What is violence? Is it just an act of someone that brings about injuries and causes pains to an individual. A result of an action? I do not think so. What about the inaction of a government, that results in miseries to many it governs. Governments often indulge in this kind of violence, world wide, particularly in the less developed countries. They ignore corrupt acts of their peers and friends. For example, the recent tragedy in Bangla Desh. Violence is not limited to actions of an individual directed to another. History is replete with many examples, where a group of people, a society, a country is responsible for violence not against an individual, a particular group of people; even nations, civilizations. The instances of such violence are increasing day after day, whereby masses are injured, pained, because of not only he actions of some multinational corporates, but also inactions. Inactions even when in full knowledge, that their actions can bring about injuries, not temporary only, like the inactions of Union Carbide, that has destroyed lives of many residents of Bhopal city in India. But are they the only one's? Aren't the educated well off citizenry, that includes us equally participate in this violence? We keep ourselves engaged in love and consumerism, acquiring more wealth, so that we can 'enjoy' life regardless of the miseries it brings about to the fellow human beings. Yes, I believe, I cannot absolve myself of such violence, that happens so often around me, and I remain a moot spectator. Rakesh Mohan Hallen

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