Architects of Fear

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A collection of people and places for the role-playing game Kult (1st American edition)

by Johnstone Metzger

This document is not intended as an official release of any kind, nor an infringement upon the legal rights and ownership of Kult: Beyond the Veil. This document has been developed for non-commercial use and free dispersal over the internet for the benefit of Kult fans everywhere, and especially members of The Last Cycle. Come visit us at: Kult and related terms are trademarks of Paradox Entertainment under license to the 7th Circle Publishing company. Kult written by Gunilla Johnsson and Michael Petersén. Swedish edition copyright © 1991 Target Games AB. American edition copyright © 1993 Metropolis, Ltd.

This document contains three scenarios revolving around terrible locations. A haunted house, a tropical resort that hides a hideous secret, and an ordinary courtroom that leads to any one of several dark fates. These adventures do not require anything specific from player characters, in terms of histories or abilities, although combat training may be detrimental to the shock and tension of some situations. All three scenarios have been designed to begin longer campaigns that the individual GM designs based on the initial adventure and the (surviving?) player characters.

The Elijah House house is located in rural Massachusetts, just off a lonely stretch of highway. It is surrounded by scrublands and cemeteries. The house was built by Elijah House, shortly after the American Civil War. The hill it was built on was named after Elijah as well, though in time it became known simply as House Hill. Most people nowadays think it is called that because there is a house built on it, and nobody remembers Elijah House.

The Elijah House house is a manifestation, in the Illusion, of The House on The Hill, which exists in Metropolis. It was originally part of the Sacred Garden, where nature (Gaia) is tamed and sculpted for human pleasure. The house tends to attract the people who resided inside it's walls before the Fall of Man, before Elysium was even created. In Metropolis, The House on The Hill has been left untended. Nature has run riot over The Hill, and so The House may no longer manifest itself in urban areas. Still, it tries and tries to recover those who once called it home. Some of those people are the player characters.

But first, the house needs to attract their attention. It can do this in several ways: The Old Seller It turns out the old owner of the Elijah House house is a friend of a friend of the PCs. Their friend from university, Jenette Downing, had been dating Martin Tétreault when he bought the house. He was a long-

but there are also stories about people who were injured. If they look into the "famous" Elijah House house. Doing some routine research. she was in Africa during the whole episode. MASIAKOWSKI Polish assassin. He lived there for a couple weeks. they find it easily enough. usually as the result of drunken dares and bets. went crazy. Perhaps the PCs are brave enough? They sure keep hearing about the damn place. and just ends up moving out and selling it. perhaps not even related to their family tree. He had heard about the reputation of the house. Nobody who moves in can stand to live there for more than a few months. but she does know who Tétreault sold it to – Tymoteusz Masiakowski. AGL 16 CON 14 EGO 13 PER 14 STR 15 COM 11 CHA 7 EDU 11 Actions: 3 Initiative Bonus: +4 Damage Bonus: +3 Endurance: 100 Damage Capacity: 4 scratches = 1 light. He now uses it as a place to dump bodies. who built his famous house in Massachusetts. 3 serious = 1 fatal. or never even came back from a night in that house. Various people have broken in to spend a night there. Some people claim to have done this. THE NEW SELLER The Elijah House house is currently owned by Tymoteusz Masiakowski..time advocate of lucid dreaming. they uncover some documents that show they are related to somebody who was related to Elijah House. and intends to sell it as soon as he has to leave the East coast and go back to Europe. then moved back to Paris and hung himself. and liked how remote the house was. Rumors and Dares Word on the street is that the old Elijah House house is haunted. Family History One (or more!) of the PCs discover that they are a descendant of Elijah House. and ended up buying it for a pittance from Martin Tétreault. 33 years old. TYMOTEUSZ J. Mental Balance: -10 .. 3 light = 1 serious. He is a contract killer who works primarily for the Russian Mafia. Jenette never went to the house herself.

Burglary 14. Masiakowski will be happy to take prospective buyers out to see the Elijah House house. There is room after room after room of pools and baths. he will settle for anything. Unarmed Combat 12. Search 10. though. but he likes to drink socially. Debt (10). the lower the price gets." Even though he paid next to nothing for it. German. we know haunting is real. though. and stays well clear. Demolition 10. the PCs will discover more and more rooms that didn't seem to be inside the house before. "You Americans think maybe is no such thing. Russian. Motor Mechanics 10. Bugging 10. Disadvantages: Death Wish (10). Seamanship 10. and knows when to keep his mouth shut. with decades-old plumbing. or drive all the way back to Boston alone. . Computers 5. the house will seem completely ordinary. that door now leads to what looks like sparkling clean. but it's no big deal. especially when he speaks Polish. but he will not sleep inside. Radio Communications 10. Influential Friends (15). Drive 12. Man of the World 12. He would rather sleep in his car. straight from an Alma-Tadema painting. He speaks with a thick Polish accent.Advantages: Endure Pain (15). Greed (10). and balconies showing the strangest city any human has ever seen. Wanted by the police (5). Rifle 16. Skills: Automatic Weapons 15. poor English and Swedish. farther than is possible on Earth. Gambling 8. The longer a prospective buyer waits. Estimate Value 10. Seduction 8. Vain (5). Sneak 14. BATHROOMS Instead of leading to the dingy bathroom of the Elijah House house. but there are dangers to face as well. Languages: Polish. and certain "set-backs" (legal or criminal in nature) may cause him to lower the price so he can raise cash quickly. Tymoteusz Masiakowski is normally quiet and collected. Polish Literature 10. It stretches out into the horizon. being a hit man. sometimes the gardens below have been burned and trampled. Hide 16. He keeps his tough-guy attitude low key in the company of women – he could kill you if he had to. It's a rough-and-tumble life. He believes in haunted houses. even at odd hours of the night. Net of Contacts: Russian Mafia 15. Knife 15. They will likely be struck dumb in wonderment at the bizarre contents of the "extended" house. the occasional modern jacuzzi room. Poisons & Drugs 10. And when he drinks he gets loud and boisterous. Dark Secret: Guilty of crimes. After spending the night there. but in Poland. some Czech and Serbo-Croatian. Masiakowski wants fair market value for the House on House Hill. He has been a criminal most of his life. Dodge 13. though. Handgun 12. INSIDE THE HOUSE At first. Garrote 14. Roman-era baths. When he has to leave the States. especially on the job. Climb 12. The view is sometimes blocked by overgrown gardens.

has a cellar as large as a city. named Mirosanganus and YaghutJhaheed. down. for stockpiling food and goods. GREENHOUSE What used to be a beautiful. and will attack the PCs if encountered. where they lie. and contain any book a PC might ever want to read. Gateways to Gaia itself are common. for several stories. It is decorated in a pseudo-Middle Eastern style. It seems like the shelves stretch on forever.. . where hundreds of thousands. and even a bomb shelter. however. a power plant. and some he might not. an elevator. the Garden has grown wild and dangerous. The Wolvens return on a regular basis. Outside the greenhouse is the remnants of the Sacred Garden.SERVANT'S QUARTERS This room is smaller than most rooms in The House on The Hill. It has a wine cellar. of books reside. The glass panes are smashed. With the abandonment of Metropolis. p. and the great double doors leading out of the house have long ago been ripped off their hinges. p. a broken-down subway system. where the forces of Gaia were tamed and domesticated. Their names are written above their beds. eventually to Ktonor. where humankind celebrated the sculpture of nature.. and numerous dangerous predators hunt through this wild land. down. THE HOUSE'S CELLAR The Elijah House house has a very small cellar. 200). but still larger than most rooms in the Elijah House house. The room is inhabited by two Azghouls (Kult. This is where the Wolvens (Kult. LIBRARY Oak-paneled walls give way to bookshelves. All that is left is bones and a few scraps of flesh. lush display of greenery under glass is now overgrown with riotous nature. and Achlys. 202) have dragged the bodies left by Masiakowski. the floor covered in several layers of Persian carpets. The House on The Hill. Passages from this cellar lead into the underground that exists beneath all cities of the world. and into the labyrinth that leads down. and command them again. no millions!. waiting for their old masters to return.

202) stalk these fields and haunt the woods. 8 light = 1 serious. . Natural armor (5). At the head of the table sits the Son of the God of The House on The Hill. Natural claws and fangs. Dodge 14. and then some. The size is gargantuan. scaly grey hands rest upon the table. At all times. No sense of taste or smell. Broken windows show barren fields outside. Upon the bed lies the hoary form of the dead God of The House on The Hill. Cloaked in ragged veils. electricity and radiation. and attack. except for occasional. Infrared vision. THE CLASSIC TRAP In the dining room. This is one of the most run-down areas of The House on The Hill. Terror Throw Modification: 0 Skills: Acrobatics 15. p. The marble floor stretches out around it. from every culture of the world.. or perhaps just one of the unlucky residents who could not leave The House. 6 serious = 1 fatal. and let him bask in the sculpted gardens of Metropolis. Climb 15. Hide 8. Heaven forbid. incomprehensible machinery. or. four spider-like legs protrude from the end of his soiled robe. These spaces could even house aircraft. At night. and it is almost completely empty. but also could not stay. and a great altar sits behind. If anyone should eat of the food upon the table. he now sleeps the sleep of the dead. perhaps the wife of the House's god. 3 fatal = death. Powers: Immune to fire. a great four-poster bed sits atop the steps of a small dais. Unarmed Combat 16. these warehouses are haunted by the ghostly shade of a woman. and immensely long table stretches away from the fireplace. Sneak 10. find some way to revive him. but The House's former residents have forgotten. bordered by strange woods in the distance. once more. the Wolven and Ferocci (Kult. Once worshipped by the inhabitants. Upon the white table cloth is piled every conceivable type of food.. waiting for his old supplicants to return and inter him in his great iron tomb. THE SON OF THE GOD OF THE HOUSE ON THE HILL AGL 25 CON 40 EGO 40 PER 6 STR 50 COM 1 CHA 5 EDU 5 Actions: 4 Initiative Bonus: +13 Damage Bonus: +8 Endurance: 230 Damage Capacity: 9 scratches = 1 light. and live. Search 10. THE SLEEP OF DEATH In the bedroom. The Azghouls of The House know the words that crack against his flesh like whips and force him into his cage. or perhaps his daughter. the Son will awaken.GARAGE It seems there are now back doors that lead to a garage or warehouse of some sort (there is no garage attached to the Elijah House house).

and the human mind. Security can be heavy-handed in keeping unwanted visitors away. as this material has been written with Spanish in mind as the local language. and power. the current leader of the cult. Dr. . Quesnel has met Mortimer Blanco (Legions of Darkness. The GM is free to design adventures in San Cristobal Resort around the player characters. EL ORDO DE LAS HYDRAS San Cristobal Resort is controlled by a secret society known (to members) as El Ordo de las Hydras (The Order of the Hydra). though Death is by far their expertise. as a private arena where members of the cult can perform public and private experiments. The GM should feel free to locate the San Cristobal Resort in whichever Latin American country would be appropriate for the story. El Ordo de las Hydras is not directly connected to Golab. terror and torture. despite their practices. Jacinto Quesnel. The cult does not have unlimited access to money. There is no structured plot. The resort was set up by Dr. SAN CRISTOBAL Deep in some secluded corner of Latin America lies a very special vacation resort. especially the Indians. not because they are driven by inhuman forces. Neighboring residents. and El Ordo has needed to make compromises to continue their activities. and some people even whisper about disappearances connected to the tourists who frequent San Cristobal Resort. and has received some assistance from him in the past. 27). This Order is a cabal of physicians who study the effects of pain. know to keep their distance from the resort property. however. It is not normally open to the public. They have some knowledge of both the Lore of Death and the Lore of Madness. p. and advice on how to use this location in a game. except perhaps Brazil. wisdom.OUR LAST RESORT or The Fork Behind the Scalpel This scenario presents a location. They undertake the torture of the human in order to gain insight. and has a very select clientele. Experiments in torture are their way of studying madness. principle non-player characters. known as San Cristobal.

so Dr. In the early days of San Cristobal. workout rooms. but no one will listen to them. The corpses tend to pile up in the wake of cult practices. DJs. magicians. AND YET. AND YET. Most of the tourists partake of the rare luncheon San Cristobal provides. They have no doubt where these missing people end up. The resort still opens up to the general public during certain seasons when the physicians are not using it. and other performers. He had to go to foreign (English-language) newspapers to achieve this. Alberto Morales. though some are only interested in performing. a movie theater. yoga classes. comedians. though. and normally includes everything a guest could ask for in a worldclass hotel and spa resort. four-star chefs in a regular kitchen. Wealthy cannibals from all over the world come to San Cristobal to witness torture and murder and feed on the flesh of other humans. Quesnel has opted to dispose of them in a way that generates revenue. especially young and poor travelers. El Ordo would commonly kidnap the natives to use in their experiments. and used the nickname "Club Dead" in his article. the torture. and live entertainment including world-famous musicians. all manner of water sports and boating tours. massage and physiotherapy techniques. He had interviewed local Indians about the resort. still go missing.. though nowadays the network of kidnappers they use casts a wide net when looking for suitable candidates. All of them affectionately refer to San Cristobal as "Club Fed. subject to availability. Kidnappings of Indians have stopped.. and even the occasional local. as he couldn't find any Latin American media outlets willing to touch the story. San Cristobal is a very high-end resort. While some of the services are scaled-back when El Ordo d las Hydras is using the resort.CLUB FED The main source of funds for El Ordo de las Hydras is cannibal tourism. managed to get a story about San Cristobal published. or watching. . One bold journalist. though they can see that travelers in the area. San Cristobal Resort offers it's guests a health spa. Although he disappeared soon after he went public. many amenities are still available in the areas of the resort where "business talk" is off-limits." CLUB DEAD A few of the local Indians have growing suspicions about the resort and it's owners. several cannibal tourists have actually found their way to San Cristobal through his article. golf course.

. 3 light = 1 serious. Quesnel comes from the highest level of Latino society. Dr. Law 8. Touchy (5). It is the torture-seekers who make him uneasy. He has no doubts about his research. Dark Secret: Cult leader. Psychology 14. First Aid 14. and did not have to wait long before the leadership passed on to him. Egotist (5). Why should he? Weaker humans were meant to serve whatever purposes he puts them to. shock and torture. Languages: Spanish. He avoids other beings who have only slight advantages over him. Pharmacology 12. He has brought a far more rigorous scientific approach to a group that once contained numerous charlatans and hacks. Surgery 18. Torture 16. JACINTO QUESNEL Private Physician and Cult Leader. Dr. Sociology 8. Disadvantages: Compulsively Healthy (5). Biology 12. precocious children. Occultism 14. History 15. Net of Contacts: Wealthy Latin Americans 10. Physiology 14. Skills: Administration 15. pain. English. Anatomy 16. 58 years old. AGL 12 CON 12 EGO 17 PER 18 STR 9 COM 8 CHA 13 EDU 21 Actions: 2 Initiative Bonus: 0 Damage Bonus: 0 Endurance: 95 Damage Capacity: 4 scratches = 1 light. Poisons & Drugs 12. Swim 15. Portuguese. Though he was not present for the founding of El Ordo de las Hydras. Philosophy 10. some fluency in Italian. Quesnel has been involved for several decades. and French. Written Report 12. Dr.WHO'S WHO IN SAN CRISTOBAL DR. preferring to move against them from a position of surprise and stealth. Numerology 10. Drive 8. Information Retrieval 16. Rhetoric 14. Sexual Neurosis: cannot stand physical contact with females unless they are completely under his control (15). Quesnel will tolerate no superiors save those who can completely outmatch him. He is much more amused by the cannibal tourists than he thought he would be. Man of the World 10. Net of Contacts: Physicians 15. and looks upon them as if they were boisterous. Bureaucracy 15. calculated scientific experiments into the nature of fear. He dislikes it when others see something beautiful or sexually stimulating in what he considers to be cold. He finds their company enlivening. Mental Balance: -5 Advantages: Alertness (10). Net of Contacts: Cannibals 10. 3 serious = 1 fatal. Endure Pain (15). Gone are the days when complicated rituals and mysterious gobbledy-gook interfered with statistical evidence and detached observation. Computers 5. and has always been surrounded by wealth and privilege.

Sneak 15. Dark Secret: Minion of evil. English. Drive 16. 3 light = 1 serious. Disadvantages: Mental Constriction: Forgets what he sees (10). and Japanese. Bugging 10. Security Systems 15. Automatic Weapons 12. some fluency in Portuguese. Handgun 15. Written Report 10. Computers 5. 3 serious = 1 fatal. 3 light = 1 serious. Interrogation 10. Administration 15. 30 years old. Net of Contacts: Military 8. Diplomacy 10. Climb 15. Skills: Accounting 12. He doesn't care about a few Indians or backpackers. it's just not his place to ask questions or rock the boat. Information Retrieval 12. Shadow 10. less risk. Rationalist (15). AGL 11 CON 13 EGO 15 PER 13 STR 10 COM 12 CHA 12 EDU 16 Actions: 2 Initiative Bonus: 0 Damage Bonus: 0 Endurance: 95 Damage Capacity: 4 scratches = 1 light. First Aid 10. cultured elite who are worth his time.GUSTAVO BAUER San Cristobal Resort Manager. Pilot Boat 10. Mental Balance: -10 Advantages: Influential Friends (15). Mental Balance: -10 . 3 serious = 1 fatal. Search 16. Bureaucracy 15. Swim 12. Parachuting 12. Dodge 12. And the private sector has not disappointed him. Motor Mechanics 12. Jungle Survival 12. Gustavo Bauer left the military to pursue a career in the private sector – more money. TORBEN RYGG Norwegian Sales Analyst. 49 years old. even a resort with so much secrecy and VIP security. They are just the "little people. Languages: Spanish. He finds it very relaxing to run a resort. Estimate Value 10." and it's really one the wealthy. Unarmed Combat 15. anyway. He doesn't like to think about all the things that go on at San Cristobal. care and effort. German. AGL 12 CON 16 EGO 13 PER 12 STR 13 COM 10 CHA 14 EDU 16 Actions: 2 Initiative Bonus: 0 Damage Bonus: 0 Endurance: 110 Damage Capacity: 4 scratches = 1 light.

Dark Secret: None. including showing them how to infiltrate the resort. generous and well-traveled. He is known for his sharp eyes and calming words. He does not view prospective meals as human in any way. Dodge 10. Languages: Norwegian. Languages: Local Indian dialects. AGL 15 CON 16 EGO 14 PER 14 STR 12 COM 13 CHA 16 EDU 3 Actions: 2 Initiative Bonus: +3 Damage Bonus: +2 Endurance: 110 Damage Capacity: 5 scratches = 1 light. No one would suspect a vegetarian of being a cannibal. Swim 10. Honesty (5). His job sees him traveling quite a bit throughout Europe and Latin America. which has led to him organizing all cannibal tourist bookings for San Cristobal Resort. Torb never uses threatening or abusive language. he acts the same way amongst his fellow cannibals. Disadvantages: Persecuted (10). Computers 15. He has almost total control over access to the eatery it provides. Spanish. Mathematics 10. He is always extremely careful about his use of language. Torb is seen as a mother hen by all his friends and co-workers. Net of Contacts: Travel Industry 8. Cheerful. Status (5). despite its fearsome security measures. 3 serious = 1 fatal. Skills: Climb 10. though he has been a voyeur in the past. German. Swedish. Research Policy 10. Herbalism 12. In fact. Net of Contacts: Cannibals 15. Nor does he participate in any torture. Tiku Machi is the most respected headman in the area. Diplomacy 15.Advantages: Motherliness (5). Club 10. Disadvantages: Mental Compulsion: Cannibalism (15). Torb is the go-to guy for picky eaters all over the world who know of San Cristobal. . a few English words. Law 10. Unarmed Combat 10. Sneak 12. Spanish. so it is hardly surprising that he knows a vast array of people. Written Report 15. Statistics 10. TIKU MACHI Indian Headman. Throwing 13. Mental Balance: +10 Advantages: Endure Hunger/Thirst (10). 36 years old. Dark Secret: Cannibal. Fishing 15. Sociology 15. Net of Contacts: Native Indians 15. Information Retrieval 10. especially Torben Rygg – no one who knows Torb would suspect him of anything at all. He will give help to any person he thinks will be able to rid the area of the San Cristobal Resort. His primary interest is eating other humans. 4 light = 1 serious. Cooking 12. English. The Indians spy on San Cristobal. and almost behaves like their death and culinary preparation is inevitable and not a conscious choice made by anyone. and he never refers to cannibalism except by innocuous metaphor. Jungle Survival 15. Skills: Bureaucracy 10. Net of Contacts: Corporate Culture 10. and where to find ample evidence of wrongdoing. Hunting 15. Wine Tasting 10.

however. This will likely prove highly dangerous for all those involved. wrong time: Or. and are attempting to bust the cultists. leaving the others to stage a rescue attempt. or somehow manage to enter the compound without being turned away. but have ended up in the wrong place. with one-way mirrored glass hiding the observers. Perhaps they booked a stay when San Cristobal was not occupied by torturers and cannibals. but their timing is off. THE LAST STALL ON THE LEFT The bulk of all experiments carried out by El Ordo de las Hydras are carried out in private rooms. but their dates got mixed up and here they are! Or they could have planned to drop in on San Cristobal. Or the other guests begin to question them first. or to meet a friends of theirs who is staying there. or the cannibals. PAL Player characters could find themselves in San Cristobal through any number of routes. either to book a stay after backpacking in the mountains. They will find themselves imprisoned on the resort and subjected to inhuman cruelties. before hotel staff is even aware there is a problem. Perhaps they show up and begin looking around only to have security ask them to leave. Accidental Booking: The characters have booked a resort vacation. they are snatched away to San Cristobal. There are two peep-shows. where torture occur for controlled scientific study. performing research or engaging in espionage. and they were not included on the list of visitors to be vetted by Torben Rygg. Or perhaps the resort assumes they are cannibals. They misjudge the date completely. and they are in way over their heads. Undercover: The final twist here is that the PCs have entered the resort by way of fake identities. being equipped with various observation rooms. Perhaps their booking escaped the notice of resort security. others are modeled on high-tech interrogation rooms. they will quickly come to realize that nothing is quite what it seems.WELCOME TO THE PARTY. Snatched from the area: While the characters are backpacking. or they have some unique qualities that have attracted the notice of El Ordo de las Hydras. . Several are old-fashioned medical classrooms. with seven private observation rooms each. Either some wealthy sadist has paid good money to torture victims with very specific characteristics (matched by the PCs). and solicits them to pay for the privilege of torturing people. and either run afoul of resort security. About a dozen of these rooms are set aside for paying customers. Perhaps only some of the PC group is kidnapped. However they discover the true nature of their vacation destination. it could be that San Cristobal is supposed to be where they are going. Right place. so that voyeurs can maintain their anonymity from each other. Kidnapped from home: The bluntest option of all is simple railroading – the PCs are brutally dragged from their beds or snatched off the streets and shipped to San Cristobal to meet the needs of the torturers. with an undercover operation.

Prisoners are unlikely to arrive here alive. Fighters in the arena are usually equipped with various medical monitoring devices. the arena less than one hundred. Fights are usually broken up numerous times before one party is declared the winner. the physicians promise the fighters they will be released if they kill their opponents. and has both open seats and box seats behind mirrored glass. A group of living prisoners is separated into pairs. as none of the physicians. one to be tortured and one to do the torturing. of course) can support more than two hundred people. where the physicians can study the effects of fighting on the human mind and body. The cafeteria used by the cannibals (in the same building as the arena and kitchens. not open to the outside. The smaller. security personnel or support staff are cannibals. All the meat from corpses is used here. they require all visible observers to cover their faces. PROMISES. unless perhaps security in the arena is very lax. newer building holds the rooms where tourists can watch people being tortured. CAFETERIA Special kitchens. to give the physicians a chance to tweak their equipment and re-monitor the subject.There are two buildings devoted to these private rooms. There might be several rounds. Peak numbers for "special guests" is just over one hundred. The larger of the two is entirely devoted to private experiments and is off-limits to everyone except members of El Ordo. In some cases. either by cultists or other tourists. The local Indians have collected a few human bones from these burial pits as evidence to support their claims. so the physicians may record physiological results while a fight is occurring. and . This area also caters to spectators. FIGHT CLUB There is also an area designated for arena fighting. attached to the arena. This number does not include members of El Ordo de las Hydras. prepare all of the human meat at San Cristobal. so that only the bones need be disposed of in the graveyard pits. This arena is indoors. much less escape. The are told that whoever comes up with the most inventive form of torture will be released from the resort. and is entirely devoted to illegal fighting and larger cannibal festivities when it is not feasible to hold those outdoors. where the least popular torturers then become victims. In this case. PROMISES There is one exceedingly cruel activity that has fast become a favorite amongst Ordo members and "special guest" tourists.

Most patrons of the resort do not notice them. Although there are some heavily armed guards. with life and limb more or less (but preferably less) intact. The real security duties are performed by Excrucies (Legions of Darkness. The only really formidable opponents at San Cristobal are the Excrucies – the physicians and cannibals are mostly regular people (aside from their bizarre hobbies). but believe them to be a much-warranted addition to resort security. it should be possible for even puny characters to escape. most of the human security is just there to frighten away intruders who scare easily. it is just the least-inspired half of the torturers who become the victims for the next round. Blanco. RESORT SECURITY Despite what the Indians may say. Other cult members have Mental Balance ratings extreme enough to notice them. it does not seem like there is nearly enough of them to keep outsiders away from the resort. Usually. and use these when spying on the resort. Sometimes. . and even Dr. Mortimer Blanco. The Excrucies have not faced any significant challenge since arriving at San Cristobal. Cultists are then free to observe the subject's behavior in an unfamiliar environment. Also. Quesnel and Dr. 27). The Indians have found certain plants and animal toxins that can repulse or disorient the Excrucies. provided by Dr. In fact. Quesnel does not really believe in them. It is worth remembering that the physicians are not hell-bent on killing per se – they are studying the effects of torture. None of them realize that Golab will soon take possession of their souls. most observers will see a distinct lack of security around San Cristobal. These plants will not actually harm the Excrucies. the PCs do not need to be highly trained combat machines to negotiate this scenario successfully. With a little help from the Indians. LAST WORD San Cristobal is an exceedingly dangerous place for player characters to find themselves. until a winner has been decided from a small handful. The winner may be released into the slums of a nearby city and left to fend for himself.victims with less severe injuries become torturers. just keep them busy long enough for the Indians to escape or slip by without notice. and will desire to keep a subject alive for as long as he is providing useful data. p. None of them pay attention to relations between Dr. El Ordo de las Hydras actually keep their word in this case. and the security personnel are not soldiers. post-trauma.

Net of Contacts: Lawyers 20. and that verdict will support the Illusion. He appears to have succeeded in life through hard work. the trial is where the conspiracy comes out in force against the hapless PC – he faces His Honor. Lictor in the service of Geburah. Spells: All Lore of Dreams spells at 30. that struggling minorities can be successful. he will have to stay in jail until his case comes to trial. Psychology 15. Diplomacy 10. O'Malley's entire history has been fabricated to create the impression that the judicial system is not an oldboy's club. In Judge O'Malley's courtroom. Net of Contacts: Politicians 20. takes 2 fatal wounds to die. Drive 20. which gives him little chance to escape. not through the privilege of knowing the right people. and most important of all. They will always decide on his predetermined verdict. Administration 25. all other spells up to the limit of his Lores at 20. The GM may work this scenario into his game in whatever way suits the story. Skills: Acting 15. Search 15. AGL 31 CON 37 EGO 30 PER 38 STR 46 COM 8 in human form CHA 20 EDU 48 Actions: 5 Initiative Bonus: +19 Damage Bonus: +9 Endurance: 215 Damage Capacity: 9 scratches = 1 light. . Forgery 20. 63 years old. Written Report 20. In any case. Lore of Time and Space 20. and his own natural abilities.THE HANGING JUDGE This scenario starts when a player character is arrested and must face trial. a powerful Lictor (Kult. p. 8 light = 1 serious. Occultism 15. Judge O'Malley. Sociology 15. But this is all a lie. that the will of the people still leads this country. Whether the trial date is unnervingly soon or whether it takes a year or two is irrelevant. the jury is irrelevant. JUDGE O'MALLEY Judge. Information Retrieval 20. 53). 180). Unarmed Combat 12. the very essence of merciless judgment (Legions of Darkness. the imprisonment of humankind. 6 serious = 1 fatal. Net of Contacts: Courts 25. Interrogation 20. Law 25. Net of Contacts: Law Enforcement 15. If the PC cannot make bail. p. the will of his master. Magic: Lore of Dreams 50. Political Science 15. Rhetoric 25. the Archon Geburah. though. Lore of Madness 30. diligent study.

the PC will be punished in full for his transgressions. if necessary. IN THE HANDS OF THE BLACK MADONNA However. he will be found guilty and sentenced to many years in a prison that seems remarkably like Jeremy Bentham's panopticon. p. and is actually part of his Citadel (Metropolis Sourcebook. It may be that the PC does not reach the courtroom before she is triumphant in bending his will. Local leaders. based on his own behavior. There is still no chance of a "not guilty" verdict. Judge O'Malley has been targeted for acquisition by none other than Binah. These heartless creatures will hunt him to the ends of the earth and beyond. 92). he will be remanded to mandatory psychiatric treatment or a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation facility. Judge O'Malley will send one or more Ushers (Legions of Darkness. No amount of evidence will prove his innocence. encroaching upon his personal life from every possible angle. Here. This facility is controlled by Geburah. 56) to bring him back. and begin . and so punishment is always meted out. p. he will opt for community sentencing. It is up to the defendant to determine the extent of his punishment. they will become hysterical. In this case. p. If the PC pleads not guilty. At the meeting. The defendant is always guilty.VERDICT AND SENTENCING Regardless of the charges – misdemeanor or felony – the sentencing is always the same. people affected by the crime. The defense attorney's presentation falls on deaf ears. Only worse. No person is brought to this courtroom without being guilty of something. If the PC pleads guilty and confesses to his wrongdoings. Her servants have married into his family. 50). and even a few onlookers will meet later at the courthouse to decide the defendant's punishment. the Black Madonna (Legions of Darkness. ESCAPE IS IMPOSSIBLE If the PC escapes at any point after his first hearing.

and if their behavior shows improvement. like rocks and paperweights. it is possible to escape from the Fairview Addictions Recovery Center and roam through other areas of the Citadel. Friends and relatives seem to see their deaths as unrelated. and praying to Amitabha using mantras and meditation. Beyond those lie dormitory rooms and cafeterias connected to kitchens. and how it was a good thing that he received treatment. Patients learn about the Middle Way. they will be allowed to check out temporarily. but the real offices of FARC Lictors can only be reached by the elevators. there are far too many rooms to be contained within the center grounds as depicted in the Illusion. is located in Geburah's Citadel (Metropolis Sourcebook. Patients learn to control their addictions by submitting to judgment willingly. The space inside the center. which are hard for humans to find. Patients with a positive Mental Balance will receive shock therapy or be otherwise victimized until they are very close to 0 MB. As long as he has taken enough wounds and does not fight back. Because these areas are actually part of Geburah's Citadel. The offices of staff that the public is allowed to see are adjacent to reception areas. They learn about the paradisiacal afterlife that awaits them if they behave properly. They will not stop until the PC has been beaten to a bloody pulp. Patients with a negative Mental Balance will be drugged and medicated in ways that control or reduce the severity of their Disadvantages. Patients who are admitted are kept on the premises indefinitely. and how they need to practice moderation in all activities. accepting the control of their superiors. and epitaphs always mention how the deceased managed to overcome his problems. . the supernatural effects of the Archon on the psyche of the human is ever present. They will quickly produce heavy objects. While Binah may have gained control of O'Malley's loyalty. or undergo similar medical treatments. they will leave him in the courtroom and forget all about this episode. Many of the patients who are successfully treated at the FARC do not live very long afterwards. Regardless. patients will be punished for every infraction they have ever committed. p.throwing things at the character. where life is safe and tranquil. Needless to say. and meeting rooms. storerooms. The inside of the FARC center is made of sterile psychiatric rooms hidden behind sparkling clean reception areas. Inside Geburah's Citadel. although patients may acquire a position of authority (over other patients) if they behave themselves. But the FARC Lictors do not allow "cured" patients to deviate from their newly-balanced mental state. though they may stop before he is dead. PRISONS OF THE MIND Fairview Addictions Recovery Center is a facility that assists people trying to recover from substance abuse problems. Geburah's influence does not fade quickly. It is located in a tidy neighborhood with lots of green spaces. chairs and garbage cans. 92) The center is staffed exclusively by Lictors. however. They may also be lobotomized. They will orchestrate the demise of a former patient who seems in danger of slipping onto the Dark or Light Path. Ideological indoctrination at the Fairview Addiction Recovery Center comes in the form of Pure Land Buddhism.

Net of Contacts: Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers 20. Magic: Lore of Madness 50. Lucas Respondek is married. Spells: All Madness spells at 30. Philosophy 15. LUCAS RESPONDEK Director of the Fairview Addictions Recovery Center. His daughter Maria is not old enough to be in high school yet. Dr. History 15. Written Report 18. Information Retrieval 30. Hypnosis 25. maybe Lore of Dreams 20. His human history. takes 2 fatals to die. Diplomacy 10. though he was not among the best of his class. 49 years old. No criminal record in any country. Poisons & Drugs 20. Law 15. Psychiatry 30. Psychology 30. and has been able to integrate into the English-speaking world quite easily. He did well at medical school. Sociology 20. and now works in New York. Respondek monitors and controls his family's dreams. Net of Contacts: Psychiatry 25. Skills: Accounting 15. 4 serious = 1 fatal. Unarmed Combat 15. Man of the World 15. 6 light = 1 serious. no suspicions of malpractice. Physiology 15. Shadow 15. Łukasz Respondek was forced out of Poland in 1996 by the minions of Binah and Malkuth. Dreaming 20. Neurology 15. he also blindly upholds justice. Lictor in the service of Geburah. and his younger son Alexander grew up mostly outside Poland. good credit history. and plans to follow is father into medicine. . Interrogation 30. and would never allow them to threaten the Illusion. Photography 12. He moved easily into a management position and still enjoys seeing regular patients. His main goal is to keep humanity imprisoned by preventing them from stretching their Mental Balance. and has three children. His older son Adam grew up mostly in Poland. Administration 25. no speeding tickets. He has undertaken his new post in Geburah's hierarchy with little resistance from the locals. Rhetoric 13. who now control the medical profession there. is entirely unremarkable. Drive 20. AGL 27 CON 29 EGO 38 PER 36 STR 35 COM 7 in human form CHA 22 EDU 48 Actions: 4 Initiative Bonus: +15 Damage Bonus: +8 Endurance: 175 Damage Capacity: 7 scratches = 1 light. not hard to track down. to his second wife. Net of Contacts: Polish exCommunists 15. but because he spends most of his time inside Geburah's Citadel. all Dream spells (except Create/Dissolve Dream) at 20. Pharmacology 25. Alexander is still in high school.DR.

. Fen Park has enough chaos inside it's horribly stagnant social order to stop the prisoners from walking the Light Path by embracing the ordered nature of existence. when an Executioner (Legions of Darkness. and have him bring the prison into his Citadel. Not everyone can be watched all the time.260 inmates. . p. for any number of minor missteps. The cell is hosed down afterwards in preparation for a new prisoner but the cleaning is not always as thorough as it should be. but they have not been successful in finding ways to restore the "crazies" to sanity. Almost every second of every day an inmate is observed without his knowledge. despite the mandate of the facility. while almost all of the remaining two-thirds houses inmates in the Secure Housing Unit designed for inmates presenting serious management difficulties and violent maximum security inmates. and sometimes inmate-on-inmate violence occurs. One third of the prison houses maximum security inmates in a general population setting. There is a small Psychiatric Unit to treat mentally disordered offenders serving SHU terms. The prison was originally built to accommodate only 1. Almost every hour is unbearable. Solitary confinement is the norm.853 inmates.PRISONS OF THE FLESH Fen Park Federal Prison is a supermax correctional facility built on Jeremy Bentham's "panopticon" model. Beatings come often. Prisoners with a negative Mental Balance will be restrained as much as possible. beatings. and employs 506 custody staff and 230 support services staff. Almost every minute of his day is planned for him. The Lictors who control the prison are trying to manifest Geburah here in the Illusion. Prisoners with a positive Mental Balance are subjected to attacks. 55) comes for them. not the exception. THE JAILED AND THE JAILERS Fen Park Federal Prison houses 1.. and punished for each and every Disadvantage. and harassment until their Mental Balance drops or they get close to +75.

all Dream spells up to Dream Walk at 25. Man of the World 15. This extends to everything the Warden has to deal with. The task assigned to Paul Crane is to bring Fen Park Federal Prison into alignment with Geburah's Citadel. Middle management types just find him inoffensive. 45 years old. His skills of manipulation work better on the prison guards. Crane is totally committed to seeing his master become the new Demiurge. Information Retrieval 25. the Lore of Dreams 30. Rhetoric 15. So far. find this irritating and distracting. and all the prisoners inside will come with it. Magic: The Lore of Madness 50.Fen Park has weathered several torture scandals and class action lawsuits. inside or outside the prison. Reliable information is nearly non-existent. Net of Contacts: Prison System 25. smiling and chuckling. one built on much stricter rules than those formulated by the Demiurge. Search 12. Skills: Accounting 25. Most people. Law 20. . Thanks to the Warden. All attempts to alleviate the suffering of prisoners have been completely unsuccessful. inmates especially. Administration 25. Drive 15. Geburah has been able to maintain his plans for the prison. Interrogation 15. WARDEN PAUL CRANE Prison Warden. Written Report 20. or relations with state and federal governments. 6 light = 1 serious. even to himself. Warden Crane is constantly happy. Spells: All Madness spells at 30. Net of Contacts: Prisoners 10. so that they can become one. All prisoners and staff will become part of Geburah's new Elysium. Sneak 15. AGL 24 CON 30 EGO 25 PER 37 STR 55 COM 10 CHA 16 EDU 46 Actions: 4 Initiative Bonus: +12 Damage Bonus: +9 Endurance: 210 Damage Capacity: 7 scratches = 1 light. Security Systems 20. it will become part of his Citadel. maintaining the prison's web site. Psychology 20. Bugging 15. Criminology 20. while meaningless exercises in paper-pushing abound. 4 serious = 1 fatal. Lictor in the service of Geburah. but best on paperwork. Soon enough. Forgery 15. Psychiatry 20. Net of Contacts: Judiciary 20. tracking or analyzing Fen Park records of any sort is a task of mind-boggling difficulty.

Drive 10. When he dropped out of school. Mental Balance: -25 Advantages: Luck (20). Low Self-Esteem (10). Fearless. Gambling 10. 3 serious = 1 fatal. Mental Balance: -150 Advantages: Driving Goal. 3 serious = 1 fatal. Endure Torture. Brian Holden came from the wrong side of the tracks. AGL 16 CON 24 EGO 15 PER 16 STR 27 COM 7 CHA 15 EDU 10 Actions: 3 Initiative Bonus: +4 Damage Bonus: +5 Endurance: 150 Damage Capacity: 6 scratches = 1 light. Submissive (10). After a few short stints in prison. Unarmed Combat 7. He dreads the endless solitary confinement. Habitual Liar (5). AGL 13 CON 14 EGO 9 PER 11 STR 12 COM 8 CHA 7 EDU 8 Actions: 2 Initiative Bonus: +1 Damage Bonus: +2 Endurance: 100 Damage Capacity: 4 scratches = 1 light. Caught between numerous rival factions. Magical Intuition. Now. Knife/shiv 9. he killed a woman while burgling her third-floor apartment. he keeps himself alive by keeping his ears open and snitching – not just for the Warden. Sneak 12. Holden walks a razor-thin edge to keep himself alive. Hide 10. STEVEN JAMES MACPHERSON Former Prison Inmate turned Metropolitan Hunting Beast. but for the gang factions inside the prison as well. . Disadvantages: Anxiety (10). he tried construction and the assembly line before settling for petty crime. Net of Contacts: Criminals 7. Persecuted (10).BRIAN "SNITCHY" HOLDEN Prison Inmate. Estimate Value 7. Endure Pain. and landed on his feet inside Fen Park. Dodge 10. 31 years old. but he fears worse what will happen to him in the company of other inmates. and he knew it. 3 light = 1 serious. Skills: Burglary 12. Search 12. Everyone pegged Holden for the stupid fuck-up he is. 37 years old. 5 light = 1 serious. Life for "Snitchy" Holden is precarious at best.

Falling Technique 15. Tracking 10. Climb 20. of a great campaign. Hopefully. Swim 20. Drive 10. especially. His version of the Lore of Madness can only bring him to Geburah's Citadel or Hod's Citadel. His goal is to help other promising inmates escape the clutches of Geburah. Shadow 10. The Hanging Judge. Rage. Fanaticism. Spells: Unshroud Illusion 20. and greater horrors. Motor Mechanics 8. Limitations: Blood Thirst (any blood). Magic: The Lore of Madness 20.Powers: Increased Abilities. EPILOGUE These three scenarios are designed to act as springboards for longer campaigns designed by the GM. Infrared Vision. Time & Space Walk 15. Streetwise 15. Automatic Weapons 10. and the GM should be aware of this before running any of these scenarios. This first draft completed July. Persecuted. Sensitive to Sunlight. He cannot see or travel to other places in Metropolis via magic. Night Combat 15. Mania. Madness Walk 15. Throw 20. Steve Macpherson is serving multiple life sentences for rape and murder. Search 10. the Lore of Time and Space 20. at least one of them will be the start. Manipulate Senses 15. Hunting Instinct. Death Wish. Regeneration. 2007 AD. Wanted. Bad Reputation. Sneak 20. He uses the Lore of Madness to travel between the prison and Metropolis. . Handgun 10. and he appears to be a new prisoner with a mental balance of -20 or so. True Vision 15. Manipulate Time & Space 20. Skills: Acrobatics 15. provides numerous pathways to other worlds. Unarmed Combat 15. Disadvantages: Animal Enmity. or the continuation. Domineering. Dodge 15. and helps drive their Mental Balance low enough that they begin to experience physical changes. He brings them to Metropolis to experience the thrill of the hunt. His mental balance is much lower than -75. Scrounging 8. He uses the Lore of Time and Space to warp time so that when he exists in the prison it is when he first got there. Burglary 14. See Through Time & Space 20. Sexual Neurosis: Rapist. Poisons & Drugs 10. but he has magical abilities to escape the notice of the Lictors. Hide 20. The forces of terror set forth in Architects of Fear can be quite formidable. Even Our Last Resort has been kept wide open for continuing adventures in San Cristobal Resort. Knife/shiv 15.

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