Identifying and Releasing Self Sabotage

(Part 2b: Instructions to Program in Cue Word)

Lesson #1

By Stacey Mayo, MCC Center for Balanced Living, Inc.

Life Transformation Tools & More Lesson 1: “Identifying and Releasing Self Sabotage (Part 2b)” Programming Cue Word: Instructions to Program in Cue Word Step 1: Choose a Cue Word. my subconscious mind. “Whenever I say or think the cue word (Insert Your Cue Word). You will use this cue word to clear negative beliefs and install new positive beliefs. preferably one syllable. You can change it later if you desire. peace or trust or neutral connotations like blue. will immediately go in and eliminate every single emotional root and deepest cause of any problem I wish to treat. http://www. limiting belief. Step 2: You may read these instructions out loud once and only once. and former decisions that are not in perfect alignment with the new empowering beliefs I wish to embody. as I say or think my cue word repeatedly in sequence. you will access deeper and deeper layers of these patterns as well as all parts and all aspects of my being. active memory. Do not choose a word with a negative connotation. negative emotion. I now believe I can use this simple technique to eliminate any problem I may ever wish to treat and install any new empowering belief or pattern I may ever wish to embody. . This word should be a short word. Choose your cue word now.All Rights Reserved.” Adapted from instructions from Grant Connolly and Colette Streicher.LifeTransformationTools. red. as you will repeat it over and over about 10 times for each statement you wish to treat. to effect the best of all possible outcomes with this and every clearing. or sky. OR You can listen to the recording and that will install the cue word for you as your subconscious mind hears the instructions. So you want to make it easy on yourself. Inc. And that each time I notice a pattern I wish to eliminate. And my subconscious mind will do this for me every time. You will also eliminate any doubt. You will not need to read them again in the future. fear. recurring pattern that no longer serves me. The word should have either a positive connotation like win. you. eliminating any misalignment with the new belief or pattern I intend to embody. © 2008 Center for Balanced Page 2 . Instructions to Read Out Loud: I hereby set the intention within you my subconscious mind.

All Rights Reserved. Inc. Releasing Self Sabotage . © 2008 Center for Balanced Living. http://www.Lesson 1. A Tool for Clearing What’s in the Way – Lesson 1. Previous Lessons ZPoint.Life Transformation Tools & More Lesson 1: “Identifying and Releasing Self Sabotage (Part 2b)” Next Step in this Lesson Clearing Resistance … Click Here to access. Part 2a … Click Here to access. Getting Started Quick … Click Here to Page 3 . . Part 1 … Click Here to access.LifeTransformationTools.

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