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Mixed A good electric conductor is one that (a) has low conductance (b) is always made of copper wire (c) produces a minimum voltage drop (d) has few free electrons Two wires A and B have the same cross-section and are made of the same material. RA= 600 Q and R8=100Q. The number of times A is longer than B is (a) 6 (b) 2 (c) 4 (d) 5 Which of the following material has nearly zero temperature-coefficient of resistance ? (a) carbon (b) porcelain (c) copper (d) manganin Which of the following material has a negative temperature coefficient of resistance ? (a) brass (b) copper (c) aluminium (d) carbon A cylindrical wire, 1m in length, has a resistance of 100 Q. what would be the resistance of a wire made from the same material if both the length and the cross-sectional area are doubled ? (a) 200 Q (b) 400 Q (c) 100Q (d) 50 Q Carbon composition resistors are most popular because they . (a) cost the least (b) are smaller (c) can withstand overloads (d) do not produce electric noise A unique feature of a wire-wound resistor is its (a) low power rating (b) low cost (c) high stability (d) small size Which of the following statement is TRUE both for a series and a parallel d.c. circuit? (a) powers are additive (b) voltages are additive (c) currents are additive (d) elements have individual currents “In any electrical network, the algebraic sum of the currents meeting at a point (or junction) is zero” a. Kirchoff’s 1st Law b. Kirchhoff’s 2nd law c. Kirchoff’s 3rd law d. Kirchhoff’s Law A room temperature of + 30.0 degrees Celsius is equivalent to how many degrees Fahrenheit? a} 104. b} 83. c} 95. d} 86. One nautical mile is approximately equal to how many statute miles? a} 1.61 statute miles. b} 1.83 statute miles. c} 1.15 statute miles. d} 1.47 statute miles. Voltage may be expressed by what other expression? A.Difference of potential B.IR drop C.Electromotive force D.All of the above Amperage may also be known by: A.Electron flow B.Electron drift C.Electric current flow D.All of the above The property of a conductor or coil which causes a voltage to be developed across its terminals when the number of magnetic lines of force in the circuit or coil is changed is: A.Capacitance B.Inductance C.Conductance D.None of the above The unit of AC impedance in a circuit is: A.Ohm B.Mho C.Joule D.None of the above Decibel is: A.The unit used to express the ratio between two sound power levels B.The unit used to express the ratio between two electrical power levels C.Both A & B D.None of the above The prefix " kilo " means: A.To multiply by 1000 whatever quantity follows B.To divide by 1000 whatever quantity follows C.To add 1000 to whatever quantity follows D.None of the above The prefix " micro " means: A.Divide by 1,000,000 whatever quantity follows B.Multiply by 1,000,000 whatever quantity follows C.Add 1,000,000 to whatever quantity follows D.Divide by 1,000 whatever quantity follows The factor by which the product of volts and amperes must be multiplied to obtain true power is: A.Power factor B.Apparent power C.Phase angle D.None of the above Halving the cross-sectional area of a conductor will: A.Double the resistance B.Half the resistance C.Not affect the resistance D.None of the above The sum of all voltage drops around a simple DC circuit, including the source, is: A.Zero B.Insignificant C.Infinite D.None of the above An EMF of 1 V A. cannot drive much current through a circuit B. represents a low resistance C. can sometimes produce a large current D. drops to zero in a short time

1. is never dangerous B. A. A current of 25 A is most likely drawn by A. is dangerous if it is ac. and 7 microfarad connected in series? A. is always dangerous C. can be dangerous under certain conditions 24.14. a flashlight bulb B. such as 12 V.79 microfarad B. 25. A low voltage. but not if it is dc D.None of the above a small radio set . 5.23.a utility power plant D. a typical household C. What is the total capacitance of the capacitors of 3.15 microfarad D.479 microfarad C.

B . D 5. C 23.Mixed: Ans 1. A 10. D 4. C 12. C 17. C 8. D 24. D 14. A 9. A 3. C 6. A 19. B 15. A 22. B 25. A 18. A 20. A 7. D 11. A 21. D 13. A 16. C 2.

Elliptical C. 2005 23. c} Echo.000 kHz. Mike. B c. c} Medium Frequency (MF). Class ___ fire includes electrical fire a. Class ___ fire includes burning paper a. Which of the following is not the engineering and technician category covered by RA 9292? A. b} DISTRESS. 48 mm B. 5 B. Scooter. d} High Frequency (HF). c} Mnemonic system. III d. b} 0. 1995 d. 5 mA 21. luces c. 9. May 3. ckt breaker c. a. after the effectivity of the Republic Act. 2004 d. ckt breaker c. and S are represented by the words: a} Echo. 4. c} Alpha Baker Crystal. The Seal of Professional Electronics Engineer is consist of two concentric circles. current c. 7 B.3 to 3 MHz. PECE B. voltage b. Sierra. 8. Electronics Technicians may apply for registration without examination within _____ years. 2005 25. 28 mm D. Mister.3 to 3 GHz. all of the choices 13. “Feeble tingle” shock based on NIOSH. RA 8981 d. 1 mA 14.000 kHz and 3. power d. June 29. April 17. d} Frequencies above 50. According to PEC. b} Equator. 50 μA B. d} Adam Brown Chuck. May 27.000 kHz. ignitable flyings / fibers gases belongs to Class ____ hazardous location a. D 18. with the outside circle measuring ____ in diameter A. the letters E. b} Ultra High Frequency (UHF). energy 15. voltage b. III d. Date of approval of RA9292 a. Responsible for arcing a. ______ luminous electrical discharge (bright. Triangular B. In the FCC rules the frequency band from 30 to 300 MHz is also known as: a} Very High Frequency (VHF). What is the frequency range of UHF? a} 0. d} SECURITY. power d. 1969 b. Joule’s 20. May 3. The system of substituting words for corresponding letters is called: a} International code system. 5 2. PD 223 c. 6. In the International Phonetic Alphabet. I b. d} Element.000 kHz. b} Phonetic system. Frequencies which have substantially straight-line propagation characteristics similar to that of light waves are: a} Frequencies below 500 kHz. GFCI d. 10 26. EO 255 b. 10 A C. 2004 c. fuse b. II c. current c. with the inner circle measuring ____ in diameter A. c} 3 to 30 kHz. ECT D. 9292. 32 mm 28. 28 mm D. 3 C. 6 D. energy 16. 1 mA B. M.A. Volta’s c. i2t 19. The one that “electrocute” a. c} Frequencies between 1. c} SAFETY. 32 mm . A b. Welding b. Ampere’s d. 15 A D. Mike. March 25. C d. 15 A D. 2004 c. Oblong 27. flammable gases belongs to Class ____ hazardous location a. GFCI d. The Seal of Professional Electronics Engineer is consist of two concentric circles. A device designed to open and close a circuit by nonautomatic means and to open the circuit automatically on a predetermined overcurrent without damage to itself when properly applied within its rating. 2004 b. I b. d} 30 to 300 MHz. Present law that governs the Professional Regulation Commission a. voltage b. Which of the following represent the first three letters of the phonetic alphabet? a} Alpha Bravo Charlie. 48 mm B. 5. Circular D. b} Adam Baker Charlie. 38 mm C. Sonar.Law / Standards 1. electrical sparking) through the air that occurs when high voltages exist across a gap between conductors a. IV 11. The chairman and members of the Board must be a citizen and a resident of the Philippines for at least ___ consecutive years prior to his/her appointment A. RA5734 24. C d. March 25. arcing 22. A. power d. A b. The Official Seal/Logo of the Board is ________ in shape A. A. According to PEC. B c. all of the choices 12. A device intended for the protection of personnel that functions to de-energize a circuit a. Melting of fuse is governed by ___ law a. 3. Ohm’s b. flash d. Michigan. 12 C. IV 10. b} Frequencies between 500 kHz and 1. December 26. current c. 1 A C. d} 10 codes. 38 mm C. II c. Shocking” but tolerable and can “let go” from the shock A. Effectivity of RA 9292 a. What has most priority: a} URGENT. Sonar. fuse b. Under R. Fuse is NOT rated in terms of: a. ECE 29. D 17. 10 D. EE C. 7.

2 1 3 4 . ECT D. Drillon C. ECE C. Electronics Technician B. C. Jr B. Computer Technology 31. Manny Villar 34. Communications B. The Senate President of the Philippines during the approval of RA 9292 A. B. Electrical Technician 33.30. 36. Lito Lapid D. Senate President C. Letters "ECT" under RA 9292 A. Electronics & Computer Technician D. Has the power to appoint a chairman and two (2) members of BECE A. The science dealing with the development and application of devices and systems involving the flow of electrons A. Jose De Venecia. Congressman D. Franklin M. IECEP President 35. PECE B. EE 32. Telecommunications C. There are ___ categories of practice stipulated in RA 9292 A. Electronics D. A person who is qualified to hold himself/herself out as a duly registered/licensed Electronics Engineer A. Electronics & Communications Technician C. President of the Philippines B. D.

D 4. C 19. A 17. B 6. C 11. D 30. B 34. D 14. . B 29. C 18. C 36. B 25. B 15. A 8. C 3. B 32. B 23. A 16. D 2.Ans 1. A 7. A 28. D 22. B 13. C 27. C 12. A 35. A 26. D 20. B 9. A 5. C 31. C 24. A 10. D 21. A 33.

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