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April 3, 2009


a t

C y p r e s s

B i b l e

C h u r c h

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages...

Lara Golwas
Discussion Group Leader

Years in MOPS: 4 Children: Kate-4, Brock-18 mos Neighborhood: Coles Crossing Special Interests: PRN Pharmacist at Target, loves to run/ exercise and read. If I had 24 hours to myself, I would… have every spa treatment known to man done. My favorite fair food is… frozen goodies.

Rachel Norris is not surprised that she is a potter, but she is amazed at how God has used pottery in her life. She has been making pottery for over twenty years now. She and her husband own Joy Pottery in Bryan, Texas where they make and sell handmade, functional stoneware. She loves to work with clay because it is an incredibly versatile material, so very individual and universal at the same time. You are invited to come and learn more about the Heavenly Father by exploring a word picture He provides in His Word. Discover the richness of the layers of meaning in the portrayal of the potter and the clay by observing the work of a

potter firsthand. You will be awed and amazed by the insights into the hand of God in your own life through this experience.

Rhonda Lehman
Mentor Mom

The Gift Shop
As I stare into my baby’s eyes and stroke her soft cheeks, I’m captivated by what an amazing work of art she is. Any mom, especially the mother of a newborn, can’t help but look at her child and wonder if we could ever be given a greater gift. The answer is, “YES!” Romans 6:23 says, “… the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Through Jesus, we are set free from sin and given new life in Christ. As you prepare your hearts for Easter, remember that of all the perfect gifts we’ve received from our Heavenly Father, the greatest is that of salvation through Jesus Christ.
Time flies when you are having fun. April Birthdays: Tiffany Mohon Tesa Cornett 4/07 4/17 Allison Despres 4/09 New Arrivals: Shannon Clark welcomed Regan Rae on March 18th. Electric Light Parade: MOPS has a website!

Years in MOPS: 2 Children: Josh-29, Eliz-27, Adrianne-23, Bethany-22, Joseph-17 Neighborhood: tates Hereford Es-

Special Interests: decorating, designing, gardening, hostessing My biggest surprise about motherhood was… how much it helped me to grow up! When it comes to amusement park rides… the scarier the better (at least it used to be! But I had to find a buddy since my husband would throw up!)

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That’s The Ticket
The Ainsley Courte Easter egg hunt will be Thursday, April 9th @ 10:30 am. Don’t forget to bring your Easter basket. The time has come to turn in your batteries for recycling. Bring them to the next MOPS meeting on April 17th. You can still bring your MOMSense magazines, and hotel freebies to any MOPS meeting. There will not be an April Creative Connection meeting due to Easter. The next meeting is May 8th.

Coming Attractions
April 17th Go Green Day with Brandi, Ashley, Anne, and Holly May 1st Tea & Treasures

Park Attendants
Our special events team will be honoring our MOPPETS workers during our next MOPS meeting on April 17th. Please take time with your children to thank the workers in your child’s room for a great MOPPETS year. Your child might want to draw a picture or write a special note for the teachers in their class. MOPS wouldn’t be the same without our wonderful MOPPETS program.

The Park After Dark
The votes are in. The theme of our Mom’s Night Out will be “Relax, Enjoy, and Unwind.” Join us on Friday, April 24th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm for an evening of fun. Learn about “Fresh Elastic for Stretched Out Moms” from our speaker Ann Livesay. Tickets are $5 and will be on sale during MOPS meetings, Sundays in the Commons, and at the church office. Invite moms with children of all ages. There will be a door prize for the MOPS mom with the most guests.

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