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Keith Roberts
801-653-3001 LinkedIn:

Seeking a key contributor position as a JEE Sr. software engineer or applications architect; providing hands-on applications development using the latest enterprise SOA and Internet technologies. The most recent years spent developing internet / enterprise applications using JEE technologies. Have worked on a wide variety of successful enterprise applications, from conception to final release, developing server side and client functionality; fulfilling leadership, advisory, key contributor, mentoring, and worker bee roles.


Languages: Sun Certified Java Programmer, C++, C, Perl. Development Lifecycle: Agile, Scrum, SDLC, Extreme Programming. Enterprise / Internet: JEE, JNDI, XSD, XML, XSLT, Schematron, Web Services, Spring core, Spring Webflow, Spring Security, JDBC, Hibernate, SOA, ESB, BPM, SCA, Tuscany, OSGi, JMS, MVC, EJB, servlets, Struts , JSP, Taglib, EDI, Echo2, POI, Javascript, HTTP, HTML, DHTML, and CSS. Servers: Weblogic 11g, JBoss, Apache, Jakarta-tomcat, Mule , ServiceMix , Tuxedo, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL. Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Solaris, Hpux, Windows XP/7. Tools: Eclipse, Toad, Ant, Maven, Rational, Putty, Visual J++, Together J, JDeveloper, SoapUI, Jmeter, Optimizeit Suite, Perforce, Subversion, CVS, MKS, VIM, Symantec Caf. Application Domains: Healthcare Information Systems HL7 ER7/XML, MPI, Vista, VTS, medical terminology services, clinical data access services, CDS, HDR, CDR, EMR, EHR, TQS, PIDS, COAS; e-Commerce -- shopping cart, cash register, orders, order rewards, product catalog modeling, personalization, offline shopping, personal desktop shopper, order fulfillment interfaces, credit card gateway, portal framework, online store builder; B2B -- Workflow management, document management, dynamic document merge, real estate title & escrow, loan documents; Markup Document Processing -- automated cross reference generation, automatic unique article identification; Other Java Swing, GUI design, GUI builders, rapid application development, material handling control systems, engineering / design automation, and financial planning / management applications; Database Technologies: database conversions, relational data modeling, object oriented data modeling, Hibernate & TOPLink relational - object mapping, transaction management, data model interfaces, stored procedures, Transact SQL, and PL/SQL.

20+ years working with structured software engineering practices. 20+ years developing medical, engineering, design, factory, and business automation applications. 20+ years object oriented programming in Java and C++. 14 years Oracle. 13 years developing thick client GUI. 13 years developing Web application GUI. 13 years JEE server side technologies. 12 years Weblogic server. 11 years in health care application development. 11 years asynchronous messaging.

8 years SOA. 8 years contracting with the Veterans Health Administration. 7 years medical health record interoperability. 5 years extensive utilization of Spring technologies.

Hard working professional oriented team player. Champion key assignments and work independently through own initiative. Formulate an application architecture and design from business requirements. Factor business functionality into effective service components. Self-learn new emerging technologies and effectively incorporate into applications. Develop reusable software that meets specific requirements in a timely manner. Resourceful enough to resolve most any software issue. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Approach new challenges with an optimistic attitude. Mentoring and training, interpersonal, and respectful.

From 12/10 8/05 9/02 6/01 1/01 12/99 8/98 11/96 2/93 8/88 10/84 9/82 To Present 12/10 7/05 3/02 5/01 1/01 11/99 7/98 10/96 1/93 7/88 9/84 Company CACI SAIC / Evolvent EDS / InfoLynx Systems West Hall Kinion Imall Sterling Wentworth Ovid Technologies Auto-Soft Corp Mentor Graphic Valid Logic Systems GE Calma Ford Aerospace Client Veterans Health Administration Veterans Health Administration 3M Health Information Systems Location Salt Lake City Utah Salt Lake City Utah Salt Lake City Utah American Fork Utah Salt Lake City Utah Provo Utah Salt Lake City Utah Salt Lake City Utah Salt Lake City Utah Wilsonville, Or / Salt Lake City Ut San Jose Ca. Palo Alto Ca. Position Sr Software Developer Sr Software Developer Sr Software Developer Sr Software Developer Sr Software Developer Sr Software Developer Sr Software Developer Sr Software Developer Sr Software Developer Software Developer Software Developer Tester Programmer Analyst Type Contractor Contractor Contractor Contractor Employee Employee Employee Employee Employee Employee Employee Employee

For a complete and detailed job history, please refer to the following pages. LinkedIn profile:


12/10 Present CACI Veterans Health Administration Salt Lake City, Ut. Sr. Software Developer Contract - Returned to the VLER / CHDR project as the lead developer and the only person with technical knowledge of the CHDR application. Responsible for all aspects of technical leadership. Required to deliver clinical data quality remedies, national release and deployment of CHDR 2.0, and the national release of CHDR 2.1. All deliverables were successfully accomplished on schedule. Accomplishments: Lead development activities for 2 additional CHDR releases; CHDR 2.1.2 and 2.1.3. Focused on providing functionality needed to move CHDR into sustainment. Lead design and development of the VLER core Audit Service; which will be used to audit and browse clinical data exchanged with interoperable partners. Supports a configurable search form, summary listing, and detail listing for browsing audited messages of most any type. Developed a strategy used for identifying patients with incomplete medical records due to errors and synchronizing their medical records between the VA and DoD. Mentored a new configuration management person for setting up and maintaining 3 test server environments, including the build and deployment process for CHDR and associated tools. He is now assuming full responsibility. Also resolved issues with VistALink, KAAJEE, PSL, datasources, datasource drivers, CAIP, and Weblogic Server. Provided effective analysis and resolution of various clinical data quality issues. Developed an effective new message sender Java web application to support testing of the DoD 3.6.1 release; that would send messages to all the CHDR JMS queues. This was used by SQA, development, and team analysts. Troubleshooted critical issues with CHDR through the National Release process, which involved bringing 128 VistA sites online. Determined root cause and developed effective solutions in a timely manner. Provided technical leadership in determining CHDR 2.1 release scope, including risk assessments. Effectively mentored 3 developers new to CHDR. Trained them how to set up their development environments, build/deploy/test of CHDR, and directed them as they changed the code base for CHDR 2.1, so as to maintain design and architectural integrity. Implemented several features for CHDR 2.1. Provided technical leadership and liason to 2 primary service providers of CHDR 2.1; the CDS and VTS teams. Performed load testing of CHDR 2.1. Participated in stakeholder meetings; providing technical representation for CHDR when needed. Provided technical leadership and support to SQA and team analysts. Participated in document reviews. Participated in transition planning from development to sustainment of CHDR, identifying development work to be done to minimize ongoing support roles.

Developed an effective Java web application used to directly interface to all synchronous CHDR external services. This is used for testing the external CHDR services as well as provide support for troubleshooting issues with CHDR.

8/05 12/10 SAIC/Evolvent / EDS/InfoLynx Veterans Health Administration Salt Lake City, Ut. Sr. Software Developer - Contract Worked on the VA CDS 3.0 project in the
repositories program using Agile development. Performed research on utilizing OSGi technology running on Weblogic server 10.3.2. Performed research discovery on SOA SCA running on Tuscany and Weblogic server 10.3.2. Performed aggressive refactoring tasks on the CDS 3.0 code base. Worked for the VA on the CHDR project in the HITS program until May, 2010, which features peer-topeer, bidirectional asynchronous communications of computable HL7 allergy, pharmacy, and lab clinical health information; which is exchanged between the Department of Defense and the Veterans Health Administration using JMS technology. All messages from the external agency are transformed into the semantics of the receiving agency and stored in a clinical data base. Made key contributions to the following efforts: Considered team expert in XSL and Spring technologies, providing leadership for incorporating these technologies into CHDR 2.0. Developed hands-on training for using Spring technology and presented it at a VA technical conference. Prototyped Spring Webflow 2.0 for incorporation into CHDR web application. Prototyped XSL 2.0 / SAXON based business rule transformations for allergy, pharmacy, and lab using XSL extensions, proving that XSL can be used to meet some rather complex CHDR transformation requirements. Hardened prototype into production code. Prototyped schematron as a means of validating allergy, pharmacy, and lab HL7 messages received by CHDR. Determined validation requirements. Hardened prototype into production code. Investigated and prototyped SOA ESB / BPM/BPEL technologies, including SONIC, Mule, and ServiceMix; for future architecture of CHDR. We decided to build our own home grown, simplified ESB and BPM engine, to avoid approval issues with the VA. Designed and implemented various home grown ESB and BPM components in Java. Designed and implemented several java maintenance utilities and a mock DoD, MPI, and VistA server, consisting of a mock CDS, MPI, and PIX service. A user interacts with the mock server through a web application that I also developed. Mentored new developers in ESB, BPM, and CHDR core technologies. Lead effort at a project level to develop data migration strategy, cleanup, and development of utilities necessary for CHDR 2.0. Collaborated with team architect and other senior developers and participated in project planning, design, coding, and unit test of all development tasks. Participated in the troubleshooting of the CHDR server in production. Documented all software and reviewed various project documents. Participated in team discussions and meetings.

9/02 7/05 Systems West / 3M Health Information Systems Salt Lake City, Ut. Sr. Application Software Developer - Contractor Migrated application from Weblogic server
cluster jdk1.3.1 to JBoss server cluster w/ Apache as load balancer, jdk 1.4.2. Developed Jmeter load tests to evaluate throughput. Lead effort for developing a new clinical web application, utilizing health data dictionary, person identification system, and clinical observation access services. Extensive evaluation of JDeveloper, an Oracle J2EE RAD tool. Developed prototype applications using JSP, STRUTS, Oracle ADF, and web services technologies within JDeveloper. Developed and taught an accelerated course for programmers of varying backgrounds to use Java, J2EE, and JDeveloper technologies. Promoted methods for capturing application requirements using UML use case diagramming, textual descriptions, and user experience storyboards. Incorporated concepts of Extreme Programming and Agile Programming into software development process. This effort did not get fully funded, so completion was not possible.

Solved critical performance, memory, and scalability issues with a legacy clinical data repository web application under high-pressure work conditions to successfully satisfy highly demanding customers. This involved extensive effort using XML and XSL, migrating from xalan-1 to xalan 2.5; modifying Java Servlets and EJBs. Performed BEA Weblogic Server 7.0 administration, deployment, clustering, SSL, JVM / EJB tuning, and BEA JOLT and Tuxedo services. Researched and implemented a Web Services clinical data repository API using the JAX-RPC, SOAP, HTTP, and WSDL technology stack. Involved designing and implementing a Tuxedo request processor in Java using XML and XSL. Designed to minimize dependence on a particular web services vendor. Delivered API ahead of schedule to satisfy customer on initial release.

4/02 8/02 Systems West / Digital Consilience Salt Lake City, Ut. Sr. Software Application Developer - Contractor Successfully designed and implemented the necessary
improvements to a credit card processing gateway prototype to make it production worthy. Worked with a proprietary OO portal framework and generic OO relational database manager. Implemented an error mapping capability to report custom messages to clients. Utilized HTTP tunneling in a Java servlet to communicate with banks. Refactored critical classes to achieve a higher degree of reusability. Developed several admin and merchant JSP screens using several custom taglibs and JSP templates. The application supported multiple client users and multiple merchants. Developed an aggregate OO report calculator to tally daily, weekly, and monthly statistical reports. The gateway ran on Apache, Tomcat 4.0 and Oracle servers. Also performed QA tasks.

6/01 3/02 Hall Kinion / American Fork Ut. Sr. Software Application Developer - Contractor Worked on a team of up to 6 developers, leading the
addition of significant enhancements to an innovative and complex e-commerce web application. Worked under extremely aggressive scheduling. Developed a project development plan, identifying tasks, resources, and schedules for the team. Designed and implemented a shopping cart, a rewards accounting system, user account management, and a product ordering system using J2EE / EJB design patterns modeled in the Java Petstore application. Developed an EDI XML data exchange interface with for order fulfillment. Developed multi-vendor product and ordering data model and implemented for Oracle 8i. Performed production administration of JBoss, Tomcat, and Apache web / application servers. Designed and implemented application authentication. Worked with personalization data model and oracle DBA tuning stored procedures for complex personalization queries. Directed JSP developers in using EJB. Debugged a C++ personal desktop shopper built on Microsoft MFC and IE API. Debugged and cleaned up application and was involved in solving several scalability issues. Performed QA tasks.

1/01 5/01 / Salt Lake City, Ut. Sr. Software Application Developer - Contractor Technical lead and project manager of an Internet real
estate loan origination application. Developed a framework based on J2EE, featuring rapid application development through declarative methods. Determined application requirements, documented them, and reviewed them with team. With limited project scope and resources, developed a specialized B2B work flow model to support requirements. Designed and implemented relational data model for application in Oracle. Directed efforts for input tag generation, JSP generation, and the JSP / EJB interface.

12/99 1/01 Excite@Home or imall; Developer

Provo, Ut.

Sr. Software Application

Key role in migrating an internet mall based on home grown server technology to J2EE. The web application featured web based store building, shopping cart, and a cash register. Also supported varying levels of hosting resources on a per account basis.

Lead development of an online store builder capability, providing server side programming support and technical direction of up to 4 JSP writers. Co-developed with one other server side programmer a prototype of an e-commerce application in J2EE / EJB. Developed EJB stateless session bean persistence manager using the TOPLink API. Developed TOPLink object - relational mapping methodology and mapped Java objects to relational tables via the TOPLINK API. Researched and modified application to support the Korean character set. Successfully deployed all components of the migration to production. The web application ran on Apache, Resin, WebLogic EJB server 5.1, and Oracle 8i servers. Researched MQ-Series as a data replication technology that would facilitate mall sites hosted all over the world.

8/98 11/99 Sterling Wentworth SLC, UT.

Sr Software Application Developer

Responsible for maintaining a Java internally developed application builder tool used for developing estate planning analysis desktop applications. Extensive Java Swing experience with Jtable and other components.

11/96 7/98 Ovid Technologies SLC, UT.

Software Application Developer

Responsible for developing new generation of client server SGML data processing software used for online cross-referencing of the worlds largest online library of medical journal articles, consisting of over 300 major medical journals. Developed multi-threaded server framework in Java 1.1 for article processing infrastructure. Substantially improved throughput, processing model, and article referencing accuracy technologies. Company recognized as industry leader in automated medical research. Performed all testing. Ran on AIX and Solaris OS.

2/93 10/96 Auto-Soft Corp. Developer


Principal Software Application

Responsible for proving and developing C++ object toolkits for real-time material handling and cell controller distributed client/server applications. Developed object oriented library for general-purpose classes, interface to a relational database, and communications toolkit to optimize reusability. Extensive OOD GUI development. Systems ran on HP engineering workstations running HPUX. Performed functional and system tests.

8/88 1/93 Mentor Graphics Wilsonville, Or / Salt Lake City, Ut. Software Application Developer - Responsible for developing next generation IC layout toolkit for a fullcustom commercial IC layout desktop editor. Responsible for PLDSynthesis GUI development, using C+ +/OOD proprietary toolkits. All development done on HP engineering workstations, running HP-UX. Company recognized as industry leader in computer-aided engineering tools.

10/84 to 7/88 Valid Logic Systems San Jose, Ca. Database Team Leader / Software Application Developer - Responsible for directing 4 software engineers in development
of a specialized data base access API supporting a full custom Integrated Circuit (IC) desktop layout editor. Programmed in C / Unix / Sun 2 engineering workstations. Company recognized as leader in full-custom IC layout design tools. Developed automated testing programs for testing application core and a proprietary interpretive programming language.

9/82 to 9/84

Ford Aerospace

Palo Alto, Ca. Programmer Analyst

Responsible to electrical engineers for user support and company implementation of the first commercially available electrical CAD/CAM system in beta test, EDMS by Prime Computer Systems.

University of Santa Clara; Santa Clara, Ca. 1984 Masters of Computer Science classes: Data structures - 2qtrs, combinational logic, and state machine design.

Brigham Young University;

Provo, UT. BS degree

August 1982

CAD/CAM engineering technology with emphasis in the engineering sciences, automated engineering design principles and practice, 2/3D graphic modeling and editing, and user interaction models.