EU wants to regulate cultivation of fruit and vegetables in gardens

German Economic News | Posted: 23:04:13, 00:27 | Updated: 25/04/13, 11:42 am | 1,864 Comments The European Commission wants to impose on farmers and gardeners in the future the use of unit seed. Old and rare species have little chance of an approval, its cultivation is punishable by law - even if it takes place in the private garden.

The European Commission is working on a revision of the European seed market in the form of a Regulation (Preparatory EU paper in the original , English). Thus, a decision of the European Court is legalized in July 2012: Farmers are allowed to sell only officially authorized seed. So far, old and rare seed varieties were excluded that were grown in long standing economic and exchange traded, usually in small quantities. If it goes to the Commission's plans, small farmers or individuals may not even give away their homegrown seeds in the future. Many conventional vegetables and cereals are thus disappear from cultivation, organizations. small-scale criticize The agriculture Austrian mandatory is thus environmental unification. The

registration of all varieties would lead to a complete completely excluded from the seed-disclosure, it says in the text accompanying a joint petition of Noah's Ark and Global in 2000. For them, the procedure for seed species with insurmountable bureaucratic and financial hurdles replacing penalties. Beneficiaries of the normalization are the only food groups that are already split the bulk of the seed market among themselves ( here ). For years, makes the lobby of the agricultural industry in Brussels mood should be connected. seed In addition, to harsh environmentalists fear a strict official control. When non-approved varieties

for a further step in the direction of seed cartel. Objective is to control the entire food production by a few large corporations. Already, smaller competitors are forced by displaying Monsanto and Co to exclusively buy their seed. In the future, now also face administrative penalties. Consumers have a little more freedom of choice, which lands on his plate, it is in a open letter from more than a dozen European environmental organizations to the Commission and the EU Parliament. Less diversity and less hot colors and tastes, and ultimately less food quality. Is now calling for a complete restructuring of the ongoing reform process. Users had a greater seed varieties available to provide diversity, especially species that are adapted to local conditions. This would help to reduce the use of pesticides, fertilizers and water and to reduce the pollution of soil and water. Initiatives, such as environmental organizations or a request of the Greens in the Austrian Parliament but will probably be ineffective unless several Member States against the proposed regulation occur. Yet the decision has not been implemented. The EU Commission is on 6 May submit their draft, after the European Parliament has to deal with it. If Parliament were to wave through the regulation and private people can no longer spread in their fruit and vegetable products, if not the EU standards.

It is indicative of the lack of democratic legitimacy of the EU that such fundamental decisions are taken, without the citizens noticed anything about it. Is Regulation once adopted, are the food groups in the right and the citizens on the defensive and will have the greatest difficulty in making the legal regulations undo. Members of the European Parliament should have not even read the request for regulation. They buy their food at the supermarket.

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