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Bakers Dozen of Leadership Perspectives

1. Power Popularity. Popularity can give you power but power cannot make you popular. 2. Keep your eye on the horizon. As a leader, youre the visionary dont get caught up in the day-to-day details of running the organization and certainly avoid getting down in the mud. 3. Maintain perspective. You are an extension of the organization, not the other way around. Make it about the organization and others in it, not about yourself. When all anyone hears about is you, then they begin to disconnect from the organization and for you as its leader. 4. Speak to your passion. When you talk about your passion, you shouldnt have to read it from a piece of paper, a presentation, or a script. Also, step from behind the podium dont let it become a crutch and, remember, its not a symbol of power, only hierarchy. 5. Remember those who got you where you are. You got where you are for a number of reasons, one of which is the people who got you where you are. Dont forget them as you may need them in the future. 6. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Sounds odd but you can learn a lot from people who know more than you do. Leadership is a learning process. 7. Surround your self with people more popular than you. You want people to gravitate toward you when you enter a room. One of the best ways is to make sure popular people, rather than a group of dullards, surround you. 8. Avoid vertically dyadic relationships. When you play one against the other and select your minions, you not only shut out people you shut out ideas and view points. 9. Engage with everyone. When you only engage with people who think like you, your organizational view is insular. This makes it difficult to transform the organization and to adapt to a changing landscape. 10. Take advantage of the knowledge in your organization. Effective organizations practice and appreciate deep learning and deep knowledge. Dont make assumptions that veteran people in the organization have nothing to contribute. Likewise, do not discount the ideas of younger people. Taking advantage of both helps create a schema on which to transform the organization.

11. Manage succession. Transformative organizations have a process of succession from one leader to another. Groom potential leaders and do not view them as another person standing the arena. The organization needs to succeed beyond you. Succession management is about who can build upon your legacy rather than someone you can manipulate to maintain your power. 12. Title does not make you a leader. A leader must have followers. If you have a title and no followers, you are not leader. Likewise, accept and appreciate those without titles who demonstrate leadership in your organization. 13. Be the giant in the room and not the bully. Tactics designed to intimidate, humiliate, exclude, or punish those you dont like diminish you as a leader and the effectiveness of your organization. Act as the giant, the one whose shoulders future generations of leaders in your organization will stand.