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The Pace Chronicle

Volume I, Issue XXIV

Pace University, Pleasantville/Briarcliff Manor, NY

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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One on One with the Senior Vice President & Senior Administrative Officer
From his start at Pace, How the new position started, Master Plan updates, Briarcliff Manors response to the Plan

The G-Spot: Page 7

Michael Oleaga

Sexual Reflections

Feature: Page 8-10

Pace President Stephen J. Friedman has retitled Senior Vice President and Chief Administration Officer William McGraths position as the new Senior Administration Officer for the Westchester Campuses of Pace. According to McGrath, he doesnt consider it as a promotion, but just added responsibilities. For the new role, he will coordinate all the administrative components responsible for nonacademic activities for Pace in Westchester. McGrath oversees Paces Affirmative Action, Building Operations and Maintenance, Facilities Planning and Design, Human Resources, Information Technology, Security, Transportation, and Mail Services. PACE BEGININGS McGrath joined the Pace community in 2007, in a period which Pace was experiencing some bad times.

Chronicle Senior Goodbyes

Photo by Michael Oleaga/The Pace Chronicle Senior Vice President and Senior Administrative Officer William McGrath with the layout of the new Pleasantville campus.

Continued on Page 3 New Senior Administrative Officer for Pace-Westchester

Health: Page 5

Football Team First to Test New Assessment

News Editor

Samantha Finch

College & Your Anxiety Sports: page 15

Softball Undefeated

The Setter football team was chosen to participate in an intellectual assessment designed to determine how each player processes information about the game. Being the pioneering group, [the team] were very excited, said Coach Christian Dapolito. APTUS was created approximately three years ago and is made up of a team of individuals who played sports on either a college or professional level. The program is built around the concept that each person learns differently. If the coaching staff can determine how the players learn, then they can teach them in a way that will be easily received. The Pace football players using the APTUS assessment on iPads. team will have a better season and ing out how the brain intakes in- way material is presented, allowformation. This important knowl- ing each student to excel because more wins. APTUS is dedicated to figur- edge thus can be used to assist the they are naturally absorbing



Craig Flowers

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quick Career Tips: From Career Services

Career Counselor

The Pace Chronicle

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Carolyn Kleiman


My resume needs a makeover. I have listed all my jobs and the responsibilities I had, but it still seems to be missing something. Any suggestions? First of all, there is no substitute for a face to face conversation with a counselor from Career Services to discuss this! A counselor will be able to help you brain storm and discuss your goals with you. This information will be used to develop a targeted resume! Until you meet with us however, I do have some suggestions. One thing that you mentioned was you listed all your jobs and responsibilities. A resume is a tool to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments, not a lengthy job description or list of tasks you completed. Its one thing to state what you did at a job; its another to describe how you carried out your responsibilities and the outcomes. This method also saves you from having a laundry list of skills such as: organized, detail-oriented, people-person. For example if you handled filing as one of your responsibilities while working in a medical practice, try revising the statement: Reviewed medical reports and labs to develop an understanding of medical terminology. Sorted confidential medical records and filed alphabetically and chronologically within each patient file which created a more efficient system for doctors to locate information quicker. Additionally, you can list more than jobs you had. You can include volunteer experience, academic projects, professional organizations and University clubs and teams that you belong to. Be sure to discuss your role within your affiliations and accomplishments. Generally speaking, avoid typos and grammatical errors as well as an unprofessional email address. If you have an objective, be sure its not a long winded flowery statement that does not clearly state what you want and how you can contribute. It should not state what you hope to get out of the position. Some terms are simply overused and outdated. Strike them from your resume: team player, people person, customer focused, energetic, enthusiastic, even the phrase references available upon request. In this day and age, it takes more than a list of desirable sounding qualities to get noticed. Specific examples stand out more than a list of buzz words!

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News from the Financial Aid Office

Campus Director of Financial Aid

Dan Robinson

CJ Dudek Ebony Turner


Spring brings about a new season of Financial Aid processing; and there are many changes this year both within the Financial Aid office and with regard to federal government regulations. The Financial Aid staff have been working hard to increase our outreach to the Pace community. Opening week of the spring 2012 semester brought about the inaugural Financial Aid Express program. Instead of having students come up to the Solution Center, we brought the office to them. Financial Aid representatives set up shop in the Kessel Student Center, where they assisted students with simple questions and provided valuable information. During this event we debuted two other exciting initiatives The Financial Aid Screencasts and the Financial Aid News Flash. The Screencasts: located on the Financial Aid page of the Pace website - offer another opportunity for students, parents and staff to learn more about various financial aid topics such as: Financial aid basics, Completing the FAFSA, Understanding and completing the award letter, Steps required to finalize federal loans and Financial Literacy. We will be adding more screen casts in the near future. The Financial Aid News Flash is our new seasonal newsletter. We are days from releasing our second edition, which includes quick news items and information. The Financial Aid News Flash is sent via email to all students. We also print copies of the newsletter and distribute them throughout the campus.

On the processing side, the federal government has been keeping us busy with changes that are to be implemented for 2012-13. The biggest change this year is with the federal verification process. As anyone who has been selected for verification knows, Pace is required to collect certain tax documents to verify the information reported on the FAFSA. In past years a copy of the student and parents tax return was required to complete this process. These documents are no longer acceptable. If the IRS Data Retrieval Tool is not utilized when filing the FAFSA, you will be required to submit a tax transcript from the IRS. The other changes affect the Direct Loan program, for loans disbursed on or after July 1, 2012. The interest rate on the Subsidized Direct Loan is returning back to 6.8 percent. Despite attempts by some members of Congress, it doesnt look like the rate will be reduced. Also, the origination fee will be a full 1 percent for the 12-13 academic year. The fee has been 1 percent for several years, but the Department of Education allowed for a 0.5 percent upfront rebate. The rebate has been eliminated. Similarly for the Parent Loan (PLUS), the full origination fee of 4 percent will now be in effect. For Graduate students, the Subsidized Loan program has been eliminated. Graduate students can still receive up to $20,500, but it will all be in the Unsubsidized Loan.

Carolyn Kleiman Dan Robinson

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Whats Making News Beyond Campus?

New Senior Administrative Officer for Pace-Westchester...continued from page 1

The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Samantha Finch News Editor

SEOUL, South Korea - After ignoring several weeks of international warnings of more censorship and other sanctions, a rocket was launched by North Korea this past Fri. The U.S implied that this was a cover up of a failed missile launch. The Intercontinental ballistic missile could possibly carry a nuclear warhead feared to spearhead a nuclear war. The three-staged rocket disappointed just moments after its launch. Officials from several governments including the United States, South Korea, and Japan said the rocket shattered either while still in North Korea or over South Korean waters. BANGKOK, Thailand - Last Wed. afternoon two earthquakes struck the coast of Sumatra approximately two hours apart. This caused a widespread panic across the Indonesian country. No reports of casualties or excessive damage have been reported. The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the first of the quakes as an 8.6. It was felt across approximately two hundred miles. The second earthquake registered as an 8.2 and though there was no tsunami, the quake did knock out electricity for a while. UNITED STATES - Politics of motherhood came into question last Thursday as a discussion involving a democratic strategist and Republican primary candidate Mitt Romneys wife argued in a cultural debate of womens role in the work force. Hilary Rosen, the strategist, apologized last Thursday afternoon to Ann Romney, after setting off a slew of comments made on internet and cable programs regarding her lack of job history. Rosen said that the stay-at- home mother of five children never worked a day in her life. The apology was additionally issued to all offended by the comment. Romney defended her duties as a housewife stating that Rosen should have come to my house when those five boys were causing so much trouble. It wasnt so easy. President Obama alongside his first lady defended Romney and the mothers role. NEW YORK CITY - Moving from Zuccotti Park, protesters now line Wall Street carrying signs, quilts, and blankets. Since Thursday of last week the occupiers have been camping out and literally occupying Wall Street. The protesters hope that this will replace their encampment of Zuccotti Park that was shut down last Nov. A civil-rights lawyer, Norman Siegel, stated that the federal court in Manhattan declared that the protesters are allowed to be there so long as they do not block doorways or take up more than half the sidewalk. The decision was based on a lawsuit from 2000 with a similar situation.

Photo from William McGrath (Above) Initial concept of a new residential dorm for the Pleasantville campus, under the Master Plan.
I think Pace had just reached a low point in its recent history, said McGrath. People were experiencing turmoil, combined with hope. The hope was people knew the problems Pace has been having but at the same time people were optimistic about President Friedman and his ability to potentially turn the institution around. He started as a consultant for Pace, specializing in turnarounds and at that time Pace was certainly at that time in turnaroundmode, said McGrath. During this time, the position for Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer was open. A nationwide search was underway to fill the position, and McGrath entered his name for the role. Rick Whitfield, who at the time was the executive vice president and chief financial officer, currently served by Toby Winer, chaired the search. I applied, along with everyone else, and [Whitfield] basically reviewed the applications with some of the people who were on the committee and their feeling was there wasnt really much competition for the position, so they didnt go through with the entire interview process, said McGrath. They were really happy with what I was doing. They talked to a few of the applicants, but after seeing what their resumes were like, I was selected. SENIOR ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER FOR PACEWESTCHESTER When asked how the new Senior Administrative Officer position came to be, McGrath stated that faculty and staff in Westchester have been asking for many years for a senior executive who will be responsible for the administration of the Westchester campus. [President Friedman] did not want to add another position, meaning hire a new person in. There have been many discussions about that, and given my role as the leader of the Master Plan, which is within my responsibility prior to this appointment, I sort of become the person people were going to regarding Westchester. The faculty leadership requested, the President agreed that it will just be an added responsibility, said McGrath. Im very thankful for their confidence, said McGrath, in regards to faculty and staff. They needed to know that there was somebody who would wake up at 3 oclock in the morning and worry about the Pleasantville campus. With the new responsibilities, McGrath will coordinate with groups on campus that dont report to him, in order to have, as he stated, an integrated strategy to support the campus. The new role is only for the Westchester campus, and there are no plans to appoint one for the New York City campus. According to McGrath, The reason there isnt is that the faculty rightfully pointed out that most of the University executives are already on the New York City campus. Thats where their main offices are. What they were asking for was for an executive who had a main office here.

Continued on Page 4 New Senior Administrative Officer for Pace-Westchester

Pace does APTUS

...continued from page 1
knowledge. After performing a nationwide search, APTUS chose Pace based on its collection of staff that remains committed to excellence both on and off the field. The APTUS team additionally chose Pace because they felt they could have the largest impact on this diverse group of young athletes. Pace made history this week being the first University in the country to learn, through APTUS assessments/discoveries, how their players define, process and execute instructions and information in a competitive and ever changing environment, said Executive Vice President of APTUS Colonel Craig Flowers. By doing so, the Pace coaching staff will be able to more efficiently reach each student athlete where they are and develop them to where they need to be; successful on the field and in the classroom. While the evaluation mainly focuses on football, the application can also be altered to fill other needs. A simple change in artwork can bring this process to the education, business, or corporate world. The application can be used in general to change a life. The interactive assessment is a series of ten questions administered on an iPad, making the assessment advanced in both technological and behavioral sciences. The assessment was taken on April 10 at Howard Johnson Hall. Though the results were immediate a full summary will be available to the coaches in a few weeks. Four coaches and 23 students participated in the APTUS assessment. From here, APTUS hopes to determine any flaws or inconsistencies in the program so that they can be resolved and refined. APTUS will then take the program to other colleges and universities throughout the country. Additionally, after the draft,

Photo from Craig Flowers Coach Tice recieves APTUS player assessments from APTUS CEO Mark Mangum (standing) and Craig Flowers. four National Football League (NFL) teams have approached the company with interest of participating in the assessment. APTUS hopes to return next fall to administer the evaluation on the incoming freshmen football players. We are a small group, less than ten processionals, committed to forming a product that changes the world, we just happen to be starting with football, Flowers said.



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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Senior Administrative Officer for Pace-Westchester

...continued from page 3
THE MASTER PLAN: PLEASANTVILLE & BRIARCLIFF MANOR RESPONSE In regards to the latest Master Plan efforts, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement was cleared by Mount Pleasant and a public hearing is set for May 3 in Valhalla. [The towns] response has been very reasonable. They start by saying that Pace is an important anchor in this town, and have a great relationship with Pace, said McGrath, when asked about Pleasantvilles reaction to the Master Plan. I thought I was very favorable, which is not starting by stating no, prove to me why you should do this, they started by stating okay, great, youre an important member to the community, Im listening, but Im going to make sure what youre telling me is not going to have a negative effect on anybody else. Thats the way they should be approaching it, and they are. Im very pleased about that. According to McGrath, once Pace gets the approval for the Master Plan, the University will go for specific building department approvals for each building, and a building inspector will come at every stage. There are certain steps where you cannot go the next step without the town inspecting it, so we welcome it. Weve been working with the towns planners and consultants and theyre very competent, theyre good, they know their stuff. We hired the right firms that can help us ensure that were doing things that are complying with the towns regulations. An aspect of the Master Plan includes selling the Briarcliff Manor campus. McGrath stated there has been interesting parties interested in the sale. Its a unique property. Its a 35-acre property with a number of buildings on it and if you look around Westchester, itll be very hard to find another property like that around. Its not like a twobedroom colonial house where there are probably hundreds on the market right now. Its all been about if we get the right price for it, said McGrath. I want to see a great buyer, he added. Whats important is that theyll be good for the village of Briarcliff Manor. We have been there for a long time and they are great neighbors and they would be concerned with whos moving in and well share that concern. McGrath noted that relations with Briarcliff Manor have been position, and village officials understand the decision to sell the campus. They certainly understand what were doing and why were doing it. Their concern is whos going to come here (in Briarcliff Manor), said McGrath, adding

Photo by Michael Oleaga/The Pace Chronicle According to Senior Vice President and Senior Administrative Officer William McGrath, the villages of Pleasantville and Briarcliff Manor has been positive in regards to the Master Plan. that town officials will be part of discussions between the potential buyers. WHATS NEXT FOR THE SVP & SAO? My next several years are pretty well defined with making the vision of this campus a reality. Ive had a long career, and learned a long time ago never look out for more than a few years because its useless, you cant really predict whats going on tomorrow, said McGrath. Having been on campus here for the last couple of years, I get a really strong sense of a campus spirit and the potential that the campus has, which is what draws me to want to be here in this role and to make things happen over the next few years to make the Pleasantville campus realize its full potential.

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Photo from William McGrath (Above) Early concept of the renovated Kessel Student Center facing Choate Pond. In the background is another dormitory that will be built.

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Is School Getting the Best of You?

Understanding your Anxiety

Photo by Maricruz Retana/The Pace Chronicle Levels of stress heightens as the end of the semester approaches, with final examinations, papers, projects, or even finalizing extracurricular activities. Delis DeLeon ered an illness called anxiety disorder. So how do you know if you have an anxiety disorder? Once you begin to experience symptoms that dont go away, it should be a red flag that you may have an anxiety disorder. Feelings of panic, fear, repetitive nightmares, a recollection of painful or negative memories, and a repetition of thoughts including some physical effects are all signs of an anxiety illness. Someone with an anxiety disorder has problem functioning in their everyday lives. For instance, being unable to get out of bed or isolating yourself from others. So if you have no drive to go to class, interact with people, or complete assignments, you could be experiencing anxiety. In fact, one out of every ten adults experiences anxiety sometime in their lives. It is caused by either genetics or personal life experience or stress. If anxiety is common in ones family, they have a higher possibility of developing the disorder. For others, anxiety is triggered by stress, phobias or post-traumatic stress due to an emotional experience. Senior communications student Alison Goshgarian has a habit of biting her thumbs. Ive been doing it since I was really little. Its just out of habit. I dont even realize I do it, but it happens when Im usually stressed, said Goshgarian. There are five general forms of anxiety: phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety, obsessions and panic attacks. Phobias are fears of certain things or objects. One of the most common phobias is fear of spiders or heights. If a phobia affects ones daily activities, it is then considered a disorder. Post-traumatic stress syndrome occurs when one experiences anxiety and agitation after a painful, traumatic event. If this feeling occurs for a long period of time, it becomes a disorder. General anxiety is when one is stressed and tense during their daily tasks. An obsession is when one has a compulsive behavior or routine that they cannot avoid; for instance, checking doors even though they know they are locked. If an obsession takes up about an hour out of your daily life, it is considered a disorder. Panic attacks are when one experiences overwhelming feelings of danger for no apparent reason. If one has more than one panic attack per month, they are sometimes put on medication or advised to seek professional therapy to discuss their feelings. If you are experiencing high levels of anxiety, you should seek professional help. One can treat themselves through the use of self-help books or seek counseling. It can help manage anxiety so that it does not interfere with ones daily life. Or, one can be prescribed medications that can help control their anxiety levels.

Health Editor

As the school year comes to an end, midterms and essays are piling up. Everyone is scurrying to finish the semester with good grades, but is your desire to perform your best causing anxiety? Its important to know that anxiety is natural and necessary for human survival. Anxiety can be both positive and negative. For some, anxiety can help one make quick decisions, can help one perform to his/her best ability, and act as a motivational push. However, once anxiety gets in the way of ones daily activities and/or relationship, it is consid-

Every Girl Deserves To Feel Beautiful!

Mattel Announces the Production of Bald Barbies
Canada, directly reaching girls who are most affected by hair loss. The Facebook campaign began with the page titled Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Lets see if we can get it made, which has over 150,000 likes. Facebook users urged Mattel to make a bald version of the more traditional Barbie, which has long, blond hair. The page was started by Jane Bingham, a survivor of nonHodgkins lymphoma in Philadelphia. Binghams Facebook page contains pictures of cancer and leukemia survivors. One picture shows a girls before and after pictures from when she shaved her head. There are also numerous articles related to the topic listed on the page as well as personal stories. Previously, Mattel produced a one-of-a-kind edition of a bald Barbie for a young girl in New York who lost her hair during chemotherapy which is why Bingham chose to target the company. Barbie [is] the icon of beauty in the toy industry shes known all over the world, said Bingham. Producing this special edition of Barbie will help young girls and women feel beautiful about themselves again. The bald Barbie will help baldness become accepted in society. According to Bingham, One of the major reasons [to advertise for the bald Barbie] was to reduce the stigma for women and children who have hair loss being not accepted to be able to go out in public without something covering their head, whether it be a wig or a scarf or that sort of thing. Their beauty and their self-worth is not dependent upon their hair. Mattel has decided to include hats, scarves, wigs, and other accessories along with the Barbie so that young girls are given the option to cover up their dolls heads or not. Initially, the cofounder of Binghams Facebook page, Beckie Sypin, claimed that Mattel gave her the run around before deciding to produce the doll. The first response she received from the company said that they appreciated the suggestion but did not really accept new ideas from outside sources. Sypin joined the movement for her own daughter who lost her hair after undergoing chemotherapy. Like Bingham, Sypin, too,
Health Editor

Delis DeLeon

Mattel has recently announced the production of a bald Barbie for children who have lost their hair to cancer or other illnesses. After a huge Facebook campaign which advocated for development of Barbies bald friend, the company has decided that the doll will not be available on the shelves of stores, but rather directly to the children experiencing these conditions. Mattels spokesman Alan Hilowitz stated, These dolls, which will be a friend of Barbie, will be distributed exclusively to childrens hospitals and other hospitals treating children with cancer throughout the U.S. and

hoped the bald Barbies would help society realize that bald is beautiful. Thankfully, their efforts and hard work did not go to waste; Mattel has decided to produce the doll. However, Bingham and Sypins fight is not finished; the two will continue to advocate that the Barbie be sold in stores. Senior applied psychology student Olivia Sanborn believes this bald Barbie edition should be available in stores as well. If its sold in stores, a percentage of the profit could go towards organizations such as the American Cancer Society or St. Judes. That would be more beneficial to the cause, said Sanborn. Mattel has announced that they will be donating Barbies to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation as well.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Have you received an email from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), asking you to complete their online survey? When you take the time to fill out the NSSE, you give Pace a chance to know you better and make Pace work better for you! Not only that, but completing the survey enters you into a Paceonly raffle for:


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Dontdelay!TheNSSESurveywindowclosesApril29. DontmissyourchancetohaveaniPad2orKindle!

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YOU! Can write. YOU! Can photograph. YOU! Can report. YOU! Can be the next Award Winning Pace Chronicle reporter! Mondays, 9 p.m., 3rd Floor of Willcox Hall Check The Pace Chronicle Archives!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fpinion eature O O pinion

Sexual Reflections: What Ive learned during my year as a sex columnist

Whats The-G-Spot About? "College is run by sexual tension. Many of us like sex, have sex, and have walked in on our roommate having sex. Why ignore it? Lets be honest instead. In college, learning doesnt only happen in the classroom, it happens in the bedroom. Don't be shy, now, welcome to the G-Spot." - Gabrielle Davina doesnt mean I sleep around, and it certainly doesnt mean I sleep with my superiors. 2. The rumor mill is a colorful machine. In the words of authors W. Michael and Kathleen ONeal Gear, Rumors are like songbirds; they sound filling but make a poor feast. Luckily I havent been the subject of many rumors, but the ones Ive heard have been both amusingly untrue and colorful manipulations of reality. If all rumors were true, then virgins make me wetaccording to whoever dreamt the idea up, anyway. Kudos for your creativity. 3. Number doesnt matter. If someones had a lot of lovers, its seen as a bad thing. How dare they express their sexuality in more than one bed? They must have no respect for themselves or other people, right? Wrong. Bottom line, Ive been disrespected by guys whove been with three girls and respected by As the end of the semester approaches, so does the end of the debut year of The G-Spot. This column has garnered plenty of criticism, plenty of appreciation, and countless eyebrow rising. Im privileged to have learned many interesting things this year in regard to sex in the college culture, as a result of both my position as sex columnist and my own experiential sexual education. Today, I share a few with you. 1. People are not above making assumptions. When John Robb and the Inferno interviewed me for their WPAW show, they asked some pretty fun questions. One such question: You know, a lot of people have a problem with what you write. Ive heard a lot of people say bad things about you, for instance, I heard you [being] called a whore (super emphasis on the word whore)how do you feel about that? Well, obviously I feel just great. The question came as a bit of a shock, actually, but it did make me laugh. Thats news to me, was my first response, although it wasnt entirely. The people who didnt already know me were bound to assume that I was wildly promiscuous. I bet some of you reading this right now still hold that assumption. Hate to ruin the fantasy, but Im not a dog in heat. Who has time for that? The more surprising assumption I heard was from the man who knows better. I spoke beside the leading expert on student sex columns at two journalism conventions in March, and he casually asked me if I was dating my advisor. When I said no and that he was married, he asked, Well, have you ever hooked up with him? No! I wasnt offended, just surprisedthis man has interviewed scores of student sex columnists and in his research found out that most of us arent anymore promiscuous than other students. Just because I write about sex guys whove been with 40. Ive seen people with low numbers do insensitive things and seen people with higher numbers behave as true gentlemen and ladies. Someones body count might tell you how much they like sex or how they view it, but it is not indicative of character. 4. Faking it is a hard habit to break. If someone were to ask me who of my girlfriends orgasms the easiest from sex a week ago, I know exactly whom I would have named. That same girl confided in me a few days ago that shes never had an orgasm from sex in her life. Talk about mind blowingshe had us all fooled. Through her years of serial monogamy, shes maintained with even her longest-term boyfriend that she got off every time. She also has no plans to stop. Thats a big lie to uphold, but so many years of practice means you fake it damn well. 5. The friend zone is not always permanent. Hooking up with friends is an easy possibility, but when it comes to those that you put in the extreme friend zone, the idea of hooking up with them might go so far as make you sick to your stomach. Its not that theyre necessarily unattractive; its that youre not attracted to them. The friend chemistry is so on that the sexual chemistry is so off. Now I cant tell you how, but two of the guys that I hardcore friend-zoned for multiple years somehow managed to move past that this year. Whether we shared a kiss or something more, they both somehow managed to break down the gate of sexual non-attraction to create a chemistry-studded experience. Neither went anywhere, but proved to me that the impossible can happen. Heres to the boys who manage to get out of the friend zonedont know how you did it, but I sure didnt mind. Its been real, guys. Use condoms and take care.

The G-Spot

By: Gabrielle Davina

Featured Columnist

Ebony Turner

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End of the Year Reflection

What is 40 Acres and a MacBook? Whether its the questionable news headlines on Fox News or when we walk into Kessel and see all the same kids sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, its time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a Macbook - a modernized compensation for the world in which we are forced to live in. I wanted to bring 40 Acres to The Pace Chronicle because as a campus, the need to bring the conversation of race to help heal many open wounds was not only necessary but also vital to creating an institution we could all be proud of. Many things happened at Pace for myself that marked the importance of this column incredibly. From my first encounter with a hate crime to the death of DJ Henry, many of my classmates were thrust into real life experiences and were nowhere near graduation. The strange thing was how adamant our student body was about not speaking on most of these experiences. The most frequent response I gauged was that speaking on these issues was pointless since it would not solve anything or result in any real action. Current events have shown, however, that talking is the catalyst to change contrary to what apathetic youth have been led to believe. Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old black man who was slain by a neighborhood watch man for looking suspicious would have fallen in the infinite abyss of unsolved murders of young black men. If it werent for Trayvons siblings as well as his mother constantly tweeting the online petition and spreading it out to the internet community, he would never become household name. His case would have never reached the level of progress it is currently at, even though social networks are only half the battle, the power of dialogue is something that cannot be ignored. If Twitter or Facebook existed during the times of Emmitt Tills murder, not only would the entire country be aware and disgusted by his murder but the entire world would no and pressure action. If massive amounts of people are talking loudly about issues pertinent to our decline or growth as a country, change will happen. Staying silent out of fear of nothing being done is not a good enough excuse and only continues the problem at hand. While it would be foolish to believe this column can reach the attention of the Supreme Court or CNN, knowing that the student body and faculty alike have been affected in a positive way by the purpose of 40 acres is enough to move us in a progressive pattern of growth. So for that I thank everyone who is responsible for making this column a regular staple of the newspaper and a voice for those who were previously silent.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Michael Oleaga Editor-in-Chief

Previous Positions: Photographer, Senator, Feature Editor, Managing Editor
Youre currently reading The Pace Chronicle, and for that, I thank you. The amount of hours, days, weeks, and ultimately months to get to this final edition of The Pace Chronicles inaugural year has been an indescribable experience, but Ill do my best to elaborate on my three years with the campus newspaper. Before The Pace Chronicle, there was The Paw Print. I didnt join the newspaper during my freshman year for reasons I dont remember. Perhaps lack of motivation. In Sept. 2009, I finally stepped into The Paw Print office and was not amused to know that most of the stories in the campus newspaper revolved around the Pace community. Im a national news type of guy, but the intention to be involved was still in mind, so I became the photographer and The Paw Prints Senator for the Student Association. I was still unfamiliar with the events around Pace but finally gave into writing a Pace-centered article. The first article I wrote was an interview with Career Services and to this day still remember sitting with Career Services Director Angelina Bassano and Assistant Director Ivy AvilesRivera. Only four months later, I was promoted to Feature Editor. Im not sure how I was able to maintain quota since I didnt have writers for the feature section while studying 18 credits worth of classes, but it was done. Fast forward another four months, I was encouraged to run for Editor-in-Chief for The Paw Print. It was an unsuccessful bid, but I did land the Managing Editor position. As Managing Editor, I helped organize the first trip to the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) National College Journalism Convention in Los Angeles. This was the conference that opened the eyes of many in this campus newspaper as to how poor The Paw Print was compared to other collegiate newspapers. I admit it. It was time to clean house, and I was ready to lead it. From the name of the newspaper, the quality of content, story ideas, layout, and more, it needed to improve. I was trusted to become the new Editor-in-Chief for the 2011-2012 academic year, with the guarantee that changes will come. It wasnt an easy feat as there was slight opposition from friends upon knowing the ideas I had in mind. My philosophy: Im working to improve the journalism careers of, not just mine, but of others at Pace. We became The Pace Chronicle, and with staff that were ready to change the perception of the campus newspaper. We may have earned and lost the trust of a few in the Pace community, but have in mind that we are pursuing a career in journalism and even in the real world there are people who trust and distrust the media. Were preparing ourselves for it. I truly thank the Pace community that have supported The Pace Chronicle this year, as well as this years staff for riding along this foundational road with me. Additionally, a great deal of gratitude has to go to our advisor, Prof. Michael Perrota, who exemplified what an advisor, for any student organization, should do. He provided advice, encouragement, and tested us with decisions that ultimately improved us in writing, layout, ethics, and more. The Pace Chronicle has definitely improved from the Paw Print era, and that was evident in the next ACP National College Media Convention in Orlando and the College Media Associations Spring Media Convention in Manhattan. The Pace Chronicle staff and I looked around and noticed the problems other collegiate newspapers had and many were topics we have recently tackled or resolved, thus led to interesting workshops that had me leading discussions away from the main speaker of certain sessions, such as the Editor-inChiefs Roundtable. However, there is still room

for further improvements. Fittingly, as the final week of deadlines arrived, The Pace Chronicle was notified that it won first place in General Excellence from the American Scholastic Press Association, and first place for Best Feature Story by the New York Press Association from the Danroy DJ Henry Jr. edition that gained media attention from, The Journal News, and News 12 Westchester, to name a few. Its the first awards for The Pace Chronicle, and the first for

the campus newspaper since 1998, and surely the first of many in the upcoming years. The role of Editor-in-Chief has its ups and downs, but after 24 editions, sponsoring three journalism and media conferences for Pace students, countless meetings and interviews, sleepless nights, and two journalism awards, I think it is safe to say that The Pace Chronicle has broken new ground as a collegiate newspaper and as a route for students pursuing journalism.

Managing Editor
Previous Position: Health Editor
My first few weeks at Pace were pretty much the same as any other freshman. I spent my free time, with my Hillside room 103 door wide open, stopping any new face my roommate (Delis DeLeon) and I saw and getting their short biography (name, hometown, major) before allowing them to return to their business. I tried hard to remember my classes and wondered how Miller and Lienhard halls could be two different buildings if they were attached. Memorizing the shuttle schedule and where exactly the art barn along with my classes gave me more than a full schedule. But just like all other freshman, I managed to wander into the club fair during common hour. The inspired collegiate journalist I was in Sept. 2008, lead me straight to the newspaper table, The Paw Print at the time. They didnt need to do much to sell me the club; I already knew I had to join. There was no option. The next Monday, I climbed my way up to the third floor of Willcox Hall and attended my first meeting. I sat through story pitches and made a mental note of what stories I would want to cover. As ambitious as I was, I decided that I wanted to write a news story on Dr. Greg Julian and his campaign for the New York State Senate. I recently read that article and I couldnt help but laugh. It definitely was not my finest piece but it gave me my first taste of seeing my name in print and since then I havent been able to stop. A blink of an eye and it is seven semesters later. Countless articles, three semesters as the Health Editor and a year as manSenior Photos aging editor separate that wideeyed freshman from the person I am today. The Pace Chronicle won its first two award this semester. This little private university paper took home the Best Feature Story in the state of New York for our edition for DJ Henry back in Oct. To say Im honored is a complete understatement. Beyond The Pace Chronicle, my four years have been more than what I could have ever imagined they would be. Despite countless fights with OSA and Residential Life, Ive had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, who each have been able to teach me something. I will never regret anything from my four years at Pace, regardless of what happens after May 11.

Rose Fava

by Adam

Samson/The Pace Chronicle


Page 9

The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Copy Editor
Previous Positions: Layout Editor, Opinion Editor
Its hard to believe that four years has passed so quickly. I joined the student newspaper team back when it was still known as The Paw Print. I started as a writer for the opinion section and have evolved to hold positions including Layout Editor, Opinion Editor, and now a Copy Editor. Ive watched this paper grow and change for the better, and the people who have come and gone along the way. And alas, it is a difficult goodbye to make. This was the first club I joined, followed by my wonderful sorority, Nu Zeta Phi, and my little family known as the Model United Nations team. The individuals Ive encountered at Pace have given me experiences that will guide me into the next chapters of my life. Im graduating with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Italian Studies. My plan is to attend graduate school, possibly in Europe, studying peace-building and conflict resolution. Where will I be in ten years? I dont even know where Ill be in five years, but thats okay. It may sound clich but the friendships Ive created in the last four years will follow me throughout the rest of my life. Those who will be standing beside me at my wedding and shedding tears at my funeral Pace has given me a lifetime of memories. I leave with no regrets, which is something I can say proudly. And it is my hope that I will continue to make Pace proud as I pursue a career, a family, and a sustainable future. I have all of you to thank for that: my sisters, fellow classmates, and of course the wonderful professors who have put up with me for the duration of my stay. People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Free at last! Free at last! Thank you Pace, I am free at last!

Mark Robertson
Its hard to believe that four years have gone by and graduation is right around the corner. This is what these years have led up to, yet its surprising when it finally gets here. I meet this major moment in my life with mixed emotions everything from excitement to sadness but as I look back on my undergraduate years at Pace, I try to remember all of the great experiences Ive had, including working for the student newspaper. I remember stepping onto campus for the first time when I was a senior in high school, visiting for a tour. I spotted an issue ofThe Paw Print in Willcox and grabbed it. I had written for my schools publications since I was in the sixth grade; it was something I enjoyed doing, but never

Previous Position: Arts & Entertainment Editor

thought it would go farther than high school. However, when I read the issue that I had taken when touring Pace, I instantly knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. It was going to be a great way to quickly get involved on campus. I joined The Paw Print my first semester of freshman year in 2008 and it was exciting to be involved in an organization that was at the center of the school. Getting to write entertainment articles (movies, music, and television reviews) for Arts and Entertainment was a dream come true. After spending two years as a featured reporter, I was honored to take the position of Arts and Entertainment Editor in my junior year. And now, I enjoy my role as one of the copy editors of

Copy Editor

The Pace Chronicle during my last year. Writing and editing for Paces newspaper has been my top priority since freshman year, and I have enjoyed working with the staff year after year. It has really made my experience at Pace more worthwhile and enjoyable. Although it was a lot of work at times, its a great feeling when you get to do something that you love to do. I hope I, and the rest of the graduating class, experience this after graduation as well in whatever field you enter. Id like to thank the staff of The Pace Chronicle as well as the readers for picking up our newspaper and making it a part of your day.

Erika Bellido
Previous Positions: Sports Editor, Intern
Pace University was the only school I really wanted to go to. I remember the day I got my acceptance letter and the excitement I felt knowing four years of my life was going to be at my dream school. Fours year later and Ive never felt as proud as I was before in saying Im going to be a Pace graduate. Although my education and opportunities here have been great, my personal experiences is what made coming to Pace the best decision I made. From the moment I stepped into Hillside freshman year, I knew it was going to be amazing. The friends that I made that first week at school (aka the Hillside Crew) I knew they were going to be part of my full college experience. My favorite moments were having everyone in our section in one room, talking about everything, watching our favorite television shows together and playing video games. We made our mark in Montreal 2008 and a mess Townhouse Day 2009 (haha). Not every moment was fun filled and those heartbreaking moments that did happen made me realize I didnt just develop awesome friends, but a great family. Through thick and thin, my friends and I stuck by each others side. Those moments in Hillside traveled with us from New Dorm to the infamous Townhouse 1, where we made our mark for the last two years. Looking back four years ago to now and remembering each moment with the same people by my side is what makes me a proud Pace University student. I made a family that I can take with my after we leave Pace. As for the opportunities Pace gave me specifically, I was able to gain great experience from my internships and certain courses. The Pace Chronicle (formerly known as The Paw Print) has been the biggest opportunity Ive had here in exploring the field of journalism. Its the one and only organization at Pace I have been apart of and Im very proud of as well. We have developed a lot as a paper and its amazing to see from where we started to how much weve changed it for the better. I grew up a lot at Pace as a person and as a professional and I know for sure I am now ready for the real world.

Web Editor



Page 10

The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Martin Totland
Opinion Editor
useful in terms of time management and internalizing a sense of responsibility. I like to think Ive improved my writing at least a little bit since I first started, but I will let others be the judge of that. I started off as a contributing reporter by submitting reviews of movies and books for the newspaper. After a while, I was urged to apply for a position with the paper. I applied for the Opinion Editor position, and Im glad I did. Working for the Chronicle has allowed me to attend journalism conferences, get my name in print, gain valuable experience, and make connections and new friends. (If youre reading this and youve considered contributing to the school paper, you should. Go to a few meetings, think of what you can bring to the table, be critical, submit some work, and have fun with it). As far as fun goes, some of the best times Ive had during Its pretty sweet to know that graduation is lurking right around the corner. It means that Ive completed four years of hard work, allnighters and endlessly frustrating schedule negotiations. On the other hand, it means that four years of great fun, awesome memories and tons of experience is also drawing to a close. Which is fine; I was always aware of the fact that college was temporary, but never did it strike me that it would pass by as fast as it did. However, Im happy to say I think Ive made the most of it. Having worked as Opinion Editor for The Pace Chronicle has been an edifying experience. While I have always appreciated writing, it wasnt until I started regularly contributing to the Chronicle that I eventually realized how much I actually like to write. Moreover, submitting several articles weekly on a deadline (on top of school work) has been

The Pace Chronicle Senior Goodbyes

my time at Pace has been traveling. Going to Argentina for spring break to learn about the history and culture really affects you way more than any classroom lecture ever could. Filming a documentary on location in Belize will offer you more experience than shooting on campus probably ever will. In other words, complementing your classroom experience with real-world experience will give you a whole new level of confidence, which, in some ways, undergraduate studies is all about. I was once told by someone I admire that getting a good liberal arts education is all about gaining confidence, and not so much about the lecture-specific minutiae. Im sure that my time at Pace, and The Pace Chronicle, has given me the confidence to move on to a rich and rewarding life after graduationif I survive finals week, that is. Adieu.

Delis DeLeon
For me, Pace was my last resort, my safety school. I had no desire to stay so close to home and put no effort in researching about the University whatsoever. But when it came down to selecting a college to attend, I did what most people did; I chose the college who offered the most money. Pace was giving financial aid that accounted for approximately 75 percent of the tuition, so there was no way my mom was going to let me pass on that offer. And still, my plan was to transfer out of Pace the first chance I had. I was to spend a year working on my grades and then my hope was to transfer to Sarah Lawrence, an all girls college. I can honestly say that four years later, Pace was the best decision I made and there was no way I was going to survive an all girls college. From the moment I came to summer orientation, I knew that Pace would prove to be the best fit for my undergraduate years. My mother and I were astounded by the friendly and welcoming staff that greeted us. Amongst a sea of strangers, I

Health Editor
somehow felt right at home. During orientation, I not only met the person that would be my roommate but many of the individuals have been some of my closest friends at Pace. I remember the last day of orientation; I still had not found a roommate when my mother reminded me that if I did not select someone, I would randomly be matched up with another girl. So, I look towards [future Managing Editor] Rose Fava, who seemed to be the only other normal girl with similar interests at myself, and asked if she would be my roommate. Despite going into the situation blindside being the only daughter in my family, my relationship with Rose proved to be a real life connection and I considered her to be one of my closest friends. My freshman year is by far one of my favorite years at Pace. Living in Hillside, I not only made friends, I made a family amongst individuals whom four years later we are still just as close as those days at Da Bricks as we called them. I still have very vivid memories of my days in room 103 which feel like they

occurred just yesterday. Every year preceding that just proved to be just as good if not better than the previous. I made more friends and my connections with the ones I already had, grew stronger. Pace was where I found myself both academically and socially. From my internship experiences to my extracurricular activities including Model United Nations and The Pace Chronicle, I realized what my strengths and weaknesses were. My years at Pace was my first independent experience were I was the only one responsible for my decisions and mistakes. I look back at my years at Pace as a rewarding, learning experience and would like to thank all those who contributed in making sure my time at Pace was memorable. I truly feel one of the greatest qualities Pace has to offer is the individuals who make up the student body and how close our small university is. I look forward to what the world has in store for me, knowing that I am well prepared and equipped for what lies ahead due because of Pace University. ation and another from the American Scholastic Press Association. Saying goodbye to this paper (and to Pace) is difficult. It seems unreal. It feels like just a few weeks ago, I became confused between Miller and Lienhard Hall or didnt know how to write a proper lead for an article. I have learned so much from working on the paper and being around the staff. Good luck to all the graduating seniors, Ill miss you all.

Health Editor (Fall 2009)

When I walked up to the Paw Print table at the club fair my freshman year, I could not have guessed what would happen over the next four years or how important the paper or its members would become to me. Truth be told, I joined the newspaper for two important (or so I thought) reasons: firstly to put something on my resume and secondly to see my name in print every week. These goals proved much less important as time went on. Other things became more important. Writing accurately and ethically while conforming to the style of the paper was paramount. The Paw Print and later, The Pace Chronicle, shaped and refined my writing abilities and style perhaps more than any class I took. My friends on the staff are incredible. They are intelligent, passionate, hardworking, and talented people. The paper has gone through numerous changes since I joined. Various staff members have left, leaving behind advice, memories, and their personal legacy. New

Colleen Murray

staff members have joined, adding their own opinions, ideas, and personal insights into the papers collective memory. The most obvious change (to those not on staff) is the name change. Leaving behind The Paw Print, the newspaper became The Pace Chronicle. With the new name, other things changed too. The paper became less afraid to cover controversial topics or ideas. The staffs efforts were rewarded as The Pace Chroniclerecently won Best Feature Story from the New York Press Associ-


Page 11

The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Fall 2012 registration


Graduate registration begins April 2 Q Undergraduate registration begins April 9

Spring into Fall !

and fee payments are due August 3 Q The last day to drop/add a course is September 18 Q  Register at * or in person at any OSA/Student Solutions Center
Q Tuition

*Dont forget to visit to nd your academic adviser and plan your courses before registering. All holds, including immunization compliance and past due balances, must be cleared before registering.

Call (877) 672-1830, send a trackable e-mail to, or visit the OSA/Student Solutions Centers at:
Q One Pace Plaza, New York City Q Administration Center, Pleasantville Q Graduate Center, White Plains

Fall 2012 registration starts in April

6 weeks? Really.
See your adviser now to plan your summer courses. More than 600 courses to choose from.

6 credits in

Summer Sessions
start May
Summer undergraduate tuition has been reduced to $850 per credit.

30 and July 13

Your Summer. Register today for our special summer rate. Your Pace.


11014 2011



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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Relay For Life of Pace University

Fri. April 20 Sat., April 21 4pm to 4am Goldstein Fitness Center, Entrance #3 Pace University, Pleasantville
th st

Celebrate those who have survived cancer Remember those weve lost Fight against a disease that touches too many!
Teams of people will take turns walking around the track. Others will take part in games and festivities. Pace invites cancer survivors, their families, friends and the public to join to raise money for cancer research, education, prevention, advocacy and patient services.

The Relay For Life of Pace University is an event where The people Relay come For Li to celebrate those who have survived cancer, rememberto those celebrate weve tho Contact: lost, and fight back against a disease that touches too many lost,lives. and fight

Consider an in-kind raffle donation,. Make a monetary donation. Become a sponsor. Paces goal is to raise $55,000 this year!

The Relay For Life of Pace University is being held on The Relay


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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The Boy Band Comeback

Entertainment Editor

Colby Hochmuth

The 90s was a decade famous for the Nintendo, platform shoes, Pokmon, flannel, and most importantly, the rise of boy bands. These groups generally consisted of four or five boys with dreamy eyes, dance moves that made you weak in the knees, and of course, perfectly harmonized voices. The Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, New Kids on the Block, N*Sync, and 98 are some of the most notable boy bands of the 90s. These groups induced mobs of teenage girls to follow them across the country and memorize all of their songs in hopes that theyll one day be the girls that will be sung about. However, just like fringed haircuts and roller blading in public fell off the map, so did the boy band fad. These groups either branched out and became solo acts - some with success like Justin Timberlake - and others fell into oblivion or ended up in rehab. It wasnt until about 2006 when we saw any hope of boy bands rising from the ashes when the Jonas Brothers had their first smash hit, S.O.S. The Jo Bros had a few hits after that, but nothing really took hold with society. In the last year, weve seen the successful emergence of multiple boy bands, including Big Time Rush, One Direction, and The Wanted. Sorry Justin Bieber, but youre a solo act. One Direction, a British-Irish boy band consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis

Photo from Getty Images A new era of boy bands have arised, and leading the way are British groups The Wanted (top) and One Direction (bottom).
Tomlinson, got their big break after placing third on Simon Cowells show The X-Factor UK. Since then, theyve begun to attract a large fan base in the U.S. Their album, Up All Night, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 on March 21. Similarly, The Wanted, a British boy band with a slightly older and sexier vibe, has had their single Glad You Came on the Top 10 charts for weeks. The members, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker, and Nathan Sykes, are all from the U.K. and released their first self-titled album in Oct. 2010. So what does the revival of boy bands mean for America over a decade after their inception? For one, theyve definitely lost their innocent and wholesome sales pitch. Theyve transitioned to singing about drinking, partying, and sexual hook ups, which seems to be appealing for this generation. Theyve also ditched the matching outfits and choreographed dance moves and moved onto more distinct fashion choices and individualized dance routines. These boys are often donning tight jeans, shirt, tie, and blazer ensembles, which as we all know, makes the girls swoon. Not only that, but theyre foreignlooking hairstyles and boyish complexions make them appeal to a large age demographic. Furthermore, unlike prior generations, theyve managed to gain extra notoriety by taking advantage of social medias influence on young people. By launching extensive Facebook and Twitter campaigns, theyve increased their fan base and not only let their fans into their music, but into their personal lives as well. Despite the different times and circumstances, one thing for sure is that these boy bands have made a statement and are here to stay. Who knows if its their good looks, smooth alto voices, or adorable music videos, but either way, were glad they came.

How to Get the Best Online Deals for Summer Clothes

Colby Hochmuth Emily Riehle This site is divided up into different categories for what type of coupons youre looking for and what type of stuff youre looking to buy. You can search by store name and find printable coupons, and theres even a Free Samples tab so you can claim some free goodies. If youre looking for a quick way to pick up the most popular coupons of the day for the most popular stores, this is the site for you. is organized more by age groups and is an extremely navigable site with great deals, especially for groceries and odds and ends. Other sites may not have as many coupons available but offer designer looking clothes for an incredibly low price. Not everyone, especially college students, can afford American Apparel or Urban Outfitters, but lets face it, we all want to look like we can. If you go onto a stores website, you can go into the clearance section and find great deals, but what good are those great deals if you have to pay a lot for shipping? The website KarmaLoop. com offers trendy clothes at a reasonable price (with free shipping). If youre looking to wear designer clothes at a discounted rate, check out sites such as,, and All of these sites are free to join, and the membership has so many perks. After filling out a few fashion surveys, you are alerted by email notifications as to when your favorite designers and styles will be promoted and sold at a discounted rate. Also, check out sites like,, and to shop for unique and chic clothes that will make you stand out. These sites are not as popular as Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, so its a great way to pre-

Entertainment Editor Featured Reporter

Spring is here, which means that the time for summer shopping is right around the corner. Its easy to get carried away in stores and buy five different colors of the same shirt, or more sandals than you need. One way to eliminate this possibility is by planning ahead and being a smart shopper. One way to do this is by utilizing all the savings and advantages that the internet has to offer. Believe it or not, social media sites harbor some of the best sale opportunities, especially for clothing, shoes, and accessories. On the sidebar that most people tend to ignore, theres links to websites that offer coupons, and exclusive sales. Some great sites to check out are:

vent wearing the same outfit as someone else while still saving money. Whatever your style may

be or whichever season it is, dont forget that there are ways to keep money in your pocket.



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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


part of the award winning newspaper

The Pace Chronicle

your story ideas or features you would like us to cover during the


academic year!

Advertise with

The PaceChronicle
Whether youre part of a student organization, Pace department, or a business outside of campus, we have special rates ready for you!

Email & for request info!


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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Softball Extends Winning Streak

Sports on the Side:

Behavior Behind the Bounties
Sports Columnist

CJ Dudek


by Adam

Samson/The Pace Chronicle

Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

After beating St. Michaels and Franklin Pierce in doubleheaders, Pace extends its winning streak, and improves to 26-14 overall record and 13-11 in the Northeast-10 conference. Pace will travel to play a doubleheader against Bloomfield on Wednesday, April 18, with the first game starting at 3 p.m. The Setters swept the Ravens 8-0 in the opener and 10-2 in the second game.

Pace made two runs in the first inning from freshman criminal justice student Natalie Gellos. The game remained dormant until the third inning where the Setters took full control with five fierce runs made possible by sophomore psychology student Samantha Garcia. The Setters didnt allow the Ravens to get one run the entire first game, and scored one final run in the fourth inning by sopho-

more journalism student Rachel McMahon finishing the game at 8-0. Junior psychology student Chelsea Shea pitched four innings and struck out six players. In the second game, Pace finished with a score of 10-2. After the weekend, Pace finished with a five-game winning streak that ranks them tenth in the NCAA East region.

Setter Spotlight

Charlie Galasso
Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Junior marketing student Charlie Galasso is a laid back student-athlete taking every game as serious as the next. With one more year in front of him, this left and right field player plans to win conference at least once. Galasso notes that the season wont end until June and the baseball team is having a successful season thus far. PaceChronicle (PC): Whats the reason for your decision to come to Pace? Was it solely because you wanted to play baseball here? CharlieGalasso (CG): No, it wasnt the only reason. Baseball had a lot to do with it but the business program here is great. PC: What were your thoughts coming in for preseason this year? How do you think the team was prepared? CG: I thought we had a chance to be pretty good. I think the team was very prepared, the entire roster worked hard to get better and it shows. PC: Why do you play baseball? Have you ever thought about doing any other sport? CG: I play because I love it. When I was younger I played basketball but I never liked it as much and it fell to the wayside. I never found another sport that I

Right in the middle of footballs tug-of-war between the need for violence and the desire for safety resides the bounty issue. Defensive coordinator Greg Williams offered cash rewards for big hits that sidelined opposing players. That much has been proven, but what has not been resolved is how the game gets just the right amount of violence to keep people watching. That ideal middle ground between violence and safety will never be bridged no matter what the league does. Football is a multi-billion dollar industry that is entirely dependent on grown men exerting their physical will on each other for entertainment purposes. Without these hulks running into one other at full speed, football would have the exact same national appeal as competitive crocheting. There is no football without physically jarring hits that end up viral on YouTube. Dont get me wrong, it is a great idea for the league to strive towards players trying to be safer. Even if the motivation behind safety is to protect their hides against lawsuits, there is no rational argument to not having a safer game. Still, its the fans love of footballs violence that breeds, nurtures, and has helped the game grow to its unfathomable heights. Anyone who thinks that is not the case can look at what the game would look like if guys were not allowed to tackle (start watching at :41) and make a case that it is a better game. Simply put, you cant not tackle people in football and expect the fans to stay committed to the game. Besides, there are so many rewards for NFL players who make the violent hits. Lets take a look at what a it as my own. PC: What is THE game you are looking forward to play this season? And, why? CG: I cant think of one specifically. We take every game one at a time. I think that is a big reason to why we have been doing well. PC: What are some of your shortterm goals?

person can get for running into another individual with the force of a wrecking ball and the speed of a train. The rewards for leveling people in football include millions of dollars, your last name on the back of countless jerseys across the country, and opportunities for more money by making yourself the face of a food chain or (and there could not be any more irony here) an insurance company. Just ask Justin Tuck and Ndamukong Suh, the NFLs faces of Subway. Both of these men were chosen to represent the chain while holding a job that is based on driving men into the ground at full force. Besides, the voices of the players have been neglected throughout the assault on their culture. From Ravens safety Bernard Pollard blasted Goodell for the punishments to Cardinals kicker Jay Feely saying the NFL only cares about defending themselves against lawsuits the voices of the players have been muffled. There is the argument that the players are so engulfed in their own culture that they are ignorant to the dangers they face. Yet in order for the argument to be resolved, all sides of the issue need to be heard, not just the sides that are convenient for the league to hear. The league has made the predictable and correct move of hammering the Saints for the program. Goodell has made an example of the Saints in hope that the culture gets curbed. It will not, but the people who watch the game will mistake the punishment as progress and patiently wait to be breastfed more violence in 2012-2013. The fans got what they want; now it is up to the league to figure out what they want their game to become before everyone stops watching altogether. ably wont get that opportunity again. It was really exciting. PC: What are you most proud of? CG: My Mom, shes a tough lady. PC: Have you ever thought what your life would be like without baseball? What do you think it would be like? CG: I really havent. Ive played for as long as I can remember. I think it would be very boring. People think baseball is a boring sport but when you really look at it every pitch is exciting. PC: What quote do you live by? CG: Im not an athlete; Im a ballplayer.

Photo by CSI-Photo Junior marketing student Charlie Galasso, this weeks Setter Spotlight. liked to work hard for. I spent all CG: I think I picked it when I was really young because my brother my time focusing on baseball. wore it. It stuck and Ive adopted PC: Why do you wear #11?

CG: To graduate next May and to win a conference championship. PC: What is that one game you will never forget and why? CG: When I hit a walk off homerun against St. Rose. Ive never done that at any level and I prob-


Page 16

The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Model UN

The Pace Chronicle will be back in Sept. 2012

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