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HE WAS FORTUNATE TO BE ALIVE AFTER A ROAD ACCIDENT EARLY IN HIS CAREER. HE ALSO GAVE Benetton their first F1 race win in 1986 & ironically their last race win in 1997? ans)Gerhard Berger Q)In 1995, on which circuit did Michael Schumacher win on from 16th on the grid?(delete this if u want) ans)Spa Francochamps 1)Who was promoted to the 1997 driver’s championship top 10 after Michael Schumacher was annulled for dangerous driving in the final race? ans)Johnny Herbert 2) 6th april 2003 was the day wen kimi was declared the winner of brazilian grand 11th april FIA amended ther esults and kimi was 2nd. who was promoted to 1st an why?? ans)giancarlo fisichella and its tat kimi raced fisi in the last lap.. but the race was over in the previous lap only the stwards miscalulated.. 3) FW31 TF109 RB5 F60 MP4-24 R29 wat ARE ALL THESE?? THEY R THE CAR'S CHASSIS FOR 2009.

4)in 2006,a phrase was written in the car of a team. in another team, a phrase was written which meant the exact opposite of the phrase written on the car of first team. wat r the two phrases?? ANS)KEEP WALKING AND DONT WALK. 6) IN 1984 Niki Lauda joins to partner Alain Prost. The Austrian takes the drivers' championship by _______POINT/POINTS from his French team mate . 7)"X" IS A F1 DRIVER WHO RACES FOR THE COUNTRY "Y" ALTHOUGH HE COMPETED FOR FINLAND EARLIER IN HIS CAREER. X'S FATHER IS ALSO A F1 DRIVER AND A WORLD CHAMPION IN I982. ID X AND Y. 8) IN WHICH COUNTRY IS THE EUROPEAN GRAND PRIX HELD AT 2009??(DELETE THIS IF U WANT) 9Q) 17 RACES ARE SCHEDULED IN THE YEAR 2009. WHERE IS THE 17TH AND THE NEW CIRCUIT HELD??(DELETE THIS IF U WANT) 10Q) IN 2009 FIRST RACE AUSTRALIAN, SECOND RACE MALAYSIAN, THIRD RACE________??? 12Q) IN 2001, X was involved in a crash at the Australian Grand Prix when he hit the back of Ralf Schumacher's Williams. A track marshal was killed when a stray

tyre hit him in the chest. ID X ANS)JAQUES VILLENEUVE 13) THIS IS A VERY RECENT DEVELOPMENT IN F1.IT vehicle’s kinetic energy using Flywheel energy (FES) works by accelerating a rotor (flywheel) the energy in the system as rotational energy. slowing down the flywheel.WAT R WE TALKIN ABT? ANS) KERS(KINETIC ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM) IS The concept of transferring the storage .Flywheel energy storage to a very high speed and maintaining The energy is converted back by

14)F1 WAS INAUGURATED AT 1947 . SOMETHIN FAMOUS HAPPENED RELATED TO F1 IN TAT YEAR ONLY.WATS TAT?? Q).SHE was the first female scorer in Formula 1 in 1975.After performing well in Formula 3 and Formula 5000 in the early 1970s, SHE entered Formula One in 1974.She died at only 50 years of age from cancer.WHO IS SHE? ANS)lella lombardi