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Psychotrophic by Sorde Pennington At the first glance, when I saw the classified ad, "100,000 dollar reward for

information leading to the reopening of the Warren Report", I knew at that moment, there was something wrong with the Warren Report. I looked high and low for the publisher of that News Paper but never found it. However, I did arrive at a curious question, was the police officer killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, sent there to kill Oswald, and when he did not succeed was the job then left to Jack Ruby ? The owner of a strip bar, where Dallas policemen hung out. My questions all began after I started counting the years backwards from 1978 to the year of the assassination that was the year when I discovered, or rather decided, that if in fact the assassination was the result of something other than a lone gunman, that it was not going to be a simple matter to figure out what actually the truth was. I might add here, that it was not to many years later I spoke to Ron Hurd, a U.S. Department of Commerce Fraud Investigator. He was an out of commissioned law enforcement personnel, who was wounded, and was confined to a wheel chair. He still worked for law enforcement in his official capacity here at the DOC. He worked the fraud hot line. We from time to time had discussions on various topics. One of these happen to be organized crime and the assassination. He told me, that seems to be common knowledge, that over a hundred people allegedly bearers of evidence, were killed. Hearing this from a man of his stature, and in his official capacity, I realized that it did not seem like hype. He wasn't an egotist trying to find out what his words sounded like. Take for example, organized crime, even if the government were involved, and they would have to be in this scenario, at this level would have to be very concerned that they had a plan that was not going to get them caught. The only two men ever connected in any prosecutable way with the assassination are both dead, neither one had very much to say.The differences between them were, both could have talked, one said that we wasn't going to, and the other didn't have time to. That in itself has considerable depth to it. One of several analogies may fit here and serve to yield one valid consideration or another, . . if you were to believe that the Enron activities, were orchestrated by one single individual, and he managed to doop the State of California and everyone else, to a seemingly far reaching and elaborate extent as a single agent of crime and a for some period of time, genius. If there is suspicion and guilt on the part of conspirators here, then those with a motive are the suspects. Then the Warren report would make sense, of course you could not glean summary information from the individual, since he is dead and gone, much like the infamous lone gunmen. I have considered naming this book the, "Straw That Broke the Camels Back", because of what I now believe as to, how the enemies of our president and our freedom came

together like birds, out of the four winds, and flocked together against him. That when the varied components of national and international crime were threatened by JFK, they did what they have always resort to, an act of cowardice.

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