1. Discuss the factors behind the success of Bumrungrad Hospital.

Outline the specific factors and their specific outcome. Ans:  Healthcare. Bumrungrad has demonstrated some of the highest clinical success rates and lowest infection rates in the world.  Patient service. Bumrungrad has the fastest response time in the business. Patient inquiries are typically answered in 24 hours or less.  Facilities and technology. The hospital is ultra modern and beautiful and its technology is state of the art.  Multiculturalism. Bumrungrad is a truly global service facility, with an infrastructure to match, attracting and successfully serving patients from 190 countries. 2. perform a SWOT analysis. identify the challenges that BGH faces.

 Instant and affordable full package of healthcare services. what can they possible do more to increase their business? look into the internet and find what they have done and predict what they might do. Distinctive Characteristics of Services Offered  Find a Doctor Section. But with plans for rapid growth and an aggressive pursuit of Thailand’s burgeoning international healthcare market. In addition to compete with imitating service by other hospital 3. .Challenges: Southeast Asia’s largest private hospital had a long record of using IT to improve patient care. Bumrungrad Hospital (BH) wanted to go farther in enhancing the patient experience and streamlining the delivery of healthcare.

 Heart Centers with exclusive Operation Theatres. International Patient Care.  Opened representative offices at different countries  Creating awareness through Sales representative  Tie up with UK healthcare enterprise and Thai airways international  Started providing consultancy services  Projected as world class health destination . Deluxe Rooms.  Virtual Nursery Service.  Use of Technology to promote healthcare services. There market expansion strategy:  Aggressive marketing to attract foreign patients  Project itself as a global hospital complying all International standards.  Well Baby Center and Kids Zone.  Medical Information System. VIP Suits.  Royal Suits.

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