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Fish & Wildlife Service
December 2008

Neosho National Fish Hatchery Newsletter
Current Events in Fish Production From One Neighbor to Another
Iowa Department of Natural Resources’s Brian Malaise returned to Neosho this month to collect 10,000 fish. After a devastating flood last year that washed away nearly half their annual production, Iowa asked for donations of surplus fish from nearby state and federal hatcheries. Neosho was fortunate enough to be able to donate 10,000 trout last summer. currently being kept for a tag retention study. distribution unit with lights and greeted thousands of on-lookers along the parade route with smiles and waves. Hatchery Manager Dave Hendrix drove the unit, while Sterling May, son of Assistant Manager Roderick May, volunteered to dress as our beloved mascot Teddy the Trout. Children were delighted to see Teddy and our unit was well received by the local community. -Dave Hendrix

Their frozen brine shrimp diet barely settles before these young pallids begin to forage.

Community Activities A Friendly Visit
Missouri Department of Conservation Fisheries Biologist James Bolden Jr. stopped by Neosho NFH early this month. Bolden informed the staff of their monthly stocking of Hickory and Capp’s Creek. Rainbow and brown trout averaging 12 inches are stocked five times a year from November to May. He and two colleagues enjoyed a tour of the trout and sturgeon facilities.

Hatchery staff and our trout mascot prepare to join parade procession.

Hatchery Improvements Still Seeing Results of 2007 Ice Storm
Two years ago, most of our facility’s trees were damaged from an ice storm. The debris from the ice storm filled over 47 trailer loads during the initial clean-up! Despite the extensive improvements that were done directly after the ice storm, we still have trees showing signs of poor recovery and rotting limbs.

Biologist Brian Malaise fills stocking unit with spring water before taking fish back to Iowa.

Neosho continues to help Iowa recover their rainbow trout numbers with surplus fish. We hope to help Iowa DNR create recreational fishing opportunities, while simultaneously nurturing a friendship with a fellow regional partner. -Jaime Pacheco

Jaime Pacheco gives a hatchery tour to MDC staff.

Giving Back to Neosho
Neosho staff participated in the annual Christmas parade for the city of Neosho on December 6, 2008. Our participation gives us an opportunity to show appreciation for the continuous support from our community throughout the year. Hatchery staff decorated our fish

Total Count of Sturgeon
An inventory was taken of all pallid sturgeon on station. The total number is 3328. This includes those from the 2008 spawning season and the tagged fish from fiscal year 2007 that are

Jim Scott of Jim’s Aerial Service removes a sweet gum tree.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Neosho National Fish Hatchery Newsletter
This month we removed five trees and ground down the stumps. The missing trees opened up the entrance making the aquariums and the whole front of the main hatchery building more visible to the passing public. The two walnut trees that were removed in the project were sold to a local saw mill at market value by our Friends Group. -Jeff Messens

December 2008
There is a noticeable reduction in trash. Our trash is collected once a week in the same size trash bin used by residential properties. Some weeks the trash bin is half full. Rarely, is it overflowing. We visit the local recycling center about twice a month and slowly but surely, we are decreasing our trash.

Trash items ready to be recycled.

Trying to Reduce Our Trash
A huge part of facility upkeep involves trash. While trash pickup is necessary, reducing our trash is even more important. Our recycling program involves collecting almost all cardboard and paper on station, trout feed bags, plastic wrap, and used ink cartridges.

Hatchery visitors are encouraged to recycle. We have plastic, paper, and can recycling bins inside our main building. Staff are also urged to bring their personal goods to recycle.

Unless otherwise stated, articles are written and assembled by Melissa Cheung.

Loading cardboard into the compactor at the Neosho recycling center.

Please feel free to visit us at 520 E Park Street, Neosho, MO 64850 or call us at 417-4510554.

Hatchery Staff
From left to right: Lead Biologist Jaime Pacheco, Hatchery Manager David Hendrix, Fish Biologist Jeff Messens, Assistant Manager Roderick May, Administrative Technician Heather Williams, Fish Biologist Melissa Cheung