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I hereby declare that this project work titled A SUMMER TRANING


MANPASAND EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION AND SATISFACTION with special reference to MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD, Varanasi, is original in has been carried out by me as a student of SHEAT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING BABATPUR VARANASI,.

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In the successful completion of this project inspiration and guidance of many people was involved. A mere form of acknowledgement would be demeaning the status of this whole effort which has had the blessings and supervision of the eminent person around me. First of all I would like to thank whole heartedly Mrs. NITU PATHAK Who was there to guide me at every step during the course of this project. She gave me tips for the improvement in project whenever required. Special thanks to Director, SHEAT COLLEGE for providing eminent direction. Apart from this I feel indebted to all faculty members of SHEAT, especially who have helped, developed the right kind of attitude and scholastic excellence in me. Last but not the least; I am very thankful to my parents, friends and all those persons who made this research project possible, for their consistent guidance and constructive criticism.


Decision making is a fundamental part of the research process. Decisions regarding that what you want to do, how you want to do, what tools and techniques must be used for the successful completion of the project. In fact it is the researchers efficiency as a decision maker that makes project fruitful for those who concern to the area of study. Basically when we are playing with computer in every part of life, I used it in my project not for the ease of my but for the ease of result explanation to those who will read this project. The project presents the role of financial system in life of persons. I had toiled to achieve the goals desired. Being a neophyte in this highly competitive world of business, I had come across several difficulties to make the objectives a reality. I am presenting this hand carved efforts in black and white. If anywhere something is found not in tandem to the theme then you are welcome with your valuable suggestions.



Certificate of Guide Preface Acknowledgement Student Declaration Abstract

Company Overview Theoretical Background Objective Of Study Scope and Importance of Study

Literature Review


Research Methodology

Data Analysis And Interpretation

Conclusion Limitations Recommendations



Abstract Here, I have tried to put forth the real scenario of beverages market. I tried to bring sheer knowledge about the products of the company and their performance in the present market of VARANASI. These vital findings are done with the help of field work and face to face conversation with retailers. The basic purpose of the project is to understand the retailers behavior towards new product and to make product available and visible in retail stores. The project will also focus on the key problems a retailer come across while selling a new product and to know the gap between the expectations of retailer and company. The project will also suggest possible solutions to remove this gap so that the revenues of the company can increase

The project will also focus on understanding the distribution channel for existing product, unibic cookies.



Introduction The area or industry of my project is MANAPASAND EMPLOYEE AND SATISFACTION. A major portion of the monthly budget of each household is reserved for MANAPASAND EMPLOYEE AND SATISFACTION Products. The volume of money circulated in the economy against MANAPASAND EMPLOYEE AND

SATISFACTION products is very high, as the number of products the consumer use is very high. Competition in the MANAPASAND EMPLOYEE AND SATISFACTION sector is very high resulting in high pressure on margins. MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD is into various products.

Mainly they can be classified into two categories, 1. Beverages Mango sip Apple sip Jeera Masti Masala Frujus

2. Snacks Cookies

The Mango and Apple Sip are manufactured by Manpasand Agro Food. Mango Sip comes in TETRA PACK and PET BOTTLE. Tetra pack is of 200ml while Pet bottles are in 200, 300, 600 and 1200 ml. While Apple Sip comes in Tetra pack of 200ml. Their aim is customer satisfaction. Manpasand Agro Food is a decade young, well placed & fast developing F M C G Company dealing in food & beverages oriented products. Their core competency lies in manufacturing, processing and marketing of soft/cold drinks, fruit juice based drinks, Namkeens & Low Calorie Snacks.

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The cookies are manufactured by Unibic. They come in 50gm, 67gm, 110gm and 135gm.Unibic has been a manufacturer of fine specialty biscuits, cakes and pastries for over half a century and was established in Australia in the 1950s. Unibic supplies supermarkets Australia-wide, and is currently growing its customer base in International markets including the United Kingdom, South East Asia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. UNIBIC India was incorporated in August 2004 to produce world class biscuits in a niche, unique and premium
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segment. UNIBIC Australia is a niche player in the Australian biscuit market and has been in business for over 40 years.

MODY BEVERAGES is basically franchise of these manufacturing companies. It has its headquarters in SURAT and a sales office at AHMEDABAD. The main focus of the project is upon the performance of Mango Sip in current market, product placement, planning of routes including distribution and after sale service to the retailers. Firstly I tried to figure out the availability of the product after it was introduced in market. I was put in to gain the experience of selling which includes sales promotion.
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Understanding Companys Strategy in Beverage market. This part consists of following studies. Companys culture Promotion tools Supply chain Distributors appointment Finding out the performance in sale after the launch of mango sip. Face to face talks. Interviewing distributors. Interviewing retailers. Finding new productive retailers with intensive product placement Sharing benefits of keeping product.

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Suggestion to retailers- where to keep the product in order for maximum visibility Implying certain tools to enhance the sale of product. Distributing area and making routes maps of 6 days. Meeting 400 retailers in 6 days Comparative analysis with competitors product Finding out products which retailers keep instead of mango sip and unibic cookies. Finding out differences considering pricing, services and replacement policies of competitor companies. Schedule: 1st phase- This phase is focused upon knowing the company and its products. What are the benefits of our product compared to others. How to pitch new retailers and provide better service to old. What will be the target market for mango sip. Basically this phase is to know the market properly.

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2nd phase- In this phase, main target is to increase the sales of mango sip. And so area wise division is done on weekly basis and route maps are created. To know retailers perception towards

mango sip. It also concentrates on the awareness and adaptability of the product after its launch. This will be done with the help of: Visits to retailers and distributors. Asking various questions which will help to know their point of view with respect to competitors product. Checking the availability and display of the product in their store. Making aware of the benefits of keeping the product in terms of margin.

3rd phase- In this phase comparative analysis will be done with different products while keeping various categories. And with that what changes are required, will be analyzed. At last also a survey

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of end consumer will be done to know the exact picture of demand of the product and will be helpful to company.

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Working and Learning till now

Initially starting with the project I learnt about the company and its strategies. First two days I got training from my manager about the products and their pricing. I was provided with the pricing list of these products with each SKUS. Also the target markets for these products were discussed. Beverages are for mass while cookies having high rates are segmented for niche. The different schemes and selling strategies were discussed during meeting. Companies current policies of selling were told like I was not suppose to give credit to retailers. I got knowledge about the distribution channel i.e. the working of the company. Also what are the margins of distributors and retailers were explained to me. Within these two days I studied about all these things and prepared myself to start field work.

Whole Ahmedabad is divided into areas. I got new Ahmedabad. Also among that there are 3 distributors having different areas of new
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Ahmedabad. I was given work under SHRI KRISHNA TRADING. Areas are divided on weekly basis i.e. six areas per week and need to repeat that areas next week. Within that on an avg I had to cover 35 to 40 retailers per day or per area. The areas under SHRI KRISHNA TRADING are:


With the above knowledge I started field work in a group of four people and with companys salesperson. I was guided for one week with that salesman. He introduced me the above areas and retailers. Also I was given the route cards with the names of retailers and so it was not difficult to work and find out the area.
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I started work by providing services to older retailers and pitching new retailers. Initially it was difficult to convince them or convert calls but slowly and gradually I learnt these skills. How to introduce the product, where to trap them. I learnt different approaches to convince the retailers. Some were interested in margin while others were interested in quality. And so I learnt to behave accordingly. Many times it was difficult to convert the calls. I came across to many retailers who dont even listen. Such situations were difficult to tackle. I learnt to be patient and polite. I came across different selling strategies and applied further so that same mistakes were not repeated. I worked with that group for around 10 days. Even during that time I met distributor. Discussed problems and issues with him related to dispatching the goods.

After these 10 days, from 8th march, two persons were grouped and area was divided among all. I was working under same distributor and same area with one of my colleague. By this time I was quite prepared for selling. It was better now to convert calls, pitch new retailers, and convince them. Even I provided better services to old customers. I
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continued working in that area and tried to increase sales of mango sip. Make people aware of this product. Also side by side am working for increasing sales of other products too. With these things also I took feedback from retailers about the product. What is the response of customers, whether they like the product. Also I tried to make product visible in their shops. Asked whether they are satisfied from the product and service. Shared benefits of products with them like only mango sip has pet bottle of 200ml, mango pulp content is more. And tried to improve upon mistakes and solved their problems.

PROBLEMS AND DIFFICULTIES There were lots of problems. While taking feedback, I got mix responses. Retailers were not happy with company or product. Mango sip lacks brand name. Its not well known among people. And so retailers were not ready to keep. Frooti is strong competitor and so in front of that it was difficult to make them understand. The situation is like that customers dont come up and ask for the product but retailers have to show them. And so because of this reason many retailers were
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not interested in keeping new products. Still I continued to convince them and asked them to start with our products.

Many retailers were having problems with the company. Before this company was having different products but then because of some problems company left those products. Due to this retailers lost their trust towards the company. And so I tried to make them understand things.

Also some retailers were having problems with distributor. The delivery and service was not on time. Even in between for one week goods were not dispatched. I forwarded this problem ahead and so we had a meeting with distributor. The matter was solved and the delivery started on time. Retailers got their orders the very net day and I made weekly visit to them to provide them better service.

Within this time our one product got changed i.e. before we had Jeera Masala Soda of Exotic Company. Its MRP was 13 rs. Company
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increased its rate to 15 rs. Due to this we left that one and started new Jeera Masti Masala of Manas Agro. This is pune based Company. In market this was new product. Retailers are not ready to replace older Jeera. This one is not having same taste and also sweeter. Its like Sharbat. I got such responses and so repeat orders are less. The packaging is also not proper. And so customers are not ready to buy.

There was scheme going in Unibic Cookies. On purchase of 12 pieces, one piece was free but the Company has withdrawn the scheme. Due to this the margin got reduced and retailers were not satisfied. The sales have being declined due to this.

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ABOUT US: Manpasand Beverages (P) Ltd ( erstwhile Manpasand Agro Foods), established on April,29, 1998 is the leading brand of fruit juices like Mango Sip, Apple Sip, Guava Sip & Litchi Sip in entire beverages segments. Our basic proposition entails that our Company's business should refresh the market; enrich the workplace; protect and preserve the environment; and strengthen the community. Over a decade, Manpasand has marked its presence with significant achievements and today commands a market leadership status.

OUR TECHNOLOGY: At Manpasand Beverages, high speed PET bottle lines and tetra pack lines are installed at multiple locations to ensure that you get great juice round the clock. The fruit
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juices processing plant are managed by teams of technically qualified professional who are well versed with production management and are capable of delivering quality products meeting the requirements of customers. We have self sustained R & D Department at all Plants. Food safety is at Top priority at all plants. Very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained all throughout the plant to meet standards. At Manpasand, the focus has been on delivering nothing but the very best in Quality.

OUR MISSION AND VISION: "Our mission is to be counted as one of the leading beverage brand in the World." Bring to the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy people's desires and needs.

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Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job and working environment. Keeping morale high among workers can be of tremendous benefit to any company, as happy workers will be more likely to produce more, take fewer days off, and stay loyal to the company. There are many factors in improving or maintaining high employee satisfaction, which wise employers would do well to implement.

To measure employee satisfaction, many companies have mandatory surveys or face-to-face meetings with employees to gain information. Both of these tactics have pros and cons, and should be chosen carefully. Surveys are often anonymous, allowing workers more freedom to be honest without fear of repercussion. Interviews with company management can feel intimidating, but if done correctly can
31 | P a g e

let the worker know that their voice has been heard and their concerns addressed by those in charge. Surveys and meetings can truly get to the center of the data surrounding employee satisfaction, and can be great tools to identify specific problems leading to lowered morale.

Many experts believe that one of the best ways to maintain employee satisfaction is to make workers feel like part of a family or team. Holding office events, such as parties or group outings, can help build close bonds among workers. Many companies also participate in teambuilding retreats that are designed to strengthen the working relationship of the employees in a non-work related setting.

The backbone of employee satisfaction is respect for workers and the job they perform. In every interaction with management, employees should be treated with courtesy and interest. An easy avenue for employees to discuss problems with upper management should be
32 | P a g e

maintained and carefully monitored. Even if management cannot meet all the demands of employees, showing workers that they are being heard and putting honest dedication into compromising will often help to improve morale.

33 | P a g e


1. Overall Individual satisfaction: Employees should be satisfied with the organization as a great place to work.

2. Work Environment: Employees have to feel satisfied with the environment within which they work; it would result in high productivity.

3. Communication Methods: When administrative policies and all important announcements are communicated to the employees, it boosts their morale. The methods chosen for communication also play an integral role. Some of the methods that could be used are intranet, monthly newsletters, weekly meetings etc...

34 | P a g e

4. Compensation and benefits: This is the most important variable for employee satisfaction. Employees should be provided with competitive salary packages and they should be satisfied with it when comparing their pay packages with those of the outsiders who are working in the same industry.


Supervision: It is one of the most important factors in Job Satisfaction. Employee oriented or considerate supervisors who take personal interest in their subordinates & display friendship, mutual trust, respect and warmth, have been found to have subordinates who are relatively more satisfied with their job.

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The Work Group: People seek satisfaction of their social & psychological needs in interaction with others in a group situation. Isolated workers dislike their jobs.

Job Content: HERZBERG hold the view that job content factors such as achievement, recognition, advancement, responsibility & the work itself tend to provide satisfaction but there absences doesnt tend to create dissatisfaction.

Occupational Level: A large number of research studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between the level or hierarchical status of a person and his job satisfaction.

Specialization: Specialization has no doubt resulted in greater efficiency, but it has also contributed to dissatisfaction, repetitiveness of the task is found to be boring and monotonous
36 | P a g e

by workers. Workers who carried out a number of operations expressed satisfaction with their job said WALKER & GUEST.

Age: Workers in the advanced age group tend to feel more satisfied with their job because they have adjusted with their job condition but younger workers; tend to feel dissatisfaction with their job conditions because they have high ambitions about their carrier advancement.

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EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION AND PRODUCTIVITY It was believed for a long time, particularly by human relations experts, that satisfied, workers were productive workers, but later researchers sounds it to be a myth. No doubt some studies have reported positive correlation between satisfaction & productivity but these are often not statistically significant. BAYFIELD & CROCKETT concluded from a review of a number of research studies that job satisfaction did not necessarily imply high performance and that production may be only peripherally related to many of the goals towards which the industrial worker may be striving.

Relationship between satisfaction & productivity is very complex. There are four possible relationships:

38 | P a g e

o High Satisfaction & Low Productivity: Highly satisfied workers may turn out to be low in productivity, if management is interested only in keeping the employees happy, and not demanding of high productivity. o High Satisfaction & High Productivity: It exists when supervisor is both employee oriented as well as task oriented. He tries his best to help his employees in the fulfillment of their social & psychological needs.

o Low Satisfaction & Low Productivity: It occurs when the supervisor is laissez faire type. He neither takes care of employees needs not of production.

o Low Satisfaction & High Productivity: It may be found to exists together where a highly task oriented and coercive supervisor

39 | P a g e

uses scientific management techniques to push up production without any regard to employee needs and feelings.


1) Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Employee satisfaction surveys and focus groups help the employer to identify the areas of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Employee satisfaction surveys help employers measure and understand their employees attitude, opinions, motivation, and satisfaction.

2) Conduct Simple Training Needs Assessment: This training needs assessment works best in small to mid-sized organizations. It gives a quick assessment of the training needs of an employee group. This

40 | P a g e

training need assessment helps find common training programs for a group of employees. 3) Exit Interviews: Exit interviews are one of the best ways to get true and honest feedback from employees. The downside is that it takes time to build up a significant amount of data from exit interviews. 4) Employee Attitude Surveys: Excellent guide to employee satisfaction - attitude surveys: tells what they are, how to conduct them, how to use them effectively. 5) Job Satisfaction Survey: The Company compares employee satisfaction with their national benchmarks. INDICATORS OF EMPLOYEE DISSATISFACTION There are various indicators which reflect that the employee is dissatisfied from the job, and management or the superior must check these in order to recognize the problem of that employee and try to

41 | P a g e

solve it out in order to create satisfaction, which is beneficial for both employee as well as the organization. Some of these indicators are: Labour turnover Absenteeism Loitering & Idling Seeking a transfer Low Morale Frustration Higher error rate than anticipated Low performance Bad behaviour Undue interest in complaints about salary & opportunity for career development. Try to avoid accepting new work Bad communication with subordinates

42 | P a g e

IMPROVE EMPLOYEES SATISFACTION Flexible work hours aren't the only way to increase employee satisfaction. Here are some other steps you can take to boost your workers' loyalty and dedication while reducing turnover:

Provide employees with responsibility-and then let them use it. Most surveys show that the greatest source of employee pride and satisfaction is the feeling of accomplishment that comes from having-and exercising-responsibility. Yet many business owners, consumed by fears of a shrinking bottom line, have turned micromanagement into an art form. Unfortunately, few things employers do cause more employee dissatisfaction. Here's the real bottom line: If you can't trust your employees to be able to think and act on their own, you probably shouldn't have hired them in the first place.

Show respect. Frustrated by a faltering economy, diminishing markets and meddling investors, many business owners look close

43 | P a g e

to home for someone to blame-all too often, that's their own employees. The result? A growing number of employees feel like they're being viewed as the enemy, not as loyal partners. Its little wonder so many employees seem ready to jump ship at the first sign of opportunity. On the other hand, companies that truly value their employees earn more than gratitude-they win enhanced dedication and productivity as well. So be sure to show your employees how much you respect and value them-tell them how much you appreciate them, throw them a pizza party, recognize an employee of the month, do anything you can to show them how much you care.

Recognize the whole person. Employees are more than 9-to-5 robots who turn off at night and can't wait until the starting bell rings the next morning. All workers have lives, interests, and friends and family outside the office-and most are constantly struggling to balance increasingly hectic schedules. While

44 | P a g e

companies can't sacrifice unduly to the whims of a single individual, making concessions where possible-allowing a long lunch break to attend a child's school event, for instance, or permitting a sales executive to fly out on Monday morning instead of Sunday night-can pay huge dividends in the long run.

Mark out a clear path to growth. Some employees are content to remain where they are in an organization, but most want to grow in their careers over time. Business owners who wish to increase employee satisfaction tend to look past formalities and establish genuine growth paths for all their employees, not just their senior executives.

45 | P a g e

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION MODEL FOR RETENTION The fundamental reason that employees leave organisations is that they are not satisfied. Their dissatisfaction could occur on many levels. Much published research on turnover indicates that money is often NOT the most important reason. Employees leave for other reasons such as career growth and development, or a change in life circumstances, or factors like that. Its handy to think of the reasons for dissatisfaction in terms of push factors (things that make employees more dissatisfied) and pull factors (things that make employees more satisfied). These factors are showing the level of satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction of employees working in an organization. The factors that are going to make some MORE dissatisfied are things like:

poor pay poor compensation

46 | P a g e

poor work conditions lack of promotions poor benefits offering lack of job security

The factors that make an employee MORE satisfied are things like:

good leadership in the organisation good relationship with their manager recognition for their achievements (not necessarily monetary recognition)

advancement in their careers personal growth and development feedback and support (meaningful feedback, not just naked criticism)

clear direction and objectives

47 | P a g e

So there is a lot that can be done on the positive side to increase satisfaction. Naturally, there are of course many opportunities on this side of the house where a good talent management solution can help things along.

48 | P a g e

Employee Dissatisfaction

Fulfillment Commitment Engagement

Employee Satisfaction

Factors leading to Dissatisfaction Poor Pay

Factors leading to Satisfaction Good leadership practices

Poor Work conditions

Good manager relationship

Poor Compensation


Lack of promotion

Personal growth

Poor benefits offering

49 | P a g e

Feedback & support

Lack of job security

Clear direction & objectives

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION MODEL FOR RETENTION EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION The job of a manager in the workplace is to get things done through employees. To do this manager should be able to motivate the employees. Basically, in order to keep employees motivated there are 7 strategies that can be adopted, which are as follows: 1) Providing positive reinforcements for the tasks accomplished and setting higher goals to be achieved. 2) Setting down certain effective rules and regulations to be followed in the office. 3) Seeing that fair rules are set in the office. 4) Looking into employee needs and seeing that they are comfortable in their work environment. 5) There should be work related goals set from time to time. 6) There should be regular appraisals and platforms where employees can share their on the job experiences

50 | P a g e

7) There should be consistent and constant on the job rewarding and incentives

20 TACTICS TO INCREASE MOTIVATION IN EMPLOYEES 1. Consequences: Never use threats. Theyll turn people against you. But making people aware of the negative consequences of not getting results (for everyone involved) can have a big impact. This one is also big for self motivation. 2. Pleasure: This is the old carrot on a stick technique. Providing pleasurable rewards creates eager and productive people. 3. Performance incentives: Appeal to peoples selfish nature. Give them the opportunity to earn more for themselves by earning more for you. 4. Detailed instructions: If you want a specific result, give specific instructions. People work better when they know exactly whats expected.
51 | P a g e

5. Short and long term goals: Use both short and long term goals to guide the action process and create an overall philosophy. 6. Kindness: Get people on your side and theyll want to help you. Piss them off and theyll do everything they can to screw you over. 7. Deadlines: Many people are most productive right before a big deadline. They also have a hard time focusing until that deadline is looming overhead. Use this to your advantage by setting up a series of mini-deadlines building up to an end result.

8. Team Spirit: People work more effectively when they feel like part of team they dont want to let others down. 9. Recognize achievement: Make a point to recognize achievements one-on-one and also in group settings. People like to see that their work isnt being ignored. 10. Personal stake: Think about the personal stake of others. What do they need? By understanding this youll be able to keep people happy and productive.
52 | P a g e

11. Concentrate on outcomes: No one likes to work with someone standing over their shoulder. Focus on outcomes make it clear what you want and cut people loose to get it done on their own. 12. Trust and Respect: Give people the trust and respect they deserve and theyll respond to requests much more favorably. 13. Create challenges: People are happy when theyre progressing towards a goal. Give them the opportunity to face new and difficult problems and theyll be more enthusiastic. 14. Let people be creative: Dont expect everyone to do things your way. Allowing people to be creative creates a more optimistic environment and can lead to awesome new ideas. 15. Constructive criticism: Often people dont realize what theyre doing wrong. Let them know. Most people want to improve and will make an effort once they know how to do it. 16. Demand improvement: Dont let people stagnate. Each time someone advances raise the bar a little higher (especially for yourself).
53 | P a g e

17. Make it fun: Work is most enjoyable when it doesnt feel like work at all. Let people have fun and the positive environment will lead to better results. 18. Create opportunities: Give people the opportunity to advance. Let them know that hard work will pay off. 19. Communication: Keep the communication channels open. By being aware of potential problems you can fix them before a serious dispute arises. 20. Make it stimulating: Mix it up. Dont ask people to do the same boring tasks all the time. A stimulating environment creates enthusiasm and the opportunity for big picture thinking.

54 | P a g e




Employee Satisfaction means a lot for the management of MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD, Bly. They deal with each & every aspect which can satisfy their employees. According to them Human Resource is the most important part of any organization, and it is very necessary for the organization to keep their employees happy in order to achieve the organizational success & goal.

Employee satisfaction being a very important part of their ideology, the group is sensitive to the requirements of its greatest asset and committed to ensure utmost satisfaction and value for their hard work and dedication. This is the reason that MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD, Bly. enjoys faithful and good employees forever.

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Employee satisfaction and motivation is really very important and thatswhy MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD provides different benefits, good working conditions, suitable time, initiative and responsibility etc. to their employees in order to attain maximum Satisfaction of employees.

BENEFITS PROVIDED BY MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD TO ITS EMPLOYEES INCENTIVE ON SALES: This incentive is given on the basis of target achievement. A particular target is assigned to each of the employees. And according to the fulfillment of the target, incentive is provided to them. For Ex, if they achieve 90% of the target- 5% of their salary is provided to them extra as incentive. Similarly for 100%- 10% and 110%- 15% is given.

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OVERALL GROOMING: This program is run to motivate the employees so that they are more productive and can easily achieve their targets.

BEST EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH: An employee of the store is awarded as Best Employee of the month each month. On the basis of Target Achievement, Behaviour at Store, Interaction with Customer, Overall Grooming.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: In the starting of each month, Birthdays of all those employees are celebrated whose birthday falls in that particular month.

57 | P a g e

MEASUREMENT OF EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION IN MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD There are two ways of analyzing whether the employees are satisfied and motivated or not. Theses two ways are the only and according to MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD, are the best ways of checking the level of satisfaction and motivation amongst employees. The two ways are:-

Measurement of Achievement of Target: This means that in MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD, target achievement plays an important role in analyzing the level of employees satisfaction. If the target has been achieved during the period, employers feel that the employees are satisfied thats why they are doing a s expected. This is their assumption that if employees achieve their target then they are satisfied.

58 | P a g e

Performance Appraisal:

It is the technique of analyzing the

performance of the employees during the particular period. If the performances is satisfactory or say good then they think that the people are satisfied with their jobs otherwise there is some problem with them regarding job or personal. The major basis of analyzing the level of satisfaction is TARGET ACHIEVEMENT only.

59 | P a g e

OBJECTIVES: To study the strategies of the company in Beverage market. To understand the strategies required to promote a new product in market. To understand the distribution channel of Mody beverages. To find out the loopholes in the service delivery, distribution of the product and to suggest ways to eliminate them. Comparative analysis of competitors product.

60 | P a g e


The research study has immense scope for me as a researcher as I can apply this practical knowledge and experience in my future career and managerial decision making. MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD can also take benefit of this study to improve their employee satisfaction and motivational levels, which directly have an impact on productivity and goodwill of the organization. This research work can be used as a secondary data for further research work.

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62 | P a g e

Motivation and job satisfaction in one government research and development environment Engineering Management Journal, Dec 2000 by Leach, Frederick J, Westbrook, Jerry D ABSTRACT Many factors affect motivation and job satisfaction in a research and development environment. This study was conducted at a U.S. government research laboratory to determine the factors that are important to motivation and to job satisfaction. Data from researchers and managers were collected and compared. The framework used for this study is Frederick Hertzbergs motivation hygiene factor theory. The results demonstrate that with small differences, Hertzbergs theory generally applies to this environment. Researchers and managers agreed on the importance of various factors in motivating performance. But they did not agree on the importance of various factors in job

63 | P a g e

satisfaction. More researchers reported lower job satisfaction than managers. Benefits Of High Internal Work Motivation Comparing Retail Sector To Manufacturing

Journal of Diversity Management Third Quarter 2008 Volume 3 by Rickey Casey, University of the Ozarks, USA Jay Robbins, Ouachita Baptist University, USA


The Hackman and Oldhman Model have been tested in several areas with additional testing needed in the service sector. This study tested the model within a manufacturing company and evaluated several of the dimensions of the model. This paper evaluates two of these dimensions; high internal work motivation and task significance. The plan that was surveyed has a population of 1,000 with 200 sampled. The company
64 | P a g e

examined is a larger manufacturer of electric motors and the sample was taken from one plant with all three shifts samples. The plant has a population of 1,000 with 200 sampled. A comparison study was done in a major retail company. From the survey sample of 534 employees of the retail company, 330 responses were returned, indicating a 62 percent response rate. The average age of those responding to the survey was 37.9 years. Males accounted for 22.7 percent of the respondents while 72.7 percent were female. Work motivation and job satisfaction in the Nordic countries Journal of Employee Relations, 2004 Volume 26 by Jacob K. Eskildsen, Center for Corporate Performance, The Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus, Denmark

65 | P a g e

ABSTRACT This paper studies differences in job satisfaction and intrinsic work motivation between employees with different characteristics. Based on a study of the literature assumptions regarding these differences are developed and tested on data from a survey in the Nordic countries. In this survey 9,623 employees from randomly selected households in the Nordic countries participated. Among the findings are that Danish workers were found to be the most satisfied and that there is no difference between the genders with respect to job satisfaction in the Nordic countries.

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67 | P a g e

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Type of Research: Descriptive research

Type of Data:

1) Primary Data : authorities

Unstructured interview of the concerned & questionnaire

2) Secondary Data : Reports and website of the organization.

Research Method: Survey Method

Research Instrument : Questionnaire & Observation

Contact Method : Direct unstructured Interview

68 | P a g e

Sampling Plan : 1) Sample Size : 35 2) Sample Unit: Employees of MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD 3) Sample Area MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD, Bareilly

69 | P a g e

70 | P a g e

1. The below is the pie chart describing the total sales product wise irrespective of the area.

4189, 41.28%

Mango sip Frujus Jerra masala soda Apple sip 648, 6.30% 153, 1.50% Gallons Unibic cookies

168, 1.65%

2298, 22.60%

From the above graph, we can say that Mango sip is having maximum sales while Apple sip and Frujus are almost lowest and neck to neck. The figures are the no of pieces sold of particular product. So along with increasing sales of the Mango Sip, I will suggest to keep in mind Frujus and Apple Sip too so that there sales also get increases or else some promotion can be used for these products.
71 | P a g e


The below graph describes the area wise sales of all the products.

Here total sales are taken of all the products not describing each product but area is divided to see which area has maximum sales.

900, 7.88%

679, 6.69%
Navrangpura Ambavadi Vadaj Sabarmati Ashram road Paldi- Vasna CG road

The above graph represents that among all the areas, Ambavadi has the highest sales while others are also similar. While CG and Navrangpura are having low sales. People there are not aware much and so retailers are not ready to keep and also they want brand name. So either some beneficial schemes can be given or try to make people over there aware of our products.

72 | P a g e

3. The below graph compares the sales of different SKUS of Mango sip.

Mango Sip





0 Series1

Tetra 1840

200 ml 2113

300ml 167

600ml 57

1200ml 12

From the above graph, we can say that 200 ml is having highest sales from all other products. This product is small and only of 10 rs and so because of this reason retailers also wish to keep. Even tetra pack is also having good sales. While products are not having good sales. By giving some profit or some schemes on these products we can try to increase the sales of these products.

73 | P a g e

4. The below graph shows the comparison among SKUS of Unibic Cookies.

Unibic Cookies
2000 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Series1

50 gm 376

67gm 1786

110gm 318

135gm 210

From the graph, we can see that 67gms of unibic cookies are having highest sales while others are almost equal. We have different types of cookies in 67 gm and 135 gm while in 50 and 110 Gms we have milk cookies. Milk cookies are not giving good sales and 135gm have family packing. 67 gm one comes in single packing having mrp from 10 to 15. From this we can say that customers are interested in small one with affordable mrp.

74 | P a g e

5. The following contains seven graphs of all the different areas. This will help to know in which area, which product has maximum sales. First is Navrangpura. Here we can see that unibic cookies of 67 gm have maximum sales. Jeera is also having good sales. But in mango sip we have sales of 200 ml. Other products are not much sold. So we can try to pitch retailers for those products.

300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Series1 200ml 30 Frujus 24 Jeera 120 50gm 60 67gm 245 110gm 48 135gm 152

75 | P a g e

Next is Ambavaadi. Here we have good sales of mango sip 200 ml Jeera and unibic cookies of 67 Gms. Also here almost all products are sold.

700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Tetra 200ml 300ml Jeera Series1 51 373 72 621 Apple Gallon 110g 135g 50gm 67gm sip s m m 48 276 72 639 24 29

76 | P a g e

Third is vadaj. Here we are having maximum sales of jeera and mango sip 200ml. Others are having lower sales. Here milk cookies have better response and so we can try to increase it sales more.

450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Tetra Series1 184

200m 300m 600m Fruju Apple Gallo 110g Jeera 50gm 67gm l l l s sip ns m 330 21 33 54 393 51 144 144 114 78

77 | P a g e

Next is Sabarmati. Here tetra pack is having good sales and then 200ml. others are almost negligible. Here people are interested in products which are not costly. They are not ready to pay much. And so unibic cookies are not much sold here.

1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Series1

Tetra 918

200ml 528

300ml 50

Jeera 72

50gm 40

67gm 84

110gm 135gm 126 17

78 | P a g e

The below is graph of ashram road. Here also we are having sales of tetra more and then 200ml. Even jeera has good sales. While in cookies, negligible sales are there. 300and 600ml are not only stated here. And so we should try to pitch retailers for those products.

Ashram road
500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Tetra 200ml Frujus Series1 438 318 24 Jeera 240

Applesi Gallons 50gm p 12 84 48

67gm 110gm 42 24

79 | P a g e

This is Paldi- vasna. Here we have good sales of cookies and even more than mango sip. Jeera is also having good sales. So more attention should be driven on mango sip and even we should try to start 300 and 600ml.

Paldi- Vasna
600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Tetra 200ml Frujus Jeera Series1 162 372 24 504 Apple Gallon 110g 135g 50gm 67gm sip s m m 30 60 12 557 18 12

80 | P a g e

The below is a graph of CG road. Here almost all the products are in sales with jeera having max sales. Other products are almost same. Here milk cookies are not yet stated so one can pitch retailers for it.

CG road
400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Tetra 200ml 300ml 600ml Series1 87 162 24 24 1200 Apple Gallon Frujus Jeera 67gm ml sip s 12 42 348 12 84 105

81 | P a g e

6. The below graph shows the comparison between the sales. Mango sip and Unibic are almost same. These figures are the no of boxes. The first figures are of two months while the next one are of one and half. So mango sip and unibic are neck to neck. While in Jeera there is lot of difference. As initially Jeera was of Exotic Company while now its of Manas fruit and due to difference in taste, packaging and company, the sales are declining.

Sales Comparison
250 200 150 100 50 0 Jan- feb March-12th april Mango Sip 196.12 173.51 Jeera 172 96.76 Unibic 74 52.22 Apple sip 0 5.66 Gallons 0 54

82 | P a g e

83 | P a g e

CONCLUSION Job satisfaction has its own definition for every employee. On the whole job satisfaction broadly involves five aspects and they aresalary, supervision, Promotions, relations with coworkers and most importantly their work which they perform for the organization. But according to the analysis, conclusion may be summarized as follows:

Only 34.29% of the employees working in MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD are satisfied from their job. The remaining 65.71% of the employees are partly satisfied that means they are somewhat dissatisfied from the job. They should not be left ignored because their dissatisfaction could be proved fatal for the organization. As satisfied employees contribute their best efforts towards the growth and success of the organization.

84 | P a g e

48.57% of the employees are not fully satisfied from the salary, this is a clear indicator that employees feel that they are getting less than what they deserve. Almost all the employees are fully aware of different benefits available to them. As far as job security is concerned, it is low in MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD and hence employees are not free of this fear.

Timings are well set and suitable to employees. Employees in MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD enjoy proper recognition & full faith of their employers. In MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD ideas of employees are welcomed, by which employees feel themselves as a part of MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD and not just an employee.

85 | P a g e

Another good step to attain high level of job satisfaction of employees is maintaining peaceful, good, satisfactory, faithful human relations with their employees. MANPASAND

BEVERAGES PVT LTD is also providing good working conditions as well as good working environment to their employees. Satisfactory work culture is there in MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT LTD which is acceptable by all the employees. After performance appraisal, if the employer finds that performance of an employee is outstanding, he provides reward to that employee as a symbol of appreciation and motivation. Employees are satisfied due to this reason also.

86 | P a g e

87 | P a g e

Limitations: The products are not well known as the Company lacks proper promotion strategies , ex absence of advertisements , hoardings , etc The company lacks brand image which acts as hurdle while convincing retailers. The Company follows a policy of selling products only in Cash and no Credit which affects overall sales. The management and distribution channel is weak. There is demand for some products while no supply.

88 | P a g e

89 | P a g e

90 | P a g e

On the basis of this study, suggestions to the MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT are:-

As it is observed that the policy of MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT to measure the employees satisfaction is on the basis of target achievement. But MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT should not focus on turnover as a measurement of level of job satisfaction of employees because achieving the target does not mean that the employees are happy with the policies, rules, etc. of the organization. It may be due to some pressure or further hope of improvement they are performing their tasks efficiently. Turnover is not the appropriate basis; MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT should rather focus on more effective measurement techniques. MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT should provide incentives to their employees for the achievement of target for full satisfaction of employees. MANPASAND BEVERAGES PVT should provide job security to it performing employees.. This will motivate them to work hard. There should be proper availability of promotion and growth for the employees in the organization.

91 | P a g e

Another important thing is that there must be good amount of increment in their salary every year. This is the biggest tool in the hands of employers to gain confidence, faith and satisfaction of their employees.

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1. Mr. Sanjay Datta RSM 2. Mr. Madhusudan Pathak- ASM 3. Mr. Dilip- Distributor 4. 5.

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