Title: Philippine’s kindergarten on wheels Slug: Philippines kindergarten Reporter: Madonna Virola Date: 2-2-12 INTRO In the Philippines first

-time schoolchildren at a public school in Quezon City are celebrating their new classrom. It’s a modern learning space with equipment and education tools... and it’s on wheels. The Kindergarten on Wheels is the Philippine’s latest strategy to solve overcrowding in urban schools. Madonna Virola takes us inside. TEXT SFX 1: noise of a parking van A container van parks at the corner of a public elementary school in Quezon City. This is the “Kindergarten on Wheels”, piloted at the President Corazon Aquino elementary school. Two men open the door at the back of the van, and the windows on the left and right. Then they raise tents on each side – and it becomes a classroom. SFX 1: noise of a parking van The project was initiated by Bagong Henerasyon or the New Generation minor political party to help government’s Department of Education. Bagong Henerasyon Congresswoman Bernadette Herrera-Dy says her idea was welcomed by the Secretary of the Department. Bernadette Clip 1 (Female, English): ”When I was presenting this to Secretary Brother Armin Luistro, he was very interested but told me that since we’re now institutionalizing kindergarten, the classroom is becoming a problem, especially in areas where we have no more land to put up a building, even if we have budget for classrooms. So he told me to put up a classroom that will be inside a truck so that’s what we did.” Most public schools in the Philippines roster on two shifts of classes each day, to accommodate the large student population.

SFX 3: children singing The size of truck is enough to accommodate 24 chairs with a small lane in the middle for the teacher to walk through. Tagalog): Here. There are almost 2 million kindergarten students nationwide. Tagalog): Here it’s nice. and a shortage of about 66. Which do you like? Ismael (Male. unlike the usual classroom. I like to study here.” Paulino clip 1 (Male. He believes that the project is sustainable and the classroom truck will become a permanent fixture in his school’s parking lot. Teacher Ivy Galope gives them animal puzzles to solve. It’s new for them because they are in a truck. And now they have a new mobile class to accommodate around 100 students. There’s a television and more. Shaira (Male. Parents are excited too.Kindergarten on Wheels is being piloted in a public school where 600 students share only four classrooms. Madonna Clip 1(Female. The room is beautiful.000 classrooms. The children step out of the truck and gather around chairs and tables. . SFX 2: Madonna talking with the pupils in Tagalog Inside the truck students greet me and continue singing and studying.”// SFX 4: noise of children playing It’s playtime. and the walls are covered by whiteboards for the students to write on. is the principal of this school. Tagalog): ”Overall it’s good for the children. Ivy Galope (with background noise of children) Clip 1 (Female. Teachers like me do not have to shout out loud here because it’s a smaller room. It also has modern audio-visual equipment. Tagalog): //”How are you doing in your new school? Pupils: We’re OK! Madonna: This is different from your former classroom. EnglisH) BED UNDER Paulino Medrano Jr. This is conducive for learning because they are having fun and that is important for them.

then it would be easy to get funding from the national government. Madonna Clip 2 (Female. Tagalog)//”Will you go back to your old classroom? Shaira Clip (Female. Tagalog)//”No! It’s beautiful here. because even if they have a space. at least with this one. If there is no electricity. English)//”Even in far flung areas.More Kindergarten on Wheels units are expected to be rolled out to service schools who need them. and a lot of local government units can put up one from their Special Education Fund which is only used for schools. What if you only have very few students? You can’t really put up big buildings in those areas. it can operate on generator. It costs 18.” SFX 5: noise of children playing The students tell me that they’re thrilled about their new classroom. about the same price as a regular brick classroom. But congresswoman Bernadette Herrera-Dy is convinced that sponsors will come and support this project nationwide.”// SFX 6: pupils in unison say they don’t want to go back to their old classroom For Asia Calling. it’s still difficult to build infrastructure there. If this becomes recognized as an alternative classroom which we are working out now with the Department of Education. this is Madonna Virola reporting from Quezon City.000 US dollars to build one air-conditioned classroom truck. Bernadette Clip 2 (Female. . That’s possible.

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