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Introduction Page 3 Chpter 1 Page 4 : Gear
Glossary Page 10

Chapter 3 Page 6 : slugs types

Chapter 4 Page 7 : bad guys

Chapter 5 Page 8 : rare slugs

Chapter 2 Page 5 : About it

Chapter 6 Page 9 : more about slugterra


Welcome to Slugterra. Slugterra is the coolest tv show on earth. Let me explain you how it is,but you first need to take the drop to Slugterra. Then you will find me in Slugterra. I will tell you what you will need to parctice.So see you.

Chapter 1: Gear
Hello welcome back you will need several stuff to survive. One thing that you’ll need is a blasters and it shoots very powerful . You’ll have a heck of an arsenal of slugs if not you’re dead. T ransportation is very important they are not any cars or motorcycle, especially planes.There are mecha beasts.Mecas are robotic animals. There are any kind of animal.That you want.

Slugterra is an underground place. You have to sling some slugs to survive.Your slug reaches 100 miles per hour and it transforms into a powerful creature. Slugs need some food, they eat human food but they prefer slug food ,slug food is kind of like dog food .If you don’t have a lot of slugs you can enter in a slug match or you can look for some slugs or trade some .

Chapter 2 : About Slugterra

Chapter 3 : Slugs types

Look here are some slugs: thresher, flatulorhinkus, arma shelt,fandango,lavalynx, Speed stinger, tormato, enigmo,bubbaleone and 13 more slugs.A flatulorhinkus hits something and it farts so badly that you can faint. Each slug has a especial power. Each slug is usefull .their flopper slug those slugs are not so good because when they hit something they make a mess. And more stuff .The lavalynx’s element is earth, power type lava slug you can find him in lava lakes.

Chapter 4: bad guys

Bad guys ghoul slugs. They are powerful creatures like this one: amperling is kind of a taserling but powerful . If the two hit each other it will cause a chain reaction. A tempesto is kind of a vortex, that slug can suck a lot of things.

Chapter5: Rare Slugs

Rare slugs are rare because they have very rare powers. There one call the Minki, the Minki can copy anything a slugs can do. Another one is the enigmo slug when it hits you your eyes turn green and you can see twice as your normal vision. The Crystalid slug can make a hole through anything, the kind of slug that can make a hole is the crystalid, so if you are stuck somewhere if you have that kind of slug you can get out.

Chapter 6: More about slugterra

There are different kinds of caverns. In some caverns there are lots of slugs and they all live together except for the bad guys. There is a cavern that called silent Cavern it called the silent cavern because granouker slugs live there, if you make to much noise they wake up and fall down…. ….you don’t want to know…………. (KABOOOOOOMMMM).



Mecha beast
Mecha beasts are robotic animals



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