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Statistics Test Modeling Data Part II __ 1.

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All but one of these statements contain a blunder. Which could be true? A) The correlation between a football players weight and the position he plays is 0.54. B) The correlation between the amount of fertilizer used and the yield of beans is 0.42. C) The correlation between a cars length and its fuel efficiency is 0.71 miles per gallon. D) There is a high correlation (1.09) between height of a corn stalk and its age in weeks. E) There is a correlation of 0.63 between gender and political party. Residuals are A) Possible models not explored by the researcher. B) Variation in the data that is explained by the model. C) The difference between observed responses and values predicted by the model. D) Data collected from individuals that is not consistent with the rest of the group. E) None of these. Indicate whether the following statement is true of false. The removal of an influential point causes a change in the linear model. A) True B) False Indicate whether the following statement is true or false. A pattern in a residual plot indicates that the linear model is a useful representation of the data. A) True B) False Two variables that are actually not related to each other may nonetheless have a very high correlation because they both result from some other, possibly hidden, factor. This is an example of A) Leverage. B) A lurking variable. C) Extrapolation. D) Regression. E) An outlier. If the point on the upper right corner of this scatterplot is removed from the data set, then what will happen to the slope of the line of best fit and to the correlation (r)?

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A) Both will increase. C) Slope will increase and r will decrease. D) Slope will decrease and r will increase.

B) Both will decrease. E) Both will remain the same.

7. Sketch two scatterplots that meet the following characteristics. a) A negative, weak association. b) A positive, strong association.

8. Roller coasters. Roller coasters get all their speed by dropping down a steep initial incline, so it makes sense that the height of that drop might be related to the speed of the coaster. Heres a scatterplot of the top speed and largest drop for 75 roller coasters around the world.

a) Does the scatterplot indicate that it is appropriate to calculate the correlation? Explain.

b) In fact, the correlation of the speed and drop is 0.91. Describe the association and describe other possible factors.

9. Regression Equations. Fill in the missing information in the table below. x 30 S 4 0.8 y 18 50 S 6 15 r -0.2 y = b + bx y = -10 + 15x

a) b)

10. Linear Model. The following scatterplot shows the association between fat and protein for 30 items on the Burger King menu.

Is it appropriate to model the association with a linear model? Explain.

11. Unusual points. Each of the following scatterplots shows a cluster of points and one stray point. For each, answer these questions: 1. Does the point have high leverage, a large residual, or both? 2. Do you think that the point is an influential point? 3. If the point were removed from the data, would the correlation become stronger or weaker? 4. If the point were removed from the data, would the slope of the linear model increase or decrease? a)