Foreword and notes from the author
If you are a player and not a GM stop reading now

This is a Kult RPG adventure called “Cracks in the Mirror”. Within these pages you will find all the material you need to run this adventure, including player characters, npc information, maps, a day-by-day event table, monster information as well as hooks & tips on how to get your players involved. And last but not least you will find the Kult Light rules. The Kult Light rules need some explanation. These are by no means the complete rules of the Kult RPG of any edition. Nor is it a challenge to the copyright of Kult (which is as fare as I know is currently held by Seventh Circle). Instead the Kult Light rules are included here as the bare bones you will need to run this adventure, included here so that GM’s that don’t own Kult themselves or are unfamiliar with Kult altogether, can run this adventure. And for that purpose they work just fine. If you are one of those GM’s just mentioned, I suggest you read the Kult Light rules section first, then proceed to the adventure itself, as some parts of it will make more sense then. About Kult and this adventure: Kult is a role-playing game that challenges people’s limits, morally and otherwise. Not everyone is comfortable doing that, and so Kult is not for everyone. You, the GM should be aware of this. This adventure may contain graphic descriptions of mutilations, sexual situations of various nature (up to and possibly including rape and incest), graphic descriptions of violence and hopefully a chilly scary atmosphere. You should therefore ask your players if there are situations they are uncomfortable with, and if so try to avoid said situations as best you can. This will enhance the gaming experience for all parties. Last but not least. I spent a lot of time writing and designing this adventure. I give permission to distribute it freely as long as no profit is made, no alterations are done to the material, and I am given proper credit.


Some of you may be familiar with how the system works in Kult, and some even have your own rulebooks. If so; great! If not, here is a short rundown and revision of the basic rules of Kult first edition1. Kult it is a rather simple system that handles things like combat pretty well, without complicating matters too much. Combine this with the fact that it is a rather lethal system (it is easy to die) and you have a good system for any horror setting. You will find that, in this system, even a tiny gun or a knife can kill you with one hit, albeit not as easily as a big gun or a rifle.

The Revision According to the Kult rules, in order to perform an action like say, shoot a gun; you have to roll equal to or below your skill, in this case Handgun. The result of (Your Skill – Your Roll = Result) would determine how well you performed. This roll may be modified as the GM sees fit of course, but I’ve always felt that is unnecessary complicated. Therefore I will in this case do it the other way around. Now the result will be (Your Roll + Your Skill = Result) and the GM can just refer to the table below to see how well you did. Also the GM can easily set a certain difficulty to any action, thereby making the job a little less cumbersome. Also, for flavour, I have added/changed the effect of Botches and Perfect Successes. All effects of the revision are described below. The Skill Throw Skill and Ability scores are usually a number between 1 and 20. Adding the roll of a d20 to the score gives you the result of your action; the higher the better. Note that while the GM normally will only call for Skill rolls, rolls may occasionally be made with the basic abilities. PS: Since the Basic Abilities also go from 1-20 and often are much higher than the Skill that derives from it, you should never substitute Ability for a Skill unmodified. The Effect When you know whether the action was successful or not, you need to know just HOW well your character achieved his purpose. This is determined by the difference between your score and the difficulty provided by the GM (the GM may or may not tell the players the difficulty, but might in some cases just describe the effect).

This is the first edition to appear in English. There was a Swedish edition before this, and also a second English edition after it (which sucked). There has been made a third edition by a French company, but this is on the whole rather difficult to obtain for the time being. The main rules of the third edition are, however, identical with the first English edition. .



your character can do this routinely. On the same page. and if you still make a successful skill check you have a Perfect Success. no less. In the case of damage the effect is determined by a second die roll (sometimes modified by the skill roll). It’s a success. This will not produce very good results. For instance. Automatic Successes If your character has a skill score that is higher than the difficulty you may choose to perform an Automatic Success. detecting you. if you roll a natural 1 you might have a Botch on your hands. the better the level of success. you might get what we call a Perfect Success. it’s just a normal success. 4 . Roll again. but rather against an opponent of some kind. It is used for skill checks. This means that you don’t roll. but neither will it produce very bad results. and if you still fail to make the skill roll. ability checks. but even that can easily be substituted by a d20. if your character were to try and sneak past a guard. Whoever gets the highest result (after any modifiers have been taken into account) “wins” Winning in this case means for your character that he managed to get past the guard without being noticed. you have a Botch. which is used for initiative rolls. roll again. you would roll Sneak against his Listen roll. and a natural roll of 1 is always a failure. 5-10 11-20 21-30 31-35 36-40 41 + A walk in the park Normal action Difficult Very difficult Near impossible Impossible Contested Rolls Sometimes you will not be rolling against a set difficulty. A natural roll of 20 is always a success (albeit not necessarily a good one). Dices As for dices.The greater the difference. the one used most of the time will be the d20. A general guide of difficulties is provided here. damage rolls. no more. Mind that the effect (damage) is determined differently for combat skills. and pretty much everything. Perfect successes and Botches Whenever you roll a natural 20. If not. Whenever this happens. and for the guard. The only other dice you might need is a d10.

Game Terms Abilities There are eight main Abilities in the Kult RPG system. For every step above 12 you get a +1 Bonus and for every step below 8 you get a –1 penalty. you can carry your STR score in kilograms without risking exhaustion. STRENGTH (STR). precision and balance as well as you nimbleness. memory and willpower. INITIATIVE BONUS: rolling a d10 and adding your Initiative Bonus decide Initiative. ACTIONS: In one combat round one may perform a fixed number of actions. Up to 15 the EDU score is equal to the number of years you went to school. EGO (EGO). An AGL score of 8-12 gives you an Initiative Bonus of zero. COMELINESS (COM). The maximum weight you can lift is ten times you STR score. All characters start with 2 actions/combat round. which determines your ability to move and control your body your speed. Over 15 every step represents 2 years. AGILITY (AGL). An AGL of 16-19 gives one extra action and an AGL score of 20 or more gives two extra actions. PERCEPTION (PER). Running you can cover six times that (AGL x 3). EDUCATION (EDU). CONSTITUTION (CON). Whoever gets the highest one goes first. Secondary Abilities LOAD CAPACITY: Walking at a leisurely pace. which determines your ability to use your senses. which determines your ability to withstand pain and illness. MOVEMENT: During one combat round (about 5 seconds) you can move a distance equal to ½ of your AGL score at normal pace. you can only carry half as much without significant encumbrance. It is not normally possible to carry any more than three times your STR score for any longer distance. 5 . hunger and thirst. which measures intelligence. which is a measurement of your charm and you ability to influence people. When you run. CHARISMA (CHA). exhaustion. which is a measurement of your general knowledge. which is a measurement of your beauty. which determines you ability to use muscle power to achieve a purpose. This is controlled primarily by the characters AGL score.

You can use the Damage Bonus in hand-to-hand combat. It is calculated as the characters Constitution times five. 6 . Light Wounds. STR + AGL Bonus 3-6 > -3 7-10 > -2 11-14 > -1 15-20 > 0 21-24 > +1 25-28 > +2 29-32 > +3 33-40 > +4 DAMAGE CAPACITY: Damage in Kult RPG consists of four different types of wounds: Scratches. That was all the abilities you need to keep track of. in melee and when using throwing weapons. Whenever you exceed your capacity for the “lighter” types of damage it spills over to the next level. Put into a formula it would look like this (CON x 5) +30. Normal people regenerate about 20 Endurance points in one hour’s complete rest. CON 1-5 Wounds 3 Scratches = 1 Light 2 Light = 1 Serious 2 Serious = 1 Fatal 4 Scratches = 1 Light 3 Light = 1 Serious 2 Serious = 1 Fatal 4 Scratches = 1 Light 3 Light = 1 Serious 3 Serious = 1 Fatal 5 Scratches = 1 Light 4 Light = 1 Serious 3 Serious = 1 Fatal 6-10 11-15 16-20 ENDURANCE: Endurance determines how long you can fight. plus thirty. you are just about ready. run or stay awake without collapsing.DAMAGE BONUS: The Damage Bonus is based on AGL and STR combined. Serious Wounds and Fatal Wounds. If you got this down.

a weather bitten harbour and an old. the church and the mansion that housed the wild parties and orgies of the brothers. Running the mining operation without regard for the safety of their workers and exploiting children and adults alike in their mines and factories. Like a picturesque fishing village. In less than 5 years the village turned into a dirty town with poor houses for the workers families and a large factory spewing smoke from processing the coal. so this is a place where people learn to pull together when they have to. Craneville was in essence a mining town. The mining company Decker & Decker. But this town also has a sinister story behind it. had taken completely over the run of the place.Introduction Lying somewhere north of Portland is a small town called Craneville. The Past The year was 1908. owned by Mike and Gavril Decker. the brothers were hell-bent on making the biggest profit possible. On the other side of town there are lakes and woods with some marshland. The houses were unpainted grey except for the few original houses still left. but functioning lighthouse. it clings to the coastline with two bays. What used to be a small fishing village had rapidly been turned completely upside down by the discovery of a rich coal oar. Being a land of rugged coastline and vast forests the landscape is beautiful and breathtaking. Come wintertime the village is often isolated. 7 .

After all. for the old wives. Even more of a profit rider than his brother he saw to it that only lip-service care was taken for the security of the workers and that third rate material was used for scaffolding in the mines. Dani Jackson. ruthless men stood a woman. he was nonetheless unable to give her up. Everything seemed to come easy for Gavril. 8 . While not of extreme beauty she had a charisma and appeal that seemed to attract men like flies to honey. Quite the avant-garde he held lavish parties of great depravity on the mansion with his business associates and friends of the Boston freemasonic lodge. Dani Jackson DOB: 11 of November 1873 The fiancée of Mike Decker and the lover of Gavril Decker she was the source of a lot of the animosity between the two brothers. A bit distant and shy. He soon took an interest in his brother fiancée and finding her willing he became her lover behind his brother’s back. Delighting in the control she had. His gentle and docile appearance. it seems. hid a cruel and bitter man. Mike would be the underdog compared with his brother in social situations. she turned the brothers against each other. something that just made him more distant and he could be lost in his own drug-induced state for days at the time. in some cases to the point of death.In the middle of these decadent. Hopelessly attracted to Dani. Instead he took his anger out on his workers even sometimes employing a whip and was ridden by variously depressive periods and destructive rage. lasting days on end. while workers seemed to be of infinite supply. although desperately knowledgeable of the fact that she was using him. the direct opposite of Mike. Gavril was outgoing and carefree. It is also said that she had a fright of dogs from an attack when she was a kid. Gavril Decker DOB: 15 of October 1878 The younger of the two brothers. and pushed them to driving the workers even harder. It is said that she was a witch who took delight in the suffering of others. another proof of her witch hood. although this in most likely oldwives tales. Mike Decker DOB: 9 of July 1876 Mike was the oldest of the two brothers and quite ruthless. He dampened his emotions with the use of absinthe and opium. materials cost money. The fiancée of Mike and the mistress of Gavril she played the brothers up against one another and manipulated them to push the workers even harder. an attraction she used for all it was worth. still capable of great passion. Uncaring and cruel he would exercise his own inadequacy on his workers driving them harder and harder.

Too late they managed to open the mines only to find everyone dead inside. men and children died that day. All the while the brothers and their harlot where living in endless luxury. trapping at least a 100 more inside to die slowly from suffocation. Soon most of the people gathered as his flock to worship and hear the Lords words. The remainder of the workforce worked valiantly to save them but to no avail. Beaten and broken the brothers and their harlot where taken down to the factory. Not wishing to force an open confrontation and maybe making things even worse for the workers and their children he single-handedly built a small church on the outskirts of town. leading lives of depravity and sin. 9 . After slaving for the Decker brothers for years the anger and fury of the population of Craneville had reached it’s peak. something that eventually became his undoing. worn and of poor quality. “We all deserve Hell”. promptly sought the town out and left Boston for Craneville. and as none of the workers had anywhere else to go the people really had little choice but to stay. Coming to his senses. and from which few returned. in the middle of one of their parties and would not be disturbed. the symbol of their power. He came to care and pity the people of Craneville deeply. after all. The end? In late August 1908 disaster inevitably struck. workers driven to near death under inhuman working conditions and forced to live in houses overcrowded and in poor condition. whipping or worse. A late chilly evening the catastrophe everyone had feared happened. 159 women. devastated by the sheer number of dead and the negligence of the brothers called for God’s vengeance on the decadence and cruelty that had taken place. Children starving and slaving in the mines. collapsed. Ralph had heard rumours of this far off coastal town.Ralph Minoge DOB: 28 of January 1876 A young priest of great devotion. The scaffolding in one of the mines. Ralph. and all pleas for help from management was met with indifference. accidents and abuse. Following his calling he recognized the need for the Lords presence in such a place. He was found the following morning hanging in his own bell tower. near the swamp. starting a chain reaction that instantly killed more than 40 children and adults. They where. where a number of workers went. All three of them where thrown inside by the raging workers. Staggering from the place of slaughter he was last seen alive walking slowly towards the church he had built. It seemed the fruits of the industrial age was only for the rich to sample. and the place was set on fire. Leading a large mob to the Decker mansion he took the vengeance that God himself seemed unwilling to inflict. a noose tightly around his neck with a note pinned to his chest saying. Complaints where met with discharge. the priest realized that in extracting vengeance he had betrayed all that he had ever believed in. The coal-dust and woodworks of the factory soon created an explosive fire and the whole place was soon consumed and the evildoers with it. gaining spiritual peace if not physical. When he came there he found the conditions to be fare worse than he had imagined. Exploitation and abuse had taken its toll with several families dying each year from starvation.

Dina and Ralph found that the suffering had only just begun. Dani and Gabriel. Gavril. and let themselves be reborn into new bodies. the priest followed them. not wanting their evil to once again taint the world of the living. however have never been of a forgiving demeanour. the avenger. Dina and Gavril was forced to erase their own memories. Discovering that death is only the beginning. The escape Inferno relies on the sinner’s own conscience and memory of sins to extract punishment. again “allowing” for them to be punished fully for their sins. If you own or have access to “Metropolis” and “Beyond the Veil” hints of this process can be found. The purpose of the trap is to make the characters remember their past lives. To be able to escape Mike.This would have been the end of it had it not been for Hell. however this will not impact the story much. They would stay in Inferno paying for their sins for almost a century. 10 . (The exact mechanics of how to use this method as an escape is not summarized here due to space restrictions. The trap is Craneville itself. although the author is going a bit out on a limb here concerning the actual Kult mythology. This is no different in the Citadel of Samael. Ralph.) Samael. and taking a personal interest in this insolence he has had his most trusted nepharite to set a trap for them. the Mike. and the fact that it is not necessary for running this adventure. namely as their younger brother Raphael . even he was forced to erase his memory to be able to tear his way trough the borders of reality and allow himself to be reborn. namely our own characters Michael. The characters could for most purposes be considered purgatides. However.

but some things are still the same. The factory is in ruins and most of the original buildings are gone. 2. 3. Near the lighthouse is a small wooden shed that has probably been there about as long as the lighthouse itself. 5. 10. All in all it is a rather unimportant lighthouse now that the ships travel further from the shore. 6.Craneville Craneville has changed somewhat over the almost 100 years that has passed since the catastrophe that caused the death of some 157 men. an old broken rocking chair and a small chest with a lock on it. 7. and consisting of more or less rotted wood. which shouldn’t be too hard with an old rusty padlock holding the door barely in place. The chest appears to be very old. women and children. shouldn’t prove to difficult to get open (for instance with the crowbar from the toolbox). and Ralph’s church can still be found by the swamp. Inside one can find a well read and badgered copy of John Keats. 1. The mansion has been turned into a school. but the mines are still there. 9. “The Poetical Works” (Published 11 . Inside the tower one can find a rusty steel stair circling the inside walls. one can find an old toolbox. as are the original lighthouse. If one is to make ones way inside. Lighthouse School/Mansion Bay Smugglers Caves The Freeling Family’s house The Old Mines The Burnt Down Plant The Old Railroad The Old Church Marshlands The Lighthouse (1) This old and weather-beaten lighthouse no longer holds a keeper. and the level of maintenance bears witness of this. leading up to the top where the light is seated. some planks of wood. 8. Everything is automated and only the outer concrete shell remains of the original building. 4.

It reads: “LOVE in a hut. A lot of the ink has been ruined and most of the pages have rotted too. a small silver cross on a chain.in 1884). The other three has 2 fishing boats. a small recreational boat and 4 12 . The greenhouse has framework of black metal decorated with ornamental wines and roses. Love in a palace is perhaps at last More grievous torment than a hermit’s fast: That is a doubtful tale from faery land. there. Is—Love.” The diary is bound in half rotted black leather and is quite damaged by moist. The school of Craneville is in fact the old mansion of Dani Jackson. kept largely in the same shape as it was a hundred years ago. Had Lycius liv’d to hand his story down. with the oldest and smallest (on the fare right) being closed off as it is not secure. an old rusted knife. nightly. jealous grown of so complete a pair. all black. A gangway connects the mansion with an additional building that in and old antique greenhouse. Gavril and Mike Decker. Hard for the non-elect to understand. School/Mansion (2) Maps of the School/Mansion can be found in the GM’s aid. He might have given the moral a fresh frown. The mansion has been partly refitted and modified to suit the needs of the school. with fearful roar. almost shutting out the daylight and several flowers of various types grow here. ashes. forgive us!—cinders. The greenhouse is overgrown with wines. Above the lintel of their chamber door. There is a small pond next to the oak and a path leads from the stairs of the gangway to the pond and around the edges of the greenhouse itself. an old yellowed picture of a young man and a diary (See player handouts). with water and a crust. The Bay (3) The bay has four piers. but a lot of the rooms are the same as they where originally and a lot of the rooms. the “founders” of Craneville. Or clench’d it quite: but too short was their bliss To breed distrust and hate. Here and there one can even find pieces of the original furniture. Hover’d and buzz’d his wings. dust. especially in the basement is unused or used for storage. The book lies on the bottom of the chest and only a few pages are readable (See player handouts). And down the passage cast a glow upon the floor. with terrific glare. It is quite huge and even holds a large knotty oak stretching towards the ceiling. that make the soft voice hiss. The school/mansion will be dealt with separately below as much of the story will take place here. Besides. The book of poems is bound in worn reddish brown leather and has a small piece of rope marking the page where the second part of the poem “Lamia” begins. Love.

In both bathrooms there are old iron bathtubs. The shore is covered with stones and the occasional piece of wood or other objects that has floated ashore. some of them cracked. now mostly black. The outer parts of the cave have long since been explored. The same types of tiles are used in both bathrooms. The closing for the pipe is broken. The boys often dare each other and swim out two by two. They have layers of cracked paint and rust. Not that this stops the kids however. cave-ins and other unpleasantness. Going further down is hazardous as the caves are unstable. seeing who has the most courage and stamina. One particularly dangerous game of dare is to try and swim out as far as possible and then swim back. makes a lot of gurgling noises before delivering water. The Freeling family’s house is an old worn house that used to belong to an old lady. In the living room there is a fireplace made out of what used to be red brick. If there ever where any smugglers here. They creak rather loudly when someone walks them. The stairs are just as old as the rest of the house and is made of rough hardwood. and would probably be any Goth’s wet dream. stained and worn by time. 13 .smaller boats with outside engines distributed among them. and may be prone to flooding. and getting hot water takes forever. and there have been quite a few drowning accidents over the years. so when the wind blows it sends chilling gusts of air down into the living room and kitchen. Its big and creaky. Smugglers Caves (4) These caves are only accessible during the low tide. except in the kitchen. that makes a lot of noise when it is on. they are long gone… The Freeling Family’s House (5) Map of the Freeling Family’s House can be found in the GM’s aid. In the kitchen there is an old gas oven used for cooking and in the back there is a really old and rusted washing machine. They are partly flooded during high tide and it is quite possible to get trapped inside. The piping however. The other rooms have worn hardwood floors that haven’t seen paint in decades. but are fully useable. with dents in them from wear and use. It gets deep rather steeply just outside the piers and as the area is plagued with strong currents people are discouraged from swimming outside the piers. The kitchen is of the old fashioned type with white and black tiles. however. with curly spirals as end piece decoration. only here they also cover the wall halfway up. is most often done when no adults are around. (The water heater is in the kitchen opposite to the washing machine). In the parents bedroom is and old cast-iron bed that daddy Freeling got down from the attic. This. It is also inhabited by an unknown number of rats as to make things even more hospitable. and there is little of interest there. A half sunken rowing boat is also attached to the lowermost pier.

A rail going trough the building might at some point have been used to transport coal in and out. and in a couple of the side entrances these rusty steel-wheeled things lie as if dead and broken. The only thing seen from the outside are the old wooden supports around the entrance. Here and there the wooden supports have fallen down. here and there collapsed onto the floor. and sometimes straight down. Going really fare down the mines have collapsed and the supports bears some witness of a fire having taken place a long time ago. however. and probably the home to a reasonable amount of spiders. think prewar jazz and you’re there). and large parts of the ceiling have caved in. the gates. all but the metal parts burned away. The Burnt Down Plant (7) The plant/ factory was once used for coal development. for a person slim enough to crawl under the gates. The Old Mines (6) The old mines were the place of the death of some 100+ miners. It is important to play up on the claustrophobia and feeling of isolation in this place. but is now more of a ruin than anything else. Once inside the mines continue downwards into the darkness with several passages leading left and right. It is mostly empty and dusty. leaving only the echoes of the explorers’ footsteps and voices to be heard. and even several yards away as if blown out of their frames. rusted or melted to the rails. and an old trolley of miners design stands in the middle of the factory floor. and rock and dirt has partly blocked the way.There is also an attic. Also found in the attic is an old antique mirror. telling of the tragedy having once taken place here. On the floor there are rails for small mining wagons. They are closed off to the public with black iron gates. and here and there even parts of the machinery seems to have melted as if exposed to enormous amounts of heat. especially if one where to dig a little. Inside pieces of rusted machinery can be found. however the mirror itself is ever so slightly cracked (if this is the first time they se it). however there is an old gramophone with some Artie Shaw records (if you’re not familiar with Artie. and pieces of broken soothed glass lie on the ground below them. while the other still stands as a memory of long gone days. Further down one can find a broken oil lantern and maybe an old pick or shovel. From under a collapsed part of the mine a small skeletal hand can be seen sticking out from under a rock. The almost cathedral-like windows of the factory are smashed. including 20-30 children down to the age of eight. Rusted and blackened railings and iron pipes crisscross above head. reachable by ladder from the hallway between the upstairs bedrooms. The frame seems relatively intact. Another item of note is an item that will be central to the story as it unfolds. locked with padlocks. hinting that finding ones way back might not be all that easy. One of the two large pipes have fallen over and broken into three large sections. The gramophone actually works. and at one end of the factory the furnace and mechanics of an old steam engine stands looming. The once red brick walls are blackened by the fire and smog. It is possible. More on the mirror below. The place seems strangely free of rats and bugs and a gloomy silence fills the place. full of dust and spider webs. and the signs telling people to keep out. 14 .

Climbing up one will find a small iron bell hanging from the top. It is overgrown with vines. and most of it has the characteristics of a swamp. From the outside the house has a monumental look and the design is late 18th century England with large multi sectioned windows giving an almost sacred impression. knotted trees and grey moss. A shadow from the hill behind the school seems to loom over the place even in mid-day. The school grounds on the front are covered with gravel and have a flagpole from where the American flag hangs. and is quite impassable. There is not but a small catwalk around the edges of the tower. A large wooden cross. and with old rotted bed linens. To the left are a small cupboard and a bed equally crude. The Old Church (9) Map of the church can be found in the GM’s aid. all in black iron. The yellowing glass walls 15 . Rusted and mostly overgrown. Apart from the cranes the marshlands seem void of life. A large Victorian double door leads into the building… Ground Floor The Greenhouse (1) The Greenhouse holds an old knotty oak standing over a small pond and several types of flowers and small bushes cover the ground in most places. The fact that this small wooden church still stands is more or less a miracle. They stretch from the mines. A narrow gravel path leads from the stairs by the gangway around the edges of the greenhouse and by the pond. Some way into the marshes is a small lake in which cranes make their home. and a water basin roughly carved from stone.The Old Railroad (8) This rusty old railroad was used to transport the processed coal out of Craneville and more central areas. vines and flowers. To the right of the altar is a ladder leading up to the bell tower. The School The school is a century old two-story building made from red brick blackened by age. They haven’t been used since the mines collapsed. Inside the church there are eight benches of crude design made from rough wood. a carousel and a climbing cage. There is an old rotted rope hanging from the bell that seems to have been cut. It is slightly rusted in parts. painted red. It is made from black iron framework with ornamentations of leaves. hangs above the altar. and the tower is open down to the rest of the church. On the back is the playground with swings. To the left of the church stand a bookshelf with three more bibles and an old psalm book. past the plant and out of Craneville continuing west. The Marshlands (10) The marshlands start right next to the church and stretch tens of miles to the north and vest. it is still not hard to find. There never was any paint on the walls and the planks are almost rotted trough. Below the pillow on the bed an old crusted bible can be found with the name Ralph Minoge engraved into it. At the furthest end of the church is an altar with a wooden candlestick and a copper plate. The greenhouse is rather huge and is about two storeys from “floor” to ceiling.

Chapman. and the floor has been tiled with black and white ceramic tiles of the same type as the ones in the Freeling’s house. no maps. chemistry and physics lab of the school. which has holes in its feet and hands as well as wounds across its forehead and some kind of stab wound below the ribs. The class totals 7 pupils. The walls are filled with crude pictures drawn by the pupils. this not being that big a school. The Lab (3) This is the biology. Some have five legs. They are mostly used for storage of various school materials like chalk. There are 13 pupils in Mr. the works of Edgar Allan Poe… Cupboards (5 & 6) These are the cupboards under the stairs leading up to the first floor from the entrance hall. Fifth and sixth grade Classroom (7) Here is the classroom for the fifth and sixth grade. The walls here are completely empty and hospital green. The various classes use this room at different times. If someone enters the classroom all the pupils will turn as one and stare at whoever enters. Third and fourth grade Classroom (4) This is the classroom for the third and fourth graders. and keep staring at them until they leave. stuck on poles and the like. books. or having experienced trauma of some kind. Their teacher is Mrs. Claire Higgins. First and second grade Classroom (2) This is where the first and second graders have their classroom. a middle-aged lady with a great love of cats.makes everything on the outside seem a bit blurry and all one can really see are the shadows of people moving outside. Their teacher is Mrs. When inspected more closely all the jars contain animals that are in some way mutated. Sharon Spencer. No pictures. Here you have rows of workstations with outlets for gas and water. but 16 . Like all the ground floor classrooms the walls are painted in a hospital-like green giving off an institutional feeling. Cotton’s class. Sometimes pupils lock each other inside them as pranks. The pupils will apart from this seem like normal first and second graders and will if asked about the pictures gladly explain the various methods of execution and torture in a simple childlike manner. while some have nails stuck trough them. but if you look close will show scenes of people getting decapitated. the motifs are seemingly innocent. The walls are covered with periodic tables and shelves with lab equipment as well as the always eerie glass jars containing specimen of various animals. a man in his early forties who spends a lot of his time lecturing poetry. A Mr. an extra eye or even two heads. This week. a lady in her late thirties. Cotton read to them. The pupils never write or read or draw anything. He is of a morbid disposition and will describe in detail things like the process of decomposing of the human corpse. There is also a small foetus in a large jar. etc. She will at first seem rather lovingly and kind. two of which are left free to roam the classroom at all times. They just sit eerily still listening to Mr. Their teacher is Larry Cotton (the brother of Kirsty Cotton). but mostly it is empty. no nothing. a long and wiry figure with horn glasses and a small goatee will hold classes here.

equally cracked.will soon prove to be a psychopath with a shifting temperament. if he goes along with it. A crucifix hangs over the blackboard. After a while though they will start to befriend Gabriel and will start badgering Raphael. Between rooms 11 and 12 there is a backdoor to the playground as well as stairs leading down to the basement. The sheets will move as if from a draft although the room is completely closed. She will give you praise one moment only to slap you the next for a transgression real or imagined. She dresses in flowery dresses and appears like a demented Martha Stuart both by demeanour and appearance. There are shelves with packs of paper on the walls but little else. The classroom is decorated with landscape pictures in antique frames. and will at first seem indifferent to the newcomers. but will be replaced the next day. and will. treat him as sort of a gang leader as long as he continues to pick on his brother. 17 . This mirror can be broken. calling him “Jesus Junior” and mocking the cross he carries. equally cracked. They will try to lure Gabriel along with them. The floor is covered with stripped off paint flakes that make a crunching sound when you walk on them. This mirror can be broken. The pictures seem to be from the Craneville area and are at first quite harmonious. The walls are stripped showing the planks beneath and there are tools of various types scattered around. There is an old fireplace at one of the walls. Boys lavatory (9) The mirror over the sink will at all times be cracked to the same extent (if not identical) as THE mirror. However as soon as one stares to long at them one will seemingly see dark figures crouching in the shadows beneath trees and stones and even the landscape itself will seem threatening. Copier room (11) This room holds an old copy machine that appears to have seen at least the last world war. but will be replaced the next day. When you’re not looking the shadowy figures will have appeared to move. Girls lavatory (10) The mirror over the sink will at all times be cracked to the same extent (if not identical) as THE mirror. The pupils in the class number 12 including Raphael and Gabriel. Room being redecorated (8) This room is currently being redecorated with large semitransparent plastic sheets hanging from the ceiling.

constantly cleaning his nails with a penknife. and at the back a small desk belonging to the librarian. smoke cigarettes at all times and have a mean disposition. If ever opened it will reveal rows upon rows of the flayed skin of humans. Here are rows of tall dark-wood shelves with books. some of which have occult titles. The office is decorated with a stuffed bear looming by one of the walls. Administration (13) Two office ladies (Daisy and Doris) that keep this place running have their seats here. much. He will lecture to anyone entering his office about the importance of a firm hand in the educational system and how a sound beating can make any runt into a productive member of society. is an old man in his late sixties with glasses. and a billboard with timetables and stuff. The back wall is covered from floor to ceiling with filing cabinets of the old-grey-and-metal kind. It is always empty even after you just saw a teacher walk in there. He wears a shirt with a black west and slippers and will appear old as time itself. He will constantly degrade them and belittle them. He is a grey haired thin man wearing a black pinstriped suit and a blood red bowtie at all times. He will seem friendly enough. even going as fare as threatening his pupils with his knife and beating them whenever he feels like it. showing Jesus on the cross with the crowd gathered around. some old. especially Michael. an air of old tobacco hanging in the air. with worn couches and chairs. rolled up grey hair. much. The rest of the walls are covered with bookshelves with old dusty books of various kinds.Teachers lounge (12) This is where the teachers are supposed to be when they are not in class. even some children. His large antique desk has woodcarvings of Golgotha. He will help anyone asking to the best of his ability. but has a very bad short time memory. Englund will appear to be slightly insane. Malcolm Crowe. If one looks carefully one can almost see them laughing and pointing instead of crying. much too much filing space for a school… Principals Office (14) This is where Daniel Schreber has his place. He will openly make fun of his drug problem in front of the class and claim he is too 18 . some young. Although not identical in appearance they both have old style half-rim glasses. There are 11 pupils including Michael. The librarian. and staring at his pupils. You should not let the players enter this room until the fourth or fifth day at the earliest. and paintings of old men in suits looking stern. The keys for the lock can be found in the desk drawer in the principal’s office. all appearing to be in good condition. Library (16) This is the school library. They sit behind ancient desks and constantly write on antique typing machines. He will have violent fits. but will from time to time cough up black dust. The Locked Room (15) This room is locked. It appears as a normal teachers lounge seen at any school anywhere. First Floor Seventh Grade Classroom (17) This is the classroom of the seventh grade tutored by Robert Englund.

School Cantina (18) This is the schools cantina where all the pupils eat lunch. A couple might even offer to get him some first rate glue if he does. The engraving is barely readable but can be made out to Mike Decker. and there is a stuffed raven in a cage hanging by the blackboard. Old rusted gears and cogwheels are for some reason hung as decoration on the walls of this classroom. wearing a long black dress and her black hair held back in a knot. She is a lady in her late thirties. Englund is a man of small stature with a shaved head and small round glasses with little pig like eyes behind them. equally cracked. There is still a lot of ashes left in the fireplace and among the ashes the burnt remains of a leatherbound diary can be found. This mirror can be broken. The classroom walls are like all the first floor classrooms covered with dark wooden panelling. and eager to listen to what Michael can tell of his previous experiences. Ninth Grade Classroom (20) This room is always locked. and some may even have cuts on their jugulars. all the while trying to get him to take pictures of her in the shower. 19 . Their teacher is never seen. the same every day. There is only water to drink. The Room with the fireplace (21) In this room a lot of old furniture will be stuffed. Some of the boys will comment on his sexy-bitch sister. She will continuously belittle the girls sexual prowess and say things like “I bet you haven’t even fucked yet you little bitch” or “What’s the matter. The room is decorated with old yellowed anatomical illustrations stapled to the walls. His lectures often involve a little rant about the process of evolution where the strong should dominate and even exploit the weak. while the girls will talk and whisper behind her back. and even say things like “Bet you’ve wanted to fuck her yourself…” and pick on him. but will be replaced the next day. The pupils will at times join in while some might seem curious about the drugs themselves. Boys lavatory (22) The mirror over the sink will at all times be cracked to the same extent (if not identical) as THE mirror. Rows upon rows of tables and benches cover the floor while on one side is a long counter where some disgusting stew is served. A couple of the pages are still readable if badly damaged by the fire. All the pupils of this class are dressed in black. There is also a rather large fireplace on one of the walls (corresponding with the fireplace in the room below). you afraid your pussy’s going to break?” The boys of the class will be totally infatuated with Dina and will do just about anything she asks. (See player handouts). Eight Grade Classroom (19) Here is the eight grade classroom and the kingdom of Kirsty Cotton (the sister of Larry Cotton). looking at all the other pupils with contempt refusing to even talk to them. and the pupils entering and leaving will be silent and antisocial. and will have nothing to do with her.weak to deal with reality. Most of them will have scars on their wrists from cuts as from suicide attempts.

The wallpaper is an exquisite wine-red colour with golden roses on it. Any character looking at the mirror will feel a strange attraction to it. Most of it is original furniture that used to be here when the house was the mansion of the Decker brothers and Dani. Dining Room (25) This room apparently used to be some kind of dining room. Empty (24) This room is empty.Girls lavatory (23) The mirror over the sink will at all times be cracked to the same extent (if not identical) as THE mirror. In one of the drawers of the table one can find a rather nice silver necklace with inlaid pearls that Dina will feel irresistibly tempted to try on. The furniture is covered with white sheets to protect it as is the three pictures on the wall. More on the mirror below. On the table there will be an exact copy of the mirror found in the attic in the Freeling’s house. If she does it will fit her perfectly as if made for her. This mirror can be broken. A big doublesided bed with woodcarvings can be found here as well as a number of antique chairs and a makeup table. Michael will feel a slight unease whenever he is in the room. Dani and Gavril. 20 . equally cracked. actually one and the same. The Room with the Mirror (26) This room has a lot of dusty old furniture stuffed into it. but will be replaced the next day. with a long black lacquered dinner table and dining chairs. If uncovered the pictures are large paintings of Mike.

now long since dried. In the corners of the room stand large black iron chandeliers. 21 . and will want to try the large bed standing in the middle of the room. In a closet by the bed hangs a selection of leather whips as well as various needles and hooks. In one of the drawers an old opium pipe can be found along with an empty bottle of absinthe. The bed has black iron shackles attached to the bedposts. one can see the northernmost wall being lined with cells with iron bars. The Basement The Boiler Room (30) This is where the school gets its heating in the winter. This used to be the bedroom of Mike and Dani. In one of the drawers a half finished letter can be found. Some of them are soiled with some dried brown substance and all of them have rusted iron shackles attached to the walls. A large black boiler. The floor is stained with something of a dark brown colour. Janitors Office (32) This is the “office” of the school janitor. Dust covers everything in this room. now slightly rusted. He is nowhere to be found. (See player handouts). a small table and a lamp. now dark brown in colour. The Cells (31) This room is practically stacked with old furniture. A dirty blanked lies on the couch as well as a ragged dirty pillow. Embedded into the floor is an unbroken circle of cast iron. that for some reason is kept lit and red-hot. dominates the room. and the sheets on the bed seem to have been soiled with something. Gabriel will feel right at home here. some of which still have candles in them. but the room holds an old beat up couch. Michael will feel even more at unease here. On the table a worn and badgered copy of “Dante’s Inferno” lies. The Last Bedroom (27) This used to be the bedroom of Gavril. The Ritual Room (28) This room is almost empty. A large pile of coal lies next to it and shovels and iron rakes hang in the furthermost wall. However if one makes ones way trough the room and over the furniture. There is also a desk in one of the corners.Against one of the walls stand a desk. Strange symbols are carved into the floor in and around the iron circle.

The parents will both act as if this is completely normal and just as it should be. Raphael will be mostly ignored and left to his own devices. not reprimanded as much as Michael. Dina will be treated somewhere in between. Therefore they will not be described further here. Steve works at a scrap-yard/antique-shop in central Craneville most of the day. They will reprimand Michael a lot more than Gabriel. 22 . including their attitude to the children. During the course of this adventure there will be some horrid and strange events taking place. but not loved as much as Gabriel. wears dresses and has an almost charming ignorance for most things that go on in the world. If approached by the children with stories of strange or grotesque nature they will simply say things like “That’s good dear” or “That’s nice”. Picture the kind of father you see in movies from the fifties and you’re there. He will always be happy to see his children even if they show up for work. They are model parents in most respects. The teachers at the school The teachers are covered under the description of the school and are more a part of the school than actual persons. She is in her late thirties. He is obviously their favourite. however this may modify a bit during the course of the next few days… Steve is a man in his early forties with short blond hair and a warm bear-like quality about him.The NPCs Steve and Diane Freeling They are the parents of our main characters. cleaning the house and like Steve could be taken right from a fifties move. and it will seem as though Gabriel can do nothing wrong. Diane is by all respects the model homemaker. serving dinner on time. Consider their stats to be equal to the Standard NPC described below for most purposes. They will act in unison on most subjects. Play up on this vibe to the point of the ridiculous.

23 . nepharite serving the Deathangel Samael (If you don’t know what a nepharite is. Feel free to add any skills at any level you feel like to make the story work for you. almost grey and his appearance is that of a thin human with twisted features. but may harm and hurt them to torment them. temples and back. Communication: All languages. Dodge 15. etc. His chest is bare and has long rusted iron spikes jutting out from the ribcage. The point of the trap is to make them remember who they used to be. His cracked fingernails are long as well giving the impression of claws. even several places at once. Craneville. and dangers are supposed to lead the characters to discover more and more about their past lives. trees fall over roads. Narrow escapes should come with a price. think Pinhead and the others from the Hellraiser movies and you get the picture). The Dark Art: 20. He is armed with a large curved iron skinning-knife attached to a chain. The point of Craneville is not to kill the characters but to make them remember. Whips and Chains 50. He will for instance never allow the characters to leave Craneville and will make sure that cars don’t start. Initiative bonus: +28 Damage Bonus: +10 Endurance: 280 Damage Capacity: 10 Scratches = 1 Light Wound 9 Light Wounds = 1 Serious Wound 7 Serious Wounds = 1 Fatal Wound Can take 2 Fatal Wounds before dying Powers: Telepathy – can read memories and feelings. That does not mean that they will not believe themselves to be in mortal danger. He has therefore made a trap for them. and will toy with the characters and torment them for his own pleasures sake. His hands have long thin fingers that have too many joints. In his true form he is over two meters tall. (A deathangel can be considered a powerful demon lord for those not familiar with the Kult mythology).Moses. He is the most trusted nepharite of the Angel of Death Samael. Will be aware of anything that happens in Craneville. If all else fail he will make a personal appearance. Search 30. In Craneville assume that he can change reality more or less as he pleases. giving them an inhuman appearance. Torture 80. His head has no hair four iron spikes are driven into his head at the forehead. Unarmed Combat 30. Moses will hesitate to attack the characters openly. Dagger 25. AGL 40 EGO 30 STR 50 CHA 35 CON 50 PER 25 COM 5 EDU 25 Senses: Like a human. He is vengeful and angry that they escaped his purgatories and he definitely wants them back. His flesh is pale. but can see people’s auras and mental balances. This is the main “antagonist” of the adventure. so that he can once again punish them for their sins. Distort time and space to appear anywhere he likes at any time. dressed in a long black leather butchers apron that looks almost as a shirt. to stop them. Telepathy. When he does not wish to reveal his true form he can look like anyone he pleases and can change his appearance at will. Keep in mind though that Moses is a creature of pain. Skills: Sneak 20.

Standard NPC These stats are for whenever you just need some stats for a general NPC. Initiative bonus: +/-0 Damage Bonus: +/-0 Endurance: 80 Damage Capacity: 4 Scratches = 1 Light Wound 3 Light Wounds = 1 Serious Wound 3 Serious Wounds = 1 Fatal Wound Dies after receiving 1 Fatal Wound. small round glasses and carries a cane with a cranes head. and Stevens boss. He does a lot of the manual work at the store and is always fixing things or carrying heavy objects around. He is a silent type and will not speak unless spoken to. He will laugh at almost anything and will pinch the cheek of any of the characters that come within reach. The Rest Other than this Craneville will seem full of normal sleepy small-town life. Carl Struycken This is the weird guy that works with Steven in the antique shop. Skills: Give the NPC skills as appropriate. Communication: English only. Consider his stats to be equal to the Standard NPC described below for most purposes. He is despite his appearance mostly harmless. Feel free to invent any characters you feel you need. Lower AGL to 6. Add +10 to STR. with a bald head and staring eyes. He is tall and skinny. He is an old man with shoulder length white hair. Think Lurch from The Addams Family. Christopher Lloyd He is the owner of Lloyd’s Antiques. Consider his stats to be equal to the Standard NPC described below for most purposes. Gives the ability to possess a human body while the caster’s own body remains in Inferno or Purgatory.Magic: The Lore of Death 50. AGL 10 EGO 10 STR 10 CHA 10 CON 10 PER 10 COM 10 EDU 10 Senses: Normal senses. all spells at 50. Possess 30. 24 .

Some of the events are mere suggestions on ways to create mood and get the players hooked. Therefore the events to take place are sorted under each day and night. while some of the events must take place for the adventure to run its course. If the characters enquire about other rooms the principal will only say that those rooms are part of the original building and are not used for the time being. The Principal will meet them in his office and they will be enrolled by the administration.The Timetable This adventure will take place over five days. Below you will also find events that could take place at any time during the five days. They will be given a tour of the school and the grounds. When playing out the dream sequences try not to make it obvious that the characters are in a dream. Day One Craneville will be as previously described. some not. The characters will drive their old beat up Volvo 240 with their mom to their new house. not any of the “special” rooms. most of them location specific. Moving in* – The first event of the adventure should be the arrival at Craneville. Use this event to describe the house to the players. To the school* – At some point Diane will take the characters to their first day at school. There the moving truck will already have arrived with their furniture and the father will be busy directing the moving guys where to put stuff. They will of course only be shown the offices and classrooms. Also slight (sometimes dramatic) changes will happen to Craneville and their population as the days progress. but rather that what they experience is real. Use this event to make the most of the classes and the mood at the school. Events marked with a * are events that must take place. 25 .

The whole school is having a field trip to the old factory that used to be the centre of power for the Decker brothers. the kitchen is bathed in the light from it. Play up on the draft from the fireplace and the curtains moving slightly as of their own will to make the mood a bit creepy. There is nothing to be heard except silence. just a little. Thirsty – During the night have one of the characters wake up thirsty. slamming him/her to the ground. The Greenhouse – One of the characters will find the greenhouse at the school to be a seemingly peaceful place. Here they will receive a lecture on the history of Craneville as with mention of the brothers. The character will then awake. Remembering the orange juice in the fridge the character makes his/hers way downstairs for something to drink. He/she will be a child pushing one of the heavy carts used to transport the coal from the bottom of the mine to the entrance. The Dream 1 – One of the characters (preferably Raphael or Dina) will be having a dream about slaving in the mines. although the characters does not know this at the time) will stand before him/her and yell at them for not working hard enough and being lazy. The cough will get gradually worse over the next couple of 26 . The second he/she looks into the mirror a horrid face with grey skin. Field trip* . He/she will then notice an impossibly tall figure (Moses) standing outside the greenhouse looking in at them. and the face will be gone as quickly as it appeared. as well as graphic descriptions of the horrid conditions for the workers. an insane grin and spikes protruding from its skull will appear. but finding the fridge in the kitchen should be no problem in the little bit of moonlight coming from the windows. and taking the bottle of juice the characters suddenly sees a tall dark figure (Moses) standing beside him/her. He will then slap the poor child across the face. The shadow is gone. The figure is then nowhere to be found. the harlot and the priest. Nothing serious. and will want to go there to relax for a moment alone. A pupil or teacher will then call the character in to class from the door and suddenly the sounds can be heard again. Sitting by the pond under the tree he/she will notice that all the sounds from inside the school and the yard outside has stopped. A red mark can be seen across the characters face from where the blow hit him/her and Michael/Gabriel will seem to have hurt his hand the next morning. The figure seems to have some sort of crown (the spikes). The cough – One of the characters will start to get coughs.Brushing teeth* – One of the characters go to brush their teeth (preferably alone). They will also be shown the entrance to the mines and will be told in vivid detail about the tragedy that took place there. The mirror will instantly crack. but just unexpected and irritating. When he/she gets to the top a tall figure (either Mike or Gavril Decker. but only the shadow can be seen trough the old yellowed glass of the green house. Day Two The teachers at the school will be ever so slightly more abusive than they where yesterday. The lights seem to be out. When the character opens the fridge. Startled he/she drops the bottle that smashes against the floor and the door to the fridge closes making the kitchen once more pitch black.

and one of the teachers actually beats a pupil to death in the hallway for some minor transgression. There are legs and arms and parts of cut of pieces of flesh in metal trays. all turns silent and there is no one in the room. People in the town will seem more tired somehow and several will be thin as from starvation. Slowly he puts it around his neck and lets himself fall. He feels dragged down by feelings of guilt and walks in towards the altar. one of the “special” rooms). The Butcher – One or more of the characters are asked to join their mother as she goes shopping for dinner. Otherwise just describe the church as you would). while he is screaming that if she doesn’t stop it he will kill her. Here and there you can see scenes of parents beating and abusing their children. He will recognize it if they already have been there. The Dream 2 – One of the characters will have a dream about being chained to their bed and being whipped with a nine-tailed-cat (A whip with nine extensions with little hooks on them). and whether they have realized the truth or not. The Dream 3 – Raphael will have this dream. Day Three The teachers will be even more abusive. The Argument – One of the characters will hear an argument trough one of the doors of the school (not a classroom or office door. The character will wake up screaming and will have bloodied marks on his/her back.days and the character will start to cough up black slime and have trouble with short breath. Describe the room as you would. “We all deserve Hell” on it and fastens it to his chest. The only exception is Raphael who feels the children looking at him with pleading eyes although none of them seem to dear to speak to him. She goes to a butchers shop down town and as they enter there are quite a lot of people there already waiting for their turn. If the character opens the door. Day Four The teachers are just as abusive as the day before. He is in an old church (THE old church. The parents will seem to almost live in their own little world. It appears a man and a woman is having an argument over her fucking his brother behind his back. Even in town the people seem to look at them with hateful eyes. A lot of what happens for the rest of the adventure depends on what the characters have discovered so fare. and a red mark shows around his neck. She is accusing him of being weak and not fully a man. He will awake coughing as if someone just tried to strangle him. The feeling of hatred and disgust towards the characters visibly grow as if they are to blame although no one actually attacks the characters. He grabs a piece of paper and hastily writes. and be even more distant than they used to be. The kids at the school will have slightly dirty clothes and some will have soot (coal dust really) on their cheeks and hands. and even a human head with an apple stuck into its 27 . The tug feels like a blow to his neck but he does not die. One by one the people get their orders and leave and when the character(s) get to the counter they see various human body parts on display. He then climbs up the ladder and takes the rope from the bell and makes a noose.

“So. Once they have been seized (they might be a bit beat up at this point) they will be taken to the ruin of the factory and thrown inside. When they start looking around they will see a tall man with grey skin standing with his back to them between rows of machines of unknown purpose. Suddenly the screaming stops. with only an old oil-lantern to light their way (The “cave” is actually the mines.” If Raphael breaks the mirror the crashing sound of the glass crushing will be deafening and it will seem as if the whole of reality is breaking with it. As they walk they seem to go deeper down no matter which passage they choose (even if they try to walk back the way they came). The characters will all wake up in their beds sweaty and with bruises and claw marks on their bodies. Once inside the mob will turn silent and just wait outside. now almost completely cracked. commenting that it will make an excellent pot roast. Endgame* – The characters are awoken during the night of a lot of people outside (no matter where they spend the night). and as they turn they will see the mirror. “You know what you have to do. She pays him and leaves. Whether they choose to follow the sounds or not they will soon reach a blocked of passage way down where the cave have collapsed. you never seem to be able to follow your conviction do you? Not then and 28 . He picks out a nice piece of meat for her and wraps it up. They will now be in Inferno. She tells him she is looking for some meat to make a good stew. Even if the characters flee. and the characters might recognize it as such if they have been there before). clothes ripped to shreds. When the characters look around they are surrounded by scores of people. The people are children. They find themselves standing in a cave of some sort. and if they try to run they will be chased down. The butcher is just wrapping up a human baby for a customer. 30 will result in bleeding from the ears. If they don’t come out the mob will break into the house. “Well. as their mother approaches the counter. skinny and starving with black holes where their eyes should have been. The only one not there is Raphael. totally unaffected by the display of carnage before her. There are people carrying shovels and picks and torches. as you should be. Break the mirror and you will all be judged.mouth. As one they all attack the characters and try to rip them to pieces. The screaming continues on until it reaches deafening levels and a failed CON roll diff. Day Five This is the last day of the adventure. In the distance they can hear people screaming for help. men and women all dressed in dirty rags. If Raphael refuses to break the mirror the nepharite will look at him with disgust and say. He will look at Raphael and say. She asks him for some meat for a stew she’s cooking for dinner. She later cooks the stew with the meat she bought and serves it for dinner that same day. The mob is banging on the doors yelling for them to come out. they should at some point be cornered and the seized by the attackers. are you finally ready to be punished for your sins?” He will point at something behind them. He will slowly turn towards them (describe Moses in all his morbid horror) and say. The Dream 4 – All of the characters will have this dream.

A black coal-dust imprint of his hand will later be seen on the shoulder of that character. hands folded on his back just eyeing them and coldly commenting. among them the antique shop. They will then see the old librarian pushing a trolley of books past them. The librarian – At some point when the characters are in the library they will be standing in between shelves. but the other kids will look at him/her with disgust and fear for the rest of the day. “Getting back to our old habits are we?” The Principal will have no further comments on the matter. Exploring – This is the catchall event for the characters exploring the school or any of the other locations of Craneville.” They will now all be in Inferno. the principal will suddenly be standing behind them. but with the other kid getting hurt badly. He/she will however not be punished for the event. one of them will bump into one of the shelves making an old envelope fall from the top. The nepharite will then grin at them and say. the Freeling’s house attic and the school. Use it for all it is worth… Memories – Feel free to “implement” memories of the characters past lives as you see fit. before disappearing out of sight. The Mirror The Mirror requires some explaining I feel. and especially after they start getting the picture of what is going on.not now. Old habits – If any of the characters (Not Raphael) get into a fight. Doing research* – If the characters should ever try to research the school library for information on anything. falling hard on a rock. This could happen by them falling down a flight of stairs. The mirror is a symbol of the border between this world and Inferno. seen only trough the opening between the shelves. It will show up at various places. his appearance will have changed back to normal and if enquired about it he will seem not to know what the characters are talking about. have it end badly. The Mirror will be more and more cracked as the story progresses and will be in worse and worse shape as the days go by. “Welcome home. It is important that they get all the player handouts at some point.” He will then point at the mirror that breaks scattering shards of broken glass over the characters who is cut by them. Any time The Phone – If the characters should ever try to use the phone the only thing they will hear is a metallic rhythmic sound that strangely reminds them of heartbeats. For a moment he will appear as an old tired and dirty man in old clothes pushing a cart with metal wheels (the kind they used in the mines). The envelope contains the old birth certificates and engagement certificate of Dani and Mike. Not with them losing. If so. The dates on the birth certificates match perfectly the birth dates Dina and Michael (Except for year of course). Let the screaming begin. Bleeding they will fall to the floor. If the characters run out to see. He will kindly pat one of them on the shoulder and send them on their way back to class. or from the character using something to hit them with. All the mirrors in Craneville are affected by this as well and will be cracked to 29 .

the GM. a slightly visible red glow will emanate from the cracks. and although the characters can break the other mirrors in Craneville this won’t help them at all. The Characters Due to space restrictions the characters are only described on the record sheets. 30 . The Mirror however is indestructible until the last scene: Endgame. It will resist all attempts to destroy it. As the mirror is cracked more and more. should read trough them (as well as all the player handouts) before running this scenario. You.an equal degree as The Mirror at all times. and if one listens carefully one can hear moans and low screams of pain coming from it.

for being my strongest critic ever Seventh Circle. and which helped me get at least a bit better at telling stories. All those people who allowed to GM for them even when I sucked. All my friends. Torben. who decided to once more make this wonderful RPG available to the masses. input and inspiration.Thanks to: Gunilla Jonnson and Michael Petersen. for teaching about the very real horrors of the industrial revolution. All the guys at The Last Cycle. My flatmate Chris. for hosting the best Kult forum ever. 31 . for all your support. for keeping up with me pestering them with ideas and plots. My history teachers.com/). for creating the meanest RPG around. (Check it out at: http://www.kult-rpg.

32 .

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