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(Download) Current Affairs Part- I: Economic & Energy Solved Paper
Submitted by IASguru (/civilservices/users/iasguru) on Wed, 2011-09-28 13:46


Renewable Energy Congress
International congress on renewable energy ICORE. 2nd-4th November 2011
www.icore india.org

Current Affairs Part- I Economic & Energy Solved Paper
76.Match the following : List-I (Company) A. HDFC B. ICICI C. SBI Codes : ABC (a) 2 1 3 List-II (Chief) 1. Deepak Parekh 2. Chada Kochhar 3. O. P. Bhatt

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(b) 3 2 1 (c) 1 2 3 (d) 2 3 1 77. Consider the following statements : 1. Azure power (US) and the Gujrat Energy DevelopmentAgency (India) signed a deal for a 15 MWSolar Power plant in Gujarat. 2. ICe Solar (US) and Race Power (India) have signed an MOUto setting up a solar photovoltaic project in Rajasthan. Which of the above statement is correct? (a) 1 only (b) 2 only (c) Both 1 and 2 (d) None of the above 78.Which country has announced that it has struck huge reserves of natural gas in the Cambay Basin in Gujrat? (a) Oilex ofAustralia



(Download) Current Affairs Part. Iswrittenby? (a) Y.I: Eco… 79. NTPC was making efforts to icrease its capacity to 75000MWby 2017 and 1. ReddyCommittee (d) Bimal Jalan Committee 87. Recession and Uneven Recovery”. India needed $ 1 trillion for this.30-09-2011 (b) Reliance Industry India (c) Canada’s Niko Resources (d) Cairn India. Subba Rao (c) Montex sing (d) P. 2.Chidambaram 85. Subba Rao 83. This pannel is headed by. Recentlywhich committee’s recommendationsmake it difficult for corporate entities to set up stock exchanges. 7 gas and 5 joint venture power stations. 694 MWthrough 15 coal. a ready to drink ice teabrandwaslaunched by? (a) Pepsi (b) Dabur (c) Coca-cola (d) Thums up 81. This committeewas set up SEBI. V. Consider the following statements : 1. (a) Subba RaoCommittee (b) Tsering Pentsom Committee (c) Y. Which of te above statement is/are incorrect? (a) 1 only (b) 2 only (c) Both 1 and 2 (d) None of the above 84.“Global Crisis. The present installed capacity of NTPC is 32.28 lakhMWby 2032. The book . Consider the following statements : 1. (a) IRDB upscportal. Centre set up panel on financing country’s infrastracture. 2. Which of the above statement is/are incorrect? (a) 1 only (b) 2 only (c) Both 1 and 2 (d) Neither 1 nor 2 82. Recentlywhich state has hosted global meet on public sector? (a) Haryana (b) Kerala (c) Maharastra (d) Andhra Pradesh 86. India is aiming to double its investment in infrastracuture to about $1 trillion during the XIIth plan (2007-12) from an estimated $ 500 billion in the curretn plan. The panel on financing infrastracture would suggest steps for improving capital markets for garnering long-term saving and faciliting foreign investment flow. Reddy (b) D. V.com/…/part-i-economic-en… 2/5 . Recently India’s largest power generation company NTPChas inked a pactwithwhich International Bank to develop 500MWof renewable energy project. Simahddri Super Thermal Power Project is in? (a) TamilNadu (b) Andhra Pradesh (c) Karnataka (d) Maharastra 80. (a) PranabMukherjee (b) Tsering Pentsom (c) Rakesh Mohan (d) Mr. NESTEA.

This mission is a part of? (a) Nehru National SolarMission (b) NationalAction Plan on Climate change (c) National Mission of Power Project (d) National Energy EnhancedMission.I: Eco… 88. Which of the above statements is/are right? (a) 1 only (b) 2 only (c) Both 1 and 2 (d) Neither 1 nor 2 96.30-09-2011 (b) ADB (c) WB (d) American Bank (Download) Current Affairs Part. 2.S is a pioneer in the field of exploitation of shale gas for this reason India signed an agreement with U. This number is? (a) Document Identification Number (DIN) (b) Personal Verification Number (PVN) (c) Tax returning Number (TRN) (d) Tax verification Number (TVN) 90. India does not have technology to exploit shale gas. (d) Maurtius 92.A upscportal. an unconventional gas trapped in sedimentary rocks.com/…/part-i-economic-en… 3/5 . (a) Singapore (b) Japan (c) U. The National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency’s (NMEEE)mission is to devise efficient and losteffective strategies through demand side management.S.The three-day IndiaEconomic summit. According to the report ofCAG of India on the 2G spectrumallocation indicate aboutwhich company that benefited themost fromthe allocation? (a) Tata Group (b) Swan Telecom (c) AnilAmbani Group (d) None of the above 94. U. (a) U. 89. for Cooperation in shale gas technology.S. The price and movement of which fertilizer is still controlled by the government? (a) Potass (b) Phosphet (c) Urea (d) None of the above 91. I. initiatives andmarket transformation. Consider the following statement? 1. Recently India with which country has actively considering for setting up of a $ 10 billion infrastracture debt fund under the Public-private partnership (PPP) model.T department introduces new number for tax payers. Organised by theGenevabasedWorldEconomicForum(WEF)washeld in? (a) NewDelhi (b) Mumbai (c) Kolkata (d) Bangaluru 95. The Sector that attracted the maximum foreign inflows during the year 2010 is? (a) Services (financial and non financial) (b) Computer Software and hardware (c) Telecommunications (d) Real State 93.S. WhichCountry has pumped themaximumforeign capital into the IndianEconomy during the year 2010. It could help India get resources to finance its $ 514 billion infrastructure investment plans.

The 8th India-Asean Summitwas held in? (a) New Delhi (b) Singapore (c) Jakarta (d) Hanoi 99.com/promo/submit-resume) | UPSC Downloads (http://upscportal.com/civilservices/downloads/user.com/…/part-i-economic-en… 4/5 . This investment is in which coutnry? (a) U. GET UPSC.com/civilservices/submit-interview-experience) Post Your Resume (http://labs. Which Bank has recently announced that it will finance themicro.com/civilservices/order-form/Current-AffairsBook-For-IAS-Pre-2011) Recommend Send Amol Mahajan.in/smschannels/subscribe/upsc-portal) . India’s biotechnologymajor Biocon announced an investment of $ 161 billionmarking the biggest foreign direct investment in this sector in the country. small anmediumEnterprises(MSMEs) with small industries development bank of India? (a) IDBI (b) HDFC (c) ICICI (d) SBI Download Full Paper Click Here To Buy Online: Current Affairs Part .I: Eco… 97.co.net/helpingroot/submit_new _paper) Contribute SUBMIT for FREE SMS ALERTS (http://labs. SEND SMS ON upsc-portal to Your UPSC Interview Experience.S.119 others recommend this.30-09-2011 (b) Singapore (c) U.I (http://upscportal.com/order-books) | Magazine Download (/civilservices/Direct-Download-Links-Aspirants-Times-Free-Digital-Magazine) | Classifieds (http://upscportal.php?guest=true) | BOOKS (http://upscportal. Pankaj Jariyal and 23. and Help the IAS Community! (http://upscportal. (d) Japan (Download) Current Affairs Part.com/classifieds) upscportal.A (b) Malaysia (c) China (d) Thailand 100.K.kalinjar.google. CSAT ALERTS in Email: YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS 9870807070 (http://placementpapers. Whichis the firstprivate sector operator that launch the 3G Services in the country (a) Airtel (b) Tata Docomo (c) Idea (d) Reliance 98.

com/bookmark.com/civilservices/breaking-news/Official-Syllabus-Civil-Services-Prelim-Exam-2011-CSAT) CSAT Sample Papers (http://upscportal. HPPSC. Compulsory Subject. Books. Optional Subject. UPSC Prelims. Current Vacancies.addthis. A PPSC. Indian Navy. General Studies. Free Downloads. UPSC Online Book Store. Employment News. Government Job.com/…/part-i-economic-en… 5/5 . UPSC. upscportal. MPSC. RPSC. JKPSC. SRF. Union Public Service Commission. Current A ffairs. Government Vacancy. JRF.30-09-2011 (Download) Current Affairs Part. Indian A rmy. Civil Service India Examination. MPPSC. TNPSC. HPSC. PPSC. Indian A ir Force. Free E-book.php) A dmissions A pplication Forms A PPSC Books CDS Civil Services CMS CSE Download Entrance Exams IA S IES IFS India Indian A rmy Indian Forest Service Exam Indian Navy Interview IPS Jobs Kerala PSC LDC Exam Magazines News Notices Papers Recruitment Results Scholarships Stories Study Material Syllabus Tests Topper UPSC IA S. UPSC Classifieds. Syllabus. BSF. CSE. Government of India. Preparation Kits.com/civilservices/tag/exam/csat) Ads by Google Solar Energy Oil Gas Energy ICICI Bank Of (http://www.I: Eco… UPSC IAS EXAM Search : Search Current Affairs Course (http://ww w. TPSC. IFoS. RPSC. UPSC Mains. JPSC. UPPSC. IES. Sarkari Sarkaari Jobs. UPSC Time Table. CSIR. IPS. Free UPSC Magazine. IFS.com/civilservices/Current-Affairs-for-IAS-Exam-2011) | CSAT PAPER (http://upscportal. NET.com/civilservices/Breaking-News/UPSC-Declares-Official-Sample-Papers-For-Prelims-2011-CSAT) | CSAT Syllabus | (http://upscportal. CGPSC.upscportal.

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