disciple of Christ.
Christ's followers or dis-
ciples are certainly in the
Church of Christ ... THE
by James Cardinal Gibbons,
. ' .. ,for a Christian, as the
"elY name implies, is a foliow-
er or disciple of Christ .
Hence, if one is not a mem-
ber of the Church of Christ, he
is not a follower of Christ,
he. is not a Christian.
i7.Q.According to Catholic doc-
trine, whom do Catholics fol-
A. The Catholics follow the Pope
and the bishops . , . MAIK-'
"178. HoII' (/1'(.' theJi)llolI'C!Ys of
the Pope alld the bishops
, "Th.e followers of the Pope
al/d tlie bIshops as their head
lJ,l/d Jiltll'er of the soul are
called Catholics al/d they
, are the members who com-
pose the Holy Catholic
Church." (Translated from
Hence, the Catholics are the
followers of the Pope and of
the bishops, and they are the
members of the Catholic
Church. Whereas, the Christ-
ians are , the followers of
Christ,. and they are the mem-
bers of the Church of Christ.
18.Q. What is one proof that the '
Catholics are not the follow-
ers of Christ?
A.The Catholics do not follow
Christ Who said, "And call
no man your father on
earth ... ,,' ... Mt. 23:9
''And call no man your
father on earth, for you have
one Father, who is iit hea-
ven. "(RSV)
19.Q.Does Christ forbid us to call
our male parent "father?"
A. No, because God commands
us to 1J0nor our father and
our mother ... ' .... Mt. 15:4
. 'For God - commanded,
'Honor your father and yuur
mother, ' '!,nd 'He who speaks
evil of father or mother, let
him surely die.' " (RSV)
Our male parent is, there-
fore, called "father" accord-
ing to God's commandment.
Christ wouIO never, transgress
God's commandments.Hence,
to call our male parent "fa-
ther" is not against Christ's /
prohibi,tion to call any man
on earth our father. The rea-
son for Christ's prohibition is
that we have only One Father \
Who is in heaven, the Lord
God Almighty.
20.Q. What kind of Father is God
Who is in heaven?

A. God is the Father of the soul
. , : . . . . . . . Ezek. 18:4
"Behold, all s,ouls are mine;
the soul oftllefather as well as
'the so1l1 of the SOli is mine; the
so1l1 ,that sillS shall die."
Our Lord Jesus - Christ,
therefore, -forbids us to call
any man on earth our father of
the soul.
21.Q. What is the proof that the
Catholics ' do not follow
Christ Who said. "And call
no man your father on earth,"
meaning to say, "Call no man
on the father of your
A: The Catholics call each of
their priests "Father 'of the
soul," and to them, the Pope
is the "highest Father -of I
, the soul." , . . IGLESIA NI
CHRIST) - by Rev. Juan
Trinidad, S,J., p, 12
''And hecause the priests
Mille us the of our soul,
throuMh the administration of
the sacraments. they. too. are
calIed, 'Father of our soul' ..
. , . ''And the Pope (Father) is
the highest Father of our soul
-here on earth, because he is
the ihe Lord . ..
It is clear tnat Catholics dr,
not follow Christ. So they
could not be called Christians.
bec'ause a Chris'tian is
follower of Christ. We have
learned, therefore, what the
Catholic priests say about the
Church of Christ. All are ob-
liged to belong to this Church
in order to be savea. - 0
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What it means ....
(Continuedfrom page 2)
We learned above. that the peo-
ple who are already freed from
God's condemnation are those who
are in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:1) . But
\ who are those who are in Christ
Jesus? In Romans 12:4-5, this is
revealed: "For as in one body we
have many members. and all the
members do !'lot have the same
function. so we, though many, are
one body in Christ, and individually
members one of another . . , (Ibid.)
The Bible tells us that the people
who are' in Christ Jesus, are the
people who are members of tHe
body. of Christ. There are . many
members, but there is only one
body or one organization; not
many 'organizations. Which is this
one body of Christ? This is the
Church, the head of which is Christ,
as the Bible tells us in Col. 1: 18:
thus: "He is the head of the body,
the church . . . "
How does our Lord Jesus Christ
call this Church which is His body?
Christ calls it My Church. "Now!
tell you, Peter is your name and on
this rock I will build my church; the
powers of Hades shall not succeed
against it." (Mt. 16:18, Moffatt)
The Apostles called this Church,
Church of Christ. "Take heed there-
fore to yourselves and to all. the
flock over which the Holy Spirit has
appointed you overseers, to feed the
church of Christ which he has pur-
chased with his blood. " (Acts 20:28,
The members of the Church of
Christ, Iglesia 1Ii are the
people who' are in Christ. Hence.
they al-e the people for whom there
is no condemnation - 0
APRIL 1978
. Child hush the voice in your brain
seeking the torrents .
rending your soul -'-
time is pastfor wilful sinning
and God is angered
He shall leave you alone
when most you need His help
and hear not your voice e 'en you plead;
He'll shun your supplications
arzd mark your evil deeds:
Child wash the blood in your hands
screaming and scarlet
reeking with venom -
time has comefoT returning to God
through Christ and be reborli.
It is time for faith to seek its root
in the heart, so the spirzt be cleansed.
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GLADLY embraced the true
Church of Christ Iglesia ,ni Cristo
which did the changes in my life,
the Church that appeared in the Philip-
pines-un July 27, 1914 by the will of
God through His last appointed Mes-
senger, Brother Felix Y. Manalo. As to
how this happened to me, let me dis-
dose in the following account, but let
me first introduce myself I am
fredo M. Guevarra,a college student at
L. Quezon University taking
up Civil Engineering. I was born . in
San Luis, Sto. Tomas , Batangas. My
father is Pedro Guevarra, a registered
Engineer now living with my mother"
brothers ' and sisters in Vancouver,
Canada. We are all devout Catholics.
While yet in the Roman Catholic
Church and since the ear1y days of
manhood, I had always thought about
life. I often asked myself what life
was and why I live. Is it true that there
is , or shall there be, life eternal for the
faithful , after death? If so, what must a
man do to attain for himself such
eternal life? With this questions in
mind, I kept searching for the truth
that may lead me to eternal life.
In several years, I came across
many religions. I admit that I was an
active member of the Roman Catholic
Church, yet being a member of this
Church, I was not satisfied with the
doctrines and with their teachings,
especially on Purgatory and Mass.
Since. I began attending ass, I had
always asked what Mass was and
what was and from where
these teachings came. But my ques-
tions never found the right answers.
I came to hear the Jehovah's Wit-
nesses , the Seventh Day' Adventists,
, Protestants, . the United Church of
Christ in the Philippines, and the Mor-
mons; there were times that I attended
the services of the Aglipayans but my
quest for the real answers to my ques-
tions aforementioned, have failed. r
found these religions really ungodly.
The Jehovah' s Witnesses, much to my
disappointment had an unfavorable
climate moving. inside the Organiza-
tion. There was hypocrisy, favoritism
and abuse specially in the exercise of
In the Protestant sects , I could
stand their unreasonable thirst and
craving Jor pride, pleasures
and glory. Scriptural principles were
intentionally ignored and set aside, in
favor of their own opinions. Due to
this , I thought that religion was just a
way of good business but the rOot of all
evils. So I decided to remain neutral. I
decided that I didn't need any organ-
ized religion, for . I thought I could
better love and serve .God in my own
.way: do good to others, share things
that could make people happy and
follow all the commandments' of God.
For me, this was enough ground to
lead me to salvation if really there is a
day of Judgment.
But at times , I felt uncomfortable
with my ways of serving God. It
seemed there was 'something more I ,
mll'st do in the sight of God. But 'what
it was , I didn' t know.
As days passed, I had more ques-
tions to ask, for as I observe things
happen in this wotld, I often asked my-
searc ing
I found .
the real
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self, "Is there God who really cares? If
God exists why does He permit these
terrible things that happen? If He
really cares about us, why does He
allow wickedness and sufferings to
continue? "
These haunted me. So one night, J
decided to attend the Open Forum of
the Iglesia ni Cristo in Quiapo. I had no
. intention ,6 attending their Assembly,
but due to the decency and bene-
volence of the members who came to
our dorm to invite me, I decided to ac-
cept their invitation.
Upon entering the chapel, I sat at
the back, to observe what they' were
going to do but one of the officers
guided and asked me to come nearer; I
was abashed at the moment and I
wanted to r go out but good manners
prevented me so I stayed till the
mon was over. I still remember the
text taught. It was about "THE CA-
TAUGHT BY CHRIST. " In the course '
9f the sermon. I was amazed. It
was undeniably true. One thing that
captivated me S0 much was the way
the preacher spoke about God's
words; in contrast to the Protestant
preachers, Jehovah's Witnesses and
preachers of other sects. I noticed a
big in the manner of preach-
ing between the Church of Christ
preachers and the preachers of other
religions. The Church of ' Christ
preacher just asked questions and thtm
read the answers directly from the
Bible. I admired this way, because the
Church of Christ minister preaches not
his own words but the words of God
written in the Bible. It was very itlte-
resting. So from then on, I attended
their Biblical exposition or PAMA-
MAHAY AG. I concentrated and
studied the biblical teachings. There
were also times that I attended the
Sunday Worship Services.
One thing more I admired was the
solemnity of their Worship Service. It
' was very harmonious, and I felt cool
al!d peaceful, inside the chapel. I
didn't understand what I felt.
Finally, I submitted myself to Bible
study, but my' Auntie discouraged me
when she heard that I was attending
Worship Services of the Iglesia ni
Cristo and was planning to join the re- .
Iigion. Hence, my Bible study was
postponed. A year passed, and I
stopped my Studies due to family
problems and I went back to the pro-
vince. On January 10, 1977 i met a
Church worker of the Iglesia ni Cristo.
Brother Eddie L. Suguitan, who was
setting a missionary ca!Dpaign in
Barrio Sta. Oara, Sto. Tomas, Ba-
tangas, a one-and-a-half kilometer dis-
tance from our barrio.
We discussed things till I came to
explain my problem. I told him that I
really wanted to join the Iglesia ni
Cristo for I had realized that this is
true Church founded by our Lord, but .
my Auntie and my family objected and
I was afraid they would cast me out if I
join the Iglesia ni Cristo.
, Brother Eddie without hesitation,
extended me his help for the sake of
my soul, come Judgment Day. He read
me some verses from the Bible, which
gave me new hope and a strong faith in
Brother Eddie said it is not
shameful to encounter sufferings, per-
secutions and revilement, for our Lord
Jesus Christ suffered Himself, and
was persecuted. He said that J must
endure arid stand to the end in order to
be saved. So finally, I studied biblical
doctrines with Brother Eddie in the
Church of Christ ministerial house in
our place.
Upon completion 'of tpe doctrinal
lessons, I received the holy Baptism in
the locale of San Pablo Cit)t on March
26, 1977 officiated by Brother Paulino
Parungao and Brother Gavino Estrella.
During the baptism, I felt God's power
within me which I never ex{'erienced
I received for the first time, the
Holy Supper "Sta. Cena" on April 2,
1977. I was greatly moved and I real-
ized how ungodly I had been' before I
became a member of this Church.
Then I found myself crying in repen-
tance, for I felt I had met a loving
Father whom I had lost and missed for
a long time. '
Now that I am back with, my family,
I know there will be more persecu-
tions. But I promised, God that
ever happens, I will embrace my
faith even if it means more hardships
or even death. I stilI continue to ask
God that may He enlighten my parents,
hrothers and through His
ministers in Canada and also myrela-
. tives here in Batangas.
Lastly, I extend my to the
, "Kadiwa " members and deacons who
were instrumental in my reconcilia-
tion with God. May we brethren re-
main steadfast in' the faith and sin-
cere to God's will. Someday if God per-
mits, after my graduation, I want to be
'in the Church of Christ Ministry. - 0
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y NAME is Paul Wagner, 46
old, married and at
present a devout member of
the Church of Christ - Iglesia ni
Cristo in the locale congregation of
Redwood ,City, California. I was
born in Poland but gr'ew up in Ger-
many where J have seen the horrors
and miseries brought about by
World War II. At an early age, I
have experienced the deprivations
of life, suffered hunger and cold in
the early post war years in Ger-
many, worked for a few years in
CanadCi and migrated to the
United States with my family some
ten y-ears ago.
I am now an American citizen and
happy to say that I and my family
are indeed fortunate to be in
this wonderful country. Weare very
grateful to 90d for all His blessings
upon us, but above all we are pro-
foundly thankful for having been
called "into the Church of Christ -
Iglesia ni Cristo.
My religion-before was Lutheran.
but I drifted away from this Church
as I grew older, to seek the fortunes
of life. my wife and I were
married in the Lutheran Church, of
which we members, though
not actively, before joining the
Church of Christ. My wife's name is
Margot with whom I have a son
named Michael and a daughter
named Ella.
I must admit that we were not
much of a church-goer before we
joined the Iglesia ni Cristo. It was
only th-rough Brother Robert Wat-
son, who was instrumental in con-
verting me and my family to the
Oureh oore
again became actively religious. It
was at the. time when I was on the
brink of becoming an atheist that
Brother Watson introduced the
Church of Christ to me by bringing
a minister, Brother Joe ,Salazar in
our house. What deeply impressed
me and which finally persuaded my
entire family in joining the Church
of Christ was the way Broiher Joe
Salazar answered all the questio'ns
we asked him. He never answered
anything from his own concept. he
simply opened the -pages ' of the
Holy Bible. reading the passages
therefrom in answer to our ques-
tions. without interpretation nor ex-
planation. And his favorite ex-
pression was Apostle Paul's state-
ment, "never go beyond what is
written . .. (I Cor.
Before I met Salazar. I
thought that he would just be like
those many Church preachers that I
heard- over' the radio and seen on
television who explain about the
bible to suit their purpose. Some-
times they do not even read from
the Scriptures but simply preach
whatever enters their mind, But to
my amazement, it was the contrary
to what I expected. Brother Salazar
answered all my questions directly
reading from the Holy Book, no
more no less.
Never before have I seen the Holy
Bible so profoundly
even Brother Salazar admits that he
is of no consequence, he is merely
an instrument, who simply reads
God's words as they are written. He
further told us that what is most
important is the teachings. of God
which must be given the highest
honor and respect. It was this
uniquely Biblical way of conveying
God's teachings by Church of
Christ that persuaded me -and my'
family to undergo the 35 Bible
lessons and which finally ushered
us to join this Church.
It is noteworthy to mention two
very serious crises that I have en
countered which almost prevented
me and my family from jOining the
Church, had it not been for the very
timely help of God Him.self; asl
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have now come to realize. The first
cri!iis had something to do with
my wife, wit hout her even realizing
it. During the middle part of our
sessions, which took place for
alr:1ost two months, my wife's atti-
tude was of hostility and repug-
nance to the whole idea of changing
our church or religion. Not only had
our children suffered, but the brunt
of anxiety and apprehension was
upon me, What must I do, I asked
myself. Here is the truth and that I
cannot deny, yet in embracing it, I
must sacrifice alienating my wife.
This crisis came to pass as quickly
and abruptly as it came. to my
bewilderment. and everything in
the house returned to normal. But
no sooner than expected. almost
one week before our bapt ism. I
myself becanle the subject of Sa-
tan's temptation, I felt that I was
being torn by two conflicting forces
each striving to overcome the ot her
to take the better hold of me, As a
result , I could not find peace of
mind and I be'ca me confuscd. One
force told me, . YO/l huve found the
truth. stick by it und you will be
sewed. you and your family . .. But
the other contending force would
inject doubts and questions that
there came a point when I could no
longer think straight. Hence, I
would talk to Brother Salazar con-
fiding my problem to him and onl y
when he opened the pages of the
Holy Bible to give me counsel.
woul d I feel comforted and be at
But one ni ght when Brother Sala-
zar left just after one of his Biblical
expositions, I decided once and for
all to give up the idea of joining
the Church. It was in that evening
that I went through an out-of-this
world experience that I shall never
forgel as long as I live. It is needless
for me to put in words what took
place. lest others misunderstand
and laugh. but for me I am certain
that what happened thaI evening
was one of God' s undeniable testi-
monies that sealed my conversion to
the Church of Christ. All I can say
is. I thank Hi m for His compassion
and understanding and for extend
ing His direct help at a time when 1
needed it most.
My family and I wl::re baptized
into the Church of Christ last June
25. 1977 by Brother J oe Salazar. I
am not ashamed to admit that I was
in tears even when Brother Paulino
Membrere was teaching me and the
rest of the converts that day be-
fore we received baptism. Though J
cannot deny that oftentimes doubts
would creep into my mind. still
whenever I refer them to Brother
Salazar, they would easily be dis-
Salazar never fails to re-
mind me not to take upon myself the
solution of any problem that I en-
counter or may -encount er in the
future. but simply to entrust them
to God, Who is our Father and Who
keeps and watches over His chi l-
dren. Equipped with this under-
standing and insight. I decided with
Brother Bob Watson and Brot her
Bob Jones to attend the Ministerial
Classes to be conducted by Brother
S"llazar in Redwood City.
My purpose in the beginning (or
attending the Bible st udies with
Brothers Bob Jones and Bob Wat
son. was to seek for more enlighten-
ment and to have a deeper under-
standi ng of God's will for my own
sake and benefit, to be firm and
well-grounded in the faith. But as
we went deeper in our studies , I
began to realize tne Importance of
being privileged to be one of the
Ministerial students. I believe that
everything comes to being for a
definite purpose.
Perhaps in the beginning, we
may not full y understand God's pur
pose for us, but in the short time
thaI I have been a Church of Christ
member, the Lord has enli ght ened
me. and I am thankful to Him, that
He made me understand that the
meaning of life lies in serving Him
according to His way and to the ut
most of our ubility. I know that if I
take the world or man's point of
views, I am now in the late years of
my life and there is not much time
left for me to serve God in the Mi-
However, I also know that the
God I found in this Church is the
true God Almighty and nothing is
impossible for Him to do. and the
Church of Christ to which I now be-
long is the true Church and the last
mission of His salvation before
Judgment Day; so in whatever
capacity He deems wise for me to
serve Him, I must obey without
asking. I therefore. e ntrust myself
and my famil y unto His Divine
Hands .
In the li ght of the teachings I
have received , I onl y know one
thing_ I must do what He-tells me to
do and I must never waver nor
falter. I nlUst serve Him with all my
heart and with all my might , for this
is my whole duty towards Him.
Having lived my life for almost half
a century in my own way, I am pro-
foundly 'gratdul for this di vine
enlightenment and for becoming
one of God's children in these last
In reciprocation, I have commit -
ted mysel f and my famil y to faith -
full y serve Him until the end . What-
ever the out come be of my altel)d-
ing the Ministerial Classes, l entrUSI
unto Gud's hands. For I know that
ever since I received baptism into
the Church of Christ , J no longer be-
long to myself. but to Him who hal';
chosen me for this holy endeavor. I
anl therefore, duty bound to live the
rest of my lifc in ac<.'Ordance with
His way, fulfillinM the purposc of
my election.
I am fully aware that in the per-
formance of my duties and obliga-
tions, even as a simple member of
the Church, I and my family have to
undergo sacrifices. more so if I
become a member of the Ministry,
but I am also certain that God is
always ready and more than willing
to help His children in times of dis-
tress and trouble. Besides, what can
be morc honorable in this life than
to be in the Ministerial service and
under the care of the Creator of hea-
ven and earth and all the things
therein? - tJ

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y NAME is Manuel Rodri-
guez, a Spanish-American,
born 'in, San Francisco, Cali-
fornia, U.S.A., on 'January 9, 1949
and was raised a Catholic in a
middle-class family. I attended a
Catholic Grammar School where I
had. learned the doctrine of the
Catholic Church taught by the Do-
minican nuns. In those years, I
went to church three times a week
and did religious routines: sprinkle
myself with holy water, go to the
pew, ' genuflect , kneel down and
pray in front of the statues, and
then Whisper to my friends.
When I finished my Grammar
School , I went to a public Junior
High SchooL I continued to go to
. Sunday masses only because
my mother ' insisted : but I had
stopped going to confessions as I
was too oc'cupied with making , it
through High School. While in High
School , I got a job in a Plastic In-
jection' .Molding PlilOt, where I'm
still presently employed. So, be-
sides school and everything that
went with it, I was caught up in the
rat race of trying to make a living.
While attending mass one Sun-
day evening, the priest announced
that the succeeding Friday would be
Washington's Birthday, so we could
all eat meat. I remembered jerking
back ' in my seat and thinking,
" What in the world does Washing-
ton have to do with a church doc-
trine? "
Since then, I knew there was
something wrong, but I could not
put my finger on it : From then on,
I stopped going to the Catholic
Church. The only time I would at-
tend' church affaitcs was for a bap-
tism; a wedding,' or a funeral ; I
did not want any part of it.
Gilbert Cedeno, now also a
brother in faith , has been my' closest
,friend for ten years : We went to
high schoo'l and to social affairs
together. Throughout the yean:, we
numerous speculations of
where this planet came from, and
how the inhabitants came into
existence. We even tried reading
the Bible but could not under-
stand it. This was as close to reli-
gion as I had come, since I left the
Catholic Church. Hence, I shunned
religion and thought that it was ' the
last resort - a crutch for little old
ladies who kneel down to those
statues inside the church ..
Since March 1975, I have been
sharing house with Brother Gilbert
Cedeno and his family. Having
been' laid-off from work, I spent
many hQurs at home. Everytime I
watched the news on television, I
felt All the g(eed and
oppression I witnessed on the
screen, overwhelmed me. I ",ante d
to know the truth behind these' mat-
ters . At the same time, Gilbert 'and
his wife Cathy, were attending the
doctrinal exposition of the
Iglesia Iti Cristo (Church of Christ) .
Gil had been telling me about the
Last Messenger of God, and the
prophecies concerning these last
days. I attended one Bible Study
, and was amazed that every question
asked was answered direct from the
Bible - clear and con'cise. This can
never be witnessed in the Catholic
Thus I was shocked to
know that the Catholic Chureh was
the apostate Church, responsible
for the decline of the true faith.
One thing which bothered me was
Gil's warning that if I don't change
my ways - beliefs, I would be con-
'demned and thrown into the lake of
fire . So I started thinking of joiqing
the faith. Gil then' invited me to a
week-long Bible exposition, held
at the Iglesia ni Cristo Chapel in the
locality of San Francisco, California.
I listened attentively, though as '
skeptical as I was, after the third
day, I felt a new inner peace which
I never felt before. Then I knew I
was enlightened. Everything was
made clear to me through the in-
strumentality of God's ministers ,
commissioned in these last days,
May 30, 1975 was a great day for
me. I was baptized in the. locale of
San Francisco, California by Bro-
ther Julio Florc;s. who had also
conducted the Bible expositions'
I had attended. I thank God for
giving me the gift of salvation
through His Son Jesus Christ. I
hope that I may in turn be an instru-
me'nt of God in bringing my rela-
tives, friends and others, to know
that the body .of Christ , the Iglesia
ni Cristo, is the only way out of
the holocaust that awaits this phi-
net. T pray tha t we, hrothers and
sisters, be strengthened in our faith
and may we endure till the end.-O
. ,...4
' .

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Tomas C. Cataiigay
very clear in its teachings that
our Lord Jesus Christ is a man
in His state of being. Yet, in spite 9f
these explicit teachings of the Holy
Bible, the Catholic Church be-
lieves,' teaches and argues that He
is the true God. It is easy to dismiss
such teaching as contrary to the
, doctrines taught by our Lord Jesus
Himself and His Apostles. How-
ever, we will not instantly dismiss
the "Jesus is true , God" doctrine '
as man-made, but we will, for the
sake ' of truth, prove that the said
... , doctrine is, nOjhing more than a
human precept by tracing the
genesis and history of its develop-
What is th.e proof that the teach-
ing "Christ is true God" is merely
the result of a gradual develop-
ment? Did those who follow' imme-
diately after the time of the Apos-
tles believe that the Christ is
true God from the very beginning?
"Common Christianity . Pro-
foundly loyal to Christ. it conceived
of Him primarily as the divine re-
vealer of the knowledge of the true
God. and the proclaimer 6f a: 'new
law' of simple. lofty. and strenuous
morality. This is the attitude of the
so-called 'Apostolic Fathers, with
the exception of -Ignatius. "
(Williston Walker, A History of the
Christian Church. New York:
Charks Scribner's Sons, 1970.
Third Edition, p. 37)
Christianity and the so-
called Apostolic Fathers, with the
exception of IgnatiUS, believed our
Lord Jesus Christ as the divine re-
vealer of the knowledge of the true
God. He is not, therefore. the true
God. They also believed Christ as
the proclaimer of a new law of mora-
lity. How could anyone, therefore.
make the mistake of believing that
Christ is the true God when even
the " Apostolic Fathers," with the
exception of ignatius, did not be-
that Christ is God?
Who are the so-called Apostolic
, Fathers? "these Christian writers
were thus named bpcause it was
long. though erroneously. believed
that they were pers.onal disciples of
the Apostles. They include Clement
of Rome (c. ' 93-97)..' Ignatius of An-
tioch (c. Il 0- Il7).: Polycarp of
Smyrna (c. IlO-Il7);. of
Rome (c. 100-140); . . . " (Ibid.) The
-so-called Apostolic Fathers who fol-
lowed immediately after the time of
the Apostles did nqt believe that
Christ is true . God but the revealer
of the knowledge of the true God -
with the exceptiQn of Ignatius.
What ancient confession of faith
written by those who followed im-
mediately after the time of the
Apostles. can we cite to prove fur-
ther that in the beginning they did
not believe Christ is (rile God?
" ... there is the Old RO/llan or the
so-called Apostles ' Creed (ca. 100). '
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which follows the language of
. Ulld Luke and 'no
' mellfioll of the preexistent Christ.
This creed reads: '/ believe in God
. .. ulld ill Christ Jes'us. His 'only
SOli . .. who was born of the Holy
Spirit alld the Virgin Mary. 'Accord-
illg to this creed, then, before the
birth o(Jesus there were only God
and Spirit, .and 'Jesus. ' as
it says, 'was born of the Holy Spirit
alld the 'Virgin Mary. ' No mention is
made of a preexistent Christ, ..
"And so by the end oj the period
oj the Apostolic Fathers there was
110 belief in a preexistent Trinity . ..
(Harry Austryn Wolfson, The Philo-
sophy of the Church Fathers. Mas-
sachusetts: Harvard University
Press. 1964. Vol. 1. Second Edition,
pp, 190-191) The "Apostles '
Creed" makes no mention of a pre-
existent Christ and up to the end of.
the period of the Apostolic Fathers,
there was no belief in a pre-'
existent Trinity disproving the
"Christ is God" doctrine.
What other writings outside the
New Testament prove that in the
beginning there was no belief in
the divinity of Cbrist? ' .' .. '. even the
Didache, or 'Teaching of the Twelve
Apostles. 'the oldest literary monu-
ment oj Christian antiquity outside
of the New Testament canon . . .
' cont.ains no formal profession of
faith in the divinity of Jesus Christ. '
(Joseph Pohle, The Divine Trinity,
A' Dogmatic Tr(;atise, U.S.A.: B.
Herder Book Co., 1950, Nihil Obs-
tat: F. ' J. Holweck; Imprimatur,'
Joannes J. Glennon; p. 150) Here
we have established the fact that
those who followed immediately
after time of the Apostles - the
so-called ' Apostolic Fathers, with
the exception of Ignatius - ' did not
believe that Christ is.God. Why with
exception of Ignatius?
Who fil'st taught that Christ is '
God? . 'The earliest time known at
which Jesus was de({ied w(.(s. after
the New Testament writers, in the
letters of Ignatius, at the beginning
of the ,second century . . , (Augustus
Hopkins Strong, Systematic Theo-
logy. Philadelphia: The Judson '
Press, 1951, p. 305) 'Ignatius, be-
lieved to be- a disciple of Apostle
Paul, was the first to teach that
Jesus Christ is God. Is it any)\'on-
der that from among the disciples of
, the , Apostles emerged men who
preached that Christ is God? "Take
heed to yourselves and to all the
flock, in which the Holy Spirit has
made you guardians, to feed the
Church of the Lord which he ob-
tained with his own blood . . . and
from your own selves will arise, men
speaking perverse things, to draw
away the disciplf!s after them. "
(Acts 20:28,30, R.S.V., The Oxford
Annotated Bible) The Apostles pro-
phesied about men who will speak
perverse things to draw away the
disciples among them. These men
will come from among the elders ,or
bishops ofthe Church.
What 'is one of the perverse
things they would speak and who,
were these men whom the Apostles
had forwamed about? "But I am
afraid that as the serpent ' deceive
Eve by his cunning. your thoughts
will be led astray from a sincere and
pure devotion to Christ. For if some
one comes and preaches another
Jesus than the one we preached. or
if you received a different spirit
from the one you received, or if you
accept a different gospei from the
one you accepted, you submit
to it readily enough." (II Cor.
11 :3-4, Ibid.) The- deceivers will
preach another Jesus, different
from that which' the Apostles
taught. Therefore. if it were true
that Ignatius, w'ho first taught that
Christ is God. ,was really a disciple
of Apostle Paul , we nave here
another fulfillment of the prophecy
of the Apostles. However, there' are
Catholic books which state that be-
fore Ignatius, Clement of Rome
taught that Christ is God. ,
What led them to believe that
Clement taught that Christ Is God? '
. 'St. Clement of Rome. who was a
disciple and fellow-laborer of St.
Paul, and the third successor of
St. Peter in the See of Rome, in-
variably refers to Christ as 'the
Lord' - a title proper to God
alone. He furthermore ' express"
ty teaches that 'the scepter of
the majesty of God. the Lord
Jesus Christ, did not ' come with
arrogance of and overbear'
ing, which He might have done,
w,ith humility. . While ' this text
does not embody any explicit pro-'
fession of faith in the Divinity of
Christ, it involves such a profession.
inasmuch as no mere creature,
whether man or angel, could with-
out blasphemy be called 'the scep-
ter of God . ... (Joseph Pohle, Chris-
tology, A Dogmatic Treatise on the
U.S.A .. B.Herder Book
Co. 1952, Nihil Obstat: F. J. Hol- ,
week; Imprimatur: Joannes J. Glen-
non.pp. 20.-21) Clement ' s reference
to Christ as "the Lord" led Catholic
authorities to assert that Clement '
taught that Christ is true God. The
text , as Catholic authorities them-
selves admit', does not embody an
explicit profession of faith-in the Di-
vinity of Christ. Nowhere in the
writings of Clement can, we find that
he called or referred to Christ as
true God. He undoubtedly referred
, to Christ as "the Lord" , true. But
does the Lordship of Christ 'mean
that He is true God? His Lordship
was not inherent in Him but was
made by God. (Acts 2:36)
Why are we absol,lltely certain
that Catholic mentors erred in their
understanding of Clement's writ-
ings? Because according to Clement
himself. Christ is a maN eXDosed to
sttripes: . 'He (Christ) is a man ex- '
posed to stripes and suffe'ring, and
acquainted with the endurance of
Know_Well Page 16 of 44
grief .. " ("The First Epistle of
Clement to the Corinthians" - The
Ante-Nicelle Fathers. ed. by
Alexander Roberts and James
Donaldson, Michigan: Wm. B.
Eerdmans Publishing Company,
1969. Vol. 1. p. 9) It is not true,
therefore. that before Ignatius, Cle-
o ment of Rome taught that Christ
}s true God. It was Ignatius Who first
taught 'that our Lord Jesus is true
What is one of the reasons why
the Catholic Church teaches that
Christ is true God? .". . . Celsus. a
pagan philosopher of the
third century. contended that the
Christians had no right to criticize
the polytheism of the, pagan world
since their own worship of Christ
was essentially polytheistic. 'The
Chr.istians.-' he declared. 'wor-
shiped no God; no. not even a de-
" mon, but only ' a dead man . . '. If
they do not wish to worship the
pagan gods. he said. 'why should
they?not rather pay. their devotions
to some of their own prophets than
to a man who had been crucified by
the Jews?' ..... (John A. O'Brien,
The , 'Faith of. Millions. The Cre-
dentials ,of the Catholic Religion.
Ind.: Our Sunday Inc., 17th
printing, Nihil Obstaf: Lawrence A.
Gollner; Imprimatur: Leo A. Purs- ,
ley, p. 99) The pagans criticized "he
Catholics beeause they worship
Christ, a dead man.
How did the so-called early
fathers of the Catholic Church an-
swer the pagan criticism? "Origen.
the greatest of the early Christian
writers. defended the Christians
from the attacks of Celsus. This he
did. not by denying ,the charge that .
they worshiped Christ buJ by
showing that the Savior was worthy
oj such adoration because He was
God . .. (Ibid.) The Catholic Church,
,in the person of Origen. answered
the criticism of CeIsus, a pagan, by
teaching that Christ is God. Origen
APRIL 1978
did not deny that Cnrist is wor-
shipped but justified the actuation
by asser1ing that Christ is G.;>d.
Was Origen right in giving such
justificattion of worshipping Christ?
Should Christ be worshipped be-
cause He is God? "Therefore God
has higbly exalted him and 'bes-
towed on! him the name which is
abQve every name, that at the name
of Jesus every knee should bow, in
heaven ar.ld on an earth, and under
the earth, and every tongue confess
that Jesus: Christ is Lord, to the
Glory of God the Father." (Phil.
2:9-11, R.S.V.) The Oxford Anno- .
ta,ted Bible)It is the will of God that
at ,the nalIlle of Jesus, every knee
should bow,.
Christ miust be worshipped, not
because He is God, but for the glory
of God. OlJigen's rejoinder to the
, pagans, therefore was erroneous.
Hence,even the so-caIled Christians
as late as the fourth did not
agree with Origen: "The very fact
that as late as the fourth century
there were those within Christianity
who, despite their acceptance of the
Epistles of P,aul and the Gospel of
John, still arjgued against the divi- '
nity of the pre-existent Christ shows
that there was nothing in these
writings which could be taken as
conclusive evidence of a belief on
the part of Paul and John that the
preexistent Ch.rist was God in the
literal sense of the (Wolf-
son: The Philosophy of the Church
Fathers. pp. 306-307) As late as the
fourth century" there were those
who argued against the alleged divi-
nity of Christ.
Who was on!e of the most out-
example, insisted upon the unity of
essence in three personalities as
the co"ect interpretation qf the
Trinity. Hence the centered
in ,the Eastern section of the Em-
pire. It must be remembered that
the Church has always had to fight
Unitarian conceptions of Christ .. ,.
"In 318 or 319. Alexander. the
bishop of Alexandria. discussed
with his presbyters 'The Unity of
the TrinitY.' One of the
ters, AriUs. an ascetic, scholar and
popular preacher. attacked the ;er-
mon because he believed that it
failed to uphold' a' distinction
among the persons in the ' God-
head . . ',
''Three views were put forth at
the council. Arius. who was backed
by Eusebius of Nicomedia (to be
distinguished ' from Eusebius of
Caesarea) and a minority of those
present. insisted that Christ had not
, existed from ali eternity but had a
beginning by the creative act of
God prior to time. He believed that
Christ was of a different (heteros)
essence or. substance than the
Father. Because of the virtue of His
life and His obedience to God's will.
Christ was to be considered divine.
But Arius believe that Christ was a
being, created out ofnothing.subor-
dinate to the Father and of a diffe-
rent essence from the Father. He
was not coequal. coeternal or con-
substantial with ' the Father. To
Arius He was divine but not deity . ..
(Earle ' E, Cairns, Christianity
Through the Centuries; A History, of .
the Christian Church. Michigan:
Zondervan Publishiojit House, 1954,
pp. 142, 143)
standing oppoment of the teaching Arius, a popular preacher did' not
that Christ is fGod in those days? believe that Christ is God; He was a
"The problem of the relationship , created being, subordinate to the
between God the Father and " Father and of a different essence
His Son Jesus Christ became an from God. To Arius, Christ is not co-
acute problem in the Church soon equal or ,consubstantial with the ,
after Ehe ces sation of persecution. , Father., The controversy regarding
In Western Tertullian. for the alleged divinity or deity of
15 '
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Christ arose when Arius heard the
sermon of Alexander, bishop of
AJexandria. Arius attacked the ser-
mon decladng that 'it failed to up-
hold a distinction among the "per-
sons" in the" Godhead. "
How did they settle the dispute or
controversy? . 'The controversy
came so bitter that Alexander had
Arius condemned by a synod. Arius
then fled to the friendly palace of
Eusebius . . . Since the dispute
tered in Asia Minor, it threatened
the unity of the Empire as well as
that of the Church. Constantine
tried to settle the dispute by letters
to the bishop of Alexandria' and
Arius, but the dispute had gone be-
yond the power even of a letter from ,
the Emperor. Constantine then
called a .counczl of the bishops of the
Church to work out a solution to
the dispute. This council met at
Nicaea in the early summer of 325.
Tree hundred bishops of the
church. were present, but less than
ten were from the section
of'the Empire. The pre-
sided over the council and paid its
expenses. For the first time the
Church found itself dominated by
the political leadership of the head
{ of the state." (Ibid. p. 143) The
letter of-Emperor Constantine to the
protagonist in the controversy,
failed miserably to solve the dilem-
ma. He, therefore, convened the
council of Nicea, attended by three
Hundred bishops presided and all
expenses paid by him. /
, What was decided upon by the
council of Nicea? "Thus, for exam-
ple, it was not until 325 A.D., at the
Councila that the Church
defined for us that it was an article
of faith that Jesus is truly God."
{Clement H. Crock, Discol;I7ses on
the Apostles' Greed, New York:
Joseph F. Wagner, Inc., 1938,
Nihil Obstat: Arthur J. Scanlan;
Imprimatur: Patrick Cardinal
Hayes, p. 206) The council of Nicea
decided that Christ is trUly God,
such is the aiticle of faith that now
serves as the basis' of the belief of
the Roman Catholic Church.
What else does _ the Catholic
Church presently teach about
Christ, which was not their belief in
the past? ''The Catholic Church
teaches that there 'is but one God . ..
"In this one God there are three
distinct Persons, - the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Ghost, who are
perfectly equal to each other.' ,
(James Cardinal Gibbons, The Faith
of our Fathers, new York: P.J. Ken-
nedy & Sons, 1950, p. 1). The
. Roman Catholic Church now be-
lieves that God has three distinct
Persons all of whom are perfectfy
equal to each othet.
Was this their belief in the past?
I 'Now, observe, my assertion is that
the Father is one, and the Son one,
and the Spirit one. and that they are
distinct from Each Other. . . be-
cause the Father is not the same as
the Son, since they differ one from
the' other in the mode of their being.
For the Father is the entire sub-
stance, but the Son is a derivation
and portion of the whole, as He
Himself acknowledges: 'My Father
is Greater than I. ' Iii the Psalm His
inferiority is described as being 'a
little lower than the angels. ' Thus
the Father is distinct from the Son,
being greater than the Son. . . ."
( .. Praxeas" , The Ante-
Nicene Fathers. Michigan: Wm; B;
Eerdmans Publishing Company,
1.968, ed. by Alexander Roberts and
James Vol. III, pp. 603-
604) In {he past, the Catholic
Church did not believe that Christ
is coequal with the Father because
the Son was created "a little lower
than the angels." The Father is not
the same as the Son; _ They differ
y from each other in the mode of their
being. This belief was voiced by
Tertullian using the Bible as his
basis. Ironically, this same Ter-
tullian invented the term i.Trinity:
'The term 'Trinity' is not found in
Scripture. . . The invention of the
term is ascribed to Tertullian."
(Strong, Systematic Theology,
Why can't we accept the teaching
that Christ is God? Because it is
easily discernable that the Catholic
doctrine regarding Christ is a
gradual deviati.on from the Bible.
Besides, the belief that there
is only one '"God - the Father -
leads to salvation and eternal life:
"Tum to me and,and be saved. all
the ends of the earth/.For I am' God,
and there is no other . .. (Isa. 45-22)
"When Jesus hac! spoken these
words. he lifted. up his eyes to
heaven and said, 'Father, the hour
has come; Rlorify thy Son ' that the
Son may glorify thee ,. . . -And this
is eternal life, that they know thee
the only true God. ana Jesus Christ
whom thou has sent. " (John 17: 1,
3; R.S.V. , The Oxford Annotated
The Holy Scriptures never teach-
es that Christ is God. The" Jesus is
God" doctrine was the result of
gradual development and gradual
deviation from true Christian
precepts. Therefore it is a man-
made ooctrine. We the Church of
Christ can never accept such doc-
trines for we do not want to forfeit
our right to salvation and life
eternal which can only be attained
by believing that the Father not
Christ, is the only true God. - 0
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Part of an INC Social Welfare Unit 's activity uplifting lifestyle and
conditions of less fortunate brethren, among them are out of school chzld-
A Social Welfare Unit was or-
ganized by the Church of Christ
administration in its ardent desire
for the welfare of our brethren who
are in need.
Thus , in the early part of October
1977, the Ch urch of Christ Social
Welfare Unit administratively
supervised by a volunteer Social
Worker, Sister Evelyn E. Asinas,
staffed by Johnny Ravlno, a wel-
fare aide . Ferdie Alcid. outtit clerk.
Cora Villanueva and Alice Bairan,
professional nursery teachers, is
under operations, at the Iglesia ni
. Cristo Central Office in Diliman,
Quezon City, Philippines.
The Social Welfare Unit ' s main
objective is to standardize the life-
style and living conditions of our
less fortunate brethre'n. by render-
ing assistance and social services,
and likewise by extending material,
financial and medical aid to
brethren found to be in need of
priority assistance. Hence, the pilot
project of this office was designed
for our brothers in Barrio Culiat,
most of our construction
workers reside.
Prior to the establishment of the
SWU, it is a fact brethren's
problem in this area is medi-
cal assistance. Hence with the con-
sent of our Brother Erdy, a Health
Center adjacent to the place. was
established to meet the medical
needs of our brethren.
(Continued on page B)
APRIL 1978
A big religious public debate was
held between the Iglesia ni Cristo'
and the Christian and Missionary
Alliance Churches of the Philip-
pines, Inc. (CAMACOP) in Cagayan
de Oro City. Brother Mateo Liwa-
nag,' Misamis Oriental Division
Minister encountered a Protestant
Pastor, Rev. Conrado Dadivas of the
CAMACOP in a two-day religious
public debate, rec5!ntly held in the
Community AmpHltheater.
The three topics taken were:
1. Resolved: That Christ is the
True God according to the Bil;Jle.
Rev. Dadivas stood on the affirma-
tive side while Brother Mateo Liwa-
nag on the negative side.
2. Resolved:That the Church of
Christ in the Philippines is the true
(Continued on page F)
It was sometime in April 1977
when the Committee Prayer started
in JU' AY MAH CAMP. ' Saudi '
Arabia led by some energetic
brethren from the Philippines,
Brothers Cornelio Vicera, Braulio
Langit . Arthur Langit. Mauro La-
ngit and Teddy Gabarda. Despite
difficulties in gathering the breth-
ren in the said olace. they made
plans on how their Committee
Prayers will materialize. Their sub-
lime purpose found a way in the
tContinued on page B)
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The key officers of the committee prayer meeting in Ju 'ay mah Camp.
Saudi Arabia who served as instrument in gathering brethren in this
particular part of .:the world . .
" Operation Unending Fruit Bear-
ing ... waslaunched in this province
by the Ministers and church work-
ers thru the initiative of Brother Do-
nato Dagdag, La Union Division
Minister, supported by the Church
officers and Church organizations
- Buklod,. Kadiwa and Binhi.
. As an initial step, Brother Dag-
dag called a meeting of the Buklod,
Kadiwa. and Binhi officers and ex-
horted them on their duty to bear
'fruits for the glorification of the
Heavenl y Father.
Meanwhile, locale church officers
were convened in a conference in
the chapels of San 'Fernando and
Aringay, all aimed to support
(From page A)
On the other hand, an " Inter-
Area Oeanliness, Beautification
and Green Revolution Contest .. was
launched by the SWU to encourage
brethren to make their environ-
ment a healthful place to live in.
And as education among pre-
schoplers is another major problem
of . the brethren,. a t wo Day-Care
Nurseries were set-up in Barrio
Culiat and in the' Central Com-
pound. - 0 Ferdie AIcid
Fruitfu1 Year '78 Operation in this
province . - 0
(From page A)
Mess Hall of Saudi Catering when
they posted a bill in its door indi-
cating the following : ' 'INC COM-
7:00 P.M. - DORM. #431, ROOM
#8 " . From that time on, Committee
Prayers are being held in the room
Of Brother Teddy Gabarda. Since
the poster served as an attraction to
people frequenting the Mess Hall ,
the non-members of the Church of
Christ removed and trampled it. In
the face of the persecution, the
brethren did not lose hope but be-
came more insistent as to how they
can come in contact with other
brethren in the vicinity. They made
another poster of which a little re-
vision was done, and was posted on
the same site where the first pester
was' posted. This time, trey suppli-
cated to God that may the p.oster be
protected and not to be d e ~ t r o y e d
anymore. As an answer to their
prayers, the supervisor of the Saudi
Catering gave them permission and
at the same time protection fot the
For the fact that brethren here in
JU'AY MAH CAMP, are not per-
manent, some left. others arrived, .
yet the Committee Prayer re-
mained, going on every Thurs-
day and Sunday. Brothers who re-
gistered and joined the Committee
Prayer upon reading the poster
were: Jaspe Daganan, Eduardo Ga-
lang, Rogelio Binungcal, Reynaldo
Vicente, Wilfredo Novilunio, Ricar-
do Salvador, Danilo Eje, Narciso Es-
trella and Florencio Jimenez. The
group, now led by Brother Avelino
Manalo holds committee prayers
and hears tape-recorded sermons in
the room of Brothers Ricardo Sal- .
vador and Danilo Eje, first and
second treasurers respectively. The
co-leader of the group is Brother '
Jaspe Daganan, while Brother Ted-
dy Gabarda serves as the secretary.
With the help of God, the Holy
Spirit is profusely felt by all at-
tendees of the Committee' Prayer.
- 0
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A throng of brethren eager to greet
Brother Erafzo G. Manalo after the
dedication of the House of Worship
in Pateros, Rizal, Philippines is
shown at right. Down under is the
dedication in process officiated by
the Executive Minister - at right in
the same level is the newly erected
House of Worship at Pateros.
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Brethren workers took time out for the photo after
their Committee prayer. ABQAlQ,SAUDL ARA-
A. Members attending
worship service.
B. Locale officials with bro-
ther Mariano M. Gorgonia
(Resident Minister in Lon-
don (seated 3rdfrom left.)
C. Members of the choir
with Brother Mariano M.
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~ ..
A Canadian style of fanfare and the
merry makers are shown at right in
,. their busiest moment.
Brethren at .right photo are shown
typically holding their Thanks-
giving service in Hongkong.
APRil. 1978
Left photo shows brethhren after
the dedication ceremony of the Sali-
nas Chapel in California, U.S.A.
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Church which Christ will save at
His secolld comillg. Brother Mateo
Liwanag defended the affirmative
side while Rev. Dadivas took the
negative side.
3. Resolved: That man is saved
by faith alolle regardless of his reli-
gious ajfiliatioll accoriling to the
Bible. Brother Liwanag on the nega-
tive and Rev. Dadivas on the
' affirmative.
Atty. Guerrero Adgza - Chair-
man of the Mass Media - Cagayan
de Oro Chapter and President of
the Practicing Attorneys and Atty.
Samson Cayton a stood as modera-
I The first affirmative stand was
given by Rev. Conrado Dadivas. He
tried to lead the audience to his be-
lief regarding Christ's state of
being as stated in John 1:1, Col.
1:16 which were expounded in his
own interpretation.
When Brother Mateo Liwanag
began to cross-examine Rev., Da-
divas, the crowd roared as the first
question was pounded by Brother
Liwanag on Rev. Conrado Dadivas
who was not able to confirm and de-
fend his testimony. Thus, the atten-
tion of Rev. Dadivas was called
several times by the moderator who
requested him to answer the
qU,estion of Brother Liwanag.
Brother Mateo LiwanaB 'expound-
ed that since Rev. Dadivas believes
that Christ is the true God, when
Christ was nailed on the cross and
died, it would follow that God died.
Rev. Dadivas ' stood soundless and
tongue-tied. He seemed lost. The
moderator urged him to answer.
Confused, he said he did not know
since he was not yet existing at that
Brother Mateo Liwanag then,
took his turn and gave an impress-
ive exposition, direct from the Holy
Scripture. He effectively exposed
the wrong Biblical concept of the
opponent. All his answers were
vital and satisfactory to the multi-
(From page A)
tude of observers:
The next day, at the same place,
the second topic was debated. upon.
Brother Liwanag took the first stand
and proved to the public the impor-
tance of the Iglesia ni Cristo which
was established by Christ in Jeru-
salem. The Church, as prophesied,
would not be confined to the Gen-
tiles and the Jewish 'nation alone for
, according to the Bible as bur ~ r d
had ' spoken, He has other ~ h e e p
which were not yet in His flock ,
during His sojourn with His Church.
This was confirmed by Apostle
Peter as he mentioned the three dif-
ferent groups of people which would
be called by ,God as members of the
Church of Christ: the Jews, the
Gentiles and those that are from
afar, (Acts 2:39). Those mentioned
from afar are the sons and daugh-
ters of God from the Far East (Is.
43:5-6). The Far East mentioned is
the Philippines (World History by
Boak, Slosson and Anderson,
Rev. Dadivas refuted that the
East mentioned are Egypt, Pales-
tine and Israel. Whereby Brother
Liwanag lucidly explained the geo-
graphical location of the globe. The
globe is divided ihto two Hemis-
pheres', the Eastern and Western.
The Eastern Hemisphere is sub-
divided into three, the Near East,
Middle East and the Far East. He
further explained that Egypt, Pales-
tine and Israel are in the Near East;
thus, they are not the countries re-
ferred to in the prophecy.
In the succeeding cross-examina-
tions by Brother Liwanag, the Pro-
testant Pastor finally admitted that
the Church established by Christ is
the Church of Christ - the trQe ,
Church which will be saved come
judgment day.
After the second topic-, the Pro-
testant Pastor was hesitant to con-
tinue with the debate due to his em-
barrassment before the public for
his inability to defend his side. But
his followers forced him to continue,
thus the third topic was finally de-
bated on.
The Protestant Pastor encoun-
tered more difficulties in trying to
affirm his stand that man can be
saved through faith alone, irres-
pective of his Church affiliations.
Unfortunately, he was not able to
prove the authenticity of his stand.
In the cross-examinations by
Brother Liwanag, the following
questions were asked which the
Protestant Pastor was unable to
a. If it is true that faith alone will
suffice for man to be saved from
condemnation, then why did Christ
establish His Church?
b. You admitted that you were
raised in the United Church of
Christ in the Philippines, why did
you transfer to the CAMACOP,
The moderator urged Rev. Da-
divas to answer the questions but
he admitted that he could not.
Brother Liwanag then . read the
declaration of Albert Sanders, a
Protestant professor and pn,e , of
Rev. Dadiva's instructors, that it is
'through the church th'at God is
seeking to carry out His sqving p"ur-
pose in the world. 'There was no
other way, for the Church of Christ
is the only body of Christ . . (Christ-
ian Beliefs by Albert Sanders,
pp. 51-52). Credible evidences com-
pletely disproved the allegations 'of
the Protestants that faith alone is
'enough 'for salvation. The public
was enlightened that th'e Church of
Christ (Iglesia l1i Cristo) is the only
way for mankind to attain salvation.
Hence, the aftermath of ' the de-
bate was very compensating. A
number of souls suqmitted for the
Bible study of doctrines. The vic-
tory In favor of the IgleSia ni Cristo
is another manifestation of God's
continuing help and guidance as
promised to His people. - 0
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The 'Division of Cebu recently
.hosted a one-day Seminar parti-
cipated by all Ministers and Work-
ers from the Divisions of Cebu,
Bohol and Negros Oriental. The
Seminar was officiated by Brother
Teofilo C. Ramos , Sr., who strongly
emphasized on the improvement of
the quality of a preacher to attain
more success in all church works.
The solemnity of the sermon
touched alI the' participants which
made them pledge for a better
and more meaningful performance
of their duties towards God.
After the Seminar, the Kadiwa
and Binhi of the Division of Cebu
presented an impromptu program
for the entertainment of the i s i t i ~ g .
Ministers and Workers.
Meanwhile, the new set of .offi-
cers of Buklod, Division ,of Cebu,
led by its President, . Brother
Braulio Enriquez, pledged for
'stronger unity and to assist in alI
church undertakings. Year 1978 is
a great challenge to the brethren in
their duties ; hence, big activities
were taken. Visitation to inactive
members was initiated, construc-
. tion of chapels in some locales was
scheduled, and a province-wide
campaign . 'Operation Madagaya-
ong Pagbubunga (Operation Mass
Produce) was launched.
In order to speed up {or this
year ' s church works which is cen-
tered mostly in the province-wide
campaign "Operation Madagaya-
ong Pagbubunga, ,l the Division of
Cebu has been categorically divided
into three districts. The Southern
Cebu District, the Northern Cebu
District and the Central Cebu Dis-
trict. Each district was given ,a co-
ordinator to closely supervise the
Buklod locale officers in the per-
formance oftheir share in alI church
. works . .
'Pamamahayag ., (Biblical Expo-
sitions) are now being undertaken
nightly by alI ,the locales which com.-
pose Cebu's Central District aM
Religious Public Rallies are sched-
uled following ;t house-to-house
campaigri. All Mimsters and Work-
ers of the Division of Cebu, heartily
pledged to offer to God 1,000
souls, before the end of this year.
-0 '.
Nueva Ecija II Division Minister,
Brother Felipe Aguilar, together
with the Church Workers I have
launched a massive propagation
. campaign to revive inactive bre-
thren in the Division. With God' s
help and guidance, the propagation
campaigns have effectively helped
in the restoration of many inactive
brethren and also in 'the conversion
of non-believers into the Fold.
As of this writing, the locale of
Baloe, Sto. Domingo, has the high-
est number of yields - 98 souls are
undergoing Biblical Expositions
conducted by B.rother Valintin
Santos,- aside from the numerous in-
APRIL 1978
active members who are under ob-
servation. Hence, the Baloc Chapel
has always been ftlled during Wor-
ship Services .
The locale of San Jose City head-
ed by Brothers Victorino Cajucom,
Ramon P. Gonzales Sr., Fernando
S. Villanueva and Andres Sadora,
placed second with around 80 souls
undergoing Biblical Expositions,
and some inactive brethren who are
also under observation. It is expect-
ed that under the management of
the newly-elected Buklod President,
Brother Dominador Escuadro, mis- .
sionary works are more bound to
succeed in San Jose City. - 0
Brother Alejandro Ledesma,
Capiz Division Minister have suc-
cessfully resisted Mr. Jesse Fus-
san, a representative of the Jeho-,
v'ah's Witnesses in his attempt to
humiliate the Church of Christ in a
debate recently held at Bq. Libas,
Roxas City. Subject of the debate
was: Resolved: That Mr. Felix Y.
Manalo is not the fulfillment of
another angel .n !?-evelation 7:2-3,
but Christ . .. Brother Ledesma stood
for the negative, wl;1ile Mr. Fussan
on the affirmative.
Unfortunately, amidst the huge
audience, Mr. Fussan was unable to
prove their stand more so during
the Cross-Examination, wherein
Brother Ledesma reminded him
that at the time of the writing of the
prophecy - Revelation 7:2-3, by
Apostle John, Christ was already' in
heaven; then Brothe'r .Ledesma
. asked: ''Therefore, if Christ was
already in heaven, why then' did
Apostle John not write.: descend,
but rather: 'And I saw another
angel ascending from the east .. . ? ';
thus , Mr ,' Fussan was tongue-tied
and became hopeless .' to win back
the cause of this debate - their
" Goodwills"s (Converts) who were
being converted into the Church ,of
Hence, the moderator, Barangay
Captain, Mr. Bauson declared the
debate in favor of the Church of
Christ and consented that in the
second resolution; "Resolved: That
Jesus Christ is the true God, not
true man . .. the "Witnesses" will
not anymore fight the Church of
Christ but instead sign an agree-
ment with the Church of Christ,
stating admission of their defeat.
Presently, more "Goodwills" are
now undergoing Biblical Exposi-
tions conducted by Brothers Josue
Carillo and Francisco Espino, Jr.-
Church of Christ Workers in Roxas
City. - 0
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The Division of Sorsogon was
divided into five districts for the
purpose of providing full super-
vision' and to ensure effective per'-
formance of church duties and obli-
gations. This is in connection with
Operation . 'Sabay-Sabay . . of week-
ly church activities in all districts.
Each district is headed by a
Minister elected as Team Leader to
lead the ministerial force, both
locale and district officials in mass
propagations and in zealous parti-
cipation in all churchactivities.
. 'Sabay-Sabay Dalaw .. in all dis-
tricts is jointly participated once a
week by Buklod and Kadiwa mem-
bers. Activities for every "dalaw"
a) House-to-House Visitations in
'themorning with lectures and pray-
ers for the brethren of a parti-
b) Special , W Services in
the afternoon attended by all
brethren of the whole district
usually officiated by Brother
Daniel Solano (Division Minister)
c) Open Forums or Religious
Rallies in the
For the past few months, several
heartwarming Special Worship Ser-
vices, Debates, Open Forums and
Religious Rallies were held in five
districts of the Division which added
and gave the brethren more
strength and sincerity in the per-
formance of their duties for the
glory of God's name.
These "Sabay-Sabay" dist{ict
activities has shown another mark
of success for the Division of Sor-
sogon. 'A big number of people in
every district are presently. under-
going Biblical Expositions together
with a big number of restored in-
active members.
' Meanwhile, 10 Religious Rallies
were held in different parts of Sor-
sogon: Coron-Coron, Pulot, Bacon,
Nasuje, Trece Martire.z, Butag, Bar-
celona, Patag, Menito, Casiguran
and Bulan. Hence 200 souls are now
scheduled , for Baptism in Sta.
Magdalena - the first in the His-
tory of the Division. --... 0
o thou tireless servant,
God-sent messenger, .
Do not neglect the gift you have;
But strive to study,
Give attendance to exhortation,
And continue in teaching;
So that it may be known to all
That you are progressing.
In all aspects ojlife,
Be an example to all believers.
In word. in behaviour, in love,
Injaith and in purity.
Take heed unto thyself,
And unto the doctrine
Befirm in them;
F()r in doing this
You shall both save yourself
And those who hear you.
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Pangulong Tudling
INDl T A YO dapat magtaka kung sa Il:abila man
ng pag-unlad ng karunungan ng tao sa pana-
hong ito ay makarinig tay,o ng mga panaghoy
at paghihinagpis. Sapagka't hin.di nga naman ma-
ikakaila na sa kasalukuyang panahon ay lubhang ma-
. raming bumabagabag sa mga tao dito sa sanli-
butan, Ang mga kalamidad ay nagaganap hindi
lamang sa mga bansang mahihirap kundi maging sa
tipatawag na malalakas at mayayamang bansa. Ang
lindol , ang bagy() at mga daluyong ay hindi namimili
ng. pipinsalain, At sa kabila ng maraming pagpu-
pulong at mga pagsisikap na malunasan .ang kagu-
tom, lioo-libong mga tao pa rin ang namamatay sa
gutom taon-taon. Ang ay ,patuloy pa ring
nagaganap sa maraming mga bansa, Kung may na-
pahihinto mang digmaan sa isang dako ay suini-
siklab naman ito sa ibang dako. "Ano kaya," ang
tanong ng iba, "ang kahihinatnan ng sanlibutan?
. Ano kaya ang nakaabang pa sa dako roon?"
Sagot: Ang wakas ng sanlibutan. Sapagka't ang
.sanlibutan ay lilipas na kasama ng masamimg pita
. Ang mga pangyayaring nagaganap sa kasalu-
kuyan ay maliwanag na palatandaan na ang sanli-
butan ay nagtutumulin tUQ.go sa kanyang kawa-
kasan. Ito ang ipinahayag ng Panginoong Jesus sa
Kanyang mga alagad nang tanungin Siya ng mga ito
kung ano ang magiglng tanda ng Kanyang pagparito
at ng katapusan ng sanlibutan, Sinabi niya:' "At
mangakakarinig kayo ng mga digmaan at mga ali-
ngawngaw ng mga digmaan; ingatan ninyo na
huwag kayong magulumihanan: sapagka 't kinaka-
ilangang ito 'y mangyari datapuwa't hindi pa ang
wakas, Sapagka't magsisitindig ang bansa laban sa
bansa, at ang kaharian laban sa kahuriun; at magla-
kagutom ai lilindol sa iha 'i dl1ko. Dl1lapUwa'1
ang lahat ng mga bagay na ito ay siyang pasimula ng
kahirapan . .. (Mat. 24:6-8).
At ang kahirapan ay pinalala pa ng karahasan.
Ang mga digmaang nagaganap sa kasalukuyan ay
nanganak pa ng terorismo. Ang mga balita Ukol sa
iba't ibang anyo at .paraan ng' terorismo ay ' naki-
kipag-agawan wari ng puwang sa mga pahayagan,
na ang malimit na,mang nilalaman ay mga suliraning
pang-ekonomiya, alalaong baga.' y ang pagtaas ng
halaga ng mga bilihin; ang pagbaba ng halaga ng
salapi at ang patuloy ' na ng mga taong
walang hallapbuhay, at gayundin ang tila wiliang
katapusang pagtatalo ukol sa mga isyung pang-
moralidad, pampulitika at paniipunan na sanhi ng
pagkabahala ng marami sa hayag na pagdudumali
ng mga ito sa kabulukan. "Ano pa kaya," ang ta-
nong ng iba, "ang kakilakilabot na pangyayaring
magaganap sa sanlibutang ito?"
Sagot: Ang'wakas ng sanlibutan .
Ang mgapangyayaring ito ay katunayang tayo
ay nasa mga huling araw na, nasa mga pintuan na ng
wakas. Sinabi ni ,Apostol Pablo na: " ... sa mga
- kuling araw 'ay darating ang mga panahong mapa-
ngcmib. Sapagka 't ang mga tao y magiging maibi-
gin sa kanilang sarili, maibigin sa salapi, maya-
yabang, mga mapagmalaki, mapagtungayaw, masu-
wayin sa mga magulang, mga walang turing, mga
walang kabana/an, Walang katutubong pagibig,
'mga walang pagl-lJlubag, mga palabintangin,- mga
walang pagpipigil Sa sarili, mga mabangis, hindi
mga maibigin sa mabuti, Mga lilo, mga matitigas
ang ulo, mga palalo, mga maibigin sa kalayawan kay
sa mga maibigin sa Dios: Na may anyo ng kabanalan
datapuwa 't tinanggihan ang kapangyarihan nita:
lumayo k a Tin n.a man sa m2a ito . .. (II Tim.3:1-S).
(Sundan sa pahina.19)
4RRIT, ______________________ ________ ____________ ________ _______ 17 ______ J
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sia Katolika na kaya raw siya
ang tunay na iglesiang itinayo
ni Cristo ay sapagka't siya ay nama-
malaging pinamamahalaan ng mga
kahalili ni Apostol Pedro - ito raw
ang mga papa. Kaya ipinaggigi-
itall ng Iglesia Katolika na ang ka-
niyang mga papa ay hunlalili kay
Apostol. Pedro sa pamamahala sa
Iglesia ay upang magkaroon siya ng
kaugnayan sa mga apostol; at kung
. siya nga may kaugnayan sa
mga apostol ay magkakaroon na
siya 'ng kaugnayan kay Cristo,
sapagka't si Cristo ang .naghiilal sa
apostol. Subali't sa nakaraang
pag-aaral natin ay ating napatuna-
.yan sa pamamagitan ng Biblia na
hindi si Pedro ang puna 0 pangula
. ng IgJesiang itinayo ni Cristo kundi
ang ating Panginoong Jesucristo; at
naliwanagan din natin na ang pag-
Ka-Pangulo ni Cristo sa iglesia ay
hindi mapapalitan sapagka't ito 'y
magpakaiIanman. Tangi pa . rito,
I)aliwanagan din natin na hindi ma-
gagawa ni Pedro ang tungkulin ng
pangulo ng Iglesia - ang mag-
ligtas, na ito ay tanging magagawa
lamang ng ating Panginoong Jesu-
Subali't , bakit itinuturo ng Igle-
sia Katolika na inihalal ni Cristo si
Pedro na puna ng Iglesia? Ano ang
k.aniyang pinagbabatayan? Ganito
ang paliwanag ni Cardinal Gibbons
sa kaniyang aklat na ''Ang Pana-
nampalataya ng ating mga Ninuno .,
sa pahina 106-107: "Katuparan ng
Pal/gako. Ailg pangakong bini-
tiwan ng atlng Mananakop so
paglikha kay Pedro bi/ang Kataa'S-
taasa'ng Puno ng Kanyang Iglesia
ay natupad sa mga sumusunod na
pangungusap: 'Ang wika ni Jesus
kay Simon Pedro: Simon. anak ni
Juan, iniibig mo bag a Ako nang
higit sa mga ito? Ang sagot niya sa
Kanya: Panginoon, nalalaman
M ong ikaw ay iniibig ko. Ang wika
Niya sa kanya: Pakanin mo ang
Aking maliliit na tupa .. Ang wika
Niya uli sa kanya: Simon, anak ni
Juan, iniibig mo baga Ako? Ang
sagot niya sa Kanya: 00, Pangi- .
noon, nalalaman M ong Ikaw ay
iniihig ko. Ang wika Niya sa kanya:
Pakanin mo ang Aking maliliit na
. tupa. Ang ikatlong wika Niya sa ,
kanya: Iniibig mo' baga Aka? Ang
sagot niya sa Kanya: Panginoon,
natatalos Mo ang lahat ng bagay,
Nalalaman Mong Haw ay iniibig
ko. Ang wika Niya' sa kanya: Paka-
nin mo ang Aking mga tupa."
Ang mga salitang ito ng ating
Panginoong Jesucristo kay Apostol
Pedro ang pi'nagbabatayan ng Ig-
lesia Katolika, na sa pagkakataong
ito raw ay inihahalal ni Cristo si
Pedro na magi,ng puno ng Iglesiang
itinayo Niya. Kay Pedro raw ipinag-
katiwala ni Cristo a'ng mga tupa 0
ang mga kaanib sa Kaniyang igle-
sia. Totoo kaya ito? Tama kaya ang
pakahuIugan ng mga tagapagtu-
rong Katoliko sa mga pangungusap
ni Jesus na ating sinipi sa unahan
nito? Pa,ghahalal nga kaya ito kay
Pedro na maging puno sa Iglesiang
itinayo ni,- Cristo? Nagkakamali ang
mga KatQliko sa
pagpapakahulugan! Hindi ito pag-
hahalal kay Pedro kundi kinagaga"
litan .ni Jesus si Pedro, sapagka't
ang mga tupa at nag-
balik sa kaniyang dilting .hanap-
Ano ba ang dating hanapbuhay ni
Pedro? Si Pedro'y isang mangingis-
da sa dagat ng Galilea, kasama ng
kaniyang kapatid na si Andres. Sa
paglalakad ni Jesus sa tabi ng dagat
ay nakita Niya ang dalawang mag-
kapatid na naghuhulog ng isang
lambat sa dagat. "At sinahi ni
Jesus sa kanila, Magsisunod kayo
. sa hulihan ko, at gagawin ko kayong
mga mamamalakaya ng mga tao. At
pagdaka y iniwan nita ang mga lam- '
bat at nagsfsunod sa ' kaniya. "
(Mat . 4:18-20) . SubaIi't nang rna-
matay si Jesus ay pinabayaan ni
Pedro ang mga tupa at nagbalik sa
dati niyang hanapbuhay na pangi-
ngisda, at hindi lamang siya kundi
pati ang iba pang mga apostol ay
gumaya sa kaniya.
pahina 31)
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IIi Cristo ang
"Aka allg pbltuan ..
"Allg S;1I0 mallg mong
, 'S(Vtl :v rna/iUgtas, "-Ang ibig
Iglesjp 11; Cristo ang aniban natill
At allg kaligtasa:V atillg tatmnuhin.
Ito :v maliwallag na lIasa.Biblia,
Iglesia IIi Cristo allg atillg pag-asa
At ito ang ating ganap na ligaya.
Ito'y siyang tangi'Uullay lIa Iglesia
AIlg sino mang taong pumasok sa Kanyo.,
Siyallg mali/igtas na walang pags(lla!
Sa ibang iglesia:V walallR kaligtasall,
Sapagka '/ iisa anR 19lesianll. funay,
Ig/esia IIi Cristo allg siyallg panga/an
At si Jesucristo ang nagtalag niyall.
Narito allg atillg wa/allg hanggang buhay
Na nilulunggati na ating makamtan.
Wa/a Ilgtlllg pag-asa alig hilleli kaanib
sCielyallg Iglesia na aking binanggit.
. . Cristo allg tallgmg may langit,
. Ilg KClnyang pag-ibig,
(Mula sapahina 17)
"""I},n, u inaakit
Kung naganap ang mga palatandaang ito na
malapit na ang wakas, walang pasubaling sasapit
ang sanlibutan sa kanyang katapusan. At kung may
nanunuya man ukol dito ay hindi mahahadlangan ng
kanilang pagkutya ang pagsapit ng araw na yaon.,sa
. katunayan. ang marami sa, kanila na nag-aakalang
makaIiIikha sila ng kaoayapaan sa gitna ng kaliga-
. ligan na naghahari sa ay nasasaksihan natin
sa masaklap na kabiguan. Tunay ngang sinabi ng
Biblia: "Kagibaan ay dumarating; at sila 'y magsisi- .
hanap ng kapayapaan, at wala doon . .. (Ezek. 7:25).
Subali't waia na bang magagawa ang tao kundi
ang maghinagpis. ptanaghoy 0 maghintay na lamang
ng wakas nang hindi natitiyak kung ano ang kanyang
sasapitin sa araw na yaon?
ABRIL 1978
Ang tao'y humahanap ng kapayapaan. Subali't
ang marami sa kanila ay maling daan at may
tiwaling mithiin.
Ang dapat hangarin ng tao ay ang kapayapaan
sa Diyos, samakatwid baga'y ang kawalan ng hatol
sa araw ng paghuhukom. Ang kapayapaang itoay
nasa katawan 0 Iglesia ni Cristo, sapagka't ito ang
tinubos ni Cristo, at ito ang i1iligtas sa araw ng pag-
huhukom. (Roma 5:1; Col. 3:15; Efe. 5:23; Col.
1 :18).
-Kapagka ang kapayapaang ito ay natamo ng '
tilO, hindi na siya mababalisa sa anumang bagay sa
sanlibutang ito sapagka't ipagmamaiasakit siya ng
Panginoong Diyos (Fi!. 4:6; I Ped. 5:7). Hindi na rin
siya aalipinin ng agam-agam kung ano ang sasa-
pitin niya sa araw ng kawakasan, sapagka' t maka-
pagtitiwaia siya na siya'y hindi mapapahiya sa hara-
pan oi Ccisto sa Kanyang pasparito_ (1 Juan 2:28).
Matutuhan nawa ng marami ang daang patungo
sa kapayapaang ito. - 0
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BUHAV(Kawikaan 6:2.3)
-Rev. 'John A. O'Brien

TO' Y PATULOY na pagtalima sa mungkahi ng aw-
toridad ng Iglesia Katolika na si Rev. John A. 0.'
Brien, na karapat-dapat siyasatin ang relihiyong Ka-
tolika. Sisiyasatin natin ang iba' t-ibang aral ng Ka-
tolikakung ito'y galing nga sa mga Apostol ni Cristo. Ang
isa sa pinahahalagahang aral ng Iglesia Katolika ay ang
pagkukrus. Sa " Siya Ang Inyong Pakinggan, Ang Aral Na
Katoliko" , na sinulat ni Padre Enrique Demond, sa pahina
11-12 ay ganito ,ang mababasa: "Mabuti at pinakikina-
banglIng lubha ang magkrus na malimit, sapagka 't siya 'y
may' bisang magpasigla ng pananampalataya, magwaksi
ng mga tukso at magtamo sa Diy os ng maraming biyaya.
Nanggaling ang kapangyarihang ito nang Krus sa pagtalo
ni' J esukristo at sa kanyang pagtatagumpay sa diablo at
sa infi.erno, noong siya 'y. mamatay sa ibabaw ng Krus.
Nauuko./ na gamitin ang ianda ng Krus, sa umaga pagka-
, 'hangon natin' at sa gabi sa ating paghiga: sa pagsimula at
pagkatapos ng pagdadasal; sa' anomang kahirapan, kasa-
latan, tuksa at kapanganiban; sa pagpasak at sa paglabas
sa simbahan. "
Malinaw rito na ipinag-uutos ng Iglesia Katolika ang
pagkukrus na malimit, sapagka' t may bisa raw ito na rnag- '
pasigla ng pananampalataya, magwaksing tukso at mag-
tamo ng maraming biyaya sa Diyos. Kaya dapat daw mag-
krus sa umaga sa pagbangon at sa paghiga sa gabi. Dapat
din daw magkrus sa pagsisimula at sa pagtatapos ng
dasal. Sa pagpasok at paglabas daw sa simbahan. Sa
anuman daw kahirapan, kasalatan, tukso at kapanga-
niban ay dapat ding magkrus.
Papaano raw ang pagkukrus ayon sa aral ng Iglesia
Katolika? Sa "Siya Ang Inyong Ang Aral Na
Katoliko sa pahina 11, ay ganito ang sinasabi: ' 'Ang
pag-aantanda ang paggawa ng tatlong Krus nang
lalaki ng kanang kamay; ang una y sa noo, ' ang ilealawa ay
sa bibig, ang ikatlo ay sa dibdib . ... ,
Ang pagkukrus daw ay ang paggawa ng tatlongkrus
ng hinlalaki ng kanang kamay at ang una 'y sa noo. Ito raw
ang tanda ng taong Katoliko ayon sa aklat nil a. Sa . 'Siya
Ang Inyong Pakinggan, Ang Aral Na Katoiiko", pahina 11
ay ganito ang sinasabi: ' :Ang tanda ng Santa Krus ay
siyang tanda ng taong Katoliko . .. , ,.
Ito' y isang paninindigan -na hindi na dapat pagta-
lunan, sapagka't siyang nakikita na ginagawa ng mga
Katoliko. Nguni ' t ang aral kayang ito ng Iglesia Katolika
ay aral ng Diyos na nakasulat sa Biblia? ftinuro ba ito ng
mga Apostol ng ating Panginoong Jesucristo? Sa Biblia na
isinalin ni Pare Jose Abriol , sa Apoc. 13:13-14 ay ganito
ang mal>abasa: :'Gumawa siya ng malaking kababalaghan
at nagpababa ng apoy sa lupa buhat sa .lartgit sa paningin
ng mga tao. Iniligaw niya ang mga mamamayan sa lupa
dahil sa mga kababalaghang ipinagawa sa kanya sa harap
ng halimaw na tinabak at nabuhay,uli. "
Mayroong pinatutu'nayan dito na gumawa ng mala-
king kababalaghan at nagpababa pa ng apoy mula sa
langit sa paningin ng mga tao. Dahil dito ay nailigaw'niya
ang mga, tao. Sa Iglesia Katolika ba'y mayroong mga
p1ilagro? Sa akIat Katoliko na "This is the Faith ,', by
Francis J. Ripley, Catholic Theology for Laymen, pahina
136 ay ganito ang sinasabi ayon sa pagkakasalin; "Maka-
bubuti para malubos na magdagdag ng salita tungk01 sa
mga him ala na sa loob ng mga siglo ay naging mg(l saksi ,
ng kabanalan ng Iglesia : . . Isang tiyak na katotohanang ,
pangkasaysayan na ang mga banal na tao sa loob ng Igle-
sia Katolika, hanggang sa mga araw na ito, ay gumawa ng
iba 't-ibang mga him ala. Sa katotohanan, ang katibaY(ln na
ang mga himala ay mlkamit sa tulong ng kandidato" ay
isang tadhanang kailangan sa pagpapaging banal. Na ang
ganitong .mga himala ay malimit na maganap , sa ' loob ng
Iglesia Katolika at tanging sa lamang ng Iglesia, ay .
tiyak na isang maliwanag na katibayan na ang Espiritu
Santo ay nasa loob ng Iglesia Katolika sa isang lubhang
katangi-tanging paraan. Kapansin-pansin din na tila ang
Iglesia ang nagtataglay n2 bukod-taneine karapatan kung
ang natatanging pamamagitan ng langit sa mga pangitain
at mga paghahay ag ang siyang tinalakay" tulad sa
Lourdes at Fatima . . ,
Know_Well Page 30 of 44
Ang milagro raw ay tanging sa loob lamang ng Iglesia
Katolika nagaganap. Ito raw ang katibayan na ang Espi-
ritu 'Santo ay nasa loob ng Iglesia Katolika. Ang mga
himala r"aw ang' katibayan sa mga pinapagiging banal 0
santo sa Iglesia Katolika.
Sa isa namang aklat Katoliko na . 'What The Church
Teaches" by Msgr. J . . D. Conway, pahina 213 ay ganito
ang pinatutunayan: "Ang aming mga estatuwa ay may
mga taingang mahusay ang pagkakaukit, subali't hindi
sila nang kahit isang salita. Wala silang kahit
isang selula ng utak sa kanilang matitigas na mga ulo.
isang nasisiraan lamang ng bait ang aasang ang isang
estatuwa ay mag-unat ng kamay at ugain ang daigdig 0
kaya y tapikin siya sa ulo . . ,
Si Msgr. J.D. Conway ng Iglesia Katolika ay hindi
naniniwala na maaaring magmilagro ang isang magan-
dang istatuwa nila. Isa raw lamang 'nasisiraan ng bait
, aasang aug isang istatuwa ay mag-unat ng kamay at ugain
ang daigdig 0 kaya'y tapikin siya sa ulo.
Ano ang tandang ibinigay sa mga taong nadaya at
napaniwala sa mga milagro? Mayroon bang ikakikilala sa
kanila?' Sa Bibliang salin ni Pare Jose Abriol sa Apoc.
13:16 ay ganito ang sinasabi: "Pinatatakan niya ang lahat,
maliit at malaki, mayamanat dukha, malaya at ali pin, sa
.kanang kamay at sa noo, .....
Ang lahat ng mga nadaya ay pinatatakan 0 tinandaan.
Mula sa maliliit hanggang sa malalaki, mayayaman at
dukha, maJalaya at alipin, ay tinandaan ' sa kanang kamay
at sa noo. Ang taong Katoliko ang may tanda sa kanang
kamay at sa noo, na di-umano'y siyang tanda raw ng Santa
Ano ang katunayan na ang mga kaanib sa Iglesia -
Katolika arig nadaya? Sa I Tim. 4:1-3 ay ganito ang maba-
basa:i'Nguni'thayag na sinasabi ng Espiritu, na sa mga
huling panahon ang iba 'y magsisitalikod sa pananam-
palataya, at mtmgakikinig sa mga espiritung mapang-
hikayat at sa mga aral ng mga demonio Sa pamamagitan
ng pagpapaimbabaw ng mga tao nagsisipagsalita
-ng mga kasin'ungalingan, na hinerohan ang kanilang mga
sariling budhi ng waring bakalna nagbabaga; Na ipinag-
babawal ang pagaasawa. at ipinaguutos na lumayo sa mga
lamangkati, na nilalang ng Dios upang tanggapin na may
pagpapasalamat ng mga nagsisisampalataya at nangaka-
kaalam ng katotohanan.
Yaong mga nadaya ay katatagpuan ng mga aral ng
mga demonyo. Ang. dalawa sa mga aral ng demonyo ay
ang pagbabawal ng pag-aasawa at ang pag-uutos na
lumayo .sa famangkati 0 kame. Sino ang nagtataguyod ng
pagbabawal ng pag-aasawa na: ito'y aral ng demonyo? Sa
"Ang Pananampalataya Ng Ating Mga Ninuno", p.a- sinu-
lat ni James Cardinal Gibbons, sa pahina 396 ay ganito
ang sinasabi: "Ang disiplina ng Iglesia (Katolika) ay ipi-
natupad buhat pa sa pasimula, . sa pamamagitan ng pag-
babawal sa mga Sacerdote na mag-asawa pagkatapos na
sila y ma.ordenan. '. Ang Iglesia Katolika ang nagbabawal
\.. .
ABRIL 1978
ng pag-aasawa sa mga ' saserdote 0 pare pagkatapos na
sila'y m;lOrdenahan. Ito'y malinaw na pag-amin na sila
nga artg nagtataguyod ng aral ng demonyo.
Sino naman ang nagtataguyod ng isang aral pa ng
demonyo na nag-uutos na lurnayo sa lamangkati 0 kame?
a;klat Katoliko na "Siya Ang Inyong Pakinggan, Ang
A ral !fa Katoliko ", na sinulat ni Pare Enrique Demond, sa
, pahina 139 ay ganito ang sinasabi: "Sa ikaiawang utos ay
ipinag-uutos ng Santa Iglesia (Katolika) sa atin na mag-
ayuno at huwag kumain ng anomang lamangkati 0 kame
sa mga araw na ipinagbabawal niya. "
, Tahasang tinatanggap dito ng Iglesia Katolika na
slya ng-a ang naguutos nang paglayo sa lamangkati 0
kame. Ipinagbabawal sa mga Katoliko na kumain ng anu-
mang lamangkati 0 kame. sa mga araw na ipinagbabawal.
Tiyak at malinaw ang katunayan na ang mga kaanib nga sa
Iglesia Katolika ang nadaya ni Satanas.
Ano ang pananagutan ng mg'a Katoliko dahil sa ka-
nilang mabuting hangarin na makapaglingkod sa Diyos?
Sa I Juan 4:1 ay ganito ang sinasabi: "Mga minamahal,
huwag kayong magsipaniwala sa bawa't espiritu, kundi
inyong subukin ang mga espiritu, kung sila y sa Diyos:
sapagka't maraming nagsilitaw na mga bulaang propeta
sa sanglibutan. "
Makabubuti sa lahat ng mga Katoliko na tuparin aug
utos na ito, na subukin ang bawa't espiritu. Hindi matapat
na tayo'y maging bulag na tagasunod, kundi ang kaiIa-
ngan ay magsuri tayo. Tiyakin kung alin ang sa Diyos.
Maraming tagapagturo ngayon na nagpapanggap na
sila'y sa Diyos, nguni't sa katotohanan ay mga bulaan.
Huwag nating paniwalaan na dahil sa ang isang tao ay
sumasamba sa Diyos, ay magiging sa Diyos na rin siya
kahit na ana pa ang utos na kanyang sinusunod. "Data-
puwa't walang kabuluhan ang pagsamba nila sa akin, na
nagtuturo ng kanilang pinakaaral ang mga utos ng mga
tao. " (Mat. ' 15:9)
Ito ang pasiya ng mgl,! tao na sumasamba sa
Kanya, nguni't ang tinutupad ay ang mga utos ng mga
tao. Sayang lamang ang kanilang pagsamba, sapagka't
w'ala rin itong kabuluhan_sa Diyos. May iba naman na
nagsasabi na baka kaya 1amang daw hindi pinahahala-
gahan ng Diyos ang pagsambang tumutupad s'a utos rig
tao ay dahil sa hindi pinagbubuti ang Raglilingkod.
Kung gawin ito nang boong pagpapakasakit, hindi pa
. rin kay a tanggapin ng Diyos? Sa Col. 2:22-23 ay ganito
ang sinasabi: "(Ang lahat ng mg(l bagay na ito ay manga- .
sisira sa paggamit), ayon sa mga utos at mga'aral ng mga
tao? Ang mga bagay na iya 'y katotohanang mayroong
anyo ng karunungan sa pagsambang kusa, at sa Ragpa-
pakababa, at sa pagpapakahirap sa katawan; n ' ni't
walang anomang kabuluhan laban sa ikalqlay ng
laman. "
Ang pagsamba sa Diyos na ang batayan 0 saligan ay
ang mga utos at aral ng mga tao, kahit gamitan pa ng
pagpapakabapa at pagpapakahirap sa katawari ay wala
ring kabuluhan sa Diyos. At dahil sa ang pagsamba ng
(Sundan sa pahina 28) .
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AAARING matawagan kayo '
ng pansin sa paksa ng lat-
halang ito, sapagka't hindi '
maliit na bagay, na ang tao ay mag-
taglay ng mali 0 hidwang pananam-
palataya. Ang hidwang pananam-
palataya ay ikapapahamak ng tao at
hindi ikapagmamana ng kaharian
ng Diyos ayon sa II Ped. 2:1 at sa
Gal. 5:19-21. Dahil dito, inaanya-
yahan namin kayo na subaybayan
ang nilalaman ng lathalang ito.
Sa ali:1g talata ng Biblia maki-
kita na mali ang pagkakalagay ng
kuwit 0 koma? Sa Luk. 23:43 ay
ganito ang nakasulat: "At sinabi
niya sa kaniya, Katotohanang sina-
sabi ko sa {yo, Ngayon ay kakasama-
hin kifa sa Paraiso. " Ang pagkaka-
lagay ng koma sa pagitan ng sali-
tang iyo at ng !;alitang ngayon, ang
tinutukoy naming mali ang pagka-
kalagay, sapagka't lumalabas na
noon ding ' araw na yaon na pina-
ng ating Panginoong Jesu-
cristo ang tulisan ay noon din isi-
nama Niya ito sa (Jaraiso, nguni't
hindi ito ang tunay na nangyari.
Upang mati yak natin ang kato-
tohanan ay masusi natin itong pag-
aralan. Sa Bibliang' Ingles ang
"King James Version" ay naka-
sulat ang ganito: "And Jesus said
unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To-
day shalt thou be with me in para-
dise. " Sa saling ito ng mga Protes-
tank ay lumalabas na noong araw
ding yaon, ang tulisan ay isinama
na ni Jesus sa paraiso. Sa Bagong
Tipang Kato!iko na salin ni Mons.
Jose C. Abriol ay ganito naman
nakasulat: "Sinagot siya ni Jesus,
Tunay kong sinasabi sa iyo: sa araw
na ito ay makakasama kita sa para-
iso. " Magkatulad ang paniniwala
ng mga Protestante at ng mga Kato-
na nang araw ring yaon nang
pangakuan ng Panginoong Jesus
ang tulisan', ay nakasama Niya ito sa
paraiso. Ang paniniwala kayang ito
ng mga Katoliko at ng mga 'Protes-
tante ay matuwid 0 mali? Nati-
tiyak nating ang pananampala-
tayang ito ng- mga Katoliko at ng
mga Protestante ay mali, sapagka't
ayon sa ' nasusulat sa Biblia, nang
araw na pangakuan ni Jesus ang
tulisan ay hindi pa Siya umakyat sa
langit, bagkus Siya ay namatay at
inilibing. (Luk. 23:43-54)
Kailan \ nabuhay na mag-uli si '
Jesus? Sa Luk. 24:1-7 ay nakasulat
ang ganito: "Datapuwa 't nang
unang araw ng sanglinggo pagka-
umagang-umaga, ay' nagsiparoon
sila sa libingan, na may dalang mga
pabango na kanilang inihanda. At
nasumpungan nilang naigulong na
ang bato mula sa libingan. At sila y
nagsipasok, at hindi nila nangasum-
pungan ang bangkay ng Pangi-
noong Jesus. ' At nangyari, na
samantalang sila y nangatitilihan
dahil dito, narito, tumayo sa tabi
nila ang dalawang lalake na naka-
sisilaw ang mga dam it: At nang
sila y nangatatakot at nangaka-
tungo ang kanilang mga muk,ha sa
lupa ay sina!?i nila sa kani/a, Bakit
hinahanap ninyo ang buhay sa gitna
ng mga patay? Wala siya rito, data-
puwa't nagbangon; alalahanin
ninyo ang salita niya sa inyo nang
siya y nasa Galilea pa, Na sinq-
sabi, Kinakailangan na ang Anak ng
tao ay ihigay sa mga kamay ng mga
laong ' makasalanan, at ipako sa
krus, at magbangong muli sa ikat-
longaraw. ",
Maliwanag na pinatutunayan rig
mga talatang ito na sa ikatlong araw
pa nabuhay na mag-uli ang Pangi-'
noong Jesus. Noong mabtihay na
mag-uli ang ating Panginoong Jesu-
cristo, kaagad ba Siyang umakyat sa
langit? Sa Juan 20:1,15-17 ay nasu-
sulat ang ganito: {'Nang unang
araw nga ng sanglinggo , ay napa-
roong maa'ga sa libingan si Maria
Magdalena, samantalang madilim
pa, at nakita ang bato na naalis na
sa libinpan. Sinabi sa lcani)lani
Know_Well Page 32 of 44
Jesus, Babae, bakit ka umiiyak?
sino ang iyong hinahanap? Siya, sa
pag-aakalang yao y maghahqJaman,
ay na,gsabi sa kaniya, Ginoo, kung
ikaw ang kumuha sa kaniya, ay
, sabihin mo sa akin kung saan mo
siya inilagay, at akin siyang kuku-
nino Sinabi sa kaniya ni Jesus,
Maria. Lumingon siya, at 'nagsabi
sa, kaniya ' sa wikang , Hebreo,
Raboni; na ang ibig sabihin ay,
Guro. Sinabi sa ,kaniya ni Jesus,
Huwag mo akong hipuin; sapagka't
hindi pa ako nakakaakyat sa Ama,
nguni't pumaroon ka sa aking mga
kapatid, at sabihin mo sa kanila,
Aakyat ako sa aking Ama at inyong
Ama, at aking Dios at inyong Dios. "
Kung gayon, hindi agad umakyat sa
langit ang ating Panginoong Jesu-
cristo, pagkatapos na Siya ay ma-
buhay na mag-uti.
Kailan umakyat sa langit ang
ating Panginoong Jesucristo? Sa
Gawa 1: 1-3, 8-11 ay na!casulat ang
ganito: "Ang unang kasaysayan na
ginawa ko, OhTeofilo, ay tungkol sa
lahat Ita pinasimulang ginawa at
itinuro ni Jesus, Hanggang sa araw
. tanggapin siya sa kaitaasan,
pagkatapo's na makapagbigay siya
ng mga. utos sa pamamagitan ng
Espiritu s.anto, sa mga apostol na
kaniyang hinirang; Na sa kanila na-
ma ynapakita rin siyang buhay, sa
pamamagitan ng maraming mga
1catunayan, pdgkatapos na siya 'y
makapaghirap, na napakikita sa
kanila sa loob ng apat na pung
araw. at nagpahayag ng mga bagay
tUlIgkrl sa kaharian ng Dios. Data-
puwa 't tatanggapin ninyo ang ka-
pallgyarihan pagdating sa inyo' ng
Espiritu Santo: at kayo 'y magiging
mg.a saksi ko sa Jerusalem, at sa
boong Judea at Samaria, ,at -hang-
gang' sa kahulihulihang hangganan
IIg lupa. At pagkasabi niya ng mga
bagay na ito, nang siya y tinitingnan
lIila. ay dinala siya sa itaas; at siya 'y
tinanggap ng isang alapaap at iki-
nubli sa kanilang ,mga paningin. At
ABRIL 1978
samanialang tinititigan nila ang la
ngit habang siya y lumalayo, narito
may dalawang lalaking nangakatayo
sa tabi nila na may puting dam it; No
nangagsabi naman, Kayong mga
lalaking taga Galilea, bakit kayo y
nangakatayong , tumitingin sa la-
ngit? ltong si Jesus, na tinanggap
sa langit mula sa inyo ay paparitong
gaya rin ng inyong nakitang pagpa- ,
roon niya sa langit. "
Mali,wanag sa mga talatang ito na
pagkaraan pa ng apatnapung araw,
pagkatapos na Siya ay mabuhay na
mag-uti, ay saka pa lamang umak-
yat sa iangit ang ating Panginoong
Jesucristo, at nang Siya ay umakYilt
sa langit ay hindi Niya,kasama' ang
tulisan na pinangakuan Niyang ka-
kasainahin sa paraiso. "Kung ga-
yon ang satitang "ngayon" sa pa-
ngako ni Jesus sa tulisan ay na-
uukol sa pangako at hindi ukol sa
araw ng kanilang pagsasama.
Ano ang katunayan na wala pa sa
langit ang mga inaaring banal sa
harapan ng Panginoong Diyos? S1
David na hari ng Israel ay banal,
gaya ng pinatutunayan sa Awit
86:2, subali't nang , mamatay ay
hindi umakyat , sa mga langit gaya
ng pinatutunayan sa Gawa 2:29, 34
na ganito ang sinasabi: "Mga ka-
patid, malayang masasabi ko sa
inyo ang tungkol sa patriarkang si
David, na siya 'y namatay at inili-
bing at nasa atin ang kaniyang
libingan hanggang sa araw na ito,
Sapagka 't hindi umakyat si David sa
mga langit; . . . " Ito ay isa pa ring
katunayan, na ang mga banal na
namatay ay wala pa sa langit hang-
gang ngayon. Dahil dito, ang pana-
nampalataya ng mga Katoliko at
mga Protestante na ang mga' banal
na namatay ay nasa langit na, ay
mating pananampalataya, ito ay ika-
papllhamak at hindi ikaliligtas at
hindi rin ikapagmamana ng kaha-
rian ng Diyos.
' Kailan mabubuhay mag-uti
ang mga nagsigawa ng mabuti ayon
sa Biblia? Sa Juan $:28-29 ay nasu-
sulat aug ganito: "Huwag llillyong
ipal/ggilalas ito: sapagka't duma-
ratil/g al/g oras, Ill/ al/g lahat l1g lla-
ngasa libingan ay makaririnig
I/g lil/ig. At magsisilabas;
al/g mga I/(/gsigawa Ilg mabuti, a,v
sa pagkahllllil.l' I/a magllli sa bllhay:
at lIl/g I/Clgsigawa IIg "'Clsama.
CI.I' sa pagkahllllilY I/a maguli sa
'pag/wlol . .. Ayon sa pahayag na ito
ng ating Panginoong Jesucristo.
mabubuhay na mag-uli ang mga
nagsigawa ng mabut.i kung marinig
na nila ang tinig ng ating Pangi-
noong Jesucristo.
Kailan naman maririnig ang tinig
ng ating Panginoong Jesucristo? Sa
I Tcs. 4: 16 ay nakasulat ang ganito:
. 'SajJagka.'t ClIlg PC/Ilginoon din allg
hahahCll/g IIIl1la sa lal/gil. Ita ma.v
isc/II/.: siRClW. lIIay tinig 11[; arkal1g-
!tel. at may paka.kClk Ilg Dios: at allR
kay Cristo ay unang
lIIallRahu!Jllhay llC1 maRu/i . .. Kung ,
gayon. sa ikalawang pagparito ng
ating Panginoong Jesucristo, saka
pa lamang mabubuhay na mag-uli
ang mga banal na nagsigawa ng
mabuti upang kamtin ang buhay na
walang hanggan. Kaya maliwanag
na wala pa sa langit ang mga banal
na namatay. mali ban lamang sa
ating Panginoong Jcsucristo.
Napatunayan natin sa pamama-
gitan ng mga talata ng BibJia ang
kamalian ng pagkukalagay ng kuwit
o koma sa Lukas 23:43 gaya ng
sumusunod: "At sinahi niya sa ka-
niya. K ato[ohanatl/.: sinasahi ko sa
iyo, Nfjayon ay kakasamahin kita sa
Paraiso. " Ang nararapat na maging
pagkakasulat ganito,: "At sin,abi
niya sa kaniya, Katotohanang sina-
sabi ko sa ;yo ngayon, ay kakasa-
mahin kita sa Paraiso. " Ngayon ang
oras ng pagkakasabi, subali't sa
ikalawang pagparito pa ng ating Pa-
nginoong Jesucristo ang pagsa-
Know_Well Page 33 of 44
A PAGSULAT po namin ng
artikulong ito. ay hindi namin
layunin . ling tuligsain ang
sinumang kaanib sa Iglesiang may
aral na pangingilin ng Sabadong-
ikapitong araw. Ang amlng layu-
nin ay malinis, banal at upang
paratingin sa mambabasa ang
sa-bi ng Diyos na nasusulat sa Banal
nn Kasulatan.
Mayroon nga bang nakasulat
sa Banal na Kasulatan na ang Sa1;>a-
dong-ikapitong araw ay dapat. ipa-
ngiIin? At ito ba 'y utos ng Diyos?
Mababasa natin sa Exo_ 20:8-10 ang
ganito: "Ala/ahanin mo ang araw
Ilg silbbath upang ipangilin. Anim
nCl ClrtlW na gagawa ka at iyong
gllgawill ang lahat ng iyong gawain.
Nglmi't allg ikapitol1g araw ay sab-
bath Scl Pangi7ioon mong Dios: sa
llrtlW na ay huwag kang ga-
gawa Ilg llnomang gawa, ikaw, l1i
cmg ("ong ana/; na lalake ni' babae,
nl cmg (vong alipi7lg lalake. l1i
babCle. 711 Cl7lg iy07lg baka. l1i ang
iyollg tl1gaiballg lupa 1ta nasa loob
ng iyo,ng pintua7lg daan . ..
Maliwanag na mayroon ngang
utos ang Diyos ukol sa pangingiJin
ng Sabadong-ikapitong na
nasusulat sa Banal na Kasulatan.
Datapuwa't kanino ba ito iniuutos
ng Panginoong Diyos? Sa lahat ba
ng mga tao 0 sa lahat ng pana-
hon? Sa Deut.5:3, 6, 12-14 ay ganito
ang ating mababasa: "Hindi pinag-
tibdy ng Panginoon ang tipang ito
sa ating mga magulang, kundi sa
atin, sa atin ngang nangariritong
lahat na buhay sa araw na ito. Ako
D .l,
ang angmoon mong lOS na nag-
labas sa iyo sa lupain ng Egipto,
sa bahay ns pagkaalipin. [yong
ipagdiwang ang araw ng sa.bbath,
upang ipangilin. gaya ng iniuutos sa
iyo ng Panginoon mong Dios. Anim
na araw na gagawa ka, . at iyong
J5agawin ang lahat ng iyong gawain:
N guni't ang ikapitong araw ay sab-
bath sa Panginoon mong Dios: sa
araw na iyan ay huwag kang ga-
gawa ng anomang gawa, ikaw, ni
ang iyong anak na lalake, ni babae, .
'ni ang iyong aliping lalake ni babae.
ni ang iyonlt baka, ni ang iyong
aS1lO, 1li a1loman sa iyong hayop, ni
mIg jyong taga ibang iupa na nasa
.' loob ng iyong mga pintuang daan
I upang ang iyong ali ping lalake at
babae ay 111;akapagpahingang gaya
Maliwanag na ang pangingilin ng
Sabado ay hindi sa lahat ng tao ni sa
lahat ng panahon. Sapagka't ito ay
hindi pinagtibay sa mga magulang
ng mga Israelita. Iniutos lamang ito
sa mga nangabubuhay nang araw
na yaon at sa lahat ng naging alipin
. sa Ehipto. Sino ang mga magu-
lang ng mga Israelita'na sa kanila ay
hindi iniutos ang pangingilin ng
Sabbath? Ang sagot sa Exo. 1:1-5
ay ganito: . 'Ito nga ang mga panga-
Ian ng mga anak ni Israel, na nagsi-
pasok sa Egipto: (bawa't lalake af.'
ang kani-kaniyang sangbahayan ay
sumama kay -Jacob.) Si Ruben, si
/Simeon, si Levi, at si. Juda; si'Issa-
char. si Zabulon, at si Benjamin; si
Dan, at si Nephtali, si Gad at si
Aser. At sa lahat ng tao na lumabas
sa balakang ni Jacob ay pitong pung
tao: at si Jose ay nasa Egipto na. ,, '
Ang mga nabanggit ang mga ma-
gUlang ng mga Israelita na hindi
inutusan ng Diyos namangilin ng
araw ng Sabbath.
Ano nga ba ang dahilan at sa ba-
yang Israellamang iniutos ng Diyos '
Know_Well Page 34 of 44
ang pangingilin ng Sabbath na
ikapitong araw? Sa Oeut. 5: 15 ay
ganito ang isinasaa9: "At iyong
aa/a/ahallill 11C1 ikaw ay lIaging a/ipill
sa /lIl'aill IIg Egipto, at ikaw ay ill;-
/abas IIg Pcmgillooll mong Dios doon
sa pamamagitall ng isang maka-
pallgyarihallg kamay at un at na
bisig: kaya 't illiutos sa iyo ng Pangi-
110011 mong Dios, na ipangilin mo
ang araw ng sabbath. " Kung ga-
yon, ang lanat lamang ng naging
alipin sa lupain ng Ehipto at mga
inilabas sa pagkaalipin sa lupain ng
Ehipto ang inutusang mangilin ng
araw ng Sabbath upang lagi nilang
(Israel) maalala na sUa ay naging
alipin at nailabas sa Ehipto.
Dahil dito, matuwid lamang na
tayo'y hirtdi kabilang sa utos na ito
ng Diyos na ipangilin ang Sabbath,
sapagka't tayo'y hindi lahi ng
Israel sa laman, hindi tayo nani-
rahan, naging alipin at nailabas sa
bansang Ehipto.
Papaano ang pangingilin ng
Sabadong-ikapitong araw ayon sa
Banal na Kasulatan? Tunghayan
nating muli ,ang Exo. 20:10 na ga-
nito. ang isinasaad: " Nguni't ang
ikapitong araw ay sabbath sa Pangi-
noon mong Dios: sa araw na iyan ay
huwag kang gagawa ng anomang
gawa, ikaw ni ang iyong anak na
lalake ni babae, ni ang iyong aliping
, lalake ni babae, ni ang iyong baka,
ni ang iyong taga-ibang lupa na.
nasa loob ng iyong mga pintuang
daan . ..
-, Ano naman ang hindi maaaring
gawin sa araw ng Sabbath? Sa Exo.
35:3 ay ganito ang nakasulat :
"Huwag kayong magpapaningas ng
apoy sa inyong boong tahanan sa
araw ng sabbath. " Bawal ang mag-
paJ.1ingas ng apoy sa alinmang taha-
nan kung araw ng Sabbath, Dahil
, dito, kung mangingilin ka ng Sab-
bath. hindi ka maaaring magluto ng
anumang lutuin. Ano pa ang ipinag-
babawal kung araw ng Sabbath? Sa
Neh. 10:31 ay ganito ang sinasabi:
"At kung ang mga bayan ng lupain
ay mangagdala ng mga kalakal 0
ng unontung pagkain sa araw ng
sabbath upang ipagbili, na kami ay
hindi magsisibili sa kanila sa sab-
bath, 0 sa pangiling araw: aming
ipagpapahinga ang ikapitortg taon,
ABRIL 1978
at ang pagsingil ng bawa 't utang. "
Dito'y nasasaad na hindi ka ma-
aaring magtinda. mangalakal 0 ma-
ningil ng pautang sa pangingilin mo
ng Sabbath.
Ano pa ang dapat mong ipagpa-
lib an kung araw ng Sabbath'! Sa
Exo. 16:29 ay ganito ang sinasabi:
''Tingnan ninyo, na sapagka't
ibinigay ng Panginoon sa inyo ang
sabbath, kung kaya 't kaniyang
ibinibigay sa inya sa ikaanim na
araw ang pagkain ng sa dalawang
araw; matira ang bawa't tao sa ka-
niyang kinaroroonan, huwag umalis
ang sinoman sa kaniyang kinaro-
roonan, sa ikapitong araw, " Sama-
katuwid ay bawal umalis ng bahay
sa araw ng Sabbath.
Ang pangingilin ng Sabbath ay
nagwakas sa panahon ng ating Pa-
nginoong Jesus na dakilang Taga-
pagturo at Guro na buhat sa langit.
At bilang pagwawakas sa pangi-
ngilin ng Sabbath, ana ang ginawa
ng ating Panginoong Jesucristo? Sa
Juan 5:18 ay ganito ang nakasulat:
"Dahil dito nga y lalo nang pinag-
sikapan ng mga Judio na siya 'y
patayin, sapagka't hindi luntung
BATH, kundi tinatawag din naman
na kaniyang sariling Ama ang Dios,
na siya 'y nakikipantay sa Dios. " .
Maliwanag na sinira ni Cristo ang
araw ng Sabbath. Papaano Niya ito
sinira. Ganito ang nakasulat sa
Juan 9:16: "Ang ilan nga sa mga
Fariseo ay nangagsabi, Ang taong
ito 'y hindi galing sa Dios, sapagka't
bath . .. " Hindi ipinangilin ng ating
Panginoong Jesucristo ang Sabbath
bilang pagbibigay wakas dito at
bilang katunayan na ito'y hindi na
dapat pairalin at isagawa noon pa
, mang panahon Niya.
Alin bang sekta ang magpa-
hangga ngayon ay nangingilin ng
ikapitong araw? Ang Iglesia Ad-
ventista del ' Septimo Dia. Jpi-
nangangaral nila na ang pangi -
ngilin ng Sabadong-ikapitong araw--
ay utos pa ng Diyos hanggang sa
ngayon. Sa ating pag-aaral ay nala-
man nating ang utos na ito ay wina-
kasan na noon pang panahon ng
ating Panginoong Jesucristo. Da-
hil sa kanilang aral na ito, ana ang
sinasabi ng Biblia? Sa Juan 7:17 ay
ganito ang nasusulat: "Kung ang
sinomang tao ay nagiibig gumawa
ng kUlZiyung kalooban. ay makiki-
lala niya ang turo, kung ito y sa
Dios, 0 kung ako y nagsasalita na
mula sa aking sarili. " Milliwanag
Know_Well Page 35 of 44
ang sinasabi ng ating Panginoong
Jesus na ang sinQman ay dapat kila-
lanin sa aral 0 turo. Ayon naman sa
mga Apostol, dapat bang maniwala
agad sa isang tagapangaral? Sa I
Juan 4:1 ay ganito ang sinasabi:
"Mga minamahal, huwag kayong
magsipaniwala sa bawa't espiritu,
kundi. inyong subukin ang mga espi-
ritu kung sila y sa Dios: sapagka't
maraming nagsilitaw na mga bula-
ang propeta sa sanglibutan. "
Maliwanag din na hindi tayo agad
dapat maniwala sa manga-
. ngaral kundi atin munang subultin
o suriin ang aral na iniaaral niya -
kung ito'y sa Diyos 0 hindi at kung
ito'y totoo 0 pawang kasinunga-
lingan lamang.
Ano ang katunayan na ang aral
Adventista ay kasinungalingan la-
mang? Sa kanilang aklat na may pa-
nulat ni Gng. E. G. White, at nilim-
bag sa wikang 1",agalog ng Philip-
pine Publishing nuong 1924,
ay ganito ang isinasaad sa pahina
257: "Katulad ng mga ibang tao sa
sallgkakristianuhan, cmg mga Ad-
l'entista nuon ay nanganiniwala na
ang lupa 0 ang ilang bahagi nita ay
siyang santuario. Dahil dito y sina-
bi nilang si Cristo 'y babalik sa lupa
sa 1844. " Sino raw ang umakay
sa kaniJa sa paniniwalang ito? Sa
pahina 254 ay ganito naman ang
sinasabi: "Ang mga Adventista ay
nanganiniwalang inakay sila ng
Dios upang magbigay ng babala
tUlIgkol sa paghuhukom.' Sino
naman ang nagpasimula ng kilu-
. sang ito ng mga Adventista? Sa
pahina 239 ng kanila ring aklat ay
ganito ang mababasa natin: "Kung
papaano si Eliseo ay tinawag mula
sa pagpapastol ng kaniyang baka
upung tumunggup ftg kumat Ilg
pagtatalaga sa tungkuling pang-
huhula, gayon din si Guillermo
Miller ay tinawagan na iwanan ang
kanyang araro at buksan sa mga tao
ang mga hiwaga ng' Dios. ,. Sama-
katuwid, si Guillermo Miller ang
siyang nagsimula ng pagsasabi na
si Cristo ay babalik sa lupa noong
Natupad ba ang ipinanganga-
ral na ito ng mga Adventista? Ano
ang sinasabi ng kanilang aklat?
Sa pahina 250-251 ay ganito ang
ating mababasa: "Yaollg I/,lga nag-
sitanggap ng balita tUIIgkol sa ika-
lawang pagparito ni Cristo ay ma-
iugat at payap(lng sumapit sa pana-
hong illaasahall lIilallg makaka-
tagpo allg kanilallg Pallginooll.
Datapuwa'f sila y lalagang illiyukol
sa pagkabigo. Dumaan Illl ang
panahon nilallg hinihilltay llil ili-
ligtas ng D1YOS allg Kallyang bayan
TING . ..
Ano ang kanilang (Adventista) gi-
nawa ng hindi dumating si Cristo?
Basahin natin sa pahina ' 252:
" Taglay ang mataos na pagnanasa,
dumaing sila sa Dios; 'Pumarito ka,
Panginoong Jesus, . at pumarito ka
agad. ' Nguni't, hindi siya duma-
ting . . , Ano ang ginawa ng -ibang
mga Adventista dahil sa hindi na-
tupad ang kanilang pangangaral na
si Cristo ay darating noong 1844? Sa
pahina 279 ay ganito ang sinasabi:
. 'Ang pagdaraan ng panahon noong
1844 ay sinundan ng isang panahon
ng napakalaking pagsubok duon sa
mga' nagsisipanghawak na matibay
sa pananampalataya sa ikalawang
pagparito ni Cristo. Ang ilan ay
nagtakwil ng kanilang pananam-
palataya . . ." Sa pahina 251 ay
ganito naman ang nasusulat:
"Marami sa nangagbangsag na
nananampalataya sa madaling pag-
parito 0 pagdating ng Pan'ginoon
ang nagtakwil ng kanilang panu-
nampalataya . ..
Maliwanag na ang ibinunga ng
kanilang pagkabigo, ay marami ang
nagtakwil sa pananampalatayang
Adventista. Ano naman ang _
ngaral ng mga naiwang Adventista
tungkol sa pagparito ni Cristo? Sa
pahina 275 ay ganito ang sinasabi:
"Sa langil nalupad ang hula.
N /lOlIg nigq salldaling sila'y nanga-
hahapis dahil sa pagkabigo ng ka-
lIilallg pagasa. ay nalupad naman
ang pangyayaring ipinagpauna ng
pabalita. lIa killakdilallgang matu-
pad bago mahayag ang Pangi-
110011 '/lpallg magbigay ng gantil1}-
pa/a sa Kallyallg mga .lingkod. Si
Cristo ay dumating hindi sa LUPA.
IIll kalli/allg inaalltabayanan, kung-
cli. alinsullod sa inilalarawan ng
allyo ay sa kabanalbanalang' dako
IIg tcmpl() IIg Diyos sa LANGIT . ..
Alinsunod sa kanilang panibagong
aral ay dumating din si Cristo
nguni't h.indi sa lupa, gay a ng una
nilang ipinangaral kundi sa langit.
Dahil dito, maliwanag na walang
katiyakan ang kanilang panganga-'
ral. Ano ' ang sinasabi ng Banal na
Kasulatan sa ganitong uri ng pa-
ngangaral? Ttinghayan natin ang
Roma 10:3 na ganito ang isinasaad:
"Sapagka 'f sa hindi nila pagka-
a/am II}; kafuwiran ng Dios. at sa
!>/};susumaki{ na maitayo ang sa-
rilin}; kallila. ay hindi silu napasa-
kop sa katuwiran n}; Dios . ...
Mga kababayang kaanib pa sa
Iglesia -del Septimo Dia.
inaanyayahan namin kayong mag-
suri at alamin ang tunay na aral ng
Diyos. Hindi pa huli upang kayo ay
magbago. Sa mga nagpakaligaw.
ang Panginoong Diyos mismo ang
nagsasabi ng ganito sa Malakias
3:7: "Mula nan}; m};a kaarawan n};
inyon}; m};a ma};ulan}; kayo Y f{a-
n/!,a/!,pakali/!,aw sa akin/!, m/!,a tun-
funin, at hindi ninyo tinalima. MA -
NUMBALIK kayo sa akin. at ako 'y
Inununulnhalik sa in-yo, sabi ng
Panginoon ng mga hukbo . . . "- 0
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sa Espiritista bilang Pangu-
10 .lllia ay malimit kong maipayo sa
along mga nakasamang Espiritista ang
mga nababasa ko sa Pasugo at ito na-
Q'lan ay nagkakabisa sa kanila.
KO PO ay si Moises Capina,
isinilang dito sa Cabatang, Tia-
ong, Quezon noong Disyembre
24, 1914. Aking i1alahad dito ang ka-
saysayan ng aking buhay kung bakit ko
nilisan ang relihiyong Espiritista at
ako'y umanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo. . Dumaan pa ang mga araw at ako'y
manyayahan ng mga kapatid sa Igle-
Mula pa sa aking kabataan ay na- . . C
SlU III risto dito sa Lokal ng Tiaong.
ipamulat na sa akin ng aking ama ang Noong Setyerilbre, 1975 ay dumating
pagiging Espiritista. Masasabi ko na si Kapatid na Faustino Ceniza na
halos ang 50 taon ng aking buhay ay si,yang Pangulong Diakono ng nasa-
nagugol ko sa mga gawain at kilusan bing Lokal. Inakay niya ako sa kapilya
sa sektang ito at boong gabl' gabl' at a .
- ng nangaslwa ng nasa-
naihalal ako na Pangulo ng Espiritista , bing Pamamahayag ay si Kapatid na
dito sa CENTRO LABERDAD DE Gaudencio Lopez, Sr.
CRISTIANO, INC. P.inangasiwaari ,
ku' ang isang sesyon (pagsamba) sa
aking mga dating kasama sa nasabing
lokal. Sa aking pangangasiwa ay kapos
ang aking ' kakayahan at pamamaraan
sa pag-akay ko sa kanila sa kabanalan
ng paglilingkod sa Diyos. Naidadaing
ko sa Diyos na ako'y tulungan Niya at
ako 'y ,pangunahan sa aking tungkulin.
Nguni't ang layunin kong ito ay bigo at
walang bisa .ang aking pangunguna sa
Sa maraming gabi ng aking paki-
kinig ay nabulay-bulay ko ang liwanag
ng salita ng Diyos na nabasa ko sa
Biblia. Nakilala ko ang kahalalan ng
Iglesia IIi Cristo. ang kahalalan ng
Sugo ng Diyos, ang kapatid na Felix
Manalo. Kaya mula noon ay' nagpa-
tuloy na ako sa pakikinig ng doktrina.
Ang lahat ng aking suliranin at mga
gawain namin sa Espiritista ay aking
itinatanong sa kapatid na Lopez at
ito'y maliwanag niyang sinasagot sa
pamamagitan ng Biblia.
Ang aking h1.lngarin ay nagkaroon
ng katuparan nang dumating ang
isang- pagkakataon na ako'y binigyan
ng isang sipi ng Pasugo ng isang kapa-
tid sa Iglesia ni Cristo sa Lokal ng
Lusacan-Quezon I. Sa pagbabasa ko sa
Pasugollg aking natanggap, ay unti-
unting nabuksan ang aking isip na
magsuri at hanapin ang tunay na liwa-
' nag ng mga salita ng Diyos. Naging
pamalagian na akong tagatangkilik ng
babasahing ito. May mga pagkaka-
taon na sa aking pangangasiwa sa mg::
ABRIL 1978
Malinaw ang sinasabj ng Diyos na
karumaldumal ang pagsangguni sa
mga patay: Ipinasya k0 na lisanin ang
relihiyong Espiritista hindi dahil sa
ako'y may tampo 0 galit sa kaninu-
man sa kanila. Ang nasa puso ko'y
sumunod sa Diyos at kung maaari ay
sagipin ang aking mga kasamang na-
ligaw ng ' landas sa paglilingkod. Ipi -
nasyako na ihanda ang aking sarili sa
pagtanggap ng bautismo sa Iglesia ni
Nang mahayag sa' aking mga
mang Espiritista at mga kaibigang Ka-
toliko ang aking _hangaring ito ay ka-
nila akong pinagsadya sa aking hahay
at kasama pa ang ilang Depensor Ka-
toliko at humi'ngi ng pakikipag-tlis-
clissioll. Aking sin undo ang kapatid na
Gaudencio Lopez, Sr. na mala pit
lamang ang 'tirahan mula sa amin
upang harapin ang mga Depensor ' na
naturan. Boong magdamag ang
discussioll , at sa palitan ng paliwanag
ay lalong naging matibay ang aking
pasy<}. na walang sinumang makapi-
pigil sa aking pagpapabautismo.
Tumanggap ako ng balltismo dito
sa Kapilya ng Lucena City noong
Enero 1976. Salamat sa Diyos at naka-
bahagi ako ng mana at awa mula sa
Kaniya a,t nakita ko ang tunay na kato-
tohanan. Sa ngayon ay aking mini-
misyon at dinadala sa doktrina ang
aking asawa dito sa Kapilya ng Tiaong
gabi-gabi sa pangangasiwa ng aming
bagong Destinado, ang kapatid na
Carlito ,Del Rosario.
Nawa'y ipagkaloob ng Diyos na ang
lahat ng aking mga mahal sa bllhay ay
matawag din sa loob ng Kanyang
mahal na Iglesia. Mga dati kong kasa-
mang Espiritista, suriin ninyo ang reli-
hiyong Espiritista at iparis ninyo sa
aral ng Iglesia' ni Cristo upang kayo
mismo ang makapagpatunay na ang
Iglesia ni Cristo ang tunay na reli-
hiyong sa Diyos at siyang maliligtas
, sa araw ng paghuhukom. - 0
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Ang buhay ko ay napuspos ng hirap at kabiguan,
Pagdurusa at bagabag ang lagi kong kaalakbay;
Sa hirap kong tinitiis Ikaw Ama mig patnubay ,
Upang ako 'y makabata 't masapit ang Bayang Baizal.
At ako po sa Iglesia ay isa sa ibinukod.
Hinirang na mang-aawit nang sa Iyo 'y makalugod;
Ang tinig ko 'y inialay sa Jyo, dakilang Jesus
Bawa't titik ng awit ko sa puso ko 'y tumatagos.
, Pagka ako 'y umaawit sa pagsamba'y kasama Ka.
Luinbay. dusa't. kahirapan. a1lg lahat ay nababata!
Ang luha ko 'y pumapa.tak. ang puso ko'y sumisigla.
Ang buhay /.co,y napupuspos ng panibagong pag-asa.
Kaya. Ama. ang dalangin ng aba Mong mang-aawit
Ito nawang aking tinig maging biyaya ng langit.
Sa Iglesia 'y ipadama ang dalisay Mong pag-ibig
Upang kami'y mamalaging nagtitiis, nagsasakit. '
"Karapatdapat Siyasatin ... "
(M lila sa paliilla 21)
mga Katoliko ay napatunayang nakasalig sa utos at aral
T).g mga tao, ito'y walang kabuluhan. Ito ang, bunga ng
ating masusing pagsisiyasat ayon sa tagubilin ng awto-
ridad ng Iglesia Katolika.
Ano ang utos ng ating Panginoong Jesucristo upang
ang tao'y maligtas sa parusa ng Diyos? Sa Juan 10:9 ay
ganito ang pahayag ng ating Panginoong Jesucristo:
"Aka a1lg pintuan: ang sinomang taong pumasok sa akin,
ay siya y maliligtas . . ' .. " Iniuutos ng ating Panginoong
lesucristo sa lahat ng taong' ibig maligtas na pumasok sa
. Kanya. Sino mang taong nagnanais na maligtas ay dapat
Kung aka ma 'y mamahinga sa malamig na libingan,
Ang talZgi,kong mababaon ang tungkuling aking taglay,
Batid kong di masasayang ang hirap ko 't pagpapagai,
Isang bagong IlJpa 't langit ang sa aki'y naghihintay.
Sa bagong lupa at langit ay doon ako aawit.
Sa piling Mo. aking Ama. ligaya ay makakamit.
Kaya habang ako naman ay may bu,hay sa daigdig.
Mang-aawit akong tunay. magtatapat hanggang (angit.
Kaya tayong Mang-aawit. sa tungkuli'y magtalaga.
Bawa 't isa ay umawit boong puso 't.kaluluwa.
Sa araw ng pagsusulit tayo nama 'y makapasa.
Sama-samang maghahandog ng pagpupur/ saAma!
Kaba.nalan ng tungkulin. huwag nawang madungisan.
Ang maputi na damzt ko 'y sagisag ng kalinis'cm.
Mang-aawit ako. Jesus. sa dakilang kapisanan.
M allg-aawit ako hanggang doon pa sa Bayang Banal!
pumasok 'kay Cristo. Papasok silang ana kay Cristo? Sa
I Cor. 12:27 ay ganito ang sinasabi: "Kayo nga\ ang kaia-
wan ni Cristo. a,t bawa't isa y samasamang'mga sangkap
Ang mga taong papasok kay Cristo ay papasok na
sangkap ng katawan ni Cristo. Hindi ang katawang
lamaR ni Cristo ang papasukan. kundi ang Iglesia na kata-
wan ni Cristo at Siya an'g 1110 ayon "a Col. 1, 18, K aya. .ang .
taong ibig na maligtas ay dapat pumasok sa tunay na
Iglesia ni Cristo. Hindi namin ipinagkakait ang pagba-
balita ng ukol sa pagliligtas (Awit 40:9-10) - 0
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ALOS LAHAT ng relihiyon 0
pangkatin ng pananampa-
lataya na lumitaw sa mundQ
ay nagtatayo ng .kani-kanilang ba-
hay sambahan na ginagamit sa
kani-kanilang pagsamba. Hindi
man magkakiltulad ng balangkas ,
disenyo 0 katangian, bawa't ipa-
tayong Simbahan, Kapilya, Mosque
kaya 0 amiman ang itawag, ay hina-
hangaan ng tao. Mayroon silang
kani-kanilang katangiah; subali't
ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat ng
mga ito. ay ang katangian ng bahay-
sambahang ang Diyos ang nag-utos
ng pagtatayo.
Alin ang bahay-sambahan na ang
Diyos ang nag-utos ng pagtatayo?
Ano ang katangian ng bahay-
sambahang ito? Ang lahat ng ito ay
maliliwanagan natin mula sa Banal
na Kasulatan. Nguni't una natmg
alamin ay ito: Ang Diyos ba ay nag-
utos ng pagtatayo ng bahay-sam-
bahan 0 bahay na ukol sa Kaniya?
Basahin natin sa Hagai 1:8 ang ga-
nitong pahayag: "Magsiahon kayo
sa bundok. at mangagdala ng ka-
hoy, at mangagtayo kayo ng bahay;
Panginoon. " Ang Diyos ba ay
nag-utos ng pagtatayo ng bahay na
ukol sa Kaniya? Opo! Papaano ang
pagtatayo nang ayon sa utos Niya?
Ang Kanyang bayan na sasamba 0
gagamit ng bahay-sambahan ang
inuutusan na umahon sa . bundok
upang magdala ng kahoy na ukol sa
itatayong bahay-sambahan. Sama-
. katuwid, ang sasamba ang magpa-
pakasakit upang makapagtayo ng
ABRIL 1978
bahay-sambahan. Gayon ang nais
ng Diyos. Ano naman 'ang bunga
kung ito ay matayo na? Kalulugdan
at ikaluluwalhati ng Diyos.
Bakit kaya 0 malu-
luwalhati ang Diyos sa bahay-
sambahan na Kanyang iniyutos na
itayo? Sa II Cronika 7:16 ay ganito
ang pahayag sa atin: " Sapagka't
ngayon ay aking pinili at itinalaga
- ang bahay na ito, upang ANG
aking mga mata at ang aking puso
ay doroong pulagi . .. Ano ang dahi- '
Ian at nalulugod . ang Diyos sa
bahay na ipinag-utos Niyang itayo?
Sapagka't' ang Kanyang
ILAN MAN. Kaya, ang bailay-
sambahan na ang Diyos ang nag-
utos ng pagtatayo ay itinatayo na
ukol lamang sa Kanya. Hindi ka-
iIanman dapat na iyukol ito sa kara-
ogalan ng sino mang tao. Kaya sa
Iglesia ni Cristo, hindi kayo maka-
kasumpong ng kahit maliit 0 mala-
-king kapilya na aming itinayo bilang -
alaala ninuman. Minsan man ay
hindi nagkamali 'ang Iglesia ni
.Cristo na magtalaga ng b'ahay- .
sambahan sa 0 sa alaala
ng sino mang tao. Bakit? Sapagka't
ang kapilyang ipinatatayo dito ay
ang Diyos ang nag-utos ng pagta-
tayo at itinayo na ukol lamang sa
Kanyang pangalan.
Ano naman ang katumbas ng
pagtahan ng Diyos sa bahay na
ipinatayo'? Sa Exodo 25:8
ay nlaliliwanagan natin ito: "At ka-
nila/lg igawa ako ng isang santua-
upan/.? ako 'y rnakatahan sa
gitna _nila . .. Ano ang katumbas ng
pagtahan ng Pangalan ng Pangi-
noon sa bahay-sambahan na Kan-
yang IPmatayo? Katumbas iyon ng
ng Kanyang bayan. Kaya sa bawa't
10kaL ng Iglesia ni Cristo na boong
pagkakaisang nagpakasakit ang
mga kapatid upang matupad ang
utos na ito ng Diyos, ' ay nadadama
nila ang pakikisama ng Ama. Dito
ay napiltutunayan namin na ang
Diyos ay tunay na nasa Iglesia
upang kumandili sa Kanyang mga
Arig paniniwala ng marami:
Sapat na ang isang tao ay sumamba
sa Diyos , saanman niya isagaw:a ay
tatanggapin ng Diyos. Kung ito, ang
totoo, kahit aling baltay-sambahan
ang paroonan ng tao, sumamba
lamang sa Diyos ay tatanggapin na.
Gayon nga kaya? Sa Deuteronomio
12:13-14 ay ganito ang sinasabi:
" Magingat ka na huwag mong iha-
, handog ang iyong handog na susu- .
nugin sa alinrndng dakong iyong
rnakikita: K undi sa dakong PIPILIIN
. NG PANGINOON sa isa sa iyong
mga /ipi ay doon rnO ihahandog ang
iyong mga handog ,na susunugin, at
d90n rno gaga win ang lahat Ila
aking iniuutos sa iyo . .. Ano ang ka-
tunayan na hindi lahat ng dako na
pinagdarausan ng pagsamba sa
Diyos ay tinatanggap ng Diyos?
Pinag-iingat Niva ang Kanyimg
bayan sa paghahandog. Upang '
huwag silang maghandog sa
alin mang dako na kanilang
Kung gayon, hindi
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kanilang marapatlll.' Kung gayon,
hindi sa lahat ng lugar 0 dako ay
payag ang Diyos na Siya ay samba-
hin. Alin ang dako na ibig ng Diyos
na pagdausan ng paghahandog 0 ng
pagsamba sa Kaniya? Ang dako na
Kanyang pipiliin. Alin naman ang
ipinakikilala ' ng D i y o ~ na da\cong
pinipili Niya? Sa Deuteronomio 12:5
ay ga,nito ang pagtatapat: "Kundi
sa dakong pipiliin ng Panginoon .
ninyong Dios sa lahat ng inyong
mga lipi na PAGLALAGYAN NG
tuwid bagl1 y sa kamyang tahanan
ay inyong hahanapin, at doon kayo
paroroon . .. Alin ang dako na pinili
ng Diyos upang doon Siya handu-
gan 0 sambahin? Ang dako na pag-
lalagyan ng Diyos ng kanyang pa-
ngalan. Alin naman ang bahay 'na
pinaglagyan ng Diyos ng -Kanyang
pangalan? Ang bahay-sambahan na
Siya ang nag-utos ng ' pagtatayo.
Ang itinayo na ukol sa Kanya at
hindi sa kaninuman. Ang mgi).
bahay-sambahan na itinayo ng
Iglesia ni Cristo ay ukol lamang sa
tiyak na kapurihan ,at kaluwalhatian
ng Diyos.
Kung nakatayo na ang bahay ng
J Diyos, ana ang dapat maging layu-
nin ng tao sa pagpasok. sa Kaniyang
bahay-sambahan? Sa Awit 5:7 ay
ganito ang isinas,aad: " Nguni't sa
ganang akin, sa kasaganaan ng
iyong kagandahang-Ioob ay papas ok
ako sa iyong bahay; Sa takot sa
iyo ay sasamba ako sa dako ng iyong
hanal na templo. ,.
Ano ang dapat maging layunin ng
taong papasok sa bahay-sambahang
iniukol sa Diyos? Ang sa Pangi-
noon at sa pagkilala ,ng kaganda-
hang-Ioob ng Diyos, ang taoay
dapat puma'sok 0 sumainba'sa.. \oob
ng bo.hay s o.rnbo.han. Dahil dito.
malaking kalapastanganan sa
Diyos kung ang isang bahay-dala-
nginan ay gagawing tanghalan 0
kaya ay isang dulaan, ng mga kasay
sayang itinatanghal upang kumita
n,g salapi . Halimbawa ay kunan ng
pelikula ang isang dula sa loob ng
, simbahan na inupahan upang ma-
ging bahagi ng isang pelikulang
pagkakakitaan ng limpak-limpak na
salapi. Hindi ito ang layunin ng
Diyos sa pagtitindig ng ganitong
gusali. Ito ay hindi dapat mangyari
sa tunay na Bahay ng Diyos.
Papaano makikilala na ang tao ay
papasok sa bahay ng D i y o ~ dahil sa
takot at sa pagkilala ng kaganda-
hang-loob sa Panginoon? Dito rin sa
Awit 93:5, ay ganito ang nakasulat:
"Ang lyong mga patotoo ay totoong
'tunay: Ang kahanalan ay nararapat
sa iyong hahay, Oh Panginoon,
magpakailan man . .. Papaano mapa-
tutunayan na ang tao ay pumapasok
sa bahay ng Diyos dabil sa takot at
sa pagkilala ng ' kagandahang-
loob ng Panginoon? Papasok ang
tao 0 sasamba sa Diyos, na banal ang
kanyang buhay. Hindi nila lalapas-
tanganin ang kaluwalhatian ng
,Panginoon na iniuukol sa Kanyang
banal na bahay.
Ano ang isa- sa ikinagagalit ng
Diyos noong uitang panahon sa
mga faong pumapasok sa Kaniyang
bahay? Sa Jeremias 7:9-11 , ganito
ang pahayag: "Kayo baga y ma-
ngagnanakaw, magslslpatay. at
m,angangalunya at magsisisumpa
ng kahulaancJn at mangagsusunog
ng kamangyan kay Baal. at magsisi-
sunod sa ibang mga dios na hindi
ninyo nakikilala, At magsisiparito at
magsisitayo SA HARAP KO SA
ngagsasabi, Kami ay laya; upang
inyong gawin ang lahat na kasuk-
lamsuklam na ito? ANG BAHAY
harap ng inyong mga mata? Nardo,
ako, aka nga ang nakakita. sahi ng
Panginoon . .. Ano ang isa sa ikina-
gagalit ng Diyos nang unang pana-
hon sa mga lingkod Niya na puma-
pasok sa bahay-dalanginan? Ang
bahay na kinarorootian ng Kanyang
pangalan ay ginagawa nilang yu-
' ngib ng mga tulisan. Papaano na-
gagawa ito ng mga tao noon? Puma-
patay sila. nangangalunya sila, 0 sa
matuwid na salita ay hindi sila nag-
, babagong-buhay. Hindi nila nala-
lamang nagdaramdam ang Diyos
sapagka't ang bahay na kinaro-
roonan ng Kanyang dakilang Pa-
ngalan ay ginagawa ng mga tao na
yungib ng mga tulisan.
Ano ang isang kasalanang na-
gagawa ng mga taong may kaug-
nayan sa bahay-sambahan? Ma-
babasa natin sa II Cronica 36:14
ang ganito: "Bukod dito y lahat ng
mga pin uno ng saserdote, tit ang
bayan, ay nagsisalangsang na ma-
'inam ayon sa lahat na karumal-
dumal ng mga hansa; at kanilang
PANGINOUN, na kaniyang itina-
laga sa Jerusalem; ..
Dinudumhan ang bahay ng Pa-
nginoon. Ang bahay na ukol sa
Diyos ay dapat pamaJagiing ma-
linis. Ang pagdudumi sa bahay-
sambahan ay isang karumaldumal
na kasalanan sa Diyos. Kaya nang
maghari si Ezechias sa ' Juda, na
anak ni Abia' na anak ni Zacharias,
ay mabuti sa paningin ng Diyos
ang kaniyang ginawa na ipinakilala
sa Israel ang kanilang kasalanan
ukol sa tahanan ng Diyos, gaya ng
binabanggit sa II Cronica 29:6-8:
"Sapagka't ang ' ating mga magu-
lang ay nagsisalangsang. at nag-
sigawa ng masama sa paningin ng
Panginoon nating Dios. at pina--
bayaan siya. at itinalikod ang kani-
lang mga mukha sa TAHANAN NG
KOD. Kanila ring isinara a1lg mga
pinto ng portiko, at pinatay allg mgq
ilawan at hindi nagsipagsunog ng
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kamallgyall Ili Ilagsipaghandog man
Ilg mga nalldog na susullUgin sa
dakollg ballal ' sa' Dios ng Israel.
Kaya'f allg pagiinit ng Panginoon
ay dumatillg sa Juda at Jerusalem,
at ibiuigay niya sila upang hamakin
saa't saan man, upang maging ka-
tigilan at kasutsutan. gaya ng in-
yong nakikita ng iyong mga mala. "
Iyan ang inabutan ni Ezechias na .
kalagayan 'ng Israel nang siya ay
maghari. Nakatalikod ang Israel sa
Diyos. Ano ang ginawa niya? Hini-
kayat ni Ezechias ang bayan na
manumbalik sa Panginoon upang
maalis ang malaking galit ng Diyos
laban sa kaniIa-: Ano ang gihawa ng
mga saserdote at ng mga Levita na
nakinig kay Ezechias? Sa II Cronica
29:15-16 ay sinasabi: "At pinisan
nila ang kanilang mga kapatid, at
. nangagpakabanal. at nagsipasok
ayon sa utos ng hari sa pama-
magitan ng mga salita ng PANGI-
mga saserdote ay nagsipasok sa
pinakaloob ng bahay ng Panginoon,
ANG LAHAT NA DUMI na kanilang
nasumpungan sa templo ng Pangi-
noon. At kinuha ng mga l,evita
upang ilabas sa batis ng Cedron . . .'
Ano ang ginawa ni Ezechias
upang mahikayat ang bayan sa
pagbabaIik-Ioob sa Diyos? Hini-
kayat niya siIa hindi lamang upang
magbagong-buhay, kundi upang
linisin ang bahay ng Diyos. KaiIan-
man at ang isang' gusali na iniuukol
sa Diyos, ay pinababayaang maging
marumi sa loob at labas, hanggang
sa ito ay maging tahanan ng ulu-
pong 0 ng sawa. dahiI sa 'naggugu-
bat sa karumihan, ito'y nagpapa-
kilala na ang bahay na gayon ay
hindi tunay na sa Diyos. At kung sa
pasimula man ay kinikiIala ng
Diyos, ay itatakwiI din iyon sapag-
ka't nagiging kasuklamsuklan sa
. ABRIL 1978
Ano ang dapat hiHngin sa Diyos
ng Kanyang mga lingkod ukol sa
bahay-sambahan, yamang marami
na sa mga lokal ng ni ,Cristo
ang niIoob ng Diyos na maipagtayo .
ng ganitong gusali? Tulad ng da-
langin ni Solomon nang italaga ang
Templo ng 'Jerusalem: "Nguni't
katotohanan bang tatahan ang Dios
sa lupa? Narito, sa langit at sa la-
ngit ng mga langit ay hindi ka mag-
kasiya; gaano pa sa bahay na ito na
aking itinayo! Gayon ma y iyong
pakundangiman ang dalangin ng
iyong lingkod at ang kaniyang pa-
manhik, Oh Panginoon kong Dios,
na dinggin ang daing at dalangin na
idinadalangin ng iyong lingkod sa
harap mo sa araw na ito. Kung ang
ibang tao ay magkasala laban sa
kaniyang kapuwa at papanumpain
siya upang siya y sumumpa, at
siya y pumarito at manumpa sa
harap ng iyong dambana sa bahay
na ito: Dinggin mo nga sa langit. at
iyong gawin. at hatulan mo ang
iyong mga lingkod. na iyong paru-
sahan ang masama, upang iyong
dalhin ang kaniyang lakad sa k'cmi-
yang sarlling ulo; at ariing-ga,nap
ang matuwid, upang bigyan siya ng .
ayon sa kaniyang katuwiran-. ,
(I Hari 8:27-28; 31:32)
. Ano ang panalanging ito ni Ha-
ring Solomon. nang ihandog ang
Templo ng Jerusalem? Ito ang pa-
nalangin na humihingi ng katu-
paran ng mga pangako ng Diyos
sa bahily na ukol sa Kanyang pa-
ngalan. Palibhasa'y tiniyak ng Pa-
nginoon na ang Kanyang mga
mata ay doroong pillagi sa bahay na
kinaroroonan ng Kanya!1g panga-
lan, kaya dito rin sa bahay na ito
ay makapihingi ang tao sa Diyos ng
lahat ng Kanyang kaiIangan. Kung
ang tao ay magkasala at parusahan
ng Diyos, dito rin sa bahay na ito ay
maihihingi niya ng , kapa(awaran
ang kaniyang mga kasalanan. - 0
Nalalaman Ba Ninyo? ." ..
(Mulasapahina 18)
Nanggabing yaon ay wala Silang
nahuling anuman. Nang magbubu
kang Iiwayway na, si Jesus ay tu-
mayo sa baybayin, nguni't hindi
nalalaman ng mga alagad na yaon si'
Jesus. Tinanong siIa ni Jesus kung
sila'y mayroong anumang maka-
kain. Ang sagot niIa'y wala. Sinabi
ni Jesus na ihulog nila ang lambat
sa dakong kanan at sila'y makaka-
sumpong. Inihulog nga niIa ang
lambat sa dakong kanan, hindi
na nil a mahila ito sa karamihan ng
nahuling isda. Sinabi ni Juan kay
Pedro, ang Panginoon nga. Pagka-
rinig ni Pedro na yaon ang Pangi-
noon ay nagbigkis siya ng kaniyang
tunika at tumalon sa dagat. Hinila
naman ng mga alagad ang lambat
na puno ng mga isda. SiIa'y nag-
ihaw at nagpawing-gutom. Pag-
katapos na siIa'y makapagpawing
gutom ay saka kinausap ni Jesus si
Pedro, at itinanong ni Jesus kay
Pedro kung iniibig niya si Jesus
nang higit sa pangingisda. Sina-
got niya ng 00. Tatlong beses tina-
nong ni Jesus si Pedro kung iniibig
nito si Jesus, at sa tuwing sasagot
siya ng 00 ay sinasabi ni Jesus. sa
kaniya: "Pakanin mo ang Aking
mga tupa. " Sa ikatlong tanong ay
nalumbay si Pedro, sapagka't sinabi
sa kaniyang makaltlo: "Iniibig mo
. totOQ ngang si Pedro'y
inihahalal ni Jesus na maging puno
sa Kaniyang Iglesia, bakit siya ma-
lulumbay? Dapat niya itong ika- '
tuwa, Jsapagka't siya'y ginagawang
puno. Subali't hindi nga siya
gawang puno ng Iglesia kundi
siya'y kinagagalitan . at sinusum-'
batan, sapagka't pinabayaan niya
ang mga tupa ni Jesus na ipinag- ..
sa kaniya upang alagaan.
Nagkamali ang mga tagapag-
turong Katoliko sa pagpapakahulu-
gan sa sinabi ni Jesus. Si Pedro ang
ni Jesus sapagka't
siya ang pasimuno sa pagtalikod sa
tungkuling ibinigay ni Jesus. Kaya '
lalong napatutunayan natin na war
lang kaugnayan sa karapatan, kay
Cristo at sa mga Apostol ang mga
papa at mga pareng Katoliko. - 0
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Places And ime Of Worship S e r v i c e ~
Outside Th Philippines .
Committee-Prayer .
c/o Bro. Nilo R. Acierto
U.S. Ai r Base, Misawa, Japan
P.O. Box 4674
A PO, San Francisco, California
Tel. Nos. 226-5121 226-5197
Thu . . 8:00 p.rn . /Sun ., 2:00 p.m.
c/o Bro. Kanictii Kimura
Goko Mansion ~ 401
5-22-5 Hirai , Edogawa-Ku ,
Tokyo 132, Japan
Tel. No. 619-5237
c/o Sist er Nelia Hayag Ignacio
Yokohama Navy Housing
202-D Area 2
Yokohama, Japan
c/o Bro. Bayani Veron Cruz
Capri Building
130 Austin Road
1st Floor , Unit A
Kowloon , Hongkong
Thu ., 3:00 p.m. /Sun ., 3:00 p.m.
Tel. No. 3-682911
c/o Bro. Gene Abella
Rm. 64 Siva Court
25/1 Soi 7, Sukhumvit Road
Bangkok, Thailand
c/o Sister Esperanza G. Cal eon
NO. 4 Aryayalley
Khosh Shomali
Eisenhower Avenue
Tehran , Iran
Tel. No. 937657/937215
Thur :, 6:00 p.m.
c/o Bro. Romy Panganiban
Erector Incorporated
c/o Taisei Corporation
P.O. Box 720 Basrah
Iraq , Middl e East
c / o Bro. Narciso G. Morte
AG& P Company
P.O. Box 7316
Fahaheel , State of Kuwait
Commi ttee-Prayer
c/o Bro. Romeo L. Langit
P.O. Box 2017
Riyadh , S,,-udi Arabia
Tel. NQ. 26721. 21514
(Dirivah Broadcast Station)
c/o Bro. Cristino Gallardo
Fuller-Shwayer Co. Ltd .
P.O. Box 322, Damman ,
Saudi Arabia
Tel. No. 26579
Thur . , and Sun ., at 7:30 p.m.
c/o Bro. R. Alcant ara
P.O. Box 6514
. Philsinports Corporation
Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
c / o Armando Villaluz
Arabian Mechanical Co. Ltd .
Alkhobar-SaufJi Arabia
c/ o Bro. Federico Cat uling
123 Room 25
Abqaiq , Camp Site
Saudi Arabia
Thur ., 8:00 p.rn ./ Sun. , 8:00 p.m.
c/o Bro. Avelino G. Manalo
Ju ' aymah A .C.C. Camp
Dormi t ory No. 713, Rm. No. 19
Thu., 6:00 p.m./ Sun. , 6:00 p.m.
Mail i ng Address:
Tradco-Vulcan Co . Ltd.
P.O. Box 84 Dhahran Airport
Saudi Arabia
c / o Bro. Rodolfo Calilan
Ghanimab Project _
Dormitory Rm. 10
Thu ., 7: 30 p.m. /Sun ., 7:30 p .. m.
Mail i ng Address :
EEl c /o M.M.E.
P.O. Box 91 Damman
Ghanimab Project
Saudi Arabia
Bro. Eugenio de Leon
c/o Fuller Shuwayer
AI -Ahsa Cl i nic Camp
Hofuf , Saudi Arabia
Thu ., 6:30 p.m. /Sun . , 6:30 p.m.
c / o Redentor Manalang
Half Moon Bay
Barge B-DK-A 027
Arabian Sundt. Ltd.
P.O. Box 3.92 Dhahran Airport
Saudi Arabia
c/o Bro. Abraham P. Balan
Arab Shi p Building & Repair Yard
(ASRY) P.O.- Box No. 5110
Manama, Bahrain
Land Transport & Rigging Sen/ices
27153 '
Thu. , 8:00 p.m./ Sun. , 8:00 p.m.
c/o Bro. Lemuel M. Ocon
Flat 5/6 Newstead SI.
Maribymong , Victoria
Austral ia 3032
Sun . 10:00 a.m.
Rm. M YMCA Bldg .
325 Pitt St.
Sydney, NSW Aust ralia
Sun., 9:00a.m.
Mailing Address:
c/o Bro. Antero G. Repas
2/9 Flack Avenue
Hillsdale, N.S.W.
Australia 2036
c/o Bro. Anacleto N. Celino
P.O. Box 810
Port Moresby
Papua, New Guinea
Committee-Prayer ,
c/o Bro. Tony B. Casimiro
P.O. Box 1052 L A E .
Morobe Province
Papua, New Guinea
315 Maple Street
Kodiak, Alaska 99615
c / o Sister Lolita Arcia
Sun . 4:00 p.m.
Oe/ano .congregation
235 2nd St. , Cor. Harlow St.
McFarland, Ca. , U.S.A.
Area Code - 93250
Tel. No. 792-3438
Thu. , 8:00 p.m. /Sun . , 10:00 a.m.
De/ Rey Congregation
c / o Bro. Milagroso Soriano
4776 S. Bethel Avenue
Del Rey, California, 93648
Tel. No. (Area Code 209) 888-2628
Sun . , 7:30 p.m.
Wed. , 7:30 p.m.
Los Ange/es Congregation
205 North Union Ave. , Los Angeles
Zip Code - 90026
Tel. No. 222-3494
Thu .. 10:00 a.m.: 8:00 o.m.
Sun., 9:00 a.m. ; 6:00 p.m.
Thu ., School , 8:00 p.m.
Sun. School , 10:00 A, M ,: 6:00 p.m. -1
San Gabrie/ Valley Congregation
3260 North Maine Avenue
Baldwin Park , California 91706
Tel. No. (213) 962-7407
Long Beach Congregation
1200 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, California 90813
Tel. No. (Area Code 213) 435-8719
Thu. , 10:00a.m.; 8:00 p.m.
, Sun ., 9:00 a.m. ; 5:00 p.m.
Sun. School , 9:00 a.m.
Mira Mesa Congregation
9074 Libra Drive, Mira Mesa
San Diego, California 92126
Tel. No, 566-5439
Area Code 714
Thu., 7:00 p.m. /Sun ., 2:00 p.m.
Oak/and Congregation
2808 35th Avenue
C orner Allendale
Oakland, California 94619
Tel. No. 534-7941 ; 532-1422
Area Code - 415
Fri. 7:30 p.rn./Sun ., 10:00 a.m.
Sun. School , 11:30a.m.
Oxnard Congregation
3201 Samuel Avenue
'Oxnard, Cali fornia 93030
Area Code 805
Tel. No. 483-7810
Thu .,10:00a.m./Sun .,10:00a.m.
Sun. School , 9:00 a.m.
Redwood City Congregation
(Formerly Mountain View)
409 Third Avenue
Redwood City , Cal iforn ia 94063
Tel. No. 366-7120
Wed ., 7:30 p.m./Sun. , 10:00a.m.
Sun. School, 11 :00 a.m.
San Jose CJ)ngregation
1783 Caloosa St.,
San Jose, California 95132
Fri. , 7:30 p.m. /Sun ., 3:00 p.m.
Sun. School, 5:30 p.m.
Riverside Congregation
C/O Bro. Alfred Boyer
3292 Locust St .,
Riverside, California 92501
. Tel . No. 884 - 6729
Area Code 714
Wed. , 8:00 p.m.
Sun. , 10:00a.m.
Sunday School , 12:00 a.m.
Sacramento Congr egation
4909 42nd Street
Sacramento, California 95822
Tel. No. 422-5480
Area Code 916
Thu . , 6:30 p.m. /.Sun. , 6:30 p.m.
Sun. School , 4:30 p.m.
Salinas Congregation
221 California St.
Salinas , California 93901
Tel. 449-4650
Area Code 408
Thu. , 7:30 p.rn./Sun ., 7:30p. m.
Sun . Sch . . 10:00a.m.,
San Diego Congregation
2145 E. 8th Street
Nat ional City, California 92C50
Tel. No. (Area Code 714) 474-2655 .
Wed. , 7:00p.m.
Sun ., 9:00 a.m.
Sun. School , 9:00 a.m.
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San Francisco Congregation
2899 Clay Street , San Francisco
Zip Code - 94115
Hawaii Grande Congregation
32 Ohai Street
Naglehu , Hawaii 96772
Tel. No. (Area Code 415) 563-3026 /30
Thu., 6:00 a.m.; 7:30 p.m.
Tel. No. 935-3910
Wed. , 7:00 p.m.
Sun. , 10:00a.m.; 7:30 p.m.
Thu . School , 8:00 p.m.
Sun . School, 10:00a.m.
Sta. Ana Congregation
943 Fairbrook Lane
Sta. Ana , California 92706
Tel. No. (Area Code 714) 8306175
Fri ., 8:00 p.m.
Sun. , 10:00a.m.
Sun. School , 3:00 p.m.
Sta. Maria Congregation
1542 South Wallis, Sta. Maria
California, 93454
Tel. No. WA5-5017
Area Code 805
Wed. , 7:00 p.m.
Sun., 6:00 p.m.
Stockton Congregation
1648 South Stockton St. ,
Stockton City
Tel. No. (Area Code-209) - 464-2580
Zip Code - 95206
Thu., 6:00 p.m.
Sun. 4:30 p.m.
Sun. Schoo!, 3:00 p.m.
Vallejo Congregation
123 Woodrow Avenue
Vallejo, California 94590
Tel. No. (707) 644-1762
Wed. , 10:00a.m. , 7:30 p.m.
Sun., 9:00a.m.
Sun . School, 10:30a.m.
Additional Worship Service:
2864 Campton Heights,
Dr. Fortuna,
California 95540
Sun . ,10:00a.m.
Colorado Springs Congregation
clo Bro. Alejo Tumbaga
6775 President Avenue
Widefield, Colorado - 80911
Tel. No. (303) 392-1168
Sun. , 2:00 p.m.
Thu ., 4:30 p.m.
Florida Congregation
4550 Firestona Road
Jacksonville, Floriaa J2210
Tel. Nos . (904) 771-8045; 387-0039
Thu ., 7:00 p.m.
Sun. School , 11:30a.m.
Honolulu Congregation
1021 Valley View Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Tel. Nos. 841-0227/847-1766
Thu. , 9:00a.m. ; 7:30 p.m.
Sun ., 9:00a.m.; 6:30 p.m.
Sun . School , 9:00 a.m.
Honolulu CongregatIon (Extension)
Filipino Union Hall
Waialua, Hawaii 96791
Fri. , 7:00 p.m.
Tel. No. 637-4065
Honolulu COlrgregation (Extension)
87-129 St. John 's Road
Waianae, Oahu 96792
Fri. , 6:30 p.m.
Tel. No. 668-8831
Sun., 7:00 p.m.
Hilo Congregation
Kawahihae Village
Halaula, Hawaii 96711
Tel. No. 882-7380
Thu ., 7:00 p.m.
YMCA Hall , Waikea Vi llage
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Tel. No. 935-3910
Sun. , 1 :00 p.m.
Kauai Congregation
Lihue East Methodist Church (Bldg .)
Lihue, Kauai 96766
Thu ., 6:30 p.m.
Kaumakani , Filipino Hall
Kaumakani, Kauai 96747
Sun., 6:30 p.m.
Sun. School , 7:30 p.m.
Tel . No. 337-1513
Maui Congregation
464 Waiehu Beach Road
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793
Tel . No. 244-3136
Thu ., 7:00 p.m.
Sun.,9:00 a.m. ; 7:00 p.m.
Sun. School, 4:00 p.m.
Maili Congregation
Meaulu Road, Mai li Hawaii
Wed. , 6:30 p.m.
Sun., 6:30 p.m.
Chicago Congregation
3140 W. Belle Plaine
Chicago, Illinois 60618
Tel. Nos. (312) 769-1252
(312) 539-9370
Thur. , 6:00 a.m.; 8:00 p.m.
Sun. , 9:00a.m.
Sun . School , 10:30a.m.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Congregation
Bro. Exequiel B. Cruz
5015 W. National Avenue (basement)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214
Tel. No. (414) 643-4438
Sun., 5:00 p.m.
clo Bro. Noel Swank
2105 Crawford St.
Bellevue Nebraska 68005
Tel. No. 402-291-6168
Sun. , 7:00 p.m.
Worship Service: Every last
Sat. of the Month
New Jersey Congregation
654 Bergen Avenue Room 202
Jersey City, N.J. 07304
Tel . Nos . (201) 434-3211
(201) 826-4207
Wed ., 7:30 p.m.
New York City Congregation
45-33 21st Street , Long Island City
New York 11101
Tel. No: (Area Code 212) 361-7572
Thu. , 6:00 p.m. ; 7:30 p.m.
Sun., 10:COa.m.; 7:00 p.m.
Sun. School , 11 :30a.m.
New York Extension
clo Bro. Ronnie Mendoza
147 Ponus Ave. , Norwalk
Connecticut 06850
Tel. No. (203) 846-2126
Every last Sunday of the Month
Portland Congregation
Phil-American Hall
Portland, Oregon
clo Bro. Elpidio Bumanlad
345 Jerries Ave. S.E. Salem, Oregon
Tel. No. (503) 364-7135
Every last Saturday of the month ,
2:00 p.m.
Philadelphia Congregation
1421 Arch St . ,
Room 207, YMCA Bldg .
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19101
Tel. No. (215) 223-7130
Wed . , 7:30p.m. Sun ., 11:00a.m.
South Carolina Congregation
clo Bro. Rudy Sagabaen
46 Pulaski St. ,
Charleston , S. Carolina 29408
Tel. Nos . (803) 797-3481; 553-4960
Every third Saturday of the month
10:00 a.m. (Worship Service)
Every Sunday of the week :
7:00 p.m. (Committee-Prayer) '
Wed . 7:00 p.m.
Sat. School , 11 :00 a.m. (Every third
Dallas Congregation
9690 Fall brook Drive
Dallas, Texas 75323
Area Code - 214
Tel. Nos. 341-2590; 341 -2591
Sun. , 2:00 p.m.
Virginia Congregation
1501 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Tel. Nos. Area Code (804)
429-2778 or 422-5931
Washington, D.C. Congregation
5030 Temple Hills Road
Temple Hills, Maryland 20031
Tel. No. (301) 894-5678
Thu., 8:00 p.m.
Sun., 10:00 a.m.
Sun SCMol , 11:UOa.m.
Seattle Congregation
6020 Rainier Ave. , South
Seattle, Washington 98118
Tel. No. (206) 723-0346
Thu., 7:30 p.m. - English
Sun. , 10:00a.m. - English
5:00 p.m. - Tagalog-English
Sun. Sch. , 10:30a.m. - English
Guam Congregation
Rt. 16, Harmon , uededo
Guam, Marianas Is .
Tel. 646-1066
Sun ., 8:00a.m. ; 7:00 p.m.
Thu., 6:00 a.m ,.; 7:00 p.m.
Sun . School , 9:30 a.m.
Saipan Congregation
S. Marcia'S Res ., San Jose Village
Saipan , Mariana Island 96950
Mailing Address:
Mr . Segundo Marcia
P.O. Box 945 San Jose Village
Mariana Island 96950
Toronto Congregation
175 7th St. , Etobicoke
Toronto , Ontario, Canada
Tel . No. (416) 255-4354
Sun. , 11:00a.m.
Thu: . 8:00 p.m.
Sun. School , 12:30p.m.
Grand Island Congregation
' 111 Dolphin Drive,
Grand Island, New York, U.S.A.
Tel. No. (716) 773-3752
(Once a month)
Vancouver Congregation
clo Bro. Max Romero
21 E. 41st Avenue
Vancouver , B.C. Canada
V5W 1N4
Tel. No. (604) 325-1578
Every Second Saturday of the Month
Winnipeg Congregation
88 Juno Street
Winnipeg , Manitoba ,
Tel. No. (204) 772-36'14
Thu. , 8:00 p.m.
Sun. , 10:00a.m.
Sun. School , 11 :30 a.m.
/.ondon Congregation
32 Latchmere Road
Battersea, London, SW, 11
Tel. No. (01) 223-2971
Thu ., 7:00 p.m.
Sun. , 6:30 p.m.
West Germany Congregation
Kennedy Allee 109-113
53 Bonn-Bad Godesberg
West l.ermany
cl o Sister Ruth Morales
Tel. No. 02221/343144
Every last Saturday of the month
10:00a.m. -11:00a.m.
clo Sister Aida Guillermo
Ospelgasse '77
20th District Wi en (Vienna)
Austria, Europe
Tel. No. 35-58-293
Sun. , 9:00 a.m.
Sister Nenita P. Aranda
clo Dr. J. Diba
Apartment A-41
28 Chemin du Petit Saconnex
1209 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel. No. 34-77-20
Fri ., 6:30 p.m.
Committee-Pr ayer
c/o Mr. Danilo Ramirez
Rusel kkveien 60
Oppq . 5 III , Oslo 2
New York. U,S.A.
, ;
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To The Voice Of Truth
DZEM - 1360 kHz - MANILA
1. Biblia 0' Kuro-kuro - 8:30 - 9:00 p.m. (Tues., Thurs., & Sat.)
2. Think and Believe"": 8:30 - 9:00 p.m. (Mon., Wed., & Fri.)
3. Daan ng BUhay - 6:00 - 6:30 pm. (Mon., to Sun.)
4. The Way to God - 8:30 - '9:00 p.m. (Spnday only)
5. Church News Round-Up,-7:00 - 7:15 p.m. (Sunday only)
6. Talking Bible - 6:30 -7':00 p.m. (Sunday only)
7. Tanghalan ng Kabataan -10:00 a.m. (Sunday only)
8. Ang Aking Karanaaan - II :00 - II :30 a.m. (Mon. to Sun.)
- 4:30 - 5': 00 p.m. (Mon. to Sat.)
- 8:00 - 8:30 p.m. (Mon. to Sat.)
9. Mga Kasaysayan ng Biblia - 11:30 - 12:00 a.m. (Sunday only)
- 8:00 - 8:30 p.m. (Sunday. only),
" 10. "Mga'Gintong Payo - 11:30 - 12:00 a.m. (Mon. to Sat.)
11. Pangako ng Pag-ibig - 4:00 - 4:30 p.m. (Mon. to Sat:)
(DZBU-FM -107.9 MHz)
1. Daan ng Buhay - 6:30 - 7:00 a.m. (Mon. to Sun.)
2. Biblia o"Kuro-kuro - 8:30 - 9:00 p.m. (Mon., Wed., & Fri.)
3. Think & Believe - 8:30 - 9:00 p.m. (Tue., Thur., & Sat.)
4. The Way to God - 8:30 -:- 9:00 p.m. (Sunday only)
1. ,Daan ng Buhay - 6:30 -7:00 a.m. (Mon. to Sun.)
2. Timec Ti Pannacaisalacan - 5:00 - 5:30 p.m. (Mon. to Sat.)
3. Ang Aking Karanaaan (Drama) - 8:30 - 9:00 p.m. {Mon. to Sat.)
4. , The Way to God - 8:30 - (Sunday, only)
1. Ang Aking Karanaaan (Drama) - 6:30 - 7:00 p.m. (Mon. to Sat.)
2. Biblia (l' Kuro-kuro - 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. (Mon., Wed., & Fri.)
3. Think and Believe - 8:30 - 9:00 p.m. (Tue., Thur., & Sat.)
4. ,The Way to God - 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. (Sunday only)
DYFX - 1350 kJIz - CEBU CITY
1. Dalan sa Kinabuhi - 6:30 - 7:00 a.m. (Mon. to Sat.)
,2.Kini angKamatuoran - 8:30 - 9:00 p.m. (Mon. to Sat.)
3. The Way to God - 1 :30 - 2:00 pm. (Sunday only)
4. Ang A!dng Karanaaan (Drama) - 1:00 - 11:30 p.m. only)
DXED - 1020 kHz - DAVAO CITY
1. Dalan sa Kinabuhi - 6:00 - 6:30 a.m. (Mon. to Sat.) ,
2. Biblia 0' Kuro.Jcuro - 8:30 - 9:00 pm. (Mon:;Wed., & Fri.)
3. Thirik and Believe - ,8:30 - 9:00 p.m. (Tue., Thur., & Sat.)
4. The Way to God - 8130 - 9:00 p.m. (Sunday only)
5. Ang Aking Karanaaan (Drama) - II :30 - 12:00 a.m. (Sunday only)
,0., .
KBRG.:- lOiS FM Stereo - San Calif., U.s.A.
1. yoice from the Far East - 2:15 - 3:00 p.m. (Every Sunday)
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