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Jam - e – Shirin

Yasir Butt Zagham Abbas Humayun Rehman Miqdad Hassan Abdul Samad

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History of Qarshi
From humble beginning in 1968, Qarshi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is now Pakistan's largest herbal pharmaceutical company. It was conceptualized 75 years ago by the venerated eastern poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Its inception was in the shape of a clinic at Beadon Road in the city of Lahore, in the heart of Punjab, which was opened by Shifa-ul-Mulk Hakim Muhammad Hassan Qarshi, He was a practitioner of herbal medicine and health supplements. The clinic was started with a view to provide pure and effective herbal medicines to the general populace. In 1968 the youngest son of Shifa-ul-Mulk, Mr.Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi after completing M.Sc in Chemical Engineering, laid the foundations of Qarshi Dawakhana, which has now evolved into Qarshi Industries, a modern and successful company that outweighs by far, the expectations of its original founder. Qarshi Industries is highly rated company in its category in Pakistan. It has consolidated its image as a quality-conscious company and has, over the year, demonstrated its firm commitment to quality and strict adherence to international standards. Qarshi takes pride in maintaining a high quality in its products and superior skills and acquiring the latest in advanced technology. It is conscious of the need to improve efficiency and set new standard of excellence in the competitive phyto pharmaceutical market. Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd has over 200 natural health food products made from pure herbs and plants. They are produced by maintaining the highest standard of quality and purity. These include health food supplements, medicines, tonics & syrups.



Qarshi vision

To be leader in Natural Medicines, Health Supplements, Refreshing Syrups, Natural Mineral Water, Food and Farm products has evolved itself from cottage industry to one of the largest Natural Products group in Pakistan, manufacturing & marketing leading brands in National and International markets.


CEO message

Humanity today faces immense challenges. With vast economic expansion on a worldwide scale, the health of our consumers is placed in higher objectives. Qarshi Industries, a leading manufacturer of Natural Products, has been promoting healthy living for over seven decades. The age-old Oriental and Greek herbal preparations are blended with the latest in Science and Technology at Qarshi Industries to provide safe and effective products to all of our customers. Quality is our utmost and continuing priority. Every step in the manufacturing process is carefully monitored by our Quality Control professionals to provide the consumer with the very best of every product. Our aim is to be the leader in the field of Natural Products worldwide.



Jam-e-shirin is the core product of qarshi. Jam-e-Shirin is also well known drink of the East and a brand leader from Qarshi Industries. Before the preparation of each bottle of Jam-e-Shirin, a scientific and stage-to-stage research is conducted on all the components of distilled concoctions, herbs, flowers and fruits that are used in the old system as well as modern system of medicine. At every stage the best components are selected for the preparation of this ideal refreshing drink. Offering Jam-e-Shirin to guests is a tradition.




“Marketing mix is defined as the set of controllable tactical marketing tools that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target market.” The marketing mix is also known as the ‘Four Ps’: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

“Product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption and that might satisfy a want or a need.”

Keeping in view there customer health qarshi have a special quality control department which is also working to enhance and maintain the quality of jam-eshirin. 125 different quality tests are taken while producing jam-e-shirin to assure the quality of jam-e-shirin. Complete hygiene environment is create within manufacturing area of jam-e-shirin. Which make jam-e-shirin completely safe and healthy product.

The benefit of jam-e-shirin that made jam-e-shirin with arqiat and natural herbs which is there one of the competitive advantage over there competitors of red syrup. Some other advantages are that the use of jam-e-shirin reduces the thirst and make you comfortable mentally. As we know that qarshi was develop for the betterment of people health so they assure this thing in making jam-e-shirin.


The packing of the product is based on the nature of the product. Because jam-eshirin is a red syrup category so it’s packing is designed accordingly. Plastic bottle with three different sizes for the convince of customer. In the beginning jam-e-shirin was available in glass packing and only in one size now keeping in view the need and demand of customer qarshi start offering jam-eshirin in three sizes and beside that in unbreakable packing. The sizes are: 1. 800 ml 2. 1500 ml 3. 3000 ml

The label of jam-e-shirin contains name as well as size and ingredient of jam-eshirin. Name is mention in a way that customer can locate jam-e-shirin easily among other brands. The color of the label is red it is because of the product nature. Company thinks that red color make packing more attractive and style is also convenient for customer to carry jam-e-shirin easily.

Jam-e-shirin is available on in one flavor that is red. Some other drinks which fall in same category offered by company are: 1. Alachi. 2. Sandal. 3. Bazuori.

Jam-e-shirin is enjoying more then 50 percent market share against his competitor which tells the story of jam-e-shirin image in market.

There is no concept of pre sale service about jam-e-shirin. But after sale service is provided like if the product is expire or damaged company take all the stock from the retailer. This service is also available for end consumer that if he buy product and the product is expire then he can return it back to shopkeeper and take his money back. Company motto is to satisfy customer so after sales are offered to build customer loyalty.






According to company Jam-e-shirin is cash cow for them. Because retain high market share with in low industry grow. It is generating lot of cash for the company and required comparatively less advertisement.



Price is the value that customers give up or exchange to obtain a desired product. This is the most important factor considered while talking about the marketing mix. How jam-e-shirin price there product this is as fellow:

Pricing strategy:
When company starts producing this product they use penetrating strategy keeping in view the competition. This is because to attain most market share. Now company still fellow same strategy to retain market share.

Pricing product:
Right price to product is very difficult. Price plays very important role in the sale of any product. So this is one of the major issues. Jam-e-shirin are fellow quality based pricing out of survival, profit maximizing, and market share leader pricing. This is because jam-e-shirin is market leader now and they are now just focusing only on the quality of the product so they price according to the quality of the product.

Competition of jam-e-shirin:
Jam-e-shirin’s has a competitor like hamdard’s product. According to jam-eshirin they are in pure monopoly here in Pakistan. This because they and there competitor are major market players in the market of the red syrup. And jam-eshirin is enjoying greater percentage of market share which is more then 50 percent.

Pricing discount:
Company never ever involve in any pricing discount. There is not concept of seasonal, quality or functional discount offer yet by jam-e-shirin, and according to the company official company is not thinking of any of such type of discount on price.


Promotional pricing or survival pricing:
As the company is market leader in red syrup market so the company is use promotional pricing which is totally based upon the quality of the product and company take no risk on the part of quality of the product. So the pricing is promotional and quality based.

Geographical price adjustment:
Price of the jam-e-shirin remains the same with in the Pakistan. There is not price adjustment within Pakistan. International prices are different and these are type in dollars.

Competitor pricing:
Usually price is based on the quality of the product but it may vary in some case like if competitor reduce the price there is the policy of the jam-e-shirin that the also reduce the price to stay in competition. Other wise price is only quality based.

Factor consideration while setting prices:
There are some factor keep under consideration while setting the price of the product some them are: 1. Consumer buying power. 2. Cost of the product 3. Pricing strategy 4. Advertisement cost. There are some of the factors which are considered while setting the price of jame-shirin. Advertisement cost is one which is not often considered because advertisement varied on different stages. So this is one which is least considered.



Distribution channels: “A set of interdependent organizations (intermediaries) involved in the
process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user.” About the jam-e-shirin they are also use different distribution strategy to make there product available to every consumer. The information about jame-shirin distribution strategy and channel are as fellows:

Product type:
Product type means that company rate there product on the bases of shopping by the final consumer. There are different types of product which are as fellows: 1. shopping product 2. convenience product 3. specialty product 4. unsought product These are some of the types of the products. According to company they place there product as convenience product this is one which easily available with low cost and customer need not to go different stores to only for the better product.

Nature of distribution: There are two distribution channels which are: 1. Direct channel. 2. Indirect channel.
Jam-e-shirin is involved in indirect distribution channel. They are following this method: Production consumer Intermediaries retailers Final

This is the distribution channels jam-e-shirin is using to make there product available to every one.


Distribution policy:
There are also three types of distribution policies which are as fellows: 1. Intensive. 2. Selective. 3. Exclusive. Intensive distribution means place product to every store and try to address each and every consumer. Selective means few well known general stores or departmental store are used to appeal people to there product. Exclusive means company has there own outlets where there product is available. Jam-e-shirin is using intensive distribution it is because they are try to appeal as many people as possible and through this technique they are being able to address the most number of people.

International distribution strategy:
In order to address international market they are use intermediaries to address people which are selected by the company himself. Same is the case with national intermediaries they are also selected by company.

Modes for distribution:
There are number of distribution mode like use tracks, rails, air planes, and pipes. But the company is not involved in any of these. Company is only responsible to send the product to intermediaries which are then take product to retailer. Company is just do only that they paint the transmission mode like trucks which the theme of the company which show the product on the trucks. Modes are also set keeping in keep these things which are fellows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. speed Dependability Availability Costs other


Distribution planning:
Company considers different thinks while design the mode of the distribution. Before setting distribution channel company analysis consumer service need, view the channel objectives and constraints, and also identify alternatives if the previous set distribution channel fail to attain what company goal is. Same is the case with international distribution channels but they are now keep in consideration more then before after successfully design the local channels. Distribution planning is based on getting the right product to right consumer at right place and right time.

Physical distribution and customer attraction and satisfaction:
This is one of the factor company usually consider while setting intermediaries and physical channels. Like it is difficult for only one intermediary to cover complete Lahore. So keeping this in mind company make more then one intermediary to address that large area. It is to satisfy the consumer need.

Problems in setting physical channels and intermediaries:
Company faces few problems while setting distribution channels like working on different channels and assess which one is better and fulfill all these thing speed in delivery, cost which one of the major factor, availability of the channel and whether or not company can depend on the channel that it is trust worthy or not. Same is the case of intermediaries company look for the most reason able person with enough money to work with company. So the distribution mode use to send jam-e-shirin to place which are far way from production is containers. This because the make product safe and free from tear and wear.

Financing to intermediaries:
There is no concept of financing intermediaries in case of jam-e-shirin. They company is only involve in credit sale.



Promotion is to promote product through advertisement and some other factors. It not only included advertisement but also setting target market studying there requirements and develop product accordingly. What are the promotional activity using by jam-e-shirin and how they use them are as fellow:

Target market:
Target market is the set of people whom company target to sell there product. In case of jam-e-shirin they are targeting house wives and families and try to develop there promotional campaign according to this.

Integrated Marketing Communications:
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the concept under which the company integrates and coordinates its communications channels to deliver a clear and consistent message about the organization and its products. In case of jam-e-shirin there is no concept of IMC in there. They are only relaying on out sources and develop there promotional advertisement and campaign accordingly.

Begin a very well known company and to retain its position the policy of a company is to study the demographic on regular bases and adopt all the possible changes develop with in the people. To serve this purpose company have a team which is working day and night to monitor each and every change with in consumer and give available suggestion to work according to the demand of the consumer.

Promotional strategy:
In the beginning the company is use push strategy to increase sales by setting low price try to penetrate but by the time begin the strategy is changed to pull. It is because company now is being able to attain the greater percentage of sales and now they are just considering to only retaining this position now.


Promotional Activities:
To promote the sale of the jam-e-shirin company is involve in number of activities which are using ads on TVs placing bill boards and with arrange some sort of concerts and public related activities like health related programs.

Modes for Advertisement:
Company use different modes of advertisement to make there message to reach to every one. Advertisement modes include TV channels, news papers, bill boards, health and safety programs and by publishing different health and safety related magazines. All these are use to make sure that they can address all the people they are targeting to. TV channels include all the local most famous and often watched channels and same is the case of the news papers. Company called these advertisement modes above the line and below the line. Above the line include TV channels, cable networks, and exhibition. And below the line contain health and safety programs and all that magazines.

Promotional ads:
Promotional ads are designed keeping in view the target market and there understanding. Ethical standards are always considered while designing the ads for TV channels as well as news paper. The concept of ADIA is always under consideration while doing this activity. Attraction is usually developing through the color schemes putting very essential information on ads. This is to create desire and interest in product and finally actions are absorbed from the sale. Company is involved in designing emotional ads to urge the final consumer to go for the product. Keeping in view the target market this concept is use because the target market is house wives and they are usually very much interested in family health. And the company try to strike the mind of the people whom they are targeting that jam-e-shirin is very safe and health product to use. It not only grows your children but also make them strong mentally.


Promotional budget:
Promotional budget is set keeping in keep number of things which include reduce in sale, promotional activity of the competitor and some other factor like increase in sale and some time percentage of sale is also used. But it is the method which is not often used. Usually promotional budget are set keeping in view the competitor activity.

Personal selling:
Company is not yet involved in personal selling and the policies are showing that they are not interested in doing so. This is not keeping in consideration because it increases the cost of selling product. Not only personnel need to hire for this also problem of taking them to the place of selling also arises.

Sales incentives and price reduction:
No such thing like giving incentive or price reduction are used till now from the day one company start there production. This is about final consumer. But the company provides different incentive to shop keeper’s whole sellers and dealers.

Public Relation:
This one of the way company use to advertise there product. Company involve in charity programs, concerts, kids exhibitions where they try to realize the mothers of the children that jam-e-shirin is better drink then any other fizzy drink like Pepsi and coca cola. The company arrange different health related programs to make people know about there health what is right what is wrong for them.

Promotional feedback:
There is no proper department to look what is the feed back of the promotional activity. Usually increase in sale considered as the feedback from the people that the feedback is positive if sale increase and negative in other case.


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