Vivian H¢xbro

Translated by Carol Huebscher Rhoades
:ftft;) PRESS®
Translation. Carol Huehscher Rhoades
Design and Layout: Dean Howes
Chans and Drawings: Vivian H0xbro
Photography: Bjorn Jakobsen
© 2000 originally published in 01orwegian by JW C:appelens Forlag
© 2002 English translation published by Interweave Press. Inc.
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H0xbro, Vivian.
Domino knitting I Vi\·1an Hoxbro.
p. em.
Includes index.
ISBN 1-931 499-11-X
I . Knnting. 2. Kmttmg-Pauerns. I. Title.
TT820 .11815 2002
10 11 R 7 6 5 4 '3
Thank you to all those vvho have knitted the pieces for the
book and to my friends who served as photo models.
fhanks also to t-.1asai Clothing for kind!) loaning the
garmems for the photographs.
What is Domino Knitting? . . vi
Tools for Domino Knitting .... vi i
Learn While You Knit ......... 1
Potholders and Headbands ... .. ... .. l
BasiC Squares . . ................. . 2
Pot holder I . .... . .
Pot holder 2 .. . .... .......... .
.. 9
. 12 Pot holdcr 3 . . ... . .
Pot holder 4 .. . ... . ..... ..... .... 1 '5
Headband or Turban . . . . . ... 19
Strips-Potholdcr '5-Joming l . . . . 23
Pot holdcr 6-Joi ni ng 2 ....... 26
Pot holdcr ?-Joi ning 3 ....... . . . 29
POLholdcr 8 ... . ........... 32
Domino Projects You Can Knit
Shawl. Throw, or Scarf. . . .......... 16
Square Pi llow .. . . . . ..... 39
Rectangular Pillow. . . . . . ......... 39
Tabl e Mat .... .. ... . .·+3
Coffeepot Cover. . . . . . 4-l
Baskets for a Lillie of E\·eryt hing ..... -! 6
Pot Cover .
. .. 1-8
Deni m Backpack and Pencil Case .. . 49
Star Cap and Scarf ........ . . . '54
· Scarf Knitted in Stri ps .. . . . . 57
Wri stwarmers .. . ... . . . .... . 59
Flower Caps for Chi ldren and
Adults. . . . . . . . . . . . . .... 62
Vest for Morher and Baby and
Soul-Warming Shrug.
Striped Shawl .. ... .. .. .
Design Your Own Domino
. . .. 66
. .. 75
. ' .. 79
Sweater . . . . . . .. ... .. 83
Resource and Yarn List .. ..... 86
Abbreviations .. ..... .. . .. .... 87
...... . .... . ... '' .. ' '' . 88
Are the Edge Slllches too Loose ...... 40
Bcgmnmg sllll:h (Beg st) . . . . . ..... 40
Binding off on l:,trips .............. 31
Changmg Stzcs ........ .. ........ 70
Colors ...................... 8
Counting Rows and Ridges . . . . . . . 28
Coummg Thread . . . . .......... 26
Culling Yarn Ends .... .... . .... ... 21
Diagrams . . . . . . ............... 38
Edge stitches (edge sts) ............. 8
End Stitch (end st) ................ 5
hord on Two 'Jecdles. . . . . .. ..... 40
Increase by Making 1 in
Sutch Below . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 38
joining Stnpes-number of
sutches ...... 26
joinmg Squares in. Pyramids . ... .... 22
jommg 3m Garter Stitch. . ...... . 31
Knitted Cast-On (K-CO) .......... 4
Kmtted Pompon . . . . ......... 68
Leftover Yarn . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... 70
P1cking up and Kniuing sts . . . ...... 8
\\ith Mattress St. ...... 72
Slip 1 (51 1 kwise or Sl 1 pwisc) ...... 21
wnh a Decreasing
Number of sutches ............. 58
':iuffening Kniued Pteces . . ........ 46
Stnnging Beads onto Yam ... . ...... 61
Strips in Pallerns other than
Garter Sutch . . . . . ............ 31
Tnangles .................. 19
Wea\ing in Yam Tails. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
What is a Ridge? ................. 33
Knitted "Mouse Picot ......... 9
Log Cabin Border ................ 11
1-cord Border . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Ganer Stttch Border. .............. 82
Ribbed Border . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Sawtooth Border . . . . . . . . .. .. .... 30
Purl Stitch Rolled Edging. . ........ 33
Finishing and Care
Changing Sizes .................. 70
Pressing-Or?..... . .... ........ 84
\\1th Sm<.h ........ 72
Suffening KmtLed Pteces . . . . . . . . . 46
Washing Wool ................... 83
Destgn Your Own Domino
Sweater ..................... 83
Yam ........................... 84
Gauge ......................... 85
Ke) to Yarn Selection. . . . • . . . .... 86
IN 1993, I WAS ATTENDING a handcraft
lai r m Gcm1any and nouced a huge crowd at
one stand. 1 could just barely see a bearded
man demonstratmg a diiTerent way ro knit.
That man was Horst Schulz. Later, 1 travelled
to Berlin and took a course wnh him. It was
on "the new knitung" as he called it, and
was lively and enthralling. The Danish knit-
tmg guild, Gavstrik. sponsored a contest to
select a name for the technique
The winner was "Dornmo Knit -
ting." a fine and amusing name
which has stuck.
In domino knitung, pieces
are kniued together whtle the
work progresses, just as one
"p•eces" the tiles m dominoes.
for more than a century, peo-
ple have knitLed th1s way. They
knitted shawls with domino
patterns on the Faroe Islands and pieced
coverlets m the same manner in Canada
and England. In the United States, I found
a copy of a pamphlet from 1946 with the
sweetest pckct , knilled in domino squares
hy Virginia Woods Bellamy. In 1952, she
published a book on the technique, called
From the first momcm l saw the domino
knitting techniques demonstrated, I was
imnguecl by the many possibilities of this
kniuing method. I have worked \>.rith domino
kniuing in a simple, Nordic way and feel
that it is very important that the garments l
make will be comfortable to wear and will
look nice with simple accessories.
Domino kniuing is not as stressful on the
kniuer's arms and shoulders as other kinds
of kniuing. Domino is kniued on short,
preferably wooden, needles or circular nee-
dles, and you knit with only a few stiLches at
a time. Even if you are kmuing a
large blanket, you only tum the
short needles anclthe little sec-
tion you are working on when
you shift from right to vvrong
There is no getting away
from the fact that domino knit-
ting is slower but who says that
we have to knit quickly? We
knit for the sake of enjoyment
today, don't we? Who wants something fun
to end quickly? Not l!
With this book, I hope to share my
enthusiasm with everyone who would like
to partake of it. lt is so much fun to knit
small pieces with short needles and to see
the work growing up and out. Domino knit-
Lings poss1hilities are endless. But wait! Once
you're hooked, you're caught. Domino knit-
ung is addictive.
t' hmd w yoursd(-tmly the bt•sl eqwp-
mt'nt rs good enough!
A parr of dommo needles rs absolutely
indispensable. The needles are only about
8" (20 em) long, with a knob on one end.
!>O that the needle ends won't get :;tuck in
your clothes or your knnung You can
buy them or you can usc double- pointed
needles wi th 'l bead llghtl y fastened ont o
one end of calh \1y needles arc rose-
wood, a wonderful, nextble wood which
the stitches g!Jdc across. You will also
need a nrcular needle and a short needle
(use a wooden needle about 4" [ l 0 em]
long or a table needle) for crossrng
the cables
Why domino needle::.? With long
needles, you use more arm mowmcnt
when turnmg the work Wnh short
needles, you reduce th1s movement to a
Other Things You Will Nerd
Sutch markers. blunt tapestr)' needles.
some safet) pins. measunng tape. a (<lhle
needle. cotton tackmg thread, a crochet
hook, sc1ssors, and a pen arc all useful
items to have on hand. lf >·ou are followmg
a chan or d1agram for the kmumg, you
tan make a photocopy, LUI out the chan
;md put 11 wit h t he ot her t hmgs. Keep 11
neat and handy in a plastt c sleeve so 11 IS
easy to carr) around
On page 8-+. you can rl·ad about yarn
and gauge.
t'amrng Jocsn't need to l1t· boring. In this
scdJOII , yuu wi ll be llllmduccd ln tilt'
(,•dlllitJII<'S of domino /muting 1vhile you knit
thr potho/Jn made 11'lth SlfUW1'S
slnps. a turban, or a headband .for
yoursdf or a luc/1_\' child in thcfmmly.
Then . you urc ''t·duwtcd" und tcl/1 jcJI).;c
ahead WJ!h largn worhing cilhCI
from vow 0\\'11 wwg11wlion 01 .from the
pullcrns in the lmok.
You don 'L need to knit all the potholders.
The sect inn, "Tcchmque." m each pauern
tel ls you v.:h1ch pot bolder demonstrates the
techniques needed for that pattern.
If t he pattern refers to a pot holder you
hm·cn 't knitted yet , you should do Jt hdore
you begin the larger piece.
Potholders l-4 show how you knit squares
and how you knit them together.
Turban/Headband show·s huw squares are
knitted together in a ri ng.
Potholders 5-8 shL)W ho\v suips arc kmt-
ted toget her.
Borders: Each of the eight potholdcrs has
its own border wh1ch can he used on
many ot her ncms.
hese squares are the starling pointfor
many wonderful hours 4 knitting, so
rcadv, set, go! Here you have instructions for
nirw different squares. The first is explained
completely: the other squares arc vanations
Knit squares 1 and 2 plus one or
more of the others. so tlwt you'll understand
hnll' Liley work. Then you will be ready to
contimtc hy learning howlo)oin tile sqtwres
wlulc VOll /mit.
Yarn: Usc what you have on hand. The
squares in the photos are knntecl wi th a
thtck cott on yarn, "Pans" from Garn-
Colors: For these squares, I've used curry,
orange, rust, pmk, burgundy, <llld red-
Needles: Dn (or dpn) in a size suitable for
the yarn.
Technique: Basic Squares 1-9.
umber of stitches: 25.
Basic Square 1
Garter stitch, single color
Color: Curry
fhis square is <1 Simple, garter stitch
square. For abbr<Yiations, see page 87. K-CO
(page 4) 2"5 sts on dn (=domi no needles)
Loops from
Cast-on Row
the Corner
I\ow 1 (WS): Knit to the last st, pI Mark
the center 3 sts.
Raw 2 (RS): (NOTE: The yarn tail hangs at
the right side) 51 1 kwise, knit to mark-
er before center 3 sts (= klO), sl I
kwise, k2tog, psso. knit to the last st
{= 10 sts), pl (= 23 sts).
Ruw 3 and all wrong side rows: Sl 1 kwise,
knit to last st, end pl.
Row 4: 51 1 kwise, knit to marker before
center 3 sts {= k9), s1 1, k2tog, psso,
knit to last st (= k9), end pl {= 21 sts)
Row 6: Sl l kwise, knit to marker before
center 3 sts (= k8) , sl l , k2 tog, psso,
knit to last st (= k8), pI (= 19 sts).
Row 8: 511 kv.ise, knit to marke r before
cente r 3 sts (= k7), sl l , k2tog, psso,
kni t tO last Sl (= 7 StS), p l (= ]7 StS).
C{11111nuc m th1s manner unul 1 Sb
Next lOll (\\'5): ~ I I kwise, kl, pi
Nc.\l low. Sl l , k2Lng, psso (= 1 st).
Cut yarn and pull the tail through the
su11:h hut do not pull it tighL Th1s l a ~ t
stll<.h IS a "n:uscable" sti tch wh1ch will be
used <1g<lln "hen the squares are kn111cd
together It 1s called an ·'end swch" (end
st). !he hN end 1s nm wo\·en m The
instruclltm" for Bas1c Square 2 tell you
when > t1U should weave m the ends while
knitung (sec page 6). Th1s \\ay of weaving
... .. _.,... ..
m the ends wlll be revolut1onar} for you if
you haven't done 11 th1s way hdore In the
next squares, most of the tails are woven
m while you kni 1.
Basic Square 2
Garter stitch, 2 colors, st,.-iped
Colors: Rust and pmk
This square 1s sun liar to the first one
except that it IS stnpcd K-CO and kn11
the first row with ru:.t (the wlor which is
listed fi rst), and conunut: kn1wng the
~ q u < m : , <IIU.'rtl<lllng 2 rows 11.151 wnh
2 ro\\ s pmk.
\V('a\'c t h(" tails 111 \Vhile you work,
clning ll lust on Row 2 where the rust CO
wll1s kniued in. The pink tail can be
\\'ll\"Cn 111 on Row 4 (wea\-c m the ta1ls,
using the method explained on page 6)
NOTF..: On the right s1de of the square,
you nm carry the yarn up between color
changes. Be sure that the yarn<; arc not
pulled ton tightly or the square will be
Basic Square 3
Garter stitch with a " wiug"
Colors: Burgundy and curry
Knit as for Basic Square l, with
exccp1 IN 2 and 3 wh1ch
an.• knmc·d wuh
Basic 4
Cartel with a square "spot"
Colors: Rcd-v•olct and orange
"n•ncd lnr BasiC Square l \\'lth red-
' lclkl untd there arc 7 ndgc:, on RS
Change lt) t)range on RS and knn the rest
of the '-qtt.trc \\'llh orange
Bas ic '., quare 5
Altcnwtcly and garter stitch,
2 color!>
Color!>. Curry and rust.
K-CO 2'3 s1s '''ll h curry
Ro11 I (\\'.'>•. Curry Knn w the st. pl.
the ccmcr 1 sts.
R011 2 <fb Rust. '>I I kw1se. knn to the
tcnlt:' 1 sts = K I 0), sl l. k2wg,
knll w thc last kJO). pl (= 23
Ro11 J · Sl 1 h'1se. purl to end ol row.
Ro11 -1: Curry. Sl l k\\1se, knll to thl' u:nter
3 sb (= k9), sl 1, k2t og, psso. knll to
the last t- KY), p 1 (= 21 sts).
Roll' 'i: CulT}' Sl 1 kvnsc, knll to the l.t'>l st,
R011 6: Ru:-t Sl I kwise, kmt to center 3
(= kH), ::.1 l . k2tog psso kmt to sl
(= kH), pi(= 19 sts)
R011 7: Sl l kw1se, purl to end l)f 1'0\\ .
Conunuc. alternating 2 garter
wnh t UIT}' ,md 2 rnw-. \\ 11 h
rust (as IM RL)WS 4-7). \nth a deL reasmg
numht·r l)f Sb, unul 3 sts remam
.\'c:>-.1 row: Sl I kw1se. p2
Nc\1 "'"'· Sl I, k2wg. psso {= I st)
<. ut Y<1rn, pull the tail through the las1
::.t hu1 c.lo not pull tight
Basic Square 6
Alternating srocllincrtc and ganer stitch,
single color
Color: Pmk.
Kniued as lor BasiL Square 5 but in one
Basic <;quare 7
2 colo1 vadation
Colors: Red-vinkt ;lnd curry
Knit ;b for Baslt Square I With red-
,.lolct unul there are 5 ndgrs on RS. Then
work 2 rows stn<:kmclle wit h curry ( the
lst TO\\ h knitted tm RS); 2 knit rows "11h
red-nolct, 2 Stolklnt:tte row-, with cuny
and the rest of the IS knmed (garter
st) wnh n:d-\·tolct At the same t ime. the
center 3 sts are w0rked sl l. k2tog.
on all nght side fO\\ s.
Basic H
With ey elets, single color
Color: Orange
Kmt as for Square I except for 2
rows wnh
Row 2 (RS): Sl 1 kw1se, (k2tog. yo)') ti mes.
sl I k2tog. psso k2wg) 5 umcs,
Row .3 and ti ll wrong srdc ')] 1 kw1sc,
knit tll last st pl.
Ro11 4 "' I k\\lSe. kntt to the center 3 sts,
sl 1. k2tog, psso, knit to Ia 'it st. pI.
Row 6. '>I l kwise. (k2tog, yo), 4 times, sl
1. k2tog. psso. ()l), k2wg) 4 times. pI.
The re":>t of the square 1s knllled as for
Basic Square 1
Ba'>ic 9
"Beaded," 2 colors
Colors: Red \'lllkt and l urry
1\nllled as for Bas1c 'quare 1 wnh red-
' wlct and hl'<lds" on Rows 2 and 1.
Row 2 (RS): Curry. prcfcmbly a litt le thick-
er yarn than the mam color or use larg-
er needle-, Sl 1 k'' l'>l' (kl. sl I pw1se
With yarn held hehmd work nn \:\'S) 5
tunes. sl I , k2tog. psso, \sl I pwise \\'II h
y,lrn hchmd work. kl) 5 llll1C'> pl.
Ro11 3: Curr). Begin '' ll h sl 1 end
with pi and between these sts. knit t he
Lurry sts and slip thl· red-nolet sts wuh
yarn behmd work(= WS of work).
In Summary
E'liD STJTCII (D;o ., n
• K-CO a.., many or as few ..,t.., as you
des in·. hut alway ... usc an uneven
number of stitche ...
• Knit tlw pattern you want ( Basic
Squan·s 1- 9).
• Alway .. work douhlc decn·a..,c
over the 3 rentn ..,!'> (sl I . k2tog.
psso) on all r ight .;ide row.;
(= every other row).
• Always ..,lip tlu· first st knitwise
and purl the last ..,, (= edgl' sts).
Nleasurcmcnts: 73' x 7.5" ( JL) x JL) em)
'' ttlwut the borckr, 8" x 8" ( 20 X
20 un) with
Yarn: Dl-\ llt'l,(:lll cotwn yar 11
fuchs1a and \lllkt.
t\ecdlcs: Dn 4 (3.5 mm' Cmuhu needle
4 ( > 'i mm) for the bt1rde1
Technique: Basil "tJI.ue I, page 2.
Number of 7'5
Border: \illtbl' kl'th Knttted Picot.
Instructi ons
K-CO 75 sts nn dn .md knit a square wi th
9 rose I fuch:-. ta, I rose, 10 luchs1a,
1 ,·wkt, I ludbl,t mlge .md the rest w11h
vit)let \\'hen > remain, knit a 21.:-2r,"
{6-7 on) long for the hangmg loop
Turn the loop to the wrong ::.tde and SC\\ 11
down neatly
Border- Knitted "Mou!>e Teeth" Picot
\\' th Circular nul. and rt)!_ht Silk
facmg. p1ek up ;llld kn11 75- 76 in th.:
sts l)f the CO n1w Knit 1 row .
.\'r\1 1011 • L smg the tn-.t st on the nccdk
a" the beg st, K-CO 2 new sb, BO 4 st:-.,
tnti\L' t1n the right ndlttl the kit
ndl*, repc,ll · Cut and pullt,ul
thmugh slllch.
PO I I 10 I D F R 2
lilt' "/Utllt'' urc hniucd togethn rn rcrfl
tul panels 1vorf1cd {wm the hotllltn to riH
top of t'clth stnp and Ull'/1 {im<.ht·d wuh u
cabin The potholdo is made ll'lth
ga11e1 \llllh stnpcd sqtwtc' /Basic .'>£(11dl'l' 2-
lti\1/'UClrtliiS Ill the \t'c'IIOil on lht' h£1Sic
SCjLHIIl'S, pa,I!,C J).
;\leasurements: 7 '·"X 7z" tl H x 18 un)
w11hout border: 8'1" x 8';," (20.5 x
20 '>em' \\ tth lx)rder
Yarn: Dl< 11 crghc cotcon \'U/ n.
Colors: fuchsia, Lt)rn;uo, ru!:>t, rose. old
Needles: Dn 4 (3 5 mm)
Technique: Hasic Square 2. pngc 3.
' umber of !>titchc!>: 2">
Construct ion: \'erucal
Border: Log Cabi n
A-1st squarc-1 st panel
Colors: Rtl!>l' and tom;Ho
.\'()It. rht' hrsr wll)r
<llll' lt' first. K-CO .md knn
l"l''' '' nh .. knu a B.blt 2.
\\'t'.l\ 111 t•nd-, \\'hlle knllllng .md
tht· '>t(Ll<lll.' wuh end st-2, 3
8- 2nd square-1st panel
Fuchs1a and tomato
PI.Kt' square.\ as shown in the tlrawing
hl'lo''· l's<.' rnd st on A as the lir!>t st .md
pllk up and knn
I I -..t.., along the lOp
<'I ,\ wnh luchs1a,
gomg 111 thl' d1recr1on
thl' ncnlk pomts
unscn ndlthrough
htlth loops of each
st \ (on "around the
(lllllCl," at the IuLie
"klh't" .md p1ck up
and kmt I m the
Cl) ww st nearest the
kn,,t (\ nn the draw-
ing ,1hnvc): turn work
and K-CO 12 Ill'\\ o.;('. 2 ') sts \. Knu a
:,quar<'. fond ..,t-2.
C-Jrd square-ht panel
Colors: Rust nntl rt1sc .
Kniut.'d as lor B over B. End st-3.
I st 0
0-lst square-2nd panel
Colors: and old rose.
K-CO 12 st-. \\llh lud1s1a. then. holdmg
the nul Wllh tht• SIS 111 the nght hand. go
··around tht.' corner" at the little knot and
pick up and knn I st in the nearest CD
row st 111 the lower nght comer on A (0
on the dn1w1ngl . anti p1ck up and kn11 12
;,ts along thr nght side ol A(= 25 sts\ Kn11
a square.
E-2nd square-2nd panel
Colors: Old rose and tomato
Usc end SLOil D .lnd ptck up anu knll
II ::-h •'\L'l' n 12 ::-h 1•11,11\ wnh old
knn I ;,t 1111he tup corner ol A.
whl'J'r A w.ts linislh:tl, ,111d pkk up anti
kntt 12 :-.ts along thr nght stdr of B
(= 2) sbL Kn11 a squ<tll
f -Jrd square-2nd panel
Color'>: lw.:hsta and Ltll11<11l1
Knlltcd as lor 1: ,n c1 f· \\hen the sts
an: ptckcd up and knHtcd. the final stts
Lhl· end ..,l End 3
J st
G, II, I- I sr, 2nd, arrcl Jrd squarcs-Jrcl
1st Tomaltl and tl ld rose
2nd Ru-.1 .md
3rd .md ttHnaw. End st-4
Klllltcd .1s f,,r bt, 2nd, 3rd squares tn
1 he 2nd panel. J\o\\ ) •m han- 9
JOined together
Lug Cabin Burclcr
Color: Rt)Se
Knn alnng tll1t' :-.tdc at a umc ,,.11 hnuL
lULLing yarn.
1st s ide: Bcg111 where square I was fin-
tshed and ptlk up and knit abt'lll 37 ;,b
.1long 1. r. .md <. Knn 3 rl)\\·s and BO.
but leaw the hN st t10 the nell and do
1101 CUI )<11'11
2nd side: Pkk up .md knit sts along 1 he
edge and then .tltmg C:. B, and A until
you haH' ahnut -+0 sts on the ndl. Kn11
as for the hr-;L ..,ttk
3rd side: '>amc <15 the 2nd stde ex(cpt
along the edges of.-\. D. and(,,
4th side: Ptck up ;md kmt sts along the
ed)!.l" L•f G. H .md I <..tlllltnumg along
the short edge llf the l st stde unttl you
haw <lhoUL 4 3 sts. Knn 3 row-; and BO
all htll last 3 sts
Loop: l<nll .t stnp 1n ganer .,t about 2Y."
( 7 Llll) for thl' hangmg loop. Turn it tc•
the "ttlllg s11.k .md sew ll do\\ n secure!) .
P 0 1 II { ) I D l· R )
1 6
\llltr/1. s111:.:k ,o/m an hllltl<'d
togcrlln rhc ll'nln and
then cd,l!,nl ull-mvwul with 1-nnd. The polholdrr
" made ll/ 4 ukntrwl of -1 -;qtulll'\ <'dlh
Measurements: 71!,." x 7'/," ( 18 x 1 Hem)
wrthout border 7 .;' x 7 ," (19 '5 x
19.5 1.'111) wl!h border
Yarn: 01--: l\l'l,l!,h! <"Olton \'<1111.
Colors: Curry, sun ydlt1w, ro::-c, tl)lllato
,md old ro::.c
:-\eedles: Dn 4 t3 5 mm), 2 dpn 6 (-t mm)
lor the border.
Technique: B.tSIL Square I. p<tge 2
:-\umber of stitches: 19
Construct ion: Out"vards I rom the centcl.
Border: !-cord
Inst ruct ions
A, B, C. and 0-lst bloch
Kntt wgethcr 4 single color squares, t\
(rose\, B (curr\). C (sun and 0
(tomaw). as t\, B. D, and Eon PtHholdn
2. D ends wnh end st-4. NOTE:
The renter of the potlwlder 1s marked on
the dr<1wing w1th a em lc.
A c
E, F, G, and H-2nd bloch
Turn the work as shown in t he drawing
abon.' and knit squares E (curry) and F
(old rose) as C and D were knitted onto A
and B Knit G (sun yellow) and H (tomato)
omo E and F in the same way.
0 u
1, ] , K, and L-Jrd blocl1
Turn the work again and knit 4 squares,
1 (tomato), J (curry), K (sun yellow) and L
(rose), in the same way as for the 2nd
a 0
M, N, 0, and P-4th bloch
Turn the work again and knit M (sun
yellow) between A and l. Knit N (rose)
between M and K. Knit 0 (old rose)
between Band M, and P (curry) between
0 and N.
NOTE: Note the fine star-patterned
st ructure th1s pot holder has.
l\t >'(Wilt'\ cmdfour <ilc'IWII/t'd
rop,l'Lhn 111 for £111 ,,, LLI-
The j,,,ltlcl IS lmruc·d dltltllld 111 ,t:Wil'l
'Ill< h. The· /'<ltlwldu ht/\ \lllpd ,t:<IIICI 'tilth
"/ll<lrt'' lllll h,·d <h {01 B<'''' ScftHirt' 2 ht'<'
111\(/lltl/llll\ Ill lht' \Cdl!l/1 (1/1 the lJU.\It
'quarn, f'tl,l!,t' 2 lind lllclll..;/t's. /'Lif,f I<))
Measurements: 8 x 20 un\
\\llhl,UI htHdcr: H1," X R,," (22.'5 x
22 5 t:m\ \\llh bonkr
Yarn: D/, yc1111
Colors: lut ydlo\\, rtbC,
<md l'ld wo.,c
Needles: Dn-+ 1,3.5 mm) 16" (40 t'ir- needle 4 d ') ntrnl for thL bcwder.
Technique: B.brc 2. page )
umber of <; titches: 29
Right - and left -leaning tri angles: 15 sh.
Open top and bottom 1 riangles: N !>h
Construction: Diagonal p,mels.
Border: Gart t'l ::.t itch knitted rn dw 1\'Llnd.
A-1st panel, a square
Colors: Curn and orang,
I he lnk)r hstcd ltrst (curry) 1s
th.ll \\'hKh rs used (i rsl. !<nit a Basic
B- 1 st panel , n left -leaning triangle
Color: Curry
L£jt-lraning 11 ianglc
Garter stitclr, joined along one side
Number of sliLchcs: I 5. '>Hit,tbte lnr ,1
square l,f .N "'"
Plhllltlll ~ y u a r c A sot hal thl' end Sl IS at
the wp nglu cornn Use the end st as the
first :-.t, then pick up and knit 1 3 sts along
thc wp left <>Ide tlf A t 1 <.t m e;ll h edgc st);
go around Lhe l'Mner'' nt Lhe Ill tie "knot"
m the corner and p1ck up and knn 1 st m
the nearest CO rtlW st (x nn the drawmg
on prc\iLlll'> page) ( = 15 .:,ts)_
R(m I (\\'S). -.,1 l kw1se, knu Ill last st, Pl.
Row 2: Sl l kwise, kniL unul 3 sts remam,
:-I I. k 1 psso PI
RepeaL these two rows unul 3 sts
Nnt nm (W'lJ. Sl I kwisc·, kl, pl .
Xt'\1 mil' -.,1 1 kw1sc. p2tog.
Nl'\t nm. '>I 1 kw1se, pl
Nc\1 mw '-til, kl psso rnd st-3.
C-2nd panel, a square
Colors: Old roSL .md ~ u n yello\\.
Kn 11 n sq1arate squan:.
. ,.
D-2nd panel , a sttuare
Colors: Sun }·ello\\ and Lurrr
Use end Sl from C, then pick up and
knit I 3 sts along the LOp ldL s1de of C, go
awund Lhc corner· on C and mscn the
nell into both the nearest CO sL ,1nd 111 the
wm:-;pondmg CO ..,t "around the comer
on A (see arrow on the photo below), pick
up and knu 1 st through these lllops Then
p1ck up and knit 14 sts akmg the Lop nght
s1de of A (- 29) sts. Knn a syuare
E-2nd panel, a square
Colors: Rose and sun yellow.
Use end st from D. then piCk up and
knit 13 sts along the top ldt side of D.
P1ck up and kmt I st 111 the top corner of
A and 14 sts along the top nght s1de ol B .
Kmt a square
F-Jrd panel, a right-leaning triangle
Color: Orange
Right-kaning triangle
Carte• stitciJ,joined along one side.
F Js u 11 wnr,lc on the right side nf the II'Otll ,
hnittniiH' \'1 to square C.
Number of s titches: 15, suitable for
Llf 29 sts.
uo "around t he corner" on C and plt k
up and knn I st in the COst nearest the
knot. t hen p1ck up and knit 14 sts aiL)ng
the top nght stdc of C (= 15 sts).
Rlm I (\\'.Sl: Sll kw1se. kmt to last st. pl
R011 2 (R'>I ..:.1 l kwtse, K2tog, knit 111 1;151
Sl, pl
Repeat the..,c 2 wws decreasing 0n c,·cry
R':> Hm unul 3 sts remain.
Next 1'011 (\\'5) '>I I kwtsc, kl. pl
Ncxt row· Sl 1 k\\1St'. p2tog
Nrxl roll'· 51 l kwtse. p 1 .
Next roll': 51 1. k 1. pss11
G-3rd panel, a square
Colors: Rose and curry.
Pick up and knll a total ol 29 sts in the
notch between F and [) wnh the center st
tn the corner of C and knll a square.
H-3rd panel, a top triangle
Colors: yello\\
lop triangle, OtJCII-29 SIS
.Joined along 2 stdc5. The triangle ends
with sts on the ndl which you can use to
continue knllting. These triangles can be
worked upwards or Ull\\'nwards.
1 Sl
c F
'umhcr of .,titchc!>
the end"' 1'1 • pllk up
,md knit I 3 <.ts .ll,mg tht• top ll'ft Mdl' ol ( '·
ptl k up .llld knll I ::01 1111 the Cllrnl'l (II n
• md .. ,llllllg tb '•'P lght <.tdl· (If r .
. md. llnall). ll'>C end.,, ol [· (• 2q -. !'> \.
I Knit 111 the It·,, pI
R,,,, "I I k\\ IS\.', kl2. "''I k2tllg,
(hso. k I I, pl. lllrn \WI k, k.t\ l.tSI '>l
Pll mil
R!'ll 3 "II k\\lx. k21. pi, wrn \H'rk.
k.l\ mg -,1 on ndl
Rtlll ·1 "II k\\"b<-'. kl(\sll. k2111g p-.s.,,
k9. pl. turn \\ork
Rc111 'i I k'' bL', k 1 ':), p 1, tum ,,,11 k.
R,,l, '' ::.-1 I kwt ... kH. I. k2tng. p:-"''·
k7, p 1, turn \\ork.
Rclll' 7' ...,1 1 k\\ l '-,t', k I "i. pI . lll1 11 \\tl rk
R,m H. "I I k" k6. sl I fb"o.
k'1. pl. turn work
R''" •I "II k\\b•'. kll. pi turn ''ork
R'"' 10 "' I k'""t', k4. -.1 I, k2i•'g. fh''''·
Rn11 II '>II k\\t ... ,•. kl. pl. tum \\llrk
R''" 12· ::.-1 I kwt-.c, k2. !>1 I, k2tng. lh:.<',
k I, p 1. turn \\llrk.
Roll' 13. "1 I kwi ... ,·. k3 pl. I UI Il
R''" H "I I k" 1..,,., sl l, k21•'g. ps:,tl (=
"'"' \'
p(,ILC ,d(.,t., till ,1 -.(Itch htllder 01 (JICCl' nf
) .1111
, _ , /ltll/(}111 tnmrglc
Colm "t n ) '"''"
Turn the \\ork up:.tdt• d.m n .1nd knit .1
houom tn.mgk l= top tn.mgld m tht·
11111t.h hl'l \\l'Cil :-4U.\Il'" (. ,111d :\
Bollo111 tr-imtnlc. opcn-29 'Is
.-\ ht'llllll 1 r •• uH 11 s k It It'd rn the :-.trne
'' ay asthl" L•'P Lri.mgk ahtl\l' buttht'rL' 1..;
no end -.L w hrg111 M end \\ 11 h Here. ) ou
prck up .md l·alll ::.tslwm tht• CO fl\\\
Bordcr--(;mtn '' 111 the wund
\\ nh llllULII nd I .md -.un ,·ellu\\ pit k
up and knn .tlwul 1 -.b .,p,tl<.'d
al 0ng the Olllt' l edge 11l cad1 squard tnanglc
= ahtiU\ 1 12 !iL:-) \\,nk (I purl rnd I knn
rnd on \\ ht L h ) ll U lil t l :-t at l'<1Lh ,,f tlw H
... 1 ''tee. pllll I rnd .md Lhl·n BO
Loop: P1ck up .md knit ) .,,., .u the top llf
L .'othokler .md kn11 ,, -.111dl
lt'"P to till'" rnng :-tdl' :md , ... " n dtl\\ n
1.1 \ R"i WIIJLE YOU t\NI1
/11111 I\ Ilk Will U\t' lith 1\111 J'UIJII
1\ llfl II hrl'c >c IJ 01
han d-ot lmll it \Hit dlo tl't tl ht'tltll •tllhl I IJ,·
lt'l hmqth' 1111 t>h ,., '1/lftllc'' t'lau·d dltlllt<•nd-
1\ ,, •• in <1 1 <111d l•'lllc'd 1\'llhPul
S1:c: Ch ld (aduh ).
Tot.lllii\.Umf.:l\'nrc ''
,\10tH I i't." \ 1-> r,") (4'1 l"lll] till)
• ); 11
.,tretch.·:- tlUI \\ uh
Yarn: f lllC wool VII I 11.

Colors for child\ 'kems t)r
charco,d gra\ '' h Hl' p111 k, .md
Colors for adult ., i:c. P.1rual ,)1
h.m. '· I ,, J· • gra) .. md
Needles: On 2 ( mm) For mlkd
I h" (4l) em) ndl
Technique: Bas,, "'qu.ur 2. p.tgc 3.
Number of s titches: 2.1
Open top/bottom 2'J -.ts
Cons truction: In a nng \\Hh th.: squares
.;ct tlianwnd "'''"
Gauge: -\ :>qll<lrl' :-hould m.:.t-.ur,· I ."
H 7 em) 111 "1dth .md hc1ght .md 2 t. "
(b. 7 em) d1agon.1ll) from cnrn.:r to
lOrtll I
Border : ({,,Jicd l'dg.: m purl stilt h.
Till headband IS knllled m st nped
squ,tres \\"hich are kn1ued together 111 a
nng ll\'Cr each other.
Round I
Colors: \Vhnc and charcoal gray (gray,
l han.:oal gra})
Knit (1 (7) separ;ue but tdenttcal
Round 2
Colore;: Charcoal gray and whue {l harcoal
gr<l\, '"hitc)
Plan· all o (7) squares m a nw. wit h the
W I nn::, "hand in hand," so that a li the end
sts po1nt upwards and the cornns with the
CO I\lWs arr at the bouom
Bet ween 1 \\'t) squares there b .1 nlnch
ami thiS Is'' hen: you \\111 knu in the ne"
::.quare Ptllholder 4. whne square D Is
kmttcd between A and C Knu ,1 total of 5
(b) squ,trcs. l1ne m each notch.
t\rrange the ptece imo a nng ''here the
first and the last squares are ''hand m
A B c D E F
Hand in Hand
hand·· and knit a sixth (sewnth) square m
the notch whtch rt'lll<lllls. Now }'OU have a
nng consisting of 2 rounds with 6 (7)
squares m eaLh round
Round 3
Colors: Gray. charcoal gra>'·
For the child's the headband should
be narrow so don t knit R0tmd 3. For the
adult size· Kmt a square 111 each notch.
Round 4
Color: Pink (gold-brown).
Kmt an open top tnangle wllh 25 sts in
each notch.
Row 1 (WS): KH, pI
Row 2 (R5). Sl 1 kwisc. klO, sl I . k2tog,
psso. k9. pJ. turn work, leaving last st
on ndl.
Row3: Sll k\-.1sc. kl9, pl. turn work,
leanng last st on ndl
R011 -1:511 kwtsc. k8, sll, kl. psso, k7.
pl. turn.
Row 5: Sl l kwtse, klS. pl, turn.
Row 6: 51 1 kwisc, k6, sl 1 k2tog, psso, k5,
p 1, turn.
Round 1
Round 2
Row 7: Sl 1 k\\1'<C, kll , pi, turn
Row H· Sl I kwtse. k4. :-.11, k2tog, ps"o.
k3. pI . turn
Rtnr9· Sll k7. pl. turn
Rtm JO· 'll 1 kw1-.e, k2, sl I k2 tog, pssn,
kJ, pi, turn.
Row 11 "' 1 k\\ 1-.e. U. pI , turn
Row 12. :.1 1 kw1se -.1 I k2tog. psso
t'= 13
Border: Place all rcmainmg sts on a
urcular ndl ( 13 per tnangk) and
purl 5 rmb. prckmg up and knuung l
:.t between ca1.h triangle on the fir!:>t
rnd BO lol1sely 111 purl
l'urn the work ups1de dllW!1 and knit
bottom mangles wnh orange lgold-
brown) in the notches tm the <llha stde,
,md fimsh wnh a border tn t ht same wa)
as for the top.
·.-... -.,- -- --- --- -
&"ill$ . · , Sll kw.ise ,;,q;lip ont: ns if 10 knit J
.. ):Oll linse.n the ttr.t:dlr. into I
ting·;l kitit, :o1Qtr. · ltS ·,ifH• knit; that is, fnmt j
ruttin.:S cnih •• CLU hl slip h to 'lhc .
't" .. lf .. .. ·(jll .. t t . •.he.·l ·li .. ·. too tcr :anotht·.r ·.I
1can mto 11 . •
right • the •
Sl ] pwise = slip <•ne as if :to puri
SUI' ONU . that vou ins1:rt the intu
'' · :_. stitch a; if'Hil'ut I; that is,imo :tl•e
· · :frt:im ba(ik tll ftom ancl ··hr.nsHp
• :

to the other without •puding
.. · .. ', ..... · . ··.; ·-.,-:. .. '. . 'h . 'h '
_,. :;,. c>-•• ,. •• ··.: ;.. ·:·· - • · . .. . .. _anot erst uc lllHI it.
A ..
5 rRIPS-
\II lpn/ 'II lfl·' Wl/h 2 /nut :-.{.\
hrllnTil rc1<h .:-.111p (!m/ u nl>hcd
1111 ma,..;l< nt·n/rc/1
b "x 6Y.'' ( 17 x 17 em)

th, • X 81. • l21 X 21 llll)
w11h htlrdl.'r
\arn: 0/>.. IICI,..;hltt•lloll \'Wil.
Colors: 'n'lln'' ·green. green, and CUlT)'
Needles: Dpn-+ d ') mm) ; l6" v+O un)
n rnilar mil-+ 0.5 rnm) for the htlrtkr.
Technique: '>trips Jotning l.
Pattern: \tnpcd Caner Stuch (= checkn-
hnard \
Border: Rtbhmg "orked in the round
Tip: \\ t'tl\ ,. 111 '" ltl<lll_\' ends as pcJSsihk 11 luk
Ins tructions
lsi Strip
Colors: Yl' llnw gn:cn, green, curry
\\'ith ydln11-grecn and dpn, l<-(() 7 :-.b
RPII' 1 1 r-nu to the last st. end pI
Ro11· 2 (\\\I '>I I tsc. knit to la::;t -.t. l'nd
\ '0 1 t. I he ) arn end hangs on tlw ldt
stdl "hln yt)ll arc on RS rows.

\ · .. -

· ....


. ..-.<"
.•- \,"

... _ .... -
... :-;:

· .. ....
..... ....,

-: ... ··"" ... _,.
\.' .. "·'*"'


... , ..
·.- .. , ...... , .. _,-("

..... "$if.

: ... '··-
"-'-"" .


.... .
., .. _ ...... -

..... ,

.... "
...... -

: .. :,···
: . ·-

...... :
-.... ........ '::.
__ ,:2

• .
..... '" ...
RcpC<1 l the second n1\\ unti l )'OU have
knitted a wtal of 6 on RS; then knit 1
ndge t = 2 wu h gt\'\'11. 6
curry ndgcs. 1 green. n) clln\\'-
grecn. I green. 6 ntrr), I green.
and. hnall}. 5 .md I nm
Lll1 R.\ \\lth 1'\n\\
there should be 33 on RS
,md H on \\'S
BOon \\'S. u11 }•1rn and pull
end through lnst st (end st ), hut
dn not pull the thread 1 ight
(=end st-3)
When you hind oil. there arc
3-t ridges on both nght <tnd
\\TLmg sides and H ,·dgc
.\'OTE: End "I ro; at the ttlp
joining l
1st joining strip£·-a garta st ridge
Color: c.rcen
Thts Jllmmg' Is a \Crllcal ndge of
garte r st llll tht' nght • of the l st stnp
l"se a dpn or circular ndl and green
Bcgmnmg .11 the houom. go .. around
the CL1rncr" on the nght side of the knot
and pick up and knn I st::. on RS 111 the
nc<l rest C 0 st.
Then pKk up and knn
34 1 111 each edge st.
111!>Crtlng ndlunder both
loop::, of l'ill h edge Sl along
the 1st stnp and end1ng
wnh l tn 1 he loose end sL
l = 16 sts' Pull 1 he Lim: ad
thn1ugh the end st.
Now _you have 2 sts mon:
them there arc ddges and
edge sts. These 2 extra sts
''ill be climinotcd lalel:
lurn the work and knit
back, sl I kwtsc knll unul
2 st:-. remam, p2tog
(= Vi sts)
Now one of the extra sis
has been eliminated and
thc1e is only onP extra st
left. It will be eliminated
on the 2nd strip.
Cut ) arn
2nd !>trip
Colors: Curry. green.
ye !low-green
Knn a nc\\ garter
sutc h strip together Wtth
sllld1es from 1 he hrst
Jmnmg smpe US) Cse
the ltlwest )Sst (Jtlming
stripe stllch) as the beg
sl and K-CO 7 nn\ sts
,,;th curry cxtendmg tlllt
from JS.
Row I <R.SJ: Ko, p2LOg
( I from the stnp
and l Turn
Roll' 2. Sl l kwtsc. kmt
to last st pl
Ro11 J. Sl I k\\1se. k5,
p2tog ( I st from
stnp ami l
turn work.
Repeat Rows 2 and )
m stnpes as for tlw first
stnp, hlll 111 this color order: ··o curry
ndgc:-., 1 green, 6 ycl lo\\ -green, I green".
Repeat "·* unul 2 green JSsts n.'lll<Hn. 1\nu
one W\\ l)l' \ \ ' '
Xext ro11 IR'> ' '' I k\\ 1se. k'), p3tog
(I gnTn .md 2 )CliO\\ -green sts 1
:'\ow the last of the 2 extra sts has
been eliminated.
BO 1)11 wwng ' lck Leave the end st
ILlLlSC NPw thuc arc 34 ridges on both
nght and wrong 1 d e ~ . \ \ 'c;t\ l' 111 all ends
except the curry end st tall
2nd joining stripe
As lor the l st Jl)i nmg stn pe.
Jrd strip
With yelll)\\ -green, l' ( 0 7 sts and kn1t
as for the 2nd st np hUl \\ nh the same
Cl)lor sequence as m smp I.
Jrcl joining stripe
As for the first JOII1mg stnpe
4tlr stlip
As for the 2nd stnp.
-ft h joining stripe
As for the 1st JOimng ::.tnpe.
5tiJ Stlip
As for the 3rd strip.
Border-Ribbing worllcd i11 rl1e round
With green ya rn and un:ular mll, ptck
up and knit about 3'5 sts e'enl) spaced
along each of the four s1des and I st 111
l'ach corner. Purl l rnd, knit J rnd and
1 hm \\'Ork 3 rnds k 1, p 1 nbhmg On the
hrst rnd of nbbmg, me 1 st lm each '>ide of
each corner st BO in nhhmg.
Loop: PILk up and J.:nn 4 -.b 111 one cnr-
ner· kmt a <>tnp about 2 ;t.'' (7 un) long
and BO. Se\\ tht· loop .:.ecurdr on the
wrong side.
)01!\JI!\i(, 2
and 2 pallcm-lmJUtci
slnp' with 1 lmu row 111 /letwecn. Sur-
rounding thl'm !lll is il prruy HIHI useful

Measurements: 6 Y." X OY." tl7. 5 x
17.5 em) wnhout border. 8 /." x 8 / "
(20 5 x 20.5 em) with border.
Yarn: 01..: W<'ighl wtton yarn.
Colors: Turquo1sc, cuny. and mint.
Needles: Dpn 4 l3 5 mm). 16" (40 em) cir-
cular needle 4 (15 mm) for the border
Techniques: Snips . .Joinmg 2.
Patterns: (;ancr sti tch and 2-color knit
and purl stripes.
Border: Narrow strip.
lnst ructions
ht \llip
( olor lurquo1::.r
1-- ( l) 7 :-ts ,1nd knn .1 .,tnp a., fo1 tht·
-.1 11p <1tl PPthPidc l ') hut hnc there
he )) ndgc:, on R'> hr lon: :llld 311
ndgc::. ,1ftcr hmdmg ,111
ht and Jrd joining \II ipn---<1 krtu ""'
( olm: ( un;
I he ln<.t Jl)llllng ::.tnpc , ... ,1 kmt-
tl·d nl\\ wn1 ked on the nght ... ide Lll the
111.,1 ... 111[1 L\111g a dpn tH l·m.:ula1 nn·dk.
hrgm ,\1 tht' ltmt•r cdgl·, go the
wrru.·1 \Ill the ngh1 ::.1de of the knot .md
piCk up ,md knn I s1 on m the nc.uc"t
(L) :-t Then. pllk up .md knn 36 ::.t.;, I st
111 calh cdgl' :;t,lhrough b,1th klOJh .• 111d
hn1sh wuh k I 111 r 11d o.,t (- 3H q.,)
Now there arc 2 more than the
number or ridges Or edge SIS. 1 hc">e
c'tra l\\0 sts "ill be eliminated later.
Ct.t' ,....
2riCI :.trip
Colors: C u1 r\ .llld mHlL
Usc the lowc-.t -.t on thl· jo1ning ..,ll'llk'
.1 ... the beg st and 1-- CO 8 nn' ..,t., '' 11 h
l ur1; cxtl·ndmg PUt frtlm JS.
ROI\ I (R'I). K7, p2tog (I st from strrp .md
I j"-st' lurn "ork
Rm' 2 Sl I k" be. kmt to ,,1st <.t. pI .
Rc11v 3 Sl I k"l"l ptl p3 tog (I '>l from
thr st np and I J"st) rurn \\01 k
Now the fir'>l of the 2 ext ra '>I S ha!>
been eliminated and there is only one
extra st.
R •1 Sl I k\\t::.C, knn tlll,bt .. t, pi
Rtll\' 5· I kwtsc. kn. p2 tll)!. !urn
Row(,· Sl I kv.:i-.c. purllll end ,,f n,w
Ro11 7 CuiT)-:-..1 I kwisl' , kn, p2 lllP, lu111
Rcll\ S. A!> fl,r Ro" 2
R,111 q 51 I k\\1o,('. knn ttl last .,t, pI
Rep.:at Ruw-. 4 t,, 9 lnr the r<·.,tl,f thl·
.,tnp Fln1.,h tln \V::, wht•n 2 JS:;ts Ilm.un.
:·o.Jnt roll' (R.'il '>I I k" ISl' k6, p3 tog.
Now the of the 2 e ... Ira st'> ha.,
been elimi nated 13() tl\1 \\..., Do ll<ll pull
t lL tatlthmugh l nd -.t I'\ ow thae .1rc >o
cdgl..' ::.bon the nght .,Ide ag,un
2rrd and 4th j oirrirrg stripes
\.\ 'orked lor the h rst j ommg stJJ pc.
Jrd strip
K-CO I <.h c\tcndmg out fwm .JS.
Ro11 1 (RS): "6. p2wg (1 st from the !>Lrip
and 1 JS:,t ). hun \\ ork.
Row 2 Sl 1 kw1sc, k5. pl.
Ruw .3: I kw1sc, k5. p3 tog. Tum work.
Now the first of the 2 extra Sl!> has been
eliminated and there is only 1 extra s t left .
Row -f: As fl1r RO\\ 2
Row 5: Sl I k" k5. p2tog. Turn Wlll·k
Repeat Row:, 4 and '5 unt il 2 sts nl thc 2nd
JOmi ng stnpc remam. The last row is
knnted 011 the R:-. .
Next rmv (\\'.) l '>I I kwise. k"i , pI
"\ext row Sl l kw1se K5. p3 wg
Now the las t extra st has been
BOon W<:.,
:-l ow there arc Vi ri dges on eal h s1de.
4th strip
Worked for 2nd
5th strip
\Vorked as for 3rd st n p.
Border irr a narrow strip
With mmt <lnd urcular nell. pick up and
knit ::.ts e\'enly di,·ided around. about 15-36
sts along each sldl' and 1 st at ealh wmn
!'UJI I l:h.mgc w cutT) Usl' 1 he last
mmt "' t\11 the lliUtlar ndl as the st. K-
l (.) ) Sb In l.UII) l''\lt'tKirng tlUI fr,,m ::.h lll1
the nrcular mil L'.....- a dpn 111 hdp.
Rlnl I. K2. p2 '''g I curry .1nu I mint
..,l) r ll rn \\\)rk
Rm,· 2: 1,2. p 1
Rm1 3 1 k" kl, p2tog \ lcurry .md
I mn\1 ..,, '· fum W11rk.
Rqx.ll R,,,, :- 2 .tnd 3 Mound untrl all
the mrnt sts h,wc been knmnl a" a) Dtl
tltll cut \ .un 111' B<.)
l .oop Knit 2 y,-3" un) up
ewer 1 he ) curn sh BO fum lollp ltl
\\'-,and -.ew sct.urclv '' it h duplit<Hc st.
PO I HOI Dl R 7-
stotluncll<' lmlltcd sllrprll tlt'Cl ullur'. wl/h
tlllt'\1 \lllplmw,·d drrcctly cllllt>lhc 4
'"c<l /J,Jr<f,·r rh,· pitlltll'
Measurements: 6,." x 6,' \17 x 17
wrthouL hl'rdn. 8" x 8" (20 x 20 un)
Yarn: Dl\ tlnghr wllon \WI!
Colors: l tght blue, mint, ltght gn:cn
1\ccdlcs: nn -f ( 1.5 mm). 16" t-fO em) ur-
lUiar mil -+ \ 5 mm) ft1r the b,1rdcr.
Technique: '-.tnp,. ]llmtng 3.
Pau ern: '-IlK krnt'llc
Border: """ tnoth cdgmg.
lnstruct ions
l si st rip
Color!>: I rght blue .md mint
\\'nh ltght blue and dn 1---t. 0 I lJ
Roll' I (R5) Knrt w !.1st st. pi
Rml' 2 (\\'.)1.' Sl 1 kv .. 1se, purl to l' lld uf 1(\\\
Repc3t Rows 1 and 2 a tLllJiol 12 11
= 24 Ch.mge lllll1tnt .mtl \\11rk
,Uhlllllr 25 rows.
BO l1n \\') cut yarn. pulltarlthrtlugh
bst -.L tend but OLIIl.t pull II ttght \= ,·nd
-.1- )) There ar\' 1111w '10 rtdge-. L'il \\'S lll
work.\·\ rth R'- fal ing. thl' U) L.lll ,m
the ldt boll om corner amlthl' Ht) wtl in
the uppa nght corner.
Joining 3
2nd strip-without a joining stripe
Colors: Light green anJ light blue.
There is no joining between the
two strips.
Using the last COst 111 the CO row at
the lovver right hand corner of the l si stri p
the beg st, K-CO 19 new sts with light
Row 1 (R5} K 18, p2tog (the last hght green
st and the beg st ). Turn work.
Ro111 2 (\VSJ. Sl I kwise, purl to end or
row. Turn Wl)rk. 1nsen the end ol the
needle closest 10 the l st strip into the
se<:ond edge st-skipping first edge
st. The neetlle is inseneclthrough both
loops of the edge st. go1 ng !rom back
to lmnt of work-see photo, abo\'e.
Slitle nell hack int o posit ion for work-
mg next row
Row 3 (RS): Sl l kwise, k I 7, p2 tog (the
next light blue st and the edge st,
through both 1\)0ps. Tu rn work.
Roll'-+ (WS): 51 l kwise, purl to end of row.
Turn work, insert the end of the needle
l·loscstto the lst slnp mt o the next edge
st. J'.:cedle is inserted through both loops
ol edge st, gomg hack 10 frnnt of
work. Sl ide nel l back mto posnion lor
wurking next row
Repeat Rows 1 and -+ unul I light blue
edge st remains (or 24 rows). Change 10
hght hlue and cont mue umil l mint edge sl
remams. Sk1p over ll and. instead, work the
last this way:
Ncxr row: Sll kwise. kl 7, p2t ng lthe last st
and end st on the l st snip). Turn work
and BO. Cut yam.
Sawtooth Border
'vVith circular ndl 4 (3 5 mm) and lighL
blue yarn, pick up ancllmiL 2-+ sts along
each or the 4 sides and purl l row.
1 I
Rttll I \\ nh ,\ Jpn ltl help
d • L'..,t• dw lust li).!,hl hlue
,,.., hq:?, and K-l () I light
K2 (I hght .1nd I lt,l!.ht blul' ..,t)
lurn ,,t,rk
Rt''' 2 Kl, pi
Ro11 l '>I I k\\ 1::-c. k2 \ 1ltght gtcen ::.b)
I urn'' ,,rk.
Rm1 -1 K2 pI
'i· -..) I k\\15<.', k (4 h)!.ht green ::.b)
ltllll \\ l'l'k
Ro11 1>. K1. pI
Ro\\ 7 -..) I kw1sc, k-f ('i hght gn:en st-.)
I urn '' 1 1rk
LEARN WHit r YOl K"jiT
RPII 8. 1\-f. p 1
R"'' 9. BO 4 -,ts " .1nd knn I 111(lll'
hght blue st. Tum \\Olk
Rq>e<U Rm' s 2-ll up l•' thl· ", n, m ) 1 'll
han' 3 hght green tn:ln)!.k". <. h<lll\!.l' tn mlllt
.md knn 1 hght blue ... Turn ''ork .mJ
1qx.ll R''" 2-ll .tg.1111 0lo\\ there .ln:' )
nunt tn;mgks .md (1 t11angles llll,tl .1long lllll'
Conunue 111 the .... unc m•tnncr on tlw
nc:-.t :.Jdl', knntmg (1 tlw.,c
2 "Ilks tm the foll,,wmg 2 srdc:..
Loop:\\ 1th mmt, l'n b.ll.k ol \\(·tk ptlk up
.nd 4 ..,,., and ktw ·' q: ·p about 2 :
l7 em) long "C\\ U0\\1 lo••p ..e .. urd)
\\ llh duphL.Ill' <.t
PO I Ill H I >l R H
tllltl 'tlldl 'll'f'·' .md c ,,hf,·, 1\'Hh 2 lm11
rmn Ill /J,·!IIt't'/1 1 he· /l,H!kt '-' 1\tll llcci11J
,, ''''' '1«\hllll'lll' /h,·f't!lh,,/d,·t "lmuted <b
/•'' p,,tlwltkr 'i, hut llw 2nd and -lth '!I iJl'
ha1, t11/1/, ptlll•lll\
Measurement!>: b ." X br." ( 17 x 17 em)
wulwut ht, 7 r." x 7'1." ( I (),5 x
]() '5 ll1l) \\llh ht,rdn
Yarn: D" lll'l,o;;lu clllfclll_\'1111!.
Color!>: tvtmL. dark b iLl\.', <111d bluL'
Dpn 4 ( 3 '5 mm ). C1hle ndl. 16''
(40 em) ctrcular ndl 4 ().'5 mrn) lor
Tfchniquc: )11111111g 1.
l •artcl Cables lnll ow1ng
Lh.m <. lun i-. ll'JW<Hed throughLllll.
Border: Purl 'ilitch lt)lkd L'dging


.... -



.. , .. .. .....
.. ..-


. .... , .....
"'""'' . · ........
.. -.
..... .,_ ....
. ...
,. .. ........

........ ... •::::

,,, ..
. ,,



1st sttip
Color: As fnr Pl1tlwkkr '5. hut 111
LIOC cokn
1st, 2nd, Jrd, and 4th in-between
Color: Dark biUl .\s k1r PtlLlwkk r 'l
2nd and 4th strips--atbln
Color: Blur.
Use the IO\\ \.'St thl' lxg -.t ,lnd K-
CO 9 ne\\ Sl'>
Roll' J (R'i): K8. p2tLlg \ I fwm np <11Hi
l.JSst ): turn.
Rows l. ancl-1. Sl l kw1sc , pu1l 1n end 1)1
Stockmette : Kn1t on RS and
purl onWS.
,==:-- Place 3 sts on a cable ndl beh.nd work.
k3. knit stS from cable ndl.
---- Place 3 sts on cable ndl en front of
work. k3. kmt sts from cable ndl.
Rtll\ 3 Sl I kwhc me 2 "ith \II b)
even I> pvc r 1 he ncx 1 7 sts
l whllh .m:- kmucd'. p2 wg l= ll
Ro11 )· Sl I • • the nc't 9 st-> an· the I sL
ltl\\' on the Lh.m (bcgm at arm\\'), p2
wg; turn
(..,mti!Hh.: workmg Llw paucrn folltl\\'-
mg the chart for the 9 ll'ntcr knll the
stnp:. last :.t tog wtth J"-;t and "tWk I
st on tlw lice stck. When 2 rcmam,
BO 2 srs on lb. 130 Llll WS.
Jrcl aud 51 h swipt>.
Color: l\l1tll -\s ltlr Pothtllda '5 .
Pud St itch Rolled fdging
\\ tth urcular mil and d;trk blue, pttk
up ami knll sts art1lllld the whole pothold-
cr '' nh 1 h, ::.a me numhc1 of t1ll eadl
stdd K-CO 8 sts t1tl one cornc1 for thl
loop and purl 4 rtl\\s. BO purlwN' . Turn
the edging lll WS and sew down
0 0 1'11NO 1\NIITIN(i
SHA\\ 1., TIIRO\\,
l'lt' tilt' cJlt' llh/IUdlflll\jlll <I /tillS: <111</
lo'cl.\ ,!J<11d. Malle· II 11<1110\lt'l' anti
slwl ll' l /tl l a \<£11 fell ancl 1vi tit'l" for
a tlliOl\.
Width: 2 • (flll em).
Length: b/" t2bl un) pluo;
Yarn: Sptll I ,,,,,,( )tllli.
Colors: ') 10 g unbk,tdll J '' and small
•tmounts nl yam-. 111 shades )'llU desire lo t
the shawl l ine we H used rust. hl'tgc.
yelkl\\ ·green lllll ). pale )Tiki\\, ami hght
green Ynu'll lll'Cd ll \ arn ll1r a st.trl and
mort' h11 ;l thrtl\\
:-.:ecdlcs. nn 2 t) mm)
Tcchmqm· n.bll' "qu.n c I, p 2. plus .I \"an-
.llllm •l'l' lwl''''
:'\umber of '>titchc'>: 2
Right- and left-leaning triangle!>: p. I I.J. J 5
Con!>truct ion: Dt. lgPnnl p.mcb .• ts for
1\Hhl)ldl'f -l. p I ')
Gauge: .-\ -.quarl· mcasurt• 2 r:
1t'o Ull l m '' rdth .md hctght .111d 3/"
!oi. 5 L dt<h:pn.tll) fmrn comer w l'('mcr.
Gauge swatch: Knu l. 2 .• md )
II)\\ rr .... 1. chan and m.:-a ... urc the g.tugc
nn the ll'llll'l .;qu.trl'
The whole shawl is knnted with
unbkadlt'd '' hne 1\nn the folkl\v-
ing the cllagram The th.tgram shows the
enure I Begin'' tth the first panel.
then the 2nd panel. etc. .• ts for panels t\-E
on PLHh,1ldc1 4.
3rd panel. 3rd square b ,1 ::.qual\' \\'llh
, swckmL·LLe ndge on the nglu s1de, :'L'e
diagram. rhe square 1<: kniLLt·d as lex B.hic
Square I. hut Row 3 \ 'v\''>) is kninetl >IS lot-
lows: Sl 1 k\1 1sr. k 1 3. purl wend of ww.
5th panel, 8th square 1s ,1 square '' nh
StLlLkilh.'lll' ndge on tl11. left SldC. SCL' th,l-
gram J'he Sljuare 1s kntttcd <b for Baste
1, h\11 Row 3 (\V'>) is worked as
follllWs: '>1 1 k\1ise. p 12. knn to last st. p 1.
\\'hen }'llU h<we firmhcd knming the
shawl, usc duplicate st tll embrmckr 1 -2
rows 11 llh 12 colored duphcate sts centered
on cad1 <lnd cwry tll the swckmcue
nn the .m.: marked \\Hh
dtagm1al nght- and kit kanmg streaks un
the cl!agram. Di,·idc the colors l'\'tnly Ll\'l'l
the enure shawl. f\..1akc 1asscls and sn1
them fm11l) tm the corner of each ::.quaiL'
along hLllh of the shawl'.; shtm ends
SQL \Rr Pll I 0\\
' I ,,, "' llttllllt'\ Kllil '•/lltllt'\ /10/ll Llh'
1 I /lit' I tll!{\lllld\, 1111 II tiJC IIIli II ttl the
I I \ltft• 1111d \t'll ltiJ.:t'liJt'l
1\ka'>urcmcnts: H 1" x H1" (17 x >7 em).
'arn /11 . .:•·"' • 1 u,..;llt 1\ClOI Hll 11. "•fk,'
1\h·,·d lwm ucl 1o
( olor-. n'S g gramrl L''i g unhleadlcu
\\hill .
\/ccdk-.: Dn 2 0 nun)
' 'll "Ill ab,) ,, p•ll•l\\" form .tl
Jc,,..,t 2" (5 t.lll) largct th.m th.:- ptll•'" ':,
Ill .bill 'lldlb.
rl·chnique: [b;,Jl '5, p. 5.
\/umhcr of !>titche!>: )')
( onst ruction: rr .. ,m tilt: n'Jitl'r .md uut-
" r a ... I • PothoiJa 3, p 12.
c •. mgc l )n,· ... qu.uc ... h,luld mca ... urc .tbout
J "1 t. m) m '' 1dth .md .md 3"
(7 ') llll) JJ.tgon,tl/y ft\1111 U1fllCT to
l.llllll' l '
!Ill ptlkm IS knttted h,ll,l\vtng the
same pnncrplc:- ;b for 3 but
C;tdl '5 pam• b \\'It h '5 "qliMC!> I !1
l'.llh ''''' (= 2'5 squar'l':-). Un the and
>rd l{lt:tttcr-; (t.h.lP,l'll<tlly 11\ cr each otht:r ),
)'•'ll ,m .uH.I kmt t hl.' gartl'r ndgl.' ...
wtth grannc and the row-;
\\llh unbleached whlll' l) th, 2r t. md
4th quarters. th.: color <;cqth'I1LL"
Cardulh the \\ ork furn dtl' cor·
rwr:. rn hn\ards C".ldt othcr ''"the"
... rdc olthc ptllt.l\\ and Sl'\\ them together
\\ Jth m.lltrc::.!> tlh nn the right Silt ._t,llt ·
rr1g at the corn..r-. and out lt.1 all 4 ''de-.
llll\\'l'\·t.·r lean .10 t.1p,·mng ft.ll' tht prlltl\\
lor m. Mtcr tht.• lixm, ::.e\\ the
opcnmg wgcthcr rhcn a huttnn on
thrt.mgh allla)·l'l"
l I.AR
PI LI .O\\
--yi1< t.ahk-paurr "''",,.,tum 111 tht.· uuto ''
1 lmutccl frr.\1 and tlh'll rhr loth,·
' •IJI w-.· IHn-hc.! 11 rrb 111'1 111
llt'lll't'l'll. Twn tltr 1vor /1 tllld Jmrl a maldrrng
\l'ttum on thr 11lht'r Thr 1-uml f,,Hdt'l
ha, lmol\ lll cadr tPIIIll .
Measurement'> 2r .. • x 16!." (32 x 42
Yarn: 11 11 tl<ll yw n \rlkt.•
fi.\Ct.d fmm (.,,,rn ... tuJrL).
Colors: I r. oz ( "iO g) unbleached willlt.'.
I o: (2'5 gl gr.tnllt.', V: o: ll 0) g) ht.·rgl' .
N{·cdles: Dn and H" (Nl em) urLul.u ndl
) l1 mm) and :t cahk ndl 2 Jpn 4 l} 5
mm) £or the bt.,rdt.·r
Yl'll \nil also need ,1 ptllcl\\" [urm at least
2" ( "i em) larger than the ptlkl\v Ccl\Cf and
,, ptccc ll[ fabnc large c·nough tel co,·cr the
h.K k lll the pillow + seam allowance
rec:hnique: '>t nps. jommg 1' kll'
1\ll holcl cr 5, p. 23
Patterns: Al l the an: knntcd fol-
kl\vtng the charts. Bcgm on .11 the
amm. The sccuon wit hm ht.:a\'}' dark
lmes 1:; the pauern rcpc.ll whtch IS
rt.:po..'ated. workmg ll1r length
l,r ... mp
Border: 1-cord. see Potholdcr 3, p. 12.
lsi strip-- CCIIICI
Color: l. nblcachcd '' hnc
K-CO -1- 1 sh <lnd work l 2't' l32 em)
wit h Pattern I wit h 1 edge st at each s1dc.
BO. ConllmH', wo 1 king to the nght, alte1
nating a JOini ng stnpc ,md a strip.
A joini11g su·ipc
Color: Unbleached whnc
Sec Plllholdcr "i and knit as fc)r the 1st
]Ot11111g Stripe
Pall£'rn 2
• •

• •
• •

• •
• •
• •

Pattern 4
Pattern I
Pattern 3
~ .........
·---·. · .. • .. •.-•
· .. · .........
Pattern 5
• • • • + ••••
. . . . . ...
. • • . • . ·j· ••••
••••••••••• 1.
• • • • • •••
• • .-·. t ••• .
Stockinette = Knit on RS and purl on WS .
Purl = Knit on WS and purl on RS.
Sl I st. k2tog. psso.
Place I st on cable ndl behind work. k2 •
knit st on cable ndl .
Place 2 sts on cable ndl in front of work.
k I. knit sts from cable ndl.
Place 2 sts on cable ndl in front of work,
p I. knit sts from cable ndl.
Place I st on cable ndl behind work, k2.
purl st on cable ndl.
Place 3 sts on cable ndl behind work, k2,
knit sts on cable ndl.
Place 3 sts on cable ndl behind work. k3,
knit sts on cable ndl.
Place 3 sts on cable ndl in front of work,
k3. knit sts on cable ndl.
Place 4 Sts on cable ndl behind work. k4,
knit sts on cable ndl.
211cl stl'ip
Color: Granite. tO sb.
Knit tht::, stnp utllo the fOIIl tng stnpc J< .
CO lO sts extendmg out from the JS (at the
ltrst stnp's east-on). Kntt r>attem 2 with 1
edge stat each side, one ol which will be
used fur the joining Fini::,h with K3LOg
when 2 jSsts remam. join the following
strips .,,·ith edge ::.ts m the same way
Jrcl strip
Color: Betge.
K-CO 12 sts and work Pattern 3.
4tlt sllip
Color: Unbleached white.
K-CO 9 sts and work Pallern +.
5th strip
Color: Grantte
K-CO 1 + sts and work Pattern 5 You
haw now finishl'clthe nght side. Turn 1 he
work and work the ot her s1dc m the same
way. Using a ste;un 1rnn. steam the p1cce.
shapmg 11 so 1 hat edges are straight but do
not press clown nn the kmumg or the pat ·
terns wtlll latten out.
Bon:ler-1-cord with knots
Knll an 1-cord border (See Pothnlder 1)
olong all +sides, but, in each corner, knu
a 2/"-2'!.." (6-7 em) long piece without
connect ing 11 to the ptllow. Pb ce the srs nn
a safety pm (do not cut )am) and make a
knot m rhc cord. Se\\ 1 he border (ends ol
the cord) toget her w11h duplicate st.
Sew the fabric backing to the cover but
leave an opening for the p11low cushton.
Insert cushiOn and sew the opening together.
1\ lca<>uremcnt". I ," x I 1' " ( 10 x
Yam: I It-a\\ illlt'll \tllll w.:1ght
u lt ll >n ) .1 r 11 I \Ill .d ... ,> work
Color: l'i'> g unhkat hL·d '' hu.:
Needle<;: P1 2 \) 111111 l
Techni que: fl.hiL "qu.lll' H. p 7
Number of stitches: 2)
Right- and left-leaning triangles: I' 19,
11 SIS.
Construction: Dl<i1!,L'Ilal pan.:!-.. a-. l111
Pot holder -1 p I '>
(;augc: \ SC(lUfl' ::.htltdd 2''
1 =:i L m' 111 '' t(hh .md hetght .md
(}.5tm) d1.1gt'nall) fn1rn L<'llll'l 111
rnJlll\1 the dwgram, U-.111)!_ tlW ..,<\111l
pnnupk::. as f'tllholder 4 lhc numht·r-.
.,h11\\ the ordrr in wh1Lh thl' palwl-. -.hPtdd
he knitted: the lcuers 1nd1tall' the ''1de1 '''
the :>(j Ll<lrl'::. in a panrJ. !"he f1 rs1 hint k Il l
the 5th is .1 rrght -lcanmg 1nangll'
<'tll • llt't'.! t1 ·,tid I" I<' llt't'fl
II IVtll rl1 Tim (0/ft't'f'OI t cl\'1"1 1\ /loth {till
/c• brr/ <llltl Iliff /<l/p(JJI <II und(lh a t!l/11/lltlll
c olfccput
Height: 11 ," (30 t1n \
Circumference: 19. '' {'JO Lml
'l arn: ftllt'llllcn \'clrll
C olor•> 1 o:: ( lOL1 g) whne .tnd ' ' o::
\1\10 g' hLlLk.
Needl es: Dn l (2.-J mm)
1 llll \\til a !so need 2 butttlll:. .111d .1 ptL'll'
11l l )y," x 2 3/,." (35 x 60 un) lining
'Jcchniquc: Baste I attd 2 p. 2.
Numhcr of stitches: 27
Open top triangle: 27 sts.
...,t npcd "qua res and tnangle.., l'tck up and
knu :-t' and work Ro\\ I \\ 11 h hlal k,
and then alternately '' tlfk 2 fll\\-. "hue
and 2 t\1\\'> blalk.
Right- and left-leaning triangles: p. l Y,
14 o., ts
Construction: From the l'L' Iller and nut
wards, as lor Pot holdns 2 and ) ,\ nd
-.tandmg on the1r cLJrncrs dt.mwnd-
" hl' as for Headband. p I <J .
Gauge: A ... quare sht,uld tnt'<blll'<' 2'1."
"> 1 un) 111 \\'Jtith and hetght and 1t"
\K un' dtagonallr frt'lll nlfncr t<' n'rner
Diagram: the squares .1nd t riangks 111
th( tlrder mdtc.ut•d h)· the numbers and
'' uh tlw n'I<'IS "llll:h arc listed ne\t w
thl' di;lgrarn.
Sl'l' tlt<lgram <11\d kn tl squares l. 2. 3.
and-+ togL't ha, <1<. lnr Potholder 2 (.-\, B. 11.
E). in stratght 1'(1\\'..,, starting at the bottom.
rhen knit squ.U'L's ), 6. 7. and R together
Ill st ratght I'll\\:-.. It nm the center out \\·ards.
as for Potholder ) Turn the dtagram
upstde dt'" n .1nd knu square Y bel\wen
square-. I and '5, 10 hl'tween l) and 7. II
bet ween 2 and <:l <1nd 12 bet ween 11 and
10. 0io1\ the tnp has ) blocks with-+
squarl'::. l'ach.
Then kntl '-((llill't' 13 next to 6 and 3, l -f
next Ill 10 and 7. '\!ext to square 11 kntl a
striped right-k<1ning tnanglc and a stn ped
ldt-leantng trianglt' ne't to 2. Then con-
timtl' knnung m the sequence shmm on
the diagram
Thl' lrl<111)!.kS at the bottom of the Ctl\l'r
{43-48) <lre opl'n top triangles \lith 27
Row 1 (\\'Sl K26. p l
Row 2 (RSl: Sl I kwt'>e , kll . sl l. k2tog,
psso. k 10, p 1: turn work and leaving I
st on thl' ndl.
RowJ: 51 1 kwtst', k2 1. pl. turn work.
ll'<l\ mg last st on nell
Row -1. <;J 1 kwt.;c, kY. sl l. k2tog, pS,;O,
k8. p 1 turn \\llTk
Row 5. '>I l k\\ tse. k 17. p 1. turn work
Row 6. Sl l k7. sl 1. k2tog. pssn.
k6, p l, lllrn work.
7: 1 k'' I'>C, k 14, p 1 turn ''
RPII 8. \l I k5 k2tog,
k4, pl. turn \\ ork
Rt•ll 9: -;1 I kwtsc. k9 pl. l ll l tl work
Rt111 Jtl: \I l k\\ 1se. k 1, sl I, k2tog. p;.so,
k2. pi, turn work.
Ro11 ll \II kwlse,k') pl,tUrn\H1rk
Row 12: :,I 1 kw1se, k 1, sl I , k2LOg, psso,
pI . LUrn Wllrk.
Roll' JJ· :-.1 l kw1sc, ld, p 1, turn.
Rt•ll' H: l kw1se. sl 1, k 1. p:-;so
t = H
Fmish by worki ng 4 m stod<inettc
wnh wh1te m the sts from 1he botlllll1 tn-
Fold the coffeepot LOver mto thu·Js and
usl' tt w mcaslll\' the hning. lJse thl' out-
lmc to cut out three p1eccs 111 the S)nthelll
hnmg labnc 0\'erlap the edges about ';.;"
( '5 em) t msteau of pial ing them nght
:>tdes faLmg) and SC\\ them wgethcr wnh
: ig:ag stilL h. Place the lming 111Lo till' knu -
ted p1en ltlmlll)?. it <;()that the stratght
cd)?,e is <tgamst the wrong s1dl· .mel over thl'
lmmg: SC\\ edges together. jom the knntcd
p1l'LC and lmmg With I at kmg thread here
and there and along the upenmg for the
handle wnh baL kstitch.
Buttonhole loop: \V1th bla<.k K-CO 12
sts and then BO. Turn the end
and sl'\\' it SCLUrely tl1 the wrong s1de.
tkm n onto square 3o. SC\\· a huLtlm at
the correspondmg hc1ght on thc oppo-
sne stdc of the openmg. Repeat on the
squart above
Loop: \\'nh bla<:k K-CO 5 knn a
3/," (8 em) long stnp with an edge st at
cach :.Ide BO and form ll 11110 a llll1p
whtch 1s then sewn to the top
of thc L:lwer
'i tripcd
• Black
0 \\'hitc
Bott om
Lll TLE 01·
v ou urn iwi1 th,·s,· /!asl?cl\ qwtl1l_v and usc
l tltcmJor a lrulr of ntTv!lun,g. Plan· u
ltl't' 01 t1 ,dus' in the tall l>usl<cl (.l/ld tl\<'
11 tl' u nrsr or to h(>/d \'our lll't'd/c:-.. A
'nw/1 gla." rn the /lasl?t't 1s just rip,llljor hold
U lt'£1 ullldlr.
Measurements: f-iLs a square-bollnmccl
fnrrn 2!," X 2t," {7 X 7 em) (alter stiffen-
mg. it fits a Lme quan/litcr milk car1L1n)
The height depends on ht1\\
rounds }'llU kni t YL1u L·an change the sr:e
Lll1 the baskets hy knHung nwrc tll' lcwc-r
slltt ht?s in the squares and h) strctchmg
;md '>tillenmg them on brger or smaller
bases or something sunilar Ytlll L·an usc
hnt h round and squar-e shapes h1r form-
rng the
Yarn: Pine lrncn \'£11 11. fine cotton thread em
also be used.
Color : 31 o:: ll 00 g) "' enough ror several
Needl es: Dn 0 l2 rnm ).
Technique: 11asic Square l, p 2.
Numher of s titches: 25.
Cons tructi on : from the n:nter outwards
as for Pntlwldcr 3. p 12 and in a ring
wi th 1 he squares standing diamond-
Stiffening Knitted
Use potato flour. Mix 2 table- , j
:' spoons potato flour in 'h'-1 cup (.1--'2
, :dl). cold water. Pour it slowly' into
;·' boiling water, stirring until it has the ...
consistency of paste. Let cooh 'bit: '. ;i
Rl!ice the knitted' piece into
:; cniiig agent so that it becomes ;
i iOllghiy saturated. Remove kand i'i
the water. Blockit
fomi and pjn
t dry complctciy, ,finisli by ·covering•, ·. . ,;
make the _

!.i_...::._':.,'i,_ . .1
wrse tm 1hcir l·orner ptlints as for Head-
band. p. 19.
Gauge lbcfnre st ilfenmg) A should
measure I y)' (-t.5 em) in width and
herght and 2'; " (6.5 ern) dtagtll1ally
from corner tt) corner.
Bottom (A, B, C, and D): Knit A and Bas
separate squares. Then kni t C in
bc1wecn Band 1\ in the loops tlr the CO
SIS and then D bet ween A and B so that
the squares arc placed like the+ center
squares on Pot holder 3
\ 'nt !>ctuarc (E): &gm m llw l' lld of B
1r d pllk up and kmt 12 sts, '' orkmg to
llw kft .dong B. 1 st bet\\ cen B .md C
and 12 along C f':n tl S<-(U,\rt' f here.
Knll r along c and 1\ Ill the W<1}.
I hen knn squares <llong A. D, <1nd D. B.
1\ o\\ }'Ull should see how the basket ts
taktng furm. '(ou ha\'e abt) now knttted
a rnund. !-'rom thrs pomt, umti nuc
knnung m rounds. Each round cons1sts
nf 4 squares. one m each tlt)ldl .
Small Basket
C..onststs nf a bollom and 2 rounds
( = 12 res l.
large Basket
<..nnsrsts of a bottom and 4 rounds
l 20 sqtt,1rcs)
BaLkwards Lrochet along the edges.
Baclnvards Crochet: ( t\)l het as for
-. 1 nglc L wchct but work I rom kl t to
nght. ur "backwards."
Place the basket in the -;r ifrentng
.lgt•nt (sec "'>ttffening·· in box. p.1ge 46).
Then .., hapc the basket 0\er a square 01
n'und llmn \\'(-haw used milk canons
hac Hold the corners m P<hlltllfl wrth
T-pub or basil' m posillon \\'11 h SC\\ mg
thrL'.td while the suffcning agent dncs
Yarn: 6-ph /!Ill' yw 11.
Needles: 10 (nmm)
Kmucd 111 the same way as the baskets
to 1 he ldt. !"he pot t.:ow r consists of 1 hot
tom, '+ squares and then-+ open Lop tri an-
gles. see p. I CJ . Pl<ll'C the sts on a long
of yarn (JUte ) <lrn is t.>astcst to use)
and adJUSt the Wtdlh With the rarn.
1 If tlrl\ t Ulc ckmm /lad;f'tlc h /cll a lurk
..;rll llllht• jwnrh '' clll a ,,,,k '''"fl
"'malic rt cr ,/l!ltlltlc·t
Measurement<;. The backpack mca-.urcs
ll t," X 1 )'/," ()l) X 39 till).
'arn: DK Ct'IIOII ya111 Pt·n-:-.1-Knn
fwm t ,,lrlhiUdrc>
Color., I , o: ('50 g) dark .md 8 Y. o:
{21tl g' lrgh1 indrg,, blue
"leedle., Dn 4 0 "i mm) and 16" (-tO nn)
err 1 • mil 4 0 ') nm
)ou will :tlstl need a : rppe r. wr th n nng,
long enough for II op,·r mg. ,1 hatk·
pat k -.t .lhc)lll I yd/m long and a
h.1pcd huuon.
lccbmque: 2-tnlnr ... quare
'\umber of 29.
Open top and bottom '-cc
run pagc 19
Construcu on: lr t \\H. •
standmg dramond \\'15( on thcrr
as lm I kadband. p 19
Gauge: . \ !->t[Uarc should 2 Y."
m w1dth .md hergh1 and 4 •
lllcm dr.lg<mall) I rom tl>lllcr lc' Llmll'r
Diagram: Tlw bag,., knittt·d m cllll' precc.
orr• d n a nng. hut the r:.
"spH·ad clUl. :-.1.1kc a photc1copy. cut rt
out .md 1.1pc t<l)!.l."thcr till srdco; :.o 1h.u
it i.; t'asin to undnstand 1 he IMg's
Cc'll!-tructrtlll Kn11 lhl' 111 tht'
order mdrc.rcd b\ lhl." nurnhcrs cm thl'

2-w lor •
\Vit h hght blue and dn. K·LO 2ll -.ts
Ro11 1 (\\'Sl. 1\nll to st. pi Mark the
.:cnu.:r 3 st s.
Rnw 2 (RS): Sl I kwbc. knrt to tht' tenter
3 5ts, sl I, k2tog. ps.,o. knn to st,
.3: $1 1 kwr<;C, knll tn last p 1.
Repeat Row-. 2 and 3, 2 w11h a
m.·nbcr (lf sts unulthcrc are 4
rrdgcs ,m
Rc1w 8: Dark) .un-Sl I kwbc, knn to the
) Cl'lltl'f Sh, sJ-J, k2tog, knrtto
l.lSl '>l, pJ
Rnw 9 '>I 1 kwr..,e pttr l 10 end of r(l\\',
Rc111· 10 "amt: 1-. Row 8
Rc>ll' JJ· ..,,lmt a., Row 9.
Rclll' 12: l rght yarn-same as Row 2
Rc1w JJ· .1-; Row 3
Rq1cat Rl1ws 12 and I 3 w11h a dcncasmg
numhtT tlr "h. umrl 3 s1s rcma n
Nc'\l 1'0\1' '->1 1 k WhC, k 1' pi
,\'t'\1 n111 '-I I 2tog, psso (= I -.t
Cut y.nn. pulltmlthmugh :.t:- .md pull

color \t/ttarc
\:. k1r 2-nllnr squ.ITt', but 11 knllted
nnly wnh hght \.trn.
Boll om
Squarl' '> I and 2: 1\rllt 2 2-u•ILll
-.qu.rrv-. l'l,lLt I he :-quare:>. ,,·uh l'nd "'"
up" .lltb, ,r-. !-> h 0\\11 on thl' dragr;un
Squarr 3: '>111 gk cnlnr-Kn1t ... quai L' ) 111
dw 11 \llLh lx t\\l'Cn sqll<lre-. I .1nd 2.
Squarr -t: "mgk tolnr-r'1ck up and knu
1-t ""' .d11ng the 111p k it edge t1 tl "tlll.uc
1 g•• ",twund 1lw cllrntT .md p1rk up
.md knu I ... t 111 1 he l.t:.t <. 0 "I nn -.qu.rre
1. 1urn \\llll .md K-CO H nc\\ ""'
l w,l\ y I me' Pn d1.1gram
Kn11 ..; -f
hl're .md l.lll arn. Turn" ,,rk .uHf dra -
gl.lfll liJbrtk dP\\ n
Square 5: ..,111glr n >l(lr-Pit k up and knn
1-t ""' 111 the loops t) r CO row alnng ''Il l'
o., rtk 111 '-lJtl.l iT 4 (wavy lines), I -.1 111 l hl'
l.<llllt'l ul o.;qu<l lt' 4 p1tk up and kni l
1-f "" rn the t t 1 J,,L' fb n1w "'tk ,,r
"lJli.IIL I ldt>llcd land Kni l a ... qu.1JL'
Squarl' 6: ..., ngle whw-P1tk up and kn11
14 L'•'P" (ll CU W\\ .lllmg .ml'
-,1tk Ill "lJtl.m.: I tslash I I rn
Ll'IIIL'I ,,f :-quare 3 and p1..:k up .md knn
1-t ..,r... rn the l 0 Inops alt•ng Lml' srdc , >I
-.qu.ut· 2 ( lr ncs). Kn rt a "LI U<11\'.
Square 7: '>111gle t:Pinr- Pick up ::md kn11
14 ""' 111 the <. l) Inops along orw srtk ol
"ljll.liL' 2 tdL•lled !mel. knn I s l rn llw
nc.Ht' "l ( () !-<lt•n the kl'1 ::.ide llf >qU;H,·
2. turn ""rk and J..: -CO HIlL'\\-""'
1\n I .l "lJU,II"t..'.
Square H: "Jngk Lolor- KI1ltted [,,r
squ uc 7 111 the same wa) ;b :-qu.trc 5
• s4uare 4
7 6 5
z 1
8 £ t
5 1
)nu ha,·e n,),, knlltl.'d thl.' the
ha,kp.Kk and rhe 1st round C.tmtmue
Sll aight up 111 rounds t)f 6 L'ach
lt)lltl\\ mg the dtagram. With (l Lop
lll,ln).!.les m the 6 notches.
1 Top Tria11gk
Wnh hght yarn and dn 2l3 mm), r11:k
up and knn 29 sts for <I
Ro11 I. Sl I h\tSc, k27, pl.
R,n, 2. k\\tse. kl2 sll, k2wg. psso,
k II, pi turn
.3 . .SI I kwise, k23, p 1, llll n
Row 4. Sl I kwise, k l 0. ::.1 1. k2tog. rsso,
kY, pi. turn.
R<M 5: kwise. K19. pl.tu1n
Rt>ll' (>:'-.I 1 kv .. ise. k8. sl l, k2tog. psso,
R,,,,. 7: I k" tse. k 15. p 1. turn
R<lh' X: Sl I kwtse, k6, sl 1 , k2tog,
k'5. pI. turn.
Row l) Sl I k\\1SC, k 11 p 1, tllrn
1 ()· '.I I kw1sc. k4, sl 1, k2tllg, psso.
U. pi, turn.
R01v I I. I kwtse, k7, pl. turn.
I 2. Sl I kwtsc. k2, sl 1, k2wg, psso,
kl ,pl , turn.
Row /.3: Sl I kwtse. k1. p 1. turn
Roll' H '>I 1 k" N', sl 1, k2tog. psso. and
plale all sts on;\ holder or waste yarn
Knn the '5 tnanglcs m the same
way. Do not t ut yam on la::.t triangle, but
place all sts nn nrntlar ntll 2 (3 mm) and
work 6 rows, altcl n,ll mg a purl row wi th a
knit row (reve rse slLH:kmcLLc). BO loosely
111 purl
Spread out b.Kkpack as m the d1agram
and SC\\ a zipper 111 the opening so that
the Oap turns d0\\'l1\\ards Fold the strap
so that tt is clnublcd and <;('\\ tt securely as
shown on the thagram.
Backpack front Backpack back
V t>ll ulll t'mll\' Jmrr su If>' _lor a porttl case
1 to go in yow hrwpsw l1 or malu·up
4 ." x R!. 02 x 21 l'm l.
Yarn: Dt.: ll't'rght turton yar rt. Den t--.1 Knu
lrorn C,<Hibtudio.
Colors: 1 hall lrght <lnd ,, partial ball d.1rk
rmhgt) hlul'
Needles: Dpn and urt"ubr ndl 4 05 mm)
and a c,lhlc m-edic.
You wrll ab11 ncl'd an R" (20 em) long zip-
per" uh .1 nng
lcchnique, pattern and joining: t\., lor
Pot11\)kkr H. p. 32.
Gauge: The stnp .. hnuld measure 1 /, "
v+ 5 on) m \\ Kh h
Ins tructions
!<nit the first 3 stnp::. .HHIJoming strrpcs
as for Pot holder 8. Onl> the colors, num-
ber l>r stllchc:-. and length nrc d ifferent.
I st IJ/ue-1 0 'litdrcs.
Length: 71 ndgcs on R\ hdl11T bmdrng
L>ff-74 ndgcYcdgc sts afterwards
(= 151," (4l) Lm)).
1st joining stlipc-darh /Jluc .
Add 2 sts 10 the 74 (- 7b sts). Knn ,,
JOrnrng strrpc on crrctrlar nel l.
2nd soip--cablcs-light hluc-9 sh
2nd joining so ipc
As for first jornmg Slripl'.
Jrd strip-light /Jiuc- 10 \1\.
Fi ni shing
Turn the prec<: with nght srdcs fanng
t:<lch other and !>e\\' wgether along tlw
srde of the I st stnp and on thl' hl'l -
llli11. Sew a : rppcr in the open mg.
Shoulder Bag
If you want a shoulder hag, CO I L)- 12
'>I s and knit n garter st itch pircc long
enough to go O\'er the '>ht)uldcr. Sn\ 11
outside the 2 lips \\·hcrl· 1 hl' :1pper
and ends so that zipper lrl's rnsidc the hag.
llrl,\i ulfh "''' ,n·r r11-.·d
/U'I lot•/: <II tfu, .-1,·,\illlll <Ill</ dr/)<'l<'l;ltdf'
Ill:,· 11 ''"' A ,, w (. 1d11dr '' a/,o oul of
tflt' <ll.flll<l", 1 lllllf'lt'lt'\ t/lt \tl
:'<h:.I'-.Url'ml'nh: ht-. pl'tlpk fhc
I If I '> ,tdjU.,I,lhk
\arn. lltt"l,iilll'"-..'' \IIIII
( olor.,: I • ,,;: t '1L) \ gr .1y, Jll"l lllHl'r .m
2 'i 1. h.u-...o.ll gr ·'} .md p.uual
h,1ll-. ''' rt•d .utd red-\ 1uk1
'lt·l'dil'-. I )n 2 \ \ 111111 I dp11 I t2 'i mm i
.ntd Jc, { ·h l nn l , rtutl,1r ntll 2 l'
Tt·lhrHqm· : • I .md 1. pp 2
.md 1
"'umlll'r of 'I .md 1r,,,.r ·'' tlw
Opt•n ho11om p Jl), 24 .,,c;
( lHl">lnttllon: In .1 nng \\llh squ.ur<;
.tnd!Wild \\ l"\.' Pll 1h1.•tt llll"ni.'!"<;
... for I p 1'>
Patt<.'rn: c •• tncr stttth
c •. mg<.': A 29-<;lllth <.<jU.m: .. hnuld llll'.bllrl
2." 1(1un) 111 "tdth .llld .llld 3,"
IS '>till) d1.1gtm.1ll} frt>m u1;nn to
I,, lOll lid
( olor· l ''·"' '' ·d gr:t). 2•1 .,I,
\\ uh lh.u,oal gr.l), knll :4 "4U.tll'" <,I.Ul·
mg "nh 21.) -..1::. ,.,,tlr
Color: ltl.t) 2•1 "''
· "'" gr.1) knn douhk· o;qu.Ul''> l )n R'-.
ptd;. up .md kntt 2•> .,.._ alt>ng, >Ill' , h.uu,,tJ
.;qu.m· m loops,,£ C 0 .,,c; Knn .1
),,u no\\ h.1n· .t dnuhle :-qu.ur Rqw.u
unttlthcrl· .trt' :-> d11ublc s4u.1r••.,
Colors: 1\,·d-vrnkt and gta}. 2') .,,..,
I' .llc I '' dt>uhlc ... "11h Llw
5ttk• up..,,, th.u llw ,,)rm·r.., .unlcnd .,I.,
poltll ttp\\.trd-. .llld then pte k up .tlld k1111
.;t:-. tn the ntltches Wnh red·\ tolct , ptck up
.md knn 14 ::.b along the top left t:dgt: of a
-,qu.H\' 111 tht: gray row. then knn I :-.1
1 hwugh htllh the left corner on tllll'
and the nght corner of the next "CJllilre and
ptck up and kntt H sts along the top nght
edge t'l thts. Kntt a square, hut on the l st
ww, det 2 sts evenly clivtdctltll1 each stele
tll thl ct:nter
Ltlllttnue workmg unulthere are
-,quare:-- 111 all 7 notches. Bnng corner:--
and then kmt a square m the last
lltllt h. so that the ptecc lornb a nng.
-ft h /01111(/
CoiM: loray, 21 sts.
k.tttt n square 111 each of the 8 tllltches.
fkgtn by ptcki ng up and knitttng 2 '5
.md then deL to 21 sts on tht: first rtl\\'.
)IIJ 101111c/
( olor: (.ra\·, 17 sts.
k.nn a square m each of 1 he H lltllches.
lkgtn b) up and knnung 21 sb
.liHit hen dec to 17 sts on the lir:-.t ro\\
6th round
Color: Red. 13 sts.
Knn a squ.m: m each of the 8 notches
Begin b) pttklllg up and knntmg 17 sts
and 1 hen det to 1 3 -.b on the first row. Fin-
ish wnh end st-3, but do not cut )arn on
the 8th square.
Place .111 8 ln1111 the red squares onttl a
dpn wtth the last ...quare<. end st farthest to
the ldt on the ndl '>hde sts tWer to the
other end tlf thl' nell, \nth yam behmd work
pulln and knn all the Sl<> Repeat r rom *- '*
until the p1ccc 1!," (1 em) long. Then
\\.'Ork K2tog unttl 2 sts remain.
the one slo\'CI' the tlthct and finish. Wem·e
in ends. 1urn the t·ap upside down and, wnh
gra). knit open hnunm triangles in the
notches bet,n:cn the th<trcoal gray squares
Place all ::.ts tll1 urcul;u nell ;md work tknll 1
m\\. purl! ww) 2 11mcs: at the same lime.
on row 2, 110-120 sts \\llh mcs n-cn-
ly spaced around I hen work 7 in kl.
pl ribbmg 80 ltll''-cly m nhhmg.
Mca<; urements: 7,
lll) till) \\'Ide and 71
1 I K\1 un) long. measmcd from CtJrner
''' ,.,,rncr.
Yarn: "1'•'11 IWI,">:Itt 1n'''' \'till!
Colors: A little th.111 .111 tlLIIKc (2'5 g)
'"'' h red and red-\ tokt, )';. oz ( 1 0\l g)
Nccdlec;: Dn and 24
t6L) un) Ull'tllar ndb
2 I \ 111111 '-
TechniqUeS: }lllnltlg 2. a5 for
p,,llwlder (1_ p 26.
Patt ern: (,aner slltlh
Gauge: A stnp after JOII1111)1. mcas-
me 2,.
( 6 em) '' 1dc
I !>I !>II ip
rlw s1np bcgms and cntb \\llh a
hr ,, pt>HII \\'ith red-\ltllct and dn, K-CO 2
::-ls .
• R, )\\ I ( R..'> I K l. p I.
Ro11 2 «\\'\> '-I l k\\'I'>C, (t>n nght
..,,,k ''' st), p l lh1s lir:-t ttll.' a hulc
I I'll k).
Rt>w 3 (R_'Jl. kwisc, kl . pl.
R,n,•-f (\\''' ::-.11 K\\lse t\1lh, k l . pi
l= 4 <;Is'
Ro11 .)· :-.1 l kwbe, k2. pl.
R(ll\ (• · "' l KWbC ;-.II h. kl , pI (= ') Sb)
R(l\1 /. 51 l K\\ ISC' k 3 p 1
Roii'H: ')I I h\ isc. t\'llh, ld. pl.
R011 <J: Sl I kw1sc, k-+. p 1.
Rm1 /0: Sl l kwl'-1.' . l\11 h. k-+. pI.
Rt'll' JJ· Sl I k'' lsl', k5. pl
C.nntmuc m the :-.•111ll' manner, mcr.-.1'>-
111)1. tlH ls1 s1 aha l·dge sltJO all\\'...; W\\ s
unulthere arc .1 l•llalt•f 1 '5 sb. Thl' fa..,l
I'll\\ 1::. an tnc 1\)\\ nn \\S .
ln-/Jc/ll'ft'n p1ccc Change to gray.
Nc.'\/ rm•· IR.'l/. '-I I kw1se, kn1t w last st.
this rem unllltherc ,trt' 53
ndgcs 1111 R...,, 1 la"t I'll\\' i::. "tlrknlt'll
I tl\l JlOll1/: Change 111 red.
Nn/ ltJW IR.'i): '>I I kw1sc>, knit to last ">l.
.\'t'.\1 row 1\\ 'S I "'I I kmt Lll )
::-b. pI .
Rl pt'<ll 2 1'11\\':-. un11l 3 sts rcm.un
\t'\110\\': Sl I kw1"c. p2tog.
1'-lf \l 1(11\': 51 I J.,,, p 1
Nt' \/ row: Sl I k 1. p.tss sli pjwd st
over 1 he kmucd st
CUI \'arn .mJ pull tail throui!-h l;lSI
Joining stripe
W11h gra\ )am .md urcular ndl jllt k up
.111tl kn1L sts <l long tht: nght s1de ol 1 he
sl np. beginnmg .11 1 hL· red ·\'Inlet corner ( ,\,
",unund the Llll'llLI nn the nutern1t'Sl u>r-
ncr and p1Lk up I 111 1hr bs1 ln•'P hd11re
the y.1rn tall. g•llll tlw ngh1 nf the end .tnd
p1ck up and knll I -.1 tn every red-\ 1,1kt
,·dc,e "'· 1 hwugh lwth lonp::. ( = a
h1t,tl,11 up .md knn I :-l
in ,\IIIII th,· _1!.1'.1)' hlJb \= ')) hut pl.ttc
111.1 in .titer 'h ,,1f till'S..' '53 !>b)
( hl't<' ,]wuld lx oH -.,Is 011 ndl.
211d !>lrip
f '' '' /'•'HI I h1111 a red 1 point .h ln1
tlw ht ;-.lllp fr<>lll • w Place thl' C<lr·
ncr'.., st:-. 1111 a nd],m thL· rcc.J-
\ lllkt end
/rrJiliii,IC, 'll tpr l hangl' 111 gra> .
.\',·_,/ lcll •R'> ...,1 I h'L"'<', h. I>. p2tPg \till·
[.,..,, red"' .mu Llw hr!>t ,...,..,, l lutn \\'<11 k
.md knit h,,, h.
Sc.\l Iolii' Sl I h.\\bl', !.>mtll• l.1sl "'· pl
lclll. I k\""'' · ld ) p2tng \1 he b,.,t
,.l .md tlw next l""'l I urn ''PI md
knll haLk.
Rqk',ll tlw f.l..;t 2 '"'''" Ullltl all ISsts
h,\\1.' hL'l'n l.'limm.ttL·tl. hut. \\hen >•)U
'''11W ''' tlw m.ukL' 1 clung,· to r, d-,·wkt
.tnd .ttthc L·nd ,,1 all r,,,,.s lt'l'lll \\':-. ,\S
lor tlw 1::-L .• 11 the time knit -
ling -.h lL1g \\ llh thl' Slfl(ll Ullll )
red ..,,., .md ) I <.,.:,ts rc mam 0 11 WS
.\'r.\1 m11 tR)l· I kwt,.,e, k I. p2tng.
St'\1 rem. ::-.1
I(JI\'" Sl
,\'t'.\1 lcrll'.
k\\ bl', p2h•g.
kwt:-.<', p2tL•g, 1urn
k" ,._, .. pI
Nnt n111 I kwJSl' . k I. siippl'd sl
Cut yarn and pul l tad thrnugh sl
211d joi11i11g so ip('
\-; ftll lir"' J<'llling :-tnpt'
Jrcl st ril'
• \s IPr 2nd ... tnp hut 111 tlw
<l!-> Lhc li rsL ::.111 p Repc<ll the 2 nJ and ) rd
-.tnp.;, •• nd lIt 1'-st lt1Lll I L) umcs. '" unul
the yarn ,.., used up.
Squares with a
Decreasing Number
of Stitches
When you arc kniHing smaller
and smaller squares as the work
progresses, you can either pick up
fewer stitches in the notch, or pick
up as many sts as there arc edge s1s.
Adjust the stitch on the first
row, so that there is l s1 in the cen-
ter and an equal number sts on each
side of center st.
I ''/11!/1 lilt' I\ Clll' tlllcJ/}It'\t !Ill
,.,,,,., hl//1' lt•lt'h. T/it'jl<ltlt'lll ,},·l'dt'l''
<1, rh,· • •ll•'lllllltt'.l flu /l,·"d' tlll'
,,,, t1 tlrt.·c;d .md Jwruc.l JrJ d/ll'l "'"II
h lht'"' II I l\f 11'111 lllt'l \ !I\ /Itt l'c/,t;·
111g 11/tclt-1 d c" /!!,ttl: \11 •'ella m cb
'til/' ll'tth the fldlllh tw t!I'!IUf' '"''''"'"" /''"'
( R, "
\.111). length ·L ''(II "i 1.111)
II Hlll \\,1111 ... m.tlkr '' n-.t\\.lnttcr ... knn
tlw ''lll.ll''" 11 1th k\1cr .utd fl'wn
)L td'>
\arn: "''''I \trill
(c)lnr: -..kl'lll <II hl,1d:
You 11 til .11.,,, nc.:-d .1 lmlc p.Kkct ,,f snull
t.:<IPJX't hc,tds th111 Si'\\lng <ll hr<H.lmg
Ill'l'dk <llld :.ewmg thrc,td for
!lw nnl•' the· yam
"Jccdks l) • ) mm)
Tcchntquc; ll.l'oi<. I, p. 2. 11 1lh

'-umhcr of .,lltchc.., I
Open top and bo11um triangle<> s,·\.·
I , h..J
Construction: In .1 nng \\llh
1P .II mwnd-11 tx on then corner.;
.l!'ltl J tlk· l k.ldh. tr1d p lq
Paucrn: l•<llll'l !'>Ill< h
G.mge·: t\ :>tJU.m: !'oih•llld nn',burc 111,1\ I"
l2 7 llll) 111 "tthh .md hrtght .utd 1 ,_.
0 0 1'11:'!0 PKOJEC T"> '\ Ol ( \ N Kl'\ 11
t4 2 un) diagon.tll) fmmlorna "'
lnsl ructions
- ---=------------
l\1 ICHI/It/
"tnng 2H bt'.ltb <1111<1 1 he ) ,\111 Kmt .1
Ba'll 1. out. tm r,)\\' 1 \\\'::,), knn
tn In ht·.Hb, l lwad .1ft a {',It h .,, t'\ct'Jll
th.: la:'t :.-1. On row 7. knit tn 12
h,-;"b Kn1t a wtal ,,J .:; sclu.uc .... md pl.tcc
tlwrn "h.1nd 111 hand" wah the l'nd
2ntf ICIUIJd
r-.;,,w knit 4 :'tlll.llt'S 111 till' n,,,, h.:s for
cadt of .,qu.trcs, u-..c 12 ... On
Rn11 I knlltn IH nn Rm1 '\, 1·1, l'mm the p1ccc mtt• <;c'l th.ll
tin· bt .md 'ith stlu.ncs fwm tlw 1\lUild
go "h.111d m", and kn11 Llw 'it!I ">qu.Ht:
m the• l.15t n,,,, h
Jn/ t01111d
"nil ) '>l.lll.trc-... tlllt' 111 l'.1d1 n•llt h •. md
kni t Ill hc.1do; c'n Row I (•n e.tdl of tlw
.ftlt anti 5th rouncls
"nil ... quar., wnh••ttt h,•,ld'> m ;til the
(liiJ 1 ouncl
[,nu I l•'P ,,f Ill -.h 111 <'.It h
Row I 1.\\'Sl· 1\ 18. pi
Ro11 2 R.:·i• \I I k\\ "L, k7 sl I k2wg.
ko, pI, turn worl;. , leavmg 1 ston
Row 3. I kwisc. k I), pi . turn work,
lea\'lng 1 ..,L on ntll
Ro11 1 . ..,II k\\ISC, k'S. sll, k2wg. psso.
k4 pI, wrn k
Rtlll 5 ...,, 1 k\\ 1se. kl}, pl. turn
Row 6: Sl l kw1sc, k sl l . k2wg. psso,
k2 pi turn\\wk
Row i: 1 k\\ 1sc, k"i. pl. turn.
R1111 8. ')11 k\\lse, kl sll k2tog.
pl. turn
Rtm 9 ...,, 1 kwise. k I , pl turn.
Ro11 ll1. 1, k I, pssl''l l= ll1 sts)
Ot\'Ltk <lllthe Sl s rrom the lOp lt'langlcs
evenh onto 4 dpn I) l2 mm) and \\ Mk o
rows I\ 1. p 1 nbbmg, at the same Lllne. on
row 1 dccre,1sc evenly around lL1 "in sts
RO m nbhmg.
dll ulll he, cllllc c>hc,,,·tf11 Hh lmrlllll)oi tht',t'
1\(llltkl/ll/ C dfl\ r/r('lt (II(' /ll'(l ,(r/c'\ of
ulp, clllc' 11 Hh" I ell/"/ c !llltithc c>fht'lll Hit
llll UJ'IW nc·d I r I he Ctl[' ll'r/h lhr
11 z, ,r;:c,/ cmh Jnr !1£/tclh
St:e: <. nrtd ,l\1 th •
'\oleasurcmeruo,: Thl' l' itnm11crcmr is
.tbt,utiLJ t10ut
.mel i ., \'L'l>
\arn: "1'''" '' '"''·I nnn
Colors: I he Gill bc kn iLLcd 111 l\\o
.. h.K., .. ltk, .llhc,k,rb' rd ''tth .11h rd
tt1l t1l t111 ll'P 1W 111 t t>lll'·t'l1·ll'lll' her I \
"'I r \\"It ,1 )!.1\'t'll ''P
Dn 2 \) mnr' h11 ,1 n>lkd cclgmg.
•. In'' ·H1 on l mil 2 1 nun)
2 dpn I (2 'i mml the stal k
ll·chnique: E "'' "q ,lrt· I p 2
Numbcr of o;tttchl''>: '>cc'>,
)i.lgl ("\=j
Open bottom triangle: 2' (23 stsL
( onstruction In r "nh "llll· rc"
::.t.111drng di.unnnd· \\ t'ol' illl their cni ncr.,
,lo., fp 1-iL,ll j) ll)
(oauge: ,\ :;qu,trc t11 2 'i .,J1 t1tdd ill\.'.l'olli'C
1 i-+ 1 ._r 1\ Ill wrdt h rml ght .rnd
2t" \(1) un\ irt1111LLHI1CI' lt1
'''I ill r
Border: Rt>lkd cdgt'
C \P \\ llll I RJ.\:'\:GII· l.DC.I
On I> <\dulL
Turned-up triangle edge
r J"o,[ knll a flllllld \\ llh 7 hk•l.'k-- ll'll·
'olSttng L>l '3 1t1incd -.qu,11 c.1d1.
l st -;quare-A
\\ rth dn "·LU I 1 ""' Knrl .1 Ba-.iL'
1 hut Lh,mgc l<'l'n thc 1st
10\\ <11\d kt il thl ICSt t'f till' -.quart: \\ ith
1 hr 'o\'lL' Il d Lt'kll
2nd o,quarc-B
\ ... ll'r ... quarc t\ PLKL' B lll':\t lt> ,\ \\'llh
1 h,· ttlrrlL'I dt>\\ m' ;15 111 t hl' d rawmg.

A )< B
A x B
Dm11NO YOlJ (AN K"tll
3rd <,quare-(
"1111 .1 ::.qu.m: C tl\ 1:1 A .md
B Ntl\\' }'\'Ll haw ,1 hlod.; whtt:h nlll'>l'>h ,,1
) ... nl.lll Knn .I ltllal or 7
bk"K k .... tht<; m fwnt ytlu '' uh the
2 turners tkl\\1\\\,trd ... ·"' m the dra" mg.
• md ahgn the bhxk:. · m hand -

A x_ B
Kn11 a l.ugc s1ngk c,, j,,, squ.1rc D \\ 11h
2.'; ::.ISm C.Kh lh11l'h b<.'l\\"('l'll Lhl' 7 block::..
ft,rm the p1cn· mil' .1 nng, so th,ntlw 2.
l'li1Crn1o::.t lOrncrs " m hand •
1\nll a 7th "l\U<Hl' 111 1h1: llOICh WhKh
rt'I 1.11 ns rhc ptl'lt' I!> Ill I\\ a JOlllcd n ng,
and the tu1ncd·up ntl f fimshcd. 1 11111
ptl'll so \\'!:. IS I.Hlllg llllt
hr mund: "011 .1 \\ uh 25 !>bIll ('.ll.:h
,, the - t11thcs frtHll the tn.mgk edge
2nd round: .\-.lor the bt rtlUnd. hut '' 1th

Jrd round:"" fl1r tht• 1st rliUnd. but \\llh
21 ..,ls t ''11llr1Ul'll1 wunds wuh 2 '>l'
fc,, t r n 1 c ::.qua res. a., foliO\\.,
4th round· It> sts .
5th IOIIIlcl I ':.L!>
6th round: I '> ... h .
7th IOIIIId: I ) Sh
On not Ull yarn l'n b-.1 •
Plal:c all the end sts ln1111 dw
m thl' 7th round tlntO a dpn Knn a
lor the top on 2 dpn. hr..,t knit 1 IO\\
over alltht "'"'· dl' not turn \\lit k hut
shdc <lllt11l sts w the other end ol ndl.
bnng \'<lrn lwhmd \\'Ork and pullw
ughtcn. Kn11 .mother r''"' (lllllllllll' 111
this mJnrwr unulthe stalk mt'.t-.urc"
i.- 1'1." (2- 3 em).
\'ext"''' (10 tog) 3 time ... Kl ( .. 4
K2tog, "2tog, pass one ::.lilt h nvcr the
other .md hnt ... h ofl "e\\ St',l!ll'>
between c.1ch square llO Ja.,l round rf
For bOth chi ld and adult s1zes.
1st round: Knit 6 ( 7) smgle color squares
WLth 23 (25) StS.
2nd round: 23 (23) sts.
Jrd round: 21 (21) sts.
4th round: 19 (19) sts.
5th round: 1 7 { I 7) Sb.
6th round: 15 (15) sts.
7th round: l3 (13) sts.
Stalh: Same as for the stalk on the cap
with triangle edging.
Open bottom triangles
Turn the cap upside down and knit
open bottom triangles (see below) with
23 (25) sts (as for Headband , p. 19) in
each of the 6 ( 7) notches. Place the sts
from the triangles onto a waste yarn lor
the rol led edge.
Open botto111 triangle, 23 sts.
Row 1 (WS): K22, pl.
Row 2 ( l ~ S ) : Sl 1 kwise, k9, sl L k2tog,
psso, k8, pl, turn work lea\'ing l st on
Row 3: Sl l kwise, kl7, pl. turn work
leaving 1 st on ndl
Row 4:51 1 kwise, k7, sl 1, k2tog, psso,
k6, p 1, turn.
Row 5: 51 l kwise, k 13, p 1, turn.
Row 6: 51 l k\.vise, '5, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k4,
p l , lltrn.
Row 7: Sl l kwise, k9, pl. turn work.
Row 8: Sl l kwise, k3, sl 1, k2tog, psso.
k2, p l, tum.
Row 9: $1 1 kwise, k'5. pi, turn.
Row !Q.· Sl l kw1se , k 1, sl 1, k2tog, psso,
pl, turn.
Row II: Sl 1 kwise, kl, pl. t urn.
Row 12: Sl l , kl, psso (= 12 sts).
Simple rolled edge
Knit 14 rows in t he round (= stock-
inette), but, on Row 2, inc to about 90
(105) sts, wnh incs evenly cli,'ided around.
BO loosely Let t he edging roll up.
001'11NO 1\NJTIJN(r
oc tllr th.· 111'1' llllhlll' for t'\tlllll,t:. t'tl\\'
tllldlllllNcllf 11!011\ /mtllftf II lllz
\c(lii/IC\ tl 1\l,/,• lt',l/c•l t1 llt111lllll111lldl t<lll
t tl\lh klillll/,·d 111 /,u,..;,c 1 tllld <I llltllt II -
\'t'\lfor h(//11' /11 cH/,/rtltlll, tflt It I\ WI
f'Oilt he• 1\ !u, h ulll he u,t'tfth t1
,fr,ml un.l.·1 ,,, ,,,,., • • In sh,••l. !I
II lllz Ill( II!\ /'''"lht/itrt'S .
. \Ju'l••/th, \((lHih'' .or \llldl and
\111,'<,/t tO/tiJ, /lid tilt l't'\l flth £1 \tt/111111111/1
fldllt'llll'tl ''(tttllt '· llr/•'"' l••tt \1<111 to but.
,/)lltl\[' 11h11/1 flllllt Ill \'tiiiJ'ft'/CI "11'111,'<,\."
tl\ t
11 tfl,· It'\(, til '\fltll\."
I. \h'l \I "I
Size: t 1tw If you 1\\1111 ,t 'IZt'
h.tl11 l't:sl l.;n11 I;H_I!,n -,qual\'s. R..:m.:mh· 1
L•' 1 hl· numhc·r of Sllll 111 the
ht>rdt'r 10 cOIII.'"/)<tlld
\\ idt h: 12," ( U em'
I cngth: L), • 124 un \
't a rn: \\;•"/ fJ,tf,,· ltllll
Colors: 2 hall., red - mam c-olor and a lit -
tle orange ( \) \l' llm1 (B). and p111 k
(C). If ,·ou knll .tlargcr size lt:.,l vou
"dl need mon· 1-.trn.
'\lccdles: Dn .md ndls I l2 ') mm)
Technique: lb.;ll "quan:s I { -,mgk LLllurl
.md >, l 11 or 4 { "lwh ' pp. 2
.tnd ·-'l
'\umber ol '>lltche!>: 2)
Right- and left -leaning t riangle'>. 2 ,-ts
Sec p JL)
Dl;lgt•nal ,,.., h' l
rot lw ldl'l 4 p. 15
Deta il!>: 1\,mpt)n ... sec sidebar <'II p.1gc 6R
Gauge: \ "hould mcasuh' 1, •
-t l n' 111 \\ lthh ;lntl he1ght .md 2,"
(t) ll11) frclnl llHihT htlLlrJleL
\\ 01\IAr\ \ \I<; I
Size: t )Ill' 11 1dth. 4 length-,
\\idth: ) I" l)+ L'lll \.
Length: 21," (2 ), •·. 2!"\,.", 32") ['1'5 64,
12 unl
'a .un " t ''n.,ht "" n
C nlurs: -till) (4'50) 500 \ '5'5t1) g 1\tam colo1
1 1\1( ) HI l 'J g of ) p.lllcrn
\ B . • md 0 .
ct.·dlc .. : nn and cirud.H mil.., 2 t 3 mm).
Tt.•l'hniquc. Ba!>K I l mgk nliM)
and ) l \l'lrlg<') or-\ ( ), pp 2
.llld 4 ")
'\,umher or sutchcs: 2lJ
Right- and lcft-lcilning triangles: 11
'>np IJ
Construcuon: D1.tglmal p.meb a' for
p,,tholdlr 4 p. 15.
Dctai Is: Pllll1 pon-, , "t.'t.' below.
Gauge: A S(.J.I,ln.. < 1nuld 2. " t6 1.111)
111 w1dth .111d hl'ighL and 3Y.." (l'l '5 em)
tilagmulh ln)m n1rnt:r w l'IJn1l r
IO -.t 110. I . Sc ARr
Size: One
Width: 3 7" ( 9-t L'l11)
I ength: 38't" l9H em) mc<bttrecl at n·n1rr
had: and 32" (HI em) tr,,m the fron1
Yarn: )p;11l ymn.
Colore;: 550 g n,J,,r and 2 5 g
cal h ,1r 3 pattnn u1l0b (A. B. and C).
:\eedles, Lechniquc, number of <;t nche!>,
triangle!>: Womans \'est ··
Construct ion: 1\ ccnnbm<Hion of '>ll':11p,ht
panels worked startmg at the hol£<)111
and d1,tg011<1i panels as for 1\>th<)ltkr:-. 2
and 4 pp l) and I 5
Detail: Pomp,m:-., p 68
Gauge: Sec '\\'oman's \'est
Square 4, wit/1 "spots"
K-CO 23 (2<J) -;ts and knH a-: lo1 BasK
:,quare l, but, when C) ll3) sts rcm.un. LHl
a RS row. change w 1hc color noll'd on the
d1agram and knn 1hc n.'sl of the :-;quare
\\'llh 1 hal colo1.

r··· ·· ......
:. You can change a size. on a domino
·design knitted with squares simply
by making the squares smaller or
.larger. This \\ill change both the
heighth and width.
Domino knitling is an ideal way
to usc up leftover yams. for exam-
ple, usc them to 'knit a sweater with
striped squares. TIP: Choose one
color and usc it. as one of the. colors
on every square. That makes a calm-
ing background so that you can use
as many other ,colors as )'OU want in
the squares without the sweater
looking too garish.
l>O!'II:'!O I' YOll C.\!"t K"ll
7 1
001'11NO K "'iiTTIN(J
B \lrt/\\ 0\1 \-...; ' "\I" I
PO < I h.}
Dtagram: fnlh'" thl· dJJgr.un. Therc arc
• h11 the h.tby ' ... ..,t, \Hllll.ln 's
c-. 10 htl.
\Voman'<> vc-.t: lhc l' llltrc dt.lgram slww ...
th1. ,.!.,C'- •
<lngk" t•n C'<tt h sldt•, the ne\t l.ngest h,,..,
1 th<.' rw:-..t H . . md tlw
\II Garment'>' I ht• hbnk "lJll<lrc-; 111 the
d.. m , Ka..;tl ::Ot.JU<HC I , kn111cd
wll h \ IC .md cs "11 h t\. •. md <
Jrc I bit "quan·-.. 1 or 4, "h11.h .uc
l·mtt ·d \\ ll' \IC 1 1.1thc1 .nn,.. or
Sj)ll t ' pat t<.' l n in t·olot t•d (11\
d .:ra
( olorc;: lt•r tn.,truUWib, 1\t• u ... ed )
col .. r .. . ,, tng.<." lll ·::.p •I " Ol eour.;;c.
... m tt'-l' 1.>1 kwt' l l'tll\''' 1f you
wish I suggc"t t)ll m.tkc ,1 phot,•·
tOp) .. ,f thl.' d1.1gr.un .1nd u >k•r Ill the
... qll.lll' " \\ ttlt the n•l11rs )'llll want
Back and Front
1-oll(l\\ tlw d1;1gram .md I nil tht• ltrst )
.,qu.m: ... 111 1. 2 md 1 ((}
.tltll!!,Cthn) lllr PotlH1ldn ' .md rm·aslll<.
th<.' Ftntsh "l•rk1ng I , hen
p.111cl 2. etc. l lw last block 111 I I tS ,,
lclt -leantng.tnangk and the ltr:..t hh \.k 1
the 12t h panelt-. J nght -bmtng tn.tngk
BCib) (II tel \\ OIIWil 's \1' \f
C h lhl..,l' thl· ... t:c and hcgi11 wnh p.mcl I
1 h\.n "mk the lnd 1 nd. , l· p. l'l\.
\\'l,rk 1 he dt.tgram the
... qu;ue \\hen th1.· 3rd 1 lm-
,..,hed. I he 2nd hk•l'k 111 th<.' 1 ,,
kh-lcalung tn:mgle. I he hN hlol.'k 111 the
Nh {bah) )/12th ( \H•man':-.) p.melt::. ,, nght -
kanmg tnangk
I inislti11g-Baby Vt'!>l
Borders:\\ tth up .md knn
.llllllg tlh r I ront .\lid balk 11Cl. k
( II ],,r ead1 .md I "l 11''
/ lc

/ 8


A / /
c / / B

/ /
/ Is v / A
A / /
c I
/ A / / it.
/ lc / / B /
/ c v /
/ B / A /
A c v
. (_

, ..
q,. ... %
A c /
B /
iB /
I !3 A /
' + •
,md fon h
edge s1 m tht.> neck) Knn 1 rows and me I
:,1 m 1he corner of the V-neck on RS. BO
Work the bordu.., on each side along
tht: tnangles m tht' ... ame way. Sew together
1'/; tnangles m e<.llh side s1anmg at tht'
houom. I\ lake 9 pomptms usmg only one
yard/meter yarn m each and sev. them
absolutely securely ttl each corner at the
bottom as the first thing a baby will do i ~
put these pompon!> mto the mouth.
Finislting-Womcm!. vest
Borders: \Vnh I\1C.. piCk up and knn
sts along the front edges and around the
neck (20 sts for each triangle and I st for
each edge st on back neck). Knn 2 rows
and 130 loo!:>c ly on WS.
Work edge!> m the same way on each
stde along the triangles. Sew together 1 ( 4)
'5 (6) triangle!> on each stde, startmg <ll the
houom. Then make 21 pompons and sew
them securely al the corners on the bouom.
You don't need to knit borders on the
poncho. Make 11 pompons and se\v them
securely on the corners of the front <lnd m
3 of the mrners on the back.
hr shill_!: ha, ltad a lllltliS'tmcc-dnd 11 b
'"''''' 111 '"\(" h'tlf'tl\tt'k 'J he "/tuun
011 thr 'ltY\t'' 1/r,rca"' 111 ,,;:,· as o11r 1\0r b
f rom ,/wu/tln to 11 mr. ant/111 1111, ll'tl\; thr
\/t't'W\ Wt' !IUIOIIItlll((l/1\' ,IJ,tflt't/
Size: t 1nl st-.:1.
Measurement-. '5H"'" (14R em) lrlllll
\\TISl lLl \\'l l ._l
Yarn: "I"" t 11 n.:ht VII/II
Colors: (.,ra) l ll;.C (t\), IOSI.' (1\), rditlW-
rose kh.1kt (D), rcll,m (E)
and green(!"), I Y. ''"('50 g) of l'<tdl
Needl e<. . Dn .111d em ular ndb 2 Ornm).
Dpn 2 (3 111111) f111 the cull-.
Technique: B.Nl l. page 2
Number of stit ches: Nand then graclual-
h tllu 1 om.: \\ Mk!> lh'" n thl
... tcl'H'
Construction: OtJ!!,tlll,ll r•mds on the
front ·mcl k a-, ltlr Pot holder 4,
page I "i. Squ.1rcs tlll the skC\'C" .Ire
cucularly wtth squares meet-
ing .u the ·'"on the Headband.
pag .. 19
Details: p.tge 68.
Gauge: -:,quare D mta .. urc 2Y."
(6 em) m wu.lth and hetght .md 1Y."
[8.5 from corner to
knn a gaugr sw.uch .h :-hm\ n 1n
the drawmg wnh pand 1 (at 1 hl· <llltl\\ M I
under the d1agram), whtch Ctllbt:-ts nf 2
squares of 29 SlS with l'tlk)p., r and B.
panel 2 has 3 and thl• 3rd p.mel
has 4 squares.<tsurc thr g.lllgc tlll the
m1ddlc square. knmrd wtth color B 1r
gauge b ctlrrect. l.'ontmur wtnkmg I he
gauge swatch IS thr stanmg pl)lnt lur p.m-
els I, 2. and 3 nn the chan
Bach and Front
Knit the rest nf the back <llld front
t the center scctll)n marked tlfl b} d.trk
lrncs on the chagmm, p:1ncls I .).) t\ ll thc
squares stan \\1th 29 ""'· arc 1111.11-
cated on the d1agram.
Left Slene
Round 1: 27 sts-t urn the wmk and lh,t-
gram so that the stdl· wtth the numhcr
(,auge S"'at ch
B E c

N tm the dt;tgram pnmts 111
the kit .md 'Trn111'. pomts right. The
direct kin or knitt mg changes. (sec
draw mg. \\here 1 he yc II ow squares arc
turned m the new dirccllc'>n). "begin
ske\ c'' on the diagram. Kntt the center
4 squares m the 4 notches. Then knit
the ou1e1 nght square at "hcgm ske\'e ..
\\'II h [ as tnl lnws K-CJ) l ) sts,
ptlk up ;mel knit I Sl m the ou1ermost
cornc1 tllthc square kmuccl wnh color
A (;\l the end st) and then p1Ck up and
knn 14 SIS ;llnng square A. \!c:--1. kmt
the ;;quare .11 lar left wuh color f as lol-
lll\\S: Ptck up and kn11 I 1 s1s along the
squ;uc ,m the hack, knit 1 st 111 the
ner of the lirst square in panel l . LUrn
the work and K-CO I 1 sts. Knll ''
• •
One square wtth n1k1r .-\
One square with CL)Ior 8
One square with color C
On<.' square wit h colllr IJ
square. 1 One square\\ ith color r:
Round 2: 27 sts-loin the p1ece sn 1 hat
the li rst and last syunrcs 111 thi:=; ro\\' + 1 One square wtth lOlor F
gt\ "hand in hand" ([and ron the
. .
. . . .
. .
. . . . . .
. . . .. .
d1.m 111g) Kn11 a square 111l':llh notd1
.tllthe \\'.1)' ,tround. ComtnUl' knntmg
111 the n1und tn the war (a-."'' the
I \\'lth fe\\l·r -.,,l thl
numhl'l nl thl ldt s1dl· ,,r tlw
d1.1n In 1 way. thl :>let.'\' Is o;h;tpl.'d
and lwrnmc., narrov.n as \llll' Wtll k..,
th>\\ n li' kmt a rou11d 1,f hnllt111l ... wnh u1lor E 111 the lll1tdws at
till' h1'1 1\llll Llll'<Kh as lt1llows:
PICk up and kmt I> sb m a notch
Rt•ll I. >I I k 11, pI, turn work.
leanng 1:1-.t tm mil
Rctll 2. >I I k4, l, k2wg. ps'>tl,
k 3, pI. 1 urn work, lca\·mg la.-.t sh 1lfl
Rc•ll' J. Sl I k7, pI, turn.
Roll' '1. Sl I k2. I klt11g, ps-,o, kl,
pI, tu111.
Row5 kwt::.c,k3,pl,turn.
Roll' h. "I I sl I, k2tog, (b"L', k1thl
(c 7 ::.ts)
C onttnllL' knnung tn:mglcs 111 the s.unc
w.l)', \\ 11h c.1ch tn.mgk '''the kit of tht•
prent,us t'ne \\'mk .uound unul you haw
a total of 6tnangks. Contmuc. ll->tng dpn,
plaung 14 sb ontlll'<llh t'l 3 ndls ( = 42
sts) ,md knn ..,toL klltl'lll' m 1 hl' r,mnd knn
every rD\\) Kn11 12 rows and BO looscl>
\\'can: in ,Ill) IonS(' l.'nds .md let the cdgmg
rol l up.
Knn the tllher skew m the same\\<\\
usmg the n,J,,rs <h mdll'<lll'd on the than
Rolled edg111g
\\'uh wll1r B, nrn1la• mil. and bcgin-
ntng at H llll the ch.m, prck up and kn11
sts the !>qll,ltl's tn till'\' on the frLlllt.
Ftn1sh at the yclltl\\ squ.uc wnh 4 xs m 11
Workmg and illrth. kntt 1
The lirst row is knlltl·d nn RS: dec evenly
acrt\ss ro\\ .,,, that there ,\IT 12 sts per
and I cxt l;l atl'at'h end(= 146
:'Is rhen \\llfk H 11 1\lfC in <.tocktnclle
and BO lot,sdy \\'t'.l\·e tn any lot)o;e end-.
Let nlgtn):'. ml h. .111 I pompon wnh n•lor
A. 2 wnh wlt'r B .111d 2 \\llh lolor C. and
:;cw them Ill the ') n1rncrs tll1 the hack.
ay shawl decoratn·dy over _vow
,/wultlers or drapr 11 cl/ound the nak w.
an <'\tltlllg scmf 1\'llh 'lwr-.tep edges. ,'Yollu
thalthr stripes nm auos\ on the front and
lcn,l!thwrsr on the bath
Size: One size.
Measurements: 6 )" ( 160 em) for the
longt'st stnp and 21.}, " ( 75 em) at the
Yarn: Sport wcrght 11'<)<)1 yarn
Colors 13 oz (350 g) manne-blue (t-.1), I
oz (25 g) each red-violet (R), lemon (:-, ),
gray-green (G), olive (0), beige (B), and
ICC-blue (l).
eedles: 32" or -+0" (HO or 100 em) long
ortUlar ndl 2 (3 mm) and 2 dpn sr;:e 2
(3 mm) for the 1-cord border.
Technique: Stnps. jorning 2, Potholdcr 6,
p. 26.
Pattern: Garter stitch in stripes.
Gauge: 2-t sts and 26 ridges(= 52 rows)
= of" x -+" (10 x 10 em) m garter st.
Fi rst Stri p
rolkm the dtagram. t\rrow 1 shows
where the lst stnp begins. Wit h red-violet
anti dpn 2 (3 mm) or cln, K-CO 30 sts.
Row I (RS): K29. pl
Row 2 Sl I kwist k28. pl
Ro11 3 t>.lanne-bluc, I kw1se, k28. pl.
Rm1-f Sll kw1sc, k28. pl.
Row 5: Red-\'JOlct, <;J I kwise, k2H, pI
Repeat Rows 2-5 until there arcH rcd-
\'iolet ridges with 7 marine-blw.· ridges in
between (a towl of 15 ndges) Now you
h;.we knttted a striped block (R) Nm'
kntt 25 manne-blue ndges (=the bl,mk
square on the d1agram). Conunuc, alter-
nately kmtting stnpcd and plain mannc-
blue blocks, follnwmg the diagram
Fi nish wi th be rge after 11 stnpcd and
l 0 marine-blue blocks. BOon alter
the 8th betge 'itrrpc on the 11th slrlpt•d
I st j oining stripe
Place the 1st strip as on the d1agrnm
wnh the red-violet end (CO row) wrned
towards you and RS facing. Sktp over the
red-\'iolet stnped block, count '5 ndge-.
up in the first manne-blue block along
the first stnp and place a marker between
the 5th and 6th ridges. With mannc-blue
and circular nel l, p1ck up and knn l st rn
each edge st along the 1st strips nght
stele Begin at the marker
After 16 sts place a marker (5 ndges
before a colored hlol k), ·pick up and
knn 25 sts (along 5 marine-blue ndges),
place a marker. p1rk up and knn 1 '5 sts
(along 5 ridges 11n both side of the l '5 SlS
in the manne-blue block), place a mmkcr
Repeat from - and rinish wnh l6 sts;
the 16th st is 4 ndgcs before the
smped block (= 377 sts). Cut >arn fk
sure that the number o[ sts het\\Cl'rl the
markers 1s correct, so thm there arc l''<Kt l)
25 sts along the marinc-bluc bh.:ks and
15 sts along the st npcd blocks. It IS
absolutd)· that the slltch count
be CLlrrect; tlthcnnse the st ripes will not
matt. h.
2nd str·ip
l.lse the ll rst st Ill the JOtn mg stnpe as
the hcg st and K-C:U 10 wit h beige
cxtcnumg l)Ul lrom the Jnming ">tri pe
l= 177 mannc-hluc and 10 beige sts tm
J· K29, p2tng l thc last hctge st \\ ith
the first marine-bluest on the JOinmg
st ri pe), turn work.
Holl' 2 Sl I kwtse, k2H, pI.
Row .3: f\ larine-bluc, Sl I kwisc, k28,
p1tng, turn.
Row -1 Sl I k\\'tse, k2R, pI.
Row 5: Beige, Sl l kwtsc, k28, p2 tog,
Row 6: Sl 1 kwtsc, k2H, pI.
I. f\larinc-bluc, Sl I kwisc, k2B,
p2tog. turn.
Repeat Rows 4-7 unul thc ll rst stnpcd
block ts timshed. C.nntinuc, lollowmg the
d1agram and joinmg on the left side unt II
al l J:-.sts arc eltmmated, and you have knit-
ted 10 stnped ancl 9 manne-hlue blocks.
Cununue joining the 2nd strip with the
first in thts way.
BOon RS and, ,ll the same lllllL'. purl-
mg the last :-.t tog\\ it h the last mannc-bluL'
St i'rmn the )nt lli ng stripe and bmd It o[f
2nd joining stlipc
Kniued as the fi r:>lJL'ining ,;tri pe anJ
begun as it bcl\\ecn the 5t h and Nh
ridge t20 ndgcs up). Ptck up and knit a
total of 33 7 sts.
Jrd Strip
1\s for 2nd begin wit h gray-green.
3rd joining stripe
As for 2nd joming :>tripe, 297
4th Strip
A!> for 2nd st ri p; begin with red-nolct.
4th joining stripe
As for 2nd jommg stnpc, 2"57 sts
5th Strip
As for 2nd strip; begm wit h beige.
5th joining stripe
As for 2nd joinmg smpe, 217 sts.
6th Strip
As for 2nd stnp: bcgm with gray-green.
Wcavc m al l loose ends.
I-eoni Border
Knit an 1-cord wit h -t sts along the
llmgcst s1clc w1t h colnt \1.
\long thl .tmltht• :>tr•ught
silk .1t tlw hack. knit .1 garter .;tnch hllr-
der Begm whrrl' you the 1-cMd
1111 RS \\'ith m.mne-hhtt' and Clrcubr ndl
2 (1 mm) (you Will need cmular
m•cdlcs). p1ck up .md kntt 10 -.ts along
the CO row on the bt stnp. 21 sb .1long
the :-.tdc ( I st tn h l'dgc st ), 10 =-•s
allmg the 2nd stnp, 21 "b 111 the sldl'. 30
sts all1ng t hr 3rd St np. etc On the lcmg
sale wnhnut till' 1-nml, piLk up and knu
I .,t m l'ach .t thwugh h1Hh loops.
and. along tht last s1de, pi( k up
and kntt 30 o;t., 111 thL nth -.tnp along the
BO row, 2 I s nn t hL· "'de. 30 .,ls a hmg
the 5th stnp, L'll' "1111 1 rLl\\ m·cr all sls
and BO l(l(lsl'l)
5 fl· R
l\:m' that ) \lll h;tve lt>ar ned tht· D11mtno
knrttrng you .Ul' read\ to make
your llwn p.lltcrn .md try ,1 lntlc l.!rgn
proJeCt tiO\\ \\Ould 11 lx to" ork out ymtr
own dcstgn lor a ""cater) The mfom1atron
hd11\\ gutdt·-. \\Ill through the prot:cs::-.
It '" p1'ssthk t11 dt•stgn by kntttmg
t11gcthcr "LJU.Ill'" and sn1p.., haph;t;:ardly
but ll ts t'.IStcst t11 sketLh and u1unt a hull·
St.ut -.\\..:atcr whu:h Ins \\ell and
ust' tl as thl pattern. .md draw 11
l1ll graph papl r I or exampk•. 4 x 4 squares
OESIG"'' YOUR 0\\N 1)01'111'10 SWEATER
= 4" (10 em). \\'tile
on .1 skctLh.
DeL .dl tf )'l'U "ant w kntt <, tnps 1..1
'>quares-ur ,1 combm .. u;''
If you ''ant t11 knn squares n1u must
tkc.tde 1f thC}' wtll lie in vcrliL<li p.meb or
with the pomh up dwmond-'' isc. If y1)U
want ll' knn \'OU :-h1lllld deLtdl· t11l
the pauan .md '' tdt h ol l h1· -.trt p-.
The arl' tmponant. :;11 hae 1s
ad\ILC to hdp. Put ;l h<bkct wnh
the Lolt,rs rou want to h<Wl' 111 y<'ll r tll'.'l.l
proJcllln tlw ltvtng wom l ct thl·
'It nut ftlr days \Valk around the
ll1lors and, d -.omc Clllor sn·m., \Hlmg.
1.1kl ll out and put 111 anodwr
n one gt1l''- hy the yarns\\ II hout
Washing Wool
\\'oul garml·nto, don't need to hl·
washed too often. berau-.e woul has
.,eJf-dcaning properties. Instead. hang
the garment outside on a dry day to air
out for a nmph: of hour'>. If there arc
.,pots on thl' garml·nt . you em wash it
hy hand in a large tub of water and spt·-
rial wool washing '>Oil(>. Be "llfl' that
you use tht· '-<line lemperatun.· water for
washing and rinsing. II is ht· ller to
wash in watt·r that is too n1olthan
\\atn '' hirh i.., too hot. ( enlrifugt· or the garmt· nt in the wa.,hing
machine, ..,pre ad il out to tht· t·orrt-rt
mt·a.,un·ml· nt-. and hang it up on a
hroad pole. Sh;lkt· it a bit whenewr you
go hy so that il the natural
and <;pring of wool. If you don't
ha\T a <.Tntrifuge. you <. ·an qui<.'kly
'>quct·ze (not wring) out as mudt watt•r
a., possible. l.ay lht· garment out on a
h;mdtowel and let it dry llat.
k1t1kmg .lt tht·m hut suddenly sees
h,,,, ltuughttn lw
,\lwav!> deudt' ltr;.t h,n,· tht neckline
,hnt.ld lut 1k
l<nn a \!_.mgl· ''l.ltl h '' nh thr) arn )'LlU
t hmkmg ,1( tlw gauge.
t h;\1 the '' 1dt h. h,·ight and d J;lgonal Llf a
'llll.Hc, the w1dth ,,n a stnp .md perh.lp-.
.tbn h,n, m.m) .md nm., there .uc
Ill -t" \ILl Llll )
nr.l\\ l he g.trment tlll graph p;tpcr-
;\nd rememhl' l 1<1 hegm \\'ilh !Itt' IH.Tklincl
t\1,1\ be thl't\' h -.,lnk·thing whid1 doesn't
'' ,,rk wnh yo ttl 1dea. Y11 U, ;111 redo the
..,ketch or change the st:e-; nit he ::.quare-..
.111d. Llf L\lUr-.. c. ) tlll must k1 1l 1 new
''''HLh IJesJgnmg takes rC\\(llklllg sc\·l'r-
,lltim.:s 111 ,1nkr to re<ll'h tlw ,ks1n:d
rcsuiL. Sl1 dnn'1 \\'lll ry. fight tll1,
Before) tlll hegm to kmt.) ''ll n.:cd ttl
)!.L't the nght p 111 L'ndc1 'Y;1 1 n" .11 t he
t1l e.tLh paucrn. n tells you
'' hiLh yarn''·'" Ill tlw .lllualmodcl.
Pressing, Or?
You have now finished making a gar-
ment but there is a little care which
needs to he dum· before you can wear
it. Begin hy \'erifying exactly what
kind of matcri<tl you have, than decide
on the proper finishing method. Yarn
companies must always be sure that
the yarn has what it promises. there-
fore the handling they recommend
should always he carefull y considered.
Always read the yarn label or pattern
instructions. Often the label says
handwash and no ironing. l lowever, I
dare tO say that most qualities of wool
yarn (e:\ccpt superwash) l'an be
ironed. I don' t mean that the work
should be pressed flat , but , holding a
steam iron a litt le bit above the piece.
you can smooth the work with your
hands and spread it out into the cor-
rect shape. Be sure that you don't burn
your hands with the steam! I don't
ha\'e much e.,pcriencc with superwash
and synthetic fibers, so you should try
t hese yourself. Always usc the gentlest
way first. Mal.;e sure it hasn't caused
harm before you dare t<tke the
ne:-..t step. I would always keep the
steam iron totally away from these
materials. Instead, dampen tlw pieces,
stretch them out into cmTct·t form and
block them to measurements.
It ,1(.,._, S.l)'S, lor C.'\,11Hplt', 'fl''' I II t'I,,IH li t •o/
Hllll Rrkr lllthc Re<.ourcc .md Yam lrst on
So lor )·lrn .md ;;cub:-utuuonc,.
l\,,, .dl l rrll' \"'''' y.nn.; haH' the same
thrcklk'>S "nil a :-\\',lit h that )Lllll':tll he
Ct'Jt.m· • h.11 till' ).lrn ynu h,I\'C
Mlll.1hk for till· ,,f the gar-
m\Cnts m tht<. h,l,,k ,,,,. knlltl'd \\ rlh
llsh M lwl'nl \22'5m/'50g m 150
)dslo:) ''lud1 b spun b) a l\\c,·d o;pmncl")'
Ill flllm .1 wrr hill' WOlll ,\II or
the llll'dd., 1..111 be· m.1d1. \\llh othl'l' n1lms
ih:tn thn-,l' m thL· h,,Pk I he yarn
kn:- ,ITt' pa1 k.tged m .t h.l!-' "nh n.
.md ptllllll' In the chan ,,n
(l.lg,· yNt :-c,· n.1mcs ,,f) .1rn
.md yarn c.hnps II yuu u..,,. a not her ) a1 n
thanth:n fC'llllnmcndC'd mthe
kC'cp m mmd that )'.ml.tg_l' em '31")
.' 1 detfrnlmco:; hu\\ )'''ur
ptcu: will hc. II Y•'ll .Ire kniumg tlw !>hrug
1111 (l /), II IS \Cry 111 1(11111.1111 that \t1ll get
1 he n .aLI gaugt'. hu1 11 )' llll knn !111.' p1.111Cho
Olo r 1:>1'1 ll l'o 11\.ll,IS 11llptlll,1111 [':t>lll.lltl'T
what ) ou do, } nu mu!>t knn J g.1ug<'
.,w,ud1 befMc )'Oll h<-gm knnung
Dt SIV'i YOUR 0\\N DOMINO '>\\ LATl :R
li,lur o;.unp•c. you h,I\C kmlll'd .1
g.lllge s\\<llth lor llw sh.1" f,m p. 17 .. 111d
1hc :-quan: I!> l.trgn ,1r sm.tlkr !Ill' .,,;:,•
ilied Ill 1he pawn n. )'-'ll L.1n J11 1hc
I ll'>l' sm.lllt· 1 11r larger 111. vd ks
2 u;;;1 fim r 1'1 hcancr 01111
J usc fe\\Cr or mon.• :-.Ill\ hC':: p.:r :-.qu.u,·
4 knu fl'wer ,1r more -.qu.tre' m the length
and \\ itll h.
Thl' squ.m•s .1rc pr.lCll!..ll hcl.lll!'>i.'. tl
)'llll \\ Jnl ,,,m.1ke the ptl'll' -.mallei th.m
ytnt had 1 huugln ahou1 a 1 1 he bcgm111 ng.
)'t'U l.lll kn11 2 """ sm.1llt:r In th.ll
\\:I), the piece wtll be snulkr m h,,,h
length and '' tdth
H ·:o1 .. kiillling '>lrlp'> :md h:t\C fc,\cr
01 Jnt1rc ... litllll. th.,,t '•'ll h.1d pl.tnncd on
)'ll ll (;111 I I' )' lt'(llllllllCild, tl lllllS 1 llf 2
ahnH'. y,,u u1uld abo U'l' lc\\l'r nr llh11\'
stlld1l'S per stnp m k111tthc <;tnp.., -.lwtll'r
u1 kmgi'r.
Vivian invites you to visit her website at
\!.my nf thl' yarn<; .1nd ktt- fc•r the;;e prnJCCb
.Ire ;t\'3\)abk thi<IUgh the U '- shops.
l.!" \hll '-t
Rn,tol, PA I Qt\17
w\\w nen;tctw<•k , ,,m
79 H <; Menwn.1l Pkw y .<tB"
HuntS\ lie AI. V1Ht12
l&'\tl) 283-t\4\.)<l
The following or dtstnbutor' 'upply some ol
I he }"ilnlS U>ed 111 I he pauerns \lf <·MTV ,1 that ynu
ran eastly >llb,lltuw
fmr W(l{l/,, '/''" fl\f't.>:hr "''"'!'. ,111 hOol and rorwns. fin•·
and hr:cn·v I men
Crystal Palace Yarns
,, dt\151011 of Straw Into Gold, Inc·
2 320 Btssell .-\vc
Rtchm,,nd, C.-\
{'\IOl H7-998H Ia-. {510) 237-9HOQ
l><lby wool, bal>1 wtttm, cll1 •n>OI untl• oJtton. spomvet!(ht

Dale of '<orway
'"16 \\'23 3QO "tonendge Dr, "te ,\
Waukesha, WI 'i 3188
(800) 441-dalc
/>,1hv wc>ol, dl1 ''''''' und <<'ll<'ll. J,·r;rrn, <>Item,
1pcntwetght \V(ltll
'i Northern Blvd
,\mhcr>t, t\ H llllH I
tNU) 886-1041
www kmnow.m tclm
Garnstudio/Aurora Yarns
PO &x 30bR
Beach, C·\ <Htl38
t65l)) 728-2730 lax {650\ N
<'-mat! auroray.trns<!Dpacbell .net
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Pntsville. WI 'H4b6
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Janueson & Smuh
www shetland-wool-brokers zetnet n' uk
I Ill' abbreviations usl·d in this book an· li.,tl·d hdow. Soml· of tlw abbreviations arc
n.plained in another place in the book. Gotothl· page indicated for more infom1ation about
till' techniqut: : "ee. for example. Mlb on pagl· 1H.
end st
beginning stitch = the
'ititch used for starting
the knitted east-on. It
can he a whole ne\\
'>litdl which is cast on.
a stitch which is
already on the needle.
or a loop in the work:
"ee page 40.
hind off (British cast
contra'>! color
domino needle
double-pointed needles
(British double-ended
end •Hitch. see page 5
joining stripe
joining st ripe stitch
K-CO kniued east-on . .,ee
page 4.
Kltng knit two togethn
m mctt:r(s)
\llh makt: I in stitch helm\ ,
'>ee page JH.
main color
mkr marker
mm mi II imeter(s)
mil need It:
o:: ounce(s)
I' purl
P2tng purl 2 together
RS right side
-.II kwi'>e .,Jip one st a.'> if to knit
sll pwi.,e .,lip one as if to purl
.,, I . Kl . psso '>lip one. knit one. pa.,.,
.,Jip stover
.. 1 I , Kltog. ps<;o slip one. knit two
together. pass slip .,t
'>l .,titeh
tog together
\\'S wnmgside
Abbreviations :-<7
Backpack. Demm. -r9-'>
.;;qu.uv;, 2-t K)
, 4t> 41\
&·.HI-.. I> I
'-litLh, •·f\)
t o, lrlo.'J ' ll kh. 1H
ll>g l thll 11
1<11lll<'d Ieeth
PI< ll L.j
Rrhhfd, 25
"·"' It ll>( h )l)
Cap, Flnwl'r, 62-h'i
( .1p '>tar .111d 54-'il1
(. .1'>..:', rcn,·!l 51
( ·'"l<•n, knntcd 4 7
(., •I. 'P·. R)
( <Hll tllng 11>ws and ndgc.;. 2R
l '11 .:r l <>llccp<11 +t-4 'i
l.<>Vl'r, p,,l, 4H
Dcc.. rcao:;c 'lH
Dc-.rgn ''I ,·atcr, K
11<>1ll llh1 klllll lll)!.. I I
rdgc stitch .)-\ -h'
C.tncr 'lillh H2
P·tr -,tnrh r,,,Jc,, ) )
KtHl n11ln l 7H
Fnd 'i i
Garter <>tilrh
l<' rnrng. >1, H
C.aug, H'i
llcadhand, 19-21
1-cord, I+, 4 (1
hllrtJ.,., 38
Joining, 34
\lallrl'<;S stitch,/!.
Needle!>, I'll
l'rlltm-. N-42
1\•mp<HI t>8
1\mtlw. t1t>-t> 7. 70-7·1
1\•th<•kkr,.. 1-I H. 2>-B
l'res-.111)1., tH
1'1ramrtls. Jtl111rng, 22
Ridge., , S)
Cuunung, 2H
Scarf, 'i4-'it> 7ll.
also '>hawl
l ·'I anu "I tr )-!-'it>
'>eammg, wn h nuun s-, ' Litd1,
'>ha11 I, \b-3H, -,ce ai-.P
"tnpp,·tl 7t)-H2.
...,b ·ug. '-oul-wcnnung. /'i-78
'>t ee'> /(1
.... 1 r 1 :-.utd'l 21
H 'i
fbSlL, 2-7
jommg. 22
1t'111ll1g. 2tl
:->tl lp:>. W5
HtnLllngt•ll . 11
2 3-)4
l'atlct ns. 31
Table at . 4 3
Thread, rntllllmg, 2(,
T"HllW. st'<'
vr r
Tr mglc". 14
Tur hc1n, , .. ,. ll eadh.mJ
Vc'it , for 1\lother and Bah}
()6-6K, 7L)-74
\Vool. H
\\ n .. t wannl r-.. ')()-o I
I nJ,.. 21
I abcls. iH
I dttw,·t 7L1
'>l'le c l Hl ll key. H(l
laib. w(.\nng. t>

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