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A collection of recipes to Gillian Grefé’s experiences with Public Relations and Graphic Design


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Champlain College Casserole

Side Dishes
Public Relations Design

Internships Hepper Kelliher Samets Volk


Veggie with a Vision



Champlain College Casserole
1 BA in Public Relations 1 focus on Graphic Design a handful of press releases a couple of PR plans a magazine layout a newspaper layout Studying Public Relations, while also studying Graphic Design, allowed me to explore communication on two different platforms: words and images. With a strong appreciation for art, I hope to attend school for art direction or print design in the future. See complimentary side dishes on the following pages. 2 brochures copious amounts of coffee

Veggie with a Vision


Main Ingredient: Public Relations

Side Dishes
I composed a PR plan for Vew Do Boards. As well as conducted research and offered creative solutions for this small company to expand their target audience. Class: PR Campaign Development

Wrote the materials for this Media Kit including a promotional brochure for a mom and pop stationary store, Scribbles. Class: Writing for PR

Main Ingredient: Graphic Design

Gear up for healthy, holistic housekeeping

clean & green
Let’s Dish


Clockwise from top left: For hands-on dish washing, try Vermont Soap Organics Liquid Sunshine; this cleansing blend of coconut, olive, and jojoba ols works on fine fabrics and stove tops too. $14.98/38 oz.; Ecover Ecological Automatic Dishwasher Tablets minimally impact aquatic life, plus they’ve won high marks from Consumer Reports for their cleaning prowess. $7.50/17.6 oz.; Helping to keep your conscience as clean as your dishes, Mercado Global Green Solola Dishtowels are fair trade, and handcrafted with ecofriendly dyes. $11.95/set of 4;

Save enerrgy by using dish towels!

By Amy Spitalnick Photography by Mindee Choi

APRIL 2008


This is a magazine re-design. This project required me to find a publication in which I thought needed a new look. I had to re-design a specific issue, and give 8 separate pages a new look, including the table of contents. This project taught me a lot about working with grids, as well as working with a lot of text. Class: Digital Publications

Veggie with a Vision


Side Dishes

Main Ingredient: Graphic Design

Designed and drew this women’s boxing shoe on Illustrator. This project involved a lot of product research and was inspired by an ice cream sunday. Class: Digital Artwork

Designed and drew this postage stamp to understand working with various scales. This assignment was restricted to type design only, which foreced me to use color and typography to express the made-up association this design is promoting. Class: Typography

Main Ingredient: Graphic Design

oug Thr hT
This is an ad I designed for my favorite font, Bodoni. I feel it displays the arrogance and exclusiveness the font is reputable for. The shape is meant to represent the dazzle the font is known to display. Class: Typography

to D wn Kno

azzl e AF ont

Bodoni, known for its

extreme contrast between thick

and thin strokes, was designed by

Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813) in

1798. Inspired by Baskerville, Bodoni has a

narrow underlying structure with flat, unbrack-

eted serifs. This font is known for its extreme contast between thick and thin lines.

Bodoni also studied in detail the designs of French type founders

Pierre Simon Fournier and Firmin Didot. Although he found inspiration

in these other type designers, Bodoni defined his own style for his typefaces, which have widely been used in poster design and other print design.

Digitally, Bodoni is misrepresented because the computer screen cannot read the altering

thick and thin strokes, causing a “dazzle” effect. This shows a sense of delicacy with the font, due

to the thick and thin strokes. In Typographic Design: Form & Communication, the authors describe

Bodoni’s uppercase “R” as a “dazzling contrast and vigorous proportions of modern-style typography. The thick-and-thin scotch rules echo and complement the thick-and-thin stroke weights.”

Veggie with a Vision

hick and n Thi

1 media list 3 master press releases hundreds of product descriptions 1 “about us”

In 2007, I spent a summer in New York City interning with an online boutique called They sell only the finest, organic and natural products, such as clothing, home goods, beauty products, and accessories. I helped prepare this site for their launch, which was taking place Fall 2007. During this internship, I conducted a lot of research for the media list, had the chance to strengthen my PR writing skills and learned to take control without any guidance.
Veggie with a Vision

1 media list 1 press kit 6 press releases 6 fact sheets a lot of inventory a splash of organizing

During the summer of 2008 I helped a new business with their PR efforts. Hepper, providing pet furnishings for the modern home, was trying to reach design-savvy pet lovers. Through research I put together a long list of blogs and publications to send press kits to. I also wrote all the materials for the press kit, such as a press release and fact sheet for each product. This is an example of a placement that was made in response to a press kit I sent to Time Out New York.

Kelliher Samets Volk
tons of cold calling 2 press releases hundreds of wedding invitation samples 15 phone pitches 5 blog pitches a lot of research 1 year of ad equivalencies Since Fall 2008 I have been an intern for Kelliher Samets Volk, a full-service advertising agency in Burlington, Vermont. I work closely with a 5 person PR team and assist with clients such as Efficiency Vermont, Crane & Co. stationery, UNICEL, and Concept2 rowing machines. I do everything from extensive research, blog pitching, phone pitching, press release writing, and preparing clip books.
Veggie with a Vision


The Blog

Veggie with a Vision
Being a vegan since March 2008, I have found a new interest; sharing my vegan specialities with simple recipes and beautiful photographs. Understanding the influence of blogging has proven to be very helpful at my current internship at KSV.

Veggie with a Vision



As I began taking design classes, I realized how rewarding it is to compose designs with original photographs. I also have gained a strong appreciation for food photography, since I have been blogging about food. Rich colors and contrasts entice me.

Other Dishes

This is a logo and business card I designed for a freelance photographer.
Alexandra Tremaine Photography

This piece was one of my first works on Photoshop. I used color to tell a story of compassion. The photographs are originals; I took them while I was traveling in Tibet. The blue mountain is Mt. Everest.

Veggie with a Vision


About the Chef

Gillian Grefé is always striving to show people the good in things; whether it be a tasty ingredient, good design, or a unique product or company. Whether she is skiing, blogging, cooking, riding her bike, or out on the town; her eye is always on the look out for inspiration.

Veggie with a Vision


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