In early June the “Friends of the Public

Library” held their 35th annual used book
sale at the main library, in downtown
Cincinnati. The event also marked the 50th
anniversary of the organization. The Friends
are a non-profit organization dedicated to
helping the library
make information
and knowledge
accessible to the
communities it
serves. The Friends
purchase special
library materials
& equipment, and
sponsor numerous
programs throughout the year. They are
always looking for volunteers. For more
information, please contact 513-369-6035
or visit
Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Monzel
Monzel Report
July 2007
Volume 3, No. 7
15th Annual Cincy Blues Fest........August 3rd & Sawyer Point........Call 513-739-2583 for info
Share your Concerns with
Councilman Chris Monzel!!!
ph: 513-352-3640 fax: 513-352-4649
801 Plum St., Room 346-B
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Council Passes Monzel’s
Billboard Proposal
Library Holds 35th Annual
Used Book Sale
Nightly Curfew in Effect
for Children Under 18
Cincinnati has a nightly curfew in place
for children under the age of 18. The rules
are as follows: Anyone under the age of
16 must be home between the hours of
10 pm and 5 am. Those 16 & 17 years of
age must be home between the hours of
midnight & 5 am. These rules do not apply
if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Parents can be held responsible for their
children’s actions. Curfew violations should
be reported to the Police at 513-765-1212.
Please give a detailed description that
includes the number of kids, their location,
estimated ages, and activity.
a community profile...
Originally home to the Shawnee and Miami
Indian tribes, Hartwell was platted in 1869
on land known as the Greenham farm
and named after John Wesley Hartwell,
vice president of the Cincinnati, Hamilton
& Dayton Railroad. In fact, for a time Mr.
Hartwell offered a year’s free commuter
ticket on the CH&D to anyone who bought
land or built a home in Hartwell. As the area
grew it was eventually annexed by Cincinnati
in 1912. At one time, Hartwell boasted an
opera house and even a jail at the “Halls of
Montezuma” site on
Burns Ave. The Miami
Canal also ran through
the neighborhood
and helped spur
its growth. Although some street names
have changed, Hartwell still contains
many beautiful Victorian homes and a very
active community council, the Hartwell
Improvement Association. For more info
On August 7th, at several locations across
the city, the 24th annual National Night Out
will once again take place. This annual
nationwide event is designed to heighten
crime & drug prevention awareness, build
support for community-police partnerships,
strengthen neighborhoods, and send a
message to criminals that neighborhoods
are organized and are fighting back. All
five of Cincinnati’s Police Districts will be
taking part. For more information about
event locations and times, please contact
Lt. Larry Powell at 513-352-2972.
“National Night Out”
Against Crime Takes
Place August 7th
Burnet Woods Trailside
Nature Center Reopens
Fire Department Distributes
Smoke & Carbon
Monoxide Detectors
Once again this year the Cincinnati Fire
Department will be distributing smoke and
carbon monoxide detectors through its
“Safe Summer Nights” initiative. The effort
is a partnership between the CFD, the
American Red Cross and Gold
Star Chili – both of which have
graciously provided the batteries
& devices. Safe Summer Nights
runs from 7 to 9 pm on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays and Thursday evenings until
September 27th. For more information,
contact the CFD at 513-357-7585.
Last month, City Council passed a proposal
sponsored by Councilman Chris Monzel that
restricted the distance that
billboards can be located
from residential areas.
Under the plan, billboards
cannot be located less than
100 feet from a residential
zone. Monzel said “this
new ordinance will improve
the quality of life and
attractiveness of all of our
city’s neighborhoods.”
After undergoing an extensive renovation
the Trailside Nature Center in Burnet
Woods is once again open to the public.
In mid-June a ceremony was held to
commemorate the event
and rededicate the facility.
The Trailside Nature Center
was built in 1939 and is the
oldest of the five Cincinnati
Parks nature centers. Part
of the building contains the
Wolf planetarium, which is
celebrating its 68th year in
operation. The planetarium
now features a direct link
with NASA that provides live
photos sent from
the Hubble Space Telescope.
Trailside is also the home of a
variety of nature programs serving
children, families and community
groups. For more information
about this or any other park, call 513-352-
4080 or visit
New billboard
locations like this
one in Price Hill are
now prohibited
Councilman Monzel
speaks at the Center’s
Councilman Monzel works
as a volunteer at the recent
downtown book sale
Last Updated: 7:30 am | Thursday, June 7, 2007
City restricts billboard locations
Any new billboards in Cincinnati have to stand 100 feet away from residential areas, according to a new
rule passed by City Council on Wednesday.
The 100-foot radius is less restrictive than the 200 feet originally proposed by Councilman Chris Monzel,
but more than what representatives of billboard companies requested.
Monzel said he's happy there won't be any more repeats of the situation at Guerley Road and Kellywood
Avenue in West Price Hill, where a billboard overshadows some residents' front yards.
City Council OK's property tax rollback
Cincinnati Business Courier - June 28, 2007
CIncInnuLI CILv CouncII on Wednesduv conLInued ILs prucLIce oI roIIIng buck Lux IIkes resuILIng
Irom IIgIer properLv vuIuuLIons on Iomes.
CouncII voLed =-q Lo upprove LIe proposuI submILLed bv CouncIImun CIrIs MonzeI. TIe roIIbuck
wIII udjusL LIe ruLe oI mIIIuge Lo generuLe ubouL $z¤ mIIIIon Ior LIe zoo8 Lux, und neguLe LIe Lux
Increuse LIuL Is uuLomuLIcuIIv generuLed us Iome vuIues Increuse.
"TIe roIIbuck poIIcv puLs LIe brukes on unvoLed Lux Increuses und expresses CouncII's beIIeI LIuL
IL's noL our monev, IL beIongs Lo LIe Luxpuvers," MonzeI suId In u news reIeuse.