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What particular time of the year you have the most number of customers?

Production 1. 2. 3. 4. How long have you been running the business? What made you chose this business? What are your primary considerations when you put up this business? What are the challenges, problems and setbacks that youve encountered so far? How do you deal with them? 5. How did you acquire your production materials? *Where do you get supplies such as furniture, appliances and other complementary facilities for the resort? 6. What does it consist? How long is each expected to last? 7. What are the common customers complaints you deal with? Financial 1. How much capital did it require to establish this business? What expenses does it cover? 2. What were the requirements in terms of equipment, production materials, and facilities and how much does each cost? 3. Where did you get your finances? 4. What is the general trend in terms of sales? 5. How long did it take before you get your investments back? 6. Approximately, how much profit does the business return? *How much is your rate on investment (ROI)? 7. *What average number of customers do you usually have? What kind of customers do you have? 8. *How do you bill your customers/what is your method of pricing? Does your price changes in response to high, low and peak seasons? 9. What is your rate of uncollectible accounts if any?

Organization 1. Are you also the hands-on-manager of the business? 2. What is your set-up in terms of running the business? *How do you manage the business? 3. How many personnel do you have? And what tasks are each assigned?

4. How do you select your employees/what is the process of hiring? 5. What other legal requirements are necessary? How long did it take you? 6. What is the compensation package you offer to your employees? Marketing 1. *How do you attract/motivate customers to keep on coming/visiting your resort? What form of advertising do you do? 2. *What are the services do you offer aside from the accommodation 3. What sets you apart from other beach resorts?

1. How much is the total required investment for a musical fountain show? 3. How much is the cost of the materials needed? 4. What is your source of financing when you started the business? 5. How much is your average profit per year? 6. How many periods did it take for you to get the full return of your investment? 7. How much is your annual, monthly, weekly, or daily expenses for the operation? (Electricity, Water, Maintenance, Workforce, etc.) 8. How many workers are needed? 9. How much is the monthly salary of these employees? 11. How do you clean the resort? 12. Who are your competitors? 13. What are your marketing strategies?