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Verily my Lord understand best the mysteries of all that He planned to do.

For verily He is full of knowledge and wisdom”. (Al-Quran S.XII.100.)

All praises to Almighty Allah who is “THE CREATOR” of whole of the universe and admires to our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who taught us every thing of this life and the life there after. Now it is our responsibility to convey the “WORDING OF SUCCESS” to whole of the Ummah. As it was indicated in the last Address of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). And the graves of “FELLOW BEINGS” are the proof of the completion of this responsibility. We are greatly indebted to our resource person “PROF. MEHROO HUMAYUN” whose help and guidance enabled us to muster our courage and findings in a presentable manner. His comprehensive teaching style also enabled us to understand the subject of Marketing. At Last but not least, we owe our special regards to our parents, sisters and brothers, who always supported us and prayed for our betterment and success.

Dedicated To:
Our Parents and Those Who

Have put all Their Efforts

To Make Us Able to Write

These Words of Gratitude


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Description Introduction History Modern Nirala Vision Core Values Branches PEST Analysis Organizational Culture Planning Techniques For Assessing Environment SWOT Analysis Work Force Diversity BCG Matrix PORTER Industry Model Organizing Organizational Structure Organizational Design Decisions Human Resource Management Training Need Assessment Leading Conclusion

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Before 1984, Mr. Nawaz Chatha was the employee of the Shezan bakers at the post of Manager. When he was performing his job, he decided to start his own business separately because he was expert dealer, a technical supporter and maintained check-in balance of every branch. Mr. Nawaz Chatha started his business from one unit in Muslim Town with bakers. When owner saw that business was earning maximum profit then he decided to introduce new product i.e. SWEETS and start selling as a complimentary line. And after SWEETS, the company introduced MILK and then ICE-CREAM. This made Gourmet more accessible to the rather modern areas of Lahore and gave its name a further boost in 1987-93.

Mission Statement


The core values, known as the Spirit of Gourmet within the organization have not changed over the generations. These values were and still are what makes Gourmet the market leader.

 Integrity  Innovation  Team Work  Continuous Improvement  Social Responsibility  Best customer services  No usage of chemicals in their products


Total branches are 63 in Lahore and 7 are under process and 100 are expected in near future. After their successful 70 branches, they will start their business in other cities of Pakistan and afterwards internationally in future. MAIN BRANCHES
Branch Johar Town 12G Joher Town Wapda Town Faisal Town Link Road Model Town Model Town Muslim Town Z-Block H-Block K-Block Cantt Saddar Shalimar Link Road Barkat Market 18-G Iqbal Town Iqbal Town Samanabad Zahoor Elahi Ravi Road Davis Road Shadman Railway Plaza Rustam Park Hussain Chok Gulshan Ravi 40-B Johar Town 12-G Johar Town 14 –F, PIA Society Near Wapda Town. 11-D Faisal Town 89-K Link Road Model Town 51/52 A Model Town 448-A Ayubia Market New Muslim Town 310 Z LCCHS Defence 162 H, DHA DHA Lahore 4/1, 4/2 Abid Majeed Road Girja Chowk LHRCantt H No. 1425-16 Ahata Kishori Lal Sadar Bazar 106, Sahlimar Link Road Shop # 10 Lahore Tower Barket Market Garden Town 18- G Gulshan Block Iqbal Town 654 Omer Block Iqbal Town 476-N Main Road Samanabad 25- A Block B Gulberg II 103,Ravi Road 14- A, Davis Road 42/6, 42/7 Shadman Market Ghari Shahu Railway plaza Allama Iqbal Rd Omer Market Rustum Park Gulshan Ravi 3A,C III Gulberg III Lahore 162-A Gulshan Ravi Address Contact # +92 42 5176914 +92 42 5304318 +92 42 5181615 +92 42 5164574 +92 42 5851812 +92 42 5866073 +92 42 5866741 +92 42 5731250 +92 42 5898378 +92 42 5740747 +92 42 6671722 +92 42 6663990 +92 42 6845866 +92 42 5889139 +92 42 5418612 +92 42 5415654 +92 42 7560112 +92 42 5871948 +92 42 7700545 +92 42 6309348 +92 42 7560112 +92 42 6314656 +92 42 7460668 +92 42 5753146 +92 42 7462933



CEO: (Chief Executive Officer) checks the work of Directors and controls the Administration department. Mr. Nawaz Chatha is the CEO. DIRECTORS:

Control the company’s marketing and observes in which Location Company has new outlet. Mr. Zubair Chatha is the marketing director. He meets to other companies’ directors. Controls the company’s financial position and company’s accounts. Mr. Zulqarnan Chatha is Accounts Director of the company. 3. Controls the technical environment of the company. Mr. Khalid Chatha is the technical support director. GM: (General Manager)

A scan of the external macro-environment in which the firm operates can be expressed in terms of the following factors. 1. Political 2. Economic 3. Social 4. Technological 1. POLITICAL FACTORS Political factors include government regulations and legal issues and define both formal and informal rules under which the firm must operate. Government at all levels is an important component of the general environment no organization or industry is immune of the various decisions made by the government. In case of Nirala the government as such imposes no such type of duty on the methai manufacturers in Pakistan. But on the other hand Nirala sweets are the first to become the official sweet of Governor House of Punjab that is an honor for them. 2. ECONOMIC FACTORS

Economic factors affect the purchasing power of potential customers and the firm's cost of capital. The following are examples of factors in the macro economy  G.D.P growth  Excess of black money in the country

3. SOCIAL FACTORS Social factors include the demographic and cultural aspects of the external macro environment. These factors affect customer needs and the size of potential markets. Social Cultural and demographical variables have an overall positive impact. As our Pakistani society has different types of social norms and values for example on different types of occasion’s exchange of sweets is a very common thing as in Ramadan, Eid, Basant, Shab-Rat, Birth of New Born Babies, Weddings etc. 4. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS Technological factors can lower barriers to entry, reduce minimum efficient production levels, and influence outsourcing decisions. Technological variables have an overall positive effect on the business. As rate of innovations and production technology is always in the favor of business. Technology is of particular importance because it has been and continues to be the main source of increases in productivity. In case of sweet industry no such type of rocket science is being used in the manufacturing of sweets but how ever Nirala is keeping it self up to date with the change in technology.


ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE Organizational culture is defined as a system of shared meaning within an organization that determines, in large degree how employees act. CHARECTERISTICS TO MEASURE ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE 1. MEMBERS IDENTITY The degree to which employees want to be recognized by the organizations identity, Nirala’s employees are very much proud to be identified by its employees. Every employee wears the yellow t-shirt having a logo of Nirala with black pant.

2. GROUP FOCUS Nirala encouraged to work together in some departments for example; Marketing Department, Design Department, Research and Development Department. UNIT INTEGRATION In Nirala there is a lot of integration between departments like Sales Operations Department, Production Department, and Distribution Department. 4. RISK TOLERANCE In Nirala the employees are not allowed to take risk they have to follow orders. Only Board of Directors is allowed to make risk taking decision. 5. OPEN SYSTEM FOCUS In Nirala employees at lower level are not allowed to share ideas but at higher-level employees are allowed to say in decision making as well as in planning.

REWARD CRITERIA In Nirala employees are rewarded on the basis of their performance but the aspect of buttering and favoritism is also in the organization to some extent.

A process that involve defining the organizational goals, establishing an overall strategy for achieving those goals and developing a comprehensive set of plans to integrate and coordinate organizational work. Goals setting are done at higher-level employees of the organization. Traditional Goal setting approach is use to define the organizational goals.

NIRALA’S GOALS TO BE ACHIEVED  Geographical Expansion  Hit The International Market

ENVIORNMENTAL SCANNING In the sweets manufacturing industry there is no concept of branding. Nirala is the first to do it in our country and they have following major competitors in this field that are Fazal Sweets, Rafeeq Sweets, Shezan Bakers, Gourmet Bakers, Good Luck, Cakes And Bakes , Shireen Mahal etc.

FORECASTING In Nirala both Quantitative and Qualitative forecasting is applied. In Quantitative forecasting they forecast future sales trend through use of mathematical models on their past data. This enables them to adapt and respond in the best possible way to the fluctuations in demand. Some sort of Qualitative forecasting is also carried out through customer evaluation. By doing so they

find out the products which generate the maximum revenue and those that are disliked. This process enables them to allocate the resources to particular products more efficiently. BENCHMARK As Nirala is the market leader in the sweet industry there is not a single competitor that can server as a benchmark for Nirala. However Nirala has its own internal benchmarks in order to produce quality sweets.

It is an analysis of the organization Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. In formulating sound strategic plans, an organization must assess its internal strengths and weaknesses in relation to the external opportunities and threats it faces. An effective strategy will take advantage of organizations strengths and opportunities at the same time it minimizes or overcomes weaknesses and threats. Regular assessment and SWOT analysis is thus given importance. STRENGTHS  The unique taste & quality  Attractive colorful packing  High availability level in all major areas of city.  Official sweets provider of Government of Pakistan.  Environment of shops  Product range (also sugar free)  Skilled sales staff  Skilled technical staff  Certified suppliers of Government  Hundred items of sweets

WEAKNESSES  Less brand loyalty as compared to local area manufacturers & bakeries  Prices are high as compared to them.  People are fewer brands conscious.

OPPORTUNITIES  Opportunity to build brand image better.  Introducing new brands in the market like they are doing for example Rustam Pinian, Malai Khaja and Baisan Barfi.  Hit the international market.

THREATS  New entrants may enter in the market  Bargaining power of the buyer may increase  Bargaining power of the supplier may increase  Sluggish growth rate of the product  Poor response from the market due to expensive products  Unfavorable changes in Demographics and Psychographics of the consumer

STABILITY STRATEGY This strategy is defined as a corporate level strategy characterized by an absence of significance change. GROWTH STRATEGY This strategy is defined as a corporate level strategy that seeks to increase the level of organization operations.

Now a day Nirala is following growth strategy because recently it has jumped in the field of dairy products with the introduction of Nirala Doodh in the market in year 2005. They have opened there methai outlets in Canada and England .Their future plan is to jump in the field of beverages industry also. So we can say that Nirala is following growth strategy at this time by following Related Diversification Strategies.

With the help of this matrix the ANMOL Group is able to have a deep look on their products with reference to the market share and growth rate they are capturing.

Nirala Sweets lies in star because of high market growth and high market share. Where as Nirala Doodh lays in Question mark because of low market share and high market growth. Nirala Salties lie in Dogs because of low market share and low market growth.


1. Threat of New Entrants Capital Requirements High capital cost is required for acquiring good places for the outlets if any one wants to jump in the market. Government Policy In our country the government has no policies for this industry. Own Distribution System It’s very difficult for newcomer to own a distribution channel because it needs huge investment. Nirala has its own distribution systems. Brand Identity To identify a brand in the market is more difficult for any new entrants, because Nirala has introduced such type of taste & quality in this industry that it is very hard to compete. Threat of Substitute Products

The substitute products may be;  Bakery makes cakes, chocolates, ice-cream etc  Local area manufacturers

3. Bargaining Power of Buyers The bargaining powers of buyers are high because;  Convince Product  Low Involvement of Buyers  Buying Behavior – Price sensitivity  Brand Loyalty Status is low  4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers The bargaining powers of suppliers are low because;  Large number of suppliers in the market.  It is an honor to become a supplier for Nirala.  Now Nirala has become its own supplier.

DEPARTMENTALIZATION Departmentalization is defined as the basis by which jobs are grouped together is called departmentalization. FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENTALIZATION Functional departmentalization is Groups jobs by functions performed. We can say that in Nirala the departmentalization is on functional basis. Like any professional organization, the working at Nirala also follows a well planned organogram. The Nirala Group comprises of the following departments:


Marketing Production Supply & Distribution Research & Development

Sales Operations Accounts & MIS Design & Division Management

TEAM The Nirala team consists of dedicated professionals such as MBAs, CAs, Food Technologists, Graphic Designers, who are always in quest of exceeding customer’s expectations through latest products and work practices. The Nirala team is a select group of highly motivated professionals who reflect the highest levels of accomplishment in the industry. Together, they form a collaborative and cohesive group, which will deliver customers the best products and customer service.

MARKETING Nirala has taken firm steps toward building premier brand and marketing capability, having on board managers and professionals with broad industry experience to plan and drive upcoming product launches. Nirala decides on customers behalf for products and services through extensive research techniques and feedback.

A mix of outdoor and indoor campaigns and number of media channels and tools are employed by Nirala to cater to various segments of markets we serve. SALES PROMOTION Nirala has departmentalized the manufacturing of its products, and has not only sophisticated equipment, latest production facilities, its own dairy plant, but also quality control and MIS departments. Stringent checks and process controls ensure that the product reaches customer fresh and pure, to their entire satisfaction. Nirala has a processing facility in Lahore, making millions of pieces of various sweetmeats every year with existing production experts. Processing facilities in Karachi and Dubai are capable of processing millions more. ACCOUNTS AND MIS DEPARTMENTS Besides above listed departments, Nirala has a strong backbone of Accounts & MIS Departments, essence of any modern organization. Their experts help them with sales trends, means of accessibility especially intranet and broadband links, and online ordering mechanisms, to name few. DESIGN DIVISION Nirala has a strong edge of in-house design division, in offering innovative packaging and campaigns. This department works in close liaison with marketing and not only meets all the in house needs but also provides quality service, acting as a design house. MANAGEMENT Nirala's management believes in people values. They build on a firm belief that only by delegating responsibility and functions they can take the

holistic approach that will make their company unique-ensuring consistent and quality-focused performance on all assignments.

INTERIOR Nirala promises all its customers that modern and inviting decor of the outlets and warm welcome of customer support team will pull customers back to them again and again. Their customer support team undergoes rigorous selection and subsequent training sessions and is continuously monitored.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Organization structure is a formal framework by which jobs tasks are divided, grouped and coordinated. CENTRALIZATION Centralization is defined as the degree to which the design making is concentrated at a single point in an organization. Nirala is highly centralized in the sense of decision-making because all the decisions are made by the top management.

DECENTRALIZATION Decentralization is defined as the degree to which the lower level employees actually make decisions. Nirala is not so much decentralized because lower-managers do not make the decisions.


Span of control is defined as the number of employees a manager can efficiently and effectively manage. The span of control in Nirala is tall because each department has its own manager and they work for the goals of their own departments.

CHAIN OF COMMAND The continuous line of authority that extends from upper organizational level to lower organizational level and classifies into who reports to whom. The Nirala’s chain of command is as follows:


Board of Directors General Manager Senior Manager Officers Executives

ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN Organizational design is defined as developing or changing an organizations structure. MECHANISTIC ORGANIZATION

“An organizational design that’s rigid and tightly controlled”. According to our research Nirala is a highly mechanistic organization with following factors;  Clear chain of command  Narrow span of control  Centralized  High formalization

The activities necessary for staffing the organization and sustaining high employee performance is called Human Resource Management.

HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING The process by which managers ensure that they have the right number and kind of people in the right place at the right times who are capable of effectively and efficiently performing assigned tasks. STAFFING The process of hiring the people is called staffing. The tools trough which Nirala selects people are interviews, job fairs, adds etc. RETAINING To retain employee so that they can’t join the competitors company. For this purpose Nirala is giving good benefits and handsome salaries to their employees.


The process of introducing a new employee to his or her job and organization. According to our research Nirala has a full 2 to 3 days of orientation session for the new employees. HR Department is responsible for these manual instructions that are also given to them. Organization culture and infact each and every thing is told to them. JOB DESCRIPTION A written statement of what a job holder does, how it is done and why it is done. In Nirala job description is provided to new employees. Manual introduction or visits are also arranged to introduce new employees to the organization culture and environment. JOB ROTATION When there is monotonous in employee’s daily routine work then he will go for job rotation. According to our research Nirala job rotation is highly supported by the management.

It is define as identifying training needs of employees who is to be train, ask employees what are their needs or you can also have an internal research on it. HR uses questionnaire for Training need Assessment.

ON JOB TRAINING In this process the employee is made to settle with some experience person for 2 to 3 days. The knowledge of the company transfers from 1 person to other person. In Nirala same procedure is being applied on the sales staff, distribution staff and in the production department.

OFF JOB TRAINING In this process you train your employees for some specific work. You would conduct it in your own premises or at some other place. In Nirala this type of training is given to the Executive Managers only. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL At the end of each year the evaluation of employee’s is done. Based on this performance rewards are given to employees. Compensation and benefits are also given. A performance appraisal form is used to evaluate the performance. CAREER DEVELOPMENT Nirala offers career development to its employees. Opportunities for personal growth are there. An officer can go up to General Manager.

MOTIVATION Motivation is the willingness to exert high levels of effort to reach organizational goals, conditioned by the effort’s ability to satisfy individual need. In Nirala the methods of motivation are;  Job enlargement  Job enrichment MOTIVATING A DIVERSE FORCE Motivation of a diverse workforce is done through  Job sharing  Pay for performance

It includes incentives and bonuses based on the performance of the employees. The other factors that are used to motivate the employees are medical facilities, transportation facilities, mobiles etc.

According to our research we conclude the following points;  Nirala is the leading brand in the sweet business.  Nirala should improve its performance evaluation criteria and also should offer more incentives to employees.  Nirala should improve its hiring process for lower level employees.  In Nirala the motivation level of employees is very low it should be improved.  Human Resource Department of Nirala is not active as it should be.

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