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Product Selection


Custom designed and engineered, T-Tape sets the standard for drip irrigation.

The Drip Tape Leader

T-Tapes advanced manufacturing process creates a durable product that delivers a uniform wetting pattern throughout the field. Our wide selection of drip tape allows you to choose the right product for your crops. We recently added new features like a white stripe (indicating right side up) and available permanent date stampingdetails that make T-Tape easier than ever to install and use.

T-Tape drip irrigation system benefits:

Better Uniformity and Higher Yields - proven by growers worldwide, T-Tape delivers a uniform wetting pattern throughout the field. Integrated Emitters - slit outlets are designed to impede root intrusion, providing a true drip flow without squirting or jetting. T-Systems Efficiency - place precise amounts of water right at the root zone. Water and Energy Savings - reduce water consumption and lower energy costs.

provides integrated and customized solutions.

Save on Crop Protection Materials - eliminating standing water reduces disease and weed pressure. Efficient Labor Savings - drier furrows provides for improved field access.

The Next Generation of T-Tape offers important advantages:


 reate a personalized imprint** on the tape and C reel label to fit your individual needs. (Up to 16 alphanumeric characters).  Enhanced hubs feature anti-rotation cleats that
are 50% larger.  Reels are barcode enabled for inventory tracking.



 White Stripe. Growers benefit from easier installation, storage and reuse.  Produced and delivered faster than any other drip tape in the world.  Significantly stronger and more durable than comparable materials of the same thickness.  Turbulent-flow emitter technology provides a high level of watering uniformity.  outlet helps impede root intrusion and Slit virtually eliminates start-up plugging from external contaminants.  ach outlet is part of a drip emitter which E provides a true drip flow.  wide range of flow rates, emitter spacings A and wall thicknesses make it possible to tailor a system for varied applications, soils and crops.  Permanent product identification in the white stripe the product model number appears on the tape and wont fade. P  ermanent date stampingthe year the tape was manufactured appears on the tape and wont fade; this assists in splicing and helps to determine when to replace it.
** optionalrequires fee for set-up. Regional conditions may apply.

T-Tape Model Selection

4 MIL (0.100 mm) 504 Normal Runs

Short season crops in light to medium textured soils where there is a minimum of rocks and clods, or under plastic mulch. For best results, install 1-2 inches underground. 5 MIL (0.125 mm) 505 Normal Runs

Short season crops in medium textured soils that contain slight residue from a previous crop. For best results, install 1-2 inches underground. 6 MIL (0.150 mm) 506 706 Normal Runs Long Runs

Minimum tilled soils, double cropping, heavy textured soils, or where rocks and previous crop residue is a factor. 8 MIL (0.200 mm) 508 708 908 Normal Runs Long Runs Long Runs

Minimum-tilled soils, double cropping, heavy textured soils. 10 MIL (0.250 mm) 310 510 710 910 Short Runs Normal Runs Long Runs Long Runs

Heavy or rocky soil, where insects are a problem, where it is to be moved or for multi-year use. The 310 model is ideal for greenhouse and landscape applications. 12 MIL (0.300 mm) 512 712 912 Normal Runs Long Runs Long Runs

Heavy or rocky soil where insects are a problem, where it is to be retrieved and moved to a different field or for subsurface multi-year use. 15 MIL (0.375 mm) 515 715 915 1115 Normal Runs Long Runs Long Runs Longest Runs

Heavier soil or soils presenting rougher terrain where insect and animal damage is a serious problem. Recommended for multi-year crops.

T-Tape Model Specifications

Tape Diameter Model 300 500 700 900 1100 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) 5/8 inch (16 mm) 7/8 inch (22 mm) 1-1/8 inch (28.6 mm) 1-3/8 inch (34.9 mm) Operating Pressure PSI 310 4 to 15 504, 505 506 508, 510 512, 515 706 708 710, 712 715, 915 1115 908 910 912 4 to 8 4 to 10 4 to 15 4 to 8 4 to 10 4 to 15 4 to 8 4 to 10 4 to 12 Bar 0.30 to 1.05 0.30 to 0.55 0.30 to 0.70 0.30 to 1.05 0.30 to 0.55 0.30 to 0.70 0.30 to 1.05 0.30 to 0.55 0.30 to 0.70 0.30 to 0.83

Wall Thickness 504 505 506, 706 508, 708, 908 310, 510, 710, 910 512, 712, 912 515, 715, 915, 1115 Quantity Per Reel Feet 310 3,500 504 15,000 505 12,000 506 10,000 508 7,500 510 6,000 512 5,100 515 4,100 706 7,380 708 5,560 710 4,400 712 3,723 715 3,000 908 5,577 910 4,413 912 3,773 915 3,035 1115 2,700

4 MIL (0.100 mm) 5 MIL (0.125 mm) 6 MIL (0.150 mm) 8 MIL (0.200 mm) 10 MIL (0.250 mm) 12 MIL (0.300 mm) 15 MIL (0.375 mm)

Average Reel Weight 310 504, 505, 506, 507, 508, 510, 512, 515, 706, 708, 710, 712, 715 908, 910, 912, 915 1115 Reel Dimensions Model 300 500 700 900 1100 13 in DIA X 10 in H 33 cm DIA X 25 cm H 20 in DIA X 10 in H 51 cm DIA X 25 cm H 20 in DIA X 13.5 in H 51 cm DIA X 34 cm H 20 in DIA X 13.5 in H 51 cm DIA X 34 cm H LBS Kg 25 11.5 65 73 78 30 33 35

Meters 1,067 4,573 3,658 3,050 2,300 1,830 1,550 1,250 2,250 1,695 1,340 1,135 915 1,700 1,345 1,150 925 823

Outlet Spacing 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18 & 24 inch 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 45 & 60 cm spacing available for most T-TAPE wall thicknesses. Notes Recommended operating pressure is 8 PSI (0.55 bar). T-TAPE products with special spacing and flow rates are available for unique applications. Check factory for specific product availability in your area. T-TAPE specifications are nominal and subject to change without notice.

Common Flow Rates Various flow rates available to meet specific application needs GPM/100 ft .170 .220 .280 .340 .450 .670 1.00 LPH/100 m 125 170 210 250 340 500 750

Model Selection 

T-Tape Lengths of run @ 0% slope

310-06-900 505-08-670 505-08-170 506-12-450 506-08-670 506-12-220 508-12-450 508-08-340 508-12-220 508-08-670 508-12-340 510-12-450 515-12-450 706-12-220 708-12-220 708-12-450 710-12-220 715-12-220 915-24-280 1115-16-280

90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%

Maximum Length of Run in Feet @ 8 psi

129 328 804 492 377 763 492 582 765 377 580

90% 492 90% 492 92% 1,392 90% 1,392 90% 869 90% 90% 90% 90% 1,392 1,392 1,837 2,493 0







310-15-680 505-20-500 505-20-125 506-30-340 506-20-500 506-30-170 508-30-340 508-20-250 508-30-170 508-20-500 508-30-250 510-30-340 515-30-340 706-30-170 708-30-170 708-30-340 710-30-170 715-30-170 915-60-210 1115-40-210

90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%

Maximum Length of Run in Meters @ 0.55 bar

39 100 245 150 115 233 150 177 233 115 177 150 150 405 405 265 405 405 560 780 0
150 300 450 600 750 900

EU = Emission Uniformity Specifications are nominal and subject to change without notice. *gpm/100 Feet at 8 PSI (LPH/100 m at 0.55 bar)

The Next Generation T-Tape Permanent Product Identification

XX inch Emitter Spacing

.XXX GPM per 100 ft

XX cm Emitter Spacing

XXX LPH per 100 m

Date Stamping (year)

Design, Installation and Maintenance

T-Tape dealers can help you design a drip irrigation system customized to fit your needs. Proper maintenance of a drip system is imperative and T-Tape dealers will work with you to develop a maintenance plan to maximize the effectiveness of your tape system.

Design Considerations
The following are some suggestions growers should consider when designing a T-Tape system. These are just a few considerations; for complete design information, contact your local T-Tape dealer.  Install proper filtration for efficient operation of the system. For further information on filters and recommendations for your particular situation, contact your local T-Tape dealer.  T-Tape is designed to operate at low pressure to reduce power and pumping costs. Make sure proper pressure regulation devices are used. Air/vacuum relief valves are required at all high  points on the mainlines and submains. This inhibits air entrapment and also prevents the suction of soil into the system.

T-Tape Fittings
T-Tape introduces a line of fittings developed for the worlds best drip irrigation systems. T-Tape Fittings are designed to work with a wide array of materials and hose sizes including T-Tape Vinyl Layflat. Features:
Enhanced double-grip turning mechanisms. Bright colors for easy identification when installed.

Takeoffs with rubber grommets for enhanced seal and barbs that resist breaking. UV stabilized plastic protects against weathering. Achieve precise control line-by-line with unique valve models. T-Tape brand ensures the highest standards of quality and service.
500 Series FT0500MP001/2ADP000 FT0500MP003/4ADP000 FT0500MP003/4ADPVL0 Adaptor FT0500PO00016BRB000 FT0500PO00020BRB000 FT0500PO00016BRBVL0 FT0500GR005/8BRB000 FT0500GK009.0BRB000 FT0500LF005/8OFFSG0 Takeoff FT0500LF005/8OFFDG0 FT0500LF005/8OFFCR0 FT0500LF005/8OFFVL0 FT0500TT005/8CON000 Connector FT0500TT007/8CON000 FT0500PO00016ELL000 Elbow FT0500PO00020ELL000 FT0500TT005/8ELL000 FT0500PO00016TEE000 FT0500MP001/2TEE000 Tee FT0500MP003/4TEE000 FT0500TT005/8TEE000 700 Series FT0700MP003/4ADP000 FT0700MP003/4ADPVL0 FT0700PO00016BRB000 FT0700PO00020BRB000 FT0700PO00020BRBVL0 FT0700GR007/8BRB00 FT0700GK00014BRB00 FT0700LF007/8OFFSG0 FT0700LF007/8OFFCR0 FT0700LF007/8OFFVL0 7/8 ADAPTOR MPT 3/4 THREAD TT 7/8 ADAPTR MPTVL 3/4 THREAD TT 7/8 ADAPTOR BRB POL16MM-5/8 TT 7/8 ADAPTOR BRB POL20MM-3/4 TT 7/8 ADPT BRB VL POL20MM-3/4 TT 7/8 TAKOFF BRB GR9MM-3/8PASS TT 7/8 TAKOFF GSKT 14MM-9/16PASS TT 7/8 TAKOFF LAYFLAT SINGLE GR TT 7/8 TAKEOFF PE LFT CROCO TT 7/8 TAKOFF LFTVL 10MM7/16PAS T 7/8 CONNECTOR 7/8 COUPLER TT 7/8 ELBOW 90DG POL20MM-3/4 TT 7/8 TEE POLY 20MM-3/4 ADP TT 7/8 TEE 7/8 22MM TAPE TT 7/8 TEE MPT 3/4 THREAD ADP TT 5/8 ADAPTOR MPT 1/2 THREAD TT 5/8 ADAPTOR MPT 3/4 THREAD TT 5/8 ADAPTR MPTVL 3/4 THREAD TT 5/8 ADAPTOR BRB POL16MM-5/8 TT 5/8 ADAPTOR BRB POL20MM-3/4 TT 5/8 ADPT BRB VL POL16MM-5/8 TT 5/8 TAKOFF BRB GR9MM-3/8PASS TT 5/8 TAKOFF GSKT 9MM-3/8PASS TT 5/8 TAKOFF LAYFLAT SINGLE GR TT 5/8 TAKOFF LAYFLAT DOUBLE GR TT 5/8 TAKEOFF PE LFT CROCO TT 5/8 TAKOFF LFTVL 10MM7/16PAS T 5/8 CONNECTOR 5/8 COUPLER TT 5/8 CONCTR REDUCE 7/8TO5/8 TT 5/8 ELBOW 90DG POL16MM-5/8 TT 5/8 ELBOW 90DG POL20MM-3/4 TT 5/8 ELBOW 90DG TAPE TT 5/8 TEE POL 16MM-5/8 ADP TT 5/8 TEE MPT 1/2 THREAD ADP TT 5/8 TEE MPT 3/4 THREAD ADP TT 5/8 TEE 5/8 16MM TAPE TT



Connector FT0700TT007/8CON000 Elbow Tee FT0700PO00020ELL000 FT0700PO00020TEE000 FT0700TT007/8TEE000 FT0700MP003/4TEE000

Accessories and Parts Mixer FT000FP003/4MIX00 FITTING AC ADPTR UNIV LFT MXR 3/4FPT TT

T-Tape Fittings
Smooth opening and closing valve Strong and durable polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber Two Orings guard against leaks

Super compact valve cylinder


2-piece construction ensures low head loss

UV stabilized plastic

Rubber grommet enhances seal Enhanced double-grip turning mechanisms FT0500TT005/8CON00

Barb with grommet resists breaking

Durable double-grip takeoff Tight grip for superior seal



Fittings Part Number Identification Guide

Accesory = ACC, Adaptor = ADP, Barb = BRB, Connector = CON, Drain Valve = DRN, Elbow = ELL, Mixer = MIX, Takeoff = OFF Part = PRT, Plug = PLG, Tee = TEE, Pressure Regulator = PRG 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 5/8-inch, 7/8-inch 1/8-inch, 1 3/8-inch, 6.0 mm, 9.0 mm, 9.5 mm 4 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm

Fitting Type

Connection Size

Valve = VL Single Grip = SG Double Grip = DG PE Layflat = CR

Special Feature

Fits T-Tape Model Series
300, 500, 700 900, 1100


Connection Type



Layflat = LF, Poly Tubing = PO, T-Tape to T-Tape = TT Male Pipe Thread = MP, Female Pipe Thread = FP Grommet = GR, Gasket = GK

Drip System Products 

T-Tape Layflat
A premium vinyl layflat hose from the T-Tape company. It features a balanced three-layer composite structure to allow the hose to lay straight with minimal elongation under working pressure. The outer layer is made from an homogeneous PVC tube providing durability and incorporates UV inhibitors to protect against aging and weathering. The middle layer of polyester yarn spiral wrap gives the hose strength and flexibility while reducing elongation. The smooth internal layer allows for lower pressure loss. T-Tape Layflat is available for both high and medium pressure applications. It is ideal for use with T-Tape Drip Irrigation Tape and T-Tape Fittings as part of a complete drip irrigation system.
Ideal for use with T-Tape drip irrigation tape as a supply manifold line. Manufactured using an advanced technology, where the product is made in a continuous process. Highest quality standards in uniformity of construction. Increased longitudinal strength becasue of its three-layer composite construction. Flexible and reliable PVC based hose - can be used as a feeder hose, main/submain or for general purpose water discharge applications. Smooth internal layer tube provides a lower friction loss response. Will lay straight with minimal elongation under working pressure. Homogeneous tube and cover construction eliminates separation. UV inhibitors protect against aging and weathering. Branded with the T-Tape name to ensure the highest level of quality and commitment to service in the market today.

T-Tape Layflat
High Pressure Applications
Nominal Size (in)

US Models

Working Pressure (PSI)

150 150 130 128 105 70

Reel Length (ft)

300 300 300 300 300 300

Reel Weight (lbs)

66 85 133 202 340 450

International Models

Nominal Size (mm)

40 50 75 100 150 200

Working Pressure (Bar)

10.3 10.3 8.8 8.8 6.9 4.9

Reel Length (mt)

100 100 100 100 100 100

Reel Weight (kg)

30 42 66 100 168 220

Medium Pressure Applications

Nominal Size (in)

US Models

Working Pressure (PSI)

80 80 80 70 70 43 50 45

Reel Length (ft)

300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300

Reel Weight (lbs)

43 58 77 110 142 188 238 362

International Models

Nominal Size (mm)

40 50 63 75 100 125 150 200

Working Pressure (Bar)

5.5 5.5 5.5 4.8 4.8 3.0 3.4 3.1

Reel Length (mt)

100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

Reel Weight (kg)

21 28 38 54 70 93 118 179

Drip System Products 11

A well managed system will improve production, reduce waste and save energy.

Handling and Placement

Drip tape should be handled with care. Growers are advised to follow these guidelines when installing a T-Tape system.  Keep T-Tape reels protected from the environment before use. If possible, store inside. Do not remove wrapping from reels until ready to install.   T-Tape must be installed with the printed side and outlets facing up. This prevents the settling of sediment in the inlets that could cause plugging.  Subsurface T-Tape irrigation provides additional benefits. T-Tape is commonly buried at depths of 1 to 24 in. (2.5 to 60 cm), and results in the following advantages:  Maintains T-Tape in the proper location so it is not moved by wind or temperature fluctuations.  Decreased surface evaporation of water, crop protection materials and fertilizers.  Improved uniformity of water, fertilizer and chemical distribution and direct placement in the root zone.  Surface area remains drier resulting in reduced disease and weed pressure.  When used under clear plastic mulch, T-Tape must be completely buried to eliminate the possibility of burning the tape. This magnification effect is caused by the suns rays being focused by water droplets formed on the under side of the plastic.  The placement of T-Tape depends on the growing technique, the type of crop and soil structure.

T-Tape Layflat Installation

Install T-Tape Layflat hose in a trench when using as a manifold/feeder. This keeps the hose from moving away from the tape laterals which can stress the fittings or cause the supply tubes to pull out.  The trench for 6 in. (150 mm) layflat should be approximately 6 in. wide by 3 to 4 in. deep (15 cm x 8 cm).  The trench for 4 in. (100 mm) layflat should be approximately 4 in. wide by 2 to 3 in. deep (10 cm x 5 to 8 cm). The layflat hose must be pulled taught after it has been rolled out. Pull tight every 50 ft (15 m) to eliminate kinks and snaking.

Installation Options
Installation 13 Installations can be performed manually or mechanically. When designing or shopping for an installation tool, consider the following:

Mechanical Installation
 Install metal, wooden, or plastic discs against the corrugated reel sides for proper support.  The assembly, consisting of the spindle, reel, and the side plates should turn as a single unit.  The distance between the bottom of the reel and the injection tube entrance should be no less than 28 in. (70 cm) to avoid subjecting T-Tape to sharp angles which could potentially cause damage from excess friction.  When assembling the tape injector, make sure that the injection tube and all other paths are smooth and free from sharp edges and burrs.  he tube opening should be flared to avoid the rubbing of T the T-Tape against the edges.  Flatten the outlet of the tube to avoid twisting of the T-Tape.

Manual Installation
 Avoid friction on rough or sharp edges, nicks and excessive tension.  Allow the T-Tape reel and side disks to turn freely during installation.  Insure that the T-Tape lateral is not dragged on soil that contains rocks or debris from previous crops.

Installation Tool Illustration

NEW! Enhanced Hubs
Increased durability during storage and installation

54% deeper 20% wider and 54% deeper lip is beveled to guard against breaking in storage

Twice the retainer cleats provide greater installation stability

Anti-rotation cleats are 50% larger

Drop tested to insure end caps stay in place during delivery

Axle, side disks and reel (indicated here in orange) should all turn together.
20 in 50 cm 11 in 28 cm 0.7 in 1.8 cm = 22 in 55 cm

= 1 in 2.5 cm = 4.3 in 10.9 cm 28 in 70 cm T-Tape

28 in 70 cm 5 in 12.5 cm

36 in 90 cm

16 in 40 cm

= 1-1/2 in / 40mm (500 models) = 2 in / 50mm (700 models)

12 in 30 cm 12 in 30 cm

10 in 25 cm

Installation Process

T-Tape is injected seam-side up into the bed using specialized equipment. T-Tape delivers inputs directly to the root zone of the plant.

Installation depths range from above ground and shallow (1 - 8 in /2.5 - 20 cm) to deep installation (9 - 24 in / 22 - 60 cm).

Installation 15

T-Tape Hook-Up and Repair Techniques

 The lateral hookup is the point of connection of the T-Tape line to the submain.  T-Tape Fittings or polyethylene tubing may be used for repairs and to connect T-Tape lines to the submain.  Wire ties are frequently used on surface systems to repair and attach laterals to submains.  The following photos and drawings demonstrate how to connect T-Tape to the submain and how to repair tape.

T-Tape Layflat

T-Tape 300,500, 700,900 &1100

T-Tape couplers can be used to connect and repair sections of drip tape.

T-Tape Fittings

Fold the end of the T-Tape twice and secure with a sleeve cut from same T-Tape.

System Start Up
Starting a drip system is easy if a few guidelines are followed:
 If using a media filter, backwash it. New sand in  media filters contains fine particles that do not wash out during the manufacturing process. These particles restrict flow and must be flushed out as soon as possible. Usually a 5-7 PSI (0.35 - 0.5 bar) differential across the filter bed is acceptable. A large differential may indicate more backwashing is necessary. Consult the dealer if the differential will not drop below the manufacturers recommendation. If possible, initially backwash the filters manually. This will eliminate any potential problem with the backwash controller and backwash automation equipment. After the initial backwash, the filter pressure should be watched closely as the system fills. Once the system is running, you can set the controller and test it.  new system should be filled slowly to prevent A problems related to trapped air. The mainlines and submains should be open and allowed to flush prior to closing the ends. After the mainlines and submains have been flushed, close them and continue to flush the lateral lines. This will remove dirt and debris that has collected in the lines during installation.  Check the pressure at the pump, filters, mainlines, submains and lateral ends. Be sure to note flowmeter reading. Your findings should compare with the design calculations. This will also confirm the uniformity throughout the system.  Walk the fields and check for leaks. Pressure readings taken earlier will indicate if major leaks are present. Little or no water coming out of a lateral indicates a possible restriction upstream.

Installation 17

System Operation & Maintenance

Proper operation and maintenance programs are essential to the continued success of a drip system. Pumps, filters and T-Tape are the key components of the system and they must all function properly.
 When the tape is buried, it is necessary to have  adequate water application to avoid plant stress. Plant stress could induce root intrusion, resulting in flow restriction.  When applying fertilizers or chemicals through  T-Tape, operate the system until all residual material has been flushed out. Where rodents and insects (i.e. Mole crickets, wireworms) are potential problems, insecticides should be used before or during a T-Tape installation.*  Maintain a chemical balance in the water, as chemical  precipitants can plug the drip system. Algae and bacteria must also be controlled.*  Acid and chlorine injections are necessary for  maintaining the efficiency of the whole network.* Flush T-Tape laterals regularly.  All pumps should be inspected regularly by a qualified  maintenance person.

Filters must be maintained and cleaned regularly 

during the growing season. Media filters in particular should be cleaned and prepared for off-season shutdown, and the filter sand should be replaced at intervals recommended by the filter manufacturer or your dealer.
 -Tape must be kept clean and free of debris.*  T

* See next page for detailed information. This booklet is designed as an introductory reference. It is intended to teach the reader the fundamentals of T-Tape drip irrigation. Any actions with regard to the information contained in this booklet should be undertaken only upon the advice of a licensed professional. T-Systems International, Inc. is not responsible for the acts, omissions, representatives or negligence of any dealers. T-Tape dealers are not employees of T-Systems International, Inc. and do not represent T-Systems International, Inc.

Water Source Plugging elements most frequently encountered Sand, Calcium, Carbonates Type of Filtration Supplementary treatments


Drilled wells

Screen filter

Dug wells

Sand, Carbonates, Iron

Screen filter and sand separator or hydrocyclone Sand filter, Screen filter and sand separator or hydrocyclone Sand Filter, Screen filter Floating filter, Sand Filter, Screen filter

Acid to eliminate carbonate deposits. Holding reservoir for aeration

River and stream Surface

Organic matter, Algae, Bacteria


Organic matter, Algae, Bacteria Organic matter, Algae, Bacteria

Inject Chlorine or Acid according to Clogging level


Origin: C.E.M.A.G.R.E.F., Bordeaux


Type of clogging Level of Risk Low < 100 mg/l Average 100 to 200mg/l Dose 0,2% 0,5% Freq & length of treatment 1/2 hour, 2 to 3 times/ season 1/2 hour every 2 weeks 1/2 hour at start of irrigation every week or more during an irrigation/ week non stop see filtration 1 ppm* during an irrigation/ 15d Na O Cl Products used Strong acid Strong acid

Calcium Carbonate Precipitation

High< 200 mg/l


Strong acid + Na O Cl

Low presence Iron Bacteria High presence from source Algae Emitters outlets

1 to 2 ppm* 5 ppm*

Na O Cl Na O Cl + acid with pH6

* End of run - Origin: C.E.M.A.G.R.E.F., Bordeaux

Maintenance 19

The Drip Tape Leader

T-Systems provides integrated and customized solutions. We offer a full line of proven, reliable products, leading-edge software and databases, and personalized service from knowledgeable, experienced professionals to serve you.

To find a representative near you, visit us online at

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