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This Agreement effective upon full execution, is made by and among the Union #26 and the Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committees (hereinafter referred to as the "Committees") and Ms. Maria Geryk (hereinafter referred to as the "Superintendent)." In consideration of the promises herein contained, the parties hereto mutually agree as follows: 1. EMPLOYMENT: The Committees hereby employ Ms. Maria Geryk as Superintendent of the Amherst, Pelham and Amherst-Pelham Regional Schools (hereinafter referred to as the Districts), and the Superintendent hereby accepts such employment on the following terms and conditions: 2. TERM: This Agreement and the employment of the Superintendent shall be for the period of July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2018. This Agreement, without further action by the parties, shall be extended for a (1) year period commencing July 1, 2018, unless the Committees vote at least 120 days prior to June 30, 2018 not to renew this Agreement for this one-year extension, and written notice, signed by a duly authorized member(s) of the Committees is sent to the Superintendent, notifying her of the Committees' action. Such notice shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the residence of the Superintendent at least 120 days prior to the expiration date of this Agreement. 3. COMPENSATION: a) The Superintendent shall be paid a gross annual salary of one hundred forty seven thousand dollars ($147,000.00) for the contract year ending June 30, 2013. Salary increases for subsequent fiscal years will be subject to reaching performance goals as established by the Committees. Said increase is at the full discretion of the Committees. Salary is subject to deductions permitted or required by law and/or authorized by agreement of the Districts. The annual salary shall be payable in bi-weekly, equal installments. The salary will be apportioned between Union #26 and the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District according to a formula determined by those Committees. 4. TERMINATION: This Agreement may be terminated prior to the original expiration date or prior to any extension of this Agreement by mutual written agreement of the parties. In the event that the Superintendent desires to terminate this Agreement prior to the expiration of this Agreement, she may do so by giving at least one-hundred twenty (120) days' notice of her intention to the Committees. This Agreement, and the employment of the Superintendent, may be terminated by the Committees prior to its expiration, for good cause by giving at least 120 days notice to the Superintendent of the reason(s} underlying the good cause for termination.


5. DUTIES: The Superintendent shall have charge ofthe Districts' schools underthe direction of the Committees. She shall be the chief executive officer of the Committees; shall direct and assign teachers and other employees of the schools under her supervision; shall organize, reorganize and arrange the administrative and supervisory staff, including instruction and business affairs, as best serves the Districts; shall select all personnel subject to the provisions of Massachusetts law and, where allowable by law, the approval of the Committees; shall from time-to-time make regulations, rules and procedures deemed necessary for the districts; and, in general, perform all duties incident to the office of the Superintendent and such other duties as may be prescribed from time-to-time by the Committees. The Committees, individually and collectively, shall, in their discretion, refer all criticisms, complaints and suggestions called to their attention to the Superintendent for study and recommendation. If the Committees do not bring such a criticism, complaint or suggestion to the Superintendent, then that criticism, complaint or suggestion may not be included in or referred to in the evaluation of the Superintendent. The Superintendent or her deSignee will attend all Committees meetings and all Committees and citizen Committee meetings relating to school matters and serve as a non-voting ex officio member of all Committees. The Committees, in establishing policies and by-laws, will recognize the Superintendent's legitimate authority as defined in the Massachusetts General Laws. All duties assigned to the Superintendent by the Committees should be appropriate to, and consistent with, the professional role and responsibilities of the Superintendent. 6. CERTIFICATE: The Superintendent shall furnish and maintain throughout the term of this Agreement a valid and appropriate certificate qualifying her to act as Superintendent of Schools in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as required by Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 71, sect. 38G. 7. OTHER ACTIVITIES: The Superintendent may accept speaking, writing, lecturing, consulting or other engagements of a professional nature as she sees fit, provided that they do not detract from her duties as Superintendent; and shall submit annually to the Committees a report of such activities. 8. REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES: The Committees shall reimburse the Superintendent for all expenses reasonably incurred in the performance of her duties under this contract. Such expenses shall include, but shall not be limited to, costs of transportation, meals, lodging, and attendance at appropriate local, state and national meetings and conferences. 9. LIFE INSURANCE/ANNUITY POLICY: The Committees agree to pay the premium, up to a maximum of $5,000.00 for an annuity and/or life insurance policy for the Superintendent. The Superintendent bears sole responsibility for identifying and selecting the annuity and/or life insurance policy. The Superintendent shall notify in writing the Chairpersons of the Committees of the selected policy, and shall make arrangements for the bill to be sent to the Business Office for payment by the Committees. 11. STATE RETIREMENT ASSOCIATION: The Superintendent shall be a member of the Teachers' Retirement System as required by Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 32, sect. 2.


12. FRINGE BENEFITS: The Superintendent shall be entitled to all benefits as described in the School Committees Benefits Policy for Principals, shown as Attachment A hereto, such benefits not to reduce benefits expressly provided for in this contract or to be agreed upon in the future. The Committees and the Superintendent may agree to alter components of these benefits or to add benefits not currently available to other professional personnel. 13. INCAPACITY: In the event that the Superintendent is prevented by illness or incapacity from performing her duties for a period exceeding her available sick leave, accrued vacation and personal leave days, she shall not be entitled to receive further salary. She will, however, be entitled to continue to receive health insurance benefits until expiration of this Agreement. 14. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN COMMITIEES AND SUPERINTENDENT: The Committees shall meet with the Superintendent at least two occasions or as needed during each contract year, for the purpose of discussing with the Superintendent her job description, goals, and performance as well as the working relationship between the Committees and the Superintendent. Specific details of the goals and performance criteria will be mutually agreed upon annually and be retained in written form by both the Superintendent and the Committees. The School Committees will conduct an informal mid-cycle progress review of the Superintendent on or before January 31 of each contract year. The Superintendent will be formally evaluated by theCommittees on or before June 30 of each contract year. 15. PERFORMANCE: The Superintendent shall fulfill all aspects of this Agreement. Any exceptions thereto shall be by mutual agreement between the Committees and the Superintendent, and shall be expressed in writing. 16. APPLICABLE LAW AND VENUE: This Agreement and all matters or issues related to the Superintendent's employment shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts applicable to contracts entered into and performed entirely within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Any action to enforce this Agreement shall be brought exclusively in the state or federal courts of competent jurisdiction located within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The proper venue for any such action is in Hampshire or Hampden County. 17. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Agreement embodies the whole agreement between the Committees and the Superintendent, and there are no inducements, promises, terms, conditions or obligations made or entered into by either party other than those contained herein. This Agreement may not be changed or added to except by a writing signed by the party against whom enforcement thereof is sought. 18. INVALIDITY: If any paragraph or part of this Agreement is invalid, it shall not affect the remainder of said Agreement, but said remainder shall be binding and effective against all parties. 19. ARBITRATION: In the event that there is a dispute about an express term of a specific provision in this Agreement, either party may file for arbitration of the dispute with the American Arbitration Association. Each part shall bear fifty percent (50%) of the costs of arbitration, including any filing fees. The arbitration shall be conducted according to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Each party agrees to comply with any subpoenas issued by the arbitrator or the other party for purposes of the arbitration. The arbitrator has no authority to add to, subtract from, modify or change any provision of this Agreement. An award by an arbitrator shall be final and binding so long as it is consistent with the terms of this Agreement, does not violate any law or regulation, does not violate, or cause the Committees to violate, any policy of the Committees, is not contrary to public policy, and is within the scope of the issue presented to the arbitrator for decision. The parties agree that the

arbitration award can be enforced under M.G.L. c. 150C or if M.G.L. c. 150C is not available, M.G.L. c. 251. It is understood and agreed that this provision shall not apply to the termination of this Agreement and the Superintendent's employment for good cause, so long as the Committees have provided the Superintendent with written notice of the termination of this Agreement and her employment as required by Paragraph 4, and have maintained the Superintendent's salary and benefits for the 120 day notice period as required by Paragraph 4, above. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto signed and sealed this Agreement and a duplicate thereof.
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