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Summary of the Lesson Plan: This social studies lesson is designed for 2nd grade students to review this unit on economics. The students will be dressing up as what they want to be when they get older and talk about the profession they have chosen. B. Target Population: Grade Level: Second Grade Skill Level: Students at all learning levels Grouping: Whole group for steps 1 5, individual practice for step 6, whole group closure C. Materials: Students (dressed to impress) Rubric for each student Popsicle sticks with student names D. Objectives: o NV State Social Studies Standards E11.2.1. Identify businesses in the community. E9.2.2 Identify consumers and where they make purchases. E9.2.3 Identify producers in your neighborhood and community.

Student-Friendly Standards I will be able to give a presentation detailing my chosen profession, where (the company) I work in the community and what goods and services I provide.

E. Procedure: 1. Teacher review producers, consumers and businesses with students. 2. Teacher will introduce the presentation rubric and explain what will need to be provided in the short presentation each student will give. 3. Explain that students will need to include what their profession is, where they work in the community (i.e. the fire department) and what goods and/or service they provide in their profession. 4. Explain that each presentation will be about ten minutes long and the students will be chosen at random (by popsicle sticks with student names.)

5. Teacher will also explain that two to three minutes will be given for anyone who has questions at the end of every presentation. 6. Teacher will start picking out Popsicle sticks to choose the order in which the students will present. This step will be repeated until each student presents.

1. CLOSURE: The teacher will review that there are several businesses in our communities that are essential for our everyday lives-we need to buy groceries so we can cook dinner! Teacher will also review that each business has its own goods or services it provides to the community. The teacher will review some of the examples from the class presentations.

F. Assessment: What will you use to measure student understanding? Teacher will use the individual presentations to measure student understanding. Explain how you will know students understand the concepts from the lesson. Students will have to include in their presentations specifically the vocabulary and concepts used throughout the unit plan. G. Reflection: 1. Which part of the lesson do you think will be the easiest for you to teach? This whole lesson is a wrap up of the unit, so no issues should arise. 2. Which part will be most challenging for you to teach? I think the only part that may have some hiccups is the rubric. Some students may or may not have already seen and followed a rubric. 3. How will you follow up or extend this lesson?

I could extend this lesson by having students write a note to each presenter telling what they thought was the best part about the presentation (profession chosen, what inspired them, etc.) 4. What will you do for students who dont grasp the concepts? I would allow students to ask questions to clear up any uncertainties. 5. Which part of the lesson, if any, do you think might need to change? I think I could have students help me create the rubric and also invite parents into the classroom to enjoy the presentations. 6. When you were writing this lesson plan, what was the most difficult part? This lesson came to me pretty easily and did not encounter any part that was difficult, but if I did need to pick one part, I would say creating the rubric and picking out what needed to be included in the presentations.

Presentation Rubric

Presenter Name:

Provided profession name and details? Where they work in the community? Goods and Services provided?