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ThePace Chronicle
Pace University, Pleasantville/Briarcliff Manor, NY

Volume I, Issue VI

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011

Teammates file charges against Westchester officials

DJ Henry Remembered at Tribute

Photo by the Pleasantville/Briarcliff Patch Attorney Bonita Zellman with her clients Delpeche, Garcia, Hinds, Parker, and Romanick at a press conference on Oct. 16.

Photo by Michael Oleaga/The pace Chronicle DJ #12 flags sold during the one year anniversary vigil held Sun. night, Oct. 16.

Photo by Michael Oleaga/The pace Chronicle DJs teammates Delpeche, Garcia, Hinds, Parker, and Romanick at the vigil in the Goldstein Fitness Center.

Managing Editor

Rose Fava

The day before the one year anniversary of Danroy DJ Henry, Jr.s death, Pace students participated in events to continue on their fight for justice. At 12 p.m. on Oct. 16, the four teammates who were ar-

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rested stemming from the events of Oct. 17, 2010, Yves Delpeche, Joseph Garcia, Daniel Parker, and Joseph Romanick along with Desmond Hinds, a passenger in DJs car, held a press conference in White Plains where their lawyer Bonita Zellman announced that the group had filed several lawsuits against the Westchester County justice system. The lawsuits were filed against Westchester County Public Safety, Westchester County

Police Commissioner George Longworth, the Village of Pleasantville, Mount Pleasants police chief, and the former police chief of Pleasantville, along with several other officers in the Mt. Pleasant Police Department. Zellman stated that her clients refuse to settle their lawsuits. Later that night, the Pace community gathered in the Goldstein Fitness Center for a vigil in honor of DJ. At the vigil, put together by

Garcia, multiple people spoke, including Dean for Students Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, Pace football coach Chris Dapolito, Pace alum and former roommate of DJ, Richard Bonhomme, and teammate Dominique West. Garcia, Delpeche, Hinds, Parker, and Romanick also took the time to share their memories of DJ and thanked everyone for coming to the vigil. The vigil concluded with a video message from DJs parents,

Danroy Sr. and Angella Henry, thanking the Pace community for all they have done and for keeping their sons memory alive on campus. As students left the vigil they were able to purchase flags with the number 12 written on them to put along Shirley Beths Way. The flags will remain in the ground until Oct. 29, what wouldve been DJs 22nd birthday.


Pace Crime Statistics Released for 2010

More crime reported in Pleasantville than NYC campus
and subsequently leaving the building with the videos and a television. University Director of Safety and Security Vincent Beatty did not specify if the student was reprimanded, however, mentioned that the incident was brought to the attention of Residential Life. Sophomore biology student Cristina Theriault said, Im surprised there [arent] more crimes in Pleasantville. I feel like there are more incidents that just dont get reported. The crime statistics stem from incidents reported to both Pace Security and the local police department. The Federal Government requires by law that all universities maintain internal crime records and crime reports from outside agencies as well. The Security officers obtain information from the Briarcliff police, the Mount Pleasant police, the White Plains police, and the New York Police Department. 2008 received the highest number of reported crimes, according to Beatty. Overall, Beatty believed, The crime rate is low for a college of our size. Not only is it low in the crimes we must report to the Federal government, but also internally. Most of the internal crimes are vandalism and crimes of opportunity when people leave their property unattended, said Beatty. Beatty also said the New York City Campus is very different from Pleasantville in regards to security. Beatty explained, The majority of crimes occur in the dormitories. To gain access to the dormitory on the New York City Campus, individuals must go through a security checkpoint. Secondly, all guests must be Continued on Page 2

American Horror Story, page 10

Setter Spotlight

Pace Security reveal crime statistics. 2010 statistics located on page 2. Photo by Adam Samson/The pace Chronicle

Ali Mourtada, page 12 Opinion

Editor-in-Chief News Editor

Michael Oleaga Jemma York

Paces Security Department released the crime statistics for 2010 and only one crime was re-

ported among the three Pace campuses of New York City, Pleasantville/Briarcliff, and White Plains. The only reported crime was a burglary in the Pleasantville campus. The burglary took place in Martin Hall. Two guests of a Martin resident stole items from a dorm room. They were captured on video entering the building,

Revive the Campus Bar, page 6


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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011

Whats Making News Beyond Campus?

Featured Reporter

2010 Pace crime statistics

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The Pace Chronicle

Editorial Staff
Michael Oleaga
Rose Fava Managing Editor Tafasha Pitt Layout Editor

Samantha Finch

WASHINGTON - After 12 years of deliberating, Congress passed three free-trade agreements. The trade deals with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama and is hoped to bring great change in both the economy and politics. Though the prediction of the impact of this new trade agreement in the economy is rather small, averaging approximately 0.1 percent, the countries participation in the American trade will help the economy build and the country bringing an estimated $14.4 billion. In the House, all three passed through with the highest being Panama with 300- 129, followed by South Korea 278-15,1 and the lowest being Colombia with 262- 167, whom was the most controversial. In the Senate, South Korea was passed with 83- 15, Panama passed with a 77-22 vote, and Colombia 66-33. WASHINGTON - BP and two of their chief contractors have officially been cited by The Interior Department for safety and environmental violations during the construction of the Deepwater Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico. An ongoing investigation has been carried out since April 2010 when the oil spill occurred. The report released last month concluded that procedure was not followed in the making of the well thus putting many lives in danger. The citations can lead to millions of dollars of fines for the company. BP will have 60 days to appeal the charges. POLAND - The Internal Security Agency arrested 19 people throughout the country for suspicion of the production and dispensation of explosive materials. Security searched over 100 homes, cars and garages, and seized great amounts of explosive materials. After the attacks last July, Norway asked the Polish security to look into the people connected with Anders Behring Breivik who confessed to bombing the official government building in Oslo, as well as attacking a youth camp and killing 77 people. ENGLAND - An estimated 2,400 people were buried in a cemetery in East Smithfield, England after their deaths resulting from Black Death in 1348. Yersinia Pestis is the bacterium that is source of the plague which is still around today with different symptoms. Kristen I. Bos, of McMaster and head of the research team, noted that the DNA is still remarkably close, thus alluding to the condition of the times as a source of Black Deaths deadly run through Europe. This research marks the first time a genome of an ancient disease has been reconstruction and thus opens the doors to more research of epidemics both in ancient and modern time.

registered. Students obtain guest passes from the desk attendant seated near the security checkpoint. Therefore everyone in the building is accounted for. Junior childhood education student Grace Kim said, In Pleasantville I dont see the security. When I drive through Pleasantville, there's no security at the booth, but in Briar- The crime statistics chart shows no crime reported for the New York City and cliff, during the day White Plains campuses. One crime, burglary, was reported in the Pleasantville or even night, there's campus in Martin Hall. Chart Provided by Pace Security always an officer in had a stricter policy, people that Sometimes students do not the booth. can do harm can still be let in. We want the outside police force The White Plains campus can't determine that kind of thing. notified for internal crimes like has little to no crime activity, It would just be more of a hassle. vandalism and missing property, claimed Beatty. To report a crime, a student said Beatty. The students at the law These internal crimes are school are there for a purpose, must first notify the local campus security office. Then a security mentioned in the reports, and and it is an older population. They supervisor or Pace coordinator Pace security conducts internal do not go out as much or bring will file a report. Pace security investigations. back any problems from the outSecurity is responsible for side world. There are also secu- will also work with local police forces if further investigations or gathering the statistics, a process rity desk attendants present at the outside jurisdiction is necessary. that takes three to four weeks. front of the building. Beatty explained, Outside The Federal Government requires Though the only crime rejurisdiction occurs depending on all security statistics to be reportported occurred on Pleasantville, the level of the crime. Pace secued between the beginning of Sept. Kim stated the campus does not rity determines if a police report and Oct. 18. need any security attendants in Security also updates Paces the dorms. The Resident Assistant is required. A police report may be required if it deals with a mainternal security database daily. offices are located in the lobby of jor crime. There are a multitude This database, however, is not the buildings. of situations that would require open to the public. Theriault echoed Kims sentiments, Pleasantville needs nei- outside investigations like a burther more security officers nor a lary, assault, or motor vehicle acstricter guest policy. Even if they cident.

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Meal Cards Now Usable Off-Campus Creation of Flex dollars

News Editor Featured Reporter

Jemma York

Samantha Finch

Pace students can now grab a meal by using their PaceOne cards off-campus under a new system and agreement done with several eateries in Pleasantville. Pace introduced a Flex spending account at the beginning of this semester. The Flex balance enables students to eat at restaurants in town using their meal card. Participating eateries in Pleasantville include Lucios Pizza, Frank & Joes Deli, Jerrys Pizza, and Rosellas Pizza. By the New York City (NYC) campus, the participating merchants are Chipotle and Hot Clay Oven. Executive Director of Auxiliary Services Mary Lieto said, We have the banking relationship with HigherOne that gives our students the option to open a bank account that can be used worldwide and the Flex dollars option gives our students the ability to use their PaceOne card without opening a bank account. Sophomore criminal justice student Arella Ayala said, I love this idea. I am so excited to be able to eat off campus. Dean for Students Lisa Bardi-

ll Moscaritolo said, We decided to offer the Flex funds because of student feedback. Students wanted more options. Auxiliary Services considers the current Flex dollar fund a pilot program. They moved $25 of meal plan funds for this pilot. The dollar amount allotted to offcampus dining will increase in the coming semesters. Students can view this move on their Account Summary on Pace Portal. To add funds to the Flex balance, students can visit the Office for Student Assistance (OSA) or the meal plan office in the Kessel Student Center. Students may also view their available Flex dollar meal balance at the Point of Sale terminal in the merchant, and at any Pace ID Card office. The Flex fund was facing connection problems with BbOne server. Sophomore psychology student Brittany Hodgins explained, I went to Lucios for dinner, and my Pace OneCard did not work. I had to pay for my meal with cash. Some days it works and some days it doesnt. I was told from our server that once a week the Pace OneCard machine stops working. Lucios is the only merchant facing this issue. Lucios is using a terminal provided by the restaurants credit card processor to

avoid the Blackboard rental free. According to Lieto, that processor had programming installed that we were not familiar, which was causing it to crash once a week. To resolve the issue, Leito added, We took all of the programming off the terminal, and downloaded it again. Auxiliary Services is expanding the program. Lieto said, We are adding merchants as quickly as possible. Merchants must both pay a fee for readers and support of the program, and sign a contract with BbOne, the company Pace is using for this program. Hodgins said, I like the idea of expanding the program to more restaurants, but they need to make sure the program will work on a more consistent basis. The possibility of making future meal plans more individualized and specific to students preference are under consideration. Lieto said, We are evaluating our meal plan program to make our plans more flexible for our students. We will also be negotiating a new food service contract and all meal plans will be part of the negotiation. If you would like Pace to initiate discussions with your favorite local pizzeria, deli, or restaurant, please send your suggestions to

The Pace Chronicle is sponsoring a trip to

apply on OrgSync starting Wed., 12 p.m. Only 12 spots open, first come, first serve!

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011


Diversity Yourself

Unity Week

Michael Oleaga

A week to unite the campus by the Student Associations (SA) Vice President of Unity and Social Justice Patricia Butler aims to celebrate life, raise awareness, and other social themes is planned for next week. The annual Unity Week starts on Oct. 24 to Oct. 28 and has been in the planning process since the beginning of summer. To start off the week is Celebration for Life from 12 p.m. to 1:25 p.m., where the life of Pace student Danroy DJ Henry, Jr. Its to show people that weve not forgotten about him, said Butler. On Oct. 25, A Sweet Remedy, from 3:30 to 4:25 p.m., is aimed to discuss different social justice issues from around the world, particularly if its an issue thats not receiving mainstream attention. Get Out and Play is aimed to unite the entire Pace community into one venue Willcox Gym. The original purpose of the event was to unite Greeks and athletes, but Butler decided it was best to include all non-Greeks and nonathletes. The event starts at 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. The New York City (NYC)

campus hosts the fourth Unity Week event titled Something Like a House Party. The main goal is to touch on one of the goals under (unity and social justice) which is to unite the city campus and the Pleasantville campus, said Butler. Transportation will be set to travel to the NYC campus by 7:30 p.m. The last day of Unity Week involves many student organizations under SA. Around the World will aim to introduce a lot of Pace students to some cultures that they may not have been aware of or not too familiar with. Many of these student organizations will have food from different countries to showcase. The event will be in Willcox Gym from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. One event Butler hoped to have added was to desegregate the Kessel dining room. If you noticed in Kessel, the Spanish people sit with the Spanish people, the football players sit with the football players, basketball players with basketball players, and I wanted to do a day where it was mixed up and do an incentive with Chartwells. According to Butler, the reason why members of the Pace community should attend is to Diversify Yourself.

Friends First, Singers Second

Featured Reporter

Your resume looking a bit dull? Need to spruce up your working experience? Enjoy reporting? Photography? Graphics? Why not add
The Pace Chronicle

John Robb

When you think of Pace Pleasantville right now, you dont think of a musical campus, said junior education student Sara Hutton, president of the Glee Club, but its starting to become one. The Glee Club started in the spring of 2010 with about 10 members, and had their first official performance in the fall semester of the same year after they pulled their act together. Glee is an a cappella group that currently has about 30 members, which is quite a jump from the original 10 that started in the club. The club is open for anyone to join, regardless of their voice range. Now, the club performs at numerous staff functions and is planning on doing some sort of caroling for the holidays. Senior psychology student and Vice President of the Glee Club Kristen Mita said that they are preparing a Disney medley right now, and plan to work on songs like Song of Purple Summer, Long Live, and Hide

and Seek. The Glee Club will also be hosting a benefit concert for the Invisible Children organization in the Gottesman Room of the Kessel Student Center with a tentative scheduled date of Dec. 14. The group does a lot of work with Invisible Children, which was started by three filmmakers fresh out of college who went to Africa in search of a story. The organization focuses on a war in northern Uganda between the Lords Resistance Movement and the Government of Uganda. Hutton is a strong and enthusiastic supporter of this organization. Hutton and Mita both love working with this group because of their great musical talent as well as the great atmosphere that has developed. I love everybody more than I ever could have imagined. I want to puke after rehearsal because I love everybody, Hutton exclaimed. Its a place you can be yourself, said Mita. You can be ridiculous. We love it. If anyone is interested in joining, the Pace Glee Club meets every Sun. at 8:30 p.m. in Pace Perk on the Briarcliff campus.

to it? Meetings: Mondays, 9 p.m., Willcox Hall, 3rd floor!


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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011

Page 5

The Monday After

The Monday morning STD fear and free STD testing near Pace

The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011


Watching TV Can Make Us Healthy

Health Editor

Melissa Recine

Many people will say that the morning after a night of partying and the possibility of unprotected sex is one of the worst mornings of the week. The fear of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy and the feeling of regret or shame tend to come around once one sobers up, yet new studies in Denmark show that people do not actually start worrying until Mon. morning. Why wait until Mon. morning to look up STD symptoms or seek professional help? The researchers arent sure, but they assume that people like to sleep on the idea that they are fine, but feel otherwise when they wake up, still concerned. The studys results illustrate a dramatic increase in online activity on a specific STD website on Mondays. The researchers explain that people are more likely to have unprotected sex on Fridays and Saturdays than any other day of the week. After a long, drunken weekend, Mon. will most likely bring a day of STD what-ifs. The study also monitored an AIDS/STD hotline and found that the number of phone calls increased on Mondays. Most school health centers and STD hotlines are not available on Sundays, yet the websites are available 24/7. Pace Health Center nurse practitioner Karen Lolli the revealed that students often come in worrying about STDs. When asked if Mon. is a peak STD worry day for students, she replied, not specifically to STDs, certainly we may have students. I remember on a Friday morning a few years ago we had a patient waiting for us when we opened the door because they were experiencing, ultimately, an outbreak of what was diagnosed as herpes.

Safe sex is the best way to avoid STDs. Condoms are for sale in both cafeterias in Pleasantville and Briarcliff campuses. Photo From Queens Tribune Mondays is one of our busiest days, but not specifically STDS, said Lolli. The students that Im seeing now compared to 18 years ago are much more in tune with the need to use condoms. I see a lot more students using condoms 100 percent of the time, both male and female, or at least reporting that to me compared to 18 years ago condom use was more sporadic. Rather than a specific day of the week that has an increase in STD related worries, there may be a certain time of the year. Within a week to two weeks after spring break, we have an increase in visits, and tied in with that are urinary tract infections. The first week back to classes, we kind of saw an increase in urinary tract infections that is often associated with an increase in sexual intercourse - so its not specific to STDs. The Pace Health Center offers a variety of choices for STD testing. Lolli shares the three most common ways that students do this. All full time students pay a health service fee, $45 a semester, that allows them to come to us for their illnesses and accidents, STDs included in that, and theyll not have to pay their co-pay for their health insurance, said Lolli. With STD testing, can we do it? Yes, we can. However, the tests have to be sent to the laboratory for testing and the labs charge a fee. Lolli said that students have options that they discuss with them. One, they can have us send it to a lab that their insurance company will pay for. This usually happens when the student has already talked to mom and dad. Most students dont want STD tests to go anywhere near their parents insurance plan. So for those students we have a low-cost pay as you go laboratory. The lab requires us to collect up front the cost of the tests to be done. If students do not want to use their insurance or pay money out of pocket there is another alternative. Lolli acknowledged the Westchester Department of Health, has free STD clinics at multiple locations in Westchester County. It is available to students enrolled in Westchester universities. You dont need an appointment. In White Plains their site is right across the street from the Galleria Mall. Theres no charge, theres no billing to insurance, and if youre diagnosed with anything, the treatment is free. Right now the clinics in White Plains are open Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To learn more about STDs, stop by the health center for pamphlets or visit Some TV shows are helping people to stay on top of their health. Photo From UTalkMarketing Melissa Recine The trainers teach the contestants to love their bodies and work hard to accomplish their goal. This motivation is taken out of the show and brought into peoples homes through workout DVDs created by both the trainers and former contestants. FOXs hit show Glee was given the title of Most Relevant Use of a Medical Breakthrough for the episode in which wheelchairbound Artie tries using a robotic exoskeleton called ReWalk. ReWalk allows paraplegics some mobility in real life. Although it is not a perfected piece of equipment, the series brought the attention of medical research like this to the publics attention. Lastly, the show that demonstrated the Best Green Living is ABCs Modern Family. Throughout the show, the characters are constantly displaying their love of environment when doing things like using reusable baskets for grocery shopping. Many television shows amp up their medical side to make the show more dramatic; however there are still many good-for-you TV shows that can really educate their audience on how to stay healthy.

Health Editor

Over the past few years, the number of medical-related television series has multiplied. While some of these shows are not educating America, luckily, there are many that are actually making the public healthier. Greys Anatomy is known for having the best integration of medical news. This ABC series has brought up many difficult health problems that people may have. When someone is diagnosed with something, the actors debrief the viewers on the disease, the causes, and possible treatments. The issues they deal with include both common and rare medical issues. The shows characters also handle the people with these diseases in a compassionate and sympathetic manner. The show that is awarded with the title of Best Prevention Health is The Biggest Loser. The personal trainers, Jillian Michaels and Alison Sweeney, drive their contestants to positive results through tough love, but also by tackling their insecurities.

Red WineWhy We Should Have a Glass a Day

Only if youre 21 and over
Health Editor

Melissa Recine

A glass of red wine every day has always been known to be a healthy habit, and new studies have shown more benefits for this tasty beverage. Red wine contains flavonoids which prevent the skin from forming the molecules that react with Ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause sunburn and destroy cells. According to Dr. Cascante, a biochemist at the University of Barcelona, the new study showed that red wine protects the skin from the suns harmful rays. Red grapes can also do the

Pouring yourself a glass of red wine can be helping you more than you think. Photo From iPad Wallpaper

same. Since UV rays are known for causing significant skin damage and wrinkles, Cascante is hopeful that these new studies will encourage the creation of new and better skin care products. New research also suggests that red wine can actually stop breast cancer. Resvertrol is found in the skin of grapes and blocks the growth effects of estrogen. Once exposed to cancer, estrogen combines with the bodys DNA to spread the tumor and causes it to become malignant. Blocking this hormone will stop the diseases growth. Dr. Ando, from the University of Calabria, believes that using these findings when creating

pharmaceutical drugs will give patients more options once they do not improve from hormonal therapy. Grapes are not the only food that contains resvertrol. It is also found in blueberries, peanuts, and cranberries. The great thing about using this chemical to treat breast cancer is that it does not harm the healthy cells; it just targets those that are cancerous. Resvertrol also lowers cholesterol and protects the linings of the blood vessels. A glass of red wine a day can really keep the doctor away.


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Letters to Editors
Dr. Marie Werner

The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011

Re: The G-Spot by Gabrielle Davina

Prof. Sylvester Tuohy

Re: Wall Street Protestors Lack Clear Objective, But Offer Free Pizza

I know students have First Amendment rights, but shouldnt there be some guidance by their Faculty Advisor as to how far they can test these rights? When I visit another university I try to pick up a copy of the student newspaper to get a sense of the students and their university. If I were visiting Pace with my high school age children (prospective future students) and read the article encouraging promiscuous sexual behavior, surely they would not attend Pace University. If The Pace Chronicle cannot find decent articles, maybe it should stop publishing.

The article covering the protests on Wall Street lacks the same clear objective the author attributes to the protests. As a young adult facing the most daunting of job markets I would think you would applaud those who are out there making a statement of concern about the future of young adults just like you. Wealth and income in this country are increasingly being concentrated in the hands of an elite few. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is larger than it has been in decades. Page one of The Pace Chronicle talks about college admittance favoring a smaller, wealthier segment of the population in the U.S. A significant number of parents of our own Pace students are unemployed. A significant number of our students will have difficulty finding a job for which they have been well prepared. You are incorrect that this is a movement in decline. These demonstrations have spread all over the country and are taking place in many major cities as I write this. I do hope you "hop on the next train to the city" and talk to some of the passionate protestors. Your sarcasm about the group offering free pizza may be prophetic. If we do not spread the wealth in this country, you may well be the one delivering that pizza.

A Response to Prof. Sylvester Tuohy

Prof. Michael Perrota
Faculty Advisor

A Response to Dr. Marie Werner

Opinion Editor

Martin Totland

Professor Tuohy and I have had extensive discussions regarding this topic and seem to be far apart on our stances. The Pace Chronicles decision to print the The G-Spot is simple: college students have sex, and the more they know about it the better. The column is well researched and well written, and in no means encourages promiscuous behavior. College students are adults, and yes, they do have sex, and they have it often. The more they recognize the emotions that come with it, as well as information about STDs and pregnancy, they better off they will be. The newspaper staff believes incoming students would appreciate a college newspaper that reports on significant and current social issues that they encounter regularly.

My original article was written a few days before the whole Occupy movement started snowballing, gaining serious momentum, and spreading to other cities. At the time when the article finally appeared in The Pace Chronicle, the status quo had entirely changed. When I first authored my piece about the protests, several credible news outlets, including The New York Times, reported that the numbers for the protests were indeed declining. Additionally The New York Times referenced other news outlets who begged to differ about the number of protesters marching northward to Union Square. It was nothing more than a strange coincidence that their numbers started to swell dramatically around the time that my article was originally published. As for Dr. Werners opening objection that my article lacked a clear objective: I can partly agree to that. I will readily admit that I could have phrased my argument better, which was that the protesters needed a clearer objective, a strong leader figure and more protesters. Now that their numbers have multiplied tenfold, and their plight has spread to other cities, and with filmmaker Michael Moore as one prominent spokesperson for their cause, all my initial objections have been rebutted, and I have no problem with that. I have no problem with youths and young adults making statements about their future; that is why I applied for the position as Opinion Editor for The Pace Chronicle. As for being incorrect about this being a movement in decline, I am indeed incorrect now, but I wasnt then. In the interest of full disclosure I will say that I petitioned my editor-in-chief to hold the article as I had seen numerous news reports attesting to the surge in protesters. After a discussion and the deadline to the publisher rapidly approaching, it was decided to run it anyway. Finally, my statement about free pizza being offered was absolutely sarcastic. However, it was more aimed at our own school as it seems offering free food is the go-to method to entice people to show up for events. And I do not hope I end up as a pizza delivery boy after graduating from Pace; that is why I chose to attend this school. Lets hope I made the right decision.


Dr. Marie Werner wrote a Letter to the Editor criticizing my article about the Occupy Wall Street Protests, and rightly

Revive the Campus Bar

Opinion Editor

Martin Totland

Alcohol is always the devil, have you noticed that? You regularly hear about how alcohol is bad for you and how it ought to be avoided lest you live your life as a fat, unhealthy drunk. This smells suspiciously as one of those issues that are more gray than purely black and white. For example, did you know that there is a link between moderate alcohol consumption and a reduced risk of heart disease, or that moderate drinkers, on average, exercise more than teetotalers and genuine drunks (its hard to do sprints and lift heavy weights after knocking back a

few, I imagine)? Beyond the medical benefits (that youre free to look up anytime), there is no denying that alcohol is a fairly decent social lubricant if applied properly, which might not be so bad in a social setting like college. It is my contention that alcohol isnt necessarily the devil its so often portrayed as (lack of restraint is), and so, I suggest that Pace University revives the bar that used to exist in Kessel Student Center. Perhaps you didnt know that a bar used to exist on campus, but indeed it did. It was, to my knowledge, located in the area that now serves as the Conference Rooms in the Setters Lounge, as well as one on the Briarcliff campus, in what

is now Pace Perk, and from what Ive gathered, they served beer for the most part. Upon learning about the campus bar (from a few professors, I might add. I might also add that Ive heard faculty members deny the existence of a bar) I was also informed that it was shut down in the mid-80s when the drinking age in New York was raised to 21 years. I dont see that being a good reason for it being shut down, really. If they checked for IDs back then, it shouldnt be an issue to check for them now. Regardless, I say it is time for Pace to revive the campus bar, and here is why. Author Christopher Hitchens once said that alcohol makes other people, and indeed life itself, a good deal less boring, and

I am very inclined to agree. Some very interesting encounters in my own life have occurred when sharing a brew or two with a new-found friend. A campus bar, for those of age, would be a nice addition to the social scene on campus. This also leads me to my next point: A campus bar would allow the school to maintain some control on the drinking on campus. A campus bar could be a great way for the school to take control of the flow of alcohol on campus, if handled appropriately. Some ways that could happen: students with alcohol-related offenses on their record would not be served; students can only purchase a predetermined number of drinks; it could be open only on certain days of the week and at certain

hours; etc. Im sure there are more ways for the school to run it, but steps like that would help to maintain control and stop it from devolving into a rowdy hole-in-the-wall. Moreover, itd be a great source of revenue for the school judging by the seemingly unslakeable thirst of Paces student body (Dont look so upset! You know its true). A bar would also serve as a magnificent place to hold certain social events, such as award ceremony after-parties, and so on. It could also cater to events such as the biannual restaurant nights that are orchestrated by the Hospitality Management class, and any Continued on Page 7

Page 7

The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011


The G-Spot
Featured Columnist

By: Gabrielle Davina

When the Fingers do All the Work

Ebony Turner

Whats The-G-Spot About? "College is run by sexual tension. Many of us like sex, have sex, and have walked in on our roommate having sex. Why ignore it? Lets be honest instead. In college, learning doesnt only happen in the classroom, it happens in the bedroom. Don't be shy, now, welcome to the G-Spot." - Gabrielle Davina If you look through my phone, the raunchiest thing youll find is either a picture of a gigantic hickey I got a few years ago or a list of ideas for this column. There are no nude pictures, or sexts, and thank God for that because I definitely lost my phone this weekend. Imagine how humiliating itd be to lose your phone if you were a career sexter? Maybe this doesnt happen so often in college, but sexting scandals in high school and middle school are all over the news. Search it on Google and youre inundated with news stories about how common it is among minors and examples of young people whove gotten themselves in a heap of legal trouble. According to a 2009 MSNBC report, three Pennsylvania, between the ages of 14-and 15-yearold, sent partially nude pictures to three male classmates. When one of the boys phones was seized for texting in class, the teacher saw the nudes and alerted the authorities. Now all six kids are up on child porn charges. In 2008, Florida teen Phillip Alpert was 18-years-old dating a 16-year-old. After a fight, he sent nudes that she had sent to him on his cell phone to her close friends and family members. Now hes 20 and a registered sex offender for having and distributing child pornography. Sucks, right? Should make you think twice about whats worth sending and saving in your inbox. When I state sexting scandals arent as common in college as in high school, thats not to say sexting itself isnt common. You just dont hear about scandals because horny college kids are mostly 18 and over. Even if you say you only send nudes to people you trust, how can you be sure you trust the right people? I dont think you can be. Alpert was dating his girlfriend for two-and-a-half years before he sent her family and friends her nude pictures so I bet she trusted him with everything. Thats a big oops on her part. Just because sexting doesnt call for the use of condoms, doesnt mean you dont need to be safe when doing it. For those of you who sext with pictures, I dont know how much sense I can slap into you in this tiny column. My rule is that if someone is going to see me naked, its only going to be in person. Thats just me, thoughif you think your ladyparts or man-junk look that good on camera that you just cant stop sending people proof of them, leave your face and other identifiers, like tattoos and birthmarks, out of the pictures. No ones going to be able to tell your hoo-hah or dangly bits from someone elses in a picture so if you leave any identifying marks out of view of the photo, it probably wont come back to haunt you in the future. Sexting with words is a bit less risky. Im all for that, honestly. Sex is such a mental thing - exchanging sexy texts detailing what someone wants to do to you and what you want to do to them is such a turn on. Its foreplay from far away. Just be sure that your sexting is solicited (for example, just because I stated sexting is a turn on, doesnt mean Im interested in receiving it from random GSpot readers). suggested that its a fair assessment not to sext anyone you havent sexed yet in real life. Since Ive received sexts I didnt care for from guys Ive hooked up with in the past, I know that even thats not always the case. Be aware of the other persons reaction. Hell, even ask if its okay. Turning someone off with sexting is counter-productive. What Im getting at here with all of these disclaimers about sexting is that once everythings cleared up and the sexting is safe and solicited, its a wonderful bit of foreplay allowed to us by the advancement of technology. One of my old roommates actually credited it for keeping her relationship with her boyfriend alive despite the distance between them freshmen year. Youre smartjust know that pictures can last forever, as can words written down or typed up. Being smart is being safe, and being safe is being sexy!

N*gga What? N*gga Who:

Is society too sensitive with this forbidden word?
What is 40 Acres and a MacBook? Whether its the questionable news headlines on Fox or when we walk into Kessel and see all the same kids sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, its time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a Macbook - a modernized compensation for the world in which we are forced to live in. People who are not black and name, because I could not believe dles and tip toes around the black met with the happenstance of say- that a human being, American community. Constantly treating ing the word nigger or any of citizen, and potential presidential ourselves like victims, and on its various twists treat it as if they nominee would have this as the live television, only perpetuates are in Hogwarts and are talking title for any plot of land. What the ongoing cycle of inequality about Voldemort. baffled me even more was Sherri we continually fight for. This is not only true for black Its the word that goes unsaid Shepherds verbal crucifixion of regardless of the context, but are Barbara Walters for repeating the culture but for many minorities; we taking our limitations on dis- name of the ranch and continuing part of being in an equalized socussing the word too far? to say the name whilst discussing ciety is having all of our faults and triumphs on the table and beHow are we able to really it. fully create a society ing able to discuss them in that blends with one ana civilized, constructive other when we refuse to matter. Denying that they talk about topics that are ever existed is insulting at controversial, yet are still best and immature how relevant to that goal? can we be ashamed of a Discussing the word term that has become so nigger should not be in normalized in our commuany way censored - the nity that we have turned it way it has been if it is beinto a term of endearment? ing discussed, regardless While that in itself is of the race. It is an unforslightly ignorant, it makes tunate part of our history, it difficult for other culand we cannot move past tures to sympathize with it by pretending it never The discussion of the N-word sparked debate our disdain for the word and whether a Caucasian (Walters) can utter happened and forcing when it has become such the word. Photo From ABC Studios others to do the same. an embraced part of our I normally do not community. While the studio audience You do not see people of watch The View because I feel if I wanted to watch five, 40 and stood up and applauded Shep- the Jewish faith saying Whats over women discuss daily events herd for being the champion of good my kike? or Thats my I would videotape my aunts at our censoring Walters, I sat in utter kike right there, but that does family reunion but thats beside disappointment. Not only was the not mean we cannot discuss the the point. However, on this fate- context in which Walters said the destructive role this term played ful day, I am glad I had my eyes word nigger appropriate, but in the period of time it was used. peeled to the television because also it was not out of line or wor- Nigger is no different, and frankthe topic of discussion was Presi- thy of the embarrassment Shep- ly, the best way we can fully grasp the depth of history behind dential candidate Rick Perrys herd served her. Instances like this bother me the term is to stop pretending its Niggerhead Ranch. I could not help but laugh most because the more we coddle the pale nostril-less man who is when Whoopi Goldberg said the this word, the more society cod- trying to kill Harry Potter.

Revive the Campus Bar

Continued from page 6...

I suspect Im not alone. Alcohol isnt always the devil, then. It actually has some upsides: it has inspired countless, memorable (yet easily forgettable) conversations and creative ideas; it is a great social implement, and it tastes A campus bar existed in both Pleasantville pretty good. I supand Briarcliff campuses. pose it can spur great Photo From Sam Light conversations and events where a steady supply of ideas because of how it lowers cocktails would be a benefit; I can your inhibitions, making you think of several. more apt to propose ideas you Besides, I know I would like might have been too self-conthe opportunity to share a drink scious to air if you didnt have a with some of my professors, and few in your system.

Who knows, maybe having a drink or two could be beneficial to some students? If you were to believe the good lads over at the British Medical Journal, regularly imbibing moderate amounts can have positive effects on your cognitive abilities and help ward off later onset brain diseases. According to one study performed, participants who had about 30 drinks per week performed better on logic and mathematical reasoning tests, than those who drank little to nothing. So maybe slugging back a beer or two before that math test is a good idea after all. Besides, do you realize how delicious beer really is? Besides Bud Light, that is. Cheers!

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Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011


Blinks Back in the Neighborhood

Featured Reporter

John Robb

Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker, and Mark Hoppus are back, but its not the Blink-182 that we all remember, so if youre looking for an album to fill the shoes of Enema of the State, you may be disappointed. Blinks new studio album, Neighborhoods, was released on Sept. 27, and it has a more mature sound with more sophisticated compositions than the harsh punk rock riffs that resonated through their previous albums. The album features less screaming into the microphone about three teenagers messing around and more stories of a more mature trio thats been through many more life experiences than the previous Blink. The album starts off with soft drums and an ambient noise, uncharacteristic of the punk rock group that we all know from Blink-182s hits that everyone could recognize in a heartbeat such as All the Small Things and Whats My Age Again. By about 10 seconds into the album, a distinct punk riff slowly crescendos into the composition. Eventually, its a full blown distinct Blink-182 track, with DeLonge singing in a slightly less whiny voice than his previous

member that jumped into another band. In 2005, both Hoppus and Barker co-founded the band +44, which also ended up being a combination of punk and alternative rock. T h i s Blink-182 album is a combination of the old and new. Natives is a fast-paced song, yet it has complex rhythmic patterns and lacks the harsh punk riffs Blink 182s new album in eight years, Neighborhoods. Photo from Interscope Records that characalbums. opposed to a punk group, Angels terize a punk rock song. DeLonges change in vocal and Airwaves was an alternative Love is Dangerous strongly style was most likely a result of rock group that had a much softer alludes to I Miss You, from his involvement in the band An- tone than Blink-182. their self-titled album, with its gels and Airwaves, in which he During Blinks hiatus, De- minor tonality and emotional and was the lead man of the group. As Longe wasnt the only band ambient sound.

Up All Night was a single from the album released on July 15, which was not positive advertising for the album. The single is an average song with sloppy guitar riffs, average drum patters, and an excessive use of effect pedals. Sure, the bridge and the chorus are catchy, but that barely compensates for the rest of the song that sounds like an amateur band, not one that has been working in professional bands for nearly two decades. Luckily, this song was not an example for the rest of the album. If Blink-182 were to be graded on keeping their sound, they wouldnt pass with flying colors like they did eight years before, but this is still good music. Yes, it is punk rock, and yes, it is more mature, but they just incorporated a touch of alternative rock into their music from their personal musical experiences during the bands hiatus. Blink is an older band now, as Neighborhoods could almost be considered a mid-life crisis for Hoppus, as he will round 40-years next March. Blink-182 grew out their roots and touched on some new ideas that really enhanced their sound, and now all that fans can do is hope that Blink sticks together long enough to make another album.

Arrested Development Fans Put Their Hands Up

Hit sitcom announces fourth season, and a film
Featured Reporter

Tim Doyle

Grab that frozen banana and start to chicken dance, for the Bluths are back! After years of speculation of a potential feature film, it was announced on Oct. 2, that Arrested Development would return for a fourth season that will lead into a feature film. The entire Arrested Development cast gathered on stage at the New Yorker Festival and delivered the big news to devoted fans. Were trying to do a limitedrun series into the movie, said series creator Mitchell Hurwitz. Were basically hoping to do nine or 10 episodes, with almost one character per episode. Hurwitz later went on to discuss the potential roadblocks that could arise from these two projects. They both [require] studios to work together that dont typically work together - film and TV. Since the cult classic went off the air in Feb. 2006, there have been multiple rumors of a feature film in the works; only no progress was ever made. The short-lived, three-season run of Arrested Development on

After a short-lived on, Arrested Development is set to return with a brief television run and feature-length film . The entire cast reunited for a panel at The New Yorker Festival in New York on Oct. 2, 2011, and agreed to return and film. No word yet on what network the new season will premiere on. Photo from Fox Broadcasting Company FOX was cancelled due to low ratings. However DVD sales have generated a massive fan base revolving around one of the funniest, smartest comedies in recent years. The Emmy Award winning series follows the story of the eccentric Bluth family and their struggling company. After his father is imprisoned, Michael Bluth (played by the hilarious Jason Bateman) takes over the family company. However, keeping the company from going under is only half the battle. Keeping his dysfunctional, outrageous family together is more difficult than he imagined. Dealing with his awkwardly shy son, George-Michael (Michael Cera); failure-of-a-magician brother, G.O.B. (Will Arnett); his baby brother who suffers from crippling panic disorders, Buster (Tony Hale); his lazy, materialistic sister, Lindsay (Portia de Rossi); her discredited Analytical-Therapist, or Analrapist- turned-Blue Man groupie husband, Tobias (David Cross); their witty, movie executive daughter, Maeby (Alia Shawkat); his alcoholic mother, Lucille (Jessica Walter); and his imprisoned father, George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor); Michael quickly learns he is in way over his head. From running the familys banana stand to meeting Saddam Hussein, Michael and the rest of the Bluth family gave fans comedic gold rarely seen on television. Coming in 2013, that comedic genius will return to television; and the silver screen. Well that was a freebee.

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Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011

YES, Good People Deserve Good Things

Arts Professor shows true passion for students
Featured Reporter

Samantha Finch

Yvette Jones has been a devoted Pace employee since 2007. As the administration assistant of Paton Hall and the Visual Art Department, Jones is in charge of the usual office work produced by the university, and much more. Joness responsibilities expand to cover areas such as general department support, gallery exhibition, marketing, event planning, community outreach, and art management. Each aspect of the job provides a myriad of individual tasks that both keep her busy and on her toes.

Additionally, Jones is the supervisor for some of Paces work study programs within the Visual Arts Department. She is responsible for the hiring and maintenance of positions such as the Choate House Gallery Assistants whom are responsible for the set up and break down of each art show; the Computer Assistants whom are responsible for digital design classes; and the Photography Lab Assistants whom are in charge of the chemical aspects of the photo printing process as well as monitoring the use of the dark room. She excels in everything that she does, said sophomore childhood education student Alison Wu, an art gallery assistant. She

is very organized, knows exactly what she is doing. Jones attended Long Island University in Southampton for her undergraduate degree in art education and graduated in 1989. She later went to New York University, where she received her masters degree in Visual Art Administration. She takes care of all the details of running the department, said Chair of the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts Department Robert Klaeger. Shes exceptionally student-focused and helpful to them. For all of the efforts she has displayed in her four years at Pace, in 2010 and in 2011 Jones received the YES Recognition

Award for her remarkable work in all of her duties. She also received an Outstanding Achievement Award, further solidifying her positive influence on the community. Last month, Jones was nominated to receive the official Pace YES Award for her exceptional achievements and dedication to her position. The award is designed for staff and faculty, as well as students staff, to receive notice for the everyday professional achievements. The award can be won one month in the year through the university. Additionally, Jones will be eligible to win the award on an annual scale which is awarded through Employee Recognition

Nomination Committee. Jones hopes that winning of the award will make way for her to participate in other prominent aspects of the Visual Arts Department. Jones enjoys her duties for the Pace community, stating, I love what I do and feel strongly about my position and mission at Pace University in assisting the Visual Arts Department in progressing and having students reach their full potential. With her positive outlook, work ethic, and inspirational sense of duty, Yvette Jones has displayed all the qualities that set her apart from employees and further encourages her win of the terrific award and opportunity.

A Novel New Take on Good Old Classic Horror

Featured Reporter

American Horror Story

Harrison C. Davies

It has been a good while since television has been graced with a horror series which restores the genre to its roots. The new FX original series American Horror Story, produced by Ryan Murphy, has surprisingly lived up to expectations as it takes on a classic plot line, but brings a lot of other new terror elements to the table. Television audiences are introduced to Vivien Harmon, played by Connie Britton, and Dr. Benjamin Harmon, played by Dylan McDermott, a struggling couple who have moved into the haunted house in order to restore the old love they used to have for each other. American Horror Story gets right into the action when odd things begin happening to the couples daughter (Taissa Farmiga), which in turn puts stress on the already strained marriage, which only worsens when the couple begins experiencing their

new houses deep dark secrets, as well as strange visits from the mysterious Constance, played to perfection by Academy Award winner Jessica Lange. Like most other dramatic television series, American Horror Story likes to keep people tuning in with its clever use of cliffhangers, which are not used to the best strength in this venue, instead the network seems to rely on the next episodes preview to draw audiences in, which seems to be working based on the ratings of the first two episodes, so maybe just like its protagonists American Horror Story is taking risks and trying new ways to market itself. It seems FX has kind of lost its edge since the cancelation of the also Murphy produced Nip/Tuck but it seems that this new series just has too much going on in its novel plotline to not make it for a few seasons so my advice is to just sit back and relax and expect the unexpected because American Horror Story is everything a viewer would require in a good New FX series American Horror Story debuted to high ratings fot the cable network on Oct. 5. horror series, but nothing that Photo from FX they would really anticipate. Name: KatieBoo Brown Major: Communications Class of 2013 Do you live on campus? No sir. Off campus, but catch me mobbin in the Montero. How would you describe your style? Dynamically indescribable. Favorite retail store? Zara, Nordstrom, many thrift stores, my closet. Where are your accessories from? The necklace was from a boutique (my grandmothers closet). She actually took my rosary-esque necklace and told me she was keeping it to pray and I could never wear it again because I was being I traded that joint like a Pokemon card. My earrings were actually from a boutique in Maryland (one of my exclusive spots). My shoes are actually from Target...front on it if you want to. I know how to get it. Do you have a process for putting an outfit together? I usually have a vision in my mind...if I dont I meditate and find one item I really want to highlight and work around that.

Trend Setters
Featured Reporter

Torraine Humes

Trend Setters is a special feature highlighting a Pace student and his/her fashion sense. This issue focuses on focuses on KatieBoo Brown. Photo By Torraine Humes

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Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011

Setter Sports

Volleyball Advances in NE-10

13-6 overall. Up next was Merrimack in a conference, home Dig Pink game on Oct. 14. The volleyball team donated money to Breast Cancer Awareness for each dig, block, assist, or kill they made as individuals. The Setters swept through the Warriors 3-0. Pace won 25-15 in the first game, hardly allowing Merrimack to score at all. The second game was 25-18 with the Setters leading with both control and points. The third game was sealed 2521 with the Warriors last attempt of winning a game, and coming close, but Pace finished the match off. Junior, outside hitter/setter and elementary education student Nora Rugova, led the offense with 11 kills and once service ace as well as contributing to the defense with seven digs, junior, middle blocker and media communications student Tamilee Webb, added nine kills and four solo blocks, and junior, outside hitter/libero and biology student Elyse Rowland, led the defense with 15 digs and a service ace. Freshmen outside hitter Melanie Pavels also added 10 kills to the offense and eight digs to the defense, and freshman right side/ outside hitter Kelsi Root also added five kills. Senior, setter and marketing student Shea Hansen totaled 26 assists and seven digs for the match. With this win, the Setters improve their overall record to 14 wins and six losses, and advance in conference matches to 5-2. Next, Pace took up UMASS Lowell and won in four games this home conference match. The Setters made a statement to these long-time rivals that they intended on winning the match when they swept through them 25-15 to start off. The River Hawks responded with a fight the second game that went 20-25, taking the win. In the third game, Pace kept fighting and forced the game to go 26-24 but the Setters ultimately taking the win. Pace was not about to go another close game and take the risk of building up the River Hawks momentum or energy. To finish them off, the Setters ended the match 25-13 in the fourth game. Hansen led the Pace defense with 27 digs and added to the offense three kills as well as a game high of 41 assists, and fellow senior, libero/defensive specialist and business administration student Ursula Vero, added 16 digs to the defense. Rowland added to the Setter defense 16 digs, six assists and one kill, Rugova led the offense with 17 kills and contributed to the defense with 16 digs as well, and Webb added 10 kills to the offense also. Pavels also added 22 digs and 12 kills.

Football Loses NE-10 Match Against Stonehill

Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Pace volleyball Setters displaying defense at a home game in the Goldstein Fitness Center. Photo by Adam Samson/ The Pace Chronicle
Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

After suffering two losses in a row in conference play, Pace volleyball improved their Northeast-10 (NE-10) Conference record, winning against Southern Connecticut State on Oct. 11, and have been on a four winning streak ever since. The Pelzs gym stands were filled as the Southern Connecticut Owls played at home. The crowd was loud and attempted to distract the Setters with their yelling, but Pace won the game in three rounds. Setters swept the Owls in the first game, winning 25-15. It was a strong start on behalf of Pace, making a statement that the Setters were there to win.

Points kept adding up for Pace while Southern Connecticut continued to make the slightest mistakes and couldnt pick up the kills from the Setter offense. In the second game, the Owls fought hard, but Pace won 25-23. The lead kept flip-flopping between the Setters and Southern Connecticut, to the point where the Owls kept pushing and earned a seven-point lead over Pace. Nevertheless, the Setters pulled it together to regain control of the game and take the win from Southern Connecticut. Pace sealed the third set 2520. The Setters played to finish the game and got away with losing a couple of points, but they made sure the Owls didnt get control of the game. With this win, Pace advances 3-2 in conference matches and

In a Northeast-10 Conference match, Pace lost against Stonehill Colleges Skyhawks 49 - 0. The loss puts the Setters 1 - 5 overall and 0 - 4 in conference games. The Skyhawks started off early with energy and intensity with four touchdowns from the running back that left Stonehill in the lead. At the halftime the Skyhawks were up 42-0. Coming back into the second half, the defense for Pace showed up and the Skyhawks wouldnt be able to score again until the fourth quarter on a rushing touchdown to end the game 49 - 0. Linebacker and senior psychology student Vincent Romano led the Pace defense with 10 tackles. While offensively, running back and senior criminal justice student Eric Santos rushed 61 yards and running back and freshman business student Blair Wynn ran 53 yards.

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Im Not Ready for Some Football

Sports Columnist

Sports on the Side:

CJ Dudek

Pace Soccer for the Win

Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

About Sports on the Side: Want to keep up with the fast paced world of sports but simply do not have the time to keep up with it all? Fear not, for there is a solution. From the first pitch to the last second shot and everything in between, Sports on the Side will cover all the major stories in the national news of sports. This musical introduction had been around for most of our lives. It begins with the drums playing at a fairly quick pace accompanied by images of fighter planes, aircraft carriers, and one Philadelphia Eagle running with the football. The song continues with a quick little guitar riff joined by more pictures of planes, wide receivers catching footballs, and cheerleaders motivating their respective teams. There is then a shot of one man in cowboy attire: Hank Williams, Jr. The man who boasts about his rowdy friends, passionately introduces the night's game, and yells one of the more popular quotes in the entire sport: "Are You Ready for Some Football!?" But now, after a twenty year run, "All My Rowdy Friends" will no longer be the introduction song for Monday Night Football on ESPN. The song has been pulled by ESPN on Oct. 3, due to Williams scathing comments regarding President Barack Obama. On top of the comments themselves, Williams' halfhearted apology not only suggests that he was not sorry for any of his remarks, but rather that he seems more angry that ESPN decided to stop using his song on air. The reason that the worldwide leader in sports pulled the plug on Williams and his song is simple: ESPN has to protect its best interests moving forward, and keeping someone as inflammatory as Williams would hurt the company name.

Pace soccer has been on a four game winning streak after tying against nationally ranked Southern Connecticut. Boosting their confidence as a team, the Setters took wins from the last three home games and the recent away conference game. On Oct. 12, it was the Pink for Breast Cancer game against Le Moyne where Pace took the win 4 - 2. The Dolphins went on the field aiming for a goal but the Setters kept it a scoreless first half with spotless defense. Pace scored two goals in a row before Le Moyne could try to break the scoreless match, on the Dolphins part, coming in to the Frankly, it was the right decision to make. Williams "apologized" through his publicist and there is little doubt that not only is Williams not sincerely sorry for what he said, but also that there is nothing stopping him from saying something much worse in the future.

second half. Middle junior communications student Olivia Mapplethorpe, assisted by middle/forward junior psychology student Seanna Wright, scored both the first goal to break the scoreless match and the first out of the two she made for the entire match at the 46:54 time-mark. Not long after, forward sophomore communications student Amanda Mundorf, assisted by senior forward and education student Allyson Dyl and freshman middle nursing student Geena Kooner, scored the second Pace goal at the 57:07 minute mark. Le Moyne stepped up their offense to score their first goal, ESPN is right to draw the line at what Williams could and could not say because although he may not have been an employee of the network, the relationship was so close that Williams comments are controversial enough to make ESPN look bad.

breaking the Setters lead. Dolphins Christie Morano, assisted by Stephanie Bonzerato, left the score 2-1 at the 60:49 mark. But again, two more goals were scored to keep the Setters in the lead immediately after the Le Moyne goal. The third goal for Pace was at the 60:51 time-mark, right after the Dolphins goal, when Mundorf assisted Mapplethorpe in her second personal goal for the match and the third goal for the game. At the 70:04 minute, Dyl steps in to take another goal, assisted by Jillian Ferro, extending the Continued on Page 12

Who will replace Hank Williams Jr. as the introduction to Monday Night Football? That remains to be seen. However, there is no guarantee that any of Williams' replacements will be as rowdy or as ready for football.

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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011

Setter Sports

Pace Soccer for the Win

Continued from page 11...
Up next, Pace traveled to Waltham, MA for another conference match, against Bentley on Oct. 15. It was a very close and intense match that ended with the Setters winning 3-2. Pace started scoring early at the four-minute mark when Mundorf scored the first Pace goal out of the Falcons goalie misplay in the box. The second goal for Mundorf and for the game was at the 15:10 mark when Bentley turnover the ball and Pace was ready to take that miscommunication to turn it into a Setter advantage. By the end half, the Setters were up 2-0. Coming back into the second half, Pace scored for a third time at the 69:46 time-mark by junior forward and education student Meghan Tremblay, assisted by Ferro, taking the lead a long way for the Falcons to catch up. At the 70:30 time, Bentleys Jenna Skagerlind scored the first goal for the Falcons off a corner kick. Bentley scored again at the 74:48 minute-mark, upping the score to 3-2 off of another corner kick that was knocked in. Paces defense stepped in to prevent any more goals as well with the Falcons doing the same, leaving the score at 3-2 in the Setters favor. With this win, the Setters extend their overall record to six wins, seven losses, and one tie (6-7-1) and improve in the Northeast-10 conference record to 5-61.

Pace soccer team on the attack during a home game in the Briarcliff campus. Photo by Susana Verdugo-Del Real/The Pace Chronicle Pace lead 4 - 1. The final attempt Le Moyne had to score was at the 86:18 time-mark where Christie Morano scored the last goal for the Dolphins, however Le Moyne still fell short, giving Pace the victory. Pace advances their overall record 5 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie (5-7-1) as well as improving their conference record to 4-6-1.

Setter Spotlight

Ali Mourtada
Sports Editor

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Senior psychology major, and kicker for Pace football, Ali Mourtada came from Sierra Leone in West Africa to Foxboro, Mass. with his family, in hopes of leaving behind the dangers of the Diamond Wars and to seek better opportunities. Mourtada was on the plane to America on his fourth birthday and now he is a big time Patriot fan. He grew up with a passion for football and wants to take it to the next level by becoming a professional kicker. He plans to give back to those who are in tough situations and dont have the same opportunities hes had. PC: Whose idea was it to leave Sierra Leone? AM: The rebels were taking over the place so my dad decided to move us all here and get better opportunities. PC: Who left with you? AM: My family, that is: my dad, my mom, and my two older sisters. PC: How did your family know where to go? AM: We already had some family here because some of my dads brothers came to school or lived here, so when we moved we went to where we had family already, which was in the Boston area in Foxboro. PC: How often do you get to see your family now? AM: Once a month I go home. With football, I dont really go home often because we practice Sundays but its not too bad since they visit and come to most of my games, especially the ones in Massachusetts. PC: Were you involved with any other sports besides football? AM: Yeah, when I was younger, I had to pick between soccer and football because they were around the same and I chose football. But, I also played basketball when I was in high school. PC: What made you pick football? AM: Well, although my mom was hesitant about me playing a contact sport, my parents let me do what I loved to do. I think the intensity of it; its just something I fell in love with. Its really a love for the sport and the competitive nature. PC: Why did you decide to be a kicker? AM: Because I played soccer when I was younger, that helped me, but I was born an athlete. I also played wide receiver and safety in high school. I pride myself in being a kicker and I wanted to make an impact; it helps that the field is the same size everywhere. PC: What are your long-term goals? AM: Im really looking to make some money to give back to where I came from, and give back to the people there. I want to make an impact on the people around me, to better myself but really try to help others in tougher situations in try to make it not so difficult for them. PC: Have you ever been injured? AM: I tore my hip flexor sophomore year. I was out most of the season. I was limited to do things and I only played three games. Then, in my junior year, I re-tore it. I wasnt in full strength until my last games. PC: How did you get that injury? AM: I never focused on flexibility so I was kicking without warming up. The second time I tore it, I never rehabbed correctly so scar tissue built up and it tore again. Those were the worst days of my life, having to sit out. PC: How do you feel coming in your senior year? AM: Coming back, Im trying to show the freshmen the right work ethic. Personally, I thank God Im healthy to help out the team. PC: How do you think you are

Senior psychology student and football player Ali Mourtada, this weeks Setter Spotlight Photo by Adam Samson/The Pace Chronicle doing so far? AM: Personally, kicking wise, Ive had an alright season, but there is always room for improvement. PC: What are your expectations this year? AM: As a team, we are going through a rough time but that was expected. We have a lot of freshmen in this year. The benefits will come but we have to keep at it, thats when character comes up, when things arent going good. When things get rough, you have to keep the mindset that you have a goal and you want to achieve it. PC: What is your main influence that has impacted your life for the drive you have to give back? AM: Im very family-oriented. My parents and my two older sisters have always been hard on me, bringing me back to earth. They have always been there for me, so there is where all my pride comes from. My family doesnt live in a third-world country, but I have some family that does. PC: Do you think youll ever go back to Sierra Leone and visit? AM: Id love to go back. We dont really have too much family there anymore but I have gone back to Lebanon, seeing how they live makes you really appreciate what you have here like having electricity 24/7 versus shutting them off unannounced to try to save electricity. PC: What quote do you live by? AM: We are what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit by Aristotle and Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion by Muhammad Ali.

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