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Opiates or opium (opium) poppy Is a class of naturally occurring narcotic often used by inhaled (inhalation).

Creates a feeling of busyness (rushing sensation) Inspire Feeling sluggish running time. Dizziness, loss of balance / drunk. Feeling increased excitatory lust (sexual barriers disappear). Problems arise in the skin around the mouth and nose. Morphine An active substance (narcotic) derived from opium through chemical processing. Generally opium containing 10% morphine. How to use an injection under the skin, into a muscle or vein (intravenous) Cause euphoria. Nausea, vomiting, difficulty defecating large (constipation). Confusion (confusion). Sweating. Can lead to fainting, heart palpitations. Anxiety and mood swings. Dry mouth and face changing color. Heroin or heroin Is a class of drugs that result from the processing semisintetis morphine are chemically through 4 stages to obtain the purest heroin yield 80% to 99%. Heroin-shaped pure white powder heroin while not pure white gray (street heroin). This substance is very easily penetrate the brain that reacts stronger than morphine itself. Commonly used by injection or inhaled. Arise sense rushing very fast / rushing sensastion ( 30-60 seconds) followed by a sense of fun as the dream of peace and contentment or peace of mind (euphoria). Always wanted to be alone to enjoy it. The pulse slowed. Decreased blood pressure. The muscles become weak / relaxed. Diaphragm eye (pupil) shrink (pin point). Reduce or even eliminate their confidence. Shaping the world itself (dissosial): unfriendly.

Deviations behavior: lying, cheating, stealing, criminal. Addiction can occur within a few days. Side effects difficulties arise sex drive, difficulty passing stool, heart palpitations, redness and itching around the nose, problems arise sleeping habits. If it is tolerance, the more prone to depression and anger, while the mild euphoric effects or short Cannabis or cannabis Derived from the plant cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. At this plant contains three main substance tetrahydrocannabinol, kanabinol and kanabidiol. How to use compressed manner resembling smoked cigarettes or using smoking pipes. Heart rate or pulse faster. Dry mouth and throat. Feeling more relaxed, talkative and happy. It's hard to remember anything of the incident. Performance difficulties that require concentration, swift reactions, and coordination. Sometimes become aggressive and even violent. When use is stopped can be followed by headache, prolonged nausea, fatigue / tiredness. Impaired sleep habits. Sensitive and nervous. Sweating. Fantasize. Increased appetite. LSD or lysergic acid or acid, trips, tabs Including the class of hallucinogens (make imaginary) which is obtained in the form of smallsized paper boxes for stamps in many colors and images. There is also a form of pills or capsules. How to use it by putting LSD on the surface of the tongue and then react after 30-60 minutes and lasts up to 8-12 hours. Arise flavor called Tripping the places such as hallucinations, color and time. Usually this hallucination combined into one to arise obsession with the perceived and wanted to float in it. Being very beautiful or even creepy and over time create a feeling excessive worry (paranoid). Heart rate and blood pressure increase. Diaphragm eyes widened and fever. Disorientation. Depression. Dizziness Panic and fear excessive. Flashback (remembering the past) for a few weeks or months later. Perceptual disturbances such as feeling thin or losing weight.

Cocaine Having two forms of the acid form (cocaine hydrochloride) and the base form (free base). Cocaine acid form of white crystals, slightly bitter taste and more soluble than the free base form that does not smell and bitter taste. Street names sometimes called coca, coke, happy dust, snow, charlie, srepet, snow, white. Abused by inhaling a pile of cocaine that is split into several parts lined up straight on the glass surfaces and objects that have a flat surface. Then inhaled by using a vacuum or a roll of paper. Another way is burned with tobacco is often called cocopuff. Risk of inhaling cocaine wound around the inside of the nostrils. Cause cheerfulness, excessive excitement (ecstasy). Incitement (agitation), anxiety, alertness and sex drive. The use of long-term weight loss. Skin problems arise. Seizures, difficulty breathing. Often remove phlegm or mucus. Smoking cocaine damage the lungs (emphysema). Slow digestion and appetite covered. Paranoid. Feel like there are ticks that spread over the skin (cocaine bugs). Impaired vision (light snow). Confusion (confusion). Talk like a swallow (slurred speech). AMFETAMINNama generic / amphetamine derivative is D-pseudo epinephrine was first synthesized in 1887 and marketed in 1932 as a reduction of nasal obstruction (decongestant). In the form of white powder and grayish. There are 2 types of amphetamines, namely MDMA (methyl dioksi methamphetamine) known as ectacy. Another name fantacy pils, inex. Methamphetamine work longer than MDMA (can be up to 12 hours) and the effect is stronger hallucinations. Other names shabu, SS, ice. How to use in pill form taken. In crystalline form using a paper burnt aluminum foil and the smoke inhaled through the nose, or burned by wearing a specially designed glass bottles (bong). In crystal form can also be dissolved by injection into a vein (intravenous). Heart palpitations feels very (heart thumps). Increase body temperature / fever. Can not sleep. Felt so happy (euphoria). Cause agitation (agitation). Talkative (talkativeness). Becoming more bold / aggressive. Loss of appetite. Dry mouth and thirst. Sweating. Increased blood pressure. Nausea and feeling sick.

Headache, dizziness, tremor / shaking. Arising fatigue, fear and depression in a few days. Brittle teeth, gums recede due to calcium deficiency. Sedative-hypnotic (Benzodiazepines / BDZ) Sedatives (tranquilizers) and hipnotikum (sleeping pills). BDZ street names such as BK, Lexo, MG, Rohip, Dum. How to use potable BDZ, injected intravenously, and rectally. There are drinking BDZ reached more than 30 tablets at once. Lethal dose / lethal is not known with certainty. BDZ when mixed with other substances such as alcohol, can be fatal because putauw suppress central respiratory system. Doctors generally give this medicine to treat anxiety or panic, and the effect of sleep as the main effects, for example aprazolam / Xanax / Alviz. Will reduce self-control and decision-making. Be very careful or do not care, and when injected will increase the risk of HIV / AIDS and hepatitis B and C due to the use of shared needles. Sleeping pills / hipnotikum especially groups such as Seconal barbiturates can be misused. Disruption of prolonged concentration and skill. Eliminate worry and tension (tension). Strange behavior or show signs of confusion thinking process. It seems happy and relaxed. Talk like swallowing (slurred speech). Stagger. Can not give an opinion well. ALCOHOL It is a substance most commonly abused men. Alcohol obtained on yeast / fermented honey, sugar, fruit or tubers. May be obtained from the fermentation of alcohol up to 15% but with the process of distillation (distillation) can produce higher alcohol levels even reached 100%. The maximum blood alcohol content is 30-90 minutes. Once absorbed, alcohol / ethanol suluruh distributed to tissues and body fluids. With increased levels of alcohol in the blood will be euphoria, but with the decline into depression. Known to 3 groups, namely class A alcoholic drink; ethanol content of 1% -5% (beer), class B; ethanol content of 5% -20% (wine / wine) and group C; ethanol content of 20% -45% (Whiskey, Vodca, TKW, Manson House, Johny Walker, Kamput). In general, alcohol: Will shake the feeling that hinder or impede. Feel more connected socially rigid (no problems). Feeling happy and a lot of laughs. Cause confusion.

Not being able to walk. Inhalants or solvents Is volatile vapors are inhaled. For example aerosol, aica aibon, fill lighters, liquid for dry cleaning, paint thinner, steam bensin.Umumnya used by minors or disadvantaged groups / street children. The use of chronic toluene contained in the glue can cause damage to brain function intelligence. At first felt a little aroused. Can eliminate barriers to self-control or function. Breathing becomes slow and difficult. Unable to make decisions. Looks drunk and stagger. Nausea, coughing and sneezing. Loss of appetite. Hallucinations. Behavior becomes aggressive / bold or even violence. It could happen cardiac arrest (cardiac arrest). Excessive consumption can cause permanent brain damage to nerve, muscle fatigue, heart rhythm disorders, inflammation of the lining of the eye, liver and kidney damage and disruption of the blood and bone marrow. Settled redness around the nose and throat. Can an accident that caused the death of them because of falling, of fire, drowning is generally due to intoxication / poisoning and often alone. bat intoxication / poisoning and often alone.