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Volume I, Issue XII

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012

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#Pace #Problems @Twitter

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Sexual Preconceptions
Feature, page 2

Meet the Greeks: Y Health, Page 4

Photo from Twitter pages such as PaceGirlProblems have garnered the attention of many Pace students, including the male population. taken the world by storm. Now, The twitter account, which When asked if they will ever
Entertainment Editor

Colby Hochmuth

New Hangover Pill

Entertainment, page 9

If you consider yourself a Twitter-wiz, then youve certainly noticed some trends that have started lately, like #PaceGirlProblems, #Paceproblems, and yes even #Pauliesproblems. Its no doubt that Twitter has

its easier to see what your friends are up too, follow your favorite celebrities, and share all the super interesting things about your day with the world. Its also no surprise that the reach and influence of Twitter has reached Pace. In just a few months @PaceGirlProblems has gotten over 400 followers and has been a popular trend among Pace students.

describes itself as, Working toward greatness one blacked out, slut-filled weekend at a time All tweets are in good humor and JOKES, dont follow if you dont like it. The Pace Chronicle landed the first exclusive interview with the elusive @PaceGirlProblems (PGP), who, for obvious reasons, has chosen to remain anonymous.

reveal their true identity, they answered, No, but I think a lot of people would be surprised if I did say who I was. PGP said that the whole thing started because their friends were always joking about making an account since everyone is always complaining about Pace.

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Pace Recognized for Involvement in Environmental Sustainability

Are Pace Dorms Too Expensive?

Samantha Finch News Editor

Samantha Finch News Editor

2012: The Year of Dubstep

Setter Spotlight, page 12

Cassandra Gentile

Pace has been recognized as the first institution in Westchester County to receive acknowledgement in new program that inspires and promotes environmental sustainability in all areas of higher education. Pace has made large strides in creating a more environmentally aware campus over the last several years. Pace organizations such as Students for a Smarter Planet and university-wide environmental sustainability committee GreenPace - seeks to improve the green footprint on the university. During the final months of 2011 Pace received recognition

Image from AASHE/STARS

by a national rating program named Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS). STARS is a program administered by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). They awarded the university with a Bronze rating for

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A recent poll provided by found of 17 colleges across the United States that Paces New York City (NYC) campus ranked number eight on most expensive college dormitories. Following institutions such as New York University, Fordham University, and Manhattanville College, Paces cost of living in the greatest city in the world was cited as approximately $14,230 per academic year. A number of offices on campus, including mine, the auxiliary services office and, of course, finance and administration take

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012

Meet the Greeks:

Career Quick Tips

from career services

The Pace Chronicle

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Delta Upsilon
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Career Counselor

Alexandra Silver

Welcome back! I know its cold outside and you just began your spring semester, but it is time to start looking for a summer internship! will be hosting many events. In Feb. there will be The DU Male Revue, and Miss DU Sweetheart on the Feb. 10. The DU Sweetheart will be someone who possesses the qualities DU instills in [their] members; the winner will be on their composite and an automatic participant in their DU Male Revue. Also, DU will hold the Great DUbate in March, which is a debate among professors about popular topics in entertainment, news, and politics. Just look for us to do some major things with our events, and this years Greek Olympics, we will finish first, said Rivera. For more information about DU, you can contact Pedro Rivera at, Last year we had over 200 internships posted for the summer during the spring semester. Employers began posting their summer internships in January (if not even earlier), so now really is the time to begin. Of course you can also look into spring internships that may continue through the summer as well. Now would also be a great time to mark your calendars for our upcoming Job and Internship Fair on April 4, 2012, where employers will be recruiting interns as well as full time candidates. Remember, the best way to get started is to schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor by calling (914)773-3415. We will show you how to access and utilize our database where we post all these fabulous internships as well as how to use other resources! You can meet with us at Gannett House, Monday through Friday 9a.m.- 5 p.m., or at our Satellite Office in the Kessel Student Center, Room 211, Mondays from 12:30 to 5 p.m., or Tuesday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. follow them on Twitter at @DU_Pace, or visit their National Headquarters website

A strong fraternity is one that strives to build better men; this is exactly what Delta Upsilon (DU) does. DU was founded 177 years ago at Williams College, making it the oldest non-secret fraternity in the world and sixth oldest amongst all fraternities. This prestigious organization was later brought to Pace in March 1995. Delta Upsilon has a strong brotherhood and tradition, said senior communications student and president of DU Pedro Rivera. We continue to be leaders inside and outside the classroom to demonstrate our values as DU men. Along with building better men, DUs motto is Dikaia Upotheke, meaning Justice Our Foundation, and their colors are Old Gold and Sapphire Blue. DU does considerable charity work and fundraising for their two philanthropies, The Boys and Girls Club of America and The DU Global Initiative, which helps build schools in Jamaica. Locally, we participate in Relay for Life. Our main fundraising events are The DU Male Revue and Picture with Santa Claus, said Rivera. Brothers in this fraternity are not just members of DU, but other organizations as well. Alongside strong alumni connections, they have brothers who work in various fields such as accounting, marketing, law enforcement, human resources, and more. Through their alumni database, brothers have received job offers and internship opportunities. It is not only through the work force that brothers reunite. We host two dinners a year, said Rivera. One is in honor of our national founding and one for our local founding. This upcoming semester, DU

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Photo from Pedro Rivera The brothers of Delta Upsilon. The fraternity was established at Pace in 1995.

School of Education Plays Avatar

Featured Reporter

Charles Link

Technology and the School of Education have come together to not only move into the 21st century, but to also go where no education program has gone before. The School of Education has installed a new virtual classroom in Miller Hall, where the students are not human, but virtual avatars. Originated at the University of Central Florida (UCF), Pace is now one of only ten universities in the country to have this program. Installed on campus before the fall semester, the new lab has not been known to many on campus; however, over winter break this

Photo from TeachLivE The School of Education partners with the University of Central Florida (UCF), where the avatar technology was developed.
changed. The School of Education is officially unveiling this new lab to be used by local school districts and the students in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Jan. 19. Dr. Joan Walker, professor in School of Education and lead research faculty in Pleasantville, implemented the lab in her curriculum during the fall semester. The program has great potential here at Pace, said Walker. This lab will be a way for the School of Education to further reach out to both the local community and to students on campus. The lab is remotely programmed from the UCF via Skype and the TeachLivE program. Students stand in front of the SMART Board where cameras have been installed. The classroom is projected onto the board and the camera tracks the students movements. Depending on where the student moves, the screen will change allowing the student to seem like they are approaching an individual avatar or standing in front of the classroom. Meanwhile, in real-time down

The Pace Chronicle, Pace University 861 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, N.Y. 10570 Phone: (914) 773-3401

meetings every Monday, 9 p.m. 3rd floor of Willcox Hall. Open to all students!

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012


Whats Making News Beyond Campus?

Michael Oleaga Editor-in-Chief

Pace Environmentally Recognized

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commencement documents being printed on recycled paper and printed in soy-based ink. Additionally, graduation gowns are rented instead of purchased for one-time use. I think by Pace being more involved with environmentally friendly activities it enables students to help contribute and become aware, said junior business management student Kelsey Weinstein. It is nice to see that Pace is getting more involved. Pace, along with other colleges and universities, are continuing to work with the 2030 Partners committed to achieve the 30 in 10 challenge that was created by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Pace, who was announced as a partner in October 2008, has all campuses working to reach the goal to reduce greenhouse emissions by 30 percent over the next ten years. Pace has been working really hard to improve the campus for the future, sophomore criminal justice student Arella Ayala. The implementation of the five-year plan also aims to improve sustainability within the the environmentally beneficial engagements and achievements that have been made, including a written strategic plan to reach greater sustainability. Co-chairman of the GreenPace Sustainability Committee Michelle Land and associate member Donna Kowal expressed that, [The] Pace STARS results is a testament to all of the great things our institution has been doing over the years to green our campuses. It was a great accomplishment for Pace to complete this baseline report and achieve a Bronze rating. The strategy that GreenPace and other organizations composed includes several methods to improve sustainability in multiple aspects of the university, in areas such as the physical campus itself, faculty upgrades, recycling auditing, and community service. The plan also focuses on future endeavors, such as converting the university buses to run on biodiesel. STARS is a very comprehensive self-assessment covering a wide range of areas, from water and energy to curriculum and investing continued Land and Kowal. GreenPace committee members worked hard to complete the report, and it was a collaborative effort to pull all the data and information together from multiple areas of the University. The university has been involved in other environmental changes on campus. Some small but influential examples are the use of 100 percent recycled paper in the Document Services department. This expands to all campus buildings, layout, and structure. Construction of new housing and department offices in addition to the combining of the Pleasantville and Briarcliff campuses will also maintain the universitys environmental efforts. The New York City campus will undergo a similar transformation. Colleges and universities play a crucial role in advancing an understanding of sustainability.... As a self-contained community, the university campus can be an ideal environment to apply knowledge, conservation and innovation, said Land. With many different methods to improve the environment, Pace has demonstrated the desire and will power to give back to the Earth. The collaborative effort and dedication to the mission of sustainability has allowed for this great honor to be given to Pace. With time, the campus community will note more work made towards sustainability. To find out more about Paces green effort please go to sustainability.

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Former U.S. Ambassador to China turned Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman ended his bid for presidency last Monday, Jan. 16. The decision came after a third-place finish in the New Hampshire primary failed to garner donations and support for the South Carolina primary. Huntsman is now endorsing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for president. KABUL, Afghanistan - A video showing four US Marines urinating on three dead Taliban fighters has been condemned by American officials, NATO authorities, and the Afghan government. The video has raised fears in Washington D.C. that the incident can ignite violence towards American troops in Afghanistan. Senior military officials and the Pentagon have confirmed the authenticity of the video and have identified the Marines in question. GIGLIO, Italy - An Italian cruise ship capsized aground killing at least five people near an Italian island on Jan. 13. The Costa Concordia cruise ship had 4,200 passengers on board as its suspected the ship struck onto the islands rocky shore. The captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino, was arrested by Italian police on charges of manslaughter, failure to offer assistance, and abandoning the ship, which Schettino denies doing. MOSCOW, Russia - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is still determined for a second run of the Russian presidency despite protests and allegations that recent primary elections were rigged. Putin published an article in Izvestia stating his reasons to stay in the race and qualifications. Putins article painted a picture of mounting global turmoil, in which economic shocks are converging with toxic social and ethnic tension, according to the New York Times. He added that countries - presumably the United States are feeding to the worlds issues, specifically the uprisings in the Middle East. Put portrayed Russia as a necessary interlocutor between the West and the East. LAGOS, Nigeria - After a week of protests over the rise of fuel, owned by the Nigerian government, President Goodluck Jonathan announced to cut gasoline prices. Many protestors have suspended their walkouts and protests after Jonathans announcement. Gas prices were at $3.50 a gallon, and its suspected to drop to $2.75 a gallon.

Photo from GreenPace The GreenPace committee has helped lead sustainable efforts on campus.

Expensive Dorms
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part in the review of these rates. The average cost increase that we must meet is determined, and the specific rates are adjusted to meet those criteria, stated Patrick Roger-Gordon, Director of Housing and Residential Life at the Pace NYC campus. The New York City campus provides homes for about 1,800 students in different parts of the city. The final rates must be approved by the board. The goal for housing rates is not to earn a profit, but to cover the cost of providing housing to our students, added Roger-Gordon. Most students enrolled at Pace NYC reside in the 18-story building, Marias Tower, located in lower Manhattan. With traditional rooms similar to the doubles found on the Pleasantville campus, Marias Tower is considered the cheapest of dormitories in the city and home to most of Paces first-year students. Other places to dorm include the St. George (Weller Building) in Brooklyn Heights, the John Street Residence in Manhattan, and Fulton Hall in Manhattan. All three buildings are generally reserved for upper-classman and are set up similarly to a small studio apartment. Depending on the dorm, how many roommates, as well as what class level the student is are all factors included in the price of room and board. Dorm prices, though often cheaper, are set up in a similar manner on all of Paces campuses. Pleasantvilles sophomore accounting student Courtney Dillion noted that she still feels the impact of the cost of living on campus. I am currently living in a single, as opposed to last year when I lived in a quad, and then a double. When I was living in the quad, the price was cheapest, Dillion stated. After moving into the double, I noticed I was paying more for dorming, and now that I am in a single, I am paying the most I have [ever] paid for dorming. On the Pleasantville campus, like the NYC campus, students have the option to room in different buildings, with different amounts of roommates, as well as meal plans that all factor into the room and board price. Generally, a single would cost the most, while a double would cost slightly less, and a triple or quad even less. The price of living on campus is largely based on the student desires (single, double, triple, or quad). said Dean for Students Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo. This means the freshmen who do not participate in their rooming sections just yet, usually have the most reasonable prices because they are usually in quads or triples. As the student progresses through the upper-classman years the students have a choice in the kind of living situation they want. In a time with an unsure economy, lack of jobs, and sky rocketing tuition prices, the increase of the price of living in college

Photo from UrbanEdgeNY Paces Marias Tower in Manhattan, ranked expensive.

dorms has made it difficult for students and parents to pay for higher education. By commuting, I save my parents over ten thousand dollars a year, stated senior accounting student Laura Schmitt. Living on campus is the best experience and I was able to live on campus the past three years. It is very inconvenient commuting but I wasnt going to take out a loan to live on campus. The price to live on campus of any college or university is usually a pricey way to spend four years of college. For some, it is easy to pay, for others the reality of loans and financial aid weigh importantly in the decision making. Living on campus is a different experience for all students, but most colleges work hard to make the cost of living as reasonable as possible. Pace University is committed to providing student housing that is secure and meets the needs of our students with regard to convenience, cleanliness and affordability, Bardill Moscaritolo concluded.



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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012

Teacher Feature: Prof. Arnold Berman

Feature Editor

Alexandra Silver

Throughout our schooling years, we face the inevitable of encountering that one professor who gives us that unfair grade. We spend time convincing ourselves that, as students, we did all the work correctly and the professor had no idea what they were doing. But in the end, that one professor turns out to be the one who affects you the most. Accounting Professor Arnold Berman is one of those teachers. A number of years ago, I was floating on my back in the Dead Sea in Israel enjoying the moment when a menacing individual blocked my sun and boomed out Are you Berman? said Berman. Now the Dead Sea is like the Great Salt Lake so I couldnt even try to dive underwater so I meekly said yes. He then said You gave me a D in accounting and I never forgot you. Thanks to you I decided not to be an accountant, changed my major, came here to live in Israel and have been happy ever since. I was hoping one day to be able to thank you in person. It is no longer a mystery as to why Berman feels his greatest accomplishment at Pace is having a positive influence on his students

Photo from Prof. Arnold Berman Accounting Professor Arnold Berman, the first teacher feature of 2012. Berman has been teaching at Pace since 1974.
throughout their lives. Prior to his teaching career, Berman grew up in the busy streets of New York City where he has fond memories of playing stickball and ice skating over the frozen Upper Greenwood Lake in New Jersey. Berman began his college career at Syracuse University where he received his BS in accounting. Later, he went on to attain his JD in law at Fordham Law School and then went on to New York University School of Law for his LLM in taxation. Still, Berman did not choose to go into teaching right away. Once I finished my BS in accounting, I had to work in the field for three years to become a CPA and then branched out to diverse positions including a number of years at CBS before settling down into my current career path, said Berman. Then, in 1974, the lovely atmosphere of Paces Pleasantville campus came knocking on Bermans doorstep with the chance to become an accounting professor; he has not looked back since. During his time at Pace, Berman has had one published piece of work in his field. Overall, Berman has had a positive experience at Pace, but would like to see a few changes. I would like to see more required courses in the arts and languages, said Berman. I would [also] like Pace to more fully utilize its wonderfully located Pleasantville campus including adult, non-credit courses, and commu-

nity and cultural activities. Outside the classroom, Berman has been married for 41 years and has two children. Now, he sets off to achieve many personal goals of his while waiting for grandchildren. I took up the cello last year and want to be able to play one day with a community orchestra, said Berman. I would also like to become more skilled in Mandarin and learn how to draw and paint Chinese landscape scenes. I also hope to walk a few more marathons. Berman still has a lot of energy left in him and does not plan on retiring any time soon, but at the beginning of every semester he does leave the same words of wisdom to each of his classes. The most important thing they can learn in college is how to communicate, said Berman. The most important criteria in choosing a first job is mobility. Also, if they have a passion, to pursue it. If you love what you do, you will likely do it well and then the money will follow. And even if it doesnt, you will still be lucky enough to be doing something you truly enjoy. And finally, to take good care of yourself. Ethics cant be taught but has to come from within. If you feel good about who you are, you will make better choices in life.

SOE Plays Avatar

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at UCF, a group of staff and graduate students make the program run. These programmers can control everything from how noisy the classroom is to how difficult the class is. Also, the graduate students wear sensors, which track their movements and play the role of the students as they interact with the college student or teacher. The TeachLivE lab will allow education majors to learn from their mistakes. The students will teach the avatars and every mistake they make can be improved upon. Traditionally this is done through the classroom and on humans. Now this process can be done before the student graduates and without harming real students. This is one of the reasons this lab is great, said Dr. Walker. We cant control the experience in the field. This has since changed in that now, the professor can personalize the lab to the student allowing a positive learning experience that is 100 percent controlled. Due to the fact that each of the five avatars is controlled by graduate students, they each have a unique personality and qualities to make the experience even more pragmatic. Some of which could be tracked back to a peer

Photo from TeachLivE The TeachLivE Lab is a mixed-reality teaching environment supporting teacher preparation in pedagogy and content.
you might have known back in elementary school. One of the avatars personalities is the smart quiet student in the back, while another is obnoxious and rude, while another is the one who always raises their hand. The avatars react to what the teacher says and does. If the teacher were to say something wrong, one of the avatars would correct them. Or if the teacher were to antagonize an avatar, they will fight back. Another practical feature is how the programmers can make the students giggle, groan, yell, or in one instance, beat-box. The TeachLivE program has become very successful, but not fully functional, since it takes many people to run it, the lab is difficult to mass produce. UCF has an answer for that: recording movements for all of the students. This allows for one graduate student to control the avatars instead of five. While the student controls one avatar the others go on autopilot using the recorded movements. This allows for the lab to be used by more universities and more times during the day. This is also good because the avatars still retain their human like qualities while using more of the computer. The program will be used in the coming years in the School of Education curriculum to enhance the learning experience. It will also be a way for the School of Education to identify which students that may not be fit to be teachers. The program also allows a controlled learning environment for those who can teach, but need some more experience before entering the field. Im excited to see the reaction of the students and to see the labs use in the School of Education, said Walker. The ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Thurs., Jan. 19, in Miller 15A at 4 p.m. To learn more about the program here at Pace, visit http://webpage.pace. edu/soe/TeachLivE.


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Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Winter Is Dry Winter Skin A Problem For You?
Health Editor

The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012


Delis DeLeon

Is your skin getting dry and flaky? Are you experiencing an overwhelming itchiness that just will not go away? Dont panic, you are experiencing the dry winter itch. Dry Skin, or xerosis as it is medically termed, is caused by the lack of fatty oils or natural lipids that keeps normal, healthy skin soft and moisturized. This lack of oils leaves your skin unprotected and vulnerable to the low humidity levels we experience during the winter. Sometimes however, it can be caused internally due to genetics or another health condition, but this is less likely. Dry Skin is extremely common, stated New York Presbyterian dermatologist Barney Kenet, MD. The reason dry skin is most common during those cold winter months is because of the dry air in the environment. Your winter itch is due to the dry air eliminating the moisture in your skin. Even when indoors, the heat and warmth of your furnace can

also cause dry skin to occur. It is suggested that in order to prevent this from happening, one should lower his/her thermostat during those winter months to keep from creating that dry air within their homes. Another winter habit that dries out your skin are those long, hot showers we like to take in order to get warm after a day in the cold. Just as the heat from ones furnace produces the dry air, the heat from your shower can do the same. Hot showers may seem to be the best idea, but little did you know that they are doing more harm to your skin. Hot showers dry out the natural oils in our skin leaving it tight and dry. So instead of turning the knob on you shower all the way up, sticking to water that is lukewarm will be the better choice. Although all areas of the body can fall victim to dry skin, it is most commonly experienced on ones arms, legs, abdomen, hands and feet. For someone experiencing dry skin, their skin might be tight or painful. The affected areas appear to be dull, red, and flaky. And the itch just wont go away. If left untreated, dry skin can

Photo from

lead to inflation of the skin or dermatitis. Thankfully, with the proper skin care this problem can be cured. One of the most helpful and misused cures for dry skin is moisturizer or skin lotion. Most people who suffer from xerosis will try multiple moisturizers in attempt to smooth out those

Are you feeling the itch this winter?

izers and lotions. Experts have recommended using non-scented lotions, ones that contain no perfumes or alcohol. The more thick and greasy the product is, the more effective it will be. Usually, store brand products from your local CVS or Rite Aid are the most effective in curing your dry winter itch.

rough patches. However, the key to effectively apply these products and cure your dry skin is to apply moisturizer when your skin is still damp. This way, the moisturizer is trapping the moisture already on your skin and is just reinforcing it. It is important to ensure that you are using the right moistur-

Is Midnight Munching Getting To You?

Health Editor

Late Night Snacking

to us, said freshmen business student Rufino DeLeon. Midnight munching is becoming more common and acceptable these days. We have developed the mindset that if food is in front of me, I should eat it. The major issue with late night eating is that we are not working off all the calories that we are in taking. Those who snack at night usually do so while lying in bed, sitting on the couch, watching television or sitting at the dinner table. There is no physical activity being performed to balance off the fatty foods that are being consumed which is the other major issue itself. Midnight munchers dont go for the bag of carrots or a bowl of salad. The foods being consumed during these late hours are those that are most unhealthy for us like a bag of chips, candy, cookies, fast food, or sometimes even a whole other meal itself. This one habit can cause a cycle of bad eating. If you snack after dinner, you go back to bed fuller and wake up fuller, which makes you skip breakfast (the most important and crucial meal of the day), and in the end you will eat more, later. People gain anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds

Delis DeLeon

We have all fallen victim to midnight munching. You find yourself lying in bed, fighting the urge to rummage through you kitchen for a late night snack. Even though youve already eaten dinner, you still think to yourself that you are still so hungry. Most individuals consume the majority of their calorie intake after hours and it is usually never due to hunger. There are various reasons we raid the fridge even though our bodies are not really hungry. Late night snacking can be a result of stress, depression, boredom, loneliness, fatigue, and for some, even part of their daily routine. No matter what the reason may be, this bad habit can be detrimental to any hopes of weight loss and in fact can usually lead to overeating. Eating munchies became a habit for my family at night. Whether we were watching a movie together, playing board games or just listening to music, we always had snacks available

just from their late night snacking. So how do you curb your late night cravings, you ask? Dont stress out, there are ways to fight your urge to munch at night. Experts suggest eating more times during the day. It is not important to ensure that are you are eating during all meal times, but it also helps to have snack in between meals. This doesnt mean reaching for a bag of chips or cake. Instead try substituting these fatty foods with a granola bar or a fruit. To keep from binge eating at night, try to consume a bigger breakfast and lunch so you are not as hungry at night. It is important to balance your meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar and energy levels up and to keep your metabolism working. Long periods in between meals can and will lead to overeating at night because our bodies are trying to make up for the loss calories throughout the day. It is important to eat healthy, keep a well balanced diet, avoid skipping meals, and consume the majority of your calories during the day.

Photo from

er, brain, the gastrointestinal system, the central nervous system, and sensory perception, which cause the headaches, body aches and feelings of nausea. It can also affect ones attention and concentration. The experience of a hangover is caused by dehydration and toxic effects of alcohol poisoning many systems of the body. Withdrawal of alcohol may also cause a hangover. These symptoms range from person to person, since everyones alcohol intake is different. Generally, the more alcohol you drink, the more severe your hangover symptoms will be. When a hangover is left untreated, it will go away on its own within eight to 24 hours. But who would want the feeling of a hangover for a whole day? Hence why we will try and reach for anything to get rid of the pain of a hangover. In early December, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated an over- the- counter pill, Blowfish, which became the new hangover cure to hit the market along with Gatorade, coffee, Ibuprofen, Advil, and vitamins that replenish what is lost when consuming alcohol. The inventor of the Blowfish pill is Harvard Business School alum Brenna Haysom. According to ABC News, Haysom said she wanted to create the cure after suffering from bad hangovers. Its the only over-the-counter drug that is specifically hangover- related, Haysom told ABC News. I worked hard in finance many times into the weekend and needed to function well the next day while still enjoying my free time. The Blowfish pill is a mixture of 1,000 milligrams of aspirin, 120 milligrams of caffeine (which is more than an average cup of coffee) and an antacid buffering agent that soothes the stomach. The pill contains two tablets that dissolve in a glass of water like Alka Seltzer. The tablets will make the water turn a yellow color and have the taste of Crystal Light Lemonade. After taking the Blowfish pill, your hangover will be cured in 15 to 20 minutes. The hangover pill had not gone through FDA testing before hitting the shelves since the ingredients itself have already been FDA approved. Blowfish is currently available in New York City drug stores or online at for $11 for 12 pills or $2.99 for the two tablets.

The FDA has registered a new hangover pill

Web Editor

Erika Bellido

Many of you may have found yourself so hungover from partying hard the night before that youre screaming out loud for a Gatorade and Ibuprofen. Well, there is a new hang-

over pill called Blowfish that can eliminate those clich remedies to cure those crazy hangovers. Hangovers occur after a night of drinking too much. Excessive amounts of alcohol affect the liv-



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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012

Rick Santorum is a Hypocrite

Thankfully hell never be President
Opinion Editor

The Unrealistic Expectations of New Years Eve

Opinion Editor

Martin Totland

Martin Totland

The Presidential primaries have been steadily heating up. Republican candidates have surged and then spectacularly failed. Who among us didnt cringe whenever the abysmally ignorant Herman Cain commented on, well, anything? Who didnt laugh when Rick Perry blundered on national television, failing to recall which federal departments he would axe if elected President? They had their moments in the spotlight. Now its Rick Santorums turn, surging to the head of the polls and losing the Iowa primary to Mitt Romney by only eight measly votes. The Rise of The Santorum has provided hope for some Republicans who dismiss Romney as too moderate. Too bad Santorum will never win the Republican nomination, and will never become President of the US.

fectively out, too), Willard Mitt Romney seems to be the only likely candidate left. Hes had the financial resources and the campaigning savvy necessary to win New Hampshire, plus he lacks any plausible opponents. That includes Rick Santorum. The reason I call Santorum a hypocrite is that he is now championing against a freedom he and his wife took advantage of when it suited them. If youve been paying any attention to the race for nomination, youve heard Santorum talk about partial-birth abortion and how hes against it, even in cases of rape or incest. (FYI, partial-birth abortion is a technique for removing a fetus in late-term pregnancies when it presents a clear danger to the mothers health or life.) The thing is that Santorum and his wife were inches away from utilizing this medical procedure back in 1997. Last minute, his wife was spared the procedure due to a spontaneous miscarriage. Regardless, Santorum is now working to

the decision for them. Now, if you want, or need, to do the same, Santorum has two words for you: screw you. Aside from all the abortion-related white noise you hear during election time, Santorum wields some other crack-pot views, too. On more than one occasion he has compared homosexuality to bestiality and has worked to change the US Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. As Ive said before, and will continue saying; its none of his goddamn business. Santorum continues to be vocal about such a non-issue, even in a time when the majority of Americans support legal gay marriage, according to a recent Gallup poll. (At 53 percent approval, its the first time a majority of the citizenry supports it.) Santorum is too far out there for most of the voters, fighting for some truly ludicrous nonissues that shouldnt even be on the agenda. Someone tell me why abortion and gay marriage is so

When I was younger, lets say between 10 and 16, New Years Eve was all about one thing for me and my friends: firework-related shenanigans. Wed spend all of our allowances/pocket money on rockets, roman candles, sparklers, etc., and wed just go nuts with it. New Years Eve was that time of the year when we were actually allowed and encouraged to get our hands on low-quality explosives and set it on fire. The rest of the year, we saved fireworks from New Years Eve, since we couldnt really get any other time. In short, New Years Eve was a night I looked forward to with glee and wild-eyed mania. Now that Im 24, things have changed. Toward the end of 2011, I found myself apathetically waiting for New Years Eve as something to just get over with, a feeling Ive had for a few years now. There seems to be several reasons for this, but the main one appears to be that there are all these grand expectations for New Years Eve, that it never, ever lives up to. There is this massive propagation of the New Years Eve celebration as the best party night of the year, a night that will be amazing, ridiculous, fun-filled and forever memorable. Its just that it doesnt seem to be any reason for it to be so. Okay, so the Gregorian calendar says Dec. 31 but that doesnt

necessarily carry any party-magic with it. I keep asking my friends why New Years is supposedly so special, but all I ever get in response is that its New Years Eve, man! Yeah ok, thanks, I knew that already. There isnt anything wrong with the night of Dec. 31 in and of itself, but rather the unrealistic expectations. Unless you have tons of money, the opportunity to rent out a roof-top bar, and shower all your friends with champagne, you somehow feel like youre not doing it right. Or maybe thats just me. Lest I be perceived as a Negative Nancy, I want to say I know very well you get out of it what you put into it. Of course the onus is on me to make any celebration great, New Years Eve included. Thats why for next time, Im booking a ticket to Samoa, a tiny island nation in the Pacific. Samoa is the first country in the world that crosses into the new year due to their time zone location. By going there I will not only be in a cool place for the New Years celebration thereby instantly making it better than any night spent in Bergen, the rainiest city in Northern Europe, where I usually spend New Years Eve. I will also be one of the first people in the world to cross into 2013. Boom! Beat that. Regardless of my unmet expectations for New Years Eve, I wish all students at Pace and all readers of The Pace Chronicle a prosperous 2012. Cheers.

Photo By Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images Former Pennsylvania senator and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. We see you, but it just isnt happening buddy.
Mitt Romney has been the only steady and viable candidate who has a chance of defeating President Obama on Nov. 6. The other candidates for the Republican nomination have been too extreme or too anonymous to gather enough support. Beyond that, there have been so many of them that theyve partitioned the Republican constituency, cutting the voting base into too many slices. Now that Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann have dropped out of the race (and Rick Perry is efoverturn a law that allowed him and his wife to make the speedy medical decisions that saved her health, effectively working against others who might need it. According to a New York Times profile on Santorum, he got busy in the wake of his wifes ailment and early delivery to overturn the law that authorizes partial-birth abortion, or intact dilation and extraction, as its actually called. Interestingly enough, Santorum has said himself that the couple would have opted for the medical procedure had nature not made damn important in American elections, because I fail to see the importance. Surely there are more important issues to tackle, like the sub-standard public school system, for instance. Nevertheless, Santorum doesnt stand a chance to beat Mitt Romney. Enjoy your fifteen minutes in the spotlight. Besides, his last name will forever have an unsavory association with anal sex. Do a Google search on the definition of Santorum if you dont know. Good luck overcoming that, buddy.

Photo from FinanceTwitter The unrealistic expectations of New Years resolutions.

ealth HH ealth

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Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012

Fpinion eature O O pinion

The G-Spot B : G



Sexual Preconceptions of Others:

Look at the way she walks? Of course shes not a virgin
Whats The-G-Spot About? "College is run by sexual tension. Many of us like sex, have sex, and have walked in on our roommate having sex. Why ignore it? Lets be honest instead. In college, learning doesnt only happen in the classroom, it happens in the bedroom. Don't be shy, now, welcome to the G-Spot." - Gabrielle Davina Hes so quiet, hes probably a virgin. Look at her clothes? Shes got to be a slut. And my personal favorite, Dang girl, you write about sex? You must be a freak! We hear and say these things constantly. Sexually, were all about assumptions. We assume a persons sexual history and tastes based on things not related whatsoeverthe way they dress, the way they dance at Paulies, the way they walk, the fact that they have plenty of friends of the opposite sex. It is flat-out silly, and I want to address it. Now I know judging is a fact of life and its going to happen whether its right or wrong, but think of all the people you could be writing off sexually because of how they present themselves out of the bedroom. One of my guy friends was recently griping to me about a conversation he had with another girl that he found particularly offensive. Youre the making love type, she said. I cant see you truly forking the ish out of a girl. Although she swore she wasnt criticizing his libido, she struck a nerve with an assumption that according to him wasnt accurate. To quote him directly, I dont sleep around town; I take dry spells like Gandhi. If you dont think that bottles up into being capable of what you just said, youre delusional. This next one we hear all the time (or at least I did, in high school) I can tell if people are virgins by the way they walk. That has to be one of the dumbest things Ive ever heard. The only thing you can tell by the way someone walks is if their legs hurt. The claim is that if a girl has had sex before, her walk is wider and her strides longer. Believe it or not, people just have different gaits. Your walk might be related to your self-esteem, and if your self-esteem is related to your sexual activity then maybe some sliver of that claim is correct, but for the most part, saying you can tell if a girl has had sex is like saying you can tell if a guy has ever been kicked in the nuts. Regarding the assumptions Ive heard of myself given the topics I cover, its hard not to laugh. People assume that to write about sex you have to be having sex all the time with a lot of partners. This is totally a myth (and thank God it is because I dont think I can keep track of a bunch of people at once. Kudos to whoever can, though). The only thing being a sex columnist safely says about a person is that they think about sex a lot and arent too shy to speak up. Turn to the front and notice that I chose a picture of professional football player Tim Tebow and his alleged girlfriend to go along with this article. First of all, one sees a buff guy and a voluptuous girl and assumes that theyre sexually active people. Tebow however, is known for his Christian morals and is reportedly still a virgin. Second of all, one sees an attractive guy and girl together (or attractive pair of lesbians or gay men) and assumes that they must be involved. Apparently, this girl is only a good friend of his that got caught in the limelight because she was photographed with him. These reasons make this the perfect photo to go along with the topic of assumptions. To discourage my siblings and I from gossiping as we grew up, my mother spouted this advice: Never assume you know what someones done unless theyve done it in front of you with the lights onand even still, question if your perception is in touch with reality. She still says the same thing, and it applies to the assumptions we apply to friends, peers and people we know nothing about. Keep it in mind before you blow them off for qualities that might not even be true. Who knows? They might surprise youin and out of the bedroom.
Featured Columnist

Ebony Turner

The Token Black Friend

How Many Of Us Have Them?
What is 40 Acres and a MacBook? Whether its the questionable news headlines on Fox or when we walk into Kessel and see all the same kids sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, its time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a Macbook - a modernized compensation for the world in which we are forced to live in. Ever hear the phrase no offense and immediately know that whatever is being said after would be extremely offensive? Why is it that we always neutralize the acidity in our verbal attacks with tools or phrases that fail to do what they are used for? The token black friend is what the black community loathes because it has become the no offense to whatever racist statement or action that comes after its mentioning. The token black friend in our culture is used as the lifejacket that saves any race from being thrown into a pool of labels, such as racist. It would take a lifetime to recall all the moments I have ever heard, but I have black friends so it is okay if (insert racist action or statement here). Whether its in a conversation or in the media, black people have been used as a way to balance the majority to keep from being called discriminatory toward any given race. In Hollywood, you will see the one black actor in an all white cast, where his part is relatively insignificant but placed as a way to avoid the ever-so-consistent critique of a lack of quality films containing black actors within them. In the business world, blacks are still hired as a way to meet a quota in diversity in the workplace and are kept from being fired, unless it is blatantly deserved, under the same pretenses. Rather than simply changing the way our culture feels about race, we excuse our actions under even more discriminatory terms. Having a friend that is black does not negate any racist action, thought or statement you make black people are not meant to be used as a get-out-of-jail-free card. Having a diverse palate of friends is supposed to help you grow and become cultured, but it seems as if our society only desires a United Colors of Benetton clique for appearance, not substance. As a result we have bred a culture that assumes no harm is done as long as you have a black friend, co-worker or person around. We are so afraid of all the negative qualities associated with being called racist that we avoid it rather than face what it truly means. It is not enough to fill a quota as a means of fixing the lack of diversity around us. Facing the issue head on by getting to know who a person is rather than what they can do for you is the only constructive way to fixing the one-sided battle against race relations. Maybe then we will live in a world where a friend will not need to be referred to by the color of their skin first.

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Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012

~ATTENTION~ ~WESTCHESTER GRADUATES~ Student Commencement Speaker and Singer

During the month of February, the Dean will be looking for students who are graduating and are interested in singing the National Anthem, or speaking at Commencement. If you are interested in either singing or speaking, please go to our Commencement Site for additional information.


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Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012


Continued from page 1
their success? Perhaps its the relatability of their tweets, or the pure awesome ridiculousness. I think PGP is a hit because its funny and its honest. Its an account for Pace students, by Pace students that lets us laugh at ourselves and all the issues that continue to frustrate us and never change here at Pace, said the creator of PGP. Needless to say, these witty, sarcastic, and often honest tweets have brought students together from all different backgrounds at Pace. Whether you like it or not, we are now living in a world where hashtags have become a language of their own, and where people have more conversations over twitter than over coffee. This twitter account doesnt have the intention of ruffling up anyones feathers, theyre merely trying to make students laugh and Their tweets, said the source, come from their own experiences, experiences of our friends and peers, and anything the Pace students tweet, theres enough problems here at Pace to suffice. Despite their 448 followers and growing popularity, PGP has encountered some negative feedback. It has all been positive with the exception of two people. We say if you dont like it, dont follow. Nothing that PGP tweets is meant to be harmful or mean, its all in good fun. PGP isnt just popular among girls. We got 100 followers in our first week, and most of our followers have been girls. But lately weve been getting tweeted at by boys too, which just makes it all the more fun, said PGP. And whats the reason for give them a chance to express themselves. PGP isnt an anti-Pace account, we love Pace, but lets be honest weve got some serious problems, so we might as well laugh at them.

he e T w nicl o l l Fo Chro r: e e tte Pac Twi onicl on Chr ace P @

My body might go into shock when I start eating food from the caf again #pacegirlproblem #NotKidding #poison My favorite thing about it being 2012 is that townhouse day is this year #PGP Oh its Monday? I hate everyone #PaceGirlProblems Im buying alcohol with all the money I get back for my books #Pace GirlProblems. #thatawkwardmoment when you think you have friends, but really its the head of security leaving you voicemails, texts, and an email. #PGP

Tweets from


2012: The Year of Dubstep

Featured Reporter

Andrew Feola

In 2011, electronic music in the United States spawned a new genre, dubstep, which emerged like a wildfire, and there is no sign of it slowing down in 2012. Dubstep originated in South London and incorporates tightly coiled productions with over-

whelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals. So what the hell does that mean? Well, after listening to a substantial amount of dubstep, the sounds that are produced throughout a song typically have distinct patterns of light highs and heavy lows. A dubstep song will almost always start with the lighter beat including synthesizers, snare drums, vocals, and a

building bass until it reaches its peak and then boom! Once a dubstep beat drops, its unmistakable and youll either be pounding your head like an 80s heavy metal band or youll be shell-shocked from the effects and sounds like you just came back from Nam. This genre has been neglected by many music listeners because people dont understand it. If music is art, dubstep is modern art. The art of dubstep is in the

contrasting sounds of lights and shadows. Whether youre an avid fan or someone who thinks this music is garbage, there is no denying that dubstep has grown tremendously within the past three years and will continue to sell out concert venues, music halls, and clubs throughout 2012. Prior to the emergence of dubstep, the electronic/club music scene was dominated by house music. While house still remains to be the electro-music junkys beat of choice, the popularity of dubstep is growing exponentially. Some of the most popular DJs in the dubstep genre include Skrillex, Bassnectar, Nero, Flux Pavillion, and Rusko. While there are infinite amounts of artists trying to emerge in the dubstep scene, the DJs previously listed have already established themselves with large fan bases and have set the standard of what dubstep should sound like. The biggest name in dubstep

right now is undoubtedly Skrillex. He has a huge fan base, sells out concerts with no problem, and (oh by the way) he makes awesome tracks that will pump you up sitting down. Skrillexs innovative and unique style separates him from other DJs which allows for his music to connect with fans on all levels. Without sounding anymore like a 14-year-old groupie, simply put, Skrillex is dubstep. 2012 has had a stigma attached to it ever since people discovered it marked the end of the Mayan calendar, so on and so forth. Some people believe 2012 will mark the beginning of a new era. Well everyone, the truth is that the year 2012 will mark the beginning of a new era, and that era is dubstep. As the popularity of the genre grows, so will its acceptance into modern culture. Dubstep is about to shock America in 2012. Just remember to drop the bass.

Photo (Above) from (Right) from

Popular names in dubstep include Skrillex (above), who has been nominated for five Grammy awards including Best New Artist, a first for the DJ community. Bassnectar (right) has remixed songs such as Ellie Gouldings Lights.

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Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012

The Increasingly Good Decision to Watch The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret
Featured Reporter

Tim Doyle

Dos & Donts of New Years Resolutions

Entertainment Editor

Colby Hochmuth

Have you ever told a little white lie to get ahead? Did you ever have to stick to that lie to get an international job? Did that lie land you in court with countless charges against you from multiple countries? If so, seek help from Todd Margaret. Hes been there. The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret follows the increasingly hysterical life of Todd Margaret. Todd, an incompetent temp, lies his way in to an international job, where he is sent to London to sell an energy drink titled Thunder Muscle. The dimwitted Todd continues to spin a web of lies to all, digging himself into a deeper hole, episode by episode. As soon as he arrives in London, police blow up his luggage because Todd left it unattended for an extended period of time. Having only a suit and briefcase to his name, Todd begins his career as a Thunder Muscle salesman, with no hope at all and thou-

Photo from ShareTV/IFC

sands of crates on its way to his office to be sold. When his boss calls to check in, Todd naturally makes another poor decision by lying, again. From being allergic to nuts to having a dead father, Todd continues to lie to his new friends, going so far as to claim he lives in the Houses of Parliament. His sole employee, Dave, is on to his lying game and tests how far Mr. Margaret will go to protect his lies. The show, which premiered in Oct. 2010, was written from beginning to end before it was put in production. Unlike many shows that open strong and end weak (see: LOST), this show has a beginning, middle and end, with the promise of hilarity in every episode. The humor is raunchy, the jokes are crude, and the characters are those you want to keep seeing every week, wondering what antics Todd will place them in the middle of. Fans of comedy serials such as Arrested Development will love Todd Margaret, not only because it is exceptionally well written, but it stars former actors David Cross (as the hysterical Todd Margaret) and Will Arnett (as Todds foul-mouthed boss, Brent Wilts). When all else fails, one little lie wont hurt anyone; unless youre from Leads, your father is dead, you lived in a hospital and well, or your name is Todd Margaret.

Why 2012 is the Year for Brad Goreski

The first of the year is that time in which youre supposed to take a good, hard look at yourself and figure out how to take the next year to improve. New Year resolutions can either make 2012 one of the best, or one of the most miserable years. Thats why its important to put a lot of thought into your resolutions and make them something that will be worthwhile. Here are some tips to coming up with resolutions that are sure to work: 1. Be realistic! Set goals that you have an actual shot at achieving. By giving yourself a goal that you can progressively work towards, youll be more motivated to achieve it. Instead of saying youll work out every single day for an hour, think of something more do-able, like working out 4 days a week for an hour and a half. 2. Challenge yourself. While its important to be realistic about setting goals, its also important to give yourself something stimulating that will excite you. If you have a bunch of easy resolutions, then the gratification wont be as sweet when you reach them. 3. Dont be a resolution repeater. Think outside of the box this new year and come up with something totally new. If you have a resolution you set last year that you didnt complete, dont use it again this year- try and put a different twist on it.

For example, if your goal last year was to give up fast food but you slipped on a few occasions, you can stay in the same genre by giving up something thats still unhealthy but a little different, like soda or chips. 4. Get a partner! Not only is it easier to stick to a New Years resolution if you have someone to do it with, but its definitely more fun. Having a partner will keep you in check and make sure that youre sticking to the resolution. Also, youll have someone to relate to and be able to encourage each other. 5. Make it count. The whole point of a resolution is to better yourself, right? So when deciding what you want it to be, make sure to really do some soul searching and find something important to you. The resolution or resolutions that you come up with should be close to heart, and something you truly believe in making happen. If you need some help coming up with resolution ideas, here are some trending ideas for 2012: Giving up various forms of technology (Text-free-Tuesdays), eating healthier (Fry-less Fridays), and getting ahead in your career and landing your dream internship. Whatever resolution you choose, just make sure you put some thought, heart, and originality into it. Good luck!

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Photo By Kevin Amato/Wonderland Brad Goreski stars in his own reality show Its a Brad, Brad World on Bravo.
Featured Reporter

All of this rapid-fire success has culminated into 2012 being the year of Brad Goreski. Everything hes set up in 2011 is coming into focus. The show Its a Brad, Brad World debuted this month to glowing reviews. Its pretty much the Goreski wed expected from RZP with a lot more tears. What makes the show more interesting than others is watching a styling career build from the ground up. Granted most startup companies dont come equipped with a full camera and hair and make up crew, but the show does come off as authentic. Viewers watched him hit the ground running with only ambition, excitement, and a rack of clothing samples sitting in his garage, which makes for endearing television. The book, Born to be Brad, is set to debut in this March which is free promotion for the show and vice versa. The book is said to be a bit of a memoir, detailing the important events in Brads life. Surely fans are hoping in those important events will be a detailed account of the feud between him and Zoe. Thatll really have books flying off the shelf. Hes also added Christina Ricci as a permanent client and has done work for Keri Hilson and Rachel Zoes client, Demi Moore. With award season underway and the Met Gala and Fashion Month close behind, get used to seeing his face. Fashion is always looking for a new it person and it looks itll be a Brad, Brad year.

Torraine Humes

I die! Isnt that fabulous? That is just beyond! Over the course of four seasons on The Rachel Zoe Project, the titular Ms. Zoe has trademarked more than a few catch phrases. We watched as Zoe and her team schlepped to hundreds of fashion shows, waxing poetic about what pink organza means for the state of mankind, and other important matters. But while most of the staff got passing camera glances, Brad Goreski, Zoes plucky assistant, was a scene stealer.

For those of you who dont know (all three of you), Goreski spent three years as right hand man to Zoe, being the token gay best friend; the Will to her Grace. People really responded to Goreskis upbeat nature and signature style. Black rimmed spectacles, bow ties, and boldly colored blazers are his go-to items. Goreski fan sites and blog posts started popping up after only a few episodes into the pilot season. When the sleepovers and company breakfasts ended, things got real. Since Goreskis messy split with Zoe, his success has been almost meteoric. He went from having a cult following to being practically A-list in a fairly short time. Lets go through his score-

card for the past year. A few weeks after splitting from Zoe Inc., he landed his first client: Jessica Alba. Then a couple months later, word got out that Brad would be starring in his own reality show on Bravo, the very same channel as The Rachel Zoe Project. He was able to go from being a scene-stealer to having a show of his own. Shortly after landing the television show, he announced a book deal with Harper Collins. Then he was announced as the official brand stylist for Kate Spade. On top of that, hes been styling major editorials for publications like Details and W magazine. Not too bad of a year for Goreski.


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Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012


Tim Tebow: Man, Myth, and Quarterback

Sports Columnist

Sports on the Side:

CJ Dudek

With the twenty-fifth pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos selected Tim Tebow, quarterback from the University of Florida. Just like the former Gators play, there were plenty of questions that surrounded the decision to draft Tebow. Did Denver draft a player who was regarded as a man of impeccable character and one of the nicest guys that they would ever meet? They did. Did the Broncos think that they were getting a player with a heavily decorated track record that included being a two-time SEC Champion, two-time Maxwell Award winner, two-time first team All American, Heisman trophy winner, and two-time BCS National Champion? They did. Did the Broncos think that they got the steal of the draft in a class that included Sam Bradford, Ndamukong Suh, Eric Berry, Joe Haden, Rolando McClain, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Dez Bryant? That remains to be seen. And this is only the beginning of the microcosm that is Tim Tebow. Ever since Tebow first hit the field in 2010 he has been praised, scrutinized, approved, criticized, ripped to shreds, praised, counted out and brought back in again ad nauseum. The mere mention of Tebow in a conversation is like striking a match and throwing it at a gasoline covered giant lint ball that would result in fiery debate. At one point or another, everybody and their grandmother had a different opinion on Tebow, and all of them were right. Tebows numbers are intriguing for all the wrong reasons. The statistics simply do not lead us as football fans to a concrete conclusion as to if Tebow is a good or bad quarterback. Here are some examples of the off-putting statistics that cause a stir among fans. Tebow has not thrown for 200 yards in a game this season. He has six fourth quarter comebacks this season, including a playoff game; which ties him with Eli Manning for the most in the NFL. Tebows completion percentage in 2011 is an abysmal 46.5 percent. His touchdown to interception ratio in 2011 is 2:1. Tebow has gone 8-4 in his starts this season. His all-time record against teams with records of .500 or bet-

ter is 3-4. He did not commit a turnover in four out of the six games he has played in this season. He has only thrown for more than 300 yards twice in a span of two seasons. Tebow puts up statistics that simply do not follow a consistent pattern that his captivated audience can follow to a forgone conclusion, which is just one of the reasons that the viewing public cannot seem to come to a general consensus as to if Tebow is a good quarterback or not. Football fans have always equated the quarterback position in the NFL with a signal caller that stands in the pocket and methodically picks defenses apart. Quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers are so highly regarded in todays game because they quickly and efficiently pick apart defenses with their passing as if they are performing open heart surgery with their backs to the patient. In contrast, Tebow is the intern two weeks into his first year that causes his patient to flat line twice before resuscitating him and patching up the broken valve with duct tape. Both of these scenarios end with the patient alive, but the Rodgers, Bradys, Brees, and Mannings of the world come out with barely any blood on their scrubs, while Tebow comes out looking like he went for a swim inside the patient. If you had the choice between these two types of doctors, which one would you choose? The answer is easy in medicine; it is harder to find in football because generally speaking, every sin committed during a game is forgiven if the team wins. And won Tebow has, and in dramatic fashion that has taken the mans last name and transformed it into a verb with two definitions. The first being his wins in dramatic fashion; the second for his signature ritual. Both definitions, like Tebow, are scrutinized and praised by a captivated audience that cannot stop watching. Tim Tebows success in the NFL to this point has made him the most polarizing athlete in professional sports due to his ability to make winning look grotesque. But like the iconic Radio City Music Hall, Tebow and this Denver Broncos team have a chance to become the symbol of hope that the Broncos can return to glory.

Womens Water Sports Conquer Over Winter Break

Sports Editor

Womens Basketball on a 5 Win Streak

Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Both mens and womens swim teams took on the Bridgeport Purple Knights on Sat. Jan. 14. The womens team was able to win the match, however the men were not as lucky Paces Womens Swim team ending the final score at 133-124 but the Mens team lost 122-49. Sophomore psychology and criminal justice student, Kaitlyn Lynch was first place in the 100yard butterfly with 58.97 seconds and the 200-yard backstroke with 2 minutes, 12.57 seconds. Freshman communications student Alexis Chocianowski placed first in the 100-yard backstroke with 1 minute and 3.88 seconds, and nursing student Hannah Oleksak also placed first in the 1000-yard freestyle with 11 minutes and 42.40 seconds. Meanwhile, senior diver and biology student Cassandra Gentile won both the 1-meter with a score of 213.45 and the 3-meter dive with a 262.40 score. The mens team had a reliable performance by, sophomore education and history student, Nick Targonski winning first place in the 200-yard breaststroke with 2 minutes and 31.89 seconds, while, senior finance and economics student William King swam the 100-yard freestyle in 55.60 seconds. Previous to the Bridgeport

Over winter break the lady Setters took wins from their last five games, improving their overall record to 12 wins and only three losses. This advances them in the Northeast-10 Conference to nine wins and two losses. In the match against the UMass Lowell River Hawks on Saturday Jan. 14, Pace pulled the win 88-79. It was a slow start for the Setters as Lowell came out on fire. As the game advanced the point difference was slowly decreased and ended halftime with River Hawks up 42-39. The Setters would maintain the lead but in the last two minutes remaining a final tie was in place until, senior biology student and guard, Kerri White moved to a lead with 4 points, as she had a three-pointer and a free-throw. The game ended with Pace turning the fouls against them into point at the free throw line, letting the Setters take and maintain the lead. We knew we had to play though defense and box out, since theyre much bigger, and protect the ball down the stretch. I feel match, the Setters took on Adelphi on Thurs. Jan. 12. The womens team won 57-38 while the mens team lost 57-24. Both the Womens and Mens Swimming and Diving teams will travel to a final meet at Le Moyne on Saturday Jan. 21.

like we all did what we had to do in the final minutes to secure the win, says White. The free throws were key down the stretch. My teammates really stepped up and hit the big shots. It really kept UMass Lowell from getting into a rhythm in the last few minutes. Seniors political science and history forward Brittany Shields, Kerri White, and criminal justice student and guard Carol Johnson, as well as junior psychology student and guard Allison Cleary and freshman special education student and guard Margo Hackett all had double-digit points. Shields led the offense with 18 points and seven rebounds. White contributed 17 points, four rebounds, one assist, and one block. Johnson finished with 13 points, eight assist, and three rebounds. Cleary added another 17 points, six rebounds, three assists, and one steal. Hackett totaled 10 points and two rebounds. Previous to this exciting neckto-neck game against Lowell, Pace swept through St. Anselm 61-43. In addition, the Setters took on the #4 national ranked Bentley to the battle of their lives winning 79-68, as well as challenged the work of St. Michaels ending the game 57-51, and lastly denied the efforts of St. Thomas Aquinas in a 60-56 game.

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The Winter Sports Winter Break

Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

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While the rest of us enjoy going home for the months-worth of winter break, the winter season sports remain at Pace. Womens and mens basketball and womens and mens swimming and diving teams make the townhouses their home during the brutal cold break. Just like any sport, they all have a season and they all in a way suffer from it. As if managing school, practices, and games wasnt challenging enough. Student-athletes in season go through great deals of stress if their time-managing skills arent up to par. Grades can be affected by this. Some projects due certain days will have to be postponed because of games and such. School breaks are scheduled each season: thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, and summer. Volleyball, football, and soc-

cer come in a month early during the summer, before school even starts and before any civilization appear on campus. Lacrosse, baseball, softball, and track and field dont get to enjoy their spring break like the rest. Some teams do go away for spring break but it is no vacation; its either for a tournament or a game. Even more horribly, for spring sports, its a coin-toss to whether or not they will make an appearance at Townhouse Day due to the aforementioned reasons. Being a winter sport, most of their season concentrates on the months of January and February. Thus, their training and practice schedule is crucial to be programmed during the winter break. With school out of the way, the student-athletes get to focus on their sport and work on whatever their weaknesses are as a team, as well as individuals. Junior psychology student Allison Cleary expressed how its kind of relaxing being at the townhouses because it is quiet

and no one is here for winter break. As a basketball player she believes the break is an opportunity to improve, we have so much time to prepare for our games and get better. Although it is upsetting that they are the only students that stay on campus, they have their teammates to support each other and be with, as a family. Junior accounting student and basketball player David Eismeier has a big family with five siblings and misses the opportunity to stay longer with them at his hometown in Virginia during the holidays. Its crazy at first its kind of exciting having so much free time and no school work. But then after a week, it gets lonely and you miss your family because you hear how everyone else is home with their family. And if it wasnt for the games and traveling, wed go crazy of boredom. There is one benefit: we get to play a lot of video games.


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Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012


Mens Basketball on Rollercoaster

Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

The mens basketball team has gone through a rollercoaster ride with three wins and three losses over the winter break. The teams overall record has dropped to eight wins and seven losses and has affected their NE10 conference standing with six wins and five losses. The Setters took on the UMass Lowell River Hawks in a home conference match but ended up losing by 14 points, ending the game at 74-60 on Sat., Jan. 14. Lowell started off aggressively and got a hold of a lead, even after a Setter battle. Pace was defending and shooting, leaving the

end of the first half down 24-35. In the second half, Pace fought for a lead early and achieved it until the River Hawks dragged it out, shooting and challenging the Setter defense. Junior business student and forward Keon Williams led the offense with 22 points and the defense with eight rebounds. Sophomore marketing student and guard, Denzel Primus-Devonish added 10 points and five steals. Previous to the Lowell game, Pace took on St. Anselm and lost 77-66. The Setters took a win against Bentley 84-74 and shut down St. Michaels, but not before losing to St. Thomas Aquinas by a mere two points at 62-60. The game against the Purple Knights of St. Michaels was one to celebrate as a great come back

Photo from CSI-Photos Senior criminal justice student and basketball guard Justin Alston.
against the loss to St. Thomas Aquinas. The Purple Knights fought for the game but the Setters sealed the match, after coming from a deficit in the first half.

Setter Spotlight
Cassandra Gentile
Sports Editor


Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Ex-gymnast Cassandra Gentile found a deeper love in her water sport: diving. This senior biology student battled between continuing in gymnastics or developing a college career as a diver, and it has been one great journey as she breaks two records at Pace and her goal to be in the top three in the NE-10 conference becomes a passion. Naturally, this non-height fearing diver has a strategy to pull out great dives by preparing mentally. It is her last year as an undergraduate at Pace, but her aspirations for becoming a physical trainer as well as receive her doctorate become more important. Pace Chronicle (PC): What made you decide to come to Pace? Cassandra Gentile (CG): I decided to come to Pace because after considering another school I realized that it was a better fit for me. Also, diving had an impact on where I went. PC: Why do you dive instead of swimming? What was the deal breaker in choosing between the two? CG: I never swam; I always did diving from when I was young. I had more interest in it because I did gymnastics, which made it an easy adjustment to switch due to the similarities in the sports. PC: What is your favorite aspect about diving? CG: My favorite aspect about diving is the excitement and thrill of learning new dives and challenging myself at every practice. PC: There is a common misconception that diving is swimming, when they are completely different sports. Do you get offended when people mistake you for a swimmer, or is it no big deal, since they are both a sport on water? CG: A lot of people confuse diving for swimming, which does get annoying considering they are two completely different sports. It does get to me sometimes but I just brush it off and say no I dont swim, I dive. PC: Were you always a diver? When did you start competing in water? CG: No, I wasnt always a diver. I did gymnastics from the age of 4 all the way through my senior year of high school. When I was younger I would fool around on the diving boards at the town pool and was asked to join the summer team when I was about 12. I did that for a few summers and then sophomore year of high school I joined a club team at West Point. I left there after a year and took time off from diving, until the summer leading up to senior year [where] I did a club team in Monroe Woodbury with my old coach from West Point. Then midway through senior year, I joined a club team at Pace where I decided I wanted to dive for in college. PC: Im guessing you arent afraid of heights? CG: The height of diving doesnt really bother me; it is the impact of hitting the water when you dont do a dive right that scares me because sometimes it is like hitting concrete. PC: I am afraid of heights; is there any advice you can give me and any other height-phobia person to be confident in climbing up those steps to jump into the water? CG: I would tell someone to keep going up and trying to just step off when they feel comfortable but you never want to pressure someone to do something they are afraid of because you dont want them to get hurt. PC: What was the highest jump you have done? CG: The highest jump I have ever done was 10 meters; it is about 33 feet. The highest I ever dove from was 5 meters which is around 16 feet. PC: When you are on the platform, on the edge, what is your thought process? CG: When I am standing on the edge of the board I think of the dive I am doing then have to also blank my mind out in order to get off the board otherwise I over think it and wont go for it. PC: Why are you biology major? CG: I am biology major because science was the one subject I liked growing up, it always inter-

Photo From CSI-Photos Senior biology student and diver Cassandra Gentile, the first Setter Spotlight for 2012. ested me. PC: How do you manage your time with such a demanding major? CG: Managing time can be challenging and definitely overwhelming but I have my planner and keep track of all my work and just take it one assignment at a time. PC: What do you aspire to be, career wise? CG: I am planning on attending graduate school in the fall and pursue a career in physical therapy. PC: What are some of your shortterm goals? CG: To place in the top 3 of the NE-10 Championship in February. PC: What are your long-term goals? CG: To graduate and get my doctorate in physical therapy and someday have my own practice. PC: How do you feel with ending your season this year, in general? CG: It is a bittersweet feeling ending this season. PC: Will you miss diving? Or will you be diving in the future? CG: I will definitely miss diving seeing it was such a huge part of my life the last 4 years. As of now I dont plan on diving in the future but you never know, I might coach and get up on the boards with them. PC: Have you ever had any injuries because of a dive? CG: Yes, my sophomore year I was doing a reverse 1 and I ended up hitting my hands on the board. At first I didnt even realize what happened just thought I hit the water really hard until I looked at my coach and then down at my hands to realize they were bleeding and a few of my nails were missing but luckily didnt break anything. PC: What quote do you live by? CG: Live each day, One day at a time.

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