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Syahirah Hanisah Binti Md Yusof 0925764 The Forever Delicious products are increasingly becoming popular in the local

market. Bearing in mind the 5Cs principles of effective communication, complete the following parts of the proposal to the General Manager, suggesting for the organization to sponsor a reality show on TV. You are advised to include your own additional information whenever necessary.
1.0 Executive Summary Evidence from our research and development department, company image consultant, and survey proves that Forever Delicious has to sustain the popularity and good image of the bakery products. To sustain the popularity and image so that it stays in the mind of community and other experts recommendation, we need to sponsor a reality show on TV. The recommended show to sponsor will cost less that RM 50,000.00 and will sustain the popularity and image of Forever Delicious by giving good perception and impact on community. 2.0 Background The record for the last nine months proves that our market shares are expanding as the opening of our three new outlets in Bangsar, Taman Melawati, and Puchong Perdana. Further, the popularity of our bakery products are increasing as being rates for top 10 most yummy desserts by the Luscious Desserts magazine in Malaysia. In addition, the survey our marketing department conducted last month showed more than 50 percent of the 500 respondents aware about our organization and had try our bakery products. 3.0 Data Sources The data used to create this proposal came from our sales records, interviews with Malaysia food magazines, a customer survey we commissioned, data and recommendations from Research and Development Department and our company image consultant, and an observation conducted by our staff. 4.0 Problem Due to increasing in Forever Deliciouss bakery product popularity, the sustainability of our company brand image is a serious concern. As good corporate citizens, we have a responsibility to give back to the community. As a business organization, we recognize that the customers and business partners as the agents that spread word of mouth as responses to our products and image. We risk losing customers if Forever Delicious does not maintain a tasty, outstanding products and brand image. We also must watch expenses. However, it is evident from our research that as a result of poor brand image and mantra, popularity of our products is not sustainable.

5.0 Solution Problem with unsustainable products and brand image can be eliminated if we sponsor the cooking reality show on TV as recommended by the company image consultant and research and development department. To sustain the popularity of our company, we suggested our company to sponsor the most famous cooking reality show on TV nowadays which is Chef Mencari Bintang that produced by TV5 production. The show is broadcast by TV5 and being rates as most watch reality show by survey conducted online. 6.0 Objectives The purpose of this proposal is to sustain the popularity and good image of Forever Deliciouss bakery products so that community perceive our company as a well known and good image company that produce tasty bakery products. 7.0 Assessment of Cost The sponsors for famous cooking reality show Chef mencari Bintang necessary to sustain popularity and image proposed cost would be RM 50,000.00. This cost is drafted after the discussion held by our team, company image consultant, finance department and TV5 production. 8.0 Conclusion If Forever Deliciouss bakery products popularity is not sustained, future problems are likely to occur. We might face a decrease in the number of customers willing to do business with us and increase in our operating costs as a result of mass promotion to recover our image. This proposal is a prevention step that sustains the companys popularity. The Forever Delicious will benefit from sponsoring famous cooking reality show both internally and externally.