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How to be an Influential Leader

The real leader is guided from the heart:
When you are connected with your inner self, the Heart, you do not remain the same, who you have been assuming yourself to be. Transformation takes place there. One, who gets the guidance and inspiration from his heart or intuition, is the real leader. Leader means the one who can provide direction, whom people can look forward to, who can sense, who can take decisions, who can sort out problems completely once and for all. In a way that, they do not arise again. For the real leader a problem is not a problem, it’s a lesson, to

be learnt which teaches him something. The principle that the real leader operates from is, “Living for others because there is no other”. The world needs management from people who are managed by their heart, their instinct. Those who can work impersonally and also be a channel for others. Only those who are led by the heart can lead the world. From which source does the leader take route? Leader takes route from the heart. It is the precursor that he is a real leader, the real captain. Those people should inspire the world who are inspired from within. Only the ones who do their work based on their intuition can truly solve the problems. Else the problems are always standing at the

doors. That’s why it has been told that everyone should get associated with his or her heart [Tejasthan]. What is the meaning of a “Tejasthani? It means those who are guided by their Heart [the Tejasthan]. “Bright Place” or Heart or Tejasthan means the place, which is beyond inside and outside, which is beyond two, and not the physical heart. For example: “Bright Happiness” is beyond Happiness and sorrow. “Bright Silence” is beyond noise and silence. “Bright Knowledge” is beyond knowledge and ignorance. “Bright Friend” is beyond friend and foe. When one reads the word “Bright”, he should understand that it is not the thing in the premise of body, mind or intellect. Something beyond all this is

being explained. “Bright Place” means the place, which is our True Being, our origin. When we draw a graph, we draw two lines as X-axis and Y-axis. The point at which the two lines meet is called the origin. That point, the source of the being is the “Bright Place”. One should not get confused with the new words; therefore they are explained in such detail. This enables people to begin with the understanding about the source being explained. This is the talk about our “being”. In your childhood, when you had not become anybody, what were you? Then later you were related as a brother, or a sister, a Hindu or a Muslim. Then you became a neighbor of somebody, a boss of

somebody and all these relationships kept on building later on. But when these labels did not exist, there was only the state of pure being, just like a clean slate. Blank slate, on which nothing is written, is the state of being. A state of nothing with the possibility of everything. There is so much written about it, in a variety of ways, everyone has said differently of it. So it becomes difficult to recognize it. The writing covers it up and creates confusion. It is now looked upon as something difficult for a common man. Here you are given the direct experience of that being. Not just to see and understand it, but get established over there, get stabilized over there.

After getting stabilized on the heart or “Tejasthan”. The way one looks at problems changes. From that point only Truth and nothing but the Truth can be seen. Being there makes you the real leader. Then the whole sole purpose of life becomes service. Then the declaration is “Living for others because there is no other”.