The week of April 15th was a busy one for March elementary students.

On Monday The Loweʼs hometown heroes along with the Kellyn Foundation built the raised bed gardens. On Friday the 4th grade students learned about different types of seeds and then had the chance to plant mesclun seeds in the new garden which will be harvested in June. Just in time for them to enjoy a nice salad before they move up to 5th grade. 3rd graders planted pepper and tomato seeds in the classroom which will then be transplanted into the garden when they are mature enough. Thanks to help from parents and community members the garden will be maintained over the summer, so when the students return they will be able to see “how their garden grew” 3rd graders also made self-watering planters for in the classroom in hopes to be able to study root growth.

LittleLeopard News
April 2013

Gardening at March: School and Community Partnership

Up Coming Events
May 1 " $2.00 Bookstore May 8 Reading Olympics May 7 -16 " District Art Show May 14 " No School May 15 4th Grade Field Trip May 22 " Illustrator Visit, " Lee Harper May 23 " Track and Field " Troy Hein May 27 " No School May 28 " Cliff Sunflower May 30 " Egg Drop May 31 " March Pride

Message from the Principal "Spring Has Sprung! 
With it comes the last marking period of the year. As the weather gets warmer we like to ask and remind everyone that while the weather may change the expectations for riding the bus and attending school remain the same. Always act safely at our bus stops, when walking to school, and while riding the bus. Staying in your seats while the bus is in motion is the best way to improve safety for all. In school, students who continue to give their best effort every day will be those best prepared to go on to the next grade. Let's show our March Pride and let it bloom with all the new Spring flowers! " Best Regards, Hector D. Bonilla Principal March Elementary School Fortitudine Vincimus

First in Math
Top Five Players
Megumi B. " 10,477 Kʼmeya W. " 10,200 Cole L. " 9,140 Lyla V. " 7,229 Tiah F." 7,141

Player of the Month Kʼmeya W. + 2,277

March School is off to a good start using First in Math Online Program in grades 2, 3, and 4.  First In Math® activities employ Deep Practice techniques to rapidly increase computation, problem solving, critical thinking and essential math basics. Skills that may take months of regular practice can be mastered in a much shorter time using Deep Practice techniques and the immediate feedback online learning can provide.  Children using FIM have shown dramatic increases in math scores—across the board— from the top students to the most math-challenged learners.   Math24 Online Program has a twist this month.  Our EASD has received from the First in Math Team additional accounts for Kindergarten and Team of the Month First grade students.  As they learn to Mrs. Laslo navigate the program. Keep your eyes out BE for students in K and 1 +10,734 moving into the ranks.  Best of luck and fun to all of our new players.

F.A March Art Show
The annual art show took place at F.A. March during conference week, April 16th through April 22nd. Each student had a work on display in the cafetorium. The Easton Area School District Art Show will take place May 7th through the 16th at the Palmer Park Mall. Due to limited space, a representative sample of quality student work from each elementary school will be exhibited at that time. Stop out and view the students' creative achievements. 

Locks of Love
A conversation with Juliette

Juliette Helps Cancer Patients with Her Heartfelt Donation

" I have been growing my hair since my Nana told me about an organization called Locks of Love. Locks of Love makes wigs for people with cancer. I had planned to make a donation to Locks of Love, because it felt like the right thing to do. In order to make a donation, my hair needed be at least ten inches in length, when placed in a ponytail. Therefore, I was growing my hair for a little over two years, which was most of second and third grade. " At one of our Leopard Council/K-Kids meetings, Mrs. Heard came to speak to us about the St. Baldrickʼs Foundation. After hearing her story, I had to go back and forth in my head as to which organization to donate my hair. I had to make a choice Juliette’s before and after picture between the two, but decided to go with my original choice. I plan April 2013 to attend the Shave for the Brave event to support the St. Baldrickʼs Foundation, too! " I am now growing my hair for my next donation to Locks of Love!

" This year, our school will be participating in the Labels for Education® program. My name is Karen Pasquel and I am the Labels for Education coordinator for March school. Through the program, we can collect UPCs and beverage caps from participating products to earn points that can be redeemed for FREE educational merchandise! Information on participating products is included with this letter. " Our goal this year is to collect points so that we can redeem for supplies for our school. It's easy to help—simply save UPCs and beverage caps from participating products and drop them off in the box in the office. The labels are worth 1, 5, & 10 points! No collection board is necessary. I just ask that the clipped labels be placed into our schoolʼs collection container, which will be located just outside the cafetorium. " If you have any questions, or would like to help with our Labels for Education collection drive, please contact me at 610-250-2531 or via email at Thank you for your support. Together with the Labels for Education program—we can build a better school for our children. Thank you in advance for supporting F. A. March School, Karen Pasquel, Title 1 Reading Specialist Cambellʼs Labels for Education® School Coordinator

On Mar 14, 2013, 2nd Grade held their 3rd Annual Wax Museum. This is a culmination of a research project students did in class. Students were able to choose someone famous and then research about the personʼs life. On the day of the Wax Museum students dressed as their person and had a paragraph written using facts from their research. Family was then able to visit and listen to different students speeches. There also was a time for other grade levels to come and visit as well. All the students did a marvelous job and we are proud of all their hard work.

2nd Grade Wax Museum

Staff Interviews
Each month different staff members will be interviewed by 3rd and 4th grade students.
Mrs. Rodrigues Interviewed by: Joseph Submitted by: Aiden March 7, 2013 1) When is your birthday? " My birthday is March 10, 1976. 2) Do you have a son or a daughter? " I have 1 son and 2 daughter. 3) What books do you like? " I like historical fiction books. 4) Where are you from? " I am from St. Michaelʼs Island in the " Azores, Portugal.

Staff Interview
6) What is your favorite food? and Japanese food. I love Thai

7) What did you do before working at March Elementary? I worked at a preschool lead teacher " at a Hildenbrandt center. 8) What books do you like to read? " I like to read books like O Ultimo " Segredo (The Last Secret) by Jose " Rodrigues dos Santos. 9) What is your favorite movie? " My favorite movie is Cinema " Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore. 10) What is you favorite country? " My favorite country is Italy because it " has the most amazing work of arts I " ever saw.

Mrs. Wilcox’s class celebrating April 22, Earth Day. They are doing their part to support Mother Earth as the Lorax

$2.00 Bookstore
$2 bookstore results for April-we had a lot of ties!  Teachers who have tied for book sales will "share" their stuffed "lil leopard" for the month of April.  Our next sale is May 1.   Parents if you have some time to spare, the store is open during student lunches-11:30-1:00.  Please contact:  Mrs. Petrignani:  or Mrs. Pasquel: for more information. & the winners are.... " Overall winner & grade 2 winner: Mrs. Rodrigues " Kindergarten tie: AM Williams/AM Waring " Grade 1: Mrs. VanFleet " Grade 3 tie:  Mrs. Costello & Mrs. Orwan  " Grade 4 tie: Mr. Hinkle & Mr. McMillan

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