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Me and Advertising. What’s in the name? I shall answer this as we proceed.

If you are expecting me to start with my name, career objective, address and blah! blah! blah! blah...I’m surely not the guy you are looking for. I’m out to do things differently, so let me do that with my resume first. After my BBM and PG Diploma in Advertising, I set out to find a lacuna in any of the ad agencies. As what? A Copywriter! I loved Advertising and knew I was made for it. July 6th 2000. Good news! I was appointed a copywriter at Batha Advertising. Creativity got direction, rhythm and of course rewards. My first brief was over a phone from my boss Mr. Zarir Batha. “Maybe this is how it happens”, I thought. A 100 cc ad was made, approved and printed. Bravo! Khan, your work will be seen by the world now, talked about, envied and all. Well you can understand the feeling. Burst of lava, that’ll soon end up in smoke. Six months and the growth there was from 100 cc ads to a half page. I left. Three days later, I joined Triple Ess Advertising. One year, and I became an IT Ads specialist. Brochures became an everyday affair. 'Your grammar needs to be stronger.’ ‘Your sentences are too long’. ‘It’s creative but how will you execute this idea?' Appreciations, criticisms, punishments, rewards. There was everything. The next year I spearheaded the team as a creative director. Worked on clients ranging from IT, Hotels, Jewellery to Computers. Opportunity knocks. I got an opportunity to work under a much talked about creative director at Disha Communications. His approach? 'Understand the brief man'. ‘First write, then type.’ ‘Don’t interfere with the designing process.’ ‘Use the dictionary less, read more.’ Education started. I followed the rules. I broke some. Here I learnt to shed my ego. Understand the executive’s point of view, take the nagging, bear the shouts. Felt ‘at home’, therefore worked professionally. I was coaxed and pushed into servicing for two so called reasons –

One: I was good at communication and convinced few clients across the table. Two : Agency needed an executive. Two years there with three months as an executive, after which I rolled over to a completely different field of sales promotions and event management at Wings Sales Promotions. Here I delved into PowerPoint presentations, pitches, meetings and activations. Worked for big names like Wipro, HLL, Apple, Nilgiris etc. One year and my ad spirit started haunting me. I joined Sirius Communications in a totally different role as a Manager. Sirius needed some serious Business development. My task was to achieve this. I signed in a few clients in six months and serviced them. I was also in charge of the creatives for some clients. I did this well until there were targets set…a point that was not discussed before. I’m not a target guy. Set me free and sky is the limit. Sales? Targets? No sir! Not my cup of tea. I'm leaving. I landed at Rosh Exhibits to head the Client list of Rosh Exhibits as a Manager. Creatives, exhibits, branding solutions, events and all that adds up to the complex identity of branding and advertising was our core competency. Microsoft, Infosys, Mindtree, Wella etc. is a chunk of clients I handled. I took care of the creative designs and worked along with ex-CD of JWT. One year there and I got Fever. Presently, I’m the Creative Head of a Radio Station in Bangalore. Responsible for creative ideas and scripts that go on-air and on ground activities. Life has never been better, but as the saying goes ‘the best is still to come’. About me that’ll help us work together better:         I’m married. I’m a proud father of an angel Eldest son of the family I believe in charity and can go to any levels to help people in distress I’m God fearing and avoid slang, lies and of course cheating I’m frank but stupid enough to be loud about my feelings I’ve worked on ads, jingles, brochures and various promotional stuff From concept to completion. (Teamwork really is wonderful))

         

I possess print production knowledge, be it relating to the paper, inks, process or the vendors who can do it. (This was for my personal interest) I’ve had hands-on experience dealing with outdoor work like hoardings, canter vans and other promotional activities and events. I am the type with whom clients feel very comfortable I don’t approach the clients of my previous agencies. I don’t smoke or drink I can compeer and host parties I hate office politics and use of office equipment for personal benefit I don’t wear a watch because I don’t believe in 10 to 5 working hours I’m put off by people who are in advertising by chance and not by choice I join a place to stay and grow My number is 9886744123. email – A more personal conversation is always helpful, so let’s meet.

That was about what I am. Coming to the ‘what’s in the name part’…that’s one thing I’ve not mentioned in this document. Thanks for your time.