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Whitepaper Future of m-Commerce

Whitepaper Preface

Future of m Commerce m-Commerce

Although E- commerce has influenced the global environment, many firms are Mobile Commerce has gained increasing continuously looking for new technologies, acceptance amongst various sections of the applications and society in last few infrastructures where years. The reasons such innovations can for its growth can The need for mobility seems to be the bring more profits p be traced back to driving force behind Mobile Commerce. and attract more technological and customers. One demographical M-commerce = E commerce E-commerce + Wireless innovative developments that Web environment, have influenced involving mobile many aspects of computing and the socio-cultural wireless technology is related to Mobile behavior in today’s world. Mobile services Commerce, which has become a new area have registered impressive growth in of interest for today’s firms. M-commerce is M preceding years and m-commerce is slowly mmerce a new concept and is an innovation of the but surely showing signs of a healthy wing electronic market. It is creating entirely new growth. opportunities for mobile devices and services.

1. E-business & M-business offer business common services in some areas while also unique in few others. 2. E-commerce & m-commerce offer commerce similar and also unique services not possible by other mode.

• “Anytime and anywhere access” to business processes managed by computer-mediated networks networks. • Access takes place using mobile communication networks, making the availability of these services independent of the geographic location of the user.

• Anytime access to business processes managed by computer-mediated computer networks • Access to such networks is stationary and therefore, not available independent of the geographic location


Whitepaper Features of Mobile Commerce

Future of m-Commerce

Simple Authentication
Devices like SIM, PIN are effective

Instant connectivity
Always-on feature, hence convenient

Services available anywhere


Localized Content and Services

Services available anytime

Ubiquity - It means that the user can avail of services and carry out transactions largely independent of his current geographic location. Immediacy – It provides real-time availability of services. Localization - Location based services such as GPS, allow companies to offer goods and services to the user specific to his current location. Instant connectivity - This feature brings convenience to the user, due to introduction of services like GPRS which keeps users always in touch and connected. Simple authentication - Mobile telecommunication devices function with an electronic chip called SIM, which is easily identifiable. This in combination with an individual Personal Identification Number (PIN) makes the authentication process simple.



Future of m Commerce m-Commerce

Specific Advantages of Mobile Commerce
Context-specific services - Mobile Commerce makes it possible to offer location based services, which are specific to a given context (e.g. time of the day, location and the interests of the user). Time-critical situations - The ubiquity and immediacy of Mobile Commerce allows t the user to perform urgent tasks in an efficient manner, irrespective of his current geographic location. Spontaneous decisions and need - Spontaneous needs are not externally triggered and generally involve decisions that do not require a very careful consideration, e.g. purchase decisions involving small amounts of money. volving Efficiency increase - Mobile Commerce helps increase the productivity of the workforce by increasing the efficiency of their daily routines. Time pressured consumers Time-pressured (employees) can use ‘dead spots’ in the day, e.g. during the daily travel to and from workplace, more effectively.

Context Specific Services

Time Critical Situations handled better

Spontaneous Decisions taken

Efficiency Increase



Future of m Commerce m-Commerce

M – Commerce Services and Applications

M - Banking

M - Shopping

Mobile Commerce Services



MInformation Services

Type of Mobile Applications Category Mobile Financial Applications B2C,B2B Mobile Advertising B2C Mobile Office Mobile Inventory Management Wireless Data Center Mobile Entertainment Mobile Distance Education Wireless Reengineering Product Shopping B2C B2B,B2C B2B,B2C B2C B2C B2C,B2B B2C,B2B

Examples Banking, brokerage and mobile payments Sending user-specific and location-specific advertisements Working from traffic jams, conferences, etc Location tracking of goods, people, etc Information downloaded by mobile users / vendors Video on demand and other services Taking a class using streaming audio and video Improvement of Business Services Ordering items by a mobile device



Future of m Commerce m-Commerce

Payment Mechanisms for utilizing Mobile Services

Payment by credit card

Payment against invoice

Payment by prepaid card

Payment by premium SMS

Mobile payment

Challenges to M - Commerce

• GSM provides a relatively secure connection through the PIN when turning on the handset. • But more is expected in the field of security,like smart cards

• Companies need to integrate capabilities in both telecommunicatio ns and information systems

• As bandwidth demand increases,service providers may have to face problem of bandwidth scarcity



Future of m-Commerce

mHarnessing m- commerce potential
In India, m-commerce is in its initial stages and its advantages will soon be realized. Mcommerce revolution will take the country by storm since statistics are on our side. Another encouraging trend is that the Indian consumer is fast maturing and is open to new ideas. Some key points: About 2 percent of Indians, which is 20 million people, have a per capita income exceeding $13,000 — a number greater than the populations of Malaysia and Singapore put together. Customers surfing the Internet through their mobile phones will have to pay an access charge of only Rs 0.42 per minute. These trends suggest that a fertile ground for m-commerce already exists in India and its revolution seems inevitable.

WayWay- Ahead

The mobile Internet channel has opened up new possibilities. There is a big gap between technology’s capabilities and the consumer’s expectations. But, the good news is that problem areas like slow transmission speeds and high costs are being addressed by operators and equipment manufacturers. M- Commerce players need to improve the user interface soon and implement innovative pricing structures. Despite the initial frustrations of the users, consumers envision that once the glitches are worked out, mobile applications will become an integral part of their daily lives.

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Future of m Commerce m-Commerce




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