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by: Isabela Aragon

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Introduction 3 Information ..... pg. 4-5 Climate and location 6 Important places 7-16 Transportation 17 18 Celebrations ..... pg. 19-20 Aztecs 21-24 Conclusion ..... pg. 25


A legend says that if you go to Mxico you will not leave. Every year trillions of tourist go to Mxico and they never forget that cultural and artistic image. You can visit many places like pyramids, and aztecs temples where they live and pray. So come with me and I will teach you a perfect and beautiful country.


Mxico and USA have the second biggest border in the world! People did you know that little kids in Mxico do not receive christmas presents on the twentyfourth of December, they receive them on January 6. This day they celebrate the arrival of three wisemans.

The chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world and is the name after a Mexican state. Mexican flag has three stripes, green are for hope, red is for blood of Mexican people, and white represents purity. The eagle represents an Aztec symbol.

Climate and location

Mxico, has a great location its between USA and Central America. Border on the north with the United States of America, by the south with Guatemala and on the west with Pacific Ocean. Finally on the east of Gulf of Mxico. Mxico has a perfect climate for all family at all ages. It is a perfect mix of winter and summer. It is also very relaxing.

Important places

Mxico has a variety of places. Im going to list you the most important places in United Mexican States.

1. Teotihuacan:

Before the Europeans came the center of the Aztec Empire was one of the largest cities in the world. Today this is one of the most marvelous ruins in the whole world.

2. Chichen itza:

This was a Mayan city in the Yucatn Peninsula and tourists favorite destination because the landmarks are amazing. This city has the pyramid temple, called El Castillo.

3. Tulum:

This site is situated on the east coast of the Yucatn Peninsula. In the past it was the major port of the Mayan city. This is the only ruin that it is over the coast. When the people go to Tulum they can`t miss the tropical beaches.

4. Copper Canyon:

This Canyon is located on the east Pacific coast Chihuahua al Pacifico. The train track passes over 37 bridges and through 86 tunnels.

5. Palenque:

Palenque is an archeological site. Is on the state of Chiapas and on the Mayan empire. But it contains some of the finest architecture, sculpture.

6. Los Cabos:

This beautiful beach has a different contrast because you can see the blue ocean over a desert with cactus and rocks.

7. Cozumel:

This is a small island near Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula. There are beautiful beaches. This is a nice place to scuba dive and snorkeling.

8. Guanajuato:

It was founded in 1554 and is the biggest and richer silver area in Mxico. It was the old capital of Mxico.

9. Acapulco:

In Acapulco you can visit the clift dives, this is an impressive rock where the people jump and dive into the ocean.


Mxico city offers a really special way to transport visitors, vacationers, and people who live there. They have both public and private transportation. They make an efficient way to travel. You can travel by car, metro, tour bus, taxi, eco bikes or trains.

Mxico has a unique taste, every state has a different plates. They have a big variety of chile and food like Mexican soup, tacos, quesadilla, alambre, enchilada, mole. The Tortilla is the most served meal, it is made out of corn or flour you can make tacos with it . El Fogocinto is a fabulous restaurant in many places around Mxico but the most comfortable is in the DF; tourist love to go there.


Mexico has many celebrations these are some examples: Cinco de Mayo is the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. On that day Mexicans won an important battle against the French army. That was a great point for Mxico because France was invading them.

Why were the French invading Mxico? Because, Mxico was having big problems, they owed money to other countries, especially France. France attacked them trying to take the money back.


The Aztecs ruled this empire, they were very strong and energetic, they made the first civilization in Mxico. They can build great cities and temples to their Goods and they have a beautiful paint art. Boys were trained to handle arms and weapons at early ages. Boys at four years old dreamed of being great warriors.

They had an emperor. He was very important and the people voted for him. The ordinary people couldnt look at him face to face. The kings, queens,prince, or princess had to change their clothes to see him. They thought they controlled everything like climate, politic, and social things.

There were two special games. The most important was ULUMA. This game symbolize the sun across the sky. It was played in court buildings near the temple.

There two teams tried to score a point by throwing the ball through a stone ring. They played with their hips, elbows, and knees. They could not play with his heads, hands, or feet. The Aztecs introduced chocolate, corn, and a variety of chiles to the world!


Mxico is a wonderful place to visit because you can find culture, history, fun things to do and go. If you have the chance to visit this country dont waste this opportunity, you will never regret. My personal experience show me a amazing and fabulous country for that reason i hope you will learn something new about Mxico.

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