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Reflection of the whole process (in completing the coursework) Alhamdulillah, praised to Allah, with His blessings, I was

able to complete this LGA 3102 coursework. Firstly, I would like to thank to my lecturer, Mdm. Dashima bt Abdul Wahab for giving me this task because through this coursework, it was an opportunity for me to get more experience and knowledge on songs and poetry for young learners especially in lesson planning and micro teaching. I also want to convey my deepest appreciation to all my fellow friends because they have helped me a lot in completing this coursework. I have tried my best to complete this task in order to hand the best work to my lecturer and I hope I will get the possible mark. In the process of completing this coursework, as the task is divided in two, I have to manage time well to ensure this assignment is run smoothly. The first project requiring me to develop a portfolio for young learners for the use in the primary ESL classroom. I would like to thank to my partner in this project, Munirah bt Hashim for her cooperation in completing this portfolio. We had a discussion for the selection of songs and poetry so the work went efficiently. The second project is divided into three parts where in the first part, I need to develop a kit which contain one song and one poem. After that, I need to provide a brief rationale/justification based on the selected song and poem. The task is quite simple but the process to complete it is really challenging because I need to consider about the pedagogical principles. The song and the poem that I chose is suit to the culture of the students. For example, the song entitled Wiggle-wiggle Little Worm is not hard to sing because the tune itself is similar with the well-known song, Twinkle-twinkle Little Star. The students also can accept the song because they know what the song is all about. For the poem I See Numbers! the students can follow the poem because the things in the poem are related to their surrounding which is in school. Both song and poem also should consider students interest in learning and the values of lesson. I am sure that the students are really interested in singing and making a puppet. However, there are many students who are less interested in learning numbers. So, I thought to do something that can gain their interest which is making a

birthday card. As we know, students will be more interested in creative works such as drawing and colouring. In addition, these activities fit with their proficiency level and their age. To run the activities, I have to prepare the teaching aids that can help the students to understand well about the lesson. For the singing activities, I have to prepare a worm puppet that made up of plastic bag. I should show the sample of the puppet before asking the students to make it. In the other hand, the activities for the poetry require me to prepare a sample of birthday card. By doing this assignment, I know the importance of having teaching aids in teaching because it is really help the teaching itself. I hope that I will be able to prepare variety of teaching aids in future. The last thing to be in the coursework is presenting a micro teaching based on the chosen poem or the chosen song. Eventhough at first I felt a bit nervous but I managed to handle it because the lesson plan and the teaching aids were already wellprepared. From here, I can see the importance of lesson planning and the teaching aids. Consequently, to be a great teacher needs big efforts. A teacher should be wellprepared mentally and physically before and while teaching process occurs. For me, this is a good coursework as it gains me a lot of knowledge and teaches me how to be a better teacher and how socialize with people around me especially the children as students. Thank you.


Reflection of Micro Teaching In the semester 3 2013, the subject of Language Arts (LGA 3102) requires me to carry out a micro teaching individually. Before performing the micro teaching my two partners, I was struggling to decide what I am going to teach. As I was new learner to this micro teaching, I need to search for the information about lesson plan from many sources, especially from the seniors, books and Internet. I decided to teach under the theme World of Knowledge on the topic I See Numbers! . Before I choose the topic, I had read through my little brother textbook. I did some research and I found it was quite interesting to teach children about numbers other than animals because I know there will be so many friends do the topic related to animals. The first thing I do after I decided the topic was making a draft of the lesson plan. After that, to complete the lesson plan, I need to refer to the scheme work of KSSR so that I do work on the right path. Other than that, I had looked on the Internet to see the samples of lesson plan so that with the guidance I am able to finish the lesson plan. Then, I decided to do a jazz chant activity and some other creative work such as making a birthday card. I found out that making a birthday card is really fun because children usually become bored when they are learning poetry. So, making a birthday card is an alternative way in creating a fun learning atmosphere. The good things that I got from the process of producing a lesson plan is it taught me that being a teacher is not an easy job. We must be responsible and committed in our work and also be patient if there are any obstacles. Furthermore, I had learnt a lot about KSSR and I hope that I can apply the knowledge I got when I am in the school soon. On 7th April 2013, it was a very reminiscing day for me and also for the other class members because it was the first time I do my own micro teaching. I felt so nervous because I really have to act like a teacher. It was quite embarrassing because the lecturer and my class members became the audience. On the day also, the lecturer wanted to record the micro teaching and the videos will be watched after all the presentations. When it came to my turn to present the micro teaching, luckily I managed to overcome the anxiety. I knew that to be a good teacher, I must have a loud and clear voice so that the students that sit at the back of the classroom can listen distinctly on

the teachers instruction. Hence, I started the micro teaching with loud and clear voice. If someone unable to catch up the instruction, then I will repeat them. The important things in teaching are teaching aids. Teaching aids function as stimuli that increase students eagerness in learning. So, to attract students attention, I brought flashcards and I used them in my set induction. In the presentation part, I prepared the jazz chant and asked the students to underline the numbers in the jazz chant. For the second step in the presentation, I had prepared a sample of birthday card and showed it to the students so that the students get the main idea how to make it. After I finished the micro teaching, the lecturer commented on the activity and advice me to improvise the activity so that it would be challenging for the students. However, she said that my voice projection was quite good and I assumed it was my strength in teaching. The comments given by the lecturer will never demotivate me. Though, I will take the advice as a motivation for me to be better in future. I believe, to be a better person needs some changes and improvement. In micro teaching, the new things I learnt are to be a teacher needs me to be good in communication skills, intrapersonal skills and interpersonal skills. It is because all those criteria are involved in teaching and learning session.