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Pace University, Pleasantville/Briarcliff Manor, NY

Wednesday, Sept. 14 2011

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Are We Safe at Pace?

The G-Spot

Making Single Count, page 7


New Face in SDCA, page 4


Outside the Pace Security office in the Briarcliff Manor Campus.

Featured Reporter

Photo by Michael Oleaga / The Pace Chronicle ings are no laughing matter. In the early hours of April 2007, a student named Seung-Hui Cho killed over 30 people at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and 25 others were wounded before the perpetrator committed suicide. You cant stop something like Virginia Tech happening with security personnel, said Paces Director of Safety and Security Vincent Beatty. Wed have to call 911 and wait for the police to arrive. Training has been done on the Pleasantville campus as a First Responder, including an active shooter drill, he added. There is currently no lockdown procedure in place at Pace. If the community needed to respond to a threat, Beatty stated that instructions will be given through Paces Emergency Alert System. When and if the community needed to be notified, we have an alert system set up that includes text messages, emails, and a phone call. Youll get all three, he said. School cancellations, such as snow days, are also delivered through this service. The safest places to be are the dorms. The entrances Continued on Page 3

Tyler Dumont

Best College Apps, page 9

Setter Spotlight

Your phone vibrates. You received a text message. You see its from Pace Security. The message reads, Gunman on campus, remain in locked classroom. How would the community respond? The Pleasantville campus is an open campus during the day. Anyone can walk or drive into the community from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every weekday at three separate entrances. Because the university is as an open campus, the presence of security officers is vital. But should we only be ap-

prehensive of individuals outside the Pace community? On Aug. 29, at the University of Montana a 19-year-old student was shot in the hand by another peer in a campus parking lot. No charges have been filed and the peer claimed it was an accident. Also in Aug., Paul George Jr., a student at Des Moines College in Iowa, posted, Who wants to shoot up the DMACC Ankeny campus the same time I shoot up the Urban campus? on his Twitter account. He was taken into custody and charged with firstdegree harassment. Though George claimed the posts were a joke, school shoot-

Pace Named Among Best Universities

Allyson Dyl, page 12

And ranked 14th best party school

News Editor

Subsidized What?

Jemma York

Advice for Freshmen, page 6

The reason behind

the name change

page 2

The Princeton Review recognized Pace as one of the best colleges in the Northeast, and in the top quarter of four year colleges in the US. The Review ranked Pace alongside 219 other Northeast universities, in its 2012 Best Colleges: Region by Region. Princeton Reviews Senior Vice President and Publisher Robert Franek said, We chose Pace and the other institutions we name as regional best colleges mainly for excellence in academic programs. Pace President Stephen J. Friedman stated, The Princ-

Photo from Pace University

eton Review rated us on a series of four main criteria: quality of life, academics, admissions, and financial aid. We had substantial ratings on all four. Pace received the highest percent in the admissions process. My academic experience has giving me the confidence and experience to peruse my dreams. Each teacher provides a different approach to demonstrate the love and passion they have for the topics, said junior communications Continued on Page 3

The financial aid office in the Pace Pleasantville campus. Feature Editor

Photo by Michael Oleaga / The Pace Chronicle

Ali Silver

Summertime comes and the financial aid packages are mailed out. Every students situation differs and various amounts of money are given

out, but it is always important to understand what you are reading when that blue and white Pace folder arrives. Parents always tell their children money doesnt grow on trees. This means you Continued on Page 4


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The Pace Chronicle


Remembering the Lives Lost on the Day that Changed the World
Vigil outside Paces New York City campus by Loren Alexander

The Pace Chronicle

Editorial Staff
Michael Oleaga
Editor-in-Chief Rose Fava Managing Editor Tafasha Pitt Layout Editor

In Memory
Adam K. Ruhalter, MBA 86 Andrew I. Rosenblum, Esq., JD 81 Bella J. Bhukhan, 98 Bettina Browne-Radburn, Esq., 83, Brian F. Goldberg, MBA 01 Cono E. Gallo, 93 David J. Grimner, 85 Denis F. Lavelle, 86 Denis J. McHugh, III, 86 Dennis J. Pierce, 75, 79 Donald F. Greene, MBA 85 Edelmiro Abad, 82 Edward C. Murphy, 80 Francisco Liriano, 98 Frank J. Vignola, Jr., 80 Frank. G. Schott, MBA 86 Garo H. Voskerijian, 80 Gerard Rauzi, 81 Gregory Reda, 89, MS 93 Inna B. Basina, MS 98 Jean M. Collin, 84, 87, MBA 93 Joan M. Cullinan, 01 Keith K. OConnor, 94 Kenneth F. Rice, III, 89 Laura M. Longing, 88 Lee C. Ludwig, 77 Mario Nardone, 91 Michael Massaroli, 92 Michele T. Coyle-Eulau, 85 Mohammed Shajahan, MS 92 Rena A. Sam-Dinnoo, 01 Robert M. Murach, MBA 86 Ronald C. Fazio, Sr., 70 Ronald Magnuson, 69 Sean B. Fegan, 91 Sharon M. Balkcom, MBA 92 Stuart S. Louis, MBA 85 Susan Huie, 79 Thomas J. Celic, 80 Timothy G. Grazioso, 80 Vita M. Marino, MBA 81 Vladimir Savinkin, 01 Linda June Sheehan Palmina DelliGatti Patrice Braut Vanesha Richards experience in the field of journalism leads the writers. The third goal was to improve the layout of newspaper. Next was to report on more national news stories and localize them to the Pace campus. Finally, despite being known as a student-run newspaper, The Pace Chronicle encourages additional contribution and ideas from faculty, staff, and even administration. The editorial staff understands there may be future opposition to the decisions made and invite any questions or suggestions at any time. When The Paw Print succeeded New Morning in 2005 after a 30-year history, there was also uncertainty about the newspaper transformation, but like our predecessors, The Pace Chronicle staff is prepared for it. Incidentally, this decision is in no way meant to offend prior members under the six years of The Paw Print. The Pace Chronicle name

Adam Samson Erika Bellido Photography Editor Web Editor Kelly Povero Copy Editor Jemma York News Editor Ali Silver Feature Editor Melissa Recine Health Editor Mark Robertson Copy Editor Colby Hochmuth Entertainment Editor Martin Totland Opinion Editor Gabrielle Davina Sex Columnist


Susana Verdugo-Del Real Sports Editor

Operational Staff
Sungi Clark Business Manager Shiga Sunny Circulation Prof. Michael Perrota Faculty Advisor

The football team release balloons to honor the victims of 9/11. - Photo by Adam Samson / The Pace Chronicle

Editor-in-Chief News Editor

Michael Oleaga

Featured Reporters
Tyler Dumont

Jemma York

Pace Pleasantvilles 9/11 Monument Outisde Mortola Library. Photo by Mike Oleaga / The Pace Chronicle microphone and to speak freely about their own experience on Sept. 11,, 2001. Several students, one by one, began detailing how 9/11 affected and ultimately changed their lives. Each story was unique, yet the sense of unity was profound. Vice President of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority and senior accounting student Laura Schmitt said, It is a very emotional event especially when students begin to share their stories. Those who lost their lives are not forgotten and we give thanks to the many heroes of the day. After Posada sang God Bless America, students were given candles and began the silent walk around Choate Pond. Shirley Beths Way was quickly illuminated with light. A light so bright and strong symbolizing a community that though shaken was not broken. Senior business management student and President of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority Kelly Ceccacci said, We want to make sure the vigil was even better than previous years to commemorate the 10th anniversary, and it was. It is so evident that the Pace community is unique, and I am proud so many members of our university came together to remember a day we will all never forget. As the vigil came to an end, everyone paused for a moment of reflection in front of Paces 9/11 Memorial, which lists the names of alumni and students who lost their lives on the fateful Sept. morning. The brothers of Alpha Phi Delta and the sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma co-sponsored the event, as they have done for the past four years.

Carolyn Kleiman Career Counselor

A vigil at 9:11 p.m. brought many of the Pace community together to discuss their own experiences with the events of Sept. 11, 2001, as well as participate in a candlelit walk around Choate Pond to Paces 9/11 Memorial located outside Mortola Library. Vincent Birkenmeyer, a brother of Alpha Phi Delta, opened the event and introduced junior chemistry student Larisa Posada to sing the national anthem. Students such as junior nursing major Lisa Palamara, communications major Alexandra Olender, and sophomore education major Charlie Link spoke and shared victims stories. Birkenmeyer then introduced Dr. Rosa B. Ament, Director of the Counseling Services in Westchester. Ament explained she was actually at Pace when she heard the news of the attacks. She then invited students to come to the

The Pace Chronicle is published by Trumbull Printing: (203) 261-2548 Written and edited by the students of Pace University, The Pace Chronicle is published weekly during the academic year. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of administration, faculty and The Pace Chronicle staff. The Pace Chronicle encourages responses to the opinions expressed herein, and welcomes letters and comments. The Pace Chronicle cannot guarantee publication of letters to the editor or unsolicited manuscripts, and reserves the right to edit or comment editorially on them. Appearance of an advertisement in The Pace Chronicle does not imply endorsements by the members of the editorial board, the advisor, or Pace University of the products or services offered. All photos and copyrights reserved unless otherwise indicated. Subscription and advertising rates available upon request. The Pace Chronicle, Pace University 861 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, N.Y. 10570 Phone: (914) 773-3401


This is...The Pace Chronicle

A New Morning for The Paw Print
title sounded unprofessional, childish, or was not taken seriously, especially since many high school newspapers share the same name. Reporters have voiced how putting The Paw Print onto their resume would diminish the value of their credentials. Others stated they would in fact omit their entire experience with the campus newspaper altogether. It was evident that a professional name was necessary to be attributed with the university. The new Pace Chronicle staff has discussed ways to better the campus newspaper in efforts not only to benefit the reporters for their media careers but also to cater to the readers from content, layout, to promotional events. The decision to revamp the campus newspaper heightened

Michael Oleaga

Following several months of careful deliberation, the editorial staff of Pace Pleasantvilles student-run campus newspaper committed to an overhaul of its name, philosophy, and mission. Since Oct. 2010, the Senators of the Student Association were asked to advise their respective organizations about a potential name change for The Paw Print and were given opportunities to create the future name for it. Some students believed it should remain the same while others felt the change was necessary yet unsure what to name it. Many who have contributed to The Paw Print believed the

after a group of Pace students attended the Associated College Presss (ACP) National College Journalism Convention in Los Angeles last March organized by The Paw Print. In the presence of other universities from across the U.S. and Canada, and observing what those campus newspapers have compared to The Paw Print, it was clear that this campus newspaper needed to a fresh start. The first task was renaming the newspaper. After considering potential names from the Pace community and a couple rounds of voting by the editorial staff, The Pace Chronicle became the successor to The Paw Print. The name bears a traditional approach to many reputable newspapers while showcasing the name of our university. The second objective was ensuring that an advisor with

not only presents new opportunities for ideas and writers but to sponsor events aimedbut not limitedto journalism students such as future ACP Journalism and Media Conventions across the U.S., trips to several news organizations in New York from print to broadcast, guest speakers, promotional shirts, and more with the mission to showcase the Pace community with various benefits and insight that perhaps the Media and Communications Department does not yet offer. The Pace Chronicle welcomes any member of the campus whos interested in becoming involved with the newspaper to attend the weekly meetings in The Pace Chronicle office on the third floor of Willcox Hall on Mon. nights at 9 p.m. I really believe good journalism is good business. - Christiane Amanpour

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The Pace Chronicle



Pace Ranked Among Best Universities

student Samantha Finch. This inspires students to love the subject as well. The Review added that Pace maintained an emphasis on career-building and practical education. For students looking to get their feet wet in the real world, the Pace experience couldnt be better. Pace has one of the largest career services in the New York Metropolitan area, including Westchester. The placement rate after graduation is 12 percent above the national average. Pace provides each student with the tools they need to enter the real world through the use of hands on lessons, internships, high expectations, and great teachers, said Finch. Real world experience has always been the center part of our education and it is one of the great strengths of Pace University, said Friedman. Pace follows recent graduate students for six to nine months after they graduate. 80 percent of the students either have jobs or are in graduate school after that time. Friedman noted, This is a very strong indicator of the way employers value the quality of our education. Pace was also ranked by as one of the top 20 Colleges That Will Make You Rich, in 2010. According to Friedman, the continuing acknowledgement creates validation for the special combination of the liberal and

continued from page 1...

professional education that marks this university. Meanwhile, The Daily Beast highlighted the social aspects of Pace by naming the Pace-New York campus the 14th best party school. They based the rating on four criteria: Drug law violations (2009: 304), Liquor law violations (2009: 483), Drug safety (C), Nightlife (A-), and Greek Life (B+). When asking about the Beasts report, Friedman said, I certainly want students to enjoy themselves. But I do not think Pace is a party school in the classic sense. I think we have a student body that is serious about their education to become successful. The Princeton Review ranked Pace academically, That [mentally] is inconsistent while The Daily Beast ranked Pace as 14th best party school. Photos by Michael Oleaga/The Pace Chronicle with the party school title. seemed unusually threatening. In one of the dormitories, there was a male student who was threatening other students within the building. Once we found out about it, the gentleman was escorted off campus and the police were called. He has since been suspended and he hasnt been back, he said. The student, who was allegedly threatening students verbally, did not have a weapon. Beatty encourages students to be involved with his department, and to take the time to review security procedures but most importantly, to sign up for emergency notifications. If a problem ever arises, big or small, he wants students to know that he is ready to take it on. To report a tip to Security, call them directly at 914-773-3400 on the Pleasantville campus, and at 914- 923-2630 for Briarcliff. Both lines are answered 24 hours a day. To sign up for Emergency Notifications, logon to www.appsrv.

Safety at Pace continued from page 1...

are all by key-card access, and the door is always locked. Looking ahead, the Security Department at Pace has also expressed interest in developing an anonymous text-a-tip line, where students will be able to send in any type of tip anonymously. Its Beattys job to make sure that Pace is a safe place 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Beatty, has been with the University for 23 years. He also previously served for New York City Police Department. The security staff includes fifteen retired New York City police officers, many of whom wear suits and ties to work. However, there are never any undercover officers on campus. Pace also has security vehicles on every campus Pleasantville has two. Many students have outside guests on weekends. The vehicle policy at the school is that if a car approaches the gate and has a valid Pace decal, they are let in. If there is more than one occupant in the car, all individuals are supposed to be checked for their Pace IDs. If theyre not Pace students, theyre supposed to leave an ID at the booth, stated Beatty. At night in Pleasantville, you can only enter through Entrance 3. There is a security guard in the booth at all times the other gates are closed. Beatty added Pace, is a safe place and wed like to keep it that way. In his 23 years working at Pace, Beatty remembers only one specific incident that proved

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The Pace Chronicle


Understanding Loans continued from page 1...

cannot write a nice letter to the government or walk into a bank and say I need to go to college, can I have $50,000? Keep in mind a person would have to repeat this process every year until they graduate. If a student is in the situation in which a loan is needed, there are certain required steps necessary in order to qualify for any type of loan. In order to obtain a Federal Loan, the first very important step involves filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application goes through a series of checks in order to determine if the student is in need, citizenship status, eligibility, etc. This form will conclude if a person qualifies for the loan and if so, how much money in Subsidized loans they are granted. Pace then gets that information and automatically packages that loan for each student each year. Its a pretty seamless process, stated Director of the Financial Aid Department Mark Stephens. The amount they would be eligible for will vary based on their classification or status. So if its a freshman, $3,500 subsidized maximum; sophomores, $4,500; juniors and seniors in subsidized loans maximum $5,500. Currently across the nation, colleges and universities deal with Direct Loans, which means they bypass lenders such as SallieMae and Chase and deal directly with the federal government. What a student should be aware of is the difference between a subsidized and unsubsidized loan. A subsidized loan requires that a student shows financial need, explained Stephens. The unsubsidized loan says if youre (John D.) Rockefellers decedent or if youre a (Donald) Trump decedent, and you dont qualify after filling out the FAFSA, you have no need. The decedent student still qualifies for the same loan as the person in need; however they will receive the full loan amount in an Unsubsidized Loan. An important fact to remember about unsubsidized loans is that the interest begins immediately while the student is still in school. In the case of a subsidized loan, and as long as a student maintains six or more credits each semester, the interest does not begin to accumulate until six months after graduation. An example Stephens used to explain all this is that say a freshman was granted $3,500 in a subsidized loan, and did not have to borrow federal loans any subsequent years, then senior year comes and the students grandmother decides she wants to pay off their loan; the loan will still be $3,500 four years later because no interest has built up. Meanwhile, if the student originally had an unsubsidized loan their freshman year, the grandmother will now be paying the loan amount plus the accrued interest. In order to deal with the interest, quarterly (4 times a year) statements are sent to the student with the amount of interest they currently owe. Stephens highly recommends paying off that small amount so by graduation time, the owed amount is not too large. All people think differently when it comes to money and some might see the number $3,500 and say that amount is too small, but five years ago a freshman was only able to receive $2,625; that is a huge jump to what is given now. If a student is afraid they will not be eligible for a loan each year, there is no worry. As long as a student meets the basic FAFSA requirements (being a citizen, six or more credits, green card holder, etc.), they should qualify for a direct subsidized or unsubsidized loan. A student, if they wish, can use an alternative loan such as SallieMae or bank loan, like Chase. Every year Pace includes an Alternative Loan Information sheet along with the financial aid packages. That paper will tell the student and their parent, step by step, the process they must go through and complete the online application. Once credit is checked and all forms are signed and approved, the information is then sent to Pace. If Pace sees a student is complete on their Outside Vendor list, they will take that students information and certify it for the vendor of choice to see. Once the vendor gets the approval from Pace, they then send the funds electronically. This entire process can take two to three weeks on average, so students should not stress if their package has not been updated a week later. If a student still has trouble understanding their entire financial aid package, Stephens has his

Quick Tips
Carolyn Kleiman
Career Counselor

from career services

Im a freshman, but already know how important internships are. How and when can I get started? Welcome to Pace! You are on the right track; internships are an important part of career development. Internships allow a student to explore a career and industry, gain real world experience, possibly earn money or credits, and develop professional skills, references, and contacts. The first step to prepare you is to set up an appointment with a Career Counselor at the Career Services Office. You can find us at Gannett House or in our Satellite Office in the Kessel Student Center, Room 211. Counselors are available at Gannett House Mon. through Fri., from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Satellite way of explaining. What we package in general starts with the results from the FAFSA. So we take the cost of attendance first [this is the federal methodology used across the nation in all colleges and universities], subtract the family contribution, which comes directly from the FAFSA, and whats left over equals financial need. Basically the federal government says you can give a student up to that figure in aid, aid that will be made up of institutional aid, scholarships, grants, outside aid, subsidized loans, work study, etc. The Parent Plus Loan amount is the amount leftover that the

Office is open Mon. from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., Tues. through Thurs. from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. We have drop-in hours at the Satellite Office, Mon. through Thurs. from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. You can also call us at (914)773-3415 to schedule an appointment. You will be assigned a counselor and together, the two of you will develop a resume, career action plan, internship search strategy, and more. I also recommend attending a resume and an interview workshop. Career Services offers a variety of workshops which can be found on our Calendar of Events: pleasantville-campus-events, as well as a plethora of information and guidebooks on our website: job-search-tools. We look forward to seeing you soon! family is responsible to pay out of pocket. One final area of concern is the Promissory Note. Once a student receives the financial aid statement and checks off accept their freshman year, it does not end there. The student must go online, answer a few questions, sign the Promissory Note and go through Loan Entrance Counseling. Without that, the loans will be in suspense. Stephens advises families to consider the Parent Loan because parents can defer payment until six months after graduation.

Fjeldal named Associate Director

Feature Editor

A New Face in SDCA

include living in London for five years, going to Germany, and flying around the US. This New York native is no newcomer to her job. Prior to working for Pace, she was the director of orientation for first year experience at a small college in Georgia, where she implemented a first-year seminar similar to the one currently offered at Pace. Prior to that, Fjeldal worked at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, where she was in charge of planning all student events. Fjeldal is most excited to help organize Homecoming, but her plans do not stop there. I would like to do some more senior transition activities that go along with senior week. I am excited about the idea of senior week and some ideas of how to revamp it, making some changes to it; but also the idea of additional programming for students

Ali Silver

When walking through Kessel Student Center this term, students should pop their heads into the Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA) office and welcome Niki Fjeldal, who will be taking the position as Assistant Director for SDCA. Whether it is discussing her favorite movies - Juno and The Shawshank Redemption - or wanting to have a little chat, Fjeldal wants students to feel comfortable enough to go to her for anything; as she states, I am an open book. Her bubbly personality makes her enjoyable company as well. One of Fjeldals favorite things to do is travel. Her travels

as they get out and move on because one of the hardest things is you have all this fun for four years then its like, Im looking for a jobwhat? How do I do that? so I want to help that process, commented Fjeldal. She would personally like to see more skill workshops, which include anything from how to rent an apartment to how to get a good job. An issue, which has been addressed in the past by students, will be a task Fjeldal is ready to take on - collaboration. It is no secret that students wish to have more hands-on professors during events or as active mentors for various organizations on campus. Fjeldal would like to take the time and get to know the student body and any events they would like to see before putting her thoughts into actions.

Photo by Michael Oleaga / The Pace Chronicle New Assistant Director Niki Fjeldal working on The Pace Chronicles plans for the Associated Collegiate Press Media Convention.

Have a story idea? Let us know, Call: 914-773-3401! Email:!

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The Pace Chronicle



Foods That Keep You Full Vs. Foods That Dont

Health Editor

Melissa Recine

People bicker over which type of foods will keep the body full and which foods will not. Sometimes a foods ability to keep one full is confused with the food that has most calories. Just because a food has a lot of calories doesnt mean it will keep a dieter full. There are certain factors in a variety of foods that will help avoid mid-day cravings. Most people on a diet immediately steer clear of egg yolk and go straight to eating only the egg whites, or albumen. Egg yolk, however, are one of the most important foods for a diet. Not only does one egg yolk give the body about six grams of protein in only 75 calories, but this protein will keep the dieter full and curb persons appetite in between meals. According to the Rochester Center for Obesity, those who eat eggs in the morning could potentially lower their daily calorie intake by 400 calories. Eggs also increase the bodys energy, which can benefit people who need a fast energy boost in the morning. Consuming a lot of water has always been a great way to keep healthy and lose weight. Many

people state that water is the secret cure for numerous ailments, including headaches and weight loss. What many people dont know is that water alone will only keep the body full for a couple of hours. After that, the brain tells the body that it hasnt had any food and is extremely hungry again. In order to avoid this, nutritionists suggest eating soup. Soups with a lot of pasta and cheese are not very healthy, so dieters should eat soups with vegetables that are high in fiber. Vegetables and water blend more consistently in the stomach and are usually lower in calories than chicken soup. Another food that is good for keeping the stomach full is the avocado. Although some people avoid this fruit because of its reputation for high fat content, many nutritionists are adding it back into diets because the fat is actually considered as good fat. Additionally, the amount of nutrients in an avocado is incredibly high. The key to these fats is they are slowly digestible. This means that even though the body is able to break it down, the process takes longer than other foods resulting in the stomach staying filled longer. Fats that are quickly digested

go right through the digestive system, causing the stomach to be hungry again. So when looking for an afternoon snack, half of an avocado will hold the stomach over until dinner time. The final snack that will keep the body full longer is nuts. Al-

monds are the most common nut that nutritionists will recommend to curb hunger. Walnuts and pistachios are next in line. Because nuts are full of fiber and protein, even a small handful will keep the stomach full and give the body essential nutrients. Be cautious to only have a serving that is about the size of a golf ball be-

foods are being consumed. Unfortunately, many students will grab a quick bowl of cereal before their first class, but unless this cereal is high in protein and fiber, the meal only includes sugar. Look for a cereal rich in fiber or stick to a good old fashioned egg. Last, but not least - alcohol. Alcohol makes the body crave food. After a night of drinking, or even one drink, the body feels the urge to indulge in an excessive amount of junk food. Even having a drink with dinner or just lounging around will trigger the appetite part of the brain causing the body to continue eating. Of course, not all college students can be expected to completely cut out all alcohol from their diet, but limiting intake and keeping healthier foods around will avoid unnecessary indulgence.

What foods will make you full? cause nuts are also high in fat and calories. The trick to living a healthier lifestyle is not only to eat the right foods, but to avoid the wrong ones. Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the

Photo by Tafasha Pitt/ The Pace Chronicle day, but many people, especially college students, will skip this meal. The reason is not only lack of time, but the feeling that eating in the morning only makes the body hungrier during the day. This is correct, unless the right

Interested in writing for Health?

Email us at:

How to Tell If You Need To Relax

What are the signs of stress?
Health Editor

Not So Bad Habits

Some habits we shouldnt be trying to kick
Melissa Recine cer. In addition to this research, Dr. Rachel Beller R.D., president of Beller National Institute, pointed out that if people are having negative side effects to coffee, like an irregular heartbeat or anxiety, they should reduce their coffee intake regardless of its health benefits it has. With the end of summer rapidly approaching, many students are coming back to school a little bronzer than when they left. Doctors have recommended patients to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen every day. Of course using sunscreen is definitely a good idea, but spending time in the sun will actually keep the body healthy. Dermatologists are recommending that approximately 12 minutes in the sun without sunscreen daily will give the body its necessary amount of Vitamin D for the day. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and keep bones strong. Ultraviolet (UV) rays have also been shown to possibly prevent and help with depression. Those with a very pale complexion, however, should remain to eating eggs and fish as their source of Vitamin D. Laughter has a reputation for being the cure for almost anything, so its not a surprise that it makes this list. Shine from Yahoo report that taking a break during the day to watch a funny video will actually keep the body healthier. Laughing burns about 50 calories in 12 minutes and increases blood flow. So whether it is watching a video or reading a funny story, it is not goofing off, but actually helping to regroup concentration.

Melissa Recine

Health Editor

Between school, work, parents, friends, relationships, and a million other things burdening college students, stress is not uncommon. Sometimes people can feel that their bodies are stressed and take a break on their own. But if the signs are not clear, stress can become dangerous. Here are a few ways that a person can tell if he or she is stressed. Hair loss is one of the most common signs of stress. Alopecia areata is a disorder in which white blood cells go after hair follicles causing the hair to fall out. This usually happens during or immediately after a stressful event or time period. Another disorder, telogen effluvium, causes about 70 percent of hair to fall out and can first appear months after a stressful event. The hair will usually fully grow back within six to nine months. Fortunately, for most people, the hair will eventually grow back. If not, there are treatments for this hair loss disorder. Another sign of stress is memory loss. The number one reason studying for a big exam minutes before walking into the classroom will not work is due to stress. Stressing about something causes the brain to focus less on the memory. The hippocampus, which controls a persons memory, could become exposed to cortisol during stress, causing shrinkage. A shrunken hippocampus will inhibit ones

Photo from short term memory. Long lasting stress could result in long lasting memory loss. To sum it up, do not expect to remember little details when enduring a stressful situation. If you have ever woken up from one of the weirdest dreams in your life and wondered how you could have had such a crazy dream, the answer, once again, could be stress. People who are undergoing stressful days will often end up enduring stressful nights, and the body takes all of the anxiety that it builds up during the day and releases it at night with hopes that it will wake up feeling less pressure. Unfortunately, many people who have horrible dreams still feel the dreams stress during the next day. Acknowledging an unusually bad dream can help you realize the stress your body is under and hopefully pinpoint the cause. Everybody reacts to stress differently. Many people, however, will undergo some change in their eating patterns. Some tend to overeat, by going to the cafeteria or their snack shelf more than usual, and filling up their free time eating. Those who do this find comfort in eating and do not realize that they will feel better if they directly handle whatever is causing such stress. Other people are completely opposite. Sometimes stress becomes so intense that people will stop eating all together. This happens a lot with emotional stress. The stressfulness of their situation will cause stomach aches and fullness, even when no food has been consumed. People become so preoccupied with their busy lives that they do not even realize that they have gone the entire day without eating any food. If either of these actions goes unnoticed for too long a serious eating disorder could develop. Recognizing stress in oneself, or even in others, could prevent long lasting health issues. The most important thing is to identify the main causes of stress and taking time to relax and conquer these problems in a healthy way. A little stress is normal, but be cautious it doesnt take over your health.

Some habits are hard to kick, but new researches have shown that some of the so called bad habits are actually not so bad after all. The spread of germs has always been a concern for many people, especially to avoid the distribution sicknesses. Keeping a travel sized hand sanitizer around is a trend that many have begun to follow. Unfortunately, all this hand cleansing nonsense is actually doing the body harm. The immune system can only get stronger if it is exposed to foreign molecules. Author of The Jungle Effect: A Doctor Discovers the Healthiest Diets From Around the WorldWhy They Work and How to Bring Them Home, Dr. Daphne Miller M.D., argued that introducing the body to things like dirt will actually decrease the chances of developing asthma and allergies. Many college students find themselves going directly to the coffee maker first thing in the morning. It is the easiest and most class appropriate way of waking up for the day. Some students even go back for a second or third cup. After multiple cups, they usually regret the amount of coffee they drank and complain about how they should stop drinking so much. Lucky for these caffeine fiends, new studies show that regular coffee consumption can actually lower the risk of diseases such as diabetes and breast can-


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Straight From the Hip Advice for Freshmen

The Pace Chronicle


Personal Reflections on the July 22 Massacre

Deadliest Peacetime Shooting in History Showed Norways true Character
Opinion Editor

Martin Totland

Opinion Editor

Martin Totland

If youre reading this as a first-year student in college, then congratulations, for you are among the 65-percent of American high school graduates that decided to move directly into college. It was a smart move on your behalf (or your parents who forced you). Sadly enough, however, is the fact that approximately 33 percent of college freshmen dont make it to their sophomore year, for whatever reason. Many think they cant handle college, and while Im sure that some actually cant, most of you can, and should. I dont even know you and yet Im fairly certain that you can handle it if you just give yourself some time. I say this because most of the initial discomfort that freshmen experience comes from new surroundings and circumstances. College, in and of itself, isnt evil or in any way unbearable. Adjustment to your new circumstances will not happen overnight, but they will eventually if you let them. However, difficulty and uncertainty will eventually yield to excitement, new experiences, and academic challenges. While college is largely about academics, it is not its sole purpose. In fact, I would say that academia is an implement of self-realization along with a slew of other things that university life offers. You are here to build yourself up to be the person you envision and that can happen both in and outside the classroom. Thats why its pretty awesome that Pace offers a ton for you to do other than homework. Do you like sports? If so, great, for there are several intramural teams for you to join. Do you enjoy individual exercise instead of team sports? Pace has a great gym and swimming pool open every day. Writing more your thing? The Pace Chronicle, the hallowed publication currently in your hand is always looking for contributing writers. Theres also VOX, the art magazine, and if youre in Pforzheimers Honors College, you can submit your scribbles to the monthly publication Scholastica. Looking to join a fraternity or sorority? Shop around, because Pace has over 20 Greek organizations on campus. What about music, you say? WPAW, the student radio station, will hook you up. I could go on, but you get the point: There are a myriad of things to participate in and not a day goes by without some sort of

event. All of it helps to make time fly by. Most of you are looking at four years in college and that may seem like a long time. I started in Fall 2008 under the impression that four years might be too long to bear. Now I write this, while utterly flabbergasted, by how fast three years have passed. Not only will college be more awesome than you think, it will go by faster than you expect. However, if you isolate yourself and stay in your dorm room long enough to make up an excuse to remain there, it will last forever. So dont do that. I previously urged you to avoid becoming a part of that depressing 33 percentile. Not only is that important so as to avoid ending up flipping burgers, but for the last two to three decades, education inflation has been going on. According to Ken Robinson, British author and international advisor on arts education, theres inflation in degrees. What you needed a bachelors degree for 20 years ago, you now need a Masters Degree. What you needed a Masters for 20 years ago, you now need a Ph.D, according to Robinson (anyone interested in a more detailed outline should look him up on That means that anyone pursuing a bachelors degree should have even more of a reason to stick with it until graduation. Another reason to definitely stick with it, besides the inflation, is that undergraduate studies are a great way to refine your process of self-realization. Your undergrad years are unquestionably a stepping stone to further honing your skills. Whether you decide to leap from this stepping stone to next is up to you. Aside from all the talk about the importance of finishing your college education, Id be remiss if I didnt mention the stock-type advice. Yes, all those people who tell you that you should get as involved as you can, as soon as you can, are right. Go out there and shop around for student clubs and activities. Go to events, presentations, and speeches and stay out of your room as much as you can. Staying active and out among people will inevitably help your transition from high school to being in college. You will become familiarized with how Pace works and what youre really about. Nonetheless, do not overdo it: that will only serve to distract you to the point where you cant get anything worthwhile done. Its a fine balancing act, but youll figure it out. Trust me.

The worst shooting massacre in a peaceful country in modern history was carried out during July 22. A car bomb exploded in the governmental district in downtown Oslo, the capital of my dear home country Norway. Eight people were killed in the detonation, dozens more were wounded and thousands of businesses were obliterated. The entire country was stunned. Nothing even remotely similar had happened in Norway since World War II was concluded 66 years prior. Atrocious enough in and of itself, it takes a special kind of perversion to use a car bomb as merely a distraction. The 32-year-old culprit, Anders Behring Breivik, an Oslo native, had more nefarious schemes in mind. Approximately 16 nautical miles from Oslo lays an island called Utya and it has for many decades been home to the Labour Party Summer Youth Camp. On July 22 it was the scene for the real attack: a massacre of the politicians and leaders of tomorrow. Breivik, wearing police uniform, pretended to have information for the camp attendees regarding the bombing - that he was responsible for. When everyone had gathered around, he started shooting. All in all, 69 people were killed. Currently the death toll stands at 77, but there might be more bodies found, as several youth tried to swim from the island to escape. Any one person would be hard pressed to suppress an urge to tear

the perpetrator limb from limb. Despite the tempting rush of violent revenge, one must never succumb to the same level as the perpetrator. In a selfpublished electronic manifesto enigmatically titled 2083 A European Declaration of Independence, Breivik claimed his attacks were atrocious but necessary to combat the evils of multiculturalism and Islam. No matter what your thoughts may be on multiculturalism and Islam, massacring 77 innocent civilians solves nothing; it only creates heartbreak, anger, and shock. Thankfully the response of the Norwegian people and its elected leaders was anything but violent and primal. Unlike anything else Ive ever witnessed, Norway united in peaceful consideration and complete rejection of Breiviks necessary actions. It was the diametric opposite of what he set out to accomplish, which according to his manifesto, was to bring back pre-multicultural Christian values, as if that is a good thing. Luckily, Norway responded with more openness, more tolerance, and more support for the democratic system. In a piece entitled We Choose Dignity posted on, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg talked about the importance of avoiding a witch hunt and how he hoped the seeds of decent dialogue and tolerance will take root. Many American leaders can learn something from Stoltenberg: dont shamelessly exploit a tragedy and turn it into politi-

cal talking points. It is hardly unimaginable to see an American politician pointing fingers and casting blame in the recent aftermath of a school shooting. 12 years later, it is still easy to recall images of politicians casting blame on the likes of Marilyn Manson and video game developers. Sometimes, its not a societal problem. Some people are just utterly deranged, and little can be done about them, besides responding to any and all attacks on democracy with dignity and open debate. In his piece on, Stoltenberg also echoed one of my most deeply held convictions, namely freedom of expression. He stated we will not put a lid on opinions and emphasizes how important it is that political debates are open and free. Suppressing dissenting opinions will get a democratic society nowhere, except further away from a free society. While it is impossible to do something about the isolated, psychopathic wildcards that occasionally crop up to assault us, its a moral and civic duty to encourage the thoughtful and peaceful reproach of regressive politics of the kin that Breivik espoused. It is our first and best line of defense against a society ruled by fear, suspicion, and xenophobia. In the midst of despair and heart break, it is comforting to know that I live in a nation that will absolutely not fight fire with fire (violent revenge is not unthinkable in other parts of the world), but rather a nation that is now united by tolerance, freedom of expression and support for democracy.

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Memorial dedicated to the victims of the July 22 massacre in Norway. Photo from Mint Magazine

The Debt Ceiling Debacle

Opinion Editor

Martin Totland

Crisis was averted and it was marvelous on Aug. 1. Oh, not marvelous in the sense that it was glorious to behold; it was quite humiliating to behold, actually.

But to avoid an even deeper financial sinkhole, a so-called double-dip recession was marvelous. Marvelousness notwithstanding, the events leading up to Aug. 1, were actually quite shameful and sinister. The main reason it was so shameful and sinister was that Congressional Republicans refused to accept any sort of deal

to raise the so-called debt ceiling, that didnt include drastic and immediate reductions in government spending. All-too-eagerly, they used their House of Representativesmajority to veto any plan proposed by the Obama administration, as a way to get the upper Continued on Page 7

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The G-Spot

By: Gabrille Davina

Making Single Count:

anybody else? When it comes to a college romance, the assumptions we make are what could get us into trouble. Hurt feelings are created when one persons assumptions are different from the other persons assumptions. Remember the first piece of advice your older friends give you before entering college? Be single. The single life is highly recommended for your freshman year because tying yourself to one person limits your college experience. It not only limits you sexually and romantically but can limit you socially, academically, and in extracurricular activities. Some people in relationships tend to mysteriously lose contact with everyone outside of their significant other and when that persons gone, they have no one. Exiling yourself socially is never a good idea, and its an even worse idea when its for someone youre not even official with. Youre single - hang out with your friends. Hell, hook up

Being single in college has advantages that some are all-too-willing to give up
with them if you want to. Nothing is stopping you, unless maybe youre devoted to someone who might be lying in someone elses bed as you read this. Dont discredit what Im saying just because you assume that the university sex columnist is the campus slut. By no means have I gotten around more than the average college student. On the contrary, my experience is not unique. Ive hooked up with friends, with strangers, and had meaningful relationships with guys. Ive also, as I warn against right now, given a guy all my attention and devotion when it wasnt called for. Each of us, whether we party at the bars, townhouses, or in the dorms, is presented with a dozen opportunities to hook-up with our peers every weekend. This is includes sober nights when were surrounded by the opposite sex (or same sex, for my LGBTQ peers) in our co-ed residence halls. College is fueled by sexual tension - its exhilarating, empowering, sometimes intimidating yet often preoccupying. Take that energy in and make good use of it. Enjoy the presence of the people around you. Youre doing yourself a disservice if youre saving yourself for someone whos not saving themselves for you. College presents you with all types of people to spend time with, just as friends or bed buddies. On top of it all, if you take advantage of being single, youll have unique experiences to look back on and will become more aware of what you want when you do end up settling down. Until then, the cafeterias almost always offer a good selection of Trojans. Be safe, everyone.

"College is run by sexual tension. Many of us like sex, have sex, and have walked in on our roommate having sex. Why ignore it? Lets be honest instead. In college, learning doesnt only happen in the classroom, it happens in the bedroom. Don't be shy, now, welcome to the G-Spot." - Gabrielle Davina One of my closest single friends recently started seeing this guy. Things are great but theyre both busy people, so she said to me, I love sexbut I wont see him for another two weeks. My advice to her: who says you need to wait around for him? See other people, and while you are, why not add two other letters to the word see and sleep with them. Two weeks isnt that long, but if youre hungry, its a long time to go without food. If youre on a diet (also known as in a committed-monogamous relationship) then stick to it, but otherwise, dont limit yourself. This is college. Let me repeat myself: This is college. Monogamous dating in college is pretty rare. We think we understand this fact as freshmen but only truly learn it after gaining the experience. You might be hooking up with someone on the regular and texting them all day but unless youve discussed point-blank that its only the two of you, its probably not. Many of us (particularly girls and freshmen) will get attached to one person with the false hope that it might lead somewhere. Or, like me, you can convince yourself that youre only in it for the physical benefits while in reality your heart eventually starts seeking more. Putting all your eggs in one basket is virtually emotional suicide. That is, unless you know the other person is in just as deep as you are. Take a step back - how much time do you spend for this person? Do they spend the same amount of time for you? Do you spend this amount of time for

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Debt Debacle Continuted from page 6...

hand on political issues. Seemingly, they cared nothing about how it would rattle the international markets and how they, in effect, held the credit-worthiness of the entire US hostage. In July, the Obama administration proposed a $4 trillion deficit-reduction plan as a way to get the Republicans to agree to raise the debt ceiling. This was important because it would allow the government to fund spending it had already approved. The proposed deal favored spending cuts to tax increases at a ratio of four-to-one. Although Speaker of the House John Boehner and President Obama tentatively agreed on the deal, it was ultimately rejected. Apparatchiks of the Tea Party movement pressured Congressional Republicans to reject virtually any plan to raise the debt ceiling unless drastic cuts were included. Some would say that a four to one ratio in favor of spending cuts on a $4 trillion deficit-reduction plan would be drastic, but apparently theyd be wrong. Instead a game of chicken was played until the very last day when Obama signed the Budget Control Act on Aug. 2, the day the US would have defaulted on its loans. As a result of this political Mexican stand-off, the US had its credit rating downgraded for the first time in history, from AAA to AA+, and is now the only major Western country with such a rating. This basically means that its now less safe to invest your money in the US, rather than countries like the UK, France, and Germany. This will lead to increased interest on any money that the government tries to borrow in the future, as well as increased interest for consumers, cities, states, and

corporations. In case you dont believe me, Standard & Poors (S&P), the credit rating agency that downgraded the US, pretty much spells it out in their press release: The political brinksmanship of recent months highlights what we see as America's governance and policymaking becoming less stable, less effective, and less predictable than what we previously believed. The statutory debt ceiling and the threat of default have become political bargaining chips in the debate over fiscal policy. Reflecting my own sentiments, journalists around the world commented on the Congressional stand-off. Chinese newspaper Xinhua reported that [when] countries across the world hold breath watching the debt negotiations between the Democrats and the Republicans in Washington, they are once again kidnapped by U.S. domestic politics. Similarly, an editorial in the Saudi Arabian newspaper Arab News laments that the value of our currency are all under threat

as politicians in Washington grandstand for their constituents and argue bitterly from two utterly polarized positions. Whether they like it or not, the Republicans embarrassing refusal to compromise in any reasonable way has effects around the world. Another foreign reaction to the playground-like politics in DC comes from the USs creditors. Heralded by S&Ps downgrade, the people who exert a major influence over American cash flow are now saying Enough! stated William Saletan of Slate. com, The people from whom we borrow the money to live a deluded life of entitlements and tax cuts are telling us that the party is over. And hes right. The people who lend money to the US are now saying that you dont have a choice between tax increases and spending cuts; you have to do both. Moreover, S&P stated they changed their credit rating because the 2001 and 2003 [Bush]

tax cuts due to expire in 2012, remain in place and that the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues. Thats straight from the horses mouth. So what does all this mean for students like us? It means that any federal grants or scholarships will most likely be reduced or wiped out altogether, as well as increased rates on any loans you might have to take to be able to pay for your education. As gloomy as it might look, its important to realize that nothing is over yet. Theres an election coming up next year and everyone who has the eligibility should, nay, must, exercise their right - duty - to vote. Theres a way to show that we are indeed more mature and progressive than our so-called leaders. This summers debacle made it very clear that the people in charge have seemingly little interest in anything beyond proving a ridiculous point. Shameful and sinister indeed.


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New Fall Shows Push the Limit

Entertainment Editor

Colby Hochmuth

Rumors run about provocative television premieres

Another show with some big expectations is Glee. After a jaw-dropping season finale, Gleeks all over the blogosphere are predicting big things for third season. As Rachel and Finn head into their senior year, rumors are circulating of new couples, new cast members, and of course new smashing songs to dazzle the masses. On Tues. Sept. 20, the Glee cast will kick off its third season on Fox at 8 p.m. Now its time to mark your calendars for the hottest new shows premiering this fall: Playboy wasnt always about centerfolds and barely-there bikinis. NBC is adding some sex appeal to its Mon. primetime line-up this fall with The Playboy Club. The show, set in Chicago in the 60s, gives a look into the drama and allure of the legendary Playboy Club and the bunnies behind it. You can check out the first episode on Sept. 19 at 10 p.m. on NBC. For reality show junkies, Simon Cowell premieres the American adaptation of The X-Factor. It looks like this new singing competition is going to give American Idol a run for its money. Judged by Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and L.A Reid, the winner of this competition will win a $5 million recording contract with SONY Music. Cowell isnt the only one making a comeback. ABC has decided to run a re-make of the 1970s hit Charlies Angels. Starring Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor, and Annie Ilonzeh, the new Angles tells the story of three detectives working in Miami and will premiere Thurs. Sept. 22 on ABC. Another sky-high adventure taking over Sun. nights on ABC is Pan Am, a show about the luxurious life of the Pan Am pilots, stewardesses, and passengers during the epic 60s Jet Age. There hasnt been a show like this before, so check it out on Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. And now some veteran shows that have audiences coming back for more:

The fall semester is bittersweet for many as it marks the end of summer, but the start of something new. While you might find the homework piling up and the stress building, there is light at the end of the tunnel with a brand new procrastination material known as the new fall television schedule. Its that time of the year where your favorite shows are back for another season and those highly anticipated new shows are premiering. This fall has an impressive line-up on both cable and broadcasting channels that are sure to give you and your friends a reason to crowd around the TV. First off, the one show that is always on the tip of everyones tongue: Jersey Shore. Its already a handful of episodes into its fourth season, but with the cast in Italy, theres more drama to the show - if thats even possible. Make sure you tune in to MTV Thurs. nights at 10 p.m. to see the eight roommates that you love to hate wreak havoc in Italy.

Dancing with the Stars promo

Photo from ABC

Fall Premiere Dates

Dancing with the Stars (ABC) Sept. 19 Two and a Half Men (CBS) Mon. Sept. 19 (Featuring Ashton Kutcher as Charlie Sheens replacement, #winning). Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) Sept. 15 Survivor (CBS) Sept. 14 Vampire Diaries (The CW) Sept. 15 Big Bang Theory (CBS) Sept. 22 The Office (NBC) Sept. 22 Desperate Housewives (ABC) Sept. 25 Boardwalk Empire (HBO) Sept. 25 Gossip Girl (The CW) Sept. 26 Dexter (Showtime) Oct. 2

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10 Best Back-to-School Apps

Get back into the school groove with these useful apps
Entertainment Editor

Colby Hochmuth

The days of going school shopping for notebooks, folders, pens, and calculators are long gone. Now, if you need to get ready for school, look no further than the Apple store. The Apple revolution has officially hit the classroom. So what iPhone, iPod, or iPad apps will get you back into the school groove? Apple has assembled some genius applications to help you get organized, manage your workload, and keep track of assignments and meetings. Evernote Cost: Free Its a dream come true for the organizationally challenged. This app lets you take notes, record voice memos, take photos and synchronize them to the web. Through the Evernote website, you can have all your information from class in one place. iStudiez Pro Cost: $2.99 Trying to figure out what youre going to need to get a good grade on your midterm so you can take it easy during final time? iStudiez Pro helps track your grades on tests, papers, and assignments during the semester and configures your possible GPA outcomes. Graphing Calculator Cost: $0.99 While this app may not be able to get you through a semester of advanced calculus, it can graph and solve multiple equations at a time and email them to your friends. Stanza Cost: Free On top of giving you access to newspapers and magazines, Stanza gives you access to literary classics that you can read. Stanza monitors your progress on the book and includes the full works of Shakespeare, Dickens, and other classic authors. gFlash Pro Cost: $4.99 Tired of carrying around those messy stacks of 3 x 5 index cards before the big exam? With gFlash Pro you can create a deck of flashcards that have the capability to include YouTube or sound clips, and even share your flashcards with friends or the community. Wikipanion Cost: Free Dont use this app to write a research paper, but Wikipanion is the perfect tool to look something up quick and get a fast understanding of something complex.

BlackBoard App for iPhone Photo by Rose Fava/The Pace Chronicle iTranslate Cost: Free The best Universal translator in the biz! Whether youre taking Spanish 101 or studying abroad in the Netherlands, the voice recognition software and conversation mode that can translate an entire conversation will make your foreign experience that much easier. MyHomework Cost: Free Now its possible to trash that old agenda book you carry with you to class every day. The MyHomework app allows you to keep track of all your assignments and their due dates by organizing and color coding them. Not only that, but it can sync to your desktop so that all your calendars are on the same schedule. Cost: Free Download this app to have nearly 400 thousand definitions at your fingertips, as well as a thesaurus. Lighten your backpack load this semester with the app. Documents-to-Go Cost: $4.99 This convenient app lets you view, download, and create Word documents on your iPhone. Its perfect for downloading a syllabus for class or for storing class notes for last minute studying.


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Harry Potter: The End of An Era?

Entertainment Editor

Colby Hochmuth

premiere of the last Harry Potter film, people are suddenly finding themselves at odds. Whats next for the world of imaginatively in-

come up with next. The question that has also yet to be answered is Can Harry Potter be replaced? According to many, they think

The story itself is timeless and relatable. Since the first film came out in 2001, the Harry Potter series has

Since the first Harry Potter book was published 14 years ago, people all over the world connected with three of the most memorable and touching heroes in literature and film alike. No matter how old you were when the book or film first came out there was an element or character for everyone to relate to: the brave and complex Harry Potter, the brilliant and fearless Hermione, the loyal friend Ron, or the class misfit Neville Longbottom. The Harry Potter stories are not only filled with action, suspense, and magic but also the romance and awkwardness of growing up. As the last Harry Potter film was released this summer, it has provoked a lot of thought from Potter fans as to what these last 14 years have meant to them. Whether it was lining up dressed like a Gryffindor three hours before a midnight premiere, or not leaving your house for three days after Dumbledore dies, Harry Potter brought out the geek in people of all ages - whether they like to admit or not. And now that the smoke and glitter has worn down from the

Theatrical Poster for Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows Part II Photo from Warner Bros. clined people? It seems that for the last 14 years, we were all living book to book or film to film, always waiting to see what author J.K. Rowling or director David Yates (Harry Potter films 5-8) would not. Unlike other fantasy sagas, like the Twilight series, which tend to attract mobs of screaming teenage girls, Harry Potter attracted, for a lack of better words: wizards and witches alike. had a worldwide gross profit of over seven billion dollars. In its first weekend alone, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, raked in over $169 million at the box office. The stars of the film, Dan-

iel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, are among the 50 youngest millionaires in the world. Rowling was living on welfare pre-Harry Potter, but in 2011, Forbes estimated her networth to be $1 billion. Talk about rags to riches. There has been a lot of rumors as to what J.K Rowling will do now that the series is over; perhaps start a new series or retire? But rumor has it that Rowling is still on a Hogwarts kick. Part of her plan to keep the legend of Harry Potter alive is by keeping die-hard fans still involved in the life of Hogwarts. The website created by Rowling, Pottermore is set to launch in October and will enable fans to immerse themselves in to the world of Harry Potter. By signing up and answering some questions they are sorted in to a house of Hogwarts, can go shopping in Diagon Alley, be chosen by a wand, explore the common room of their House, and many other features. For the more hardcore of the Potter fans, this is a dream come true. While the lives of Harry and his companions have finished evolving, your magical counterlife is just beginning (or continuing).

New Yorkers Say Goodbye to Alexander McQueen Exhibit

Savage Beauty Exhibit Leaves Met After Summer Show
Entertainment Editor

Colby Hochmuth

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen is still making headlines after his untimely death a year ago, as his Savage Beauty exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art became the eighth most visited exhibit in the museums history. The McQueen exhibit, which ran from May 4 to Aug. 7, attracted more than 660 thousand people and more than 23 thousand signed up for museum membership during this time. The museum began opening on Mondays, a day it is traditionally closed, and offered a $50 fee to see the exhibit, a move that attracted 17 thousand visitors. Savage Beauty was ranked among exhibits such as the Mona Lisa, The Vatican Collection,

and Treasures of Tutankhamun feathers, Scottish kilt which had over a million visits and garb, and a finale during its run. with outfits that apThe show itself is a mysteripear to be impossible ous and moving display of Mcto wear but compelQueens fashion throughout his ling to view. career. If you have never seen McQueens outraone of his fashion shows or you geous fashion shows are not familiar with his career, and fearless approach this is an entirely eye-opening to expressing his own and possibly bewildering experipolitical agenda garence. nered much attention The exhibit begins with throughout his career. straight cut jackets and silhouHis Rape of ettes that are perfectly crafted and Scotland collection constructed. This was the only involved a model beordinary part of the exhibit. ing spray painted by As you enter the next room, a machine on the runthe lights dim and the drama beway and dizzily walkgins. The tone turns from tradiing off the catwalk. tional to sensual and evocative. The exhibit at the Met A piece from McQueens exhibit Extravagant McQueen fashions had several television Photo from Metropolitan Museum of Art accompanied by over the top acscreens showing such Keeping with the theme of shows, pairing the videos with cessories including a beautiful butterfly hat, a metal crown of romanticism, the exhibit makes a loud, eerie music. A quote on display at the exthorns, masks, corsets, and jew- transition from lustful to dreamy. hibit by McQueen ties all of the There are ball gowns with golden elry made of chain and leather.

pieces together: Youve got to know the rules to break them. Thats what Im here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition. The fate of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty is an uncertain one for now. Melanie Rickey, editor of British fashion magazine Grazia, launched a campaign to bring the exhibit back to what they feel is the hometown of McQueens inspiration - London. On Grazias website, Rickey has started a formal petition to bring the exhibit to London and has even started a Twitter revolution, creating the hashtag #bringMcQueenexhibithome. Whatever the future holds for the Alexander McQueen exhibit, theres no uncertainty that witnessing it for yourself will leave a lasting impression.

Trend Setters
Entertainment Editor

Colby Hochmuth

Trend Setters is a special feature highlighting a Pace student and his/her fashion sense. This issue focuses on focuses on Monica Yorio.

Name: Monica Yorio Age: 19 Hometown: Mill Valley California Major: Biology Fashion inspiration: Rachel Zoe & Jessica Biel If you could sum up your fashion in three words what would they be? Casual, different, colorful First day of class outfit? Depends what time class is!

What influence has growing up in California had on your fashion? Well living in northern California is a lot different than Southern Cali. I grew up in a small town outside of San Francisco and living organically was very important to the people in it. My mom and I have lived a vegetarian organic lifestyle since I was little, and thats made me want to be eco-friendly in different areas; especially fashion. Has your fashion changed at all since moving here? Besides dressing warmer? No. I like to always be comfortable and be myself in what Im wearing. You seem pretty passionate about the environment, does it stop with fashion? Well I think dressing eco-friendly is one small step more people should think about taking to help our environment. I want to help make people more aware of the harm being done to our environment so theyll want to help too. Id love to be an environmental journalist.

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Pace Mens Basketball Team Slam Dunks in Brazil

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Out of the ten players on the team, one was unable to make the trip. Sophomore Denzel PrimusDevonish had to return home to Riverdale, Maryland a day before they left for Rio due to touristic areas of Rio de Janeiro. They attended festivals such as the one in Lapa, a neighborhood in Rio that is famous for its historical monuments and nightlife. The team also made trips to

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Jim Harter arranged a tour guide trip to the biggest slum in South America - the Favela Da Rocinha slums. There are more than a million people living there, which is approximately twenty percent of

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

The Setters mens basketball team played against two basketball teams and one professional team, bringing back two wins and one loss during a trip at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the week of Aug. 17. The first game was against Botafogo, an under 20-club team, whom the Setters defeated.. Up next was Fluminense, an under 23-club team. It was a fight that ended with another Pace win. Lastly, Pace was up against a professional Brazilian team called Tijuca. Although the game ended with a loss for the Setter, the game ended with Pace finishing one point down, coming from a double-digit deficit.

Graduate assistant and Brazilian-native, Daniel Campos, was the main organizer of the trip and games that the team played against while visiting Rio. We played very well. Good defense, said Campos. We only practiced for nine days prior to leaving. We played hard and moved the ball offensively. Campos has played for several professional Brazilian organizations and has earned a starting position for an all-star team in a top Brazilian league. Prior to Campos professional career as a basketball player in Brazil, he graduated from Pace in 2004 and played for the Setters basketball team for four years.

Setters basketball team strikes a pose in Rio de Janiero Photo by James Harter
a bone infection. Over the summer, Primus-Devonish underwent shoulder surgery, which is where he developed his infection during the week of the planned Rio departure date. When it wasnt game day, the team went sightseeing to famous tourist beaches such as Ipenema beach. Despite the torrential rains during the trip, the team bonded and made efforts to enjoy their stay in Brazil. On the last day before departure, head basketball coach the population. Coach Harter planned this trip in order for the boys to appreciate what they have and see what it is like for other people that live in drastic situations.

Assumption Falls in Second Moore Volleyball Camp at Pace Overtime to Pace Soccer
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Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Pace gained victory against Assumption 3 to 2 in two overtimes on Fri. Sept. 9. This win places Setters 2-2 overall and 1-1 in conference games. The first half of the game was steady with no goals by either team. Pace kept the ball on Assumptions side of the field for the majority of that half, but eventually Pace takes the win with Jillian Ferro scoring all three goals including the winning one during overtime. The game was even throughout regulation time, with Ferro scoring the first goal assisted by Allyson Dyl at the 54:22 timemark. Right after at the 59:42 time-mark, Kelsey Imondi scored a goal for Assumption assisted by Andrea Bales and Molly Kessler.

Pace continues fighting to untie the game when Ferro scores again the second goal for Pace at 66:54. Assumption fought back to tie the game once more with a penalty shot by Nicole Savi, bringing the score 2-2. The game went into overtime and both defenses were aggressive and neither team was able to score, resulting a second 10 minute overtime take place. Second overtime, assisted by Dyl, Ferro scored the winning goal at 104:33 to end the game. Pace alumni soccer player, Lauren Trinkoff was worried when they scored, to tie a second time in regulation time but, I was confident that they would come back and win. They all played really well and it made for an exciting game. Congrats to all the girls on their win they deserve it, said Trinkoff.

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Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Paces Head Volleyball Coach Karrin Moore ran a camp and fundraiser for kids, in order to ease spending in the teams budget for the preseason tournament in San Antonio, Texas. The week of Aug 8 through Sat. 13, the Goldstein Fitness Center was filled with kids as young as 13 and as old as 17, all throughout the day for the Moore Volleyball Camp (MVC). Thirteen-year old Nicolina Chenard is an avid Pace athletics fan and attended the MVC camp. It was fun and I learned a lot, said Chenard. I know how to hit line now. Although this was Moores first time running the camp, shes starting her second season as a coach at Pace. Moore stated, The MVC camp went really well for its first year. I was fortunate enough to have a few of my current players working, and I think it helped them learn about the game through teaching. In addition, a fundraiser was held for a skills camp where potential recruits for the University volleyball team attended. The money from the camp and fundraiser was added to the volleyball budget and used for the spending of their tournament that took place during Labor Day weekend.

Paces Volleyball players help with fundraiser set by Coach Karrin Moore. Photo by Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Pace Volleyball Travels to San Antonio

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Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Paces soccer team again Assumption on Sept. 9 Photo by Susana Verdugo-Del Real

The lady setters traveled to San Antonio, Texas on Labor Day weekend for a volleyball tournament, where they fell 0-4 as they start their season. On the first day, Friday, the team went to the famous tourist spot known as the River Walk, an urban retreat downtown. The first day of the tournament Pace played St. Marys and Tarleton whom the Setters fell both matches in 4 games. The next day, the team played against Regis University and Abilene Christian whom Pace lost both matches in 3 games. The team also went sightseeing to the Alamo where they had the chance to experience the am-

biance and see where American troops in San Antonio fell during the Texas Revolution to the hands of Mexican soldiers. The Alamo symbolizes the heroic struggles to impossible odds that the American soldiers fought to overcome. As the Pace Volleyball team returns to New York, they prepare to continue their season in the Northeast 10 conference. The teams next opponent is on Saturday September 10 on non-conference matches versus Wilmington and University of Sciences at the University of Sciences tournament in Philadelphia, PA.

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Pace Football Team Wins Home-Opener

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Susana Verdugo-Del Real

The Setters defeated the Stonehill College Skyhawks on their home-opener, winning 23 to 20, in overtime. Pace was first to score with a 35-yard field goal made by senior Ali Mourtada in the first quarter. Stonehill took the lead later in the quarter making the score 7 to 3. Pace began to catch up to the Skyhawks scoring three more points in the second quarter with a second field goal by Mourtada. Stonehill will score two field goals by the end of the third quarter, yet the Setters managed to get back into the lead with a touchdown scored by freshman wide-receiver Anthony Upshaw and a two-point conversion made by freshman wide-receiver Cameron Davis. The Setters extended their

Final Score Setters Skyhawks



(Top) Setters on the offense, (Right) Quaterback Jordon Raynor (#10). Photos by Adam Samson/ The Pace Chronicle freshman defensive-back, sealed the win against the Skyhawks with his third interception of the day on Stonehills first play from scrimmage. On the defensive end, senior David Lopez led the defense with 15 tackles followed by junior Brian Mizerek with eight tackles. Setters record evens out 1-1for the season and travel to North Andover, MA to face a conference game versus Merrimack College on Sat. Sept. 17.

lead in the fourth quarter with a touchdown by senior runningback Eshawn Armstrong. Although the Setters missed the extra point, the score raised to 20 to 13. With less than three minutes left the Skyhawks scored a one yard touchdown, tying the game and forcing the Setters into overtime. Mourtada scored his third field goal of the day in the first overtime, giving Pace the lead necessary to win. Andy Vital,

Setter Spotlight

Allyson Dyl
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Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Senior soccer player and elementary education major Allyson Dyl starts her second season as a Pace forward after previously playing midfield. During her sophomore year when Pace was up 1-0 against Dominican, Dyl attempted to change directions while running and fell to the ground not knowing she had broken her ACL. She is finally back for another season, representing Pace as if she had never left. The only thing giving her away is her brace. Pace Chronicle (PC): How long have you played soccer? Allyson Dyl (AD): Ive played since I was five. PC: What was your first thought when you knew you tore your ACL? AD: I was very upset because I knew a lot of people that had done it, and they were out for a while. I was thinking this cant be happening to me. PC: How long did you assume you would be out? AD: I figured Id be out for six months, which was around the same time until I got back into fully playing again. PC: How did you prepare mentally from your ACL? AD: I had to just try to not think about it. I couldnt think about being hurt and going into tackles scared. I just had to go out and play. PC: Why do you wear #18? AD: Because we didnt get to choose our numbers when we came in as freshman; thats what I was given. PC: If you had the chance to go back to freshman year and pick the number that you wanted, which one would it be? AD: It would be number 5 because that is the number I was all throughout high school and club. PC: Why did you choose soccer as your sport? AD: Ive grown up playing it and its just part of my life. I cant imagine not playing anymore. PC: How does it feel to be a senior player? AD: Its crazy to think that Im a senior already. It went by so fast. PC: Do you plan to somehow maintain some involvement with soccer after graduating? AD: I plan to hopefully stay involved in the game somehow, whether it is coaching eventually, or continue playing wherever I can. PC: Whos your favorite soccer player, worldwide? AD: Cristiano Ronaldo, because hes hot! I dont really watch soccer so I just picked him. PC: Whats your best memory playing soccer? AD: Its probably playing in the state playoffs in high school.

Dyls attempt to score goal during a recent game Photo by CSI Photo PC: How do you think playing a sport has helped you academically, or vice versa? AD: Soccer helped academically because it forced me to manage my time better because I was always busy with practice and games so I had to find a way to get my schoolwork done early. PC: What would you do to promote soccer in young players? AD: Id try and make more fields for kids to play on so theyd have more opportunities to get out and play whether its with a team or just for fun. PC: What is your plan for after you graduate? AD: Im going to get my masters in special education. PC: If you could pick to go out to dinner with any three people, who would it be? AD: David Wright, Pele, and my grandma. PC: What is your favorite quote? AD: Dont let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

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