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Volume I, Issue III

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011

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Power Outage in Pleasantville

News Editor

The G-Spot

Jemma York

Blackout causes cancellation of classes, shutdown of administrative offices

Playing the Numbers Game, page 7

Meet the Greeks

Sigma Lambda Upsilon, page 3


The Pleasantville campus experienced a power outage Fri. due to an apparent off campus Con Edison issue. All classes were cancelled and all administrative offices were closed at 3:50 p.m. Vincent Beatty, Director of Pace Security, explains, We lost power around 3 p.m. because of a Con Edison issue. We waited until 3:50 to cancel classes and close administrative offices because we were waiting to hear from Con Edison to see if the power outage was a temporary or permanent matter. The lack of power posed no security threats for the Pleasantville campus, said Beatty. One faculty member was stuck in an elevator in the Goldstein Academic Building, but we quickly responded and were able to open the elevator door. No injuries or other emergency incidents were reported. Sophomore environmental studies student Georgina Goulding was at swim practice when

Pleasantville lost power. Though Pace lost power we continued to swim for the remainder of practice, said Goulding. Jordan Beberman, a junior political science major, was also at the swim team practice. We could still see clearly and had plenty of light because of the large windows above the pool. According to Beatty, Pace was not the only area that was left in the dark. A large portion of Pleasantville lost power. Senior media and communications student Michelle Birch was driving back to Pace when Pleasantville lost power. The traffic lights on Bedford Road were not working, including the major intersection of 9A and Bedford Road. It was quite scary, and I nearly got into an ac-

Photo by Michael Oleaga/The pace Chronicle The Kessel Student Center (shown above) was shut down after electricity to the Pleasantville campus was cut Friday, shortly after 2:30 p.m.

cident by Entrance One because a car coming off the Taconic did not stop at the light. Beatty stated, During a power outage the security officers continue to patrol around campus, and will respond to any type

of emergency, such as the elevator emergency. Even though the fire alarms have a battery backup systems we also conducted an internal fire watch in the buildings Continued on Page 2

Beauty Treatments that Hurt

A day in heaven can turn into an infection from hell
Foo Fighters vs. WBC, page 6

Students Must Be Fed

Chartwells dining services contracted on a month-to-month basis
News Editor Feature Editor

Setter Spotlight

Health Editor

Melissa Recine

Eshawn Armstrong, page 12 Entertainment

A day at the spa has quiet and relaxing written all over it. Facials, tanning, pedicures seems like the perfect day. These pampering activities, however, can actually be more dangerous than anything. Many people do not realize the dangers lurking within a beauty spa or salon. College-aged girls, and even some guys, jump at the idea of getting a manicure and pedicure on a day off from school or work.

This relaxing and beautifying combination is the perfect way to end one week and start another. So what is better than sitting in a chair with a built in massager while someone is cleaning and cutting, making your finger and toe nails look perfect? What some dont know, unfortunately, is that a viral infection can be waiting right around the corner. The number one most hazardous manicure procedures are cutting the cuticles. Of course, nails always look nicer without skin hanging around, but the cuticle is important for protecting the nail Continued on Page 5

Jemma York Ali Silver

Pace students are unsure of who will provide them food throughout the 2011-2012 academic year, as the current food service provider is signed on a month-to-month basis. Last spring, Pace severed relations with Lackmann Culinary Services, who at the time was receiving numerous complaints from students about their quality

of food and professionalism. The final nail in the coffin may have been when the New York City (NYC) Department of Health shut down dining facilities in the NYC campus. Lackmann was replaced with Chartwells Higher Education Dining Servies, the parent company of Lackmann. Executive Director for Auxiliary Services Mary Lieto spoke to the Student Association (SA) on Sept. 9, about changes to come. This summer we have been traveling to different colleges and universities to see their dining services and find ways of how we can improve our own, said Lieto. Continued on Page 2

How to Deal: With a Parent with Breast Cancer


Michael Oleaga

Moneyball Review, page 9

Journalism allows its readers to witness history; fiction gives its readers an opportunity to live it. - John Hershey

About How to Deal: From being an international student, an incoming freshman, a single parent, or helping a parent - or self - overcome an illness, How to Deal revolves around a Pace student currently facing a very important situation in life yet seeks to find a positive solution to the dilemma.

She was angry, didnt know what to do, what to think, and thought her family, particularly her mother, had gone through many difficult obstacles, but now sophomore Loren Alexander and her family has another challenge that they seek to defeat breast cancer. Last June, Loren arrived back to her Cortlandt Manor home from a two-week travel course in Greece. Despite visiting the country thats been on her bucket list

for a decade, it was certainly not the easiest of times for her. It was already a hard time of the year for my family and I because my sister died June 6, 1999, so thats already rough. Times would get rougher in the next 48 hours. Two days after I came back from my travel course, my parents told me my mother has Stage IIIB breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, Stage IIIB is one

stage away from being defined as terminal. I cried for two weeks. I didnt do anything or feel like seeing anyone, said Loren. I couldnt say the word cancer. I guess you think death when you say cancer. When I told my best friends about my moms diagnosis, I had to text them because I couldnt speak the word without choking up. After you get over the iniContinued on Page 3


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The Pace Chronicle


Whats Making News Beyond Campus?

Freelance Reporter JACKSON, Georgia Troy Davis, 42, was executed by lethal injection last Wed. at 11:08 p.m. He was convicted in 1989 for killing police officer Mark MacPhail in Savannah, Georgia. Davis continued to claim his innocence for the past 22 years. Approximately 500 protesters lined the entrance of the prison with the hope the sentence would be overturned, but it remained in place despite being postponed for four hours. Davis body was removed from the prison around midnight. CAIRO, Egypt Approximately $92 million was transferred into two parliament members bank accounts, thus raising suspicion. The public prosecutor chosen by The National Bank of Kuwait is currently investigating the deposits. Political science professor at Kuwait University Shafeeq Ghabra stated, This is becoming the Kuwaiti Watergate. ATHENS, Greece The European Central Bank, European Commission, and International Monetary Fund and other foreign leaders put pressure on the Greek government to implement more severe measures in order to receive $11 billion in aid. In response, Greece limited the public sector and made cuts to pensions. Other measures, such as tax increases, have already been put in motion. The current situation of Greeces economy has greatly affected the world, with many countries concerned with the amount of money used in aid of the country. TRIPOLI, Libya The US Embassy in Libya was formally reopened on Sept. 22. Ambassador Gene A. Cretz returned with optimism about American business possibilities in Libya. The ambassador called roughly 150 American companies aiming to bring their business to Libya. If we can get American companies herethen this will redound to improve the situation in the United States with respect to our own jobs, said Cretz. BEIJING, China A seize of farmland in Shanwei, a town near Hong Kong, resulted in riots around local government buildings, overturned SWAT vehicles, and attacks on police officers. The government website stated that hundreds of citizens were responsible for blocking important highways as well as mobbing the Communist Party local headquarters and police stations, leading to multiple injuries. General discontent of governmental proceedings such as response to industrial pollutions and general police misbehavior also contributed to the riots.

Blackout in Pleasantville

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The power outage forced dining facilities to close in the Kessel Student Center. (Left) The sandwich & wraps section. (Right) Notice by Chartwells. Photo By Michael Oleaga/The Pace Chronicle on campus. able to switch off of the generator. eration and the ability to cook the Birch, who resides in a single Electricity was working food. room in North Hall, said, My campus wide again around 6:30, Some food was taken to the room was not too dark, but I have said Beatty. Briarcliff campus, where students a flashlight which helped. The Mathew Lavery, the Associ- were able to eat for the evening. hallways were incredibly dark ate Director of Housing, sent an In addition to the lack of dinthough. email to the Pace Community in- ing facilities, the power outage Pace switched over to gen- forming them that it was unsafe to caused multiple problems with erator power just before 5 p.m., eat in Kessel and the Miller Kiosk cable television, particulary in the restoring power to most of the because of the power outage. Briarcliff campus. Cable service Pleasantville campus. Con EdiBeatty explained both Pleas- returned to most Briarcliff dorms son officially resolved the power antville dining services were by the end of the weekend. issue at 6 p.m., and Pace then was closed due to the lack of refrig-

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Permanent dining serivce to be named soon

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Auxiliary Services extended the deadline on choosing a new vendor until both students and faculty are satisfied. Junior psychology student Brittany Hodgins, believed Chartwells has shown they can do the job thus far. Chartwells is better than Lackmann, said Hodgins. Now there is a much better variety. There seems to always be something new to choose, and the food does not taste as bland. There is still room for improvement. One of the greatest issues to date is meal plan money. Every year, a student is issued a certain amount of money ranging anywhere from $125 to $1,450. However, this price range unfortunately varies depending on the students standings; a first year freshman will receive the most money, and as the freshman ranks up to upperclassman status, then the less money they are allotted to their meal plan. Hodgins added, The meal plans are great if a student lives in one of the dorms. But I live in the Townhouses, and the meal plan is awful. Our meal plan does not last, and is simply not enough. I know many upperclassmen, like myself, who find it tough to cook constantly when I am juggling jobs, campus commitments, and classes. Senior communications student Christina Melander agreed with Hodgins, I rarely eat in Kessel because of my smaller meal plan. The food is so overpriced, and Chartwells should be making it cheaper. On average, a student will use their meal card at least three times a day, and although it may seem as if a student has enough money to last them a semester, it is not. When adding up the numbers, a freshman can use up to $97 a week on their meal plan, when an average upperclassman can only use around $60. Junior bio-psychology student and commuter Cristina Marie Theriault has great contempt for the quality and price of the food. I have a $125 meal plan, which is about enough for a week in Kessel. The food is so expensive, said Theriault. The only reason I have any money left is because I have friends swipe [their meal cards] for me. If they are not around I must skip the meal. The price we pay for food is still too high and the quality of the food is still poor. Many options taste watered down and/or poorly seasoned. Since the SA meeting of Sept. 9, Auxiliary Services sent an email to all Pace students reassuring them that the quality of food they are receiving has attained the A standard. Lieto mentioned that feedback from students, through surveys or during meetings, has been most beneficial when commencing changes to the cafeterias. The food advisory committee and focus groups will continue to meet during this process. As for now, Chartwells will continue to renew their contract every month until a new, or current, vendor is chosen.

Samantha Finch Torraine Humes

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Correction: In last weeks article Closure of Briarcliff Still in Progress, the architects in the project are known as EYP Architecture and Engineering, not EVP.

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How to Deal Continued from page 1...

ian cancer, said Loren. They offer support groups and counseling. They do an annual walk [on Oct. 2] at FDR Park in Yorktown Heights, and my family and friends are participating. Loren raised over $300 for breast cancer research with Support Connection. Many of the donations have not only come from family and friends, but from Pace professors. I dont know how many students can say they go to a school where their professors send them messages of support about their personal life and care about what their students are going through, said Loren. You can triumph over anything, if you have the perseverance, Loren raised another $300 the willingness, and the resources to do it, - Lidia Alexander, with the Susan G. Komen Race mother of Loren Alexander. for the Cure Foundation. Photo By Michael Oleaga/The Pace Chronicle The charitable work was done unbeknownst to Lidia till she tial shock of the diagnosis, Im a course. very realistic-positive person, so I I come home, Im jetlagged, received a phone call from Supsaid Okay, I have this diagnosis, I found out this terrible news, and port Connections. I didnt know whats my next step? said Lidia, I was like the hell with this pa- about this till Support ConnecLorens mother, a 73 Lienhard per. I just wanted to have some- tions called me and told me how School of Nursing alum. So be- thing long enough to hand in much money she raised for breast ing from the scientific-medical and didnt care about the quality cancer research, said Lidia. Im knowledgeable type of mind, I do which is unlike me. I didnt even sitting there listening as the tears a lot of research and I get things bother to check what grade I got are coming down my face. I knew going as fast as possible with the and never wanted to see that pa- she was exceptional but this was least amount of collateral dam- per again. I wasnt in the proper way beyond anyones expectations. She has raised awareness age. mindset at all. Although Lidia does have reaAnd despite feeling mentally on so many levels by starting son to worry about herself, her out, Lidia has received more than fundraisers, writing about it, and main concern was for Loren. enough support from Loren. The verbalizing to people how imporMy pain was for her, not so sophomore has driven and ac- tant it is to care for their health much for myself. I was more con- companied her mom to her che- and to be vigilant. To answer the question of how cerned with how it will impact motherapy sessions, but has also her life and how she would react brought our cancer awareness she coped and stayed focused on her academic work, Loren stated to it. and fundraisers. Loren stated she was menThere is a local non-profit she surrounds herself with people tally out when she learned of the organization called Support who care, that includes her best news. She had a research paper Connection for people who are Continued on Page 4 due a month later for the Greece dealing with breast and ovar-

Constitution event questions ethics in law

This mock jury event was assisted by a panel of lawyers, which included the Director of Campus Diversity Cornell Craig, Coordinator for Student Development and Campus Activities Caitlin Kirschbaum, and Executive Vice President of Judicial and Compliance of SA Amanda Carter. Professor Howard Weishaus of the Economics, History, and Political Science Department moderated through the event by asking the panel and attendees a series of questions based on the timeline of the case. This event is for students to become more acquired with the Bill of Rights and how it affects their daily lives, said Weishaus. Weishaus asked questions such as: Would you defend the attacker? If you were a journalist, would you write a story or interview him? What did the police do wrong? Should the cop in question get fired? The idea for this event came from a similar event the New York City campus hosted, which every year has an entire week dedicated to the Constitution. Dean for Students, Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, felt this particular event would be a great addition to the Pleasantville campus. The event concluded with participants receiving a free travel copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Innocent or Guilty?

Prof. Howard Weishaus, moderator for Constitution Day on Sept. 20. Photo by Michael Oleaga / The Pace Chronicle Feature Editor

Ali Silver

A man beat up a nun then stole her rosary beads and bible. This was the scenario played out in the event Constitution Day: The Delegate Balance, hosted by the Office of the Dean for Students and the Student Association (SA). The event was focused around the Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights, which states, Congress could not make laws allowing unreasonable searches. A search warrant could only be issued if there was probable cause. After the man beat up the nun, the police raided his apartment, took the bible and beads, and then arrested him without reading him his Miranda Rights.

Meet the Greeks:

Sigma Lambda Upsilon
Feature Editor

Ali Silver

Literacy, one word at a time. This is the philanthropy of Greek Lifes newest edition, Sigma Lambda Upsilon (SLU), Seoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority Incorporated. Though Latinas is in their name, it is not a strictly cultural sorority. We have girls with a variety of backgrounds, said senior applied psychology and human relations student, and President of SLU, Ashley Caceres. Our girls range from Dominican, Guyanese, Pakistani, even Puerto Rican. Anyone can join. SLU believes that every individual has the capacity to influence others, and therefore devote themselves to serving and giving back both on campus and to communities. Two programs which SLU are particularly proud of are LADYS and PEARLS. PEARLS (Promoting Education, the Arts, our Roots, Leadership and Service) is a mentorship program, geared towards girls between the ages of eight to 14,

that has team-building activities and projects. These programs are meant to instill a sense of cultural pride, sisterhood, community service, and academic excellence. The PEARLS program has become a safe haven for over forty girls who need creativity and exposure outside their everyday environments. LADYS (Leadership, Advancement, and Development for our Young Sisters) is another mentorship program but geared towards young women ages fourteen to eighteen. This promotes sisterhood, academic excellence, cultural pride, and service to the community, emphasizing college and career preparation. The LADYS program has helped women develop professionally, gain college preparatory skills, and learn about their culture. Nationally, SLU holds a weeklong themed series of events called Raices Week, from Sept. 25 through Oct.1.. This year, the theme will be The Power of Marianismo: Redefining the Female Role. Thes week promotes and celebrates the Latino heritage

The Seoritas of Sigma Lambda Upsilon, with their Deans. Photo From Ashley Caceres and culture through a variety of events focused on cultural enrichment, community service, scholarship, and womens issues. Another event to look out for is SLUs book drive, which they will be tabling for this semester. For further information about Sigma Lambda Upsilon, contact President Ashley Caceres at

The Seoritas of SLU Inc.:

Veronica Sigcha: Ecuadorian, Puerto Rican, Portugese Gabriela Quinche: Ecuadorian Ghislaine Ruiz: Dominican Ashley Caceres: Dominican Perla Fermin: Dominican Lisa Bharat: Guyanese Alisha Bacchus: Guyanese Zanib Naveed: Pakistani Erika Torres: Ecuadorian


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How to Deal Continued from page 3...

friends and professors, such as Prof. Marie Werner. Professor Werner beat cancer, and she met with my mom and I to kvetch talk about what living with cancer is like and told me to reach out to her no matter what I needed, even if I needed a shoulder to cry on, said Loren. Loren noted that some of her friends volunteered to participate at the walk, one is even coming home from college in Pennsylvania to take part. Another friend offered to donate her hair so Lorens mother could have a wig made from natural hair. Loren acknowledged, I have recently seen that there are a lot of good people left in this world, and I am so thankful to have this net of support at such a difficult time in my life. She stressed the importance of people being there for one another. During the interview, she was very encouraging of people contacting her if they are going through something rough and need someone to talk to. I asked some of my best friends from home that commute to spend some time with my mom while I am at [Pace] so she has some company and doesn't deal with Empty Nest Syndrome on top of breast cancer. I try to think positive; I do my best not to think about my mom dying. I tell her all the time that she is not allowed to because she needs to be there when I graduate, get married and have kids. I try to keep in mind that my mother is a fighter. She has overcome so much: growing up in war-torn Poland, enduring an abusive childhood, facing discrimination when she came to America, surviving rape, a few heart attacks, and the tragic loss of my sister. My mother is my hero, and I try to emulate her determination. Lidia wants people to understand that cancer isnt a death sentence. She notes that there is a lot of new research and through awareness there are many ways to treat cancer. Years ago, you hear cancer, its like a death sentence. We made tremendous progress, but we still need a lot of funding, said Lidia. Research is extremely expensive. We need people to really raise their awareness and come on board and help out anyway they can. According to Lidia, a registered nurse, its important to go under routine mammographies. If there is a family history of breast cancer, it is suggested to go for a mammography exam starting at 25 year old. You can still donate to the Alexanders cause with Support Connection by visiting lidia/2011support-a-walkforbreastandovariancancer.

Lidia Alexanders book Triumph Over Tragedy. (ISBN-13: 978-1448955862) Photo From

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The Circle of Greek Life

Featured Reporter

Charles Link

There is one thing that is synonymous with college life and that is the Greek community. No matter where you walk around campus, from Kessel decoration to shirts, Greek letters appear everywhere. The bi-annual Circle of Greeks was held on Sept. 21, which is the kick-off of recruitment at Pace. All the fraternities and sororities on campus showed up to strut their stuff and show what their letters stand for. Each Greek organization had a chance to give a three minute presentation and each have a table to display items such as paddles and composites. There was a decent number students attended this years event. The turnout keeps getting better each semester, said Greek Life Coordinator Robert-Thomas Jones. Circle of Greeks is a great way to introduce people to the Greek organizations on campus, said sophomore communications student Ruben Caban. Greek life is an opportunity for campus involvement, giving back to the community, and creating networking connections. I love being in a Greek orga-

nization, it was the best decision I ever made, said sophomore marketing student and sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, Nicole Telepun. Students who are interested in going Greek should visit all the fraternities or sororities on campus. There are many to choose from and if a person does not feel comfortable with a particular group, perhaps there is an organization perfect for them. Remember that these are the people who will be there for you for a lifetime, said sophomore education student Matt Indik. Junior political science student, and sister of Nu Zeta Phi, Melanie Londono said, Circle of Greeks is a more effective way of getting each organization out there, without conflicting with other organizations on campus. Formal recruitment is typically a week long process starting after Circle of Greeks. Formal recruitment is a time for folks to learn about the fraternities and sororities on campus, said Jones. The week began with an open house for the respective Greek councils, which is followed by events hosted by the individual organizations. By the weekend, the fraternities and sororities hand out bids, which are formal invitations to pledge their organization. Look for the remaining recruitment events for the respective Greek councils.

Interested in Greek Life but not sure which organization to affiliate yourself with? Email the Director of Greek Life, Robert-Thomas Jones at

The bi-annual Circle of Greeks featured all fraternities and sororities in one room on Sept. 21. Photos By Adam Samson/The Pace Chronicle

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Beauty Treatments that Hurt

Continued from page 1...
beds from foreign bodies. Although nail technicians are supposed to be licensed, many of them still do not realize that forceful filing and buffing can actually result in an ingrown nail. Even worse, many salons do not clean their tools enough, and these could easily pass along fungus and other germs from one customer to another. The best solution for this problem is to bring personal tools so cleanliness is never a problem. Also, soaking feet in the pedicure tub is one of the worst ideas because some people use that same tub all day. Going to the salon in the morning is the best time because things are usually the cleanest earlier in the day. The best way to avoid any type of infection from manicures

Prepare for a waxing! Photo from or pedicures is to limit the amount waxing can actually cause permaof visits to the salon and settle for nent harm to hair follicles causing doing your own nails instead. hair to stop growing all together. Waxing is another big beauty Wax can also cause skin to be danger. damaged if done too aggressively. Eyebrow and bikini are among Damaged skin is a portal to our the most common types of waxes, bodies for germs to flow through yet the most perilous. Consistent freely. Because of this, infections

are likely to occur. Additionally, many people use some type of doctor recommended retinoid cream (usually for acne) which makes the skin more sensitive. The skin is more likely to tear or burn when using this type of cream. It is recommended to use witch-hazel before waxing and an antibacterial cream afterwards. Bikini waxes are ever more dangerous than eyebrow waxing. The Brazilian technique was almost deemed illegal in New Jersey due to multiple people being hospitalized. Ingrown hairs are most common in bikini waxes. Once again, using witch-hazel is very important, especially for ingrown hairs. Keep a close eye on the person doing the waxing and note if there is any sign of double dipping the waxing stick back into the wax bowl. If he/she does this with you, they have definitely done this with other people as well. A new stick for every dip into the

wax is crucial to avoiding infection. The risks involved when getting a facial are very important because the face is so sensitive. Technicians that are trained to give facials have to undergo a completely separate examination. It is suggested that when getting a skincare treatment, like a facial, avoid covering your eyes so to see that each tool is coming out of a sanitary place. Avoid aggressive facials with strong chemicals. These can cause infections, burned skin, and irritation. As with many things, try the facial first on a patch of skin elsewhere on the body. This will forewarn you of any possible irritation or rash from the products. While everyone likes to take a day to relax, be careful the next time you walk into a salon. Take note of the cleanliness of the place and the certifications hanging on the walls.

Increasing Your Body Confidence

Health Editor

Melissa Recine

Many people obsess over body image and appearance which can lead to a number of them feeling depressed; because of it, they take drastic measures to slim down or change their shape. Accepting oneself for who he/ she is can also very important. A recent study suggested that women who became more confident with their bodies actually lost seven percent more weight than those who obsessed. Here are a few ways to boost your own self esteem: Remind yourself of all your good qualities. Make a list of positive characteristics and read them every day to instill positive thoughts. Every time something negative comes to mind, replace it with one of the greater qualities. You can do this with both physical and non-physical traits. Choose things about your body that you love and find note personality characteristics that everyone loves. Relaxing in front of the television with a glass of wine every now and then is a good way to regroup. Appreciate this time with friends or even alone and resting. De-stressing before bed by playing a game with your roommates will help clear the mind and obtain a fresh start in the morning. Give and receive a compliment. Sometimes giving compliments to others actually helps the giver feel better about him or herself. Once people see that people are taking time to notice

to make the celebrity look better than they actually do. Additionally, they also have professional makeup artists to cover their faces, stylists to find the most slimming outfits, and personal trainers that beat them up every day. Eating well and exercise can also help someone feel better about their body Photo from image. Besides the their positive qualities, they will scientific evidence that exercise begin to do the same for others. releases endorphins that boost On the other hand, asking a happiness, accomplishing certain good friend to hand out a compli- food or exercise goals can also do ment can also enhance your self- this. esteem. As long as it is not taken Junior education student Sara advantage of and it is appreciated, Hutton commented on how she a good friend is more than likely changed her body image outlook. to help out. I stopped thinking about my Dress to impress. Of course body in a negative way a couple this doesnt mean wear a cocktail of years ago, said Hutton. I dress to class, but the people who realized that hating the way you take more time to get ready for the look just gets in the way of me day actually feel more confident doing more productive things in their skin. Putting on a favor- with my time. ite outfit or trying a new hairstyle Hutton also shared a blog that will greatly boost confidence. she wrote a while back regarding One of the most important body confidence. things about loving ones own When I was in high school I body is understanding that their was so desperate to fit in. I was quirks and uniqueness is actually never disliked, but I was never what makes them beautiful. loved either (besides the few Whether theres a beauty mark friends that I was able to actually on your face or your curves are be myself around). Im still bigbigger than wanted, take those ger than most of the girls I went to imperfections and turn them into high school with, but because of those little things that make you, this newfound confidence people you. actually pay attention to me when Not everyones body looks I go out. I dont hide anymore, like the celebrities in magazines. she noted. In fact, they dont even look like So take all of these tips and that. apply them every day. It will be When flipping through a mag- surprising how body outlooks azine, take note that most of those will change for the better. photos are edited and enhanced

So Much Technology, So Many Aches

Featured Reporter

Alyssa Flecha

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Technology is everywhere - high school students with the iTouch, college students with laptops, and businessmen and women with iPads and tablets. Even toddlers are learning how to work with them all as well. But this new gadget rise has caused something else that is obvious; hunched backs, shoulders, angled necks and wrists and hands twisted like claws. More people bend their bodies to use these electronic devices, but they may unknowingly be putting themselves at a greater risk of injury. This, of course, was never an issue 20 years ago when the simple computer monitor could be adjusted to your comfort. Now people have added laptops, smartphones, and tablets to their arsenals and they are using, or perhaps misusing, them at home and work, on trains, planes, hotels, and coffeehouses. By positioning themselves improperly, people are at greater risk of eye strain, tendonitis (which is an inflammation in a tendon), and carpal tunnel syndrome (which is pressure on the median nerve the nerve in the wrist that supplies feeling and movement to parts of the hand. It can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle damage). Repetitive actions that lead to overuse of muscles and tendons can inflame them, causing pain in the hands, shoulders, neck, and back. But it seems the electronics that are touch screens are increasing the risk. The touch screen has become a very popular feature in the past few years since Apple first launched the iPhone. But it is not only our backs, necks, wrists, and fingers that are affected by this age of technology. Think of our poor thumbs, which have been pressed into a

level of service they were never meant to provide. Thumbs are more vulnerable than other fingers because they have two bones instead of three. Texting has led to an increase in a condition known as De Quervains Tenosynovitis, where the tendons become so inflamed that it becomes painful to move your thumb, affecting your ability to hold things. Today, it is easy to be texting your boss one minute and a friend the next, and this greater mingling of work and personal life is placing more stress on the body. But dont discount psychological factors as mental stress can also cause tense muscles, aggravating any existing physical stress. If it is not possible to stop by an ergonomic office, there are simple steps that can be taken to keep yourself and your body healthy when using certain devices. Sit back in your chair, support your feet if needed, and make sure your arms are relaxed as you type. Check that the screen is close enough so that you can see clearly without strain, enlarging the type size if necessary. Be aware of these factors and try to approximate them as much as possible when you arent at your primary workstation. Media and communication arts graduate student Louis Guarneri explained how he noticed the hunch back phenomena. I have noticed that, and I can also say that I do hunch over occasionally, but I have bad posture in general. In school, especially in the library, I notice the most people leaning over their computers. The simplest piece of evidence is one that people today seem to forget too often - take a break. Turn off and shutdown your computer and tablets more often and sit back and relax. Separating yourself from your devices gives your mind and muscles a rest it deserves.


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Opinion Editor

Martin Totland

Stay Friends With Your Professors, It Might Pay Off

November on a sailboat in the Bahamas. Alas. Let it be known that me ultimately not going had nothing to do with Professor Revkins effort.) The point Im trying to make is that it can really pay off to stay close with your professors. Opportunities present themselves rather often through acquaintances. Its only logical that opportunities in the field youre training for will present themselves through the people who train you. Case in point: last spring, I was enrolled in Dr. Maria Luskays Producing the Travel Documentary course, wherein we traveled to Belize to film a documentary about the aquaculture business. Prof. Revkin was the other professor assisting in the course and accompanied us to Belize. During our stay abroad, Revkin worked closely with all the students, myself included. The documentary got finished, and then summer started. Then, right before the fall semester began I received an email from Revkin that informed about the free divers looking for a videographer to join them. Revkin contacted me because he had seen that I could do reliable work during a video production. Additionally, he remembered that I had mentioned that I was a certified scuba diver and presumably thought that could be a valuable skill during a voyage focused on diving. So, he contacted me and urged me to apply for the spot. This brings me to a second point: Dont be shy to mention your skills, certifications, and experiences to your professors. Theres a difference between bragging and mentioning it in conversation, let them know what youre capable of. Anything that will make you stick out in their mind when they hear of an opportunity is worth mentioning. Of course, it can be hard to know what that might be ahead of time, but thats why its useful to mention all the things you think sets you apart. In my instance, it was that I know how to scuba dive. For you, it might be something entirely else. Have you had your writings published somewhere? Tell your English or communications professor. Did you win a photography contest? Bring it up some time. Some naysayers will probably assume that Im advocating bragging and exaggerating your accomplishments as a way to get ahead. Far from it. You should always be honest about your experiences and skills. Getting caught in a slight exaggeration will automatically put you behind someone else with the same skills, if they were honest about it. It doesnt benefit anyone if you decide to flaunt your greatness in anyones presence either. People see through that way easier than you might assume. Rather, be humble but honest about what you know and what you can do. No one likes a braggart but only a jealous person would hold your honest accomplishments against you. Staying friends with your professors can pay off. If youll get a job offer or an internship opportunity, I cannot guarantee. What I can guarantee is that being friendly and honest with your professors will automatically place you a step above those who keep their mouth shut and say nothing in class and especially above those who can be a disruptive windbag in class. So stay after class for a few minutes, ask for an opinion on some work you did. Offer a comment on something you talked about in class. Tell a joke or a story related to class. In any case, you have nothing to lose.

Recently I experienced firsthand a direct benefit of being friends with one of my professors. Professor and New York Times blogger Andrew Revkin had been contacted by a crew of free divers who were looking for a videographer (thats fancy for cameraman) to join them on a five to six week long voyage. The good professor was kind enough to recommend me for the position and put me in touch with them. Everything was seemingly in order for me to sail, and it was all thanks to the recommendation of a professor whom I had worked with previously. (In the interest of full disclosure: had it not been for some stringent visa regulations pertaining to international students such as myself, I would have spent the entirety of

The Implications of Unrealistic Violence in Movies

Opinion Editor

Martin Totland

Foo Fighters Take on Nutcase Protesters

Opinion Editor

Martin Totland

I consider myself a rather huge movie buff. I have no qualms about spending my last dollars on a movie ticket if its a movie Ive been dying to see. I have Our Motto: Apocalypse Now tattooed on my right arm. I spend a lot of my waking time thinking about cinema, how its awesome, how it could be better, and also how it affects us as people. For instance, its hard to imagine the real-world impact of how every high school or college in movies seem to be filled with only supermodels and chiseled jocks. Is that what you think reality looks like, Hollywood? But thats not what Im concerned with right now. Its the possible implications of the unrealistic portrayal of violence in movies. I recently went to see the movie Drive in theaters, and one of the reasons I liked it so much was that it was shockingly (and refreshingly) honest and realistic about how awful violence is, what it looks like and what impacts it can have. I dont mean to say that this was a perfect portrayal of violence in movies, because it wasnt, but by comparison to the standard fare you get from Hollywood, Drive was miles apart. Many films tone down the visceral impact of violence, very ostensibly so as to broaden their audience, and thus increase their profit. This makes perfect sense from a business standpoint. Filmmaking is a business, and the more people who pay to see your movie, the better. However, theres a certain responsibility that comes with producing entertainment for the masses. By

portraying physical violence in wholly unrealistic ways in films, Hollywood is partially responsible for perpetuating the idea that maybe violence isnt so bad,

arent familiar with what a gunshot wound might do to the human body. We arent generally so familiar with what repeated blows to the head could do, but

Promotional poster for Drive, starring Ryan Gosling. Photo from Bold Films/Marc Platt Productions when it really is. I dont mean to sound as if there isnt any responsibility with the audience; of course there is. No one forces you to watch a movie, and youre generally familiar with how movies work: they either exaggerate things for effect, or tone it down to reach a wider audience. But most of have never been in serious fisticuffs, a knife fight, or a war situation and therefore if you were to believe the movies - not much, apparently. In reality however, repeated punches to the head can easily kill you. I know because it has happened to at least one person I knew. In the 2006 indie documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated, filmmaker Kirby Dick interviewed several people in the Hollywood system, several of which expressed a similar concern to my own. One filmmaker expressed

concern over the unrealistic way violence is often shown, arguing that it dulls the senses to how awful real violence actually is. This one filmmaker also argued that lowering a films rating to PG-13, when it ought to have been R, gives youngsters a dangerous, misguided sense of what the human body can and cannot handle. This is especially true when more suggestive and violent imagery has been placed under the PG-13 umbrella in the last decade. If you absolutely have to show violence in your movie, I dont mind at all, but at least make it believable. If youre going for more of an impact, then only hint at the damage done. Any filmmaker worth his salt knows that horrors alluded to have more of an impact with the audience. This is because it makes the viewer to fill in the blanks, and what the viewer thinks in his mind will almost always be more effective than what you can show on the screen. One of the reasons why the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan was so effective was that it brilliantly displayed the horrors of war. The invasion of Normandy Beach was never family friendly; it was harrowing, frightening, and violent. Director Steven Spielberg knew this, and portrayed it as such. Not only does such a directorial move make more sense, but the film as a whole also has more of an impact with the audience. Besides the whole responsibility issue, how could you not want that as a filmmaker?

If you havent heard about the Westboro Baptist Church, consider yourself lucky, but also unlucky, because Im about to tell you who they are. The Westboro Baptist Church is a small congregation of utter lunatics, led by the perpetually angry Fred Phelps, who founded the church in 1955. They are known for protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers, picketing everything and anything that they see as an offense to God, as well as their extreme stance against homosexuality. For one reason or another, rock music is an offense to God in the mind of the church members, who therefore decided to show up outside the concert venue with signs sporting charming slogans such as Thank God for Dead Soldiers and God Hates Fags. Apparently Fred Phelps and his minions are still stuck in the 1950s, when more people than just fringe sociopaths considered rock music the Devils music. In a press release issued prior to a Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City, the church stated they would protest the concert because The entertainment industry is a microcosm of the people of this doomed nation: hard-hearted, Hell-bound, and hedonistic to the max. Every person with a platform should be using it to encourage obedience to God; instead, you teach all things contrary to Him: fornication, adultery, idols, fags." Right. What was so cool about the response of the band itself was Continued on Page 7

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Playing the Numbers Game:

Featured Columnist

The G-Spot

By: Gabrielle Davina

How many is too many in regard to sexual partners?

Ebony Turner Whats The-G-Spot About? "College is run by sexual tension. Many of us like sex, have sex, and have walked in on our roommate having sex. Why ignore it? Lets be honest instead. In college, learning doesnt only happen in the classroom, it happens in the bedroom. Don't be shy, now, welcome to the G-Spot." - Gabrielle Davina I saw the trailer for Whats Your Number? It's a movie about a 20-something-year-old girl whos slept with 19 guys already and desperately doesnt want to go over 20. Itll be a silly predictable rom-com, Im sure, but its funny because the whole scenario rings true to life. Just a few months ago I sat with one of my closest friends in Australia while she was trying to figure out how to avoid the exact same thing. We live in a culture obsessed with numbers. Id be lying if I said I wasnt a product of that cultureIve asked all the guys Ive been with what number their up to and ever since I was a kid, Ive even counted the boys Ive kissed. Its a funny habit but really, who doesnt keep track of their body count? By body count, I mean the number of people ones had sexual intercourse with. We use this number to gauge what type of person someone is if hes been with a lot of people, hes a player. If shes been with a lot of people, shes easy. Were so curious about our peers in college, but then were so quick to judge. Freshman year, I thought anything in the double digits was high. When a guy friend of mine told me hed been with 15 girls, I was blown away. How does one rack up such numbers? I wondered. Then I realized its really not that hard. The number of people you sleep with is reliant on any number of things. At what age did you lose your virginity? How many relationships have you been in? Were you raised in a subculture where sex was frowned upon or encouraged? Do you subscribe to the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else way of dealing with break-ups? How much emotion do you attach to the act of having sex? The conditions are endless. Mr. 15-Hit-Wonder was 20-years-old at the time of our conversation and if he lost his virginity at age 16, then thats not even four girls a year. Not so bad. Along with the numbers conversation comes the topic of the double standard. Guys are often rewarded for sleeping around while females practically have to stay virginal. Guys dont even really need to care about their body count because of how seldom its scrutinized. Girls have to maintain a delicate balance between being a nun (which is not conducive to being good in bed) and being known as the girl who gets around. Its not just men that perpetuate the double standard but women as well since, after all, most of us were all raised up in the same world. We ask about other peoples numbers because were nosy, and we think it means more than it does. Im only in the single digits, and I write a sex column. A good friend of mine just lost his virginity this past year, which sounds like hed be cut from an innocent cloth, but hed been pleasured by more girls than he could count. If someone has a high number, the only thing it means is that they like having sex. Obviously, thats grosscriminal, even. Where do they get off enjoying something sodirty? So sweaty? So fun, so natural, so awesome? Basically, dont fret about it too much because youre more than just a number. Whatever that number is, just try not to forget who youve had as a sexual partner because that tends to offend people. Even more important, remember to use protection. telling CNN, The band is leaving that performance as their only comment on the matter. Kudos! The stunt was a great way to flip the bird to the Westboro Baptist Church, so as to say, Were not OK with your hateful, discriminatory ways, but were not gonna give you any serious attention, neither! What I personally like about the whole ordeal is how it shows its ok to outright disregard the opinion of certain fringe elements. Had the band tried to rebut the protest in the press, they only would have played into the game that the church was playing in the first place. By pretty much ignoring their hate-filled message, the Foo Fighters showed that we dont have to take the opinions of delusional hate-activists seriously.

Whos Afraid of Post-Oreo?

What is 40 Acres and a MacBook? Whether its the questionable news headlines on Fox or when we walk into Kessel and see all the same kids sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, its time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a Macbook - a modernized compensation for the world in which we are forced to live in. Calling a black person of any gender an Oreo may garner a reaction similar to mentioning the name Rihanna while interviewing Chris Brown. While we may not throw a chair through a dressing room window like Brown has, the constant war between our anger in our blackness being denied and feeling self conscious about our racial identity is enough to want to throw something at someone. Every time Ive had this conversation with my peers about what this term means to them, the same response to it occurs every single time: Well just because I (insert stereotypically non-black action here) does not make me any less black than someone else. I can admit that even I have uttered that condescending, pompous phrase a time or two out of defense for being called out as a trader to my race. However, after much growth and understanding the nature of this term and why its been used, I can no longer completely empathize with its victims. To critically analyze Oreo, it is important to observe both sides: the victim and the term user. My parents worked, and still work, very hard to ensure that I receive an upstanding education and my early education career was no exception. Kindergarten was an interesting time for me; I completely ignored that I was one of only two black six-year-olds in my class of 22 students, because I was more worried about the important things: Will I have a substantial amount of quality nap time and finger paint color selections? This ratio of two to 22 was consistent until I decided enough was enough, and was ready to move on to public school and ditched the plaid and crossbow ties of private school. Throughout my entire private schooling I was always one among not enough students of color, and any psychologist would be able to read perfectly what the result of an environment such as this will be. I ended up adapting to my surroundings, listening to N*SYNC instead of B2K, Justin Timberlake instead of Usher, Abercrombie & Fitch instead of Baby Phat (thankfully), and the list goes on. The way in which I spoke changed as well, and now that I look back I made these decisions consciously, even then, for a reason. I was afraid. I was more worried about not scaring away my Caucasian counterparts and keeping them at bay by being like them being different than the stereotypical black girl they expected me to be. That is a terrible excuse to rise to the occasion of uniqueness and begs this question: Why do people who are brought up in the same environment try so hard not to be black, and what does this shame speak volumes to? I understand why the Oreo phrase was thrown at me my freshman year of high school; it forced me to deal with the vulnerable scars my previous shame in my race placed on me. Being black is completely subjective, but we would be fools to deny that there are some things that are unique to us and us only. Often times than not, we confuse not being a victim to a stereotype to being ashamed of our skin color and the images associated with it. You cannot deal with these images by denying they exist, but by embracing and attempting to change them. Part of belonging to this rich culture is not accepting it in rations, but as a whole. You have to accept that we have to explain Lil Wayne and Malcolm X, not one or the other.

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Foo Fighters Take on Nutcase Protesters

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that they eschewed any serious refutation in the media. Instead, they showed up where the church members were gathered, dressed as overly stereotypical truckers, on the bed of a truck, playing the song Keep It Clean (Hot Buns), a spoof song with several references to homosexuality. A choice lyric from the song: Driving all night, got a hankering for something/Think Im in the mood for some hot-man muffins. The message couldnt be any clearer: The Foo Fighters couldnt give a damn about the petty, attention-starved antics of the Westboro Baptist Church. Performing only one song before departing as suddenly as they appeared, the Foo Fighters gathered a large crowd of supporters in the streets. During an interlude in the song, front man Dave Grohl exclaimed: God Bless America! It takes all kinds; I don't care if you're black or white or purple or green, whether you're Pennsylvanian or Transylvanian, Lady Gaga

Foo Fighters performing in Kansas City. Photo from or Lady Antebellum. Men loving like to say is, God Bless America, women and women loving men y'all! and men loving men and women Beyond this, the Foo Fighters loving women -- you all know we refuse to comment on the matter, like to watch that. But what I'd with a spokesperson for the band


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Moneyball Fails To Hit a Homerun

Featured Reporter

Arthur Augustyn

Am I the only one who left Remember The Titans thinking, Well that was great, but I never want to see another sports movie again. Theyre practically the same exact story with a different sport each time. An unlikely rookie person or team faces tremendous odds and through their courage, wits and support from friends, they manage to exceed expectations and make their place in sports history. Its a formula Ive become all too familiar with so the individual stories have stopped impressing me. Miracle, We Are Marshall, The Blindside, Invincible, Warrior, etc., the list goes on forever. With this in mind, you can imagine the skepticism I had before walking into the theater for Moneyball, another inspirational sports movie. Moneyball has received a tremendous amount of positive press and although I may agree that its better than the average sports film, its far and away from a perfect movie worth raving about. Moneyball stars Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, a former professional baseball player turned general manager for the Oakland Athletics. The film began with Beane frustrated over his teams inability to compete against teams with larger spending budgets. Larger budgets means more salaries to spend on players which leads

teams such as the Yankees past docile and subservito hire dozens of tremenent to demands made by dously talented players Beane. Its refreshing to while other teams (Oaksee that Jonah Hill can still land Athletics) are forced be funny without relying to use lower-tier players. on potty humor jokes and Beane seeks to defeat the yelling really loud. system and change baseHumor also becomes ball by constructing a team the unsung hero of Moneyof unlikely rookies and ball. I wouldnt say I was has-beens that can win the crying with laughter but World Series. the film does have a perBeane is assisted in his sistent humor element that goal by Peter Brand (Jonah acts as the glue to the variHill), a Yale Economics ous dramatic scenes. Too graduate who believes in a much focus on impending mathematic equation syssense of doom can be a real tem that can scientifically showstopper, especially for pick out which rookies are a movie thats supposed to the best players despite motivate you to take on the what several veteran scoutsystem. Both Pitt and Hill ing agents suggest. Their have plenty of experience mathematic system of in comedic roles and their managing the team is met Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. chemistry contributes to with negative reception Photo from Scott Rudin Production the humorous elements of with many scouts outraged the movie. that their advice is being ignored point: I think Brad Pitt Throwing However if theres one emoand players on the team confused Things: The Movie wouldve tion that could summarize my as to where their career is going. been a more fitting title). Pitt re- experience with Moneyball, its There are multiple characters tains his likable charm that hes bored. This is a long movie with in the story but in reality this is become known for but otherwise a running time reaching just over basically a biography for Billy the performance isnt particularly two hours long but a lot of the Beane, which of course puts a lot noteworthy. Hes very low-key events that take place are reitof emphasis on Brad Pitts per- and reserved for the most part. erations of similar ideas. As menformance. Pitt has a lot to work Speaking of which, my big- tioned before, most sports movies with thanks to Beanes interest- gest surprise for this film was run through the same few clichs: ing history with the game. He how underplayed Jonah Hills we have no chance, oh god we rehas plenty of emotional baggage character is. Hill is typically put ally have no chance, maybe this from previous attempts at base- in roles where hes known as will work, no we dont have a ball that ended in failure and you that crazy funny fat guy but chance, just kidding I cant beget the sense that the only thing for the first time that I can recall lieve we did that, wow this is left for this man is his love for he plays a more serious role in amazing, roll credits. Take those the game which explains his fits Moneyball. His character, Peter six thought processes and repeat of rage when hopeful prospects Brand, is somewhat humorless them over two hours and you end in flames (just to stress the and rarely raises his emotions have Moneyball.

It doesnt help that the pacing for the film is pretty subpar. It takes well over and hour for things to really start picking up and seeing the results of Beane and Brands crazy ideas. Since the storybeats for sports films are so well known at this point, its agonizing to sit through the same clichs multiple times before getting to the pay off. Theres something to be said about the fact that you can shorten any movie to a clich, but the idea is that a film should be able to keep enough of your attention that youre not made aware of the fact that its following a formula. When I watched Moneyball I felt like I knew what was going to happen next the entire time. The humor was funny and the performances held my attention but not enough for me to forget that I knew exactly how this story was going to start and end. If youre someone who loves sports movies and absolutely love the formula, than make no mistake, this is probably one of the better ones. It has an emotional element that most films of this kind lack and overall the script treats the viewer like an actively thinking human being instead of beating you over the head with its message. This isnt so much a matter of quality, but taste. I personally dont care that much about baseball (or sports in general) so I didnt love this movie the way many others did. If youre like me, you can survive without seeing Moneyball.

Ten Best Procrastination Websites

Have writers block, or need a break from homework? Check out these sites!
Entertainment Editor

Trend Setters:

Brittany Morales
most like I have a mental closet where Im able to put things together piece by piece. Ive even caught myself staring into space for almost 15 minutes putting together a look. PC: Favorite designer and why? BM: I dont have a favorite designer because Im always changing up my style of dress. But I do love Jeffrey Campbells shoes; Chanel is always classy. I absolutely love Tory Burch, Betsey Johnson for some fun, and Marc Jacobs.

Colby Hochmuth

The school year has begun, and unfortunately (or fortunately for some) that means its time for homework again. While everyone enjoys the first few weeks back, but when it comes to work, it seems people are wishing it was still summer. So if you find yourself spending all day in the library on a Saturday you might need a diversion then here is a compilation of the top 10 best websites to help distract yourself: 1. StumbleUpon: All you have to do is sign up, fill out a quick survey, and you have hours of pure brainless entertainment at your fingertips. Or if youd like some mental stimulation, you can have that too. 2. An extremely witty and humorous website that is full of talented, original columnists, as well as videos, photos, and forums. 3. Pretty self-explanatory. Take a look at this site, find a hilarious video, post on your Facebook, and help to distract everyone else. 4. Feeling lousy? Feeling like you have the worst luck today? Take a look at this site and be instantly uplifted after reading stories about terrible things that are happening to other people. 5. Now you can give yourself an extra excuse to procrastinate because on this site, youre doing some good in the world. With, for every question that you answer right you are donating ten grains of rice, through the World Food Programme, to help end hunger. Avoiding homework and feeding hungry children, does it get better? 6. Sporcle: Another way to procrastinate and still feel like your accomplishing something. With Sporcle, you can take quizzes in virtually any subject. Warning this website may be addictive. 7. For the gamer junkie: Stuck in the library and cant get back to the X-Box? No worries, with an endless supply of games are just a click away. 8. For the fashion lovers in the world, this site is full of blogs, photos, and amazing street style thatll give you an orgasmic fashion escape. 9. InternQueen: Have a million other things on your mind besides homework? Start thinking about your future with You might be able to find the perfect internship, read blogs, and advice about the dos and donts of interning. 10. Facebook: Obvious that its been saved for last. Everyone has indulged in a pathetically long Facebook-stalking-session. If this is your first time ever hearing of Facebook, then go crawl back under the rock where youve been living.

Photo by Torraine Humes

Featured Reporter

PC: Favorite retail store? BM: I usually do most of my shopping online. I absolutely love, but for expensive brands for decent prices Lohemanns is the spot. PC: Where are your accessories from? BM: My accessories are from Betsey Johnson. I love her stuff; its always so fun and colorful. Brittany can be contacted at

Torraine Humes

Name: Brittany Morales Major: Communications, with a minor in marketing & advertisement. Year: Junior Pace Chronicle (PC): Do you have a process for putting an outfit together? Brittany Morales (BM): Its al-

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New York Fashion Week Wrap Up

Fashion week continues overseas, but trends are here to stay
Featured Reporter

Torraine Humes

And just like that, another New York Fashion Week (FW) has come and gone. The New York shows (naturally) are the kickoff to Fashion Month. As a result, the city is completely deserted for the following three weeks. Almost all editors, assistants, journalists, stylists, and celebrities have hopped the pond on to London, Milan, and then Paris. This season was a very exciting time to be a new or aspiring designer. The FW roster was rife with small, lesser known labels, and brand spanking new ones. We saw the likes of Guilietta, Tribune Standard, and Kimberly Odvitz whom all presented great, respectable collections. However, those whose offerings shot far beyond just respectable were the new kids. The new generation of popular young designers set to take up the reigns of the veteran Oscars, Calvins, and Donnas of the world. Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu, Rodarte, Alexander Wang, and most of all, Prabal Gurung are the pantheon labels of everything new and exciting right now. All of them presented amazing, distinctive, and eye catching collections that further cemented them in

Trends from the 2011 New York Fashion Week, which presented fashion lines from lesser known names, before continuing festivities overseas in London, Milan, and Paris. Photos from New York Fashion Week their roles as the second coming. What about trends, you ask? Funny thing about fashion is the shows are done so far in advanced that most trends become popular before their scheduled season. Before we even feel the warmth of spring 2012, popular looks will have been worn to death and well be on to the next. With that being said, pay attention here, or be lost in the sauce. A major trend for New York was intense color and patterns galore. Runways looked as if Gianni Versace and Andy Warhol exploded in the Lincoln Center. The trend started in Milan with Jil Sander and Pradas beautifully iridescent spring 2011 colBy night, Driver moonlights as a getaway driver for petty criminals. Suffices to say, Driver drives cars quite a bit so hes gotten pretty good at it. Drivers life gets complicated after he gets intimately involved with his neighbor, Irene, a housewife with a kid whose husband, Standard, is in jail. Over the course of the film, Standard gets released from jail but is pressured into completing one last job to pay off his debt to Mafioso families in the area. Driver ends up helping Standard in a pawn shop robbery, but the job goes poorly. Soon afterwards, Driver is blamed for the botched robbery and becomes a marked man. He is faced with a predicament of defending his own life while also attempting to help Irene escape from the mob underworld. If you cant already tell, Drive is a very character-driven story. The script requires demanding performances from every actor which is part of the reason why it starts off with such a fantastic first impression. Gosling has been floating around Hollywood for a while (most people probably recognize him from The Notebook) but he hasnt been able to show his true talent until now. In Drive, hes the perfect mix of charming and likable along with psychotic and disturbed. Gosling has somewhat been placed in the funny guy with a cute face category of actors, but he proved in Drive that there is a lot more to his ability past good lections. At this time last year people were so excited for the black phase in fashion to be over, we all just ran with it. Now its everywhere, on and off the runway. With more than 130 New York shows, approximately 12 of them didnt taste the rainbow. Prints have also gotten pretty exciting. Designers have forgone classic print staples and gone a quirkier route with adorning clothing. What would have been a leopard spot dress two years ago now has full images of leopard on it. At Rodarte, we saw Van Goghs Starry Night as a pattern for a dress. Prabal Gurung abstracted large purple flower prints into a kaleidoscope effect. Proenza covered several pieces in large silver, blue, and orange leaves. Typically, hot pants have a slightly trashy association, but New York designers decided to completely obliterate this way of thinking. So many models walked out in tiny but stylish shorts. Thakoon, Cynthia Rowley, Christian Cota, along with the aforementioned designers showed off their super-chic shortshort incarnations. Alexander Wangs were matte black with see-through mesh pockets. Thakoons billowed like a skirt. Rowleys had a strong tangerine hue. Cotas had an aquatic

effect that looked like tropical body of water. Trust that dressy shorts paired with a blazer and wedges will be the must have look for spring. No longer do you have to march as a foot soldier in the Balmain army, as women are starting to look beautifully classic again. Lots of pretty girls came down the catwalk during the week. Theres the always classic Oscar de la Renta, whose girlygirl went to a garden party this spring. Flowers, flowers, flowers were the look, but natural-looking ones. They were in the hair, printed on dresses and strewn throughout the venue. Marchesa, for their first official runway show (in lieu of presentation) went with an ethereal, fantasy princess theme. All of the garments were made with organza, tulle and other light, floating materials in pale nude colors. The best showing for this feminine look would have to be Jason Wu. He created this beautiful versatile woman. There was a lot of daywear, some gorgeous gowns at towards the end and some perfect transitional pieces. He even delved into some prints here and there but didnt over-do it. Some other New York names should learn from Wu on how to edit. Interested in Fashion? Email us at bullet point in the story. His one talent is never utilized to his advantage for the overall story. The lack of driving contributed more-so to the films underwhelming anti-climax of an ending. There are a few pivotal turning points in the story that happen near the end, but you dont actually see them happen. One is heavily implied but takes place off screen and the other is visualized by deciphering shadows on the ground as opposed to seeing the act itself. Imagine if the movie Kill Bill had Bills death occur off screen and you can start to understand this level of disappointment with the conclusion of Drive. The entire second half of the movie is filled with these types of unsatisfying story ends that leave its audience baffled as to why they chose this direction for the film. Theres no deeper meaning to discover in Drive. Its a bit cryptic with some of the character development and doesnt divulge into every detail of every plot point or character, but there also isnt a sense that theres a bigger picture. Its a fairly straight forward story with some unconventional storytelling methods. Overall, Drive is depressing, not because the movie was particularly sad, but because it builds up expectations only to crush them with no remorse. Whats on your mind? Email us at

Featured Reporter

Hot Start, Cold Finish

Arthur Augustyn

Have you ever been watching a movie you enjoyed, but at a certain point the entire experience sours and continues to degrade until the credits roll? Its a pretty infuriating phenomenon that occurs at a films halfway point when aesthetics change or the plot takes a dramatic shift away from what the first part of the movie was about. Some classic examples of this include From Dusk Till Dawn, I Am Legend, and 28 Days Later. All of these movies have a turning point in which they stop being accessible and turn to pretentious self-grooming that is incredibly obnoxious. Drive, an ambitious crime thriller that started great and ended with me confused and upset, can now be added to this list. The first half of Drive made it seem like it was one of the more interesting crime films recently made. It follows the story of a nameless protagonist played by Ryan Gosling (whom will be referred to as Driver or The Driver). Driver spends his days working on the sets of films as a stunt driver and in garages fixing up cars for his boss, Shannon.

tain emotions from characters, such as how Irene only wears the color red. Theres also an abundance of shots that meticulously orchestrate how the lighting is Critically acclaimed by the Cannes Film Festival, Drive. done to reinPhoto from Bold Films/Marc Platt Productions force themes looks. He managed to convey the about isolation. These are minute fact that theres something seri- details that might be overlooked ously disturbed about The Driver during the first viewing but add but doesnt throw it in your face to subsequent second and third thanks to the subtly of his perfor- viewings. Also, it looks nice, mance and minimalistic dialog. which is a plus. On the topic of the dialog, the Of course, Drive eventually amount of dialog (or lack thereof) went from being a favorite movie is very refreshing in a day and age to an onslaught of pretentious cliwhere every other movie over-ex- chs. plains everything about itself. Its not possible to pinpoint According to an interview the exact moment when the direcwith Director Nicolas Winding tion the film was going in, but its Refn, the writers started with roughly past the half-way point. 80 pages of dialog but managed There wasnt any particular moto cut it down to 16. Most films ment in which the film loses its have over a hundred pages of dia- intrigue altogether, but instead; it log with the majority of the lines was a series of odd artistic choicbeing throw-away reiterations es that didnt make any sense. of knowledge already told to the For example, despite being viewer. called Drive, there are only two Less dialog means you pay car chases in the entire movie, more attention to the words that and both of them occur within the are actually said, and if no one is first forty minutes. talking then your attention is foWhen a movie is called Drive cused on the visuals themselves, starring a guy with no identity which is how it should be. other than the fact he can drive, And if theres any element of every aspect of his life is related Drive that demands your atten- to cars and driving, its expected tion, its the visuals. The director that the fact that he can drive to uses color motifs to invoke cer- be a little more important than a

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Setter Sports

Pace Volleyball Extend Winning Streak to Nine

G1: Final Score
Setters Bears

Sports on the Side: Give us some MO

Sports Columnist

CJ Dudek

About Sports on the Side: Want to keep up with the fast paced world of sports but simply do not have the time to keep up with it all? Fear not, for there is a solution. From the first pitch to the last second shot and everything in between, Sports on the Side will cover all the major stories in the national news of sports. 933 of them; and only 65 of those hits were home runs. Rivera has recorded at least 35 saves in 11 of his 17 seasons in the big leagues. But what truly separates Rivera from the rest is his performance in the postseason. Major League Baseballs records for lowest career postseason earned run average (0.71), the most saves in each postseason round (18 in League Division Series, 13 League Championship series, and 11 World Series), and series clinching games saves (nine) all belong to Rivera. In addition to all the records, the 41 year old Rivera is the proud owner of five World Series rings, which may be his most important career stat. Statistics are nice, but the greatness of Rivera goes beyond the relentless consistency and a filthy cutter. He has been this generations famous Yankee. The same way that our grandparents watched Joe DiMaggio and our parents watched Mickey Mantle growing up, our generation grew up watching one of the best pitchers in baseball history pitch perfect innings almost every day. When this generation is old and grey, baseball fans all across the country will be able to say to our kids, I saw Mariano Rivera pitch. And that kind of greatness does not come along every day. Rivera is the all-time saves leader and has had a truly great career, but like the rest of his teammates, his goal of winning another World Series ring in the forefront of his mind. And while Rivera is still around, batters across the league will sleep with one eye open and grip their pillows tight, because they have to wake up and face the sandman.

Pace volleyball team dominate in three games against NYIT, C.W. Post, and Merrimack. Photo by Adam Samson/The Pace Chronicle
Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Paces volleyball team went against NYIT on Tues. Sept. 20, and a tri-match against C.W Post and Merrimack on Sept. 24. Juniors Tamilee Webb led the Setter offense with 13 kills and three blocks, and Elyse Rowland led the Setter defense with 20 digs. Senior marketing major Shea Hansen, recorded 34 assists and seven digs throughout the match. Pace took the non-conference match from the NYIT Bears 3-0. In the first set, Pace won 2513. It was a Pace controlled game where NYIT made many mistakes and the Setters took advantage of it by not giving them any points. In the second set, it was a head-to-head game with 25-22, where Pace was down over a six point deficit where they came back to take the game. Third set, Pace took the game 25-20 in another close game that ended with NYIT going home with a loss. This win placed the Setters 7-4 overall for their sea-

son. NYIT has always been an intense team to play against. I went in the game thinking it was going to be an intense match. I was really excited to play them, said junior education major Nora Rugova, who contributed 11 kills and seven digs. On Sept. 24, Pace hosts a trimatch with C.W Post and Merrimack at the Goldstein Fitness Center. First game for Pace was against C.W. Post, and Pace won again 3-0. Setters swept through the Pioneers 25-19, 25-18, and 25-19. The big hitters for this match were Rugova leading with 12 kills and 11 digs, and Webb with seven kills and three digs. Hansen totaled 29 assists, ten digs, and three kills, while Rowland netted 15 digs and two service aces. The second match was C.W. Post against Merrimack where the Pioneers took the Merrimack Warriors in 3-0.

Everybody who has ever seen the New York Yankees play a home game has seen the ritual Pioneers Setters unfold. First, the intro to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" plays over the loudspeakers across the entire stadium. The guitars and drums enter the airwaves quietly at first, barely audible to the anxious inal core fans. Then the music begins to get louder, just slightly louder, as Warriors Setters if to awaken the fear that lies deep within the opposing batter's mind. The music gets louder as he makes his way to the bullpen door. As the intro changes to one of the most well known riffs in music, the door swings open. The guitars explode and thousands of flashes go off to catch an image of The last match of the day for him causing the fans to roar with the Setters was against Merri- excitement. He begins his long trek to the mack Warriors where Pace took mound with the fans still cheerthe game 3-0. ing and the cameras still flashing. The Warriors went down 28After a few warm up pitches, the 26 in the first set. It was an inmusic stops, and it is time to get tense game from both sides of the down to business. net. Each side trying to get the Finally, three quick outs later, win fought point after point but he is gone as quietly as he entered Pace pulled through to win it. and John Sterling gives his signaThe second set was 25-14 as ture call of "The Yankees Win!" the Setters took control of this This ritual is just another day at game. the ballpark for Yankees closer The last set was 27-25 in anMariano Rivera. other competitive game and the Still, there is something more last attempt from Merrimack to to Riveras outing on Sept. 19, take a game, fighting to the last than just another one, two, three point. inning in the top of the ninth that In this match, Webb tallied 11 sealed a Yankees victory. kills and two digs, while Rugova There is absolution in this vicadded seven kills and nine digs. tory that goes beyond the final Hansen recorded 30 assists, eight score. With career save number digs, and three service aces. 602 in the record books, Rivera With both wins from Pace, made clear to the baseball world the Setters advance 9-4 overall in that he is the best closer in the histheir season. tory of the game. Pace will travel to Lakewood, Riveras stats are simply stagNJ to play in a non-conference gering. He has faced 4,806 batgame against Georgia Court Liters over the course of his 17-year ons on Sept. 30, at 6 p.m. career and only given up a hit to

G2: Final Score 0 3

G3: F 0

Soccer Falls in Away Games

Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

The Pace soccer team traveled to Southern New Hampshire University on Sept. 20, and to Saint Michaels College on Sept.24. The Setters fell in the Northeast-10 (NE-10) conference match against the Southern New Hampshire Penmen 1-0. The loss puts the Setters at two wins, six losses, zero ties (26-0) overall and 1-5-0 in NE-10

conference. Early in the first half of the game, on the 6:39 time-mark, Penmen Emily Donahue, assisted by Kasey Morrison, scored the only goal of the match. The defense and offense for the Penmen controlled the game, not permitting the Setters to score. Pace goalie, Courtany Hagen, finished with six saves and pre-

vented Southern New Hampshire from scoring again. Setters finished with two shot attempts for the game coming in before the game was over. Next, Pace traveled to Colchester, Vermont for a conference match against St. Michaels on Sept. 24. Setters lost 2-0 to the Purple Knights. The first half was a defensive start. Saint Michaels lead in a 6-2 shot but there were no scores in the first half.

The second half starts and the Purple Knights score one goal after another. St. Michaels Kristin Hagenbarth, assisted by Kate Garaffa, scored the first goal of the match at the 47:39 time-mark. Almost immediately, Cassie Crockett scored the second goal at the 51:53 time-mark. The Setters had five corner kicks, and in the last 38 minutes of play, the Setters had seven of their ten, second half shots but were unable to finish the shot

with a goal. Paces Jillian Ferro finished with four attempts of the 12 shots of the day from Pace, and Courtany Hagen marked three saves for the match. This second loss moves Pace into a record of 2-7-0 overall and 1-6-0 in NE-10 games. The Setters will continue and play a NE-10 conference and home match against Southern Connecticut on Sept. 28, at Paces Briarcliff campus at 4 p.m.

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Setter Sports

Setters Take a Loss to Southern Connecticut

Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Final Score
Setters Owls

Southern Connecticut took on Paces defense and continued scoring. For the Setters, Patrick Lupfer had nine receptions for 62 yards and David Lopez led the defense with 10 tackles. The Setters have this week off. Their next game is at home on Oct. 8, against Assumption College at 1 p.m.

In a Northeast-10 conference game against the Southern Connecticut State Owls on Sept. 23, the Setters lost 61-0. This loss puts Pace in a 1-3 overall and 0-2 in the NE-10 conference. The Owls started strong and early with quarterback Kevin Lynch throwing to Willie Epps for a 53-yard touchdown. For Southern Connecticut,

Lynch threw the three first quarter touchdowns, two of which were caught on the ground and one in the air, and were scored by Rashard Slowley. At the end of the first quarter, the Owls took the lead 27-0. There was a second quarter touchdown thrown by Lynch to Epps which made the score 34-0 at half time. When the second half started,

Photo from CSI-Photo (Archives) Defensive player David Lopez takes command of the field.

Setter Spotlight

Eshawn Armstrong
Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Senior finance major Eshawn Armstrong, has been fighting with adversity both physically and mentally other than in football. The Setter running back has gone through the uncertainty of a major, to tearing his Achilles tendon, being doubted of ever returning to the field as a player, and to losing a close and dear friend. All he is focused on now is graduating, for himself and his family, as well as bettering the football season. Pace Chronicle (PC): What made you decide to pick finance as a major? Eshawn Armstrong (EA): I took a lot of core classes to get a feel of everything to see what I liked. Pace is a good business school and Ive been good with handling money and math in the past, so finance was the best fit. PC: Over the summer before your sophomore year, you tore your Achilles tendon. What happened? EA: It was two weeks before football camp. I was doing my summer training, getting ready for season, and I tore it sprinting. PC: How long did it take you to be back on the field? EA: Recovery time was a year and a half. I missed all of my sophomore year and seven games of my junior year. I couldnt walk for four to five months. PC: How did you feel coming back injured? EA: I was really bothered because I couldnt contribute to the team. PC: How did you mentally and physically prepare to get better? EA: I learned a lot from J-Wash (Jason Washington) and Nate (Nathaniel Ford), watching them play since we all play the same position. I was doing intense physical therapy and pool workouts. PC: Did you think you were going to make it back on the field? EA: Doctors told me that I should reconsider playing football. I had my doubts; I didnt think I was going to be able to play but I knew I got back in shape. The opportunity to play is a blessing. PC: How did you feel about coming back? EA: A lot of people doubted that I could come back so that was always a chip on my shoulder and I was trying to prove them wrong. PC: As you began to recover physically for football your junior year, how did you feel after the DJ tragedy? EA: I dont know how to describe it. Nothing was a priority at the time. The season was lost. I wasnt focused. I felt guilty because I convinced him to come to Pace after Iona dropped their football program. Physically I was hurt and trying to recover but this was a mental and emotional drainer. PC: How did you get through the semester after this? EA: I dont know how I got through it. I had to dig deep mentally to get through that. Fortunately, I was able to keep good grades. PC: How long did you know DJ? EA: We went to prep school together at Milford Academy, so we have been long time friends so it really hurt me when all of it happened.

Setter RB Eshawn Armstrong , this weeks Setter Spotlight. Photo by Adam Samson/The Pace Chronicle PC: What was your motivation to EA: I want to be that class that keep going and trying your best in makes a change. Our team is going to be extremely competitive. all aspects? Im very confident we will have a EA: There wasnt one but you couple of more wins just by how just have to make the most out of hard we have been working at everyday you are alive because practice and the small details the you never know when your time coaches are teaching us. is going to come. Even my injury showed me that you cant take PC: Have you seen an improvement from camp to now? anything for granted. PC: Academically how do you focus? EA: Graduating. It would be the best accomplishment for my family and me, being that when I do, Ill be the second person in my family to graduate from college. PC: How do you feel senior year is going? EA: Its going great so far. As far as the seasons go, we have gone through a few rough games but Im optimistic going into our bye week. PC: How does the future look for your team? EA: This team has grown a lot since camp starting with the new guys coming and adapting to different schemes that our coaches have taught them. PC: If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be? EA: It would probably Jay-Z because hes a celebrity that I would be able to relate with the most, and second would be Alicia Keys because shes bad! PC: What quote do you live by? EA: Failure to prepare is preparation for failure.

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