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Student Association Election Results

Melhorn with 57 percent of the votes. It feels great to have won the election, said Link. To see the Pace community come together and vote for who they think is best fit to be their voice for the following year is terrific. I will work with the resources set before me and build off of my predecessor to enhance my position and work with the rest of the executive board to better the Pace community. I hope to meet and exceed the expectations of my fellow students in the coming year. The new Vice President of Finance is junior business management student Mariel Mejia, who will be succeeding Keegan after two years as VP of Finance, defeating sophomore accounting and finance student Anthony Fanelli and junior accounting student Tafasha Pitt with 42 percent of the three way vote Junior political science student Tania DePalma won the position of Vice President of Unity and Social Justice with 54 percent against freshman public accounting student Daniella Willocks and

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

News Editor

Samantha Finch


With Contribution By: Michael Oleaga

Taking the Bases Out of Order

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Sigma Gamma Rho

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After four days of voting, including a seven hour extension of voting time, Pace students voted and selected the six people that will cover all the Student Association (SA) positions. The winning candidate for SA President is junior political science student Melanie Londono, defeating senior criminal justice and biology student Brian Keegan with 52 percent of the vote. Im very honored to be elected President and excited to work with the rest of the executive board next year, which is full of excellent students. I know we will improve students university experience and SA for years to come, said Londono. Sophomore education student Charlie Link won the position of Vice President of Judicial and Compliance against Kathleen

Photo by Michael Oleaga/The Pace Chronicle Junior political science student Melanie Londono was elected as Student Association president with 52 percent.
sophomore communications student Ebony Turner. It feels truly amazing to have won the position of VP of Unity and Social Justice, said DePalma. This a position I envisioned and dreamed of obtaining since freshman year and to finally be a part of the SA Executive Board feels like such an accomplishment. I would first like to humbly thank the Pace Community for electing me for this position. I hope that I am able to

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An Outstanding Win for the New Guest Pace-Westchester Model UN Team Policy for Townhouse First 1st place title since 2007 Day
News Editor

Samantha Finch

Smoking & Car Crashes

Setter Spotlight: page 12
Photo by Prof. Paul Londrigan/The Pace Chronicle The 2012 Pace-Westchester Model United Nations team at the United Nations with the Outstanding Delegation award, the first Outstanding prize since 2007.
Featured Reporter

Aasma Razvi


With Contribution By: Michael Oleaga

John Kolesar

In a competition with over 185 universities from around the world, the Pace-Westchester Model United Nations team beat expectations and won Outstanding Delegation, the equivalent of

first place. The team consisted of 22 students of the POL 303A: International Organizations course representing the Republic of Ghana. They traveled to New York City (NYC) to take part of the National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference in the Sheraton and Hilton hotels from April 1 to April 5. According to NMUN, the annual conference brings together over 5,000 participants to dis-

cuss issues at the forefront of international relations, with each university representing at least one Member State, observer, or non-governmental organization under the UN. The University of Texas at Dallas, West Virginia University, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, the American University at Rome, and Paces NYC campus

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A new guest policy has been established for this years Townhouse Day and is designed to emphasis that the event is planned for Pace students. The guest policy, for nonPace students, now mandates that all guests planning to attend this years Townhouse Day will be signed in as a guest of a Townhouse resident. This will be verified at the security blockade leading up the Townhouse hill and each guest will be issued a wristlet for confirmation. Each Townhouse resident will be allowed to sign up two guests. Each house would be able to have up to 16 guests for the day. The guest thus becomes the responsibility of the resident who signed them in. This guest policy applies to anyone who is not a current Pace student. This includes alumni, New York City students, any any-

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Quick Career Tips: From Career Services

Career Counselor

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Pace Chronicle

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Carolyn Kleiman


I am about to start my first internship in a professional setting. I am very excited but also nervous about how to communicate effectively and properly in the office, I dont want to come across unprofessional! Can you provide some tips? Congratulations on your first endeavor into the professional world! I commend you on being aware that people communicate differently in this environment than you do with your friends! In the professional world, its important to put forth the best impression possible whether you are interacting with customers, co-workers or supervisors. Introduction etiquette: Stand up and reach out your hand to shake if you are being introduced to someone. This is not a gender issue, women can do this! If you are making an introduction, use full names and titles. Those who are of highest authority should be introduced first. Meeting etiquette: Send an invitation with agenda and a reminder the day before. Start and end the meeting at the stated times in order to respect other peoples schedules. Provide a summary of what was covered and confirm any action items. Email etiquette: Email tends to be viewed as an informal means of communication, but it must be professional. Emails should be short and to the point with a descriptive subject line. Be mindful of who is on the email distribution list. Those who are copied (cc) are being included so they have information, generally this means they are not expected to reply. Be careful when clicking reply or reply all. If you are replying to the original sender about something specific the two of you have discussed, there is no need to include all in the reply. Be respectful of other peoples times and clogging in-boxes. Be especially careful of the blind copy (bcc). If you are blind copied on an email, do not reply to everyone on the email distribution list. If you feel a response from you is in order, then make sure you only reply to the person who included you on the original email. Emails need to be replied to in a timely manner. Phone etiquette: Personal cell phones should be off or at least on a quiet setting while in the office. Take and make calls sparingly and step away from your desk, most people are not interested in hearing your conversation. Your professional phone line should be answered when it rings by stating your name at the very least. Your office may have a standard greeting or you may ask the caller how you can help? Its good practice to repeat information to make sure you have heard correctly, particularly when gathering names and phone numbers or clarifying a problem. If you leave a voicemail speak slowly and clearly stating your name, title and company along with your phone number and the purpose of your call. Time etiquette: Manage your time well so you dont fall behind on emails or calls. It may be better to carve out certain times of the day where you reply to email and return phone calls rather than doing so piece meal. Be respectful of others and their time. If you call or email someone be clear with information you are providing or seeking. If you tell someone you will get back to them by 2 p.m. today, be sure to do so. For additional information on this topic as well as more on dressing and dining professionally, be sure to attend the Career Services event on Tues., April 10, from 6 p.m. to 8 p,m!

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Meet the Greeks: Sigma Gamma Rho

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Earning the nickname of seriously indestructible is an honor given to an organization that works hard and studies harder. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. (SGRho) was found by a group of educated African American females on the predominately white campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Nov. 12, 1922. The sorority was brought to Pace in 2010 as a colony then was soon given the status of Sigma Iota chapter in Spring 2011. Although SGRho was founded by African Americans, this does not mean they are restricted to this one race. There are currently over 500 chapters worldwide including ones in South Korea, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Canada. We are all different in our own, unique, individual ways, said junior accounting student and SGRho President Jewel High. People think when you join an organization you have to all act the same way, but we are not like that. We have sisters who are artists, scientists, lawyers; everyone is different and that help our bond. Sisters of SGRho take pride in three main aspects of their organization: public service, leadership development, and education of the youth. SGRho does not have a local philanthropy but does take part in various national programs and holds many events and fundraisers on campus. There are many national programs we incorporate into our programs and activities at Pace, said High. Operation BigBookBag is a program where members make available, to selected facilities across the nation, bookbags, notebooks, books, writing and drawing paper, pencils and

Carolyn Kleiman


The Pace Chronicle is published by Trumbull Printing: (203) 261-2548 Written and edited by the students of Pace University, The Pace Chronicle is published weekly during the academic year. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of administration, faculty and The Pace Chronicle staff. The Pace Chronicle encourages responses to the opinions expressed herein, and welcomes letters and comments. The Pace Chronicle cannot guarantee publication of letters to the editor or unsolicited manuscripts, and reserves the right to edit or comment editorially on them. Appearance of an advertisement in The Pace Chronicle does not imply endorsements by the members of the editorial board, the advisor, or Pace University of the products or services offered. All photos and copyrights reserved unless otherwise indicated. Subscription and advertising rates available upon request.

Photo from Jewel High The sisters of Sigma Gamma Rho Incorporated with kids at the Childrens Village.
pens, dictionaries, rulers, glue, construction paper, textbooks, encyclopedia, computers and many other needed school items. Sigma Iota tables during common hour to collect books to donate to the Childrens Village and the YMCA, which we then read to the kids. There is also Project Reassurance, which focuses on providing health education, support and nurturing for expectant teen mothers and teens who are parents. The project has now evolved to focus more on Healthy Choices, Healthy Living and Healthy Generations (H3) to help reduce teen pregnancy through a comprehensive year round program addressing the factors that lead to teen pregnancy - low self-esteem, diet and economic issues - while also providing support and guidance when it does occur. In accordance with the above projects, SGRho also held other events this school term, including Womens Day 2012, which geared toward women empowerment and addressing issues that society forces upon people; Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative (A34Life), which is partnered with CDC to educate the hardest hit areas with HIV about the virus; and the 22 Ways to Stay HIV Free event, which is conducted by High herself who happens to be a certified HIV/AIDS Awareness Trainer. . The Sigma Iota chapter is a strong believer in educating the youth because they are our future. We address issues that impact society educationally, economically, and civilly, said High. A National Program called We Savers educates the youth on ways to manage their money properly. Older crowds we mainly talk to about stocks. During the week of Nov. 12, SGRho holds their Founders Week, which consists of multiple programs including a founders appreciation dinner and party. SGRho is also very involved on campus. Sisters partake in various groups such as, but not limited to: Student Association executive board, WPAW, Accounting Society, Dyson Society of Fellows, International Golden Key Honor Society, Pforzheimer Honors College, Business Honors College, Resident Assistants, and the volleyball team. SGRho invites anyone to come up to them to learn more about their sorority. You can find these girls representing in their royal blue and gold shirts and advertising their motto of greater service, greater progress all around campus. Also, for further information you can contact Jewel High at Jewel.T.High@pace. edu.

The Pace Chronicle, Pace University 861 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, N.Y. 10570 Phone: (914) 773-3401

Elections: April 23, 9 p.m. 3rd floor of Willcox Hall. Open to all students!

The PaceChronicle


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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Whats Making News Beyond Campus?

Outstanding win for Pace Model UN

were among many universities in attendance, along with schools from Bahrain, England, Germany, and Japan. This is the first NMUN conference for the Pace-Westchester team under political science Professor Paul Londrigan, who succeeded the role from Dr. Gregory Julian last September. The last time the team won Outstanding Delegation at NMUN was 2007, representing the Republic of Mauritius. The NMUN winners were announced in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations. There are three levels of awards: Honorable Mention, Distinguished Delegation, and Outstanding Delegation as the top prize. Last years team won second place with Distinguished representing the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. To be really honest, I didnt think wed win Outstanding Delegation because more than half the team was either new or second timers, so I thought wed win Distinguished, said senior political science student Noelle Randrianarivony. It was a shock to me how well we actually did as a team, but Im so proud to be part of it and graduating with an outstanding title feels complete. It was such an accomplishing feeling, like all the hard work, late nights, and early mornings paid off, said junior political science student Christine Gramlich. Well I think we definitely all had our share of sleepless nights, frustration, stress while writing papers which eventually paid off in the end, said Randrianarivony. Every team walks though the opening ceremony with confidence, but I feel like when you look around, everyones actually nervous. The Pace-Westchester team additionally won Outstanding Position Paper Awards for the UN Economic, Scientific, and Cultural Organization; the African Union; and the Conference on Sustainable Development committees. These awards are based on the outlining the countrys stance on specific issues on an international and national level. The moment they announced that Pace had won an Outstanding Delegation award, I assumed it was the New York City campus because they had already won two awards and the announcer forgot to specify, said sophomore marketing student Sarah Asante, who was attending her first Model UN conference. It took a while for it to sink in when I realized we had won, not because I didnt expect us to, but because at that moment it felt too good to be true, to stand out of thousands of other very intelligent, confident, passionate, and dedicated students from all over the world. I couldnt feel

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Samantha Finch News Editor

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Election season is in full swing as current President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney disagree on the state of the job market. After statistics were released from the labor department the candidates have been using it to their advantage. Some major changes are expected come November. Shortly after the report releases the White House and Republicans both released statements claiming that the report helped both their respective cases. The President said the policy in place is aiding the jobs marking and we are recovering from the downturn. Republicans stated the president has failed to help the economy. With the election around the corner each are fighting to make their case. VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia A naval fighter jet crashed into a Virginia Beach apartment complex and exploded into flames. The crash was caused by a mechanical malfunction. The two pilots managed to survive by ejecting their bodies form the plane shortly before impact. They and five other people suffered minor injuries from the crash. Forty apartment units were damaged or entirely destroyed. No fatalities have been reported. JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Concern has been expressed from the United States in regards to the nation of Malawi whose future has been left uncertain after reports were made that the President of the imprisoned country was dead. It was cited to be due to a heart condition. The delay of information released by Malawi has many fearing succession issues in the country. President Bingu wa Mutharika died Thursday of a heart attack according to medical and government officials in the nations capital of Lilongwe. Last Friday night it was announced on the radio by Information Minister Patricia Kaliati who stated that the President was in recovery in South Africa. Vice President Joyce Banda is next in line for presidency according to Malawi constitution. BEIJING, China - A list of six men suspected of involvement in a militant group has been compiled by security officials in China. It is believed they used the Asian nations as a point for terrorist attacks in the western part of China. The group has admitted to several explosions and knifings that killed at least 18 people in Xinjiang last July. Xinjiang is home to ethnic Uighurs, who made up approximately 40 percent of the areas population. The attack in July was in the city of Kashgar. Several attacks have been accomplished in recent history. China Ministry of Public Security displayed the name and provides pictures of the suspects.

Photo from Michael Oleaga/The Pace Chronicle The Pace-Westchester Model United Nations Head Delegates Michael Oleaga and Kelly Povero picking up their award with conference Secretary General Andrew Ludlow.
proud of myself, I could only feel proud for the team, my first family at Pace. As a first timer, non-political science major, it was really tough being surrounded by and having to work with many students who had all these intelligent ideas to discuss for close to a week. I went back to my hotel room a couple of times ready to give up, but with a support team like the PaceWestchester Model UN team, you wouldnt want to, said Asante. And it ended up being a very rewarding experience. Model UN was one of the greatest experiences of my life thus far, said freshman Kristina Vukaj, who joined the team about two weeks prior to the conference. I was inexplicably proud and honored and the victory was like euphoria. Our hard work paid off and proved that together we are unstoppable. NMUN is definitely something I see myself doing in the near future. Next semester, the Model UN course will travel to Atlanta, Georgia, for the Southern Regional Model United Nations (SRMUN) conference, taking place in November. Students interested in the participating in Model UN and ultimately attend SRMUN can register for the course with CRN 70304, and can email Prof. Londrigan at PLondrigan@pace. edu for more information.

New Guest Policy for Townhouse Day

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one unaffiliated with the Pleasantville and Briarcliff campuses. Any guest not pre-registered will be turned away by security. There are multiple reasons for this. First and foremost, it will make the event much more safe and organized, said Matt Landau, public administration graduate student and residential director of the Townhouses. Last year, Townhouse Day was an open house, where there was no guest policy, which caused many problems for staff. This year, each person who attends will be accounted for, which is critical. Though the guest policy was not enforced last year it has been effectively used in the past and is an important means of keeping everyone safe. In addition to the guest policy, the Townhouse parking lot will be closed off to anyone without a vehicle registration sticker. The event will officially be open to all Pleasantville and Briarcliff students. The activities will be open to the student body because it is funded by the required student activity fee that students pay each year. Students will need to show their Pace IDs before being let up the hill. Townhouse Day is for Pace students. It is funded by the student activity fund and is an [Student Association] funded event, which is open to all Pace students, noted sophomore accounting and finance student and Townhouse Hall Council President Anthony Fanelli. Townhouse Day will be on April 21 from 12 p.m. until 8 p.m. with many fun activities and will be part of a weekend of events that include Relay for Life, the Rio+20 Challenge, and Greek Olympics. I am so excited for Townhouse Day and I think it was a good idea that they changed the policy so that we dont have to sign in Pace students, junior business management student Kelsey Weinstein said. Activities that include inflatables, a foam party, a photo booth, and a lot of food will be in abundance. Im very excited for Townhouse Day and hope that everyone enjoys what the Townhouse Hall Council Executive Board, and Townhouse Committee have planned for the day, Fanelli said. However, the event will not cause the Townhouse staff to ignore the everyday University policies such as enforcing the alcohol and drug policy. Each student is responsible for their own actions, and each Townhouse resident is responsible for any guest that they preregister, said Landau. To register guests for Townhouse Day please register at before April 18, at 11:59 p.m.

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make the Pace Westchester campus one that both progresses and one that everyone can be proud of. I would like the Pace community to know that I anticipate a great year to come and I seek fulfill my duties to the best of my abilities in order to serve our student body. The race for Vice President of Programming was between junior criminal justice JanikeVivianne Bradshaw and Sarah Croghan. Bradshaw won with 55 percent of the votes. The position of Vice President of Administration was won by junior communications student Harrison Davies with 51 percent of the vote against sophomore childhood education student Matthew Indik. I was incredibly impressed by the number of candidates running for positions this year, said Director of Student Development & Campus Activities Rachel Carpenter. In my nine years of advising student governments, I have not seen this many people run for all the positions. It makes the elections more exciting when no position is uncontested - although it makes it more nerveracking for the candidates. With the candidates now firmly in place they will begin to work diligently to uphold and improve SA for the student body. Students eligible to vote must be a full time undergraduate student in the Pleasantville and Briarcliff campuses. Eligible voters were down from last year by 32 students, but this years election saw 149 more students vote - a 7.14 percent increase. Of the 2,194 eligible student voters this year, a total of 706 voted in the election, which is approximately 32.16 percent. Of those students, 22.9 percent were freshmen, 31.1 percent were sophomores, 24.1 percent were juniors, and 19 percent were seniors. Only 35.7 of the voters were male and 64.3 percent from female. The new 2012-2013 executive board will work together to help each and every organization throughout their term. Carpenter concluded that she is excited for the upcoming term. I am looking forward to another progressive year in Student Association with these incoming officers. Each year we all improve and keeping moving forward, said Carpenter. Im extremely excited for the newly elected candidates, and I look forward to discovering what marks they plan to leave on campus, said current SA President Kayla Turner. With several of them having been in support of my executive boards proposals to restructuring our student government, I can only see great things for this executive board as I hope they push our ideas even further.

SA Election Results



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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get to know Kony April 17, 2012 9 p.m. Gottesman Room - Kessel Student Center Contact


New Condom Rule Causes Uproar

LA Council Requires Condom Use in Porn Industry

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Study Shows Smoking Leads to Twice as Many Crashes

Health Editor

Delis DeLeon

Photo by Adam Samson/The Pace Chronicle Condom Use 101

Health Editor

Think you drive better under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Studies have shown that those who smoke marijuana and drive are twice as likely to be in a car accident as those who dont. Experts from Dalhousie University examined nine studies which linked 49,000 car, truck, bus, and motorcycle accidents to marijuana use. Drivers who had used marijuana three hours or less prior to eligible to produce their films. Over the past five years, there have been a total of $125,000 in fines issued to entertainers in the porn industry, which were sanctioned by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Despite these fines, many porn companies continue to make films without the use of condoms. Diane Due, the executive director of Free Speech Coalition, the trade association for the porn industry, stated, History has shown us that regulating sexual behavior between consenting adults does not work. Duke believes the regulation would create a threatening environment for performers within the industry, encroach of the industrys protocols and would, in essence, force the porn industry out of Los Angeles and eventually out of California. As an alternative to the regulation, the Free Speech Coalition has proposed frequently testing the porn industry entertainers for sexually transmitted diseases instead of requiring them to wear condoms. Upon the success of the bill in Los Angeles, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation plans to launch a similar measure in San Francisco.

drastically affect ones ability to drive. While under the influence of marijuana, one cannot react in an emergency situation as quickly as they would when sober. High dosages of marijuana can even lead one to experience delusions and hallucinations which can again affect ones ability to drive safely. Although alcohol related crashes are far more likely than marijuana related crashes, it is still responsible for a significant amount of accidents.

Delis DeLeon

The Los Angeles City Council issued an ordinance that would require actors in the porn industry to wear condoms in their films. Although the ordinance is pending the signature of the mayor, it has been adopted by a 9-1 vote. The City Council is currently in discussion with the police officials and city attorney to discuss how the measure will be enforced. Many of the industrys performers have been upset because the final votes on the measure took place while the industry was hosting their Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. The industry believes that this is the governments attempt to exercise political correctness that cannot truly be enforced. The pornographic film industry fears the potential market and financial loss that they will experience because many consumers refuse to buy films in which condoms are worn. Los Angeles is the home of the multibillion dollar porn industry which has been a major concern

for health advocates who fear the rapid spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been the sole enforcer behind this Bill and was successfully able to collect over 70,000 signatures in support of the ballot which only required 41,000 signatures. Many performers have contracted the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or have been at risk of contracting the virus. In fact, two infected performers have been the spokespeople supporting the AIDS Healthcare Foundation advocating for the new condom rule. There are thousands of STDs in this industry. Its the ick factor. They dont want to deal with this because its sex, and because its porn, said Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Under the new rule, porn producers would be required to pay a fee to fund surprise inspections to ensure that condoms are being worn. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation also urged that porn companies be required to obtain permits from the Department of Public Health to ensure the safety of their companies before they are

Approximately 28.6 percent of crashes involved alcohol.

operating their vehicles doubled their chances of experiencing collisions, often leading to fatalities. The French National Institute for Transport and Safety research conducted a study which found that seven percent of drivers involved in fatal crashes were under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana is the highest amongst the illicit drugs used worldwide and the rate of use amongst drivers is increasing rapidly. The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, is the main cause for fatal accidents. Experts say that small doses of marijuana can double the chance of life threatening collisions. Those who use the drug in larger doses can increase their chance of being in an accident to three times more likely. The short term effects of marijuana cause a distorted perception affecting ones sight and hearing. It can also lead to a loss in memory, loss of coordination, difficulty in problem solving, increased heart rate, and reduced blood pressure, all of which can Approximately 28.6 percent of crashes involved alcohol. 2.9 percent of the crashes within the French study involved drivers who use both marijuana and alcohol. The study also found that men were more likely to test positive for alcohol and marijuana. Younger drivers who operated motorcycle vehicles and mopeds were also more likely to test positive for both substances. Wayne Hall of the University of Queensland argues that the only way to decrease the use of driving while under the influence of marijuana is to threaten people that their cannabis use can and will be detected. Thus, Hall is advocating the use of road side drug tests for drivers who are suspected of driving while being high. Unfortunately, many experts feel that campaigns and educational programs that highlight the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs will not be as successful as one would hope.

Please Dont Stop The Music!

Cant get a song out of your head?
found four main reasons as to why earworms occur. The study was done in Britain and published in the journal Psychology of Music. The first cause of earworms is music exposure. Tunes that we just recently hear, like the catchy jingle of McDonalds commercials, Mmmm Lovin It, or songs that are frequently played on the radio or computer, such as Adeles Set Fire to the Rain, remain stuck in our head leading us to replay over and over again. Memory is yet another reason people experience earworms. Often times, we associate songs with a certain person, place and/ or memory; therefore we replay
Health Editor

Delis DeLeon

Ever feel like you cant get a song out of your head? Do you ever spend your day replaying the lyrics of a song you just heard on the radio? If so, you may be experiencing an earworm. Earworms are bits and pieces of a song which replay in our minds over and over again. These are usually choruses to a popular song or the jingles we hear in commercials. Psychologists refer to these as involuntary music imagery. Earworms are a great mar-

keting strategy for companies to use because ones thoughts are constantly on the product being advertised or artist who produced the song. Not to mention that earworms are experienced by everyone. Up to 90 percent of the population has admitted to experiencing an earworm at least once a week. There has been a lot of research done to understand what causes earworms, to figure out how long earworms may last, learn how frequently earworms can occur, and decipher what type of songs cause us to experience these reoccurring songs. After collecting over 600 online surveys, researchers have

those songs when we want to experience those memories or reconnect with that individual. Another cause for earworms is the emotional state of mind or connection we associate with songs. Most people associate music with their feelings whether they may be happiness, stress, depression, excitement, etc; we have songs which can make these emotions emerge. The last reason found for the occurrence of earworms is what researchers called low attention states, which are moments when we are daydreaming or our minds are wandering elsewhere. When these moments occur, the involuntary music imagery takes place

and we find ourselves singing or humming songs. Ways to get rid of earworms include occupying the mind with other focuses or tasks. Reading books, watching a movie, doing a puzzle, or having a conversation with a friend can help ease the mind and take ones thoughts away from music and distracts the mind from replaying those recent tunes. Another way to get rid of your earworm is by infecting someone else. If you sing the song or tune that is stuck in your head to someone else, it can help get the song out of your head.

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Opinion Editor

Martin Totland

Does Slacktivism Work?

Everyone has seen the social media campaigns about some heartfelt cause. Change your profile picture to a 90s cartoon to raise awareness of child abuse. Post a pink ribbon to raise awareness about breast cancer. I used to cringe a little bit every time I saw people posting that stuff, mostly because Ive always been a firm proponent of pragmatism. If you want something to change, get off your ass and try to help. While its true that Westerners often worry about crimes against humanity through social media wont bring about any particular, immediate change, it does improve the chances of long-term change and improvement. Consider all the youngsters who now know a little bit more about the war-torn regions of sub-Saharan Africa, and how many of them will go on to become leaders in the future. The KONY 2012 video isnt the first time a meme has gone viral, with (hopefully impending) positive impacts. In the mid-

The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When the KONY 2012 video went viral on YouTube, millions of youngsters did their part in spreading the word about the importance of arresting one of the worst warlords in the world. The intended purpose of the video was to make Joseph Kony, the Ugandan warlord and leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), a famous man, and a household name so as to facilitate his arrest. While his arrest has not come to pass, the video gained immense popularity online, with the current view count on YouTube at 87 million, which makes it one of the most viral videos of all time. This inevitably raises questions about the efficacy of online activism, or slacktivism. The sense of participation is hard to suppress when you take part in sharing the word about some important cause or other, but does it really help to tweet

Photo from Invisible Children A necessary but not sufficient function.

about a Ugandan warlord? Will that really facilitate his arrest? In other words, while its satisfying to like a cause on Facebook or to post an inspirational status, are you really helping, or do you only think you are, without actually doing anything?

A mildly creepy outlook on the companionship of a RealDoll

Copy Editor

Guys and Dolls

norms of society (and you know, buying a sex doll is going to help with that). Many of these owners use their RealDolls as a type of company for when theyre lonely. They sit at the dinner table with them, they watch movies with them, and they even cuddle with them. Some suffer from agalmatophilia, a paraphilia (or sexual arousal) associated with the attraction to statues, dolls, or mannequins. The reality behind this fascination with RealDolls comes down to this: loneliness and dissatisfaction with oneself. Matt McMullen, the creator and designer of RealDolls, also offered computer controlled speech feedback mechanisms and robotic hip actuators for the dolls however, these options are no longer available. Ryan Gosling stars in the 2007 film Lars and the Real Girl as Lars, a man who develops a romantic relationship with a sex doll named Bianca. It focuses on

1990s public outrage pressured the Clinton administration to work towards ending the war in Bosnia and protecting Kosovo, which resulted in the Paris-Dayton Peace Accords. Similarly, in 1999, Clintons Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, was photographed in Sierra Leone with a little girl whose right arm had been chopped off by rogue militias. The image received a lot of press, which facilitated foreign nations to intervene and demolish the militias. Sierra Leone is now at peace. By virtue of the fact, millions of kids can learn more about the world (despite the fact that the KONY video was based on partially outdated information that was slightly simplified), the chances are higher that someone will try to affect positive chance in the future. As New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof said, Public attention can create an environment in which solutions are more likely.

Kelly Povero

Have you ever met somebody who you knew was going to be alone forever? This is a person, generally a male, who never dated anybody and never found the confidence to meet his perfect girl. These men have turned to another option for their sexual gratification: RealDolls. RealDolls are just as the name suggests: human-like female mannequins designed for sexual pleasure. These dolls are life-size and made from a pose-able polyvinyl chloride skeleton covered in silicone for a fleshy texture. These dolls are manufactured by Abyss Creations in San Marcos, California and sold around the world to different buyers. The dolls cost a pretty penny, thats for sure. The starting price is around $6,000 and can go up

depending on the special requests and shipping costs. People are seriously paying $6,000 for a sex toy. Is this absurd to anybody else? Interchangeable faces and vaginas provide for optimum diversity in the sex life of these lonely customers. There are removable inserts for the mouth and genital regions and now, nine different bodies and sixteen different faces available for purchase. The company even offers custom-made shemale dolls, as well. What?! Is anyone else finding this disturbing? Nick Holt, a British film director, released the documentary Love Me, Love My Doll on BBC, which follows four men who live with RealDolls. For some, the reasoning behind owning a RealDoll goes beyond just sexual pleasure. Some of these men fear commitment and the idea of being in a relationship terrifies them. Some of them have personality disorders and dont fit in with the

the small town growing to accept and welcome Bianca as a member of their society despite her inanimateness. Motley Crue singer Vince Neil proudly showed off his RealDoll in an episode of MTV Cribs in 2005. According to the aforementioned documentary, a handful of owners use RealDolls as stand-ins for human models in photography or other visual art pieces. And some buy the dolls because they consider them to be works of art and have no real purpose for them. One clip in the film shows a man who has recently purchases real pubic hair from a Swedish girl so that he can replace it on his doll when it wears out. The majority of RealDolls are shipped within the United States and the largest international markets include Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. More than 4,000 dolls have been created and shipped since 1996. This number may seem small but

in reality, its far too high. There are too many people in this world who own and use RealDolls for unsettling purposes. As a female, I find the use of these dolls mildly degrading to women. The dolls lack the substance and class of a real woman and substitute true emotion for interchangeable faces. If the infatuation with these dolls continues to grow, what are we to expect next? Life-size Pinocchio? Humans are meant to love other humans. It would seem that this is not always the case, but are RealDolls the way to go? I feel its a way for people to isolate themselves, give up on life, and focus on the one thing they can control. Thats what this is its about control. And with a 100 percent silicone fleshy doll with no voice and a working vagina, thats about all the control these freaks need.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fpinion eature O O pinion

The G-Spot B : G



Whats The-G-Spot About? "College is run by sexual tension. Many of us like sex, have sex, and have walked in on our roommate having sex. Why ignore it? Lets be honest instead. In college, learning doesnt only happen in the classroom, it happens in the bedroom. Don't be shy, now, welcome to the G-Spot." - Gabrielle Davina Someone recently wrote to me asking for advice on a plight not often thought of. He explained, Im not a virgin, but Ive only had sex a handful of times because Ive got a bit of a problemI dont know how to French kiss. He goes on, I didnt get my first kiss until I was seventeen and Ive been too embarrassed to admit it so Ive not had much practice since. Its really difficult to go from a peck to the vertical tangohelp! Thats quite the quandary, young sir. Its generally assumed that as you progress sexually, you move along the bases. The bases are as follows, as Riding in Cars with Boys explained them: First base is kissing. Second base is anything above the waist. Third base is anything below the waist thats not intercourse. Fourth base, or a home run, is sex. So what happens when you go out of order? It surprises people and youre suddenly intimidated by the bases you skipped. It happens more often than people realize because when it does happen, people are too embarrassed to talk about it because they think theyre weird. News flash: youre not weird. A few girlfriends of mine are fully into sex but petrified of giving oral because they never have. I know one or two guys that feel the same. As far as kissing goes, its pretty imperative if you want to have an active sex life. To tackle the base youve skipped, whether its kissing, manual or oral, communicate with your partner. If you dont want to speak up and say, Hey look, I have no idea what Im doing here, can I have a few pointers? then youll just have to experiment. To the gentleman who wrote to me, if you dont speak up, you might have to deal with your partner thinking youre a bad kisserbut luckily for you (not for your partner) bad kissers still get laid sometimes. I know you might be shy, but to postpone learning to French kiss isnt better preparing you to be a good kisser. You just have to go for it. Weve all been there. I remember being 14 and having to figure it out with friends, and then having to figure it out again at 16 because I had a new boyfriend and by then was out of practice. Earlier this year, I was someones first kiss, and they were only a year or two younger than I am. Okay so Im not including amateur kissing advice as I said I would. You can find that stuff on Google. Theres a YouTube video for everything. This entry is dedicated to you, Sir Scared of Kissing, and anyone else who feels the pressure to do something in a base that they skipped over. Dont ever do something you dont actually want to do, but as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, Do one thing every day that scares you. Tackle the experiences you feel you shouldve already had and over time, youll perfect them. For everyone else, keep in mind that this might be the person youre with. They might not let you in on their little secret, but be patient and encouraging regardless. Thats just what they need to get past their fear of whatever it might bekissing, oral sex, being naked, etc.and to become a more confident person.

Taking the Bases Out of Order

Featured Columnist

Ebony Turner

To Be Young, Addicted, and Black

What is 40 Acres and a MacBook? Whether its the questionable news headlines on Fox News or when we walk into Kessel and see all the same kids sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, its time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a Macbook - a modernized compensation for the world in which we are forced to live in. John Coltrane, Billie Holiday, Michael Jackson, Pimp C, and Whitney Houston had an all-encompassing thread that united them. They grew up in an environment that enabled an unhealthy lifestyle that ultimately destroyed their lives. Drugs are no stranger to the black community and have destroyed major cities for periods in time where our race predominately lived. Baltimore, Maryland and Detroit, Michigan are two major American cities that were held under the iron grasp of the hard drug wave in the late 1970s through the 1980s and are still struggling in this new decade to return to livable conditions. History shows that drugs attract attacks and destroy those who seek to escape from unbearable conditions, hence its popularity in underprivileged areas of living. So why do black celebrities who are given the opportunity to escape this life turn to drugs? The world was left shocked by Houstons death earlier this year. This story is a haunting reminder of the day-to-day pain we still see within our own community. Jacksons gripes with prescription drugs are a reality his fans are still unable to face, but inevitably took his life. Holidays pain in her sound was responsible for how loved she was by critics and listeners alike, but this pain in her life and her addiction to heroin not only destroyed her voice but her health as well. Yet we are still left perplexed as to why figures that are so removed from the influences that poverty brings can still fall from grace? Hollywood and stardom can bring a pressure parallel to the ones poverty brings: the pressure of having to always stay above water, maintain your craft, and be as successful as possible to provide for the many people on your payroll. Stardom provides an entourage of people enabling the bad habits that keep celebrities moderately functional, yet deteriorate their bodies internally long before the decay is seen from the outside. Poverty is reinforced in the media as a cage that is nearly inescapable. Homeless drug addicts are laughed at, ignored, and left to die daily on the streets in America. When stars are publicly outed for their addictions similar to Houston, they are mocked by society by way of Saturday Night Live skits and coddled by their families and friends. Addiction and the realities of drug use are seen as a problem particular to the sectors of society most affected by them. In reality they are, like issues of race, an American issue and a medical condition, not a societal one. We would rather throw drug addicts in jail and make a joke out of celebrities ailments then help them. We would rather enjoy the good music that addicted musicians often make instead of see them live past the age of 50. The level of irony is disturbing in how black musicians escape poverty but cannot escape the habits of it - the habit of masking the pressures of life by sedating ones emotions. The mantras of live fast, die young and only living once has long escaped the reality of the music industry, regardless of what Rick Ross and Drake would lead the masses to believe. The fun-loving era has died and in place of it for the past two decades is a corporate dominated industry where there is no room for addictions, and talent is easily replaceable. Poverty is just as unforgiving, but societys view of addictions and drugs does not have to be. Black artists return to habits they grew up around, and they do not have the privilege of having people around them with their best interest at heart fans, family and publicists included. Their surroundings keep them blocked from excelling and achieving their greatest potential and utilizing their platform for something greater than easier access to drugs; in the same way poverty cripples the black community, and jails them from any hope of the American dream, but makes drug readily available at any corner or block. The wrong things are made accessible to the black community at every level, but the key to success for anyone is living by the doctrine of it takes a village, for ones success is only as good as the people around them.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Fall 2012 registration starts in April

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30 and July 13

Your Summer. Register today for our special summer rate. Your Pace.


11014 2011


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Model UN



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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Lacrosse Wins Michael Piegare Fundraiser Game

Sports on the Side:

Its Missing Something
Sports Columnist

CJ Dudek

Archived Photo


Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Pace took a 9-3 win in a Northeast-10 (NE-10) conference home match, against the Southern New Hampshire Penmen. On April 7, the Setters commemorate former student lacrosse player Michael Piegare, who died in a car accident in 2008, in a game to help the Piegare family raise money for their sons fund. The team raised a total of $600 for the Michael Piegare Foundation. Pace took an easy lead with goals from, senior criminal justice student, Kevin Kadlick and, sophomore criminal justice student, William Scioscia. The Penmen fought with good defense but, senior criminal jus-

tice student, John Kolesar and, senior marketing student, Tom Murphy responded with a goal each extending the lead 4-0. Before the end of the second quarter, the Penmen snuck in a goal that led to a score of 4-1 by halftime. Kadlick immediately scored his second goal of the day with an unassisted run-down to the goal to put Pace up 5-1 coming back from a Setter timeout. In another attempt by the Penmen, senior finance student, Kevin Grady deflected a ball from going in, saving the ball at the net, but a Southern New Hampshire goal was scored right after. Southern New Hampshire

slowly caught up but excessive aggressiveness built up as well; meanwhile, Grady prevented another goal from being scored by the Penmen. Kadlick scored his third goal in the beginning of the fourth quarter and with less than seven minutes left in the game, junior Lubin Business student, Matt Mirabito, scored the sixth goal of the game assisted by, junior marketing student, Mike Ruppert. Kolesar scored a goal down the middle assisted by Mirabito, and extended the lead to 8-3. Scioscia scored the last goal to put an end to the game at 9-3.

It would be nice to know if anyone who took to the microphone showed even a glimpse of remorse after a loss. It would be nice if there were coaches who lost their cool because they did not want to answer an invasive question or managers who got called out the fans that antagonized his team. This sentence makes no sense and I have no idea how to make sense of it because I dont know what is trying to be said. Apparently those days are behind us. No more Dennis Green flipping out because the Chicago Bears were who he thought they were. Long gone are the days when Jim Mora yelled the answer to a question about the playoffs. Mike Gundy will no longer challenge a reporter on the grounds that he was a man. And Lee Elia, the man who turned the entire Cubs fan base against himself, would be blackballed from baseball today. Because the post game tirade is an endangered species on the verge of going extinct. The post-game tirade has been the reason people bother to tune in at all. Every one of these men created a story that overshadowed their respective games in less than ten minutes. The ranting and raving showed a human side to the men behind the podium. They gave us the illusion that they cared about the loss as much as the fans who buy their teams jerseys. Sure, Pat Knight at Lamar had a moment in which the nostalgia of tirades came back. Knight lambasted his seniors for their unsatisfactory work ethic. It did lack the volume of Gundys rant, and the profanities of Elias tirade. Knight shared the disappointment of his fans and boosters after that loss, and it was nice to see that the pulse of the post-game tirade can still be felt by the media and fans alike. Unfortunately, the same men who passionately yell on the sidelines during the games are reduced to clichs and one sentence answers. Everyone who knows these coaches, or even watch their games casually know that when they take questions, are putting up walls. If the coaches behind the podiums were the same men

who led their teams on the field, they would not have been hired. The vanishing act of the post-game tirade can be directly linked to the ever growing business culture that is devouring sports at an alarming rate. Every coach and manager has been trained to say all the right things to the media. Coaches do not want to be responsible for costing their team money by saying something that would result in a large fine. The men who sign the paychecks do not want their employees to say anything that would jeopardize the public relations of their businesses. That logic is rational on Wall Street, yet this business type attitude being programmed into the minds of the coaches after the game hurts the game itself. Yes, the owners rely on these coaches to make their brand look presentable. And yes, the coaches saying anything discriminatory, prejudice, or blatantly ignorant would harm their employers. But the people who truly care about what these coaches have to say are wearing team attire instead of business suits. Individuals who go to sporting events want to know that they are getting something in return on their investment. The fans who don jerseys want to know that the players and coaches on their favorite teams experience the same feelings of agony in defeat. The lack of coaches and managers getting upset in front of the cameras saps the human side of sports that makes it watchable. If the line that separates entertainment and business gets erased, then sports will become sport. And the only people who enjoy sport are the elitists who probably own the teams. The post-game tirade is not just about watching coaches flip out after a tough loss, or the subsequent ability to make hilarious musical remixes of the tirade on YouTube. A coach losing his cool for a moment reminds everyone who watches sports that the men in charge care about the outcome too. And if these businessmen who own teams cant understand that, then their clientele will look elsewhere for both business and entertainment.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Franklin Pierce Takes Doubleheader Wins Against Pace

Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

The Setters baseball team came back home with two losses from the Ravens of Franklin Pierce in a doubleheader. The score for the first game finished 10-1 and the second game 11-2. The Setters got off to a late start in the first game, as the Ravens took a lead in the third and extended it in the fourth, 3-0. Pace responded in the fifth with the only run of the first game by, senior criminal justice student, Patrick Chaputian from a hit by, junior marketing student, Charlie Galasso. The Ravens took control of the rest of the game with one hit in the fifth, another in the sixth and five in the seventh. Franklin Pierce prevented

Pace from scoring for the remainder of the first game. In the second game, the Ravens scored two in the first inning and the score remained dormant until Pace hit two runs in the fourth by senior finance student Kyle Turnier and junior criminal justice student Joe Solomeno. The glory was soon cooled down when the Ravens answered with another two runs in the same inning, extending the lead 4-2. From that point on, Franklin Pierce retook the game with two runs in the fifth, another two in the sixth, one in the seventh, and two more in the eight to finish the score 11-2. Pace pitcher, junior management student, Eddie Byrne struck out four in five innings. Freshmen Lubin School of Business student Robert Perez and senior marketing student, Pat Maher both pitched one inning each, and in the last inning, sophomore, Chris

Archived Photo


CSI-Photo ence records. Their next will be an away game at Adelphi on Wed., April 11 to play in another conference match at 3:30 p.m.

Gili finished the pitching cycle. Pace is now 16-13 overall and 7-6 in the Northeast-10 confer-

Setter Spotlight

John Kolesar
Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

John Kolesar is a senior criminal justice student, who may seem shy and quiet, but once you talk to him, he is one of the friendliest and funniest people you will ever meet. Kolesar came to Pace not simply because of lacrosse, but because he wanted to stay close to home and get a good education. Interestingly enough, if he really wanted to, he would have even played football. As one of the captains of the team and the season amidst, Kolesar wants to make the best out of his last year as well as to finish on a good note. With much in mind for his future, Kolesar takes each day one step at a time to make the best of his last days at Pace as an undergraduate. PaceChronicle (PC): Did you come to Pace to play lacrosse, specifically? What was the deal breaker in choosing Pace? JohnKolesar (JK): Yeah I did, but location played a big role in my decision too. I only live an hour away so it is nice to be able to travel back and forth to home. I would say the deal breaker was the academic package I had received from financial aid. PC: Why did you declare criminal justice as your major? What do you aspire to be in your career; any long-term goals? JK: Originally, I was an education major, but criminal justice just appealed more to me. I would like to work at the federal level whether its with the FBI, CIA, etc. PC: As a senior you hold on more responsibility, specifically because you are captain of the team, and you are required to uphold a leadership role for your other teammates, are you comfortable with that idea? JK: Yes, definitely. I enjoy my position and the responsibilities that come with being captain. I feel the team reflects my leadership. Hopefully myself, Petey Nips and Jack are doing a good job. PC: What advice do you give your freshmen before the game starts? JK: Bang the backside. PC: What were your thoughts coming in for preseason this year? How do you think the team was prepared for season? JK: Into preseason I thought we had successful fall ball. Also, I thought that the winter workouts were going well. During preseason I think the team was prepared well. Everybody was working hard and it was nice to have warm weather in January and February. PC: Your freshmen year, Michael Piegare died in a car accident, how did that affect you emotionally? JK: That experience will always stick with me. It was extremely emotional to know that I had lost a friend and a teammate. It was even more defeating to look at the upper classmen because they had lost a roommate and friend of three years. PC: What do you like the most about being part of the lacrosse team? JK: The glory. No, just kidding. Definitely the friendships that I have made with players, both current and past. PC: Explain your position, what makes it special to you? JK: Attack is the position responsible for controlling the game offensively. Basically, put balls in the net efficiently. My position is special to me because it is so competitive and you always have to be at your best. PC: Why do you wear #44? JK: I wore #44 in high school football. It means a lot to players and coaches in the Warwick Football program. Also, I couldnt wear #2 when I was an incoming freshmen and #44 was my second pick. PC: You live in one of the lacrosse houses, how do you like that?

Photo by Adam Samson/The Pace Chronicle Senior criminal justice student and lacrosse player John Kolesar, this weeks Setter Spotlight. JK: I love it. Townhouse 21 is will never forget and why? an interesting group of guys. If a JK: Merrimack last year. Not a stranger walked in, I dont know good memory, but that feeling what they would make of us. of embarrassment is one I hope PC: How do you prepare yourself for game days? Any routines? JK: I am not too superstitious. I guess the only routine I have is putting on eye black and wearing my gray armband. PC: What is the match you are looking forward to play this season? JK: At this point, I look forward to every game. I really would like to beat any team I havent in the past three years. But, I definitely am ready for Adelphi. We only lost to them by two last year and it is also our Pace Goes Pink game. PC: What is that one game you never to feel again. PC: Have you ever thought what your life would be like without lacrosse? What do you think it would be like? JK: Yea of course. But I can honestly say I have never experienced a year in my life without playing a sport competitively or without attending school. So I am not sure what my life would be like. I would hope to be living comfortably on the beach somewhere. PC: What quote do you live by? JK: Dont complain because people wont listen. You cant build a reputation on what youre going to do. Henry Ford

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