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Chan, Keith Ching, Rendell Esguerra, Adrian Salud, Joyce Tan, Abraham Tolentino, Lester

March 12, 2009 EM-TECH s16 Ms. Pineda

LOCOMOTIVES: MAJOR PLAYER IN FUTURE TRANSPORTATION S16 Chan, Keith : Salud, Joyce: Tan, Abraham: Tolentino, John Lester: Ching, Rendell Esguerra, Adrian removed or put on hold, it can cripple cities and even countries. Therefore it is important

Abstract The goal of this research paper is to address the latest issues concerning transportation namely (1) environmental issues, (2) future transportation demands, (3) Fossil Fuel Supply and (4) locomotive issues. Alongside with it the focus of this research paper is to provide convincing answers on questions regarding why everyone must be aware of transportation issues, its significance and what are the possible solutions locomotives can provide to further improve the present situation. In a nutshell the goal is to allow people to have an awareness of the major issues concerning transportation globally and how it can affect the local industry as well and at the same time gather solutions which locomotives can provide. Introduction The ability to travel from one place to another is essential to the humankind. And that is the very reason why since the beginning of time the idea of transportation has been around. From animals which were the initial “external” means of transportation, to aeroplanes that transports people from one country to another in just a matter of hours. Transportation plays an important role in our daily lives and the continuous developments on this field prove its very significance. If transportation should be

that people are aware of the issues with regard to transportation. Allowing awareness will cause participation and contribution within the community. Innovations or simple alternatives maybe produced and eventually address the increasing transportation issues that lie ahead. Environmental Issue The latest concern the global community faces is the issue regarding the Climate Change or Global Warming. Since this issue is affecting everyone around the globe and the damage it can cause is close to catastrophic, all other issues at present will more or less interconnect with this major issue. And that is why the first issue that will be address in this paper is regarding the environmental issue on transportation. In an article by Martin Donohoe it was stated that major cause of this crisis is through the burning of fossil fuels. And when it comes to transportation, majority of the existing mode of transportation burns fossil fuel for it to run. It was estimated that “Globally, the automobile population is expected to double in the next 25-50 years” (Donohoe 2007). Given this insight it can be said that in an

environmental point of view that transportation despite its importance will severely worsen the current crisis. And the reason why this is such an issue is because of the fact that transportation cannot be simply taken out of the picture. Future Transportation Demands Another issue at hand would be regarding the future transportation demands. One demand will be on the increase in the availability of transportation. The reason behind this is the gradual expansion of the human population.

The issue regarding fossil fuel besides the fact that it is harmful to the environment is also the issue of its availability. As it is known, fossil fuel is a resource that cannot be replenished. Eventually in the future like it or not the fossil fuel supply will run out. The good thing about this is that many alternatives are being conceptualized to eventually replace fossil fuel. But the fact that fossil fuel is still better when it comes to performance is something that everyone will agree with. The issue will now be how then will fossil fuel as a natural resource be preserved and efficiently be used. Locomotive Issues Though the point of this paper is to prove that locomotive is one of the possible solutions that can be banked on, there also exist issues concerning locomotives. The major issue with locomotive is that it is costly in the sense that it has its own road system. Therefore if this will be used as the main mode of transportation, development of new railroad systems will cost a lot. Not only that but the length of time it will take for it to be completed will definitely longer as compared to developing a new road since there are a lot involved in locomotive developments such as stations, power and the locomotive itself. And the other issue for locomotives would be on border crossing issues within the country or even from a country to another. If this were to be the main mode of transportation from one country to another then it will similar to an airport wherein there are passports and visas that will be required. Conclusions and Recommendations Since transportation is something that we cannot go without it is given that more and more effort and investments will be put into to figure out ways to improve the ones

As the graph shows, it is expected that the world population would reach almost 9 billion by the year 2050. Therefore since there will be more people that will go from one place to another then increase in space regarding transportation will be needed. Since automobile is the major player presently the issue is related in the sense that expansion of road systems is a must. The problem here is that it will be too costly and since majority relies on automobile it will affect the majority of the population. Therefore the demand of availability and space expansion in terms of transportation can cause a serious paralysis in the near future. Fossil Fuel Supply

currently available. After the study of issues concerning transportation, the group decided that using locomotive as an approach to this situation will be beneficial. And the reason why the group chose locomotive as the alternative or as the possible solution is because it addresses the very issues that concerns transportation. For the environmental issue, since modern locomotives uses electricity for it to work, this will definitely be something environmental friendly. Alongside with it fossil fuel supply will be preserved. Since energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed, this assures us of the fact that energy will always be around. The issue on transportation demands also can be fixed by locomotive. It is true though that similar to automobiles; locomotives will also have the need to expand. But the good thing it will lessen the activity of automobiles since the space in locomotives can always be utilized. Unlike if there’s a private automobile even though four can fit inside it but only one person is driving it then space is not utilized. And the last issue mentioned will be on the issue of locomotives. True enough that it will cost a lot for its development stage. But once it gets to its implementation stage then benefits can be ripped out of it. The advantage of it also having its own railroad system is that it can travel long distances and assures the fact that heavy traffic will not be experienced by the passengers. The group recommends that locally these issues regarding transportation will be heard by the local industry. Since as it was stated in the introduction awareness can really help the community to think and do something about it. The group recommends that the local government should start on investing in locomotive as the mode of transportation. The group is not denying the fact that there are many developed alternatives out there

but the hopefully it will leave an impression that in the simple things we can address the issues regarding transportation. But looking at all the existing means of transportation locomotive is something that is usually overlooked by people. One of the most recent developments on locomotive right after the bullet train, is MagLev. The concept behind this is to use magnetic force to attract and repel magnets which causes the train to move. At the same time the speed reaches more than 570km/hr which says a lot when it comes to time. This innovation though is still not fully developed is already causing a great change in how we travel. But the potential behind locomotive as a mode of transportation is something that people should continue to study since it could further pave the way to a future of easy transportation.

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