ILC Meeting Minutes for September 19, 2012

1. Business a) 8th grade won the Open House Contest, however, since students are continually late for electives and taking food/drinks out of the cafeteria, they will not be allowed their choice of seating in the cafeteria at this time. b) Town Meetings will be held next Tuesday during electives. Team Leaders – please send any pressing grade levels issues to Dr. Nott so he can share with students. The town meetings will include topics such as discipline, Freedom Fridays, etc…) c) Tardy Sweep – If students are in the hallway after the tardy bell, students will be caught up in the sweep, taken to the cafeteria, and then dealt with the appropriate consequences. The first sweep will occur after the first assembly. d) Community Coffee – 6th grade – Will be held September 29th from 6:30a – 8a at the local Bojangles. e) Announcements – When is the best time? Consensus – Beginning of Exploratory. Note: It has to be quiet time, so students will not miss information. Moment of Silence: Gives students their opportunity to reflect…. f) ISS – Emails will be sent to you regarding students who have been assigned to ISS g) Lockdown Drill – This Friday – We will start with Shelter them move to Lockdown h) Committees – We need to finalize committees – Committees will start the month of October i) Title 1 – (during Team Meeting) to explain the ends/outs of Title 1. This is take place the week after next. j) Parent Involvement – District funding – 3 staff (Corbin-Robinson, Penny, M. Oxendine, and two parents) will attend a 2-day conference next Tuesday and Wednesday. k) Send for any questions regarding discipline. l) Chat –n-Chews – Next Thursday during Team Meeting 2. By next Friday, email Dr. Nott our five strengths so he can print certificates. Make sure to carbon copy Ford. 3. Turn in signed Leadership Responsibility forms to Ford ASAP!! 4. SIP

a) August Data Session (See Slides 4-8) b) NCLB (NicleB = No Child Left Behind) c) Federal is different from the state. The big change: AMO – EVERY SCHOOL DOES NOT HAVE TO MEET THE SAME AMO. YOU WILL BE JUDGED BY YOUR ABILITY TO CLOSE THE GAPES IN PERFORMANCE. 5. See G-Drive for PowerPoint 6. School Improvement Plan is a living document. It is DATA driven. a) What does good instruction look like? b) Making objectives clear to students c) Daily assessments to track progress d) Challenge e) Rubric/Students know grading criteria f) Study---Reflect---Plan---Do (Immediate) g) Constantly reflect on data – cause and effect h) What does our DATA say about what we should be focusing on? i) Focus on most pressing issues (2 or 3 things) j) Protocol – The way we are going to analyze our data (ORID k) We will be sharing SIP DATA at PTO meeting l) Over the next week, we will look at Data to analyze with ORID

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