Esu is the Spirit of the Trickster. In Merindinlogun Esu speaks in Owonrin (11 cowries). Esu is the principle of chaos, change, transformation and justice depending on the aspect of Esu that is manifested in a particular moment. All ritual begins and ends with Esu because Esu has the ability to translate the language of humans into the language of Spirit and the language of Spirit into the language of humans. Esu will accept any food or drink as an offering. His colors are either black and white or black and red. ORÍKÌ ÈSÙ ÒDÀRÀ (Praising the Divine Messenger of Transformation) Èsù, Èsù Òdàrà, Èsù, lanlu ogirioko. Okunrin orí ita, a jo langa langa lalu. Divine Messenger, Divine Messenger of Transformation, Divine Messenger speaks with power. Man of the crossroads, dance to the drum. A rin lanja lanja lalu. Ode ibi ija de mole. Ija ni otaru ba d'ele ife. Tickle the toe of the Drum. Move beyond strife. Strife is contrary to the Spirits of the Invisible Realm. OFO ASE - ÈSÙ (Praise Names of the Divine Messenger) Èsù, ògá nílùú. The Divine Messenger, the powerful one of the city. Atóbájayé, eleso oògùn. One who is sufficient support in life, who has medicinal ORIN ÈSÙ 1. Ado asure o, Ado asure o. Bara lake, ado asure-o.


Òsoosi is the Spirit of the Tracker. The word means astral travel to the left. In Ifa symbolic language astral travel to the left refers to someone who can use out of body experiences to protect themselves and their families. In Merindinlogun Òsoosi speaks in Okanran (1 cowry). Òsoosi uses multi colors. For offerings Òsoosi eats gin, anaset, corn, corn meal, palm oil, and nuts.

ÒGÚN Ogun is the Guardian Spirit of blacksmiths. Onile kangun kangun Òrun. Obalogara bata ma ro. Divination guides the hunter. rosted yam.ORÍKÌ ÒSÓÒSÌ OKUNRIN (Praising the Male Spirit of the Tracker) Olog arare. ORIN ÒSÓÒSÌ 1. . snail. Wise one who gives blessings. Ase. orogbo. The Sharp Shooter. Master of Himself. agbani nijo to buru. In Merindinlogun Ogun speaks in Ogunda (3 cowries). and cooked beans. the warrior who clears obstacles that stand in the way of spiritual growth. O lomi nil feje we olaso nle fi. Ogun is also the guardian of truth. Ode olorore. May it be so. ORÍKÌ ÒGÚN (Praising the Spirit of Iron) Ògún Awo.mátàsé. rum. cola nuts. palm oil. nuts. Ogun´s color is red. Spirit of sweat togetherness. For offerings Ogun eats gin. Òrìsà ipapo adun. OFO ASE . Olog arare. Hunter of abundance. Master of himself. the chief tracker always overcomes fear.ÒSÓÒSÌ (Praise Names for the Spirit of the Tracker) Ata . corn. koko ma panige. Ero si baba ka rere.

Efun and snails. Olokun eats yams. come guide my Spiritual Journey with a strong hand. Mariguo ye-ye-ye. The riverine cocoyam that remians ever fresh and green. ègbé lehin a nle a benbe olobe. òsìnmolè. Kókò odò tíí rú minmini. Spirit of the Ocean. Spirit of Iron the extremely powerful one. The Spirit of the Ocean is greater than the chief of the land. ORIN ÒGÚN 1. Olokun is a healer and gifted medium who is called upon to fix impossible problems. Ase. Imo kimo'bora. please give me abundance so that I may become wealthy quickly.ÒGÚN (Praise Names for the Spirit of Iron) Ògún láká ayé. In Merindinlogun Olokun speaks in Irete (16 cowries). . ORÍKÌ OLOKUN (Praising the Spirit of the Ocean) Malókun bu owo wa. jími tètè núwà o. great one of the other world. Oba omí ju Oba òkè. In Ifa Olokun´s color is white. Spirit of Iron. May it be so. Malókun ni mo bá dá jími tètè núwà o. one great enough to advertise death. Ògún àwóò alúkúmákin Ajàgbodorigi. Oba omi ju Oba òkè. it is our abundance.The Mystery of the Spirit of Iron. Ògún laka gbáà. ató . Spirit of Iron is powerful. OLOKUN Olokun is the Spirit of the Ocean. the powerful one of the earth. In Ifa has both a masculine and feminine aspect.polowó .ikú. The Spirit of Iron has many homes in the Realm of the Ancestors. Ase.(2x) Ogun ala guede-e. Wisdom of the Warrior Spirit. OFO ASE . The water of the Realm of the Ancestors surrounds us.

dá nkan dá nkan. ORÍKÌ OSANYIN (Praising the Spirit of Herbal Medicine) Ti igi. gin and water. In Merindinlogun Osayin speaks in Okanran (1 cowry) and Oturopon (14 cowries). One who snatches the cloths of illness and staggers. May it be so. with a tree. OFO ASE .OSANYIN (Praise names for the Spirit of Herbal Medicine) Ogba aso òkùnrùn ta gìègìè. The powerful one who commits crimes. Okùnrin gbogbó. Ba wa Orisha ba wo o oe. OSANYIN Osanyin is the Spirit of Herbs and trdicional Medicine. The Spirit of the Ocean is greater than the chief of the land. For offering. ti igi. Alàgbo di ye'ra. Response. .OLÓKUN (Praise names for the Spirit of the Ocean) Àjíbáajé. the owner of medicine pots makes the body sound. King of the Waters. The Spirit Who Wakes up to Discover Money. May it be so. Oba Omi. the color of Osanyin is multi colors.It is the Spirit of the Ocean that I turn to for abundance. Call. ORIN OLÓKUN 1. OFO ASE . Osanyin eats all plants. Ase. Olokun ba wa o. With a tree.

iyan a o jiyán lónìì. May it be so. ORIN ÒRÌSÀOKO 1. We shall eat pounded yam today. iyan iyan tó funfun luélé. iyan o. iyan a o jiyán lónìì. O chin-chin ile yo-omi.Elésè kan tí ó lé elésè méjì sáré.legged men to flight. Ase. a dadara mada (2x). pounded yams. Orishaoko Ogun fere yewe. bekuba ye waloroba. Àròni já sí kòtò dì oògun máyà.legged man who puts two . Oniqui niqui otaro mi o (2x). 4. white pounded yam. A dadara mada-o. Odamaguo a dadara mada. ORIN OSANYIN 1. who jumps into a pit with charms tied on his chest. ORÍKÌ ÒRÌSÀOKO (Praising the Spirit of the Farm) A ó jiyán lónìì. ÒRÌSÀOKO Órisaoko is the Spirit of Fertility on the Farm. mariguo ye mariguo. tani mowimo Ogun mariwo. Egbe ile yo-omi. pounded yam. Aroni. For offering.pounded yam. 3. 2. yams pounded into a delicious pulp. Osanyin Damiguo. pounded yam we shall eat pounded yam today. Oniqui niqui otaro mo o ebo aye. Oniqui niqui o kuma. pounded yam. The one . segbèdè a se. there will be much rejoicing. Mariquo Osanyin. . and palm oil. iyan iyan a bìlewu lorun. agbona meye yo0omi. we shall eat pounded yam today. Órisaoko eats gin.

ORÍKÌ NANA BARUKU (Invocation for blessing the water used to heal) Okiti kata ekun a pa eran ma ni yan. Mole Yansa. May it be so. OFO ASE OMO LU (Praise names for the Spirit of the Crust of the Earth) Omolú. ORIN OMO LU 1. ORÍKÌ OMO LU (Praising the Spirit of the Crust of the Earth) Ebó fin. King of the Earth. Àbàtà. Èrú dà. For offering. In Merindinlogun Omolu speaks in Oturopon (14 cowries). Omolu eat water. The colors of Omolu is black and white. Gosungosun on wo ewu eje omi a dake je pa eni pele. Offerings are accepted offerings are received. Vulture has accepted the offerings. Obalúayé. Èrú dà. NANA BARUKU Nana Baruku is the Spirit of Healing. Nana Baruku eats water. Mound of earth called kata. Spirit of the Crust of the Earth. The colors of Nana Baruku is black and white. In Merindinlogun Nana Baruku speaks in Ofun Kanran (15 cowries). a moleya. Swamp Diety. .OMOLU Omolu is the Spirit of the Infectious Disease. Ase. leopard who kills an animal and eats it raw. Nana. Sànpònná. Child of the Creator. Igún to gbebo. offerings are received. For offering. destructive forces have departed.

a cool forest. pounded yam. Ogun agode awo ni fako yeri ile tutu ona tutu n 'lode fun ori ma wa yo. ORIN NANA BARUKU 1. Osun is the source of abundance and fertility.Your camwood dusted garmets rexemble blood. milk. these things are my salvation. I respect the mothers. the Spirit of Absitinace guides my head when I greet the oracle. in the Diapsora Osun´s color is yellow. For offering Yewa will eat all kind of white food like rice. May it be so. your silent waters. For ebo Osun eats honey. ORÍKÌ YEWA (Praising the Spirit of Abstinance) Iyáàmi Yewa ori ma so olu kakase Oku abi yo kola iba baba iba yeye Osun Ode My mother. OSUN Osun is the Spirit of Fresh Water. In Merindinlogun Osun speaks in Ose (5 cowries). The colors of Yewa are black and white. I respect the fathers. Oku o agolona. Nana se we. a cool road. outwardly tranquil kill so gently. awo ma rere oku o Agolona. Nana. and water. ORÍKÌ OSUN (Praising the Spirit of the River) . the grove of the Spirit of the River. guinea corn. YEWA Yewa is the Spirit of the Abstinence. and the grove of the Spirit of Iron know hold the mystery of a cool house. awo ma rere Agolona. In Nigeria Osun´s colors are white. shea butter. aremu awa Orisha. Ase. In Merindinlogun Yewa speaks in Ofun (10 cowries). coconut water. ORIN YEWA 1. palm kernel.

Mother of Salutations. ORIN ÒSUN 1. Obara (6 cowries). Eni ide ki su omi a san réré. bitter kola. Spirit who glories in fresh palm leaves. serge síì elewe roju oniki. O male odale o san réré. Spirit who blushes while serving as a warrior. Sango´s colors are red and white. Làtojúku awede we mo. Irousn (4 cowries). O wa yanrin wayanrin kówó sí. Spirit who digs sand to bury money. I yere. SANGO Sango is the Spirit of Lightning. and Okanran (1 cowry).Osun àwúráolu. Alode k'oju ewuji o san réré. ORÍKÌ SANGO (Praising the Spirit of Lightning) . The Spirit of the River who is full of understanding. the Guardian of social justice and protector of orphans. The Spirit of the Earth that wanders freely. We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure. Cleansing Spirit clean the inside and out. Agégun soro. I yere Orisha woyo. We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure. The maker of brass does not polute the water. open the path of attraction. Ase. balck eye peas and amala. palm oil. In Merindinlogun Sango speaks in Ejila Sebora (12 cowries). OFO ASE . For ebo Sango eats rum. Oyeye ni mò. Alode k'oju emuji o san réré. May it be so.ÒSUN (Praise names for the Spirit of the River) Òsun òyéyéni mò. turtle drummer. The Spirit of the River. gin.

Kawo Kabiyesile. The Chief who has not died. Òrun afefe Iku lele bioke. senior Mother of Oyo. gadagba a júbà. Òrìsà mi abaya Oya ewa O'yansa.SANGO (Praise names for the Spirit of Lightning) Àrìrà. In Merindinlogun Oya speaks in Osa (9 cowries). Oba ko so. It is thirteen times that I salute you. . it is thirteen times that salute you. Bámbi. cooked corn. Oya keeps us from becoming stagnant. Etala mo júbà. Ogo mi ano gbogbo gún. Heavens wind brings down the ancestors. etala mo júbà. gadagba a júbà. Ase. Chief of Oyo. In the Diaspora Oya´s color is purple in Nigeria Oya´s color´s are red and white. E mi a la do koyu ewole (2x) Ti ti la ye Shango-Oba ko so. It is thirteen times that I salute you. Greeting of Respect. ORIN SANGO 1. pounded yam and bean stew. Greeting of Respect. ORÍKÌ OYA (Praising the Spirit of the Wind) Oya yeba Iya mesa Oya. Hail to the Chief. cooked beans. Oba ire. May it be so. Spirit fo the Wind. Spiritually Reborn. OYA Oya is the Spirit of the Wind. For offerings Oya eats egg plant. Oluoyo. gadagba a júbà. Kábiyèsí. Kábíyèsìlè. Queen of all women. Ase. OFO ASE . Fast as Lightning. Oya brings sudden and complete change which can either be for the better or worse. the Guardian of the Cementary and the Guardian of the Market. ayaba gbogbo le'ya obinrin. etala mo júbà.

Whirlwind. ibikeji odo. Ogbo odidere i igbe're k'oniwo. Omo at'Orun gbe'gba aje ka'ri w'aiye. In Nigeria she is the Guardian of the Ogun River. Àjàláiyé. Aférifé légélégé. eni mo fo-Oya lo i yo. For offerings Yemoja eats yam. Mysterious Wind. Spirit of the Wind and Mother of Nine. the assistant to the Goddess of the Sea. ORIN OYA Eni mo fo-Oya lo i yo (2x). YEMOJA Yemoja is the Mother of Fishes. Obini a i ma. Winds of the Realm of the Ancestors. .jeje. Aluko ni igbe're k'lose. It is the parrot that takes good fortune to the chief of Iwo. the Goddess of the Sea. It is the bird that takes good fortune to the Spirit of the Mother of Fishes. In Merindinlogun Yemoja speaks in Odi (7 cowries). My guardian Spirit is the Queen. It is the bird Aluko the takes good fortune to the Spirit of the Lagoon. Àjàlórun. Winds of the Earth. yam soap and molasses. May it be so.Always protect me with your strong medicine. It is children who bring good fortune from Heaven to Earth. Yemoja´s colors are blue and white. in the Diaspora she is considered the Spirit of the Ocean. ORÍKÌ YEMOJA (Praising the Spirit of the Mother of Fishes) Agbe ni igbe're ki Yemoja Ibikeji odo. OFO ASE – OYA (Praise names for the Spirit of the Wind) Afefe .

The active midwife of children. o loda Yemoja. shea butter. Yemoja asesu. Spirit who performs divination and receives a crown.wèlèwèlè. Ofun (10 cowries) and Ofun Kanran (15 cowries.gbadé.) Obatala´s color is white and Obatala will eat white foods like rice. the Great One who gives good things. Olugbe-rere ko. coconut water. Obatala is considered the guardian of good character . Give me good things from the Great One who gives good things. OFO ASE . The Great One who gives good things. pounded yam. ORIN YEMOJÁ 1. Agbomo .obirin .bi . usually translated as King of the White Cloth. Ase. asesu Yemonja (2x). Gbe rere ko ni olugbe-rere.Olugbe-rere ko. May it be so. Giver of Good Things.rere.òsùmarè. Spirit that rises in the river like a rainbow. OBÀTÁLÁ Obatala is King of the White Light. milk. Alélódò . and water as offerings.YEMOJÁ (Praise names for the Mother of Fishes) Olúgbé . Yemoja o lodo. Adífá . In Merindinlogun Obatala speaks in Ogbe (8 cowries). the Great One who gives good things. Olugbe-rere ko.

niké. King of the White Cloth sleeps in white. Òrisàálá Ògirigbànigbò. King of the White Cloth gets up in white. aláyè tí wón nfi ayé fun. OFO ASE . Ase. Mo juba.bòrò . who lives with them in Irange. It is the Owner of White Light that I serve. A-di-ni boit ri. N'le ifon. One who twists the hunchback and also creates those who are lame. Obatala o su n'nu àlà. O fi koko ala rumo. the fierce King of the Immortals. Òrìsà ni ma sin. May it be so. the Great One Who Owns the World and to whom the control of the world must be assigned. He who creates at will.kalè. King of the Immortals. Praise to the King of Heaven. I salute the Owner of White Cloth. One who peels off the skin of people. Praise to the King of the White Cloth.and sons and daughters of Obatala serve as judges in traditional Yoruba Ogboni. King of the White Cloth. I give respect. Obatala o tinu ala dide.won . ORÍKÌ OBÀTÁLÁ (Praising the King of White Cloth) Iba Obatala. Spirit of White Light. Obatala o ji n'nu àlà. adá . . It is the Owner of White Light that I serve. King of the White Cloth awakes in white. Iba Oba Igbo. It is the Owner of White Light that I serve. Òrìsà ni ma sin. Oba pátápátá tíí b´won Òde Irànjé. Iba Oba. Obàtarisà. Ayinmo .láro. Praise to the King of the sacred grove. Òrìsà ni ma sin. Òbòmo .OBÀTÁLÁ (Praise names for the King of the White Cloth) Obàtálá.

. eyibo rere. Response. enu aye yawa roro. Eyawa roro eleseka. Call. Oba ti ba o. Babafururu o rere re o. owo ka ne ne eleyibo.ORIN OBÀTÁLÁ 1. E le eri Ifa Oba ti b sawo.

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