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Listen. A play. A monologue for radio.

Listen. Listen. It is dark now. Listen to the silence. Listen to your heart. Listen to the silence of your heart. Beating. Your heart. Silently beating. Hear it now. See the silence. See the silence of your heart. Beating. Hear the waves. Crashing on the shore. Outside. In the dark. Here the waves. Crashing. Too And Fro Too And Fro. Hear the crashing of the waves. Breathe. Listen to your breath. Hear the dark. See the moon rising above the waves crashing. Listen to the light landing on the sea spray crashing. It is night. The town is sleeping. All is quiet. Bathed in the white light of the silvery moon the town is sleeping. In silence. The cemetery is empty. All is quiet. Shadows flit through the silvery light. Land. Wait. Whisper. Echoes of the past enter. Fade. Fall into the silence whilst the waves continue. Rising and falling the sound is within you. The energy flows. Within, without, around you. A flow though flowers. Trees. The river. Carries the voices tinkling in the distance separating the past from the present. Energy flows on the same path. See a figure climbing. Dressed in white looking. Searching. Seeking. Far from the path. Rescuing. Saving with a staff. Walking. Higher. Rising with the pathway. Listening. Listen. Hear the voice within you heard. The figure searching is you. You are found. You have found. Yourself. Coming back to the path. Climbing. Listening.


Listen Hear the town sleeping in the hollow between the hills. Listen to the water flowing, dancing, hurtling through the hills Lift up thine eyes to the stars and listen to the echo of the music flowing Dancing through the silence of the trees waiving in the breeze For in the continuing of the dance the music flows through the glance Between lovers walking on the shore in the instant of yore Choosing memory soothing grace removing the weight one bore To lift the burden to help those around one hear the music flowing Dancing with the river hurtling through the hillsides sheltering The dwellings congregating around the steeple beneath the cock Crowing with the dawn breaking with the daylight spreading Shadows shortening and turning, lengthening with the lore.

Listen Listen to the silence surrounding The stars Spinning Specks of light Glimmering hope Indicating A pathway To beyond Our earthbound existence Beyond time Spinning A web of words woven In vain Attempting to reveal The hidden Behind a veil Which only Death may cross To no avail.


Listen Hear the earth crying out in the silence Hear the earth crying out in the silence before the storm Waiting Waiting for the rains to come Waiting for the clouds to billow and blow New life into the dryness Parched emptiness, crackling brittleness, skeletal remains of life Dust blown ashes Burnt cinders Waiting Forevermore for billowing clouds blowing life bearing gifts from afar Off land or sea, ocean or forest, Blow no more

The eye listens In silence Sees The beauty of the wood Within the trees The “I” sees


The beauty of the Verb Believes In one Greater Beyond mortal man Hopes, has fears Faith And love Of one greater In heaven above The trees The eye In silence Sees. See the sunlight dancing Sparkling on the water See the river flowing Ripple in the breeze See the sunlit flowing river Wonder where it’s going See the shadows dancing Through the trees See the sunlight sparkling On the water flowing with such ease.

The wanderer stands alone Watching In silence, observing Recording The mysteries of existence Listening to sound Seeing a flower for the first time Smelling its scent In the breeze


The wanderer Sees the green buds in winter Waiting to become leaves Hawk high flyer Hovering Immobile in the wind Gliding Back & forth Above the hedgerow Wings flapping like billyo Immobile Diving Death Facing the wind Gliding Hovering Gliding Hovering Immobile in the wind Gliding Hovering Flight Eyeing the word!

Surrounded By tall towers Blank windows Rectangular blocks Of cemented ugliness Where a surreal beauty pervades In its abstract nature Wind-blown The epitome of industrial deprivation Alienation De-classification Exploitation Misery hand in hand with poverty Where alcohol is a cheap escape Into oblivion Annihilation Deprivation Destitution Prostitution To pay the ticket home


Yet here In this wasteland Human happiness reigns Defiant Proud Protective Of the soul Of the heart which beats Throbs with generosity Giving Hope To those in the same Boat Crossing the sea From Africa To escape starvation Desertification Destitution Yet helping Loving Giving Happiness and laugher In the midst of material misery Non-consumption In a society Where the consumer is King Whilst having the cash O make the credit card fling On the latest “made in China” created need to feed the masses with five loaves and two fishes. Beneath the frozen surface of the lake Fish still swim Free.

High in the forest The sun shines On the tall pines


On the surface of the land Cones lie Amongst leaves Being The horizon of time “Which route?” the mountaineer wondered Borrow from the Greats What they themselves plundered Imagine the mountain To climb for no reason Other than rhyme And in the climb Grow Fond of the sunlight On the soft snow So crisp You’ll become A will o’the wisp….

See the sunlight on the Chinese temple Geometric perfection See the dragons To ward off evil Like gargoyles Of a cathedral Form A common tissue Cut in different fashions By humanity worn Out, renewed Borrowed, used Re-viewed As the years spin through the cycle Man sees The shadows slipping longer While the breeze Brings news from afar An unheard of place Now at war For what the doctors spin And spokesmen weave Into the cloth


To feed The masses With a daily froth Of fear That the disaster Could be here Whilst the white swan stands And waits On the frozen surface Of the lake The Chinese temple warms As a new epoch is born China awakes Opens its factory gates To the West Capitalism shifts At the masses request For more Needs To be done To help the poor And dispossessed Survive While the fat cat parachutists Thrive The masses Dive For cover As the suicide Bomber blows Himself up In the name of A Mountain Pathway’s woes For the Chinese Temple has two Flights of stairs Enrance and Exit With a circular view Of the world Within and without Reflected in the water Frozen fast In the present To last Spanning time Projecting its perfection In unwritten rhyme Sublime The roof curves upwards


Towards the stars Which spin Illuminating the present With the past they bring To light The wanderer’s way Through the night Sea birds wheel and cry In graceful flight Perfection perfected By Nature’s might In the struggle to survive Where the fittest thrive On a die of daily bread And thanks In the temple, church, mosque Sinner agog stands Re-collecting the past In the present to last In a future forged By the word In action Heard In the echo of the silent night As the universe itself Takes flight.

Archways, columns Geometric patterns Bells dragons A golden orb A roof like a boat To travel the space between stars Suspended above Its own reflection On the frozen lake Of love.

A red lantern within Water splashing


Through dragons’ mouths To quench The thirst To drink from the lake Of love. Bridges broken can always be Rebuilt To allow the passage Of time Transporting movement and motion With an electronic “e” to become Emotion Raised from the depths To the surface of the present Of which Being is The horizon Whilst the church clock strikes The hour Passes as the river flows Beneath the reflected bridge Allowing people reconnected To grow Into the space separated by time And language lost For words fail To express the human cost Of bridges broken As a token Of the gargoyle’s stare Way to stop the share Ring of ideas To chime on the hour From tower to tower Steeple and call Across the water which flows Within all Which lives, which gives. Set time aside Name the hour Watch the opening Of a flower in Spring Bloom, fade and fall Freeze the reflection Of the frozen surface of sound Which echoes from the silent past unbound By love it unfolds Releasing waves which flow


With the present Instant Froze. The wanderer strode out into the mourning Wailing which filled the dawning daybreak spawning Holding his message of love aloft Caring naught for personal cost Gathering friends he strode the land Of another where he did not fit Was seen by the many as an exocentric Guy who healed, with a message of love revealed To him, alone, In the desert he abode Tempted by imagination he strove Tearing himself in two Before clinging on to a Father Figure of childhood renewed In birth, baptised by another Who lived in the caves, alone, who knew The path to the mountain where few had trod Where ten rules had been carved in the heart Of slaves fleeing to make a new start In a foreign land free From constructing the chains of tyranny Of pyramids pointing to the sky The wanderer rose in the mists on the mountain he climbed Pondering the ideas he entwined Creating anew self-conception as the path drew him higher The flames of love burned a bush in a fire he passed As he pondered the wisdom of writing, except in sand Contemplated action from a helping hand To feed the souls of the crowds gathering below Providing peace in a philosophy of love which was to grow To a new testament to the mountain he climbed Showing a new vision the pathway entwined Incorporating wisdom brought from afar By travellers crossing mountains following a star Reflecting the ancient ideas of a land once fled Transporting ideas to a crossroads where many were read Forged anew in the pathway few trod Crossing mountains ever higher seeking God On the horizon of time in the instant of eternity now thine To fill as thy will, perhaps accepting to sacrifice your self to a power higher still Deep within the waters of thy soul lit by the flame Lucifer stole For Man to see mirrored their reflection as gods On the stage of the world where the word goes unheard as its spoke Creating in its passing over a silence bespoke In the mind, a pathway towards tomorrow seen by the blind Leading the way, the wanderer returned the gift he’d been given


For to climb to the summit had he striven finding resources within Allowing him to go beyond where others had trod, beyond himself He explored as he wandered climbing ever higher Accompanied by angels guarding his step he rose to the call Of an inner voice once heard before the fall From a garden beneath a tree He rose on the spirit within Which lifted his body as he strode As on a donkey he rode to be crowned king Betrayed by a kiss, a kingdom to win Climbing higher, to be tempted by the fire Of love Of a spiritual kind, seen by the blind leading the way To the wailing which fills the dawning break of day.

Flight At first heading full throttle towards the sun The wax will melt the wings before you’ve begun To manage the controls, got a grip, your bearings, You’ll have to take from the sun, and stars, so better learn To read yourself and others on the journey, then, Sit back, relax, enjoy the view on auto-pilot As the words flow onto the screen Switch on automatic spell check and dictionary of synonyms Sitting comfortably, then you can begin To tell the tales, weave a web of words with which to wonder whilst you wander Off course, a while, digress, stray from the point Of destination on a one-way ticket, go-simple Listen to the laugher In the street For such camaraderie fills The fuel tank Check the oil, water, temperature gauge For if there’s some kind of mechanical problem At 15,000 feet Your on your own But unlike sailors crossing the Atlantic You can use Both hands Both sides of your brain Must be fully functioning To match wit and repartee Of the wise guy You meet on the way Whilst attending To the whims of the passengers aboard And to the controls on the flight deck


Since to fly further cabin crew have been reduced To twelve though there might well be The odd stow-away who slipped on board, unnoticed, The ghost in the machine, Frankenstein and friends who came along Just for the ride Round the block and were taken by surprise When they looked down to see their little town Disappearing in the distance On the horizon keep an eye on the length of shadows Force and direction of the wind Swept coast Line Crossed Check altitude on a regular basis Avoid alcohol and other substances which can confuse The radar Trap Watch your speed Take a compass And point of access To your childhood Dreams In the luggage compartment Carry a load Since you never know What the future will hold Weather forecasts, especially those early morning shipping “Dogger,Viking, Fischer, German bight” type “Rockwall, Malin Head, Cromerty” “fastnet” and the like should be listened to attentively carry a swiss roll and army knife Be Prepared To whistle under all circumstances Even if you do Get the rhyme wrong & bon vent & bon voyage


Listen. You’re flying now. Flying high over roof tops, high over houses. You can hear the city sleep You can hear all cities sleep. All Except one. For hear there is no sleep. The city never sleeps. It can not sleep. For sleep is a luxury it can not afford For in this sleepless city death is prepared. Plans drawn In sand To send in the drones Spy Who goes where, does watt, why Is the driver of that car turning Up the volume Of the local Radio Listening To V.O.A. Say 345 found dead shot through with shrapnel wounds to the head arms and body parts blowing in the wind, blowing in the windless city, the sleepless city of endless night you are over it now looking looking down looking down on the horrors of war torn faces crying babies crying children screaming women wailing


soldiers pointing weapons of mass destruction at one another launching missiles like snowballs at one another snowballs which smash through houses cities disappear beneath the plumes of black acrid smoke billowing upwards carrying the scent of rotting corpses remains of human flesh death hangs over this land of promise which promised to be the new Eden for those in flight like you fleeing another city of endless night where huge granite blocks were towed positioned into place winched, levered and pulled upwards towards the stars creating tombs to outlast time to store gold frankincense and myrrh with the mummified remains and body parts of gods who ruled as pharaohs should live humbly with humility with their neighbours whom they love to annihilate conquering new lands,


even the moon shed light tears which fell in the form of snowball rocket attacks in a desert storm of mass destruction planned financed from afar off land lit by a star spangled banner raised from the dead lying in 345 ruined dwellings which were not passed over in the wake of the blast shattering time into fragments each to last the length of an echo of a word passed over you see the screaming city hear the wailing word rippling wave spreading creation as the screaming rockets fall piercing the air with a thin whistle announcing the end of time Being Love Being Giving


Love Which flows into a lake of tears In a silent city which never sleeps Where plans are Drawn For a new Dawn To break The backs of those who wait 2 long at the crossroads where camels trekked over the shifting slipping silent sand flowing through the hour glass of despair reflecting the horror in the acrid air blowing in the wind Nuclear Might Becomes a possibility Towards a Final solution Drunk To the dregs Of the earth To the last Drop Creating conditions appropriate For a seed Of a shattered shard Of the mirror To fall Casting light Back towards the pinnacle Of the pyramid Beside Babylon In a fertile land


Drained To the lees Marsh arabs wandered Into the city Which never sleeps A wink Nor dreams For in this city The Night Mare has foaled A million shards of shattered glass Each cutting time into seconds which count The dead and dieing Wailing piercing the air The word Is not Heard If there is No air Before the beginning Gives birth To breath Which rises like vapour Across the lost lake Of love Beneath the silvery snow-capped peaks Reflecting The falling tears of the moon Cedar trees sway In the breeze Bitter, black, acrid smoke Billows In plumes Too dense to see through Sirens wail See N N Is on the spot Reporting The death Of 345 Spots On goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gle earth


Over which you fly By night With a cabin Crew Reduced To twelve Or thereabouts. A bargain At half Past mid-night Strikes twelve strokes on the church Tower Whilst you lie Lost Slumbering In dreams Of Night Mares Riding Through Seas Washing Words Cleansing them of meaning Anaesthetising See N N

Listen. Listen to the water. Listen to the water lapping. Listen to the waves. Lapping. The boat is rocking. Gently. In the waves. Slowly Rising and falling With the waves Listen


It is dark. Hear the darkness Inside your heart Listen To the waves Gently rocking Rising and falling In the silent dark Hour before dawn Breaks A liquid of light Upon the horizon Of sand Falling Rising With the waves Washing Upon the shore Line of innocence Crossed In your dreams The boat is the earth travelling Through the waves Of light Spreading In the breeze Blowing Through the silence Flowing Through the seas Surface Splashing Upon the bow But listen The boat is creaking In the waves The boat is leaking Days Dawn Fills the sails unfurled The boat is lifting But listen hard Perhaps is listing In the waves Rising And falling like empires In the haze Dinosaurs disappearing


Walls crumbling Beneath the waves Rising And falling With the day’s Lengthening shadow stretching across the waters, mingling, of the waves, rising and falling Stars appear In the silence Of your heart Beating With the waves Listen To the shadows Falling Upon the surface Of waves Gently rocking The silent emptiness Of days Breaking Upon the bows Rising Falling Gently rocking On the frontier Of time Slipping by In the instant Of the horizon Rising And falling With the waves Appearing Disappearing Days And nights Stretched into Being Aware Of the rhythm Of the rise and fall of your chest Breathing In the instant Listening To your heart Beating with the waves Unfurling days Of light In the darkness Of your heart Stars lead the way


Across the oceans Of love Whilst the boat Rises And falls With the waves. Cascading coincidence Coming Together In the rhythm Of motion Moving With time Flowing With the river Towards the ocean Where sea-gulls wheel And cry Beside a lake A man walks Alone Seeing in the reflection Time Unfold Images to come Past In the reflection of the present To last A diamond With an infinite number of sides Each reflecting Tides And time Which wait Together At the starting gate Ready to run With the rising Begin To last In the present Past Time tells a tale Of limits exceeded Frontiers erased Barriers broken


Discoveries made Within Oneself Touch the boundaries Of peace Feel the river of love flowing Though space Connecting Members Of the human Race Mirrored In the reflection On the water Of a lake Where a man walks Alone To see The horrors of humanity Cast With the dice To last For the soul mirrored is universal Evolution knows no reversal The ghost in the machine waits Man deprived of love hates his neighbour but welcomes travellers from afar bearing gifts from a foreign land crafted by an unseen hand with an eye aye I Believe The travellers followed a star Bearing gifts From afar Off plane Another time Dimension Which flows Like a river Which goes Towards the ocean Of love Which is the source of the flow Which creates


Matter Which attracts Birds of the same feather Which flock Together To survive the journey Through a timeless dimension where memory Plays tricks on the mind Selecting, piecing together a puzzle Seen by the blind Who wait By the starting gate Which could be Tomorrow Or yesterday For memories stored Can be restored To life The past is recycled In the unbearable Lightness Of Being On the horizon of Time Which flows in the hour Glass Reflecting The past Present To be The mirrored soul Of humanity Betrayed By a kiss Leading to the fall From a garden Where an ear was cut And the Word Heard No more Except within The mind’s Eye Aye I See


The fruit of the tree Bears the seeds Of time To be Masked Cloaked in shame Men become gods God has no name Being Omnipresent Infinite yet the same Ocean of love Mountain track Open door Way back Home To begin Anew Day due On the hour To last The present Past For children believe The words of wisdom Adults weave in a web of words which wait Ensnaring their prey until its too late To step back From the edge Of time On the brink Of space To fall Into adulthood And see What was is No longer But his and her story Board Drawn In the mirrored reflection Of the soul in the sea Of life which wells from the source Of the ocean of love which flows through Being Alive.


Listen Listen to the darkness falling Listen to the shadows fading Listen to the snowflakes falling Listen to an inner-voice calling One to love One Another See the friendship in a smile Meet a fellow, talk a while Exchange a word Admire the graceful flight Of birds Hear the whispering Of the breeze Hear the movement Of the trees See the twinkling Of the stars Light reflected From afar Hear the rippling Of the waves See the moonlight On the mountain ridge Silhouetted In the lake Of the ocean Of love Which pushes the petal of the flower To open An hour Having seen all this Remember It is yours to give To share With your fellows Travelling the dunes Of time On a similar journey To thine.


Searching in your heart you’ll find The key to open the windows of the mind Allowing the world to enter in Communion with one another To begin to be passed with the love which lasts To feed the flame of desire Which takes your love to a higher plane To meet the maker who has no name But Being the horizon of time Sought in the quest for truth in rhyme Caught in the space between the lines On the palm of your hand Which lead back to a long-forgotten land Of childhood play In a garden walled by the hour Beneath the turning shadow of a tall black tower Looking out to a sunlit sea Mirrored in the instant of eternity Smashed when travelling through the gates you passed Coming of an age to reason and doubt The existence of the truth Locked in your heart In the form of a flower Opening with the warmth of love on the hour Of your death before being born anew In a garden without a wall With many a path all leading to a summit hidden from view Your heart will tell you the path to tread As you listen to the voices inside your head The pathway of love is the one to chose.



Listen to the music of the silent stars as you climb A snow-capped summit ridge following the rhyme Leading ever higher the pathway winds Through the mists enveloping time Climbing ever higher you tread Towards the summit on which you stand alone Listening to the music of the universe flow In patterns of geometric form Through being on the summit in the snow Listening to your heart beat Watching the movement of the universe In the space below your feet Listening to the music of space Stretching towards infinity Within you and beyond you For all form one Geometric pattern resounding as a gong Sends waves which ripple across the waters of your soul Into the infinite which stretches across space time Heard in the listening to the silence of your heart Beat to the rhythm of the universal dark Expanding as it slows from a Big bang To collapsing into a black hole.


Listen Listen to the love Beating In the silence Of your heart Listen To the silence Of your soul Beating In the dark Depths within you Lies a well Of infinite depth Brimming With love Life and laughter Overflowing With the sunlight dancing across the water Of your soul

“Follow Me” a voice was heard listening to the echo of the word cross through silent space a cry without an answer ‘why?’ Wait ? For the date When the unburdened past Is here To last.


Listen What is the source Of all enthusiasm To climb Alone Seeking truth In rhyme What inspiration leads What unsatisfied Needs Met In searching find The pathway Seen by he blind Who lead Humanity To a heartfelt need To be At one With one another Though alone With a soul Of one’s own Making Good or bad The choice is not one’s own To be had Unless Taking your life In your hands You read the writing On the sands Of time Understand the message Between the lines Writ Of Sanskrit lore Abounding mortal gods And immortal men Of yore Choosing To lose yourself To re-cover Your nakedness Anew With a fallen Fig-leaf Or apple blossom


Blowing In the wind Of the desert Storm Troopers Advancing To the sound of trumpets Heralding A new Dawn To dusk Curfew Until the mid-night hour Strikes noon And waves Of wailing break tomorrow’s New Sea N N Program Broadcast On the air Waves Live Of Love Rolling With the breakers Swelling Rising Falling Swelling Rising Falling Sand Through the hour Glass Reflecting The image you have carved Of your soul Chance To love One An other Time Warner Movie In which you star Shining


Like a beacon of hope To fellow travellers In the train Of camels Rising Falling The dunes Crossing Time In the telling Tail Untold Since the plot has yet To be writ In Sanskrit Runes Or sand For you are the author The quill is in Your Hand Some face To forge.


Alone, far From the madding Crowd I wander Seeking that which lies Within The silence Of my heart I hear Whispered words of wisdom dear Which allow me to reflect On life, on love, On Man’s bequest Of infinite pain Redeemed by one Pathway with no name I walk Far from idle, chattering talk On high hills alone With one Who has no name But love For all which is To be Seen and unseen Shrouded in life’s mystery Whilst the stars return my gaze I wonder At the beauty wrought And give praise.

Listen Listen to the spinning silence of the woven word Listen to the spinning of the clock that chimes unheard For the unmoved mover moves in mysterious ways For in the silence ticking is the story of our days And nights writ in the sand which flows Through our fingers as the trickle shows Evolution proceeds adapting those which fit Into the pattern which mother nature has knit For those which adapt survive


The time which none may tether nor the tide None may ride without one day breaking on the shore The spider spins which becomes no more Than a web of silvery thread to catch the imagination in flight From the darkness of being without light To lighten the load, carried on a donkey without a goad But a vision to inspire, allowing the artist to fly ever higher And a world to create, but which of the real is but a poor duplicate Counterfeit copy of his soul wrought in the abstraction of all Reflected on the still surface of the depths He plunges to find within him the edge of infinity without Which all counterfeited comes to nought!

Listen Listen Listen to the wind slipping through the silence of the starless night Wonder at the beauty of the universe in flight through time Through space A miracle which the understanding can not fathom nor face If it tried Which is why the moon cried on seeing man’s plight Nailed to a hilltop without a redeemer in sight Except the spider hanging free On a gossamer thread of history Foretold by the shadows of the past For the web of words woven to ensnare


Leads to a pathway where all may share The unbearable lightness of being given a choice Of words to use with which tone of voice To employ, create, Whilst creating may destroy Myths by memory past In the present to last The journey just begun In the fall of first flight From a garden in the middle of the night Whilst the wind blew Why, nor where, nobody knew, Yet all wondered at the sight Of the beauty of being on the horizon of time An eternal instant of the sublime Borne by the sea Rising and falling with the moon’s tears Overcoming Man’s fears Love triumphs in the Spring Flower which blooms anew And a debt repays all that is due On the instant redeemed By the scythe swinging hour!


Listen Listen to the rising And falling Of our love For one Another On the sea-shore Sea gulls wheel And cry Whilst we lie Naked In each other’s arms Embraced We kiss Whilst rising And falling We become One Love Breaking barriers of time Shattered in the instant Sublime


In memory of Anna Politovskaïa Will the journalist’s pen Be crushed Into submission Yielding To a tradition Of not letting The people know Anything but Half truths And lies Fabricated In the machine of death Which runs On Its own steam Of blood fuelled Ink Stained Flesh flowing Through the gates of time Into the dawn Of democracy Flying at half mast Beneath the moon Showered Red Square Stained Stench Seeping From the tomb Stone Crushed By the silent night filled moan and gasp As a sobbing people stare and ask The moon why Blood soaked tears stain the sky with the past Present Future Empty horizon of time Beneath a shadowless tree Bearing seeds of death Blowing in the wind Where the answer is Scattered amongst the stones Crushed moist with blood And empty eye


Sockets staring At the silent screen Flickering Sea N N Transmitting truths Across the waves Of silent rotting corpses without graves Forever And ever Amen ?

The time traveller Climbed the steep stairway leading to the trapdoor into the attic of his mind. Old books littered the floor along with empty bottles from days of yore. Drunk to the lees-time’s last drags – condensed into fiction to feed The imagination in dire need of answers to questions posed Since the spirit of creation rose from the void before the beginning borne To explode into a myriad of galaxies spawned And scattered across the universe in waves Of love Which raised the starting flag, let it fall, creating a garden behind a wall of flame, Whilst arose a word beyond a name language could assign Though language itself indicated its existence throughout time And space, confusing the followers who mistook the signs For the essence providing the whole they designed Stories to show the beauty of being to the blind By a guy from Galilee, where now rages a war Of words for what no one present saw at the time Passed down in written form speaking of the sublime In tales told whilst in the telling let the story unfold the past into the present to last The reflection in the mirror of the mind Read by the time traveller, long since blind to the images of the sea N N Reality stored to feed the imagination of those in need Of more Words to flow of energy pulsating life driving vitality through the seed Of time Blowing in the wind Across oceans divine Emptiness of star filled space of the universe overflowing Love borne seeds of time… Falling in a garden Of the mind.


Why open that book Why read that word Why listen to the voice You’ve already heard Yet wait, Procrastinate Ponder Wonder Whilst admiring the treasures and plunder Amassed, In a word hoard Stored To be unleashed Allowing the psyche to be released, run wild, rampant, like a child Explore, discover, touch, taste, learn In awe Of all that nature has In store In innocence open To the bombs which fall Upon the cradle Yet see From the charred ruins Green shoots of hope take route in the ashes and dust Of the empty tomb Of the womb Untouched, Unscathed Erased To rise Through time In rhyme reflecting the mirror of the soul divine Love Falling in flakes of innocence upon the frozen lake Whose unsounded depths stretch to an unfathomable infinity Yet lie within the soul of every living being Alone yet part of the whole Pattern of creation continuing upon the horizon Of time Which flees faster than its own shadow Beneath the moonlight falling With the flakes of snow


Whilst the owls hoot Since they know There is neither beginning nor ending Only a continuing Change Of season Flowing With the movement of the mountains in starlight Twinkling as the patterns rotate in the heavens above Reflected on the surface Remembered Re-called To life As green shoots thrust Forth into the sunlight, absorbing, reflecting life in the instant Of being Upon the horizon Of time. For as the son sees the Father The word is Heard In the silent echo Of love Reverberating through the mountains Of time Past, present, to come into being The son borne spirit of the verb Heard to be Heard in the word Of the son speaking wisdom divine From the heart Of thine. Amen.

As the word waits Silence Invades the space

Between the lines


Of thought Which re-mind The listener to Re-wind But what if The cassette has no beginning Nor end But just is The gradual evolution from monkey to man Swinging ape like in the trees Strengthening the back Walking on two feet Never looking back Nor sideways But straight Ahead as he swung Neglecting whether or not Time had begun To turn with the sun Transition From monkey to man Can you imagine The time span it took To get from the monkey To a shepherd’s crook? Shepherding, husbanding, looking after the flock For the future Generations To have what it took To survive The desert storms which reigned Outside The clan Stood fast With a structure Built to last Inclement weather Knowing the morrow would bring Warmth, life and love To everything Which lived Under the sun, moon and rain Perpetuating eternity, again.


Listen Listen as you hear the unfurling silence of your dreams Listen as your heartbeat tells you what it seems To hear In the silence of the stillborn night Echoed in the eternal flight into the future fled Being in the instant shed. Time abstracted time stands still Beneath a shadow ‘pon a hill a cross humanity’s gain or loss ‘tis yet unclear though the abstraction remains in our hearts dear Love remains Immutable, silent in swirling days Of sorrow past Love remains True to last A lifetime of pain Only to rise up again, unconquered, To reign Throughout the universe Love Remains Unchanging With the tides or time Constant Sublime Divine


Listen Listen to the silence Listen to the silent beating Listen to the silence beating In your heart Listen Listen to the waves washing Listen to the waves washing upon the shore Listen to your breathing Like waves washing On the shore Silence Yet in the silence a fullness A wholeness A being at one With the universe With universal being At one With one And all being at one with one Universal being All encompassing All pervading presence Of love Amongst the ashes Shoots appear Amongst the blackened and decayed a ray Of hope springs forth Enlightening The day Light hour Of dawn Upon which unfolding love spreads forth her wings of morn to mourn the quick and the dead redeem the battle fought against the hour love all that lives beneath the moving shadow of a sunlit tower of love.


Listen Listen to your heart As it guides your footsteps upon their weary way Listen to you heart As it guides your actions through a busy day Follow the words your heart dictates Wander through meadows your pathway takes Climb a mountain if that’s your desire To see the word, climb ever higher Until the realm of spirit you reach Relinquish the past, for the future you’ll teach To tread the pathway others have lead To see the universe in a loaf of bread.


Listen to the temple Of thy body Listen to the word Open the doorway Let in the congregation In the form of the Lord One being Infinite Contained yet Void Containing time In a silent sea of faces listening To a voice within The temple Ricochet across the still waters Of thy soul Reflected On the surface Of a pool of infinite depth The sun moon and stars rotate As galaxies and universes themselves Rotate in the revolution of evolution borne In the word Which echoes inside the temple Personified in the flight of a bird A dove A symbol of love The spirit which flies

With the imagination taking flight Journeying through the sill waters Of thy soul Being Carried in the carrying Of the cross Uplifted on thermals to soar Above the clouds and look down On the town Nestling in the foothills beside a lake beside a sea Where there wanders a guy Listening To the rockets blast And the blood flow Suffering Children to welcome him in To their hearts Listening To the spoken word Open the door Let in the light Into thy temple Of eternal night.

Listen to the voice within

Guiding your feet, uplifting, Transporting your soul Across the wasteland of eternity should your flesh be torn by desire then the cross which you carry will raise you higher as your flesh is bound to return to the land from which new fruit will fall if the soil be fertile, warm and wet the seed will sprout and the flame of humanity not go out in the winds of doubt seeds of time sew in the wasteland of the desert where the tempter wove a tapestry of words to enslave the knave who there would go without a cross to his own loss blowing in the wind and rain falling on sand the desert blooms watered by an unseen hand some guy wandering by a lake telling fisherfolk where to cast their net to catch the word past over houses untouched bearing the sign of a fish or Egyptian cross

roads from the East bearing gifts sublime unfolding passage of time taken to cross the desert which blooms as the shadows of the camel trains loom on the horizon.

In memory of Vincent & Theo
Listen Listen to the fragility of life In dynamic equilibrium Suspended on the spider’s web The world waits As all spins In harmony with Nature’s whims and fancies which flower By design upon the hour The plan to fulfil in time Unfold tomorrow’s tale told Through time A microcosm of life divinely poised Between being and a void Suspended From a tree Waiting out eternity Whilst down below The seasons come and go Synchronised The movement of the dance turns in the breeze Whilst one slip may cause the thread to break The instant pause A second Freeze 49

Like a painting Of rooks, sky and fields through which three pathways lead Whilst one turn may take The dynamic equilibrium to pause And break Its evolutionary rhythm Whilst the seasons come and go The bullet flies A rook croaks, another caws A shot rings out Is echoed By a shout An animal lies dieing Whilst those around Do not cease trying to revive The emaciated figure With lanky stride Who strode the earth to give A vision of beauty to those who live Whilst he lay dieing Those around Did not cease trying To stem the flow Whilst the seasons come and go The tide did ebb Life drained back to the land Once strode with awe At what the visionary saw Matter dissolving into space Lines curved through linear time and place Laughter, contentment, peace of mind Rejection by the visionary’s kind Hearted fellows who clung to the raft crossing time in a vessel which leaked without a mast Nor sail At the whim of nature and the mercy of gales Storms and hail Shattering the glass Reflected dynamic equilibrium evolving through time Fragile Interwoven, interconnected threads Transporting across the fields The one who had fell Whilst the rooks cawed Caught on canvass A message was left To the future to decipher as best it could


Now that the visionary never would Tell more than he could In his gesture Of faith Taking his life Away from his fellows Whilst the seasons come and go A lantern was lit To outshine the stars Shedding music and light To animate the dance Far into the night The vessel drifts At the mercy of currents, reefs and rocks Guided by the lamps Of those before who had lit Lanterns to show The animal who’d died was no less than a god Clothed to hide his nakedness Body torn from mind Experiencing the duality of being A man Moulded from clay To which he will return One day The fragile thread will break A single slip Is all it takes To break the glass Into splintered shards Each of which will slit A thousand threads which will no longer unravel A million pathways down which one will never travel To get to where one is now Looking at the stars And wondering how It came to pass That you should be travelling on this very same path With me, listening to the wisdom of the word, beneath an undesignated tree At an unspecified hour Watching the unfolding Of the fragrance of a flower In the breeze blown, borne Across the war torn promised land From which all men are moulded as they stand To face the vagaries of life, the cast of the dice The music of stars, of life, On canvass captured By an animal, enraptured by the beauty of the vision Transmitted to act as a beacon of light for those in the wake of the craft


Crossing the ocean with neither rudder nor mast Nor compass save the stars Gliding past in the bible black night To the tune of words in sight on the printed page Transforming animals to gods under the sun’s rays To hang on a thread in a state Of dynamic equilibrium moving at a rate Of knots Sounding the depths of the still waters of the soul still unfathomed in still life Or death For the dieing animal still breathes a last breath As he’s transported by his fellows Back to his second best bed where he’ll lie for an hour Before a mass is said In the church he’d painted With a vision in his head Who can tell Except the figures on the canvass he knew so well How they lived, laughed, loved, cried But in the bearing of the message, died.

Listen Listen Listen as thy breathing slows Listen as you remember to control Your breath Linking you with life And death Listen in the silence of the night Beneath the silvery reflection of the full moon so bright


Beneath the trees The river flows relentlessly Towards the sea Listen for ‘tis strange to hear The story which will reach thine ear Listen for ‘tis mighty strange Beyond the scope of psychoanalysis Far into another realm Of the divine Whose kingdom to see You first must die To live For God to give your all Whilst receive God within your soul Open the door Welcome the whole Bow down and pray For love hath entered the same way Be true For though it seem strange Thou be born anew Not of the flesh But of the spirit, blessed To bear The weight of the word To carry you far Whilst you wander As you will Wonder at the wickedness which still Pervades the planet For good or evil both come to nought Once discounted by the future bought By thirty pieces of gold A man betrayed His spirit bought By greed for what he had no need Yet had he not done the deal There would be no tragic ending to this tale Of love betrayed With the awareness of the one to die Hanging beneath a heavenly sky Whilst the guards waited, rolling dice A tunic was torn Whilst the waiting went on Shadows shortened, the sun rose high Vinegar was proffered, wine turned sour,


Reflecting the movement Of the hour A fourth man arrived to wait And watch from outside the city gate Crows cawed, men laughed, at the crown of thorns For thus the duality of existence is The flesh dies, whilst the spirit lives Men die, gods live, though both are one The flesh is tempted by images past The spirit struggles to rise at last Buoyed by the waters of belief Drunk by children who see As do those who died yet live Born again in the spirit to give Light to the word, that the light be heard Listen For ‘tis so Hard to swallow this truth I know Too well For though I live, I heard my death knell On the hour strike As harrowing Hell, I went whilst many wept Some slept in vain I write these words, I call thy name In vain For vanity pushes one to act Out the play Re-enact what he has to say to win The approval of his other self Who stands watching, waiting For roles to be reversed Masks to change with lines rehearsed, repeated since the dawn of time The spirit of love made manifest through man Listening to the music of the flute of Pan Whilst the full moon moves silent through the sky Alone a shepherd wonders why The sky be so bright, casting shadows into the night The world spins Change is constant, shadows stretch Into the distant horizon of time Frozen, in an image, to portray the crime Redeemed By compassionate acts As the Master washed the feet of his followers who trod The same land from which he was made God, Crucified, waiting whilst he died To rise With the mist on the morning tide As the river runs into the sea Washing upon the shore of life’s mystery


Revealed By C N N Concealed From those seeking riches and wealth Whilst those who serve May get the reward Which they deserve And those who open their hearts even more Will be charged to carry the burden of yore Free choice Listen Or not To his Master’s voice.


Listen Listen to the silence of the dark night.


Listen. It is growing steadily light Joy is coming. The invisible is made Visible. Listen as I sing praise to the Lord For I was cast down yet he raised me up Into the pit had I fallen My soul was in the grave Yet did not remain there but rose With the dawning of the morning Mists evaporate in the warming sun As my feet move up the mountain In awe I gaze around upon the beauty of the scene Higher my feet take me to a lonely landscape Where I walk alone Contemplation fills my heart with gratitude For I recall the pain of passion, suffering, death When my soul was flighty, my spirit knew no rest In ecstatic love I wandered, following the caprice of desire Yet now Lord I give thanks for thou hast found me Wandering far from the path Yet now Lord I give thanks for I hast found thee Deep within my heart Yea Lord thou art my rock and foundation For surely we will never part Amen.

Listen For in the listening lies the journey Within the words Winding and wandering as one explores The undergrowth of the mind Blind, lost, With neither compass nor map But only as guide Listening To the silent voice follow yet forge a path on the computer screen reflecting the meanderings of my soul seeking questions to escape the labyrinth in which I was turning with no bearings except those provided by listening Listening to the rhythm of life Pulsating through the universe The drum beat of being which pervades time and space Listening And finally discovering A voice Within To follow The word Displaying compassion and kindness To all which is alive

And functions doth perform Where a slight change Will echo throughout time A dynamic equilibrium of the universe moves And you can hear it When you listen To your own Heart Beat.

Listen Listen to the silence Listen to the silence 58

Before The beginning Primordial silence flowing through the empty universe Silence resounding Before the beginning Broke the silence With a word Followed by another Silence Impregnating the universe with opposite pairs Being and non-being balanced Heard in the silence between the words waiting the words weighting the words awaiting the silence speaking words Listen To the silence Between words Flowing With emotion Heard in the silence Of the words not spoken But heard Between the words Weighted To be weighed On the scales of justice On judgement day When the actions will speak louder Than the silence Between the words And the tree will be Recognised By the fruit designating it to be The burden bearing soul Burdened being borne Silence Resonating Between the words Of wisdom which wait Which weight The silence Of the wait Of the weight Of the play


On words And silences Impregnated with communion With the divine Silence Of the word.

Listen Listen to your dreams Listen to the silent scenes Of your dreams Sweet means Of disentangling the screams…

Listen If every straight line be the arc of an infinite circle What doth that circle encircle But that which it excludes? Thus the love of the Lord is both limitless yet lies contained within the heart of the true believer who, offended that he must bear such a weight which transports him in ecstatic jubilation of divine love, seeks to unburden himself by shedding light to enlighten the pathway to be trod by those suffering a similar affliction, or lameness, who, in their turn, will seek to lighten their load by lighting the pathway leading to the soul, or fish, found within the still silent waters within which all is but a shadow of an eagle in flight crossing the desert sand falling through an hour-glass reflected in the silence of being. Alone. Fleeing the pain the afflicted seeks union, earthly or spiritually. Yet whilst earthly love doth crumble spiritual love remains. All encompassing union with the divine reflects itself in a love of all beings, all of which possess a soul of equal weight and worth in the eye of the beholder…in the I of the beholder. Aye. I.


Listen Listen Listen to the silent word And hear The silence between the words Not heard Listen Listen to the silent word And wonder At the transformation created By listening To the word Unheard Listen Listen to the silent written word Stained with the blood of humanity Fed At the last supper Before It was too late To change The flow Of fate Beyond Redemption, a city gate, stood, open, Waiting one to pass On a beast of burden An ass Carrying a man to be crowned king A crown of thorns to be borne By a beast of burden torn In twain 61

As in the middle he hung Between two thieves Whilst angels sung A stranger limped, unseen To listen to the words Of the scene Enacted A scream Was seen In the word Awaited which went Unheard.

Listen Listen to the word Listen to the silence Understood, heard Between the words Waiting To be said Spoken, read.

Listen, Listen to the silence of speech Rehearsing reflections to reach Back into the past Reform from memory the last


Supper, scream or scene Which fell In to place A piece of the puzzle Of the human race Against time begun With a word Of love To resound Rebound beyond barriers of time and space Catching the imagination In time to face The future past By on the other side Unaware Of the silent pain which cried Out On the cross Recorded by a lame stranger At a loss For words To fit between The silences Reporting What had been seen


And heard In the scream Which shook The tree Be it apple or fig Fruit fell Through time and space Creating the story Of the human race.

Listen And as you listen observe A particle of dust Which in an expanding universe floats Through waves Which crash on the shore Whilst you Listen You become aware Of the beauty Which you see Everywhere Change flows with the waves Which wash on the shore


Whilst you listen You change Beginning a fresh Life In death Reborn in the spirit Rather than the flesh Which tempts, which calls with a word, between the silence of love and the sea of emotion welling up in thee there falls The word you hear which to you is So dear You fear So await Your fate fashioned free Beneath the shadow Of a tree Which falls upon the lame Stranger to begin again the tale told Since days of old and yore Silent shadow washed up Upon the sand swept shore Where words were writ To be erased unless the flame lit Shone still Life Long Love Which flows wherever Man goes Holding high A mirrored reflection Up to the sky Strewn stars which spin Through the universe which grows as you Listen to the word which transforms The bearer to the borne Again In the mind Grasps the silence between the words seen by the blind Listening To the transporting word


Forged race Against the waves which wash Clean the blood stained sands on the shore.

Listen And in the act Of listening hear The changes in yourself which do appear To form A new You Beneath the mask you wear Out Shedding The years Shorn You see The renewed, recreated, you Write Wrongs In songs Reflect On the new you recreated in the search For the truth Between the words.


Listen Listen

Has the creative act of seeking to re-collect in words Become a drug I need to feel release To enter a world of geometric peace Constructing a castle by the sea upon a sand-strewn shore Where I walk to watch the reflection of an open door Into the darkness of my soul into which I delve Seeking spiritual treasures which may lie to hand To be rescued from the cavern of forgetfulness where they rest Amidst the cob-webs waiting to ensnare Perhaps ‘tis the sense of danger which tempts me there To overstep the mark, root around, like Gollum, in the dark Chambers Time forgot, searching for the light of lanterns Of haw, seeking to decipher messages encrypted in symbols Which portray the inner landscape of the self Depicted artist forging his very soul, radiating from his being Connected with the reality of what may seem to be a dream Drug stimulating thought provoking pictures from the past To re-surface in the present form to speak Providing answers to questions which Man may seek To answer to comprehend the reality of existence on earth Through myths and works of art … Listen Listen to your heart and see How love guides, For spiritual love lifts up Allowing the lover to journey safely through flames of passion Seeking the Lord becomes sought Enters the welcoming soul of the seeker who sees The beauty of being alive in a wondrous world Where love can be communed in a smile And inner resources mined for the benefit of mankind For Man to see – he’s more than a monkey swinging through a tree He’s a god – and his actions will be judged by humanity For all work for the greater good of the collective neighbourhood When it thrives each individual is more likely to survive The ravages of time and tide. For Man is a god who dies


Existing for a while On the horizon of time checking the scales and the sails with an eye on the weather and a weather eye open for a fellowship to form to help the craft weather the storm.

Love fills the heart with the wonder of the word. Have you heard?

Listen Focus Get back on track Position yourself True North in view Single-minded Prioritise Listen To words of wisdom From other skies To your being You Saying What you do And doing what you say You do Be true With no secrets to hide Because you lied Cheating yourself In vain 68

Attempting to create A name of renown For vanity’s sake Your face will reflect The truth which your soul Will re-collect In the depth’s of your being You Need to be focussed On track Committed To arriving at a destination In the dark With only the candles From other skies To show you the pathway They better not be lies You will tell Others will see Straight from the smell Of the scent in the breeze Whispering its way Through silent trees Which wait To carry the word A cross Shadows which fall Still life lingers Upon a hill Where dice lay cast With the skin of the serpent Which spoke Arousing passions Which awoke The dragon within Causing the crowd to laugh At your nakedness Whilst you in vain shed Floods of tears With the words you had read But heeded not For in vain Considered the snake slain As it slithered from its skin Into the dragon within You Can conquered be still If you will Consider your destination true Anew


Be carried by the burden of love which bears fruit which falls To the ground See the might of mother nature who wrought The word From nought Duty bound Freedom of thought Word and deed For the truth will be seen in the seed Blowing in the wind In the breeze Through the trees Where one prayed On his knees Whilst his followers fled Swords were drawn Whilst rivers were to flow red With the blood Remembered in the wine From water turned By the drug of love which burns Intoxicating as it turns Water into wine Drunk in the silent communion Of the mind Seen by the blind Man who saw The beauty of being True To your self Anew.


Listen Listen to your heart For words cannot express The beauty which lies Within The silence of your soul Which weighs and guides You home. For life is but a spiritual journey The body undertakes Whilst the undertaker Waits Whilst the weight be borne And in the bearing Bear fruit to feed The undertaker’s need For love to lighten the load shared in silent communion with the Word within the answer heard the questions raised in the silent echo beyond the grave stones which stand in silence across the land forged form the body takes whilst for love the heart aches. Listen to your soul For silence speaks Louder than words Which weight.


Listen I have been Scraping A living Eking out Making do With my breath Without which I would have had a hard Time Just breathing In Out In out like the sound of the sea unceasing I have tried To explore the pathways of the wise Only to find The undergrowth of my own imagination Denied Access to the higher echelons Of the tide Governed by the moon I have lied


To myself to no avail The sea pounds the shore Wearing thin Falsehood and sin But what if the truth lies Within The breathing Out In Without which naught remains But tales Foretold In the telling Of old Wives, poets and priests Politicians and tea-leafs Telling The tale Told Undersold In the sale Of the century’s tail Ender On a bender In time To rhyme Standing the words in line Whilst wondering why A.D.B.C Meet Where they do On the shore I wander As I wonder At the beauty of the world spinning in space Despite the follies Of the human race To which I belong Amidst the happy, loving, murderous Throng Listening Singing The same Song Between the sheets.


Listen Listen to the words in thy heart Weigh them to wonder What thou art Become Another, by following guides Absorb their wisdom Into thy stride Learn from the path which they trod Their vision of God Transmitted through time To thy pathway to the Lord Who will seek you If you love his Word. And keep it, following guides Feeling God’s presence, by your side Helping you grow, in wisdom A pathway will show The way to be trod To discover in yourself The love of God For Mankind Listen to his word And thee he will find Transformed Unscathed by flames of desire Uplifted by love, rising higher Thyself wilt thou see Serving thy fellows With humility helping others overcome Difficulties on the journey begun.


Listen Listen Listen as you open yourself to the Lord Welcome him into your abode Where you dwell on the lightness You feel in your heart where he dwells Though extends beyond you, all encompassing, all embracing, love Encircling that which is encircled, reflecting that which is reflected Moves among men, houses, children, all things living, Is mist on the sea in the morning, is memories both individual and collective, Is the hangman’s noose, murderer’s knife, blood stain of the victim slain Conscience of the murderer who waits imprisoned in his wait Drop of wine, meal shared, friendly word Oft’ recognised in a smile given and returned Voice of the drowning sailor carried on the winds to his loved one Waiting, who knows what has happened before hearing it on the late night news Kiss betraying action transcending time as the messenger be consumed by love divine His ego emptied, the vacuum filled, with the infinite weight of the universe which uplifts as on wings The body which it bears in the breeze blowing between the Olive trees Where swords clash, an ear falls, the word goes, unheard in the silence of the darkest night Stars move through the sky, the earth turns, waves crash, the wind blows, bullets fly Through the flesh of innocent victims waiting in line to buy bread Cut down dead their corpses stare at the sky whilst survivors wonder why The wind has stopped blowing, The wind has stopped flowing between fellow travellers under the night sky Following the same stars, climbing the same dunes, slipping in the same sand As the same sea crashes on the same shore tossed ship which is sinking under the weight of the wait Which is Interminable A shifting Of foot A rhythmic balancing forward moving motion, Left, right, left, right ad infinitum, undoubtedly more efficient than swinging from branch to branch of the now no longer existing tropical rain forest, whilst the arms move, maintaining the same pace, though in opposite direction to the aforesaid feet Whilst wondering Why The wind has calmed, the clouds dispersed, fields of blue sky flooding the landscape blossomed with the flowers of Spring though it be but winter, But sill the march continues, left, right, left, right, All advance into the same shadowy night Whilst the owl hoots, dives on its prey The seas roll on the shore You breathe,


In Out In Out The same air Shared A smile Whilst a child stops to help another who has fallen by the wayside A child Helps Another Whilst his elder brother waits Analysing in vain The empty reasons of shame showered in stones upon the silent bones which wait Whilst inscriptions carved in stone slip beneath the spider’s web Whilst the moon grows, cries, takes the form of the fingernail of both the child and soldier who died in the cross-fire of bullets which hailed Mounting from 345 to well over a thousand in less than ten days of mindless killing engaged In the name of Something which children can’t understand, though children help, each other with a helping hand Some Smile Of love which reigns Whilst salt stained tears fall The desert blooms With love Once you open your door To the Lord. Love Is the dew on a rose in the mist in the morn as the light filters, flickers is filtered into a spectrum of colours all of which together constitute a single colour As it is with all religious pathways which all meet at the same summit beneath the star flung sky. The artist is both a child and an adult. As a child he seeks to have fun, enjoyment in the instant immutable fleeting passing whilst as an adult he seeks to leave a silence in the passing of words to enlighten the wayfarers following on other pathways leading to the same silent summit where the wind blows with no answers except those heard in the word-struck silence of the dumb-founded poet found wanting whilst waiting prepared. For waiting prepares. Expectation aroused. Curiosity temps. But in the waiting is a transcendence, uplifting, overcoming all. Love of the Lord surpasses all understanding. Though coals may burn thy feet thou may traverse thy days unscathed. Thanks be to God.


Listen “There’s allus something.” Conditioned our lives by Karma be ‘Tis only by disciplined love of the Lord Open, with no secrets, that we may travel in safety from being harmed by ourselves seeking more than that which we have been blessed. Contented be ye. Let your spirit rest. A grasshopper can be held in the palm of the hand Whilst its song heard throughout the land Such is the nature of the mystics’ song A single voice produced by an infinite throng In silent communion day and night long. Once Man was attentive to his world Listening to its spirit flowing within him, through him, For he was but a part of that world in which he was obliged To listen To survive Every petal opening had a meaning Every wind blew a tale Of a great Spirit in the Sky Man studied the stars and wondered Why The brim was overflowing with beauty Flowing Between beings Aware Of each other Communicating Across Time and Space Dreaming Transmitting the past to the future in tales told A millionfold In images borne To be heard Whilst the backdrop unfolded Of the world Within a world


In which the spectator was actor In the created image of creation stored In the stories storing the store Of silent images Of the imagination day-dreaming during the nightmares dreamt whilst piecing together To gather The fragments Re-collected Restored To life In the childlike process of creation Unravelling the meaning of the messages Drawn Carved Painted Transmitted in the breathing Blowing Through the didgeridoo sounding ”om” “om” “om” om om om om om resonating throughout time from within to the universe in a symphony of sound.

Give us this day Our dreams of tomorrow Transcending the present Into a future cast To catch two fish For the morrow’s journey to last A lifetime fishing In the dreams past.


Seeking the Light He found me Alone and desolate Consoled me With the light Of the Word Made flesh Forged future Fore-gotten Gain Of the word with no name Known to all men Dolmen Standing stone Circles Parallel Placed At energy spots Where flows Energy To heal And re-store To life The sick Quick and the dead With a word Shattering jolt of energy restoring electrical impulse awakening the mind to the infinite possibilities of life flowing from living beings through one another to one another at dawn Between night and break Of day Upon the sea-shore listening to the movement of the waves washing back and forth whilst the moon lit the sky silver and clouds rolled by.

Imagine Being Born A second time Without having died Yet being Dead To the word and the flesh


One’s ego consumed In a childlike state Of innocence Creating For Heaven’s sake Holding fast To a lifeline flung In the past By fellow sufferers For the future to form In the wise words Of the second born Seeking a path To express in words The silent suffering beauty heard in the music of stars and the flight of birds.

My heart has become a slave In the hands of my beloved A pen scratching words in the sand An open door, An empty room filled with the perfume Of the Lord Gathering dust In a cob-web of the mind created vision of the blind Who lead to the beat of a heart and a drum Children having fun In the field Of the Lord.


Under the cypress trees I watch the crescent moon Rising high Waves curve upwards Before breaking on the shore I listen To the rhythmic rise And fall Of the sea I am swept away In the arms of my lover We become one We come Together Under the cypress tree. Listen 21jan Listen Close your eyes Put your hands together Meditate Drift Away into dreaming Dreams See reality as I is And not what it seems To be Dream Dream the world Your life Dream you Dream the events for which you strive Come true Dream Dream of the future which seems Better than before Dream of a ‘morrow which is Of yore Dreaming Come true As sure As blue Sky connects Heaven with earth A chain of rosary beads Mother Nature


At work In our dreams Which make The future Not what it seems In our dreams Of a better earth Where North and South are not Divided By the cartographer’s pen But are one Sun-blessed humanity singing The same song To different tunes Writing With different runes From a crumbled tower Of Babel Which fell Upon the hour It takes For Man to rise From Finnegans wakes Week T Ford Car pollutes Congestion fills The auto-routes Tolled In the telling Charges bought Against a Man Who had done nought But said The truth As he saw it Lying In an infinite number of chambers under the same roof Beneath a weather-cock Which turned As Mother Nature scorned The ideas produced By the pen Induced By the word which when-T Unheard In the silence Of the symphony of stars which sang To the echo of the silence which rang


Through the minds of Man On the hour The clock struck The silence Of a tall black tower beside the silvery sea stretching beyond the boundaries of infinity to be Lost With neither compass nor map Spells the ingredients Of a mishap Or misfortune Told In the telling Tales of old Found To save souls by the pound Of flesh Unfolded Unfurled In the star spangled banner Burned Books which rise The spirit of awareness Higher than the skies From which stones rain On the poor Again And Again Intifadah Reigns Stones On the poor Slain in vain for a Lord with no Name But Love Charity Faith Borne from above. Listen Be matter waves Energy Love Saves Be matter love Waves Energy


Gives Be matter energy Waves of love Flow Energy be matter Love Waves Matter be love Energy Waves Rise and fall With the breathing Required To love Life Reciprocally After death Mirrored the image Borne In the present From past to the horizon Of time Torn Time worn Tales Of love Which heals Fills the cup Of life Drunk up To the brim Yet which remains Beneath the surface skin Cut By cubists in vain Seeking The word with no name Known to all men Amen Which blooms like Bloom In the desert Darkness at noon Negates The word Waits silent weights


Listen Still Life Flows Nature Dead on a canvass Grows, lives, gives, Emotions live, vibrate through time and space Still Life Lives Gives a reflection which resounds In the energy which abounds In grace Filled space which flows Which comes And goes Comes and goes Flows With the sea, the river, the wine, the word Divine Split in the instant of time Which flows With the flow of love Sublime.

Listen Plants grow From non-being to being combining to form matter in form healing energy borne from the sun warming rays penetrate with love life’s days



Listen to the sounds which surround And wait, listen to the sound Listen to the rhythm Of the boat Rising and falling in tune with the waves Creaking and groaning Music enslaved to Nature’s calling The ghost in the machine Predisposed Man’s falling unseen From a garden Whilst flying Too close to the sun The wax melted Man had to run To survive Listening to Nature To keep alive The current flowing From earth to sky With Man in the middle Questioning why He was but a part Of the jig-saw puzzle Of a great work of art Growing through time which it included All embracing Being The sum of infinity Reduced to the eye Of a needle to thread Containing the sum Of the equation aforesaid Being Equal yet infinite All containing whilst contained In the eye of a needle Threading time With linear language on a line Passed To the future Present Past Second which flows With the music


The universe bestows In the movement of the stars, of the sea, of birth, death, drawing free Souls from bodies To float In a sea of spiritual awareness Of a boat Crossing the sea Of being To eternity reflected in the waves which flow Upon the shore Of the instant captured by listening Through an open door to the way To the light spreading At the break of day Night falls elsewhere In the turning Of the tide Is a constant flowing Guide To the universe borne In the heart Of all being Both one and infinite Encircling the encircled arc in a line Of language listened to through time


Listen Listen to the children whose voices are heard Echoing into the future as free as a bird Flies through the sky with no care in the world Yet have to be carried for others to guide down infinite paths which time can not divide all leading to one- both son and Man duality splits open the awareness of self which sits at the heart of being both father and son captured for all time being fleeing.


Listen Listen to the silence amongst the ruins of what thy art For to rebuild thyself this silence will be heard not to part From what thy hast become – both an archetypal Man and Son.

See the blue of eternity in the fields The lily of the valley which yields Cures for many ills Concentrated energy in pills Yet seek the source of the flow If wisdom thou seeketh- thy self to know. Thanks be to God.

Listen Stand outside thyself to see Thyself But a shadow on the wall of Time The trap of death is sprung But thy hath already passed that way unscathed Thanks be to God.


Listen to the silence before sunrise The world sleeps The city sleeps The town sleeps The village sleeps The household sleeps You sleep But wait Listen longer and wonder Doth a city ever sleep Doth it ever stop The town may look quiet, sleeping But maybe there’s someone who could not Fall asleep to find Repair, restore body and mind With the energy of love which flows In the silent heart which knows Contentment Being blessed With a selflessness Desiring to give Yet forget the deed

Or debt Volunteering To serve humanity’s cause In vain Striving to carry the light to a point yet to be named In three languages carved Facing both one direction and an infinite choice of pathways At a time which neither existed yet exists Beyond time Beyond timelessness As a new current flows from the meeting of streams all of which contributing Create anew Riverrunningflowofthewordsusedtodesignateyou.
Listen Ordain thyself with religion Whichever you choose Follow its precepts And rules Showing the way Forward, through another day.



Listen to the motion of the stars
Listen to the scudding clouds Listen to the wind What news it brings From afar Listen to the silence In your heart to hear The opening of a flower draw near Being A flower unfolding fragrance Draws near Bees from afar Guided as if by a star Wise men walked In silence listening To the universe which talked In their hearts they knew Themselves to be Travellers from across a sea Of sand dunes stretching forth through time and space as the falling sand slipped into place the

hour-glass reflected shadow keeping pace with camels they climbed rolling sand dunes of the mind which rose and fell with the universe’s dynamic equilibrium poised in motion the camels strode whilst the travellers listened to the creaking load in their hearts they heard the current flow bringing news of the word they sought to know The path to tread To a cross Road of cultures Marking a point in time and space Reflecting the beginning Borne in the word Bearing ideas and thought Which pictogram and word both wrought Forging tales anew As the travellers talked Languages from lands long left Behind sea of dunes and mountain cleft Rising towards Tibet Snow-capped peaks Where currents of thought ran deep Through Time’s span The travellers heard tales of a word began In the beginning beginning time Unravelled in the present

Flowing through space In silence Heard In the hearts Of the travellers who knew Other forgeries equally true As language forges thought Wrought in words Writ In Sanskrit Hieroglyphs carved Chinese characters printed Transported Through time and space To a cross Roads Reflecting the flow Of a universal being Endowed with spirit Which flows Through space-time being The sum of an infinite number of parts Reflecting the reflection of the word Listened to by the travellers whilst they listened in awe to time-worn tales of yore Story Your

Story Told For you By a story-teller forging Old tales Anew. Amen. Thanks be to God.

Listen23b Listen Listen to this odd fragment that I’ve heard The Dalai Lama Was reincarnated In Bethlehem found By travellers listening to the sound Of the verb Incarnate In every word Spoke From the heart Opening a door Into the dark

Awakening Awareness Brings light Hearted laughter in flight The imagination alights The flame of desire Of Man’s funeral pyre “follow me”, he said give up your ego and go tell the world what you know to be so be it true I can’t tell Anymore than you Few who have fathomed It out for yourselves Are aware Of the point where Travellers met Word for word unburdened silence Dumb-founded Idea grams sent Through space and time converging on a point Where cultures crossed, converged At the vortex of being

A beginning borne In the reincarnate word Made flesh As time and space converge In the universal flow Of laughter And smiles Sign-language aped Mimicked in the mirror Of the soul Bearing gift Of awareness Stole In the fruit of the flame of desire Rising to a crescendo As two form one Love Flows In the fertilized egg which grows In the womb Giving birth to the cry Of travellers asking why A tunic would be torn In two As night follows day Love flows unfathomed from a fathomless flow Of space and time being incorporated

Within the body borne From womb to tomb Whilst the spirit like a river flows Alleviating the suffering of Man’s woes Though whence and where no man knows Whilst feeling it in passion’s throes Of love Which bear The weight of the light across The journey crossed By travellers wise To the fortunes of man’s demise A beast of burden clothed to mask The understanding of the questions asked Of one’s self torn In two The tunic is split Though a patchwork it be Common to all Humanity Hiding behind A fig-leaf found On a tree Where apes still swing free Of the chains By which Man enslaves Man

As egos grow Out of control Travellers listen To what they have Herd In the ideograms in the spaces between the characters painted on the papyrus in hieroglyphs carved in stone to crumble to be buried amongst the dunes which curve to a crescendo whilst love flows converging bodies meet the climax where space and time fuse to form one continuous flowing current of energy which consumes the ego so the travellers stand in a trance like state of quietude aware only of the infinitesimally small point which Bethlehem is bound to become as the waves of the universe roll the sands of time into dune formed crescendos of love which ripple forth into the starlit silence of the night following day which has broken upon a lake where two fish caught are sufficient to feed five thousand souls a multitude of times throughout time as the travellers contemplate the myriad of words caste into the pool of consciousness where they sink into the depths of the unconscious only to resurface in refurbished form appropriate to the culture of the time being in which they are borne to bear the message of love which fills the Springtide air

blowing in the wind to which the travellers hark aware of the silence and need for language to lighten the dark passage of time which flows in the hearts and mindful souls of those who wait, awake, whilst they watch two birds in flight cross a lake amongst mountains in a moonlit night in awe, listening in silence, dumb-struck by what they saw to embody the universal spirit of love which flows beyond time and space within all which is.

Listen 25


Listen to the truth which lies In the silences between the words unsaid Between the lines But read Weigh up the choices which you have on your way To climb a high mountain you’ll need many guides Best mirror the actions of those deemed wise Should you seek to follow the path which they trod Be sure that the questions which you ask God Will help illuminate the path to be trod To Mother Nature lend an ear Listen and ponder all that you hear And observe, from the formation of flowers to the flight of a bird Should you be at sea, be attentive to the harmony betwixt the elements and thee Currents flow, let yourself be guided by what they show Take time out to rest and repose, ponder upon all observation shows Your heart never doubt and each day you’ll be ready to start Anew, knowing what it is which you have to do Be prepared, let nothing take you unawares Not even death which will come, e’en though your journey has but begun After death, who knows what, if aught, lies ahead?


Listen Listen and reflect Could it be that we be Trapped In the projection of a will Too powerful and too deliberate to be human?

As Justine said? Trapped like a boat on the sea Awaiting the wind Yet slipping fast with the flow Helplessly drifting further and further out With the tide Unable to counter the force of nature which impassively moves The tiny bobbing boat ever further from land into waters that are deep and swirling with eddies and currents we do not know? Yet what can we do? Wave? Who to? The radio has gone dead? No ships pass this way. We pray. Yes, we who have never gone to church on Sundays, preferring to prepare our little boat for a spot of pleasure, we pray. Yet God hears. God hears us in our chains. Frightened. Afraid, trembling now as the boat slips further and further beyond our control. God comes. God calms. The panic attack over we see the world anew. God has entered our hearts. Like a mother reassuring a child woken from sleep by a nightmare. Like children we seek God. Finding His presence in our hearts fills us with tranquillity. We are at peace. Perhaps the current will continue to drag the boat ever further from the shore. We shall wait. Whilst waiting God’s love

will lift us up. Strengthened we will give fight. Yet there is nothing to be done, but wait. Perhaps the morrow will bring a welcome wind to our sails. We will be saved. Yet it proves nought. All will seek the Lord in times of trouble and none will be refused. Blessed be he that seeketh the Lord when the wind blows fair for in Him he shalt find great solace.

We were together In the heart of the city Watching the river flow Past beautiful old apartments where once Different faces had looked out Over the flowing river As people had shouted in the street Napoleon Louis Or perhaps earlier When the scaffolding used in the construction of Notre Dame was Finally removed Displaying the beautiful stonework And weighing of souls In silence We wondered At the beauty we saw Together Happy Asking for nothing more


Listen Listen

Listen to the waves washing Listen to the movement of the sea Rising, Falling Washing Incessantly Whilst all changes All is in a state of constant change Flowing Balancing forces Out-weighing each other cancelling one Another out As the movement continues The boat rises And falls with the waves Which wash away silences between words written in sand on the shore Whilst silence remains The waves wash Against the shore Erasing the words written Between the silences Which lengthen

With the waves Which wash away the dualism Between you and I Between I and we Elevating the mind To a union with the whole Totality of experience In which the I Is submerged In a sea of being Aware Of the rising And falling Of the boat Bobbing up and down In the universe Flowing With the tide Of matter In waves Of time Encircled by emptiness Flowing With the particles of emotion Of love Between sentient beings Divine

Whilst as one with the Lord Absorbed in all light All pervading Flight Through the universe of time Gathering pace As it hurtles Through space Curved Expanding Exponentially until time and matter fuse To form one Flow Of energy Driving life To grow From the seeds of the flower of time which fall to embrace life’s diversity upon the earth’s face which mirrors that of the moon whose tears fall and water the desert which blooms anew whilst the wind blows sand falling in dunes which roll with the rising and falling waves of time which flow through the current of energy which goes from being to being in the instant one knows an awareness of Being

part of the whole which flows with the rise and fall of the boat bobbing sea of love which flows from you to me whilst the I and the we lie consumed in a passion the Lord lifteth up with compassion the fallen angels who bore a message to humanity from afar flung star which hung over a manger where a Man-child was born to be the son of Man and Woman whilst the world watched wise men from the east crossed carrying gifts from afar

for out of Egypt was called the Son who saw the beauty of being in the world awaiting the word upon which to wait to be carried whilst carrying its weight.

Listen Rumi cast a stone into a pond which ripples yet today The reflections cast by fond friends is needed when you begin to draw Water from a well until one day the reflection you cast rings true And the face you see peering down the shaft into the depths is you Then need to unite the faces so that “I” be “we” And you feel in the uplifting presence of the Lord’s company Guiding as a forked birch rod enables water to be divined You experience the rejuvenating power of Love you find Emanating from the laughs and smiles reflecting those you cast Whilst the water which you draw sparkles in the sun Remember the friends in need who to slake their thirst thee seek Casting stones into a pond which ripples yet when the water be drunk It’s as intoxicating as wine yet gives an insight which rings clear As a bell guiding boats through fog, water droplets suspended in the air Above a pond, which ripples yet today, with the waves of Love which flow Through the words your friends describe how their blindness was healed By that which they drew, uplifting the water to you.


A bowl of dirty water lay waiting by a wall Warming in the courtyard, for the use of all Who may have happened, passing by, To seek to wash their hands Beneath the sun-blessed sky. A ragged beggar approacheth Ashamed for armed with nought Food and lodging for the night Was what he sought. “Come hither,” cried the water “What hast thy got to waste? Let me cleanse thy wounds Do not turn away in haste.” “I can not” cried the beggar “soil thy pure soul” “Well if not,”cried the water “who will make thee whole?”


Can it be possible that a man can see The mysteries which flow from Thee And live in peace without feeling He has to give Back the beauty which he bore When he looked upon that which he saw Pregnant with awe He stood Wondering whether his tongue had been turned to wood For in the pictures which he painted There was so little of the truth for which he’d fainted Swooned, so strong was the sentiment He felt himself doomed To bear the burden to his fellows Awaken the world Sound the alarm Flag up a warning message spammed To those awaiting the word which jammed In the machine which broke Down and cried Upon discovering The truth Had lied With falsehood stood The test of time Upon its head To wait For the silent word to weight The scales To guide The soul towards its test For if it won it would be blessed With the vision to weight The balance of fate which swings The trajectory of earth born things Towards the stars which sing Of the future which flies on wings Of time which tell Of the beauty of the silent word Which resonates in the wisdom Of all that you’ve heard In this tale Summed up in the action Of a horny old snail Seeking to transmit The genetic code Of which he was writ To survive Only the fit Will remain alive


For he wondered “who wrote the writ?” a High Court Judge is it He that sit measuring the wait which swings the balance bearing weight borne in the coming of the dawn unfolding o’er the hills of England’s green and Pleasant new Jerusalem but this?

Listen Listen to the your heart Listen to the silence which weights the words With meaning understood between the words which flood The silences which wait In silence whilst the spate of words fills the void The truth lies In the silence Which everybody’s heard. For love to be made Manifest The windows must be wide Open Through which the sun will pour Germinating the seed If watered with words It will grow To be recognised By the fruit of the action We sew Patches together to cloak The knowledge the word let slip


In the silent understanding Betwixt the cup and lip.

Listen28b Listen to the gardener who knows All the conditions must be reunited For the seeds he sews to flourish in the time Mother nature has in mind The seasons come and go What conditions are needed For the word you sew to grow Into a tree The fruit of which reflecting The peaceful harmony of thee Will sew the pips of time Flourishing in the second Birth awakening borne In the spirit, divine.

Listen Listen and reflect That which you hear And observe The constant changing Flow of the world Returning the gift given A thousandfold Unfolding flower Of Love Heard in the opening Silence Of the word Weighted burden Borne In the reflection Cast In the foundry Of the mind’s I Heard Awaiting word.



If thou seek Thou shalt see Within thyself The reflection Of Deity In human form Masked Nakedness hidden Mortal To become ashes and dust Be all that remains Of passion and lust Conquered In Love Of the Lord Whom thou shalt see When seeking deep Inside of thee.

Listen Listen to thy heart within Could it be any other Than what you hear Beareth no relation To the color of thy skin? Listen, listen to thy dreams For they will be your guide To what seems to be true Beneath the layers and layers of you.


Listen29b Listen to thy heart within Could it be any other Than what you hear Beareth no relation To the color of thy skin? Listen, listen to thy dreams For they will be your guide To what seems to be true Beneath the layers and layers of you.

Listen29c Listen Listen, abandon thy self In the love of a higher Being Infinite In wisdom and strength Speak kindly To all who come thy way Listen intently To what they have to say For they may well guide you Upon your way With their words Showing a perspective You had not heard Tell Until today Be told In tales


Of old Wine in new bottles Sold. To quench the thirst Whilst the truth doth flow From that which is given For nought but love For a higher being In the heavens above.

Listen Should thou speak to a woman Look upon her as thy sister Should she be younger Let her climb upon thy shoulders To see further Than thyself could fathom For in her turn and time Wilt she transport the wisdom Passed on in line.

Give For unto the giver shall it be Given Let him who receive Give thanks unto the Lord

Thy God whose peace passeth all understanding.

Thanks be to God.


What use art thy But to help others seek enlightenment and understanding?

Having done wrong Acknowledge thy transgression In order to see The path of righteousness anew.

A heavy heart Sloweth the journey Travel light Taking only a smile with you Return the smile others give you And they will help you on your way. Love flows from a smile Happiness is lightness of being Aware of oneself and the beauty of all that which surrounds thee


Righteousness overcometh evil Bu who is to judge one from the other Except by the fruit they bear?

Om Listen to the Om Within thyself Om Pacifies As does a didgeridoo Om Blowing out All is in the breathing As one is part of the universal flow Om Om Om Repetition takes one into the realm Of the Almighty. Om Om Om O graceful one have mercy upon us For we are blind and know not what we do. Succour and strength may be had in the Love of the Lord Hold fast and thy shalt not go astray. By thy work shalt thou be known The fruit of thy actions will fall unto thee. Rejoice with those whom are joyful Lament with those stricken by grief, sadness of heart and sorrow. The ways of the Lord are mysterious No man may fathom them nor explain.


Contemplate not the sin most trivial For from small seedlings great oaks grow.

Actions form being Birth is but an ornament. Carry wisdom with thee in thy burden For it will lift up thy spirit and thy soul. Only wisdom will help thee traverse temptation Which is waiting every step of the way. Be beloved of the people For they shalt support you on your way. Seek always what is righteous and good Shun evil and that which causeth striving and dissent. Agreement is good for it leads to reconciliation Love flows from understanding one another. In the name of the Lord seek thy way For He seeketh those whom He seek.

Have a plan, know where thy goest Storms wilt not catch thee unawares. Fix a destination with a due date Allowing for deviation and delays. Love the Lord and He wilt help thee Be but an instrument of his Word Open thyself to His beauty And thyself wilt be insignificant.


The voice of the Lord thy God Shalt reign from generation to generation. No man shalt cross the word of the Lord Lest he be struck down by his transgression. With the transgressors was he numbered Let him without sin cast the first stone. Listen to Bach for inspiration For he understood the symphony of the verb. Give thanks unto the Lord thy God For His mercy endureth forever. Work shalt be thy salvation For in doing wilt thou be recompensed. Perform good deeds in earnest So doing will build the temple of the Lord. Help thy neighbour and in so doing Help thyself. Love is the light of understanding Seek it out to lighten the darkness in thy heart. Compassion generates kindness of heart Let all men be brothers loving one another. There shalt be no escape From the knowledge of thy sin. Burdens may carry thee forward Lightening thy load with love. Love of thy neighbour wilt consume thee Yet in the fire wilt thou be reborn. The Lord depasseth all understanding A good name is to be chosen above riches and wealth.


A sound heart, body and mind is to be had By listening to the weight of the word. The word is silent when compared to the deed Let the deed speak and the word be silent. In the silence the truth be hidden Let the word speak that it be revealed. Uncover, discover recover That which is covered never can be. Healing floweth from self examination Listen to thy heart and thy woes will be heard. Hearing may bring recovery Be belief present that be all. Hearing leadeth to understanding Let all men listen with goodness of heart. Let the sayings of the wise be transcribed That they may be passed from generation to generation. That men shall see the ways of the Lord Suffer children to approach him. The ways of the Lord be no different In one country than in another. Names may vary with usage Though the spirit is the same. Om Om Om Exhaling I infuse thy name. I hear thy spirit resounding In the flow of which I am part. Let all men of flesh feel thy spirit That they shall seek thee out above all other. Tender is the night And all that dwell therein loved by all.


Let thy days be bounteous and long And thy cup of understanding overfloweth forever. Smile and the world will smile with thee For in thou it will seek a friend. Love thine enemies and thou wilt have none All will seek to be thy friend. Lovers walk in the compass of the Lord Joined by His awareness;.

Should life be but a thread-bearing necklace of jewels Be thou strong enough to bear it ? Better be it to travel naked With but a name for cloak and love for baton to support yet pass.