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Teachers Name: Zachary Gates

Date: 4/20/13

Grade: 6-8 Title of Lesson: Engendering musicianship and ownership through sample pads and technology in the classroom Plan
Behavioral: Learners will be able to work together in groups to learn how to manipulate an electronic sample pad to create a simple song with drum track, tonic, subdominant, and dominant chords. Cognitive: Learners will understand that there is a tendency in traditional harmonic progression for a mixture and order of tonic, subdominant, and dominant. Experiential: Learners will encounter teamwork skills, as well as trying to work with an electronic machine to make music.

Partner: Play for the students Rock n Roll by Skrillex, showing them an example of electronic music. Introduce that we will be working on electronic music today. Present: 1. Have students pair in groups of three and go in front of the sample pad. 2. Have for them to collectively think of a beat in 4/4 that uses strong beats 1+3. Discuss low beats, high beats, and their place in beat pattern. Have one student perform this with the group. 3. Have for the remaining two students to use I,IV, and V chords (pre-programmed in sample pad) to create a 12 bar chorus. Discuss placement of tonic (beginning, end as we have before), Have one student perform 4. Have last student in group use preprogrammed pentatonic scale to play a simple melody. Personalize: By creating their own beat patterns, chord progression, and simple 5 note melodies using the easy interface of the sample pad, everything they choose to do in performance will be a result of their own creativity and ideas. Perform: Students will perform their parts for each other within the group, and then will perform for the class as a whole at the end of class. Assessment will be taken from this final performance, as well as ability to work together inside the group to arrive to the final performance.

Critical Objective: Learners will perceive differently the effort it takes to make a song, as well as their own musicianship that has been accessed through the sample pad.

Focusing Question: In what ways will students work together on the Sample Pad, and in what ways will they perceive their musicianship differently.

Formative: Listen to the groups play their song with headphones and ask them why they chose to put what chords where Summative: Have the groups perform their song for everyone else in the class. Grade on a rubric of beat consistency and chord progression based on prior lessons on what is appropriate for these.

Materials: 1 Akai Sample Pad for 3 students 1 Headphone Hub for each Sample Pad 1 Portable Stereo System

Process: Will students be able to work together? Will the strict confines of the sample pads preprogramed nature make them feel not in control of their music? Will some students genuinely dislike electronic music and therefore be uninterested?